*NOTE* I do not claim to know the celebrities mentioned below or their sexual preferences. This fictional story was written solely for entertainment purposes only and does NOT imply the sexual preferences of said celebrities or anything about their personal lives. Enjoy!

Waves crashed against the sand as the warm morning light of the sun entered into the room. Both men were unaware of it because they were still fast asleep; Nelly's arms still securely wrapped around T.I.'s body. This was his greatest prize in his arms and he was never going to let go. T.I. was the first to become affected by the brightly shining sunlight that snuck into their room. The sun became too overpowering and it ultimately woke him up. He checked the time and saw that it was almost ten and then began caressing over Nelly's hands and fingers with his own. He turned to face him and watched as he slept. His lips looked as if they were pouting, which he found extremely sexy. He wanted to kiss them but he didn't want to wake his man up. He would have to be content with just having Nelly's strong arms wrapped around him, which he was at the moment. It may have seemed weird but he loved watching him sleep. He could never explain it but watching his man sleep next to him always gave him a serene feeling and that he was doing something right. Nelly looked so innocent. T.I. wanted to do everything right by him because this relationship was it. This was the one he was meant to be with. He ran his index finger along his sweet, light pink lips, which didn't bother the sleeping rapper at all. He then remembered last night and how he passed out almost instantly after making love to him. He felt guilty because he knew Nelly was still horny but he honestly was too gone on the passion to even lift a finger. He decided to make it up to him right now.

The caramel colored rapper escaped his man's clutches and softly climbed on top of him, his knees straddling Nelly's sleeping body. He lightly sat on the lower portion of his abdomen, mainly resting most of his weight on his two knees, and began teasing the sensitive skin with his equally sensitive tongue. The St. Lunatic rapper made no motion to this so he decided he would have to work harder to get his attention. His tongue followed a trail from above his bellybutton to his left nipple, where he began massaging it with his tongue and lips. Still Nelly's body did not respond to the pleasure it was receiving but T.I. did not get discouraged in any way. After battering both nipples with kisses and licks, he continued upward until he came to the collarbone and neck area. The way the older rapper traced his collarbone last night with his tongue felt wonderful so he decided to take a page from his book and do the very same. If that didn't get him up then he would have to go to the final frontier, but he honestly wanted to save that for when his man was awake and fully aware of what was going on.

Trying his best to imitate Nelly's tongue movements from the previous night, the young rapper began tracing his sexy collarbone with the very tip of his tongue. He did this, extremely slowly; a few times before he got the response he was looking for. Nelly incoherently mumbled something in his sleep before turning his head the other way and trying to get some more rest. It was a start and T.I. did not give up on his quest to get a piece of his man first thing in the morning. The collarbone trick failed him so he decided to move on to bigger and better things. He promised himself that this was the absolute last step before he resorted to his final attack plan but he was sure that this would do the trick. The optimistic rapper began his last hope by sucking on the tender skin right above the collarbone. He kept sucking until he saw the result he was looking for; the blood rushed up to the skin and created a ruby red mark. His mark. It was starting to work so he decided to up his game and moved in for the ear. Licking and sucking ensued as well as sweet whispers that the sleeping man slowly began to understand. The third and final step of his attack pattern was to aim for the lips. This was going to be his most favorite part as he slowly moved in and flickered out his tongue to taste his man's lips. It was innocent at first but became a full blown, passionate kiss when T.I. crushed their lips together. After kissing him for a while, he felt life beginning to stir and awaken in the man below him. This was made fact when Nelly grabbed his slim body and began kissing him back. He let go after a short while and stopped the kiss, his eyes still closed. He scratched his head as he opened his eyes for the first time, which were met by a pair of anxious, hazel ones.

Before he could say or do much of anything, T.I. pounced on his lips like an overexcited child and began teasing them with his tongue. Nelly did not need any convincing because he was going to get what he wasn't able to last night so he kissed back; hard. The caramel colored rapper ravaged his man's welcoming mouth with long, sweet kisses and fought Nelly's tongue back with his own. He definitely had to make up for being as selfish as he was last night. His body just felt so good after they were intimate that he physically couldn't fight back falling asleep next to his man. He didn't have the energy to. Today was a new day though and he was the energizer bunny right about now as he moaned when the older rapper began caressing his back and brushed against his butt. The caramel colored rapper had two dimples on the small of his back that Nelly found absolutely sexy. They drove him wild. Both his hands rested there for a long while as he continued melting into the kiss that woke him up and was rapidly getting him horny. His now rock hard dick stirred under the blanket and T.I. shifted his body and laughed softly because it was uncomfortably poking him. The St. Lunatic rapper grabbed his young love even harder and decided to take control of this situation that was forced upon him.

T.I.'s head hit the pillow as his man's muscular body slithered on top of his and interlaced their fingers together. Their lips found each other's shortly after that and all the passion that was experienced last night slowly began coming back to them. Nelly felt a hard dick poking against his inner thigh under him and this let him know that he was doing something right. The passionate kiss kept its momentum as each man fought for the top spot and ultimately to conquer the other. It ended in a stalemate but neither minded this because the older rapper had other plans to tend to anyway. He broke the kiss and began trailing his lips down the perfect body underneath him, to the utter pleasure of his lover. His tongue teased and tasted everywhere on his neck, chest, and abdomen that was allowed to him. T.I.'s body was his temple and he loved worshipping it in any way he could. After taunting all of his upper body, the St. Lunatic rapper found the spot he wanted to suck on the most. It began mildly at first with Nelly just flickering his tongue over the tip of his man's very excited dick but it wasn't long before that became history. The younger man tilted his head back and arched his back in pure pleasure as his dick was engulfed with the warming, wet sensation that he had became so attached to.

One of his hands grabbed the base of T.I.'s dick for support while the other slowly stroked the rest of his meat and his mouth finished off the equation, following his hand up and down. Ripples of satisfaction and lust now replaced the blood coursing though his veins as he began silently moaning at first, but then the sounds managed to overtake him and the room. He got so caught up in the pleasure Nelly was giving him that he placed one of his hand behind the older man's head and gently began pushing his head down more on his rod and grinding his hips against his lips. Once the entire length of his rod was in the other man's mouth, it was officially taken to the next level and he loved every moment of it. He removed his hand and tugged at Nelly's shoulder because he wanted some action as well. The rapper stopped what he was doing and shifted his body so that his aching dick was now mere inches away from his boy's pink lips. He wasted no time in taking as much of his man's lengthy pole into his mouth as possible and began sucking and licking every inch of it. His fingers found and cupped his balls as his tongue bathed the thick shaft with spit; his man tasted so good to him. Nelly winced when he felt a wet tongue running against the underside of his dick and began flickering around with his balls.

The two continued pleasing each other's most sensitive area simultaneously, which created a heightened feeling of its own. T.I. felt a subtle stirring in his balls and he knew that he would not last longer but his plan to make up for last night was not going to be over so soon. He had to be Nelly's once again. He had to have Nelly within him badly. They kept up with the same rhythm of sucking and slurping until the younger rapper had to stop. He didn't want this moment to end prematurely so he pulled himself away from the older man in his life and gently leaped on top of his body, their lips meeting. The St. Lunatic rapper welcomed him wholeheartedly and melted into the kiss that they shared, their tongues finally learning how to coexist with one another. Hands went roaming everywhere and soft moans started filling the luxurious room which they shared. Nelly once again rested both his hands on those two dimples that he loved so much. They looked so cute on T.I. and he began rubbing his index fingers over them for that added effect of passion. He moaned during the kiss because of this and began chafing his hips against his man's, their dicks rubbing against each other and creating a slick heat between their bodies.

T.I. had enough of the teasing and waiting for one lifetime. It was time to get down to business and Nelly sensed this in his eyes, knowing perfectly well what he wanted. He shifted his body and was now on top of the younger rapper, their lips still passionately connected to each other's. Their bodies craved each other as T.I. cupped the back of his man's head with his hand and used his other to roam up and down his shoulders and back, drawing circles with his finger. The St. Lunatic rapper's dick pulsated with all the attention and satisfaction his body was receiving as a sudden urge to be complete with his love once again took over his mind, body, and heart. He kept up with the kiss for a while until he could not fight back his desires any longer. This was what he wanted. T.I. was what he wanted. He left the caramel colored rapper's lips and kissed his chin before slowly making his way down his excited and overly willing body, kissing and licking everywhere his lips and tongue could go. He felt T.I.'s skin quiver at the touch of his lips and this only managed to encourage him more because he knew he was doing something right and was only thinking about all the pleasure he wanted to bring to his man. He saw T.I. grab a nearby pillow and toss it at him so he caught it, knowing well where it was meant to go. He lifted his body as Nelly placed the pillow on the bed and he rested himself back on it; this was for support for what they were about to do.

The mushroom head of Nelly's throbbing dick was lined up perfectly with his man's entrance, kissing it slightly. A silent nod from T.I. got the ball rolling as he began to push his excited member into his equally excited lover. The younger rapper squirmed and yelped out in a slight pain as he grabbed on to anything that was in reaching distance of his hands. Nelly was patient and nurturing though and that was what always made the experience go smoothly and accepted as the amazing occurrence it was and meant to both men. A sigh of relief was heard as Nelly managed to work his head in and bent over to kiss his man, for comfort. The caramel colored rapper always managed to get himself hung up on the man's kisses. There was an art to everything and Nelly definitely acquired the art of kissing. Every time he broke the kiss, it left the younger man begging and pleading with himself for more. The moment their lips met, of course, all the hurt was instantly gone and the only thing he could concentrate on was the older man's lips which were pressed against his. Unaware to him though, Nelly kept pushing more of his wanting dick into his tight hole, getting more excited because the warm flesh of T.I.'s insides kissing and teasing his pole always managed to shock him with lust and passion.

Their kisses became more intimate and sinful because their tongues became involved, rolling and flickering around with each other. Nelly continued pushing more of his turgid meat into his man's welcoming entrance until he was finally where he wanted to be. He was delirious with pleasure and they had not even done anything major yet, but seeing T.I. under him and feeling his hands roam all over his quivering body put him over the edge, as it always did. All his hard work was disregarded as he began pulling himself out of the tight opening he once occupied. He did this extra slow because he knew how much pleasure it would bring the man he was in love with. He broke the kiss for a moment and before T.I. could connect their lips once again, the St. Lunatic rapper slammed back into the tight chasm that he was addicted to. The caramel colored rapper sucked for breath and slightly began digging his nails into the older man's back as he began his work, rocking his hips back and forth in a smooth motion that had T.I. going crazy with greed and lust. He wanted more. Faster. Longer. Harder.

Nelly drowned out his moans by forcing their pink lips together but it would prove futile because T.I. moaned within his mouth with every thrust he made. Once he was absolute sure that all the pain was history and only pleasure rippled through the younger man's body, he slowly started increasing the pace of his prodding and rocking to get the utmost effect of their activities. The caramel colored rapper's fingers were still stuck in his back and his eyes were closed as both his mouth and warm hole were being assaulted hard by his man. His Nelly. Their tongues disentangled themselves after a while and the older rapper moved away from his face to concentrate more on what he was doing. He gently cradled T.I.'s hips forward, spreading his legs apart more and keeping them in place with his hands before really getting down to work, plunging himself in and out of his lover's sweet orifice at an accelerated speed. Since he didn't have a body to hold on to, the younger man grabbed on to two nearby pillows and squeezed them and hard as he possibly could as more and more moans and grunts escaped his well-worn lips. They were almost red because of how hard he was being kissed earlier but he didn't care because Nelly knew exactly how to take care of him. The older rapper knew his body extremely well and knew what to do to him in order to receive the most pleasure and bliss humanly possible. He loved that about him.

The unbridled friction Nelly created by their bodies being connected together was immense and overpowering as he continued to plow into T.I. with everything he had. His mind was a blank slate because all the pleasure took up all of his memory capacity so he couldn't think of something else even if he wanted to. He didn't want to break his concentration though and wanted to stay like this forever, pleasuring the man he loved so much. It was like the very moment was frozen in time for them to always enjoy. That's how it felt every time he was even close to the younger rapper. Time felt nonexistent and the only thing that mattered was their love for each other. He loved getting caught up in that feeling and relished in the fact that it was really there to begin with and not just in his mind. He found something so perfect and real and honest but he didn't know what he did to deserve that. He was just a normal guy but since T.I. began loving him, things were different. He felt different. It was more than love, but it still was unexplained and he had no problem with that because he knew what he felt and most importantly, the man he was pleasing knew what he felt. The young rapper reached for his wildly energetic dick because it was crying out for attention. He stroked it slowly at first but then tried to match his hand movements with that of Nelly's thrusts.

The speed at which the St. Lunatic rapper was going in and out of his lover's moist, warm hole was exceptional and brought pure bliss to each of their hard bodies. While one of T.I.'s hands matched Nelly's movements verbatim the other was massaging and sinfully teasing his forgotten balls, which was making him hornier than he had ever been in his life. He was sure of that. Nelly rock hard dick became addicted to his man's insides; the warm and damp sensation that blanketed his rod in an endless sea of ecstasy was what kept him pumping in and out of the man under him. His body was deliriously happy right now; he had the goosebumps to prove it, as he opened his eyes for the first time to see the caramel colored rapper playing with himself. He noticed all the muscles tense up in his stomach and enhanced his sexy six-pack and knew that he was close to cumming. He continued to work himself in and out of his still tight hole and got an extra jolt of pleasure when he felt the younger rapper's anal ring rapidly clamp down on his rod. T.I. blasted ropes and ropes of thick cum onto his stomach and hand as he kept with the stroking because it felt so good. The new and enhanced form of friction placed on his man's aching rod definitely didn't go unnoticed as he felt a strong urge begin to rise in his balls. It wasn't long before every emotion he felt during their lovemaking caught up with him hard and he gave way to them because he couldn't hold out any longer. The thick white liquid made itself known in T.I.'s now exhausted body as Nelly struggled to keep himself up. He was lightheaded and completely gone on the caramel colored rapper and their passion as he slowly pulled out of him and fell on top of his body.

They were both exhausted but felt so damn good right now. T.I. wrapped his arms around his man's strong body and the two stayed there, gathering their thoughts and more importantly, their strength. Nelly's eyes were closed and he could hear the beat of his love's heart echoing in his ear. It was beating at a slightly faster pace than it usually was but he understood why because of the activities they were just involved in. It felt so good to hear his heart beat, to be so close to him. This truly was paradise and the St. Lunatic rapper wanted to stay like this forever. Work didn't matter. Murphy didn't matter. No one or nothing else mattered to him right now but lying on top of the caramel colored rapper's body and listening to the music of his heart. T.I.'s hazel eyes stared up at the ceiling of their bedroom as his hands freely roamed all over his man's naked back, swirling and gently cuddling the sensitive skin. T.I. was brought back to reality when he felt the body on top of him stir and gently slide down to the side on him. He turned to face Nelly, who was staring back at him with a pair of equally serene and satisfied eyes. The younger rapper gently reached out his hand and began to caress his man's jaw, never breaking the intimate stare they shared. His hands grazed around his chin then his nose and then his forehead. There was no pattern to his movements or even a purpose other than he liked to do it. Nelly softly closed his eyes when he felt the warm fingers brush against his temple. He began swirling his index finger around his man's temples as if he was massaging it but that was not his intention at all. He just loved touching the man in front of him. He couldn't keep his hands off of him no matter how hard he tried to. Nelly opened his eyes and looked at him as he still ran his fingers across his temple.

"I'm sorry," his first words of the new day were.

T.I. looked at him and melted into his eyes as he always did. "I know. I'm sorry too."

"So tell me what happened."


"It's okay. I'm just curious baby. I won't get mad. Promise."

"Well he called me a couple of days before I came out here and I asked him if he wanted to chill."

"Right," Nelly said as he paid close attention to everything that was being said to him. He watched T.I.'s lips move as he talked.

"We hung out at the hotel. He was talking smack so I had to shut him up."

"That's why you kissed him?"

"No baby," he said as he laughed a little. "I tackled him to the bed and we began wrestling. And I didn't kiss him. He kissed me remember?"


"It wasn't like that."

"Like what? What you talking about?"

"I heard your tone Cornell. It wasn't like that."

"Okay okay. I guess I'm caught. You know me too well Mr. Harris."

"I do and trust me, it's no picnic."

"Forget you aight!"

"You know I'm only messin' cutie," the young rapper said as he quickly kissed his man's lips.

