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As promised, Evan got out with him when the limo pulled up in front of his hotel room and told the driver that he would be a couple minutes. He escorted T.I. through the lobby, which was deserted, and to the elevators. The rapper told him on several occasions that he didn't have to do what he was doing but Evan insisted because he wanted to make sure that he got back to him room okay. The elevator ride up the tall hotel was quiet as well, the only sound made was by the elevator signifying that their ride was over and they were at the very top and near the entrance to the last suite. They exited the elevator together and T.I. felt for his back pocket and grabbed his wallet. He ransacked it for his keycard and a moment later, they were both his room. He led Evan to the living room area and the both sat on the sofa.

"Thank you," he said as he looked at the actor.

"What for?"

"Walking with me up here. Though I could've managed on my own you know."

"I know. Just wanted to make sure that you were okay."

T.I. rested his head back on the sofa and closed his eyes. "I am."

"What are we gonna do about my clothes?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I have your clothes on remember?"

"Oh yea. Just keep them man. I'll buy more."

"What? You sure?"

"Yea. Keep the shoes too. Just a little thank you gift I guess."

"For what? I didn't do anything."

"You were looking out for me. I appreciate that."

"You know I got your back boy."

"I know. I'm glad you do."

"Me too."

"So did you have fun Evan?"

"Yea. It was great!"

"Did you get any of those females' numbers?"

"No," he said as he laughed a little.

"Why not? The one who took you away from me in the V.I.P. lounge was looking hot."

"She was. I guess I chickened out."

"Why? You're a cute boy. I'm sure that female wanted you. She just didn't want to make the first move."


"What's wrong?"


"Why you lying for?"

"I'm not."

T.I. stopped himself. He wasn't going to badger. "Okay."

"It's you okay."

"Me? What about me."

Evan sighed helplessly. "Just when I think that I'm getting over you, you do stuff that makes me fall for you all over again. I try to tell myself that you're a great guy and that there'll be others but then it's like you become a wonderful guy and make me feel so special. I'm back to square one after tonight. I don't know. This shit is hard. I'm not making any sense. Just sound like a stupid idiot. I didn't mean to ramble on like that."

"It's okay. It's okay," he said as he noticed Evan starting to tear up. He moved over and embraced him. "It's gonna be okay Evan."

"No it's not," he said as a couple tears stained the rapper's shirt. "I fucking hate this shit! The one guy I finally fall for, I can't be with. How do you think that makes me feel inside? He's perfect and I just want him to love me but he can't because he loves someone else. This is the cruelest joke that faith has ever played on anyone. Lucky me!"

"Listen to me," T.I. said firmly and forced Evan to look directly into his eyes. "You will find someone that's a million times better than me. Just don't give up."

"No I won't! You don't understand do you? I want you! I've always wanted you! Only you."

"Don't do this to yourself Evan. You kno---"

"Do what? I can't fucking help what I feel Tip! I can't fucking help that I'm in love with you!"

T.I. stared at him blankly. "What?"

"Yes. You heard right. I love you aight. I never thought that I could feel this way and especially for a nigga but here we are."

"No! No Evan. You don't love me."

"You're telling me what my feelings are now? Priceless."

"Please don't make this harder than it already is. Just calm down okay."

"You wouldn't be saying that shit if you were in my shoes! I love you so much that the shit fucking hurts! I fucking want you Tip! I want you! I want you to want me! I want to kiss everywhere on your body!"

"Stop it."

"My heart beats so damn fast when you're next to me! When you enter the room! I fucking have dreams about you! I've never wanted anything this bad before in my life!"

"Stop it please."

"I hate myself for coming here! For calling you today. I guess I just had to see if I could be close to you without starting to fantasize and give in to my feelings for you! But as you can clearly see, I can't! I'm not going to apologize to you for what I feel. I shouldn't have to---"

"Stop it!" T.I. yelled as he got up and looked at Evan, who was still sitting on the couch, a single tear rolling down his cheek. "Stop it okay! You don't know what you're saying. You're fucking drunk and have no idea what you're talking about!"

"I know what the hell I'm talking about! I know what I feel. Why are you questioning what I feel for you?"

"I'm not. I just think you had too much to dr---"

"Oh so drinking affects people's feelings? How they feel about someone?"

"I didn't say that. Please calm down Evan," he said as he sat on the couch again.

"Stop saying that to me! I'm so confused and scared and tired of this shit. I can't have you. You'd think my body and heart would get the fucking picture! I'm worthless."

"No you're not! You're a great guy Evan. I've told you that a million times already."

"Just not great enough to have you," he said softly. "I get it."

