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He saw that that the sky had become black but there were no raindrops in sight so he decided to stay. He looked over at the pool and saw no one there. He wondered where Murphy went but didn't let it disturb him. He was the only one there. It was so quiet that all he could hear was the gusts of wind blowing. He had completely lost track of time as he sank deeper into his relaxed state. He was suddenly startled awake by the sound of footsteps. He opened his eyes and looked up at the sky to see T.I. hovering at him, his eyes piercing through his. Nothing was said for a long moment as Nelly wondered what was happening.

"Let's go take a swim shawty," T.I. finally spoke.

"Naw man I'm just here for the hot tub."

"Aww come on man just one quick swim. How `bout a race huh?"

"A race? Oh you don't know that I can swim do you?"

"All I hear is words. What you scared?"

"Of you? Don't be ridiculous durrty."

"Well come on then."

"Okay you asked for it."

Nelly left his comfortable spot in the hot tub as he walked along the side of the pool. Even though it was dark outside, the pool still glistened blue and Nelly had to admit that it looked inviting. He jumped in at the deep end and heard a second crash a little while later as T.I. followed him. Both men swam around the large pool to warm themselves up for the race. Nelly was confident that he was going to win as he continued to swim to tense up his very relaxed muscles.

"You ready?" T.I. shouted.

"Are you ready to be embarrassed?"

"Words shawty. Words!"

"Aight let's go."

Both men assembled at the deep end of the pool and agreed to a full lap, ending back where they started. T.I. decided to count off as both men got ready. In a matter of moments, they were both off with quick speed. Nelly paced himself so he would get tired as he began to swim to the shallow side of the pool. He was concentrating so much that he wasn't even aware where T.I. was. T.I. was right on Nelly's heels as he stroked through the water. Both men made it to the shallow side almost at the same time and began to make their way back to the deep end. It was apparent that they were in a heated battle and neither seemed to notice when raindrops began to fall from above. The race ended with both men touching the wall of the pool at the same time. They took a few moments to catch their breath.

"Was it a tie?" Nelly asked.

"Yea. That was a good race."

"Yea. Look it's raining. We should get out."

"I don't want to. Haven't you ever swam in the rain before?"


"Well it's fun you should try it."

"Aight I'll stay but if I see one bolt of lightening, I'm getting my ass out and dragging your ass out if you refuse to get out!"

"Alright dad!"

"Well someone has to look after your high-strung ass!"

They started to swim and play around with each other as the raindrops crashed onto their heads and the surface of the pool. It started to rain hard but T.I. still refused to get out of the pool. Nelly's nerves was eased however because he didn't see a crack of lightening yet. They even partook in a couple of wrestling matches, in which Nelly was victorious each time. He saw that T.I. was a bit upset but was determined to win so he decided to throw him the next match.

"Ha! I got you!" he exclaimed as Nelly emerged from underwater.

"Don't go bragging durrty, I threw you the match."

"Oh. I see someone's a sore loser."

"No. I just didn't want to see you pout like a kid."

"I wasn't pouting!"

"Okay," Nelly said as he flashed his sexy smile at the younger rapper.

"So how am I gonna get even with you?" he asked as he moved closer to the older rapper.

"I dunno. What are you planning? Why are you so close to me?"

T.I. became serious now. "I can't stay away form you. I can't fight off the impulses I have when I'm near you."

"We can't do this," Nelly said in a fake voice. He wanted this more than anything.

"I can't help it."

"We talked about this yesterday remember?"

"No I don't remember."

"Come on don't make this harder than it already is," Nelly said in a hurt voice.

"I know you feel the attraction between us. You've felt it since that night at the studio."

"Yea I do. But we have our careers to think about."

"I can't seem to think about that when you're around. And being on tour with you is hell. Being so close to you and not being able to touch you or taste you. You feel the same way don't you?"

"No. Not anymore."

"You're lying. I see it in your eyes, in your body movements."