"Sure. Go on."

"Well, after I murdered him we played some Playstation. And after I killed him in Madden, we ate dinner. I asked him if he wanted to go to a club and he agreed so we got ready and went to Avalon."

"Isn't he too young to go to that club?"

"He's a celebrity now Cornell. Once you become a celebrity clubs don't care about your age."

"I guess. So when does this kiss happen?"

"I let him drink at the club. We both did. I mean we weren't drunk or anything but we did have a lot to drink."

The night that Nelly cheated instantly ran on his mind. Alcohol played a huge part in that evening and that bad event in his life. "Why'd you let him drink Tip?"

"He's not a kid baby. I didn't see any harm in it."


"So we went back to the room and he offered to walk me up to my room because I think I was more tipsy than he was."

"Why didn't you say no?"

"He was only looking out for me. I didn't see any harm in it I guess."

"Do you still believe that now?"

"Don't be like that. I told you it was a mistake."

"You're so very cute when you feel guilty you know that?"

"You want to hear the rest of the story or are you just gonna sit there and make passes at me all day long?"

"You can't blame a brotha for trying Tip."

"Behave yourself."

"Okay," he said as he laughed. "I'll be as good as a boy scout."

"Finally! Okay so we talked some more once we got back to the suite. He told me how much he really liked me. Actually, he told me that he loved me."

"What? He told you that?"

"Yea. I told him that he didn't know what he was talking about because of the alcohol and stuff but he was so sure of his feelings. We ended up getting into a fight over it and he told me that he couldn't be my friend anymore."

"You couldn't let him go could you?"

"No baby. I couldn't. I love the kid. I want to be his friend but he said that it was for the best that we stop talking to each other."

"So he did a noble thing then?"

"In a way yea. I didn't want it to be like that though. He doesn't deserve that."

"I know baby. He is a good kid. Just---"



"I told him that but it was too much for him. So I was walking him out and he just kissed me. Out of nowhere. I wasn't expecting it and didn't provoke him or anythi--" T.I. started to defend himself.

"Relax baby. Relax. I know you didn't do that. I know you wouldn't."

"You believe me?"

"Of course I do."

"But yester---"

"Forget about yesterday. I didn't mean to act like that or walk away from you baby. I was being stupid and only thinking about myself as usual."

"You don't always think about yourself."

He looked into those hazel eyes that were filled with promise and a flare for life and love. "Forgive me?"

"I could never stay mad at you Cornell. The sex is too good."

"Come on. Be serious. I need to hear the words."

"I forgive you baby. It was a mistake and I understand that. I'm not gonna hold it against you forever."

"Can I ask you something?"


"Why do you put up with me? Why do you love me?"

"Uh. Putting me on the spot huh?" He could tell that this meant a lot to Nelly so he thought about it for a minute before answering truthfully. "There are a lot of things I love about you Cornell. I could grow old listing them all so I'll just stick to the most important ones."


"You're a wonderful guy. You're caring and sweet and funny and extremely handsome. You have me laughing all the time and you care about me. You're sexy and very talented and smart and cute. You get me. I love how you look out for me and how you kiss me and how you make me feel when you're near me or when I hear your voice on the phone. You make me want to be a better person and lead my life in a more positive way. I love you so much and I don't want anything to ever stop us from loving each other. It also helps that you got a big dick."


T.I. laughed. "I was just messin' around about the last part."

"You sure about that?"

"I am."

"Come on. You can be honest with me. You like my big dick don't you?"

"Yes Cornell. I like your big dick. That what you wanna hear?"

"Yep. Don't worry, I love yours too baby," he said as he put their lips together. "Did you mean what you just said?"

"Yes. Every word. You're it for me Cornell. There was no one like this before you and there'll be no one after you."

"Trust me; you'll never have to go looking for someone after me because I'm never leaving. You're stuck with me for good after what you just said."

"Damn I'm stuck huh?"

"Oh yea. You ain't getting rid of me that easily."

"That's good to know. We gotta promise to always listen, be there, and look out for each other okay?"


"Say the words."

"I promise that I will always listen, be there, and look out for you Tip. I cross my heart. Now let me cross yours," he said cutely.