"It's not like that and you know it!"

"Whatever. I'm over it."

"Please. I don't want thing to be like this between us."

"I didn't ask for this Cliff. You're an amazing guy. How could I not fall for you? It's like I'm drawn to you."

"I don't know what to say."

"Yea. I didn't think you would. I don't wanna do this anymore. The best thing for us both is for me to just stay away from you."

"No! You're my friend and I like hanging out with you. I will not let this ruin our friendship."

"`This' as you put it are my feelings and they're too strong for me to control okay. It's for the best."

"No! I won't accept that."

"Don't fight me on this. I've already made up my mind. Obviously I can't be around you without making a total fool of myself so---"

"What about earlier today huh? What about the club? Were you making a fool of yourself then too?"

"No. But I was trying the hardest I could to not do or say anything that would make me look stupid. It's too much work. You don't know how hard I had to force myself not to just pin you to the bed and kiss you when we were wrestling earlier."

"Why do you like me so much?"

"I love you. And I won't answer that because you already know the reasons."

"Please stay. Please be my friend."

"I can't. Don't ask me to because you know I can't. I'm gonna go."

"Don't leave like this. Ple---"

"Stop it. I've already made up my mind about this. And hard as it will be, I just have to suck it up and do it," Evan said as he got up and started walking to the door. The rapper followed him.

"Come on Evan. I know it's hard for you but I want to help you."

"Help me how? I can't even be in the same room with you without losing my mind. I don't think that's helping."


"Save it aight. It's over and done with. I have to move on and this is the only option that's left for me. I'm not doing this to hurt you. I hope you know that."

"How can I? You're one of my closest friends and you're standing here telling me that we can't be friends anymore."

"I'm sorry. For everything."

The two made it to the front door and Evan opened it. T.I. didn't know what to do because he did not want to lose one of his good friends but the young actor was so determined in his way that he couldn't stop him. The rapper realized how selfish he was being. This wasn't about him. It was about Evan. Evan needed to get away from him so he could forget about him and move on. This made T.I. feel worse and he just wanted to slam the door shut and fix things with his friend. He knew that it wouldn't be possible because of how deeply Evan felt for him though. Those feelings were not going away and the young actor needed the distance; the caramel colored rapper finally understood. He wasn't happy with it on any level but he understood. He looked up at Evan, who was trying his absolute hardest not to cry. With the quickness of lightening, Evan roughly pushed the rapper against the ajar door, causing it to slam shut, and forced his lips against his.

Evan Ross's fists were balled up as his knuckles were pressed against the wooden door to keep himself from falling. In between both of his hands was the young rapper T.I., whose lips his were still connected to. It was a lot more than Evan ever expected it to be. The rapper's perfect, pink lips were soft and firm at the same time, was warm and cool at the same time, and definitely felt good pressed against his. This was the only opportunity the young actor was going to get so his tongue wandered over every part of the other man's lips, licking and teasing them. His eyes were closed and he felt blood rushing to his dick but he didn't care because he was kissing T.I. He was kissing the man that he loved and it felt so damn good. This was what he thought about since he met the rapper the first day on the set. This was what he had so many dreams about since then. This was what he wanted.

At first, T.I. didn't know what was going on. His brain didn't register anything because it came out of nowhere. He tried to tell himself that he and Evan were not kissing right now but the nerve ends in his lips told him a different story. He didn't know why but he melted into it. His heart wasn't in it but some part of his body, no matter how small, was enjoying the kiss almost as much as he was sure Evan was. Evan's lips had a smooth and softening texture to them and when the rapper opened his mouth a little, he felt the actor's tongue begin to roam the inside of his mouth. T.I. did not want to lead his friend on like that but he didn't know how to handle the situation that he now found himself in. He honestly didn't know what to do or how to react to what was happening to him right now. It seemed to both that they were kissing for an eternity but in reality only a few seconds had passed until T.I. finally got a grip on himself. He shifted his head slightly and Evan's lips ended up being pressed against his jawbone. The obsessed actor backed off.

"What was that?" T.I. asked softly as he looked down at the floor.

"Something I've wanted to do since the first day I met you."

"Why did you just do that?" he asked, now staring directly into Evan's eyes.

"I love you Clifford."

