*NOTE* I do not claim to know the celebrities mentioned below or their sexual preferences. This fictional story was written solely for entertainment purposes only and does NOT imply the sexual preferences of said celebrities or anything about their personal lives. Enjoy!

Outside became a distant memory as the two talented rappers returned inside the mansion, carrying their dishes from breakfast in with them. Once the kitchen was spotless once again, Nelly held on to his man's soft but strong hand and they began their game that he was sure he was going to enjoy. The mere thought of T.I.'s lips touching any part of his wanting skin was a powerful and extremely pleasing one. The kitchen didn't count because they had already been there on several occasions so far. To make things easier, the pair decided to start from the old oak front doors and work their way into the house. They arrived at the locked front door; hands still held firmly together and waited a moment before getting into the game. Since the foyer wasn't really considered a room Nelly got nothing as they walked through the long, narrow hallway until the path branched off. He instantly rushed the caramel colored rapper into the left path, which was short and led to a cozy den. They both looked around to find shelves of books, a few antique rugs that adorned the floor and walls, and a moderately sized TV that was hooked up to a sound system. There was a vintage globe on one of the corners as well as silk drapes that covered a large window that boasted views of the ocean as well.

Once T.I. was done looking around the well decorated room he heard Nelly clear his throat; a sigh that he wanted something that was promised to him. The young rapper walked up and surveyed him for a while, his mind quickly reeling on where he should plant his first kiss. As his eyes were roaming over the man's body, he decided to start off slow and work his way up to the spots that he knew he would go crazy for as the tour continued. The caramel colored rapper stepped to the side of the man in front of him and pressed his lips, innocently at first, on Nelly's muscular bicep. His tongue then darted out and licked the already quivering skin and his teeth sealed the deal by gently grazing against his now tense muscles, which created a small friction he was sure the older rapper was enjoying. As fast as it had began it was over. The St. Lunatic rapper shot him a glare because that was not where he wanted T.I.'s lips to be connected to his body at. They left the room and took the other path on the road that ran throughout the house. A bathroom passed them but those didn't really count so the two just kept moving along. At the end of the walkway was the overly large great room, complete with an elegant chandelier dangling from the center.

The room was beautiful with a few pieces of artwork hanging on the walls and an elegant coffee table sitting in the center of it. There was a comfortable leather sofa and loveseat set that was on one side of the coffee table and facing an extremely large TV. A recliner was next to the love seat and, like with the last room, a shelf of books was also present in the corner. What was interesting about this room was that on another silent corner of it; a full suit of armor stood there, as if to protect the paintings or the house in general. His look was complete with an authentic sword that was sharp to the touch as Nelly felt it with his finger. T.I. also noticed an expensive looking china cabinet with dishes inside that looked multiple times older than he was. They were exquisite. An expensive Ming vase brought atmosphere to the room and sealed it off in terms of class and beauty. After gawking at the dishes, he turned around to see Nelly sitting on the recliner and intently staring at him. He wanted his kiss. The caramel colored rapper sauntered over to his man and hopped onto his hips, sitting there and putting both his legs on either side of Nelly's body. He never broke the gaze they shared as the younger rapper examined his body for a spot that would be perfect for kissing and would keep him interested in his game.

T.I. stayed sitting on his lap, feeling something beginning to stir under him, as he found a promising spot. He hooked his index finger and connected it to Nelly's chin before gently turning his face away. The younger rapper decided to kiss the very same cheekbone he was admiring earlier out on the terrace. When his lips attached itself to his cheekbone, Nelly's eyes fluttered in his head. The kiss was intensified when he began licking and nibbling on the skin and the St. Lunatic rapper reacted to this by grabbing his man's tiny body and his fingers started to impatiently tug at the cotton fabric of his tank top. Once T.I. felt the skin of his back being exposed he stopped the kiss and got off the recliner they just shared together. The older rapper had a look on his face that said that he didn't want to play the game anymore but caved in when T.I. turned around and winked at him. It was sexy because the younger rapper had his man exactly where he wanted him and he planned to take full advantage of it in due time. It was time to move on to yet another unexplored region of the massive house. Directly after exiting the great room, the spiral staircase came into view. Since the whole bottom floor wasn't explored fully yet, they bypassed it completely.

The dining room was up next, which was adjacent to the kitchen. The mahogany table was well preserved and without a single scratch or blemish on it. There were six chairs that were equally as nice and a painting of the rough seas causing trouble for a ship on one of the walls. What looked like another Ming vase, slightly smaller than the first, was decorated on the center of the table with delicate and vividly colorful peacock feathers that shot off toward every which direction. They added a flare to the room that was not described but understood. Nelly hopped up and sat on the table, preoccupied by the painting because it looked so real and full of emotion as his man walked around the large room looking at all the trinkets that were placed throughout it. Like everything else in the house, they too looked expensive and well preserved. He saw Nelly observing the painting and walked over to reward him for discovering this new room. Once he saw the younger rapper approaching him, he stopped and just stared at him. He spread his legs apart just enough for T.I. to slide right in between them before wrapping his arms around him. The younger rapper knew where he was going to kiss and wasted no time in attacking his man's atom's apple.

Nelly tilted his head back as T.I.'s sweet lips were touching him; kissing, licking, and sucking sensually on his skin. His arms grabbed on tighter to the young rapper as he continued to do his work and his legs clamped on to his lower body to ensure that he wasn't going anywhere until Nelly wanted to let him go. Once again, the caramel colored rapper brought his teeth into the mix, softly scraping them along the bump on his man's throat that was known as the atom's apple. Against his better judgment, he let T.I. go because he gave him that look with his eyes that the St. Lunatic rapper could not refuse for anything. This was torture. Pure adulterated torture. And from the look of it, T.I. was enjoying teasing him the way he was. The spacious family room came next, with the older rapper lagging behind because he wanted his man to kiss his lips already. Not his arm or his neck or anywhere else on his body. Just his lips for right now. Other body parts would come later. This room was less elegant than the others had been but it was still beautifully decorated with antiquities and ancient relics that had rich stories behind them. He sat on the sofa and his eyes were glued to the younger rapper, who was looking around the place like he was a kid in a candy store.

"I don't like this game anymore Tip."

"What? Why?"

"Because you're not kissing me where I want you to kiss me," Nelly sulked.

"That's why it's my game and not yours."

"You know the places I want you to be kissing right?"

"I do."

"So why you like teasing me so much for?"

T.I. walked over and sat on the comfortable sofa next to his brooding man. "It's just a game baby. Lighten up."

"You wouldn't be saying that if I were doing this to you. I don't wanna play anymore."

"Fine. You were gonna be really pleased when we got into the next room but if you wanna cut it right here then I guess you'll never know where I was gonna kiss you next."

"Think you slick kid? You've kissed every inch of my body many times before."

"That's true but who's always begging for more?"

"Shit. You playin' durrty nigga."

"Left me no choice shawty. Had to defend myself."

"So why don't you tell me where you were gonna kiss me?"

"Naw. You quit and I don't reward quitters."

"Why you being so mean to me? I thought you loved me?"

"Love's a battlefield baby. Gotta protect yourself whatever way you can."

"Our love isn't like that though."

"Are you sure about that?"

Nelly turned and stared directly at the younger rapper. "Is that how you see it?"


"Are you lying to me?"

"No. I was just talking shit baby. I know our love isn't anything like that. I don't have to try to be someone I'm not when I'm around you or hide what I really feel or think at the moment when you're near me. We hardly fight and when we do it's about stupid shit that doesn't even matter. I think what we have is the best and most perfect form of love two people can experience for one another."

"That's what I thought."


"What you just said. That's how I always thought about my love for you. It's good to know you see it the same way I do."

"Of course I do! You never doubted that did you?"

"No; but damn if it doesn't feel good to hear it said out loud."

"It felt good to say it."

"So tell me where you were going to kiss me."

"I'll do you one better and show you shawty."

The caramel colored rapper got on his knees on the sofa and gently pounced on top of his man's well developed upper body. Once he had Nelly where he wanted him, sprawled out on the couch, he sat on his thighs as his fingers quickly began to lift up his shirt. After enough of his flat stomach was exposed, the young rapper leaned over and began kissing his stomach, paying extra close attention to his navel area. The St. Lunatic rapper flinched at the intrusion on his stomach but his moans were encouragement to T.I.'s listening ears. His tongue dragged over every single crease, ripple, and indentation of the man's hard stomach as his hands roamed up Nelly's body and grabbed his hands, holding them together. He could feel his man's rapidly hardening member began to uncomfortably poke his abdomen so he easily crawled up the body beneath him and hooked their lips together. The older rapper Nelly cupped the back of T.I.'s head as tongues became entwined and lips craved more attention. It wasn't long before his hand was removed from the back of the younger rapper's head and began creeping down his slim body. His busy fingers began yanking at his tank top in an effort to get to the real prize that he wanted to claim as his own but were stopped when T.I. got up and off of him.

"A bonus kiss Tip?" he asked, laying on the sofa with one hand behind his head and trying to catch his breath.

T.I. sat on the sofa next to him and looked up. "Just thought you deserved it but you were getting a little carried away so I had to stop."

"But I like getting carried away. You don't like me getting frisky baby?" he sinfully asked as he shot up and began seductively crawling toward the younger man.

"Always got sex on the brain huh?"

"There's nothing else better to think about."

"You think you gonna get some right here?"

"Naw. I don't want any right here," he said before he ran his tongue along T.I.'s neck. "I just want a little affection from you. Is that so much to ask for?"

"I...uh, oh---huh? What, oh wow! What were we talking about again?" T.I. finally managed to catch his breath and ask.

"You tell me my skinny prince."

"Uh. All you wan---umf."

The rest of the caramel colored rapper's sentence was killed with Nelly inching even closer to him and forcing their lips together in a heated passion. His words were true through. He didn't want sex from his young love right now; it was all about affection and raw emotions for him at this very moment. The St. Lunatic rapper cupped either side of his man's face with both his hands and continued to kiss him in a passionate and extremely sexy way. It was a kiss that symbolized how much he cared, loved, and adored the rapper and had absolutely nothing to do with sex or the pursuit of sex. It wasn't about that right now because this simple display made him feel just as good as if he were having sex with T.I. That's how much this man meant to him. Nelly always considered himself a horny man and to get the same heightened experience that sex brought with it just from kissing the man under him only managed to justify all of his feelings and love for him. This was right. It felt right. Deep down inside, this was the only thing for him; the only thing he wanted. With a few slick moves of his expert tongue T.I. parted his lips and brought the kiss to an even higher level than it previously was. It wasn't long before T.I. was lying back with the guidance of the older rapper's hands and kissing him back harder than before.

It didn't take long for the once innocent kiss they shared to morph into a steamy make out session between the two occupied rappers. Tongues roamed and went in and out of every crevasse the other man's mouth had to offer as well as went crazy licking and tasting everywhere. T.I. had one hand around his man's head and stroked his hair with his fingers while his other hand laid lifeless under the man's strong body. Both of Nelly's hands were still cupping the caramel colored rapper's face, holding him in place with the very love that was coursing through every blood vessel in his exceedingly stimulated body. Their lips never broke apart for one second and both were forced to breathe from their noses because they feared breaking the kiss would somehow ruin the romantic moment they found themselves in. T.I.'s eyes were closed ever since he felt the St. Lunatic rappers lips press against his because he felt that it enhanced the mood and also created a slight jolt of ecstasy within his body. Adrenaline was pumping and mingling with blood as his other hand came to life and began stroking his love's muscular bicep with extended, agonizing caresses. He felt his arm pleading for more; his whole body was begging and pleading with him to get as much of T.I. as he possibly could.