Nelly ran his index finger along the upper left portion of T.I.'s broad chest and made and imaginary X there, signifying the promise he just made. "I promise that I'll always listen to you baby. That I'll always be there for you and will always have your back. I will also always love you because you make me happy," T.I. said softly and willingly.

An innocent kiss sealed the promises both men made to each other. "You sure it's me make who makes you happy or my big dick?" he playfully teased.

"Shut up! And for the record, you make me happy Cornell. This," T.I. said as he snaked his hand under the blanket and grabbed on to his man's soft member, "is just an added incentive."

"Careful. My `incentive' is about to wake up again."

"Well you'll have to deal with him yourself because I just did."

"You gonna be selfish like that?"

"Just control him and you won't have any problems."

"I can't control him! Especially when you're around."

"I'm just that damn good! So what are we eating for breakfast? I'm hungry."

"I dunno. Gotta see what's in the kitchen."

"I need a shower."

"Me too. Wanna join me?"

"I can't refuse."

"I know."

The two men embraced each other for a short while until they got up and made their way into the master bathroom to brush their teeth and shower themselves. The trip took longer than usual and resulted in both men cumming for the second time of the day as they showered together. T.I. was the first to emerge from the bathroom with a towel securely wrapped around his waist and quickly went through his stuff to find some clothes. He was already dressed in a pair of black basketball shorts and a white tank top when Nelly came out of the bathroom drying his shoulder and abs. He noticed his suitcases were already up in the room and figured that T.I. had brought them up for him. After rummaging through one for some boxers, he went to another one for a muscle tee and shorts and put them on. With his hand encircled around the caramel colored rapper's narrow waist, they both began their descent to the first floor of the house and, ultimately, to the kitchen. On their way there, Nelly meticulously and passionately placed kisses along his lover's neck, shoulders, and upper arms. He loved kissing T.I. Every part of his body was sweet and delectable and he honestly couldn't get enough of his taste.

Entering the kitchen stung the caramel colored rapper a little because it was the very same spot where they had the fight yesterday. He knew that he shouldn't let it bother him but he couldn't help it because he never wanted them to fight at all and the fact that they did because of something he did made him a little uneasy. The same croissants were there on the counter but he didn't feel like it today so he began looking through the many cabinets that the kitchen housed as Nelly opened the refrigerator in hopes of finding something that would satisfy his appetite. Because he was acting like a selfish child yesterday, he hadn't eaten anything the entire day and now his stomach was growling with anticipation. T.I. laughed at him on one occasions because the growling was so loud that he heard it. They finally decided on a menu of scrambled eggs, toast, and coffee as they began to work; Nelly was the one scrambling the eggs while T.I. was in charge of the toast and putting up the coffee. Soon after everything was decided, the house was filled with the rich aroma of strong coffee and toasting bread.

They decided to take their breakfast and enjoy it out on the veranda that was so close to the beach because it just seemed like a nice day outside. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the sun's warm rays kissed their skin and they made their way out there and sat on a swing that was conveniently set up to face the crystal blue ocean. Nelly looked around to see if any of their neighbors were out doing the same thing they were but the houses were too far spaced apart for him to notice anyone or anything. This was good because it meant that they two rapper would have their privacy in a world where people would follow them to the ends of the Earth just to take a picture to sell to a magazine. He always decided that it was a catch twenty-two when it came to the paparazzi because they basically made their careers but they do also go too far. He couldn't and was not going to allow them to get a picture of him and his love together like this, or worse, though. It would definitely ruin the both of them but he managed to push it out of his mind and enjoy the very moment he was in simply because T.I. was sitting next to him.

Breakfast turned out great and both the rappers continued to sit on the swing and sip what was left of their morning coffee and enjoying each other's company. The St. Lunatic rapper wasn't really into coffee that much but the way T.I. made it had him rethinking that position. It was strong but not overpowering and had just the right amount of cream and sugar blended into it. The waves wreaked unintentional havoc on the helpless sand as they stared into it, too caught up in their own world to care much about that was going on around them, which wasn't much anyway. The day was pretty quiet, just like both men wanted for so long. The caramel colored rapper was the first to finish his coffee and rested the cup on the floor near him before he rested head on Nelly's bicep and continued to stare out at the panoramic view that was a reality in front of him. He shifted his body a little to allow his man to put his hand around his tiny body and it rested off of his shoulder. Nelly kept sipping his coffee and was the only one rocking the swing with his feet because the younger rapper had since put both his up on swing and was leaning more into his gentle yet powerful body.

