*NOTE* I do not claim to know the celebrities mentioned below or their sexual preferences. This fictional story was written solely for entertainment purposes only and does NOT imply the sexual preferences of said celebrities or anything about their personal lives. Enjoy!

The morning light broke into the master bedroom the two rappers shared and neither seemed to take notice of it. Nelly had since let go of his grip on the younger rapper's body and was sleeping with his back to him, most of the covers wrapped around his body. Only mere yards away from the villa was the crystal blue waters of the infamous beaches that Saint-Tropez was renowned for. Back in the bedroom, the caramel colored rapper was finally beginning to stir in his sleep. He didn't want to get up but he physically couldn't sleep anymore so he reluctantly sat up, rubbed his eyes, and yawned. His hand unintentionally brushed against Nelly's back and he finally noticed that he wasn't alone on the bed. His heart skipped a beat as he removed the blanket just enough to see the rapper's sleeping face; cute and sexy. A smile adorned his face and he sat there and stared at him sleeping for a while before got up and made his way downstairs to retrieve his toothbrush from his luggage.

Extra reassurance was given to him when he saw the St. Lunatic rapper's suitcases next to his in the foyer. After quickly rummaging through his stuff to find what he was looking for, he found a closer bathroom downstairs and went to brush his teeth and wash his face. His headache was a distant memory now and he felt refreshed and new; he figured it was because of the clean sea breeze and the peaceful night sleep he got last night. Nelly sleeping next to him always assured that too. Once he was finished, he walked through the house to get a feel of where everything was but also because he was looking for the kitchen. The place looked like a palace fit for royalty as T.I. roamed through its many halls and rooms like a lost child. His curiosity got the best of him on quite a few occasions but he was finally able to find the kitchen, which was fully stocked with everything they most likely would need for the rest of the time they were there. Nelly had thought of everything.

Seeing some fresh croissants out on the counter, he searched through the cabinets for some coffee and got a pot brewing as soon as he found it. He liked his coffee strong so he put more than the required amount into the machine and moments later, the strong scent touched his nose. Two croissants were on his plate and all he was waiting for was the coffee. He loved this place. It was nothing like the States. The whole atmosphere made it seem as if he was on a completely different planet. He didn't know that there were places like this left in the world. This was going to be some of the best weeks in his life; he could already tell. The coffee finished brewing and he fixed himself a cup. The clock hanging high on the wall in the kitchen told him that it was a few minutes before ten as he sat in the nook to eat. The coffee was stronger than he anticipated as he sipped it for the first time but it was good nonetheless.

He tried to eat fast because he wanted to go wake Nelly up. It was their first day in paradise and he was going to get himself a piece of his man. Everything was still quiet and peaceful as T.I. looked out a nearby window from the nook and saw the ocean. He also noticed that they really didn't have any neighbors close by and he was happy for this because it meant that the two of them would get the privacy they so needed. As much as he hated to admit it to himself, Evan was on his mind. The kiss, his admission of his true feelings, everything was bothering. His stomach instantly went into knots because he knew he had to tell Nelly everything that happened between them. He was sure the older rapper wouldn't be upset with him because he didn't initiate the kiss with Evan in any way but it was still a kiss, with someone else beside him. All of a sudden he wanted to just stay downstairs.

The St. Lunatic rapper Nelly awoke to the fresh air and pure sunlight that Saint-Tropez offered him. When his eyes were still closed, he felt around for his love but came up empty. It was officially confirmed when he sat up on the bed and looked around that he was alone. He went into the bathroom adjacent to the large room he just slept in and conveniently found a new toothbrush in the medicine cabinet to brush his teeth with. Remembering that he draped the pair of pants he came there in last night over a chair in the bedroom, he went and found it. Now came the time to find the caramel colored rapper that he could never get enough of. He rushed down the stairs and was like a mouse in a maze because the house was so big. Once he was downstairs though, the strong smell of coffee tickled his nostrils so he followed it, knowing perfectly well that he would find T.I. at the source of the scent. His instincts were right as he came upon the kitchen; the rapper was standing close to a large window and was looking out at the beach.

"Welcome to paradise baby," he said as he walked up and hugged him tightly from behind.

T.I. turned around and looked deep into his eyes. "It is now."

Their lips softly crushed together and everything in the younger rapper's mind went blank. Nelly pressed their bodies together and this really became paradise. His tongued played with his young love's in a game that was extremely pleasing to each man. Everything else went out the window and all Nelly's focus and attention was on making his man happy. T.I. sucked on his tongue and then gently grazed his teeth against his lower lip, which got the older rapper even hotter for him. His hands were around the St. Lunatic rapper's head, gently running his fingers along the back of his head and neck, while they were held together intimately by his strong arms. Nelly's fingers ran in soft, sensual lines against T.I.'s bare back and this managed to heighten the already passionate moment between the two lovers. The young rapper willing fell into Nelly's clutches but his brain became functional after a while and everything came back to him. Hard. He was gently pushed against the nearest wall as the older rapper became more and more aggressive with his kisses and roaming hands. The caramel colored rapper wanted this more than anything but something deep inside was not allowing him to enjoy it as he should've been. His neck was soon being assaulted with wet, warm kisses.

"Baby," he said in a desperate moan. "Baby stop. I gotta talk to you. I, uh, I gotta tell you something."

"No," Nelly said as he kissed every part of his ear. "We can talk later Tip. Right now, I want you."

"Baby please. Please."

"What's wrong? You aight?"

"No," he said in a weak voice as he got away from Nelly's grasp and sat in the nook.

Nelly sat next to him and held his hand tightly. "What happened Tip?"


"Tell me baby."

"Something's wrong Cornell."

"What are you talking about?"

"It was a mistake."

Nelly stared at him with a worried look on his face. "What was a mistake?"

"I didn't mean for it to happen."

"Didn't mean for what to happen? You're not making any sense."

He looked at Nelly for a while before he said anything. This was hard. He took a deep breath. "Evan and I kissed," he finally said.


"I'm sorry baby. I didn't mean for this to happen."


"It was a mistake. Honestly."

Nelly let his hand go and got up from the nook. He looked at him. "You kissed that nigga Tip?"

"It caught me off guard baby. I didn't know what was going on."

"You don't know when you're being kissed?"

"It wasn't my fault. I didn't ask for this."

"But you let it happen didn't you?" Nelly said, trying his best to hold back his anger. To be reasonable.

"He kissed me. I didn't provoke him in any way baby," he said as Nelly looked away from him. This was hurting the both of them.

"Did you want him to do it?"

"No! I don't know why he did. I don't want him. I want you."

"Why'd you tell me this?"

"What do you mean?" he asked as he got up and stepped in front of his man. "I have to be honest with you."

"Is that it?"

"Why are you talking to me like this?"

"You didn't want to be honest with me. You just told me this shit because you felt guilty."

"It wasn't my fault Cornell. I didn't ask him to kiss me."

"What is this? Payback for what I did to you?"

"What?" T.I. asked, taken aback. That hurt. "No baby. How could you even think that?"

"What else do you want me to think?"

"I just want you to believe me."

"Kiss me. Kiss me like you kissed him," Nelly said with no emotion in his voice as he looked hard at T.I.


"You heard me."


"Because I want you to."

"What's the point of that?"

"Are you gonna do it or not?"

"It meant nothing to me Cornell. He means nothing to me. Why don't you believe that?" he asked as he took his hand and turned the older rapper's head to face his. Their eyes locked.

They stayed staring at each other for a long while, neither saying anything. "You're not gonna do it?"

"No baby. There's no point to it. Please don't be mad at me."


Nelly broke the grip he was in and walked out of the kitchen. "Where are you going?" T.I. called behind him.

The St. Lunatic rapper walked out of the kitchen and didn't know where he was going but he had to get away. He couldn't deal with this right now. This was supposed to be their time together. Their time to reconnect and show what the other meant to them. He was mad and punched the wall hard as he kept walking. He knew he was being selfish right now but he honestly didn't know any other way to react and rage was clouding all of his judgment. After walking, he hoped that it would cool him down; he found himself at the back of the house and, beyond the glass sliding door, was the beautiful ocean. Not thinking twice about it, he made his way out of the house and walked out onto the sand. The waves gently crashed against the white sand as he walked closer and closer to the water. Once he was a safe enough distance to still keep dry, he sat on the sand and stared at the waves, hoping that they would somehow take him away or wash his problems deep into the ocean with them.

T.I. sat back in the nook, his mind uncomprehending. It was like his body was only a shell now because his essence was drained out of it the moment Nelly walked away from him. He wanted to follow him and talk things through but what else could he possibly say. As much as he said it wasn't his fault that Evan kissed him, it was because he allowed it. The older rapper was right. He allowed all of this to happen to him. A big part of him did feel guilty about the kiss; he was right about that as well. He wasn't expecting this though. This was their vacation together. Just the two of them away from the world they knew, just to be together. He ruined it for them but he physically couldn't just forget about what happened to him and not tell his man. Theirs was an open and honest relationship so he had to tell him what happened between he and Evan. This was a disaster.

Nelly's fingers combed through the fine sand, his mind deep in thought. He had since calmed down but he still didn't know what to do about the situation he put himself in. He acted like a complete jerk but didn't know why. When he heard T.I. say that he and Evan kissed, he just lost it and didn't know how to control himself. He was riddled with pain, anger, revenge, and so many other conflicting emotions at that very second that his mind didn't know how to handle it all at once. It was like the forgiving, understanding Nelly shut down and all the rage in him took over. There was no explanation for his behavior because he did remember telling T.I. several times that the best thing about their relationship was that it was an open and honest one. He basically contradicted himself earlier and he honestly didn't know how he could ever face the younger rapper again. The sun was burning his bare chest as he continued to sit there, trying to formulate a plan in his head to make things right again. Nothing came to him.

The caramel colored rapper went back up to the bedroom and sat on the bed he just shared with the man he loved last night. Through the balcony doors in the room, he saw Nelly sitting out on the sand and desperately wanted to go be with him but he was stopping himself because he didn't know what to say or do. It also looked like Nelly needed some time alone to fully take in what happened and he was not going to push in any way. His heart felt like it was cut open right now and he couldn't cope with the pain. He sat up; his back pressed against the headboard of the bed, and began writing in his lyric book. His eyes would wander toward Nelly from time to time because he couldn't help himself. He loved this man so much that things had to be okay with them. They just had to be. It was getting late and he saw the sun begin to set on the horizon; Nelly was still sitting out on the sand and staring into nothingness. It was only a matter of time before he was totally blocked lyrically. He couldn't think of a single thing even if he forced himself to. Nelly consumed his every thought.

The sun had almost disappeared against the horizon and the older rapper still came up with nothing to say to T.I. to fix their broken relationship. Once again, it was all his fault because he overreacted and let his anger bet the better of him. He couldn't lose T.I. He never thought that anything would mean more to him than his career but he was wrong. The rapper was everything to him. His love meant the world to Nelly. He couldn't lose or give up on that because he was fortunate enough to find it in his lifetime. He realized that he had to fight like hell to hold on to it and that there was no physical or mental way he could ever stop loving the caramel colored rapper. He didn't want to. Once the sun was completely gone and darkness blanketed the sky, he got up, dusted his butt off, and carefully made his way back to the house and, hopefully, the vacation he was so excited to have before. T.I. was nowhere on the massive first floor and Nelly concluded that he was in the bedroom. He slowly walked up the stairs, rehearsing what he was going to say in his head. He didn't have much but he figured it would come to him once he was actually there.

The bed was empty and the rapper was out on the balcony, looking at the black waters of the ocean. The crescent moon that hung high in the sky only managed to illuminate a portion of it and he liked the contrast it created. His mind was going crazy because of the mess that went down but he tried hard not to let it get to him. He was not going to cry because he thought that showed a sign of weakness and he was not weak on any level. Since Nelly came into his life however, he'd been pushing so many boundaries and disregarding so many things that he once thought and believed so it was probably only a matter of time before that logic was out the door as well. The St. Lunatic rapper got the best of him always and that was the biggest indication that he was made for him. No one had ever been of getting the best of T.I. and Nelly managing to do so with such little effort had an acute effect on him. What they had was real. He wasn't aware when the older rapper made it into the room and was staring at him as he was staring into oblivion.

"I'm so sorry Tip," he said in a sincere tone. "This is all my fault."

T.I. turned around and looked at him for a minute before he walked back into the room He stopped as soon as he stepped in through the balcony doors, deciding to leave them open because the air felt so crisp and refreshing. "Come here."

"I don't deserve it."

"Just come here."

Nelly hung his head and walked up to the man he loved. "What?"

The young rapper embraced him and held on tightly to his body. "I'm sorry this happened baby."

"Sorry I acted like a jerk. You didn't deserve that."

"You were hurt. I understand."

"That's not an excuse. I want this to work between us."

"I know. I do too."

Nelly stared directly into the younger rapper's eyes before gently pressing their lips together in a sweet kiss. Both their arms were securely wrapped around the other's body as the kiss evolved into a passionate and lustful one. There was a basic need that each man had for the other. That instinctual need engulfed the both of their awaiting bodies and consumed their every thought. Everything surrounding them became irrelevant as they began to get caught up in their own world and all the passion that their bodies have been denied for the past months. Nelly wanted his love in every possible, aching way. He wanted to hold him, to hug him, to touch his sensitive skin, to kiss and lick every part of him. The caramel colored rapper's admission earlier was completely gone as he continued to kiss him. Finally getting impatient, he grabbed his young love around the waist and gently lifted him up, carrying him toward the bed that was about to be christened by their bodies playing sinfully together with each other. The kiss they shared was never broken for a moment as the St. Lunatic rapper was now on top of T.I. on the bed, tugging at his clothes.

The taste of Nelly was easily one of the best aspects of him. It could not be described or even duplicated because it was one of a kind and he was the only one that had access to it. T.I. savored this taste, like he always did. His tongue went back and forth from teasing his man's lips to fitting perfectly within his mouth. That taste alone drove him insane with pleasure and always managed to get him bothered. His mind and body was bombarded with so many forms of pleasure and thoughts of ecstasy that it was almost impossible not to get carried away in it all. It was only a matter of time before it got to him though. He and Nelly were only kissing at the moment and already he was going crazy, his blood steaming in his veins and waves of passion effortlessly washed him away and managed to drown him within its seductive touch.

The St. Lunatic rapper was already halfway undressed, he only put on a pair of pants this morning, as T.I. quickly moved and began unbuckling his belt, his eyes still closed while his lips absorbed every slight move Nelly's lips were giving them. Once a gentle click was heard, the button was loosened and the zipper was next to be conquered. The older rapper in the mean time was busy fidgeting with his man's shirt, finally managing to get it over his head and off his body. This was the only time the kiss was ever broken between the two but it wasn't long before his lips were back where they belonged. Both their bodies craved this. They need this. They needed each other. Nelly kicked off his pants and they landed on the floor as he began working on the man's under him. T.I. made an urgent noise when he felt his lower lip being nibbled on and raised his body slightly so his pants would be able to slide off his body easier. The cool night's air of Saint-Tropez landed on his now exposed skin; managing to comfort him on some level. His boxers came off shortly after that and the air caressed everything.

Both of the older rapper's legs were astride his slim body, the kiss still going on as strong as ever. He ran his fingers down his man's back and stopped when he got to his waist. His fingers smoothly ran under them, hooking them in the process, and began slipping them off. Nelly gave him leverage and before either knew it, that article of clothing was on the ground just like all the others. Their fingers became interlaced in each other's as the older man began grinding his body into his young love's. His hard dick poked against T.I.'s already rock hard one as the long kiss the shared finally ended. He went about kissing along the younger rapper's jaw, ears, and neck, never stopping the assault he knew the caramel colored rapper was susceptible to. T.I.'s body shivered when he felt his earlobe being licked and then nibbled on and moved one of his hands to cup the back of his man's head, in an effort to encourage more.

Once he was done with the ear, he gave it one last flicker of his tongue to say goodbye, before he moved lower down his neck and ended up right above the collarbone. A perfect spot for kissing. Every spot on T.I.'s body was perfect was kissing or sucking or nibbling on. Nelly had to mark him. He had to show the world that this man under him was his, all his, and only his. With encouraging moans and grunts, he began licking the soft, supple flesh. T.I.'s taste was unparallel. Nothing else in the world tasted as good as he did and as crazy as it sounded, the older rapper just loved to lick him. After he ran his tongue along the curvy road of the caramel colored rapper's collarbone, he went back to his original plan to mark his skinny prince. The younger rapper winced when he felt Nelly bite into his neck but then relaxed into it when a sucking and licking sensation was applied. Nelly just bit him. He just got bitten by another man. The yielding flesh that was just bitten became bright red as he sucked on it more to add emphasis and more color. Once the St. Lunatic rapper was satisfied with the final color of his mark, it was a deep blood red, he began to trail lower on the naked body he loved and craved so.

He gently nibbled on the skin above his bellybutton while one of his free hands roamed even further down the younger rapper's perfect body to find what they both knew was there. Once Nelly squeezed his most sensitive areas; T.I. was clay in his hands. Still chewing above his navel, the added incentive of his long strokes made him question how he was able to survive so long without so much as a touch from his man. The rapper licked circles around the bellybutton before beginning his descent to the real prize that he wanted to lick. He lapped the head of T.I.'s exquisitely shaped dick while both his hands were firmly wrapped around the base for additional support. His tongue bathed the tip with saliva, which would be useful for later. After selfishly pleasuring the head for so long, he decided to go lower and took it in his mouth and began sucking on it with a vacuuming effect which sent his lover into overdrive mode. He managed to take almost all, just shy of an inch or two, into his welcoming mouth and sucked on it that way.

T.I. was lost in the pleasure and started to thrust more of himself into the hot mouth that he was receiving all the pleasure from. Nelly didn't mind this because his major focus at the moment was to please the man he loved and he was going to do anything to make sure that was going to happen. Nelly's warm mouth around his hard member, sucking, licking, and teasing it was the ultimate in what pleasure was or should be defined as. He was a skilled expert who knew how to use his tongue to the utmost of its abilities. The older rapper licked up and down the long pole and began going around it, still licking up and down, as if he was painting it with spit. One hand was still tightly wrapped around the base while the other hand moved down toward his balls. Nelly fiddled with them through his fingers, managing to tickle them and yank them on occasions. He left a wet trail from the very tip of his lover's dick all the way down to his perfectly shaped balls, which he engulfed into his mouth upon contact.

Nelly continued licking the sac beneath T.I.'s rod and tried to match it with the hand job he was giving him. There was a fine line between getting the rhythm right but he was able to master it after trying for a couple of minutes. Pure bliss was now coursing through T.I.'s veins and it made him hotter than ever before as he pulled his man up to his face and kissed him hard, tasting faint traces of himself on the other man's tongue. Their tongues danced around each other's as both the younger rapper's hands were around his head, keeping them as close together as possible. Both their aching dicks begged for the attention that were denied to them as T.I. felt his man's pulse against his, a sign that he needed tending to. He would get there eventually but right now, this was their moment to have to themselves. The heightened passion between the two knew no boundaries and only kept getting stronger the more they embraced and touched each other.

After softly rolling on top of his man, T.I. was still engulfed in the kiss they shared and his hands began roaming all over the body that belonged to him. His index finger ever so softly ran over Nelly's erect nipple and he felt the body under him convulse when he gently pressed into it. Nelly grabbed his other free hand and led it down to his body and to the part of him that needed the most attention right now. The caramel colored rapper wrapped his fingers around his man's long rod and began teasing it by rubbing and gently yanking on it. All of this was happening while they still shared the warm kiss that both had become so used to. T.I. began making his way down the well sculpted body in front of him, imitating most of the actions that were just performed on him, much to the satisfaction of the older rapper. His tongue flickered out and tasted the tip of his dick before completely sucking on as much of it as he could. Again, he mimicked movements and actions he felt earlier, his head bobbing up and down as he worked the turgid shaft in and out of his hot, welcoming mouth.