The scorching make out session between the two passion-filled rappers kept with its speedy momentum, never once slowing down or waning. The taste of T.I. was both a commodity as well as a treat for the St. Lunatic rapper. He relished in it, just like he relished in everything that made up the man he was so intimately kissing right now. His body was filled to the brim with raw emotions and true feelings and he was honestly fighting off every impulse to rip the man's tank top and shorts off and take him right there in the family room. He kept telling himself that it was not the time to keep his raging hormones under control. He had to keep convincing himself that this was, and was going to remain, innocent but his blood was fighting against him on it. To his dismay, the blood pulsed heavily in his dick and implored with his body for some, any, kind of release from its pure hell. He was testing the boundaries. Pushing the limits because every time T.I. was near him he would eventually end up like this and he was trying, and failing miserably, to train himself to not get bothered by the rapper and his smooth, silky skin or sexy ass smile or his sometimes cocky attitude that turned him on so much. It was a habit that he couldn't kick no matter how hard he tried though. He had to accept that sooner or later.

T.I. arched his body in pure bliss because he was in an awkward position and tried to get comfortable under Nelly's body. His arms held on to his man's shoulders to better support himself as they kept kissing and sinfully teasing each other. The caramel colored rapper's rock hard dick was straining against the fabric of his basketball shorts and wanted to be released badly but he had to suppress it because the emotions involved between the two of them right now was more than enough for him to handle. His body became increasingly sensitive to every one of Nelly's advances and trembled because of the way he would touch him or how their skin would feel being rubbed against each other's. His mouth craved all of Nelly's attention because his kisses were so lingering and felt and tasted so damn good that he couldn't get enough. He had to catch his breath every time they were together like this because it really was too beautiful for words. They had to stop though because T.I. was fighting an uphill battle with himself to keep his libido under control. Nelly was proving to be too much for him to handle and if he didn't stop soon then he was sure that things were going to get out of control and although he wouldn't mind if it did, it was not about that right now.

"Damn!" he said breathlessly as he unwillingly broke his lips away from Nelly's. "Damn. You're good baby."

"Tell me something I don't know durrty," he said as he kissed the caramel colored rapper's neck.

"Oh! And you, uh, say I like teasing you. Ugh! Stop that."

"Do you really want me to stop Tip?"

"Come on. That's not fair."

"Life's not fair kid. Deal with it."

"Stop mocking me!" T.I. pouted as me moved away from the older rapper's grasp.



"Cuz I like how you be acting when I make fun of you. It's so damn cute."

"It'll be even cuter when you gotta use your hands cuz you won't be getting anything from me for a while Cornell."

"Aww come on. You know I'm just playin' around cutie," he said seductively as he moved closer and placed an innocent peck on the younger rapper's cheek.

T.I. looked at him helplessly. "What's this hold you got over me shawty?"

"It's called love baby."

"Is that what it is?"

"Don't play dumb."

"I'm mad at you."


"Cuz you didn't want finish playing my game."

"That game was torture on me Tip."

"Everything gotta be about you huh?"

"Nigga don't get smart with me. I can play the withholding sex game as well."

"But for how long?"

"You wanna test that?"

"You wouldn't last long. You love the things I can do to you."

"Damn! I'm stuck. You're right."

"I know."

"You say I'm good? You're great kid. You got that hold over me."

"Giving me all the power just like that?"

"Yep. No strings. Except the one that's attached to my heart."

"That's the most important and the only one I care about," T.I. said earnestly.

They shared one last intimate kiss before walking out of the family room with nothing to do. It gave Nelly a wonderful feeling inside to hear T.I. say all those things to him about how he felt. It only reinforced his own true feelings and he felt part of him become validated because of their chat in the family room. He was truthful because it did always give him a special feeling inside when the younger rapper said he loved him and how much he meant to him. He thought that since they were together for a while now that the words wouldn't have such a powerful effect on him as they once did but the exact opposite was happening. He craved hearing them more now than he ever did before and it still gave him the same high as it did when he heard it for the first time the morning after they made love in Miami. What they had was real and it gave the older rapper great comfort to know that T.I. would always be there for him and have his back in anything that he did. They found themselves in the kitchen after their makeshift tour of the first floor of the house ended so abruptly and the caramel colored rapper made his way over to the refrigerator to find something to drink. Nelly snuck up behind him, spun him around, and compelled their lips together; T.I.'s back was on the cold refrigerator door.

The days of their vacation went by slowly with the two men doing nothing but relaxing themselves, playing practical jokes on each other, and just having a good time not worrying about work or the press or anything about their former lives in general. Sex was a constant thing and as much as T.I. would've like to think he could go without it, he really could if he tried hard enough but figured there really was no point to it; he was just like the older rapper in that sex was on his brain a lot too. It was easily one of the best aspects of their relationship and neither saw anything wrong with that because couples who have healthy sex lives tend to stay together more overall. The caramel colored rapper knew that he wasn't going anywhere or going to find anything better than what he had right now though because he and Nelly had been together for a while now and yet he still managed to learn something new about his man everyday. He would say or do things sometimes that T.I. just found cute and adorable. There was so much about Nelly that he knew so intimately well but then there was this whole other side to him that he didn't know at all. It wasn't because the older rapper was trying to hide it or anything; situations just never presented themselves yet he thought.

It was about a week into their vacation in paradise and both men were more relaxed than they had ever been in a long while. Despite a few disturbances from Nelly's management team, there was nothing that linked him or T.I. to their alternate life back in the States. For the most part, the first week of the vacation was spent at the mansion relaxing, talking, and rediscovering each other's bodies that they both missed when they were so busy working. T.I. also convinced the older rapper to finish the exploring game they started on their first official day in Saint-Tropez, which resulted in a day of pleasure because they tried to christen each room they found themselves in. They still hadn't gone swimming yet and discovered that the house also came equipped with an indoor basketball court and everything they would need to have a one on one game. The mansion also had a well furnished home gym and both men spent some time in there keeping their muscles toned and tight. One particular workout session became extremely steamy when Nelly saw T.I. running on a treadmill and he was on a mild high from lifting weights, doing crunches, and pushups. His body couldn't control or stop what he wanted and it wasn't long before their innocent workout session turned into a hot and steamy lovemaking one.