T.I. stopped leaning on the door long enough for Evan to open it and walk out of his life. He was too stunned to do anything as he leaned back on the door, in almost the same place and position he was just in. He kept asking himself over and over again what just happened. Was it real? He softly brushed against his lips with the tip of his index finger and then a sudden overwhelming sense of guilt plagued every inch of his body. What about Nelly? How was he going to tell Nelly about this? He slowly walked to the bathroom and proceeded to brush his teeth. Once he was finished, he splashed his face with water and looked at himself in the mirror. He started directly into his own eyes for a long while, not being able to recognize the person that was staring back at him. He had to fight off every impulse in his body to just punch the mirror and shatter it. He turned off the lights in the entire suite and crawled into bed, staring up at the ceiling for a while before finally allowing himself drift off to sleep.

The restless rapper awoke early the next morning with a slight headache and a feeling of worthlessness that blanked every inch of his body. He laid on his bed and stared up at the ceiling, not wanting to get up or wanting the day to begin. Evan's confession and actions last night impacted him hard and he didn't know how to cope with it. He lost one of his very good friends because of a situation that was beyond either of their control but he still couldn't help but blame himself. Nelly came to his mind. How was he going to tell him about Evan? Granted, Evan did kiss him first but he did kiss back. He fell into it so easily and naturally and that was what confused him most. The whole situation got him depressed, especially since he thought that they were having such a good time together yesterday. The wrestling around with each other, playing video games, going to the club and hanging out. It was all fun to the caramel colored rapper and he didn't think for one second that all those conflicting feelings Evan confessed to yesterday were going through him while they were together.

He was being selfish. Thinking only about himself when he knew that Evan was taking this pretty badly too. The kiss came out of nowhere though. T.I. wondered if Evan planned kissing him the whole time but how could he? He was shaking when their bodies were pressed together so it must've been spontaneous and brought on because of the moment of passion when Evan told him that he loved him. It had to have been. The young rapper concluded that Evan was probably caught up in the moment and lost his mind for a split second. He had to be honest with Nelly though. He was going to tell him everything that happened because he loved him and he was not about to fuck up his relationship by lying or trying to cover it up. The St. Lunatic rapper would understand. It was just a kiss. It was meaningless to him and he didn't initiate it in any way. It was a couple minutes past seven when he checked the time and he couldn't remember the last time he was up this early without having someplace to be. He knew he was tired but he couldn't bring himself to get some sleep. His phone went off, while he was in thought, and it startled him.

"Hello?" he asked as he flipped it open.

"Hey stranger!" he heard his man's sexy voice reply.

"Cornell? Hi baby. How are you?"

"Busy as usual. Missing you as usual. You know the same old."


"Baby? You okay? You sound down."

"Huh?" He didn't want to lie but he was not going to have this conversation over the phone. "I'm aight."

"Why do I get the strong feeling that you're lying to me? What's wrong?"

"Nothing baby. I'm cool."

"Okay. Did I wake you up?"

"Naw. I got up early this morning for some reason."

"What you doing today?"

"Dunno yet. I have a free day though. So probably just chill."

"I see."

"Where you at?"

"Back in Las Vegas actually. I just signed some new artists to my label so I stayed back to work with them out here."

"I miss you. A lot."

"Are you sure you're okay Tip? There's something different in your voice. Talk to me baby."

"No. I'm okay. Really. Just missing you I guess."

"Really? So it's my fault that you're so down. Thanks baby. That makes me feel so much better."

T.I. laughed and decided to play along. "Yep. You gotta find a way to make it up to me now. I'm here all alone without anyone to hug and kiss an---"

"Stop! You like teasing me don't you?"

"Only because I know it bothers you so much."

"I'm gonna kick your ass when I see you durrty. Teasing a grown man like that."

"And when do you plan on seeing me? Don't want to sound like a bitch or anything but the last time were together was after the movie premiere."

"Well. Give me a couple of days."

"Why? What's going on in a couple of days?"

"Remember that vacation thing we were talking about so long ago?"


"I planned it."


"I planned it. I need to reconnect with you so I went ahead and planned it."

"Okay. Where are we going?"

"Saint-Tropez. We gonna go there to get away from all this shit. Just you and me. And stay for as long as we want."

"Damn! Only thing I can say to that is can't it be any sooner?" T.I. sexily whined. "I need to see you bad!"

"Don't worry baby. I only need three days and then I'm all yours."

"I like the sound of that."

"I knew you would. The warm climate. The white sand beaches. The mind blowing sex. Oops! My b!" Nelly said slickly as he laughed.

"What makes you think you gonna get any?"

"You gotta repay me for that necklace don't you? And ya boy turns into a loan shark when he needs to get repaid!"

"Really? I'm counting on that then. Hey, how `bout I fly to Vegas and we can meet up. I'm not doing anything the next couple of days."

"I would love that baby but I really gotta get this stuff done if I wanna make the vacation. And you know that if you're here I wouldn't get any kind of work done."