He felt hands behind his head, slowing him down at first, before ultimately pulling him up and resulting in his lips being assaulted hard. Nelly's tongue licked every inch of his pink lips as he held T.I.'s face close to his with his two hands on either side of it. The moment was passionate and the emotions that intertwined both men to each other knew no limits. T.I.'s hands ran across the older rapper's biceps and eventually made their way up to his neck, face, and head, rubbing and touching everywhere he could reach. Evan was nowhere near his mind or heart because he was consumed with everything that was happening to him to worry or even care about it. Nelly's tongue twisted around in his mouth; his eyes closed because of how sweet and romantic his reality was right now. Everything was right and perfect in every way. Every time the young rapper was next to him it felt like he could do anything. Like he could truly be himself and not worry about the consequences of his actions. This was his paradise. T.I. was his paradise. He broke the kiss and looked into those hazel eyes that he loved, his hands still cupping his man's face. The caramel colored rapper knew that look. He knew what Nelly wanted.

The pale moonlight only managed to enhance the mood that was created in the master bedroom by the two men who meant everything to each other. T.I. kissed his man's soft lips one last time before he left on his quest to give him what he really wanted. Once the older rapper knew what was happening, he was still mesmerized by T.I.'s lips against his, he spread his legs to grant better access for what was about to happen. The caramel colored rapper made his way down his body and eventually in between Nelly's legs and rested himself there for a minute to let all the anxiousness and anxiety his heart was feeling subside. The St. Lunatic rapper looked at him from time to time to let him know that this was what he wanted, what he needed. T.I. took a deep breath before he cradled Nelly hips and lined his spit-slicked dick up with the man's hole. He slightly winced when he felt the tip of his dick press against his entrance but this was right. It felt right. They needed to be one again. He raised his legs a little so the younger rapper could get better leverage of his lower body and felt when T.I. leaned over on top of his, his hands to either side of his body on the bed, and began kissing him sweetly.

Using one of his hands, T.I. aimed his dick directly at Nelly's hole and began pushing into him with a controlled force, all while still kissing him to take his mind off of being invaded. Once he felt every last inch of his pole covered with the warm, caressing flesh that was his love, he replaced his hand where it initially was on the side of his man's body for support. The kiss continued as he began slowly grinding his hips against his man. Nelly was more than used to the pain but they hadn't been intimate in such a long while that his body had to readjust to T.I.'s dick inside him so he told him to rest for a minute. They fit together perfectly. The kisses he was receiving was helping him out greatly though and his hands began to roam up and down the other man's back and chest. A single quick kiss signified that Nelly was ready to go forward and T.I. slowly began withdraw himself from his man's tight hole. This sensation alone, Nelly's anal ring clamping on securely onto his rock hard pole, created an immense pleasure that overwhelmed him. He thrusted back in with a hard force and the rush made his dick even harder than it was before and his body quiver with anticipation for more.

Nelly's aching body craved more of the sensation he was receiving. T.I. expertly worked himself in and out of his man's tight, sweet hole, all while still managing to kiss him, their tongues entangling. The older rapper never thought that he would come to enjoy being fucked as much as he did but T.I. brought out something in him. Something that was unexplained and an enigma within itself and felt so good when it was released. The tip of the caramel colored rapper's dick kissed his prostate with every deep thrust and pure bliss was the only thing gathered at that moment. His hips worked overtime grinding into the man he loved and also created a lustful friction between them that left them both craving and fighting for more. Their tongues finally learned to work harmoniously with each other as T.I. also began nibbling on Nelly's lower lip for that added effect of passion. He held on tightly onto T.I.'s body above his as he kept plowing in and out of his burning hole. That pain was minimal though and the pleasure more than compensated for it because he picked up his pace and Nelly moaned loudly because his prostate was being assaulted more frequently now.

