*NOTE* I do not claim to know the celebrities mentioned below or their sexual preferences. This fictional story was written solely for entertainment purposes only and does NOT imply the sexual preferences of said celebrities or anything about their personal lives. Enjoy!

T.I. saw the sincerity in his eyes and just melted right there. His mind then ran on how hard it must have been for Nelly to hide all of his passion and feelings. This thought drew him towards Nelly even more. He didn't know if it was because of his drunken state or not but he wanted this more than anything. He moved closer and started kissing Nelly sensually. As Nelly's body laid on top of his he felt his felt hard dick press against his own, almost as if it were begging to be released. T.I.'s hand slowly started stroking Nelly's back until they found themselves under his shirt. His soft fingers caressing Nelly's back pushed him even further as he moved away from T.I.'s soft lips and went down to his neck. He started sucking and licking on his atom's apple as he felt T.I. pulling up his shirt. He broke away from the younger rappers' skin as T.I. pulled the shirt over his head and tossed it on a nearby chair.

"You're so fucking sexy!" T.I. moaned as he ran his fingers all over Nelly's bare chest. "Your tattoos drive me wild. You drive me wild."

"I'm never satiated when it comes to you baby. I want you more with every passing second."

"Well then let's not waste any more time."

"I agree."

Nelly stood up a little as he grabbed T.I.'s shirt and pulled it over his head. The body he had two dreams about was now there in front of him and he had to pinch himself to make sure it was for real this time. He ran his index finger across the caramel-colored skin and felt every muscle in T.I.'s chest contract as he began to laugh. He smiled his sexy smile as his finger found its way to his slightly darker shaded nipple. T.I. closed his eyes and moaned in ecstasy as Nelly began playing with it. He moaned even louder when Nelly swirled his tongue over it. He slowly licked his way down T.I.'s toned abdomen and abruptly stopped when he noticed his happy trail. Was he really going to do this? Was this really happening to him? He was too overcome with the alcohol and adrenaline to think straight as he began pulling T.I.'s jeans off of his narrow waist.

T.I. shifted his body, allowing Nelly to remove his jeans. His dick was rock hard, which created a huge tent on his boxers as Nelly crawled back over him and met his lips. T.I., seeing that Nelly still had his jeans on turned him on the bed so that he was on top. He slowly made his way down the older rapper's body, leaving a trail of kisses along the way as his hands reached for his belt. He quickly undid it and pulled Nelly's pants from his body. His black silk boxers sported a huge tent as T.I. stared at it. He was brought back to reality by Nelly grabbing and pulling him into a sweet kiss.

"This feels so good," T.I. moaned as Nelly started licking his ear. "Oh yea baby!"

Both Nelly's hands made their way to the younger rapper's boxers and with one swift motion; they were off and on the floor. T.I. wasted no time in doing the same as they continued to kiss and grope each other. He grabbed Nelly's dick and slowly began stroking it as he continued to kiss the older rapper. Their tongues fought as Nelly's hand found its prize. Both men moaned between kisses as they continued pleasuring each other. T.I. felt Nelly's dick jump in his hand as he continued to slowly stroke the older rapper.

"I want to taste you baby," T.I. said softly.

"I want you so damn bad."

T.I. switched his body position as his dick became inches away from Nelly's lips. Nelly had a confused look on his face but that quickly subsided as he felt his dick being enveloped by a warm sensation. He looked down to see half of his dick in T.I.'s mouth, as he slowly began to move in and out of his mouth. Nelly was in heaven as he felt T.I.'s tongue swirl all over the head of his dick. Deciding that he was being selfish, Nelly turned to his lover's pulsing dick and grabbed it at the base. He noticed that he was slightly bigger than T.I. but he was sure that the younger rapper knew how to use what he had. He never sucked a dick before so he didn't know what to do but he wanted to reciprocate the immense pleasure T.I. was giving him so he started mimicking him. He slowly jacked the base as he placed his mouth on T.I.'s dick and started swallowing it. At around five inches his gag reflex kicked in and he decided not to push himself anymore. He started to bob up and down on the wet five inches of T.I.'s dick, using his tongue to lick the shaft and head as he did so. T.I. was enjoying this more than he ever thought he would. He had faint traces of precum in his mouth as he continued to suck Nelly's dick.

