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Things finally got back to as normal as could be expected in the caramel colored rapper's life. All his hard work and effort was paid off though when his manager called and informed him that he dominated the number one stop at the box office and the album charts. This alone made all the months of pushing himself to the extreme worth it because he could now relax and enjoy it. Nelly was busy running around the country doing many different things and T.I. missed him. He then remembered the two of them talking about a vacation in the past and he wanted, and now had the time, to do it. Going away to some exotic location and being all alone with the man that he loved grabbed his attention instantly and he was going to try his hardest to make it happen. He was just lying on his bed in his hotel room thinking about how wonderful that vacation would be when his phone rang.


"Hey. What's good hommie?" he heard his former costar Evan Ross ask him.

"What's going on man? Chillin'. You?"

"Chillin'. Just called to see if you were good and stuff. You in L.A.?"

"I am. Ay listen, I'm not doing anything right now so why don't you come through and we can chill."

"Sounds good to me."

"Aight then."

T.I. told his young friend what hotel he was staying at and then they hung up. He went to find some clothes because he was lounging around in his boxers and a tank top. The thought of this being a bad idea never crossed his mind because he was just so excited to hear Evan's voice and that he had this chance to catch up with him. He missed both him and Lauren a lot since the movie wrapped. He recently spoke to Lauren and she seemed happier than she had been in months. She told him that she was working on getting over her former boyfriend and thanked him numerous times for being there for her and giving her all the advice he did. The young rapper was just glad he was able to help someone who needed it and told her that he would try to catch up with her whenever they could. He slipped on some long black sweats, which matched his tank top, and answered his phone when his manager called him. There was a knock at the door a moment later and he went and opened it and let Evan into his room. He smelled good. T.I. finished his conversation with his manager and clicked his phone.

"Hey baby brother!" he said as he walked up to Evan and grabbed him into a hug.

The young actor hugged him back. "What's going on big bro?"

"Relaxing man. I'm glad you called me."

"Yea me too. Almost forgot how cute you were."

"Stop playin'! So what's going on?"

"Nothing really. Just looking to hang with you tonight. If you can that is."

"Yea. I ain't got nothing to do. It's like a mini vacation."

"Which you deserve. I swear you the hardest working man in the business."

"I dunno about all that but I do work hard," T.I. said as he laughed. "Just needed a break from being T.I. for a minute."

"That's good. I like Clifford Harris more anyway."

"Gee thanks a lot. It does wonders for my confidence."

"Oh I didn't mea---"

"Relax kid. I'm just messin'."


"Who you talking to boy? I'm not scared to take your ass on right now."

"You'd lose. I don't want you to start crying like a little bitch!"

"Fuck you man! Talking shit like usual."

"Right. So I hear you got the number one movie and album in the country."

"This is true shawty. I got skills."

"You do. That's great man. I'm happy for you."

"It's good news for you too. It's not only my movie. It's our movie."

"Yea but you're the star of it. I'm just there because they needed someone cuter than you so all the females would go see it."

"Is that right?"

"Very right. The director didn't tell you?"

"Naw. All he told me was that I did a marvelous job and he enjoyed working with me."

"Did he now? Didn't want to hurt your feelings I'm guessing. You know, seeing as how you'd probably start crying and shit."

"Ay! Don't make me smack you boy."

"Try it and you'll find your ass on the floor kid."

"Look out punk!"

In an instant T.I. grabbed Evan around his waist and tackled him onto his giant bed. Evan was caught completely off guard by this but quickly gained his composure and started to defend himself as the two guys began wresting with each other. T.I. hadn't acted this childish is a long time and he was enjoying every second of it as he sat on Evan's stomach and held his hands over his head, trying to pin him. The young actor managed to wriggle his hands free from T.I.'s confines and began shaking his body so that he would lose his balance on top of him. One the caramel colored rapper was unstable, Evan took his chance and pounced at him and threw him down on the bed and sat on him to keep him from escaping.

"You cheated nigga!" he said out of breath.

"You just mad because you lost hommie."

"Who said anything about losing?"

T.I. worked his body through Evan's legs, pushed him down face first into the bed, and jumped up onto his feet on the bed as he was recovering. He looked at the rapper, who flashed him a mocking smile, as he too got up onto his feet. The moment was hard as both guys stared intently at each other. They were both standing on the bed, the sheets and blanket already ruffled and pillows thrown everywhere, sizing each other up. There was no way T.I. was going to lose this match. He was going to have him screaming for mercy sooner or later. Evan could not believe he was playing with T.I. like this. This had to be a dream because it was too good to be happening in reality right now. He had to concentrate though. He had to take this thug down. The same thug who had the warmest and most inviting eyes, the sweetest smile, and the cutest face and personality in the world. That aside, there was no way that he was going to lose here.

The caramel colored rapper saw Evan make a play for his midsection but he quickly dodged the attack and managed to trip him in the process. He was laughing as the actor fell back on the bed but quickly stopped when he felt him grab on to his feet and yank them up into the air, causing him to fall on his butt on the bed. He took this advantage and jumped on T.I.'s body, which knocked the breath out of both of them. Evan was unrelenting though. Even with shallow breaths, he tried to pin T.I. to the bed as if there were a prize for doing so. The rapper may be small but he was muscular and powerful as he managed to toss Evan's body off his own and took a moment to catch his breath. Evan slid off the bed and almost crashed onto the floor but quickly landed on his feet instead as he saw T.I. get back to his feet on the bed.

"You ready to throw in the towel Cliff? Saw you grasping for breath there!"

"You wish kid! I'll have you screaming my name in no time."

"Bring it thug boy! I'll have you crying for your mommy soon enough!"

"Hop back up here and we'll see who's gonna be screaming for who punk."

Evan Ross wasted no time in hopping back up onto the bed. By now all the pillows and the blanket were on the floor and parts of the bare mattress were exposed. They sized each other up for a short while until T.I. took the initiative and quickly stepped to the side of Evan's body and grabbed him by the shoulder. Evan reacted quickly and moved back to avoid his grip but T.I. grabbed on to his shirt and as he was moving back it ripped and the first three buttons popped off and landed on the ground. Evan stumbled on the sheets beneath him and fell on the bed, part of his chest exposed. He sat up on the bed and sported an upset look on his face. T.I. noticed this and sat next to his friend.

"Oh man I'm sorry! I didn't mean to Evan."

"Fuck! This was a new shirt. Look what you did."

"Sorry man. It was an accident."

"Right. I don't wanna play anymore," he said as he got up from the bed.

"Come on. I said I was sorry. I can always buy you another sh---"

T.I. was tackled before he could finish his sentence hard onto the bed. All he heard was Evan laughing and mocking him. That was it. Evan was playing dirty and he was going to get it now. He allowed T.I. to get up and they squared off once again. He was not going to hold anything back now. If Evan wanted to play dirty then that's what he was going to get; no more nice guy. He repeated his play from the last time when he ripped Evan's shirt and the young actor didn't expect this, which gave the rapper the upper hand in the battle. He flung Evan's arm forward and gripped it tightly which caused him to flip in the air and land on his back on the bed. T.I. moved quickly and grinded one of his knees into the younger man's stomach while his two hands held Evan's two hands in place at his sides. Evan was kicking and screaming in an effort to get free but it was no good because the caramel colored rapper had him officially pinned.

"Who's the king little boy?"

"Not you fucker!"

T.I. increased the pressure of his knee on his abdomen. "I'll ask one more time," he said through Evan's screams. "Who's the king punk?"

"Shit! You are! You are! Let me go!"

"What's my name?"


"What's my name loser?"

"Cliff! T.I.! Tip! Whatever! Let me go!"

"That's what I thought!" T.I. said before he released the younger man's arms and removed his knee from his stomach. "Told you I'd have you screaming my name homeboy! Cliff! T.I.! Tip!" he playfully mocked him.

"Shut up! That wasn't fair. You played dirty."

"So did you. Pretending you were mad about your shirt. I was just fighting fire with fire kid."

"Whatever. You owe me a shirt."

"Nigga I'm worth millions of dollars! A shirt is nothing to me."

"Aight then. That was a good match though."

"Yea. When did your skinny ass get so strong?"

"I could ask you the same thing. You nothing but bones and skin."

"It was enough to kick your ass!"

"I let you win."


"You heard me. I threw the match to you."

"Damn liar! You gave it your all and it still wasn't enough boy. You just a sore loser," T.I. said as he walked to the kitchen to get himself something to drink.

"Believe what you want. I know what I did."

"Right. You want something to drink?"


T.I. came back into the messy bedroom with two bottles of water. He threw one to Evan. "Here."

"Thanks man."