"We can't."

"Do you feel the same way I feel? A simple yes or no."

"Yes aight! Yes! I constantly think about you and want you. You satisfied now?"

"I knew it. Don't fight it. Let's be together."

"What about our---"

T.I. had enough. He roughly planted a kiss on Nelly's lips as he grabbed him around his waist. The feelings Nelly was trying to conceal for so long came rushing to the surface as he became lost in the passion. The two men continued to kiss in the pool as the rain beat down on them. Nelly wrapped his arms around T.I. as their tongues became involved in the kiss. Their tongues danced with each other as Nelly began to move both of them across the pool. He pressed T.I. up against a side of the pool as the rain continued to wet their faces. Neither men cared as Nelly broke the kiss and went down to T.I.'s neck. He began sucking it, which solicited soft, encouraging moans from the younger rapper. Within a matter of moments, a hickey became visible against his caramel-colored skin. T.I. felt Nelly's hard dick press up against his as one of his hands made its way down there and grabbed it. Nelly let out a soft moan and passionately kissed T.I. again.

"You see how you make me?" he said out of breath. "I can't fight it."

"I can't resist you baby. I want you so bad."

The two men were engulfed in their own world as they passionately kissed and caressed each other. This was too good to be true. All his inhibitions gone, Nelly's hand gradually made its way down T.I.'s flat stomach and to its prize. He gently rubbed T.I.'s dick through his shorts and continued kissing his neck as T.I. let out lustful moans. They continued this until Nelly swore he heard something. He looked around to see no one but he got a bad feeling. He then heard a voice echoing in his head.

"Yo man you aight?" Murphy Lee said as he began to shake his best friend.

"Huh?" Nelly said in a groggy voice as he opened his eyes.

"What happened to you man? Did you fall asleep?"

"No. I was just deep in thought."

"You aight?"

"Yea man. This tub is so relaxing."

"Tell me about it. You looked like you passed out. Aight I'ma go take one last dip before we leave."

"Aight man," he said as he began to gather his thoughts.

"It was all a dream? Dammit! How could I have been so weak?"

He felt his muscles begin to tense up and even the power of the water jets wasn't sufficient enough to loosen them up again. He stayed in the hot tub until he concealed his dream and feelings away but he was having trouble concealing something else. He was rock hard from his dream and needed to release right away. He got up from the tub and went to get his towel. He inconspicuously placed the towel in front of his hard dick as he went to get Murphy from the pool. The men made their way to their respective rooms to shower and get ready for the tour. Nelly took care of business in the bathroom and then proceeded to clean himself off. He was putting on one of the pairs of sneakers he bought earlier when he heard a knocking.

"Hey," he said as opened the door to find T.I.

"Sup man? You ready?" T.I.

"Yea almost. Come in."

"I like the sneakers shawty."

"Thanks. Listen we need to talk."

"I'm listening."

"I don't want things to be like this between us."

"Like this?" T.I. asked, confused.

"You know, awkward."

"Me either. I mean, after all were on tour together and still have a long way to go. It's hard."

"I know. I'm sorry durrty but when you actually think about it, common sense prevails."

"Yea I guess."

"I'm sorry man. This is all my fault."

"No. It's okay. I think we both had a part to play in it and you're right. Once you start thinking about it, common sense comes above everything else."

"Good, so you my homeboy?"

"Yea," T.I. let out a laugh.

The two men shook hands and embraced as Nelly was finally ready to leave. That was one of the hardest things he ever had to do. He found that he kept pushing himself further and further when it came to T.I. Trying to keep his feelings a secret and safe from the world, controlling himself and his crazy impulses and many more things that was the fault of the younger rapper. He could lie a million times to a million people but he knew that he wanted T.I., more now than the day the first met. The two men headed out of Nelly's suite and down the elevator, where they saw their bus in the entrance ramp. They quickly made their way for it and before they knew it, they were off to the Astrodome for the show.