Both men were encircled in their own world of passion and lust as they continued orally pleasing each other. Nelly's hand made a move for T.I.'s balls and started fondling them through his fingers. He felt T.I. gently rock his hips back and forth; fucking his mouth with the five inches he was used too. Both men continued sucking and licking every part of the others' dick as moans escaped their lips. Nelly continued to let T.I. fuck his face as he continued to suck Nelly pole. Nelly felt T.I.'s dick slightly convulse in his mouth and he knew what was going to happen. He never, in his wildest dream, thought that he would be tasting cum but at this very moment, he didn't care as he began to lick the head of T.I.'s dick.

"I'm cumming man!" T.I. loudly moaned as he threw his head back. "Oh shit!"

Nelly felt a spurt of hot liquid hit his tongue as T.I. continued to shoot his load. Nelly found the taste sweet and tangy as he began swallowing it. T.I. kept shooting thick ropes of cum and Nelly knew that he couldn't take all of it as some leaked out of his mouth and onto the sheets of the bed. When the final ropes of cum finally dripped out of T.I.'s dick, Nelly licked the head clean and rested his head on a pillow as T.I. went to work on him. He slowly started pumping his dick into the younger rapper's hot mouth as he started moaning. It wasn't long before Nelly felt the twitch in his balls as T.I. also felt his dick pulsating in his mouth. Nelly threw his head back in ecstasy as he felt the cum rush up his dick. T.I. felt the hot liquid begin to coat his mouth as he accepted it. He wildly licked all around Nelly's dick as cum gushed out and went down his throat. Some escaped and went onto the sheets as he began to feel Nelly's dick going soft. He took the dick out of his mouth and just laid there, staring at the ceiling. He was spent.

"Damn that shit was amazing!" he said, out of breath.

"Yea! I've never felt this way," Nelly said in a soft voice.

"I'll take that as a compliment then," T.I. said as he moved closer to Nelly face and began kissing him.

They shared a passionate kiss for a long while until they were too exhausted to do much of anything. T.I. found it increasingly hard to keep his eyes open as sleep was induced onto him. Nelly moved his body even closer to the younger rappers' and just laid there looking at him. His stomach was twisted into a knot because the effects of the alcohol were wearing off of him and reality was setting back in. He had a worried look on his face as he continued to look at T.I. He placed a finger on T.I.'s face and slowly began running it up and down his masculine jaw line. He couldn't get over how sexy the younger rapper was. He looked at the clock on the nightstand and saw that it was almost four in the morning as he threw his arms around T.I.'s waist and tried to get some sleep.

"You're even cute when you sleep!" Nelly softly said as he kissed T.I.'s lips one last time and drifted off to sleep.

Nelly heard a loud banging in his head as he began to stir awake. The banging got louder and louder until Nelly finally opened his eyes and realized what it was. He jumped up from the bed with a horrified look on his face. T.I. began to stir close to him as Nelly stared at him for a moment. Another loud banging came at the door as he became dumbfounded.

"Oh shit! Wake up man!" he said as he shook T.I.

"Huh? What's going on?" T.I. stirred around in the bed.

"Man get up! They're at the door!"


"The crew man. Hurry up and go hide in the bathroom!"


T.I. sprang up from the bed and sprinted to the bathroom, slammed the door shut and locked it. Nelly fumbled across his room for something to put on and found a robe draped over a chair. He rushed over to it and put it on as he began to make his way around the room, picking up al the clothes, his and T.I.'s, and pushing them under the bed. His heart was beating rapidly as he heard another banging on the door. He quickly scanned the room to see if anything was out of the ordinary as he made his way to the door.

"What is it?" he almost screamed as he opened the door. He was surprised to see only one person standing in the corridor in front of him.

"Damn nigga what took you so long?" Murphy asked.

"I was sleeping. Why are you waking me up me so early man?"

"Early? Man it's almost eleven!" he said as he pushed his way past Nelly and into the room. "You sick or something?"

"Naw man I'm just tired."

"See I told you you'd have a good time at the club."

"Yea. So is there a reason why you're waking me up like this?"

"Well the guys and I are going out for lunch and maybe buy some clothes. You interested?"

"Nah probably not. I need to regain my energy."

"Well I went and knocked on T.I.'s door and he didn't answer. That nigga's a heavy sleeper. Maybe I should call him from your hotel phone."

"No man! Don't wake that nigga up like you did me."