The sun rose above the horizon to the east and slowly began to slither into the spacious master bedroom where the two rappers were still sleeping. They spent a great deal of the past night talking and cuddled up watching a movie they found from the library downstairs. It was a really good horror flick but T.I. couldn't pay much attention to it after a while because Nelly began placing kisses in every place he was susceptible to them. The night was romantic, to say the least, and they were both hung over from being drunk off of love the past night. The younger rapper pulled the blanket over his face at the first intrusion of sunlight as Nelly had his back to him, knocked out because he was so tired. They looked like two overgrown kids sharing a bed with pillows strewn in every direction and the blanket half on the bed and half on the floor. Half of it was on the floor on T.I.'s side of the bed while the other half was draped over his entire body; Nelly's naked body was exposed as he slightly tossed in his sleep. The caramel colored rapper wore him out last night because they were acting like two horny teenagers and he honestly couldn't keep up. He started feeling around for the blanket because a slight gust of wind made its presence known in the room and settled itself on his nude body.

After feeling around for a while with no success, his eyes fluttered open and he sat up to welcome the new day that he could already tell was going to be cooler than the last. He rubbed his eyes and scratched his head like a cute little boy before looking around the room; his eyes gazed outside to the veranda to see a beautiful day. He then focused his attention on the blanket-stealing man to the side of him, his entire body still hidden away by the coverlet they were supposed to be sharing. A feeling he knew all to well began to make itself known deep in his loins when he pulled enough of the blanket away to see his man's sleeping face and exposed upper body. A million thoughts ran through his mind on how he wanted to wake him up but he looked too cute and sweet for the St. Lunatic rapper to succumb to his thoughts. He tucked all the devious ideas he had deep away as he pulled the blanket from the floor and got himself some finally. He got under it and pressed his body against his man's warm one, getting a slight static shock as their skin touched because of the fabric of the covers. A slight smile adorned his face before he kissed the still sleeping rapper on his bare shoulder and stared up at the ceiling. No way could he sleep after that.

His brain wandered away from him because his life was so gratifying and worth living right now that he couldn't help but to replay some of the events that had already happened on this vacation that he, they both, needed so bad. The first thing he remembered was when he showed up to the house for the first time and came upstairs to find T.I. sleeping on the bed. He knew that image would be emblazoned in his mind and heart forever. Everything about it was perfect in every way. He looked so adorable, appealing, and attractive as he was gently sleeping, the moon's silver light illuminating his skin to an even sexier tinge than it originally was. The St. Lunatic rapper was so gone on him that he even surprised himself at times because he never ever thought he could grow to feel for someone what he couldn't even begin to describe what he felt for the skinny rapper sleeping next to him. It was surreal, to say the least, and it gave him so much comfort and brought him so much joy whenever he thought about it that it was overwhelming almost every time. He looked at T.I. for a moment before silently making a promise to himself to never let anything come between them. He wouldn't allow it in any way. His thoughts consumed him once again and wasn't aware when a pair of eyes were looking back at him.

"What are you thinking about?" T.I. whispered sexily into the older man's ear. "Me I hope."

"Huh? Of Course. You know this baby," he replied, T.I.'s words knocking him out of his thoughts.

"Good morning."

"Any morning I wake up with you next to me is a good one baby."

"So you been having good mornings for the past week and few days huh?"

"Fa' sho baby. You had fun last night?"

"Hell yea. I don't even have to ask you do I?"

"Naw nigga. I couldn't keep up with you Tip."

"Gotta work on that stamina shawty."

"I got yo stamina right here punk!" Nelly said as he grabbed T.I. close to him and instantly kissed him hard.

"Oww! What'd you do that for?" the caramel colored rapper whined as he pushed the older man's body away from him and licked his lip. He tasted blood. Nelly had bitten his bottom lip.

"That'll teach you to be a good boy Clifford Harris Jr."

"That was cold kid. And I'm always a good boy!"

"Question my stamina again and see what happens."

T.I. sized him up and thought hard about coming back with something. "Bitin' a nigga and shit this early in the damn morning," he huffed. He decided against it.

"That's what I thought."

"Nigga please. You just lucky I love you."

"Damn. Never get tired of hearing that."

"Bite me again and that'll be the last time you hear it. Care to test that?"

"Okay okay. I'm sorry babe. Forgive me?"

"We'll see. So you gonna tell me what you got planned for today or what?"

"How you know if I got something planned or not?"

"You were on your phone all day yesterday. I ain't stupid."

"I found out that a new art museum is going to have their grand opening tonight like at eight. I pulled some strings and got us on the guest list."

"An art museum? That sounds like fun."

"Really? You really wanna go?"

"Yea! I love looking at art. And no one recognizes us in this place so it'll be the closest we get to being normal people ever."

"I'm glad baby."

"I can't wait."

"I can think of something that will keep your mind off of the wait," Nelly said, a seductive tone evident in his voice.

"Tell me," T.I. naively said. "Or better yet," he said as he got up and sat on top of his man's stomach. "I'll just show you."

"That's what I'm talking about!"

T.I. began grinding his hips against his man's rapidly hardening member and Nelly began to softly moan. "You like that baby?"

Their lips connected for a short while and when he caught his breath, he responded. "Oh yea baby! Don't stop. Make me feel good."

"Nothing would make me happier." T.I. lured him into a false sense of security.

"Kiss me."

He moved closer to the older rapper's face and hovered there for a moment before he stopped everything. He hopped off the man's body and sat on his side of the bed, just staring at him. "No."

"What? Why'd you stop?"

"Payback. You didn't think I was gonna let you get away with that biting stunt you just pulled did you?"

"Oh fuck! That's mean Tip."

"Yep. I got you by the balls nigga."

"Oh so you into playing' games now durrty?"

"Naw. Just a little fun to even up the score you could say."

"Come on baby! Don't leave me like this."

"Should've thought about that before you bit me."