The show went off without a hitch and before they knew it, they were all back on the bus going to the hotel. The men were excited about their performances as they all sat in the common area talking about it. The all made it back to the hotel and each went to their own rooms to relax. Nelly felt awkward the whole way to the concert and back because of T.I. They were both talking to each other and the rest of the group like nothing was wrong but Nelly's mind would not let him forget what he felt for the younger rapper. He was sweaty as he walked into his room and quickly headed to the bathroom. He peeled the sticky clothes off his body and went into the shower.

Nelly sat on the side of his bed as he flicked on his TV. He wondered what the rest of the crew was going to do tonight. He assumed that they would probably hit up another club but he really didn't feel like it. But he didn't want to alienate himself from the group knowing that they would all suspect that something was wrong with him. He started watching some late night music videos when someone started pounding on his door.

"Come in," he yelled through the room.

"Ay man what's good?" Murphy Lee asked as he entered the room, followed by the rest of the crew.

"What up boys?" Nelly asked the crew as he spotted T.I. He got a bit nervous.

"Well, the reason we're all here is to kidnap your ass," Murphy laughed a sinister laugh.

"What the fuck?"

"Oh come on nigga. You've been preoccupied with so many things since the beginning of this tour. Now we're gonna take your ass out to have fun whether you like it or not. No go get ready because the limo's already waiting!"

"And what if I say no?"

"Come on bud; it's you against all of us. Do you really think you're gonna get your way?"

"I'm going," Nelly flashed his sexy smile as T.I.'s eyes glimmered.

The men lounged around Nelly's room as he got ready. The all crammed into the elevator and made their way out to the limo. The atmosphere was relaxed and laid back in the limo as the guys joked and played around with each other. Nelly found out that they were taking him to one of the hottest clubs in Houston, although he felt like the club scene was played out, he didn't care because he needed this. He needed to spend time with his boys, and that included T.I. He was glad that it was in a group setting though because whenever he and T.I. were alone together, things just seem to happen between them that neither could control.

They managed to slip into the club from the back and was ushered into its most luxurious V.I.P. room. They ordered a few bottles of Cristal and refreshments as they continued to talk and enjoy their free time. With another round of liquor, each men started to loosen up and a few of them even disappeared from the V.I.P. room and went to mingle with the crowd below. The realized that it was too dark for anyone to notice them on the dance floor so they went and started dancing with some girls. Nelly, Murphy, and T.I. was left in the room to finish yet another bottle of the expensive champagne.

"Aight guys, I need to go find a chick and give her some of Murphy," he said in a more than tipsy voice as he stumbled out of the room and made his way to the dance floor.

"He's pretty forward isn't he?" T.I. said in the same voice as Murphy.

"Ay when you're horny there's no use in beating around the bush is there?"

"I guess not."

"It's really dark down there," Nelly said as he walked up to the glass wall of the room that overlooked the dance floor.

"Yea. I don't even see anyone."

"I knew this was gonna happen."


"They'd all get caught up in themselves and leave me here. That's why I don't go anywhere with these niggas."

"How `bout we go mingle with the crowd below. I mean it's dark as hell out there so no one would recognize us."

"Sounds like a plan."

The two men filed out of the room and walked to the dance floor. They took a couple of shots at the bar until they finally made their way to the dance floor. It seemed as if everyone was dancing with someone else and no one even seem to pay them any mind. Nelly assumed that they were all as drunk or drunker than he was as he began to walk off the dance floor. He then felt two arms wrap around him from the back and squeeze him into a tight hug.

"Dance with me sexy," he heard T.I. whisper into his ear.

"What? What if someone sees us?" he asked as he turned around to face the younger rapper.

"Come on baby! They're all caught up in their own world to even notice us. Plus it's dark."