"Aight. Man you're grumpy."

"Cuz your ass woke me up. Now if you don't mind I'd like to get back to sleep."

"Fine! Just remember we have a show to do tonight aight."

"Haha! You're funny."

Murphy Lee left as Nelly clicked the lock on the door behind him. His heart was racing a million miles a minute as he saw T.I. emerge form the bathroom with a worried look on his face. He had on the same robe Nelly as he made his way to the bed and sat on the side. He felt weak, defeated. He didn't know what to say as Nelly came onto the bed from the other side and embraced him from behind. Nelly felt how bad he was shaking when he turned him around and stared into his eyes.

"Don't worry. It's all over now," Nelly said in a soothing voice.

"Is it? It's obvious we can't control ourselves when it comes to each other and last night proved that."

"That's not fair. We were drunk."

"Even so things went way too far."

"Do you honestly believe that? Or are you just saying it in the hopes that you'll believe it?"

"Don't try to analyze me shawty."

"Is that what I'm doing? What are you scared of? Why are you adamant about letting people in?"

"I'm not adamant about anything. You don't know what you're talking about."

"You're a poor liar durrty."

"You seem so sure of yourself. It'd be a shame if you were wrong."

"Yea it would but you and I both know I'm not wrong. So what's up with the walls?"

"It's there for a purpose. If no one ever comes in the I won't get hurt. I don't want to get hurt so that's why I keep everyone outside."

"Okay fair enough. So where am I in terms of you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Am I inside or outside?"

"I don't know."


"What do you want me to tell you? That I had a good time last night?"

"Did you?"

"Did you?"


"Oh okay. I see your game."

"No game durrty. I don't play games."

"So what is the reason for this conversation?"

"Just for me to see where I stand with you."

"Well did you find what you were looking for?"

"I don't know."

"Is it that you don't know or that you don't want me to know?"

"I honestly don't know. I'm as confused as ever."

"Join the club!"

"So where does this leave us?"

"More confused and more questions with no answers in sight."

"Things shouldn't be this hard. Why can't I resist you?"

"For the same reason I can't resist you."

"And that reason would be?"

"I don't know shawty. I don't know."

The two men stayed on the bed, Nelly still embracing T.I., as they kept talking. Nelly became more confused than ever and at one point even conjured up the idea that what happened last night between them was a dream but that notion was quickly dispelled. Nelly, deciding it was better if T.I. went back to his room, told the younger rapper to do so. He got up and waked T.I. to the door. Nelly grabbed the handle to open the door when T.I. grabbed his hand and held in front of them. He looked up at the older rapper and saw the sincerity and confusion that laid in his eyes.

"I can't remember when I felt this way. I don`t even want to leave now."

"I dunno what to do. You're making it extremely hard for me to kick you out of my room."

"I'm sorry. I can't deny what I feel. Don't ask me too."

"You think I can hide what I feel for you? It kills me to be so close to you but yet so far away. But as much as it hurts, we can't have anymore sleepovers."

"Yea I know. It has to be this way."

They continued holding hands as T.I. leaned in and planted a soft kiss on Nelly's lips. It was sensual and it almost killed Nelly when he pulled away. He got back into bed and began to stare at the ceiling. He hated this feeling. He knew he hurt T.I. and he wasn't happy about it. But he feared that if they kept kissing, he wouldn't be able to stop. T.I. had that effect on him. His knuckle burned from where he just punched the door as he began to rub it. Deciding he needed to get up, he ordered lunch and left the front door unlocked so the waiter could get in as he went to take a shower.

After lunch, Nelly really didn't feel like going anywhere so he decided to chill in his room. He sat on the couch as he started flipping through the channels, trying to find something interesting to watch. He decided on some cartoons but wasn't really interested as his mind ran over his problems. Everything with the tour and his professional life was great, but his personal life was slowly deteriorating and he didn't know how to stop it. He had no answers to offer himself but did find solace in his most fond memory of all time. Although it was relatively new, it was the memory of what happened between him and T.I. last night. He had a smile on his face as he thought of it. It was one of the best nights of his life and he knew that if he had a chance, he would do it over again in a heartbeat. Everything suddenly became possible when he was with T.I. He was so positive and had such a great personality that it was extremely hard not to fall for him. Nelly finally admitted to himself that he's fallen for T.I. He fell hard.

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