Nelly moved closer to the caramel colored rapper in the hope of seducing him. "Please baby," he said as he tried to kiss him.

T.I. dodged his advances and hopped up off the bed. "Gotta use those hands shawty," he said in an almost mocking tone as he walked to the bathroom.

"Shut up! Leave me alone!"

The caramel colored rapper walked into the bathroom and began to brush his teeth. He grimaced as the toothpaste touched the open flesh where Nelly just bit him. It stung a little but he got it over with and continued brushing his teeth. He saw in the mirror when Nelly entered the bathroom and didn't even bother to look at him as he continued doing what he was doing before. The St. Lunatic rapper was upset because he basically just got played and fell of the oldest trick in the book in the process. The younger rapper was right; he did have him by the balls and he couldn't do anything about it. The moment was awkward in the bathroom as the two rappers brushed their teeth in silence, looking forward into the mirror. T.I. would feel eyes on him from time to time but he never once wavered or gave in to his man's charm. He wasn't going to let this get too far though; it was just to teach the older rapper a lesson and honestly, T.I. had more than enough of this awkwardness but he dragged in on for a while longer. After he finished, he replaced his toothbrush on the holder, his hand brushed against the other man's in the process, and then proceeded to wash his face before walking back into the bedroom to search for something to wear.

The sun glistened the blue water of the ocean as T.I. stared at it through the balcony doors, mesmerized. It was truly a beautiful sight and was enhanced by seagulls flying freely by and the subtle waves dancing on the white, fine sand. He honestly didn't know if Nelly was really mad at him for what he did or just trying to run a guilt trip on him. He looked back at the room for a moment to find himself alone; the sound of running water then found its way into his ears because the older rapper was taking a shower. After getting caught up in the scenery outside for another short wile, he made his way downstairs and to the kitchen to find them something to eat. All the croissants had since disappeared and so did the rest of the convenient foods. If he wanted breakfast then he would have to make it himself. Looking through the fridge, freezer, and a couple cabinets filled with stuff, he decided to make some waffles with bacon and scrambled eggs. He started to gather up the various materials he would need and went to find pans for the eggs and bacon and a waffle iron. He busily got to work preparing the meal as aromas mingled within the kitchen and started traveling throughout the house. The bacon began sizzling against the hot pan as the first batch of waffles was on the iron.

Nelly entered the master bedroom with a towel securely wrapped around his waist and went looking through the large closet he shared with his love for some clothes to wear. They figured that since they really didn't know when they were leaving that they would make use of the closet and were both surprised at how much stuff they actually brought. The closet was filled with clothes, shoes, belts, and other miscellaneous items such as du-rags and caps. The smell of food assaulted his nose and went straight to his taste buds because he was hungry. He quickly changed his clothes before racing downstairs to get himself some of that food. He stopped at the foot of the stairs though because he didn't know where things stood between them. It was awkward in the bathroom and as much as he tried to deny it, he knew it was there. His mind came up with nothing to say to the man he loved and he just figured that he was making a big deal out of nothing. Or at least that's what he wanted to believe. He slowly walked into the kitchen where T.I. had his back to him, tending to a pot on the stove. Nelly didn't think the younger rapper knew how to cook but everything smelled so good and his stomach instantly began grumbling. He broke the silence that was upon the kitchen.

"You need help with anything?"

"Yea. Come check this bacon while I go check the waffles," he replied as if nothing happened between them upstairs. Nelly walked over to him and he handed him the fork he was using.

"Do you like them extra crispy?"


"I do too. These look like they could go for a couple more minutes."


The men continued to cook in silence after that and it wasn't long before a stack of fresh waffles adorned the table in the nook. The younger rapper got started on the eggs as his counterpart began taking out the bacon from the pan and placing them on paper towels to suck up the access fat that was dripping from them. He went and placed them on the table next to the waffles and then began gathering up two of everything from plates to various utensils to set the table. After that, he fetched the syrup from the refrigerator and began pouring natural orange juice into a pitcher. Those too went on the table as T.I. was still busy with the eggs on the stove. Everything smelled so good and looked so tasty as he sat in the nook and waited for his man. The caramel colored rapper turned the stove off and mixed up his scrambled eggs concoction one last time before emptying it in a smaller dish and walking it over to the table. He looked at the other rapper, an apparent hunger in his eyes, before he sat across from him and grabbed a napkin from the center of the table. A silent nod given to the man across him said that they could begin eating and the St. Lunatic rapper began digging into the mini feast that they just prepared together. They ate in silence.

"Oh come on Tip baby," he said as he was cutting a waffle on his plate in half. "Talk to me."

"I'm not mad."

"You're not?"

"No. It was stupid."

"I'm sorry though. I shouldn't have done that."

"I know you are. Shouldn't have acted like a brat."

"That almost sounds like an apology baby," he mused.

"Don't push it."

"So we tight again?"

"Yea. Isn't this good?"

"Everything is good. Didn't think you knew how to cook man."

"I know a little somethin' somethin'. You like it?"

"Of course! I like you too you know."

"I like you when you're not biting me," he said as he playfully smiled.

"Okay okay. I deserved that one. I get it."

"You did but I'm in a forgiving mood so I'll let it slide."

"Thank you."

T.I. moved closer to his man and was now sitting next to him. "You really wanna thank me?" he said as he got even closer to the sexy rapper.

Nelly dropped his fork and knife and wiped his mouth on a nearby napkin before he turned to face his skinny prince. "Yea! What you got in mind baby?" he said in an equally sensual voice.

The young rapper moved even closer to his man's lips and lingered there for a while. Nelly was expecting a kiss and braced himself for it. T.I. was so close that his lips gently brushed against his lover's. "Wash up these dishes."


"You heard me," he said as he moved away, giving Nelly his personal space back.

"Damn! You got me again kid. I'll give you that one. It was durrty but I'll let you have your fun."

"I'm good aren't I?"

"Oh yea. Never denied that."

"Get to cleaning then sweetheart," T.I. said in an amused voice as he got up from the nook.