"What you wanna do now?"

"I dunno."

"You got some place to be?"

"Naw. Not tonight. Why?"

"We could hit up a club later. Haven't been to a club in a while."

"Sounds good to me. I'll have to go back to my room though."


"You ripped my shirt remember. And I'm all sticky from the match."

"Chill out. I'll let you hold some of my clothes. You can shower here and we can go later."

"Okay. What are we gonna do until then?"

"We gotta find something because I don't wanna whup your ass in wresting again."

"I threw you the match remember?"

"Whatever nigga. How `bout we play some Madden?"

"Aight. I'm not that good though."

"I'll teach you."

Today in general was not going well for Evan, in terms of his feelings for the rapper he was now about to play a video game with. A small part of him wished that he hadn't accepted his offer to come here because being this close to him was not helping the young actor get over his infatuation. Being apart from him since the movie wrapped was helping because Evan was beginning to forget, or was forcing himself to, all about the rapper T.I. But being here in his room and just acting like two kids was forcing everything he knew and liked about the rapper to come back to him with full force. The way he smelled, looked, smiled. The way he made Evan feel so special without even so much as knowing it. He was beginning to think that this was a bad idea but he couldn't back out now. He couldn't leave T.I. like that. He didn't want to.

The two boys played the latest game in the Madden franchise and T.I. was really into it. This is what his free time usually consisted of; playing games, meeting up with friends, and most importantly, just relaxing himself. Evan was playing haphazardly because he had all the conflicting emotions stirring inside him that he thought he dealt with. This was the only reason that he decided to meet up and hang out with the rapper because he thought that he was over everything, or at least the majority of it. T.I.'s hands roaming all over his body when they were wrestling felt so good to him. It felt so right. He decided to concentrate on the game more because the thoughts he were having sitting next to the rapper on the couch were only going to get him in trouble later on. T.I. was killing him in the game and finally took notice that his young friend's mind was on something besides the game.

"What's up? You aight?"

"Huh? Yea. I'm cool."

"So then why am I spanking you so bad?"

"I told you I wasn't good at this game."

"I taught you something. You should be putting up a better fight than this."

"I will. Watch out for me nigga."

They continued playing as the sun began setting on the horizon. T.I. did notice an improvement in Evan's game but it still wasn't a big enough improvement to win a single match. The caramel colored rapper didn't have such huge leads as he used to before though. When it was about eight both guys got tired of playing and decided to order dinner because they were hungry. They ate and talked when the food came around twenty minutes later and Evan went to push the cart outside as T.I. went into his stuff to find something for them both to wear. He looked around and into everything he had with him to make up an outfit for Evan. He handed him a pair of black boxers and white tank top and told him to go shower while he found something for him to wear. He made up an outfit that consisted of a pair of black Dolce and Gabanna jeans and a silver long sleeved button up shirt from the same designer. Black Air Force Ones rounded out the outfit and were waiting for him on the floor beside the bed as the clothes were neatly laid out on the bed. As Evan was doing his thing, T.I. hit his stuff to find something for him to wear. He grabbed a baby blue stripped polo shirt and a pair of blue denim jeans that were slightly faded to add a vintage effect. Settling on some black Jordans, he rested the shoes next to the ones he loaned Evan and went hunting for belts because he knew they would both need one to complete the look.

It took a while but Evan emerged from the shower with the boxers and tank top on and a towel hanging from his shoulder. He noticed two sets of clothing neatly laid out on the bed he had just been wrestling on and wondered which one was for him because they both looked good. T.I. had exceptional taste in picking out clothes, he thought, as the rapper came into the room and told him which outfit was intended for him. He tossed him a pair of socks before he walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. He went to wash all the sweat and stickiness off his body because he hated being that way. It was always about being fresh and clean to him. Evan found some lotion on a nightstand close to the bed and began applying some to his arms and face. He couldn't believe that he was about to wear some of T.I. cloths again. He took the shit from the bed and put it on, buttoning it up carefully. He tucked it in his pants and put the black belt on. He was putting on his shoes when he saw T.I. come out from the bathroom, in boxers alone, and drying his hair.

"Damn! You look good kid."

Evan was staring as his toned body but blushed when he heard T.I. compliment him. "Thanks man. You got good taste in clothes."

"I know. What time is it?"

"A couple minutes before eleven."

"Aight. We got plenty of time. The clubs don't be jumpin' until later."