Nelly didn't need convincing though he wasn't entirely sure if it was the alcohol or his own free will that answered for him. T.I. took his hands and pulled him onto the middle of the dance floor. He pulled their bodies close together as Nelly wrapped his arms around the younger rapper's waist. T.I. wrapped his hands around Nelly's neck as they began to dance up on each other. Everyone around them didn't seem to notice or even care and this feed into Nelly's adrenaline. The slight risk of being caught pushed him over the edge as he made a move for T.I.'s lips.

Nelly swore that every time he kissed T.I. there was always something different there. He always felt something distinct in the younger rapper's kisses and that drove him insane. The loud music and all the people around them seemed to disappear when their lips touched and Nelly felt it when T.I. slightly parted his lips, which gave Nelly the invitation he needed. Nelly always thought that T.I.'s kisses couldn't get any better but was always fooled when they started making out. Their make out sessions always pushed him over the edge and that, combined with the adrenaline running through his blood, gave him a new high.

It felt so right. How could something this wrong be this right? Nelly asked himself that question over and over in his mind as he continued to share the passionate moment with T.I. Nothing else existed as of this moment. No one or nothing has ever made him feel this way. He was slowly brought back to reality when he felt T.I.'s lips detach from his. The loud music came blasting back into his ears as he opened his eyes to meet T.I.'s.

"I had almost forgotten how good you lips felt," T.I. smirked.

"I could never forget how good you feel in my arms baby. Maybe we should go find the others and go though. It's getting late."

"Yea. Let's go."

The two men walked off the dance floor and went looking for their crew. They spent almost a half an hour rounding them up and making their way back to the hotel. The elevator ride up was uncomfortable because T.I. didn't know whether he should get off on his floor or follow Nelly to his room. Nelly, sensing this, assessed the situation. He looked around at his friends and noticed that all of them were drunk off their asses and most likely wouldn't remember what happened tonight. He gave T.I. a silent nod as they made their way to their floor. The men all said good night to each other, not even noticing that T.I. was on the wrong floor, and went into their rooms. They were the only two in the hallway now as T.I. silently followed Nelly to his room.

Nelly let himself in his room and T.I. followed and closed the door behind him. Nelly, hearing this, turned around to face T.I., grabbed him, and pushed him up against the door. They began kissing wildly as Nelly grabbed T.I.'s hands and pinned them to the door above his head. Both men let out moans whenever their mouths were free, as they continued kissing, too lost in the passion to care. Their tongues danced on each others' for domination with Nelly's eventually winning the fight. He was pumped up on adrenaline and T.I.'s kiss to have it any other way. T.I. rested the back of his head on the door as Nelly continued to assault his mouth. Nelly finally broke the kiss and went down to sucking the younger rapper's neck. A thought then crept into his mind and hit him as if he just ran into a brick wall. He stopped everything.

"Is this real?" he murmured in a low breath.

"Huh?" T.I. asked, confused.

"Is this real? Are you really here?"

"What do you mean?"

"I've had a couple of very realistic dreams about you. If this is just another dream then I don't think I can handle that."

"You dreamt about me? What were we doing?" T.I. asked with a huge grin on his face.

"Basically what just happened. I always woke up before it went any further."

"Do you want it to go further?"

"I dunno. Is this a dream?"

"No baby. I'm really here."

"How do I know that for sure?"

"I'll show you."

T.I. moved closer to Nelly and kissed him. Again, there was something different there. Something Nelly never felt in his previous two dreams of the young stud kissing his lips. He melted into the kiss as he felt his back on the door. T.I. switched their places and was now pressing Nelly against the door, still kissing wildly. He was able to dominate Nelly in the kiss as Nelly moaned softly. Nelly, however, grabbed T.I. around his waist once again and picked him up from the floor. He slowly walked over to his bed, carrying T.I. along the way. He dropped the younger rapper on the bed and was quick to follow.

"I want you so bad!" T.I. said as he stared into Nelly's eyes.

"This is better than any dream I ever had about you."

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