"Will my debt be repaid? For biting you this morning?"

"We'll see."

"Come on. Stop acting like a punk."

"Fine. Clean up this mess and we'll call it even."

"Aight then."

T.I. was about to walk out of the kitchen when something stopped him. He felt guilty and suddenly didn't want Nelly to clean up the kitchen alone. They both made the mess together so it was only fair that they cleaned it up together. The St. Lunatic rapper was putting the dishes they just used in the sink when the younger rapper walked up behind him and wrapped his arms around him. He kissed the nape of his neck for a short second before letting go and started packing things back where they needed to be. He emptied the leftover food, which wasn't much because they were so hungry, and put that in the fridge as the older rapper began washing up the dirty dishes. It didn't take him long because not that many dishes were dirty and T.I. had the sudden urge to kiss the man next to him. Something unexplainable just came over him and he couldn't control himself. It was physically impossible but he tried hard and refrained from temptation as they continued cleaning the kitchen, leaving it in the spotless condition they found it in. They walked together into the living room and the older man clicked on the TV as they sat quietly and watched. From the looks of it, some French soap opera was going on but the skinny rapper was not paying any attention to what was on the television.

He wanted something sweet after that wonderful breakfast they both made. The syrup was sweet of course but he wanted something sweeter and in a different way. Luckily for him, he always knew where to find this taste, and more importantly, who he could find it with. Nelly was oblivious to him and was concentrating on finding something interesting to watch as his skinny prince stared at him, lust glazing his eyes. A need was there and was eating away at him with every passing second because his body wasn't getting what it wanted, what he knew it was yearning for. As secretively as he possibly could, he began inching his body next to the man he loved until both their biceps were touching. The St. Lunatic rapper took no notice to this as he found a local news program and suddenly became interested into it because the story of the art museum they were going to later on tonight came up. The passion-filled rapper next to him was having a hell of a time trying to control and conceal his emotions as he turned his man to face him and instantly kissed his lips. A shock of pleasure quickly shot through his body and his mind went blank for a short while until it was able to restart and comprehend what was going on. He, of course, let it happen because he wanted it too.

The St. Lunatic rapper rested his body back on the cushions of the sofa as his skinny rapper boyfriend became more and more aggressive with him, licking his lips, nibbling on them, and fighting with his tongue for sweet dominance. His body had since crawled on top of his man's with his knees straddling his hips and his two hands roaming everywhere they could reach before being caught and held by Nelly's own. Their fingers interlaced with each other's and T.I. brought it above the older man's head and held him in the now compromising position he was in, their pink lips still connected and only managing to get stronger with each passing emotion. It had always managed to amaze him how well Nelly's hands managed to fit his. He would notice little things like that. How the older rapper made cute noises when he was mad. Or how his lips would slightly quiver when he was upset or pouting because he didn't get what he wanted. The way he always managed to know what the younger rapper was thinking without him even having to say a word was astounding. Their kisses were so sweet and always so different that it kept both men intrigued in the other. T.I. was already drawn to the man he was so passionately kissing right now but the little things he did made him go insane with pleasure.

"What was that for?" he asked as they finally broke apart. T.I. was pleasing his jaw line with his wet lips.

"For being the man that I love. For being the man I adore. For being the man who loves me."

"I do love you baby. So damn much."

"I know you do. Is it hard?"

"Is what hard?"

T.I. stopped what he was doing and stared into his man's eyes. "Loving me?"

Nelly searched his eyes to see where the question came from but found nothing deep within those hazel eyes that he loved. "Well, honestly, you can be a handful at times."


"But, I'm willing to go anywhere and do anything for you so it all works out. If it means I have to a little more patient at times then so be it. I've told you before but you make me be a better man when you're around Tip. Even when you're not around me, I still feel the effects of you and try my best to do everything right and treat everyone with the respect that you show me when we're together. I can never lose you and I'm going to do absolutely everything in my power to keep you here with me because I love you and can't imagine my life without you anymore."

"I---I dunno what to say," he stumbled over his words.

"You already knew all that baby."

"Yea but hearing it makes me feel so good inside."

"I knew it would. I do know you after all."

"Very well."

"Yes. Very, very well."

"Thank you Cornell."

"For what baby?"

"Everything. Everything you've given me. Everything you've done for me. For loving me. Everything."

"You make it easy Tip. You make it so easy to love you most of the time that I couldn't refuse you if I tried. See what you're doing to me?"

"Huh? What?"

"Making me go all soft and shit."

He laughed. "You love it. Don't even front."

"I do. Its part of that better person thing I was telling you about. There was a time when I couldn't say to anyone what I just said to you. I had trouble putting what I felt into words and had many failed relationships because of it. I was insecure and scared of putting myself out there and getting hurt."

"I know what you mean. It was so hard for me to trust you again after you cheated. For a while I didn't think I could. But I would always think of everything you meant to me. The things you did to make me smile or how you were always there when I was in trouble or just needed to talk. I didn't want to get burned again but I couldn't just turn off what I felt for you. I tried but I couldn't do it. I just accepted that it happened and it was a mistake and I moved on."

"I didn't mean to put you through that shit baby. I don't know why it happened or why I allowed it to."

"That's in the past now. The most important thing is that we learned and grew closer together from that experience."

"I guess. You will never know how sorry I am about that though."

"You don't have to be baby. It's okay. I forgave you remember?"

"Yea. I guess I'm just trying really hard not to disappoint you like that anymore. You don't deserve it. Never did."

"You can't disappoint me Cornell. I have faith in you baby and that's all I know and all I need."

"I love you Tip. So much."

"I love you too Cornell. Always remember that I'm your number one fan baby."

"I've been yours for so long now that it's basically all I know."

"That's how it should be then. You and me forever?"

"Yea! Definitely. A zillion times anywhere in the world any time of day yea!"

"Getting a little excited I see."

"You always make me like that."

They spent the rest of their day lounging around and talking about anything and everything that came into their minds. Sometimes T.I. would find himself just staring at Nelly when he spoke, getting lost in his words. It was like he was there one minute then overwhelmed by it all the very next. He carefully studied him, watched as his lips moved when he spoke, the sexy curves of his face, and ran his fingers through his soft hair. They had stayed in the living room since the morning and turned off the TV shortly after Nelly was finished watching the news program and the story about the art museum there were to go to later on. The St. Lunatic rapper was spread out on the comfortable sofa with his head on his man's lap and looking up at the ceiling. Every once in a while he would lock eyes with his love and seriously wonder what he did in his life to deserve the kind of happiness he had. The younger rapper's fingers running through his hair while the other was tracing a gentle X across his heart through his shirt had him feeling so calm and carefree. The house was quiet and their occasional voices were the only thing that could be heard throughout it. Moments like these always made the older rapper wonder why he went looking for something different, mainly his affair with Melanie, in the first place.

When it was a couple minutes before six Nelly sat up on the couch and looked at the time. They had the art museum opening to attend in a couple hours so they decided to get ready. Once they were in the master bedroom, he grabbed his phone from the nightstand, seeing that he had five missed calls, and called the limo company to let them know where they were going and what time they had to be there. He ignored his missed calls, figuring that he'd call them later, as he saw T.I. walking into the bathroom with two towels in his hand. He came back out and walked up to his man and kissed him before pulling him by his gray tank top into the bathroom with him. The St. Lunatic rapper knew what was about to happen and he obliged because he wanted it just as bad as his skinny prince did. The caramel colored rapper hopped into the shower, adjusting the temperature of the water to a cool mist, and saw that his lover was beginning to disrobe, getting his message loud and clear. Nelly slipped off his boxers and tossed them in a nearby hamper before walking up to the shower and hopping in himself. The cool water met with his warm flesh and he instantly got goosebumps but his body didn't care because T.I. locked his lips with a kiss.

He was forcefully pressed against the tiled wall of the huge master bath as T.I.'s tongue ran across his lips, begging for access into his warm mouth. Nelly indulged this request as his hands began rubbing all over his young lover's back and butt. His silky smooth skin was like putty in the older rapper's hands and he easily kneaded it and tried to work out all the kinks from his now tense muscles. His expert fingers left no piece of the caramel colored rapper's skin undiscovered and not craving more of his touch. He may have been against the wall but he was not going to let that dissuade him in the fight with his lover's tongue. Again, they fought for supremacy with the St. Lunatic rapper winning out in the end. He gave a valiant, and most pleasurable, effort but Nelly was going to have this victory no matter what it took. Adrenaline-laced blood pumped straight into their attention-needy dicks as neither seem to notice or care at the very moment. They would get to that part when they got there. There was no rush as the opening of the art museum flew completely away from their minds. T.I. finally gave up on trying to pin his man's tongue as he moved on to bigger and better things. He kissed his man's water-slicked body, starting from the neck and making his way down. Lower and lower he went.

"Oh! Baby! That feels, uh, fuck!" He started to stammer as T.I. took the head of his dick into his hot mouth. "Ugh! Don't! Stop! Don't Stop!"

T.I. licked his man's smooth head like the lollipop he knew it was. The St. Lunatic rapper's heart started beating at a slightly faster pace and his breaths became shallow, grasping ones unlike they once were. The younger rapper knew what to do with his mouth and how to use it to bring someone the most pleasure he possibly could. After teasing and sucking on the head he started down, licking a trail along the shaft of his man's now energetic and extremely excited dick. Placing quick licks, kisses, and nibbles with his teeth was making the man above him deliriously happy with pleasure and pure lust. He knew that using his teeth would get to his man so he began grazing them against his turgid shaft. He set himself up with a pattern on using his teeth a little rougher than usual then licking the same spot with a few strokes of his tongue before finally engulfing the blood-filled organ into his warm, wet mouth. No penetration today. If they were to have sex then they would never be able to make it to the opening, which just popped back into the skinny rapper's mind. He had to make this go as fast as possible, though he didn't like to rush these things. He was really excited about going to the museum though. He would never be able to in the States because he knew he would be mobbed by his fans.

Nelly's rock hard dick thrusted in and out of the warm crevice that that was known as T.I.'s mouth with a sheer force that was pleasurable to both men. Nelly's ecstatic moment was almost coming to an end because he could feel it. His body was being driven off a cliff by his lover's proficient movements and he knew that he couldn't keep up with his pace. The caramel colored rapper removed his mouth from the now spit-slicked dick and began jacking it off, slowly at first but then intensely. His other hand played with the St. Lunatic rapper's balls by tenderly yanking and encircling them with his palm and fingers. Nelly's loud moans only fueled his fire inside as his hand began moving back and forth on the throbbing organ faster and faster. This created a heat and small friction between his hand and Nelly's dick that pushed the older rapper over the edge. A thick stream of cum blasted out of the tip of his dick and fell to the ground, quickly being washed down the drain by the running water. The younger rapper continued to milk his man's dick until it was limp in his hands and felt when he was being pulled up to the sky to meet a pair of soft, smooth lips. He could taste himself in his man's mouth and that got him ready for what he was about to do. He broke the kiss.

"Your turn!" he said softly as he shifted T.I., his back was now to the wall and Nelly was pressed against him and kissing his neck. "Your turn baby," he managed to say between breaths and kisses.

"Make me feel good baby. Make me feel good," he moaned softy.

"No doubt Tip."

Nelly crushed their lips together one more time before making the trip T.I. had just completed down his body. His head stopped and licked the younger rapper's neck and trailed along to his erect nipples, which he bathed with his tongue. After sufficiently teasing both of them, he continued on his pilgrimage down the illustrious body that he came to crave. He kissed each one of the abs in his man's tight six-pack set before kissing a circle around his bellybutton. T.I.'s dick hit his chin because it was pleading with him for attention so he got down to work and took as much of it into his wanting mouth as he could. His sucks were long and slow at first, savoring the taste of his man, before he sped up and delivered short, fast, and friction-filled sucks, much to the utter delight of his lover. Precum stained the St. Lunatic rapper's lips as he continued working on his man's anxious pole, bobbing his head back and forth trying to give him all the pleasure he could handle and more. One of the younger rapper's hands found its way behind the man's head and this encouraged him to keep doing what he was doing even more. He loved pleasing his lover like this. He used his tongue to lick the underside like it was a popsicle and he was a hungry kid.