The rhythm between the two men's bodies was now at a steady and quick pace and Nelly couldn't help but moan because his body was feeling so good right now. It literally ached for T.I. and wanted more of him with every passing second. The caramel colored rapper knew he wouldn't last much longer because it felt so good to reconnect with his man in this most intimate way and as much as he wanted it to last longer, his body was against him in every way because it was to its maximum with pleasure and was quickly overflowing. He honestly couldn't remember the last time he felt this good, this complete. Everything was right in his world and this was exactly how he wanted it to stay forever. He opted not to jack Nelly off while he was working in and out of him because he wanted him hard when he was finished. He had to ride the older rapper because he was jealous of all the pleasure he was receiving right now and wanted some of his own. The St. Lunatic rapper knew this and thought it was cute and was more than willing to oblige him when they were finished. T.I. started to lose focus in his thrusts because he was lightheaded from all the passion. He felt when his balls tensed up though and felt Nelly squirm under him as he began to shoot his seed deep within his man. The smooth rhythm they once had between them fell apart because he could hardly keep up with it. He was spent. His last thrust was weak and he fell on top of Nelly's body, the sequence of his breaths almost ushering him into dreamland.

Nelly was not about to have that though because their night of passion was not over by a long shot. He gently lifted T.I.'s frail body up off his own and rested him on the bed beside him, allowing the man to regenerate some of his strength for the second part of their perfect evening in heaven. His eyes were closed and he grabbed a nearby pillow as Nelly just stared at him in the moonlight. He was perfect in every conceivable way. Everything about him was attractive and it also didn't help that he had one of the cutest faces the St. Lunatic rapper had ever seen. He slowly moved in and kissed his lips; T.I. grumbled something before turning his head away and pulling the blanket over his naked body. He didn't want to wake him because he looked so adorable but he was still horny. His dick was begging for attention but his love looked too peaceful to wake so, against his will, he walked to the bathroom to jack off. He wasn't upset by any means because as far as he was concerned, the vacation had already served its purpose in that it strengthened the bond they shared and it was only the first night. His dick didn't last long under the guidance of his hand as he released all the pent up sexual energy he was hoping to use tonight but he was satisfied nonetheless. T.I. satisfied him in every way.

After taking a quick shower and brushing his teeth, he was sweaty from the night's activities; he returned to the room and went to close the balcony door that T.I. had left open earlier. Nelly stared out at the ocean for a little while, just reminiscing about what just happened and how right his life felt now. Ever since T.I. crossed his path he would get these subtle feelings deep within himself that he couldn't explain but knew were there. They often comforted him and gave him strength when he was exhausted from doing a show or recording. He thought it was love but he was wrong. It went way beyond the level of love. He thought for the longest while that the most one person could feel for another was love but that was not the case. It was an enigma that could not be explained or described and the only thing he knew was that it made him feel good. It made him feel safe, protected, and loved more than anything or anyone else in the world. No one ever made him feel that way and he doubted that anyone ever would again. T.I. was made for him. Their love may be unconventional but the caramel colored rapper was made and complimented him in every single way. He smiled as he climbed into bed and watched him sleep. T.I. tossed mildly when he began toying with his sexy lips. Nelly didn't want to wake him but he physically couldn't keep his hands off of this man sleeping next to him. T.I. was a drug; his drug.

The St. Lunatic rapper gently ran his fingers in swirls around the sleeping man's shoulders, chest, chin, and every other body part he could get away with. His skin was so smooth and soft. It was amazing to Nelly that T.I. could be the hardcore rapper most people knew him to be but also be the gentle, soft-skinned man that only he knew. That made him feel special. The thought that he was the only one in the world that knew every aspect of the real rapper T.I. was a comforting one to him and made him fall for his skinny prince even more. Everything in his world was exactly how he wanted it to be, what he worked so hard and wanted for so long. His career was right on track and flourishing beautifully, he or anyone in his family would never have to worry about money again, and most importantly, he found someone to love and put up with his crazy ass. Murphy Lee ran on his mind instantly. His best friend wasn't happy for him and as much as he didn't let it bother him before, it did. It always has. He felt like he was in a position of having to choose between this magnificent love he found or the respect and support of his best friend. It hurt but there was no way he could give up T.I. He just couldn't understand why Murphy just didn't accept that he was happy and that he knew what he was doing. He wanted his best friend back. He yawned because he was getting tired, kissed his love on the lips more than a few times, T.I. fidgeted at this and moved away on several occasions, wrapped his arms around his slim body, and tried to get some sleep.

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