The sun was getting to the very top of the sky and many seagulls flew about the ocean scouring for their morning meal. Although it didn't seem like much, it did manage to create an ambiance that T.I. relished. He could tell that Nelly was enjoying it because he was humming something silently to himself while his hand roamed back and forth on the younger rapper's bicep. They had stayed in this position since after breakfast, neither moving nor saying a word in fear that it might cause the atmosphere they were both engulfed in to come crashing down around them. A single word didn't need to be said though. Although he didn't have the slightest clue what was running through his man's mind, the caramel colored rapper knew that he was sucking in and enjoying as much of this down time as he could because he didn't know when they would be able to do it again. Being a celebrity was just like any other job because it did have its up days and then those days where giving up on everything just seemed like the only option. Nelly has had more of those days in the past month because of all the stress his management team was putting on him for a world tour and then things being like they were with Murphy on top of everything made him go crazy on many occasions. He just wanted to punch things so bad or scream until he lost his voice. His love for T.I. was the only thing that kept him going during that period and he was at a loss because he didn't know how to repay the younger rapper for that. He didn't even think he could.

Although they had only woken up a few hours ago, the smooth rocking and his head nestled comfortably on Nelly muscular shoulder was causing him to nod off. It also felt good that his fingers were running up and down his arm in squiggles and circles that created minor waves of pleasure that began rippling throughout his entire body. This was what a vacation was meant to be. No work. No people calling their names and trying to pull them in a million different directions at once. If he could, he wanted to stay like this forever and never go back to the States. He was almost positive that the older rapper in his life felt the same way he did as he looked up at him while he was still staring out at the ocean. His features were even stronger from a profile view and T.I. studied him intently. Examined every part he could see as if he was trying to preserve the man in his memory. The smooth skin that was shaded by light stubble. By the looks of it, he hadn't shaved in a couple of days. The perfect slope of his nose. How his cheekbones became so evident when he smiled that beautiful smile of his. His fingers and lips always knowing the right spots for touching and kissing. After a long while, Nelly felt a familiar pair of eyes on him so he turned to meet those hazel ones that drowned him in happiness and satisfaction that only the young man leaning on his shoulder knew how to do.

"What are you thinking about?"

"I dunno. Nothing really."

"You sure? It looks like you were just thinking about something."

"How happy I am."

"Are you? And why is that Mr. Harris?"


"Just because?"

"Because I'm with you. Because nothing else matters to me right now."

"I know the feeling. Who knew life could be this satisfying?"

"Oh yea. Satisfying in every way," T.I. said slowly, emphasizing every syllable.

"I'll take that as a compliment then."

"As you should."

"What are we gonna do today?"

"I dunno. Got any ideas?"

"A club?"

"Nah. Don't feel like sharing you with anyone."

"We could go swimming."

"Let's go later when the sun isn't so hot."

"I dunno what else is there. I haven't been here in a long while."

"I haven't been here at all so you're gonna have to be my tour guide."

"I don't know how much I can show you if that's the case then."

"Well I already explored all I wanted to explore so."

"Oh yea? And what's that?"

"You. I explored every inch of you last night and then again this morning."

"Yea. It felt good didn't it? Being together again."

"Oh yea. Hell yea! You know I can't get you out of my blood."

"I know."

"I have an idea. Why don't we go look around the house? I mean the only places we've basically been to are the bedroom and the kitchen. And now out here. This place is huge."

"That sounds like a good idea. We should also christen each room we visit baby," Nelly said as he smiled slyly.

"There'll be plenty of time for that later. Let's just go. I won't leave you like that though. Every new room we visit, I'll give you a kiss somewhere on your body."

That piqued the St. Lunatic rapper's curiosity. "Really? Do I get to choose where you'll be kissing?" he asked in an excited childlike tone. It was cute.

"No because I know the places you'll always choose. You interested in my game or not?"

"Okay I'm in," he replied, slightly crestfallen. "I really wanted to choose where you would be kissing though."

"I know you did. That's why I didn't let you."

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