The young rapper arched his back in pleasure and managed to push more of himself into Nelly mouth, which he accepted willingly. His tongue swirled in all different types of shapes on his man's shaft until he started trailing down to his moistens balls. He licked one with the extreme tip of his tongue and then the other before taking them both within his mouth and using his teeth to ever so gently gnaw at them. This created am immense pleasure and with the addition of his strong hand going up and down his shaft with long, precise strokes, T.I. knew he wouldn't last much longer. Nelly sped up with his strokes and opted for short, fast ones because he felt that tingle in his man's balls that he just felt not to long ago. He still kept teasing the younger rapper's balls with his flickering tongue as his hand continued to pump the caramel colored rapper's aching dick. His eyes fluttered to the back of his head as his body betrayed him and surrendered to the man's touch and advances. A hot stream of the white liquid rose up from within his thick organ and met with water outside his body as his man continued stroking his rapidly softening meat. After every drop was extracted from his now soft dick, Nelly got to his feet and pinned his lover against the wall, their lips meeting.

"You like that?" he asked T.I. as they broke apart.

"Uh huh," was all he could muster to say, his eyes still closed. He sounded like a cute little boy. He was Nelly's cute little boy.

"I like you."

"I like you too," he responded, finally opening his eyes.

They continued on with a normal shower and quickly out because they knew that they were probably late as it is. T.I. was the first to get out and grabbed a nearby towel because his body was cold and he was developing slight goosebumps. The sun had disappeared, he noticed, when he stepped into the bedroom and peered out through the glass balcony doors. He was slipping on a pair of black silk boxers when Nelly came out of the bathroom drying his hair. The caramel colored rapper made his way into their large walk-in closet and since he heard on the news program they were watching earlier that the gallery opening was the black tie event of the season in Saint-Tropez, he bypassed his regular style of clothing and went straight for the suits. He decided on a midnight blue Versace pinstripe suit and gathered some dress shoes and black socks to round out the outfit. The St. Lunatic rapper tossed him the lotion he was just using and T.I. laid his suit on the bed before he began rubbing his body down with the cream, which had a faint lavender scent to it. The older rapper found a solid black Armani suit with a soft red shirt and matching tie. He rummaged through some things to find an appropriate pair of dress shoes before returning to the room.

They talked to each other as they got dressed. They would get interrupted every few minutes by Nelly distracting his man in some way. Whether it was with one of his everlasting kisses or a simple hug or even a punch, the St. Lunatic rapper was sure that he was being a bad boy and he loved every minute of it. He made his way back into the closet because he forgot a belt for himself and also got one for his man because he noticed that he didn't have one on either. T.I. was tucking in his sky blue colored shirt into his pants when the older rapper came and hand delivered his belt to him. He couldn't help himself and quickly moved in for a kiss from his skinny prince once again. They broke apart after a while, the caramel colored rapper lingering there for a moment because he wanted more, and continued to get dressed. He finished putting his shirt into his pants and looped the belt around his slim body before disappearing to the bathroom to find an appropriate cologne to splash on himself. He returned to the bedroom and stared at the older man because he looked so good. T.I. wandered over to him and just looked into his eyes before checking his complete image out. He noticed that his tie was fixed unevenly so he decided to correct it. The moment was cute as he was fixing his man's tie.

"You lookin' sharp there my man," T.I. said as he finished messing with the tie. It was fastened perfectly now.

"I'm rockin' the Armani huh?"

"Oh yea! It's making me hot," he cutely confessed as he looked away for a moment.

The St. Lunatic rapper wrapped his arms around the younger man's slim body. "Then maybe we should stay in tonight. I have a few things in mind that I could be doing to you."

"Just a few baby?"

"You wouldn't be disappointed though."

"I never am."

"So you wanna stay in or what cutie?" he asked as he kissed T.I. on the cheek.

"Naw. I mean we're already ready and all. Might as well just go. I'm really looking forward to it anyway. I can have you anytime I want shawty."

"Yes. Yes you can. And don't ever forget it. Put your tie on and let's roll up outta here."

T.I. made a face. "I hate wearing ties. Can't I just go open collar? It's more comfortable that way."

"It's a black tie event baby. Plus it completes the suit. Come on. Don't make that face."

"I don't wanna."

"Please Tip baby," Nelly coaxed his man by sweetly kissing him on the lips.

"What makes you think you can get your way like that?"

"Because I know you. And I know you really want to go to this opening. So just suck it up and put it on already."

"Aight I'm going I'm going. Don't gotta yell at me."

"Sometimes it's the only way to get your point across."

"Keep it up. See what happens."

"I wouldn't dare. The sex is way too good for me to be a bad boy."

"I thought so."

Nelly let go of him and he walked over to a nearby mirror and started putting on the dark blue bow tie that went with his suit. The St. Lunatic rapper watched him intently, his eyes browsing over every inch of his body several times over. He was beginning to have second thoughts about going to the opening because his man was looking so fly in his suit and he really wanted a piece of him right now. Again. It meant a lot to T.I. because he did like art though so he was going to do it. He was interested in art as well but if given the choice to go there tonight or stay right here and play with the caramel colored rapper, the choice was already made for him by his body. His phone vibrated in his pocket as he fetched it and answered it. It was the driver informing him that he was outside and waiting for them. The young rapper finally got his tie on to where it was comfortable enough for him but still looked perfect and checked himself out one last time in the full length mirror before grabbing his overcoat from the closet and putting it on. Nelly grabbed his as well and they made their through the house and to the front door. With everything securely locked away behind them, they got into the limo and made their way to one of the social events of the year in Saint-Tropez.

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