"Come Back to Glee"

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Kurt couldn’t, for the life of him, explain what was going on inside his head… not even to himself. You see, it all started two weeks ago when things came to a boil with Karofsky. Burt had decided to pull Kurt out of McKinley High and into Dalton Academy, confident that he was just being a good father and doing what he thought was best; protecting his son, but truth be told, something had changed inside Kurt the moment he walked away from his friends.

“How about you talk with me about this first?” Finn protested when Kurt made the announcement to the Glee club that he was leaving.

“We can protect you,” Sam chimed in.

“Seriously, we can like, form a perimeter around you like the secret service.” Puck urged, but it fell on deaf ears.

It broke Kurt’s heart… it really did. His friends had stood up for him and clearly loved him but he was living in fear at McKinley. He was quite literally shaking every time he heard a locker door slam and looking over his shoulder every time he heard any voice resembling Karofsky’s. He hated that it had come to this and he hated giving up, essentially giving Karofsky all the power but he saw no other way.

“Um, does that mean that we’re going to have to compete against you at sectionals?” Rachel had asked after Kurt made the announcement. Kurt knew what she meant and it had nothing to do with competition. He and Rachel had gotten closer over the last few weeks.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Mercedes walked up to him. She didn’t even have to say anything other than his name and Kurt broke. He turned and walked away with tears in his eyes. He had to do it right then before his resolve melted and he thought too much on the people he was leaving behind.


“Kurt!” Burt called out as he knocked on Kurt’s bedroom door. It was early in the morning and he was just about to head off to work. Finn had already left for school, Carol was off at work but Kurt had a few days before he had to start at Dalton so he’d be home all day… sulking. That’s what Burt was afraid of, anyway. “There’s someone here to see you.”

Kurt, who was covered from head to toe under his blanket, suddenly perked up and sat up on bed, quickly running his hands through his hair, trying to tame a cute cowlick or two as best as he could.

Burt opened the door slowly and smiled at his son. “I’m heading off to work but there’s someone here for you. I’ll see you later, okay?”

Kurt nodded, Burt stepped aside and Will Schuester walked in with a faint smile on his face. “Good morning.”

“Hello, Mr. Schuester.” Kurt managed a genuine smile. He was happy to see anyone from McKinley, even if it had just been a few days since he left. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to check up on you… see how you were doing.” Will walked closer to Kurt’s bed and motioned to the area beside Kurt and when Kurt nodded, he sat down on it.

“I’m all right.” Kurt answered quickly. Maybe a little too quickly.

“Kurt.” Will said sternly and gave him a look.

“Oh all right, I miss everyone. There. You happy?” Kurt asked, exasperated, throwing himself back on the bed and covering himself from head to toe again.

Will couