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Nelly's mind began racing a million miles an hour. How was he going to handle himself around the younger rapper? He got butterflies in his stomach just thinking about him. He wanted him but he respected the decision they both made at the hotel that night to pursue anything. He couldn't relax now. Being so close to the young, sexy rapper is definitely going to have an effect on him. He may be able to suppress it at times but he was sure that sooner or later, he would be pushed over the edge. His feelings scared him but he didn't know what to do about it. He tried his best to relax throughout his last few days at his mansion but it was easier said than done.

On the morning of the tour, Nelly got up and brushed his teeth and showered. He didn't even bother putting on clothes as he walked downstairs, in his boxers, to fix himself some cereal. He got himself a bowl as he made his way to his massive living room. He plopped down on the sofa and turned on the TV. He began flicking through the channels and stopped when he saw one of his old videos on MTV. He watched it and reminisced as he kept flicking. Deciding on some cartoons, he began to devour his bowl of Lucky Charms. He wasn't even aware when his front door was opened and all of his tour mates, including T.I., barged into his house.

"Ay man get yo ass up!" Murphy yelled throughout the house.

"I am up! I'm in the living room," Nelly yelled out.

The rest of the group followed Murphy Lee as the made their way to where Nelly was. Nelly kept his eyes on the TV and only noticed that they had come in when Murphy Lee walked in front of the TV and blocked it. Nelly pulled him out of the way and pushed him on the couch as he finished up his breakfast.

"Damn man go put some clothes on!"

"Nigga I wasn't expecting ya'll!" Nelly said as he turned to look at the rest of the group. His heart sank to the floor as he met T.I.'s eyes. He was at a loss for words.

"So Cornell, this is T.I.," Murphy Lee broke the silence.

"Ay man what's good?" Nelly asked as he got up and shook the younger man's hand and briefly embraced him.

As the hugged, Nelly smelled him and tried to figure out what it was because it smelled good. T.I. was confused and a bit nervous as the held each other for a split second. He couldn't help but stare at Nelly's well-defined body when he was sitting on the couch. He had his hand on Nelly's bare back and his fingers felt how strong and muscular it was. Nelly never wanted to let go but he fought every fiber of his body and did so.

"Aight you boys make yourself at home while I go get some clothes on," he laughed as he began to make his way out of the room, and caught T.I.'s gaze once again.

Nelly felt T.I.'s eyes burn through his back as he walked out of the room. He deposited the bowl in the kitchen and made his way upstairs to his luxurious master bedroom. He quickly threw on a pair of baggy black pants and a shirt of the same color. He was glad that he left when he did because he distinctively noticed that he was semi-hard. He contemplated jacking off but then figured that the others would get suspicious as to what took him so long so he just began to think of other things. But he had to admit that T.I.'s eyes on him was a huge turn on. He breathed a sigh of relief that he could control himself in front of the rest of the guys as he made his way back downstairs, taking his luggage with him. He set them in the foyer as he made a second trip. He then returned to the living room and was pleased to see that everyone, including T.I., had taken his instructions and made themselves at home.

"So what are we doing today?"

"Well," Murphy Lee spoke, "Our first show is tonight at seven and we have to be there one hour early to get prepared. So from now until then, free time I guess."

"Sounds good," T.I. spoke for the first time.

"Yea. Well you guys can hang here if you want and we could all go to the show together. How `bout we have a barbeque, southern style?"

"Ya'll wanna invite some ladies?" Murphy asked the group.

"Nah," Nelly explained, "If we invite some ladies them we will end up being late to our own show."

The group burst into laughter and agreed as the party planning began. Everyone had their tasks, from getting the meat, to firing up the barbeque grill. Nelly's backyard had an impressive view of a large lake that was beautiful, regardless of it being manmade. The group disbanded with most heading to various stores to gather items. Nelly opted to stay home and get his patio prepped for the party. He was sort of relieved that T.I. accompanied the rest of the guys to the store because he wasn't sure if he could handle himself around the younger rapper. Nelly got busy straightening up his house and the patio outside. He stared at the water in his pool for a while. It was so clear and blue and looked inviting. He put out extra chairs and stocked his outside refrigerator with beer. He was cleaning the grill when he heard the rest of the guys enter his house.

"What took ya'll niggas so long," he asked them as they all came into the patio.

"We ran into some fans. You know how that goes."

They all laughed as Nelly and Murphy Lee went into the kitchen to get the meat ready. In the mean time, the guys outside got the grill going and talked about their most craziest fan experiences. They were all lounging in the hot St. Louis sun as Nelly and Murphy came back out with the meat and proceeded to put them on the grill. They grill sizzled as the meat touched its hot rack and Nelly closed it down, went to get a beer, and grabbed a seat by the pool. They all were talking, laughing and having a good time. The food was very good as they all ate, drank, and enjoyed the day. At around four in the afternoon, the guys were just lounging around and relaxing when Nelly heard a whisper in his ear.

"Ay man let's throw some of these niggas in," Murphy Lee suggested with a mischievous look on his face.

"Aight nigga but who?"

They both inconspicuously looked around until Nelly's eyes landed on T.I. He wanted to do it bad.

"How `bout T.I. nigga? Since he's new and all?"

"I could get with that."

The two men started planning how to get the young, caramel-colored rapper into the pool and just decided to sneak up on him. They looked over at him. He was relaxing with his eyes closed and a beer in one hand. He looked sensual as both men quietly walked up behind him. Some of the other men took notice and formulated a plan of their own as they say Nelly and Murphy get into position. They pounced at the younger rapper with one swift motion.

"Ay man! What the hell are you doing?" T.I. shouted as Nelly and Murphy lifted him up as if he was a feather. "Let me go!"

"You want us to let you go nigga? Okay then we will," Murphy laughed.

"But we're not responsible for where we let you go," Nelly joked.

"What the fuck does that mean?"

"You'll see!" both men laughed as they walked over to the side of the pool and threw the younger rapper into the crystal blue water.

The other guys, seeing this, sneaked up behind Nelly and Murphy and proceeded to push them in as well. The three guys in the pool laughed and began to splash the others on the outside until they were soaking. They had no choice but to jump in. They had races, chicken fights, and just plain wrestling matches. They continued to swim and have fun until it was finally time to go. The guys helped Nelly cleaned up the grill and everything else before they all went to shower; Nelly had enough bathrooms for everyone to shower at the same time. Nelly, peeping T.I.'s bare chest at the pool caught a huge hard on and released himself of it before his first show. They all converged in Nelly's spacious foyer, with a limo waiting outside to take them to their first show.

The awkwardness between Nelly and T.I. was slowly lifting as both men felt it. They were becoming increasingly comfortable with each other as the all made their way to their specific dressing rooms. Nelly was the first performer as he got dressed and got prepared to do his thing. He could hear the fans screaming and that pumped him up. He ran out onto stage and started with one of his classic hits. The crowd screamed wildly as he took a few of their hands in his.

T.I. wouldn't be going on until a little later so he had some free time on his hands. He walked around the arena, taking it in, because he had never performed or been here before. He heard the fans screams and decided to make his way over there. He would, of course, stay backstage because he was told by the tour manager that he was a surprise act and the fans didn't know that he was going to be here. He slowly approached the curtain from the side of the stage and slightly drew it back. Now he knew why all the ladies were screaming so loud. Nelly had taken off his shirt and was entertaining the crowd as if it was his last show. T.I. saw a compassionate, determined, and if he might add, fine man on stage doing his thing. Nelly had the ability to make it seem as if he was only singing to you even if there were a million people around you. T.I. smiled as he couldn't stop looking at him. His sleek movements, the way he owned the stage, and made the girls scream their lungs out.

Nelly stepped backstage, out of breath, as sweat bathed his face and body. He was exhausted but on a high from his performance. He draped a towel around his neck as he made his way back to his dressing room. Surprisingly, there was no one there but he wasn`t complaining. He closed the door behind him as he began to disrobe. He needed a shower in the worst possible way. He quickly grabbed a towel, a clean pair of boxers, and a pair of baggy shorts as he made his way to the shower. He adjusted the water temperature to cool as he jumped in and began to clean himself. In his mind, he was running through his performance over and over to see what he did wrong. He noticed some things but nothing major. The shower helped relaxed his tense muscles as he soaped his skin.

He emerged into his dressing and was taken aback again that no one was there. Usually his crew are always playing tricks and practical jokes on him but he assumed they were getting ready for their first show. The first show was always the most nerve wreaking. He had on his baggy shorts but decided against a shirt because he was still a bit hot from his performance. He sat on his sofa and turned on the TV. Deciding that there was nothing to watch, he unpacked his Playstation 2 and hooked it up to the TV. He always carried it on tour with him for when he had down time like this. He heard the fans scream and concluded that someone else had taken the stage. He hooked up the system to the large TV provided to him and began ruffling through his games. He wasn't in the mood for playing a sports game, so he decided on Soul Calibur 2, a fighting game. He started to play as he heard a slight knock on his door.

"Come in," he screamed.

"Ay man what's up?" T.I. asked, his eyes running on Nelly's bare chest and then onto the game. "The show was great!"

"Thanks durrty! You wanna play?"

"I've never played this game before shawty."

"Oh no problem, I'll teach you," Nelly said as he threw a controller to T.I.

T.I. grabbed a bean bag chair from a corner of the room and pulled it next to the sofa. He paid close attention as Nelly explained the buttons to him. He also took the liberty to explain the characters to him, some of their strengths and weaknesses. When T.I. finally got the gist of everything, they began to play versus. T.I. tried his hardest but it was apparent that Nelly was a pro at this game.

"Damn nigga could you stop spanking my ass so bad?" T.I. laughed as he picked another character.

"Can't help it. I've been playing this game since it came out."

"Oh yea? Who's your best character?"

"I have two, Mitsurugi and Ivy."

"Aight! Pick one of your best character and we'll see who's best huh?"

"Oh man, you're gonna regret this, but if you want to embarrass yourself, I'll get my girl on you."

"Go ahead!"

T.I. slowly began to eat his words as Nelly handed his ass to him on a silver platter. He looked over at the older rapper and saw that he had a smirk on his face and T.I. just glared at him. The boys continued to play until one of the stage managers came to tell T.I. that he needed to get prepared to go on stage. He got up and Nelly did the same as he pulled him into a hug to wish him good luck. He watched as the younger rapper leave and then went back to his game.

The show was over and Nelly thought it went well as all the guys discussed it on the limo ride to their hotel. They would spend the night in a hotel and their bus would be there tomorrow to pick them up and take them to the next city. The all checked into the hotel and some of the guys went out to celebrate the first show but Nelly didn't want to. He wanted some rest because the day was exhausting. He stripped down to his boxers and got into bed as he stared at the ceiling. He then thought back to T.I.'s performance. The way he moved on stage and had all the fans screaming for him. Nelly decided to watch his part of the show from the back to see if he was any good and was blown away by T.I.'s stage presence. He was in awe of the younger rapper.

"Damn! This is gonna be torture!" Nelly screamed as he punched a pillow that was next to him.

He stared up at the ceiling as his mind ran on that night they were both in the hotel room. He understood everything that was said but didn't want to comprehend it. It had to be done for his career though. He kept telling himself that over and over until it lost all meaning to him. When he was backstage watching T.I., he remembered the kiss and how right it felt. His insides were conflicted with all of his feelings. He was emotionally exhausted from always having to hide and suppress his feelings. It took everything in him to not pounce on T.I. and kiss him when they were playing the game together. He wondered if it would always be like this. He didn't want to do this anymore. He continued to stare up at the ceiling and wasn't even aware when sleep came to him.

Nelly began to stir awake at around eight in the morning when the rays from the sun shone into his room and on his face. He sat up on the bed and rubbed his eyes as he stared out the window. He started to rub his neck because for some reason it was hurting him. He just figured that he slept bad on it as he got up and went to the bathroom. He was fixing his belt buckle and about to put on his shoes when he heard a knock at his door. He walked over and opened it to see Murphy Lee and T.I. on the other side of it.