"Ain't my fault that you get distracted by me."

"It is your fault! For being so damn sexy and cute. You know that."

"I know."

"So I just called to tell you to pack your bags to get ready to leave in three days."

"Pack my bags? Not like I'm gonna be wearing anything anyway."

"Come on Tip. I mean sex is a big part of this trip, I'll admit, but I really want to reconnect with you. To just relax and enjoy you."

"Wow. I don't know what to say," T.I. said softly. The whole mess with Evan was weighing down on his conscience even more now.

"Left you speechless huh?"

"Actually you did."

"Good! So pack and I'll see you down there in a few days."

"We not hopping on the same plane?"

"Wouldn't that arouse suspicion baby?"


"The best thing is for us to just meet up over there. Trust me; I got all this stuff planned out. Right down to a tee."

"I do trust you. So where we staying at?"

"I'll send you all the info later baby. I gotta get back to work."

"Okay. I love you Cornell. I always have," T.I. said in a soft voice. Some part of him felt that he didn't deserve to say that because of what happened with Evan.

"I know baby. I love you too. I'll try to call you later."

That single phone call picked up the young rapper's spirits to no end. Nelly's voice always managed to soothe him in some way and now more than ever, he was looking forward to the near future. Three days into the future to be more precise. He needed this badly. Getting away from everything going on in the States was suddenly the most appealing idea to him. He knew his manager wouldn't object to him taking some free time off to relax himself but he called him just to make sure. He didn't want to leave and have to come back to people being mad at him because he acted impulsively. Once his manager assured him that everything was alright and he didn't have any upcoming projects for a while, he got up and went to brush his teeth and shower himself. Nelly always knew how to make him feel better and he would have to thank the rapper for pulling him out of his slight depression over losing Evan when he saw him. The mirror was still not his friend though as he looked at his reflection and saw the instant sadness in his eyes that he was trying to hide away.

There were conflicting feelings inside the rapper for the rest of the day. He didn't know if he should call Evan and try to salvage their relationship or just let it be and give Evan the time he asked for to gather his thoughts and emotions. Even though the young actor made it clear that he needed time alone and away from him, T.I. didn't think that was a good idea because there were many unresolved issues between them that were just complicating their straining friendship even more. He wanted to talk to him and straighten everything out if they were to even stand a chance of reconciling as friends. Evan was adamant about this though and although he hated it, he was going to respect his friends' wishes and leave him alone. This was what he told himself throughout the whole day so he wouldn't get tempted to call him, though he came close to giving in on quite a few occasions.

He needed to relax himself bad. All this added stress was playing games with his mind and he had to find a way to make it stop or at least silence it somehow. He wasn't hungry so decided not to order breakfast. He thought that some TV would help so he grabbed the remote and clicked the plasma screen TV in his bedroom on. The distressed rapper watched a few videos, one of which was his own, before he changed the channel to a news program. This only held his interest for a short while as well before he moved on. Cartoons were the next stop. He clicked the TV off after a while and almost instantly got the idea to take a bath. With his busy schedule as of late, he had no time to just relax in the tub but today was one of the days when he had nothing going on so he could afford to indulge himself. He got the water going in the tub and found a bubble bath mix under the sink.

The warm water touching his skin as he entered the bath tub felt great and he submerged his whole body in the concoction of water and bubbles. The caramel colored rapper rested his head against the tiles as he soaked his body in the tub. There were many bubbles surrounding him and he began to play with them. They easily filtered through his fingers and caressed every inch of his willing skin as he tried his best to relax and not think about anything or anyone. This was time alone for him but he knew that wouldn't last long because sooner or later, Evan would come to his mind or he would think about going away with Nelly. He didn't mind thinking about Nelly because everything was solid with that aspect of his life. Evan was the only issue he was having. He just closed his eyes and tried his best to dismiss everything.

The next few days went by extremely slow for the overly anxious rapper. He wanted to get away so bad that the notion of it alone consumed his every thought for the rest of the time was he was stateside. He spent the last few days in L.A. packing his luggage and making sure that everything was clear for him to leave. He definitely didn't want to come back to chaos so he made sure and tied up every loose end he could think of before leaving. His mind was still on Evan but not as much as before because, as sad as it sounded, life went on. There was no use getting hung up on a situation that was never going to change so he just didn't let it bother him anymore. The future was what he going to look forward to and Nelly was making it extremely easy for him. Fun on the beach and reconnecting with his man was all he was considering at this moment. True to his word, the St. Lunatic rapper sent him all the information via e-mail and he found out that he had a flight scheduled for early in the morning.

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