"What club are we going to?"


"Never been but okay."

"We'll just chill in the V.I.P. section. Sound good to you?"

"I'm down."


T.I. tossed the towel from around his neck and went for the lotion Evan had used only moments earlier. He slowly and meticulously rubbed it on every part of his exposed body as Evan stared on. The young actor had never in his life been mesmerized like this and he was sure that he was drooling as he stared at the fine physique only a couple of feet away from him, his jaw dropping open and staying there. The caramel colored rapper was oblivious to this as he tossed the lotion on the bed and began putting on the clothes he set out for himself earlier. Once he was dressed, Evan regained his composure though it was harder than he thought because even in clothes T.I. looked good. The rapper was putting on his shoes as Evan got up from the bed and went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. He needed something cold inside him right about now.

"You got some gel or something man?" he asked as he returned into the bedroom.

"Nigga do you see my hair? Does it look like I use gel?" he responded as he laughed.

"Ay. Don't hate because I got some good looking hair."

"Right. Anyway, I think I saw some in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom."


"What, you gonna rock the spikes?"

"I'm gonna see what I can do with this mess," he said as he pointed to his head, hair going every which direction.

"I think it looks cute," T.I. truthfully admitted though he thought that maybe he shouldn't have.

"Thanks," he said shyly. "But I'm not gonna go out looking like this man."

"Whatever you say kid."

That compliment made Evan feel so good. T.I. always teased him like that, though he knew that the rapper didn't do it intentionally. It was still so hard for him to completely forget about this great guy that he had the chance to meet. How do you do something like that? He always asked himself that question but is never able to come up with a response to it. He figured that if he had the slightest clue on how to answer that question then he would be able to slow move on and forget about the perfect guy who he fell so hard for. The days have been long for him but he usually kept himself busy so his mind wouldn't run on the hopeless predicament he was in. The young actor stared at himself in the mirror for a while before he went rummaging through the medicine cabinet to find an unopened bottle of styling gel. He opened it, squirted some of the purple gel onto his hands, and began styling his hair.

T.I. sat on the bed and as he was reminiscing about how much fun he had today so far. He was so glad that Evan called him because he really did enjoy himself today and hopefully, they were going to enjoy themselves more at the club. Club Avalon was known for being a great dance spot, with great music and just a fun place to hang out in general. He knew the both of them were going to have a good time as he saw Evan coming from the bathroom, his hair tame and behaving itself. T.I. playfully whistled after him and his face instantly went to the deepest shade of red imaginable. The rapper went and got one of his many bottles of cologne and splashed some on himself and threw Evan a different bottle so they wouldn't smell the same.

They chilled for a minute and it was around twelve when they left his hotel room and were on their way to the club. Although the rapper felt like causing a stir by going through the front doors of the club, he didn't think Evan could handle all the crazy fans so he decided to just go through the back and up to the V.I.P. lounge and relax there. Evan did look good, and although he was also wearing his cologne, T.I. liked how it smelled on him better. The young actor was busily typing away text messages on his phone throughout the whole ride but tucked his phone back into his pocket when he heard a loud booming, signifying that they were close to the club. The driver pulled up into a dark street and T.I. saw two staff members waiting for them in front of an inconspicuous black door. One came up to the limo and opened the door as the two boys got out and walked into the back of the club; the door was held open for them by the other staff member.

The music was loud and it seemed to Evan that he was walking into some kind of rave. He had never been to a club this outrageous before, mainly because of his age. Once they were settled in a booth in the V.I.P. lounge, Evan noticed how packed the dance floor was below them. T.I. ordered a bottle of well-aged Dom Perignon from the waitress and took in his surroundings for the first time. The last time he'd been to a club was when he was on tour and that was a while ago. This was what the fabulous life was all about. Just relaxing, not having to worry about money, having a good time, and getting the best life had to offer. He saw Evan staring down at the dance floor, as if looking for someone or like he saw someone that he was interested in.

"You aight boy?" T.I. had to scream over the music.

"Huh? Yea."

"What you looking at?" he asked as he moved closer to his friend.

"Nothing. Just looking at how much fun they're having down there."

"You've never been to a club shawty?"

"I have. But nothing this crazy. You forget that I'm only seventeen man. They usually don't let seventeen-year-olds into clubs."

"But you're no normal seventeen-year-old. You're a movie star now."


"Well then I guess I shouldn't be giving you some of this Dom then. Don't wanna go to jail for supplying alcohol to a minor," he said firmly as the waitress brought what he ordered.

After she walked away Evan looked at him. "What? You're not gonna give me some to drink?"

"Don't wanna get in trouble man. This might be too strong for you. You are only seventeen after all."

"And? I've drank before Cliff."

"Aww come on. I was just messin' with your head kid. Here," T.I. said as he laughed and gave the young actor one of the two wine glasses the waitress just brought.

He poured the chilled wine into both glasses, filling them up almost all the way to the top, before putting the bottle back in the ice bucket. T.I. was right when he said the wine was strong but it was refreshing as Evan gulped it at first then slowed his pace to sips. The two boys relaxed themselves, along with the other people that were present in the V.I.P. lounge with them. The first bottle of wine finished quickly and T.I. ordered a bottle of Krug for the second round. The rapper could tell that Evan was in the tipsy stage because he was more relaxed and loosened up now. He even said yes when a female came up to him, who recognized him from the movie, and asked him to dance. T.I. saw his friend walk off to the dance floor on the first floor of the club with his new friend as he saw a female approaching him. He drank what was left in his glass and began pouring himself more of the expensive wine when she asked him to dance. He told her later and she walked away.

Evan had not come up back to the V.I.P. lounge and T.I. could not see him in the stream of people as he looked out from the balcony. The lights flickering off and on and in a variety of colors weren't helping either. Another female approached him and asked to dance and he accepted because he was tipsy himself at this point. She held his hand and led him into the packed crowd and instantly put her hands around his waist while her fingers caressed the back of his head and neck. She kept her space at first but as she became more comfortable with the rapper, she began grinding closer and closer to him. He still had no idea where Evan was but he knew that he was okay and would try to find him later. This is what the club scene was all about. You didn't have to keep track of everyone at every second. He just hoped that the young actor was enjoying himself which was probably no problem because the female that brought him out to the dance floor in the first place was beautiful, or at least the rapper though so.

The rapper didn't even know the woman's name that he was dancing with but thought that she was extremely friendly because they hadn't known each other for long at all but he could tell that she was putting out all her best moves for him. She was putting on a show for him and he did enjoy it. She grinded into him on more than one occasion as her two hands was roaming all over his back, grabbing him tightly on occasions. She finally decided to settle her hands on his shoulders and he grabbed her by the waist once again. The caramel colored rapper didn't know if the woman knew who he was or not but he had to admit that he was having more fun than he was expecting to. The girl he was dancing with was pretty as well. She looked mixed and had some beautiful exotic features. The rapper noticed that her eyes were the lightest shade of blue he had ever seen and it looked simply amazing. She rested her head on his shoulder as they continued to move to the beat.

The pair bumped into another pair of club goers and T.I. was surprised to see that it was Evan. He was dancing with a different girl however and looked like he had some more to drink. The caramel colored rapper wanted to hit the bar because he was thirsty but the female he was with still wanted to dance so Evan offered to accompany him. They saw two open stools and took them as he ordered a drink from the bartender. Evan ordered something as well and T.I. noticed that he looked freer and less wound up than he had ever seen him. Alcohol does that to people, he thought as their drinks came. The rapper was glad that he came here with Evan tonight because he was having fun, though his mind did run on Nelly on several occasions. They stayed at the bar and talked until T.I. decided it was time for them to leave.

"You aight man?" he asked his young friend. "Had too much to drink huh?"

"Nah I'm good. Just a little tipsy. You look drunk as hell though."

"Maybe. I drank more than I was expecting."

"You okay?"

"I think so."

"I'll just make sure you get to your room before I go okay?"

"No. You don't have to man."

"It's not a problem."

They exited the club the same way they entered and both men got into the limo and Evan told the driver their destination. T.I. rested his head back on the seat and looked up at the black ceiling; it was swirling. He really did have a lot to drink. They were both sweaty from all the dancing they did as the young actor grabbed a bottle of water from the mini bar in front of him. He threw the rapper a bottle and he drank it all. T.I. knew he wasn't drunk but he was close to being so. He was still capable of deductive reasoning, well for the moment anyway. He massaged his temples in hopes that it would get everything to stop spinning around him. Evan had only a little less to drink than his friend and he thought that they both were holding their composure rather well for two guys in their state. The limo ride was quiet on the back to the caramel colored rapper's hotel suite.

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