"What's taking your ass so long to get dressed and come downstairs for breakfast?" Murphy yelled as he entered the room.

"Damn nigga can I put on my shoes? What up boy?" Nelly shook T.I.'s hand, who had an amused look on his face.

"Well hurry up man the bus is leaving in a little while."

Both men sat on either side of the bed and flicked on the TV as Nelly sat in the middle and began to put on his shoes. He gathered up the rest of his stuff and before he knew it, they were in the elevator going down to the restaurant in the lobby. The men eagerly talked about their first show and their upcoming one as they all gave each other suggestions on what to do better. They joined the rest of the group and Nelly quickly ate a couple pieces of toast and bacon and swallowed a glass of orange juice before he was being pushed out of the hotel and onto the bus.

Their bus was no ordinary touring bus. In order to accommodate all the people that would be sharing it, the bus was twice the size of regular touring busses with all the amenities of a house. Each person had their own bed and there were two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a spacious common area. The bus was basically a house on wheels. The driver sped off into the next city as the crew got settled into their space for the next couple of months. The men excitedly talked about their shows and their fans as the tour slowly began to conquer the states.

Nelly became increasingly more comfortable with T.I. They both talked as if the kiss never happened and Nelly was glad that it wasn't awkward between them. After all, they were going to be spending so much time together that the kiss just became irrelevant. Nelly chalked up his feelings and craziness to stress as he finally got back to his old self. He could finally look at T.I. and not notice how sexy he was or how soft and inviting his lips were. In fact, the two rappers usually stood up late at night just talking about whatever came to their minds. Usually when they couldn't sleep, they would go into the common area and just talk about life in general. Nelly laid in his bed as he heard a whisper.

"Ay you awake?" T.I. called from his bed.

"Yea. Just thinking of stuff. I can't sleep."

"Me either. Let's go talk somewhere else so we don't wake the others."

"Aight," Nelly said as he got up from his bed and walked to the back of the bus, the common area, as T.I. closely followed him.

Nelly plopped down on one of the couches in the common room as T.I. took another. The two didn't exchange words for a while; the just listened to the roaring of the bus motor. T.I. looked over at Nelly and saw that he was staring up at the ceiling, apparently deep in thought. He just stood there and stared for a while.

"What do you think about when you stare off like that?"

"Huh? Oh I just think of life and everything."

"Oh. You like thinking a lot don't you?"

"Yea. Sometimes I think it`s the only thing that keeps me sane. Because you know how hectic this business is and all."

"Yea sometimes my mind wanders so far away from me that I have to go and find it. It runs on everything from my career to the future."

"I think of the future a lot too ya know. Like what if tomorrow was my last day as being a celebrity? What would I do?"

"I knew stardom was gonna be though but I didn't know that it was gonna be this cut throat," T.I. said as he looked out the window to the dark sky.

"It's a lot of work and effort but I love what I`m doing. Wouldn't change it for anything."

"Me either but I do get tired of all the rumors and gossip that they write about us."

"Yea well when you're in the public eye so they feel that it gives them free reigns to say and write whatever they want. I`ve gotten used to it though."

"I'm slowly becoming used to it myself, but sometimes it's hard as hell."

"It's the price we pay for this business. And I guess any type of publicity is publicity right?"


Nelly continued staring up at the ceiling of the bus as T.I. continued to look at him. A strange feeling overcame him as they both sat there, in the dark talking to each other. He couldn't explain this new feeling but he somewhat liked it. They continued to talk about their albums, life, and music as both of them fell asleep in their respective places.

The tour almost reached its month mark and everything was up and running smoothly now. Everyone got their set done within their allotted time and no one was late to the bus when they had the good fortune of staying at a hotel instead of the bus. Usually they did that when they would have to perform in the same city more than once. T.I. and Nelly had more innocent conversations until the early hours of the morning as neither man questioned it. It made them feel good to confide in each other and hear the others' opinions on things. Nelly felt himself making a new best friend and T.I. also felt the same way. He trusted the older rapper and looked up to him as an artist and friend.

The tour was a major hit as it rolled from city to city, as the crew did their thing to sold out houses of screaming and diehard fans. They have been on the bus for a long while because some of the venues were farther off than others so they constantly needed to be on the road to make it in time, but they would have a couple of days in Houston to relax and catch their breaths because they were playing the Houston Astrodome three nights. The tour bus rolled up at the Astrodome at five in the afternoon as everyone got out to prepare for their show at seven. Nelly was excited about his show but more so about after because he finally would have time to hang out and relax since the tour began. He made his way into his dressing and quickly went to take a shower.

At around 11PM Nelly swiped the keycard to his suite and entered. He left his suitcases in the foyer and sat on the bed as he began to take off his shoes. He began to rub his neck because it was a little sore and just laid on the bed and looked at the ceiling. He was exhausted from his show but loved it. He wouldn't have it any other way. He got up and was about to go take a shower when there was a loud knock at the door.

"It's open!"

"Ay what you doing?" Murphy Lee asked as he and the rest of the crew entered Nelly's room.

"About to hit the shower man."

"You wanna come out to the club with us tonight?"

"Naw man I don't think so. I`m tired as hell."

"Aww come on nigga."

"Well how `bout you guys go and if I feel up to it I'll meet up with ya'll."


"Where's T.I.?"

"He said he would meet us down here but we'll go to his room and see."

"Aight later ya'll."

Nelly led the guys out of his room as he closed the door behind them. He rummaged through his stuff to find some boxers and a baggy set of pants as he made his way to the bathroom. He felt a sudden pain in his shoulders as he stepped into the shower. He turned the water to a warmer temperature and stepped under the hot water. He was hopeful that the water would help relax his tense muscles as he stood there for a while. He continued to let the water pound his flesh as he heard a knock on the door. He turned off the shower and quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist.

"I'm coming!" he yelled as he walked to the door.

"What's up?" He asked as he opened the door and saw T.I.

"Did I interrupt you?" he sincerely asked as he stared as Nelly's upper body. It was magnificent.

"No not really. I was just in the shower. You're not gonna go hang out with the guys?"

"Don't feel up to it. Can I hang out up here?"

"No problem," Nelly said as he moved aside to let him in. "Just chill out while I go finish showering."

"Take your time shawty. I don't mind."

Nelly walked back into the bathroom as T.I.'s eyes followed him there. He had a slight grin on his face as he looked around for the remote. He flicked through the channels as he saw Nelly emerge from the bathroom with a pair of baggy pants on. He had the towel draped around his neck and was drying his hair. He looked sexy. He threw the towel over a chair as he went to sit on his bed. He looked at the TV and didn't recognize the show as the room became silent.

"So what's up man? Your show tonight was off the hook."

"Yea you too. I'm just a little tired to go out."

"Yea I know. I think I slept wrong on the bus cuz my neck and shoulders are killing me."

"Word? Call someone up here to massage it for you."

"Nah. I'll just take some painkillers before I go to bed and it'll be aight. What are you watching?"

"I dunno," T.I. said as he tossed the remote to Nelly and kept staring at his body.

"What nigga? Why are you staring at me?"

"Huh? I'm not staring at you nigga. Yo ego is as big as yo head!"

"Oh don't make me get you like I did the last time. Remember how I took your lyric book! Do you really want to go back there?"

The room became quiet as both men stared at the TV. This had been the first time a long while that Nelly remembered the night where he almost threw away his entire career. It was awkward but not as much as before. The events flashed through T.I.'s mind as if they just happened yesterday. Even though he never admitted it to Nelly, he loved how Nelly's lips felt on his own. But as much as he liked that, he had his career to think about. If what happened between them ever got out, both of them would be ruined. He looked over at Nelly and saw that he started rubbing his neck and shoulders. As if by some magical force, he leapt up from the couch and made his way over to the bed.

"Let me do it," he said and Nelly opened his eyes and looked at him.

"You don't have too man."

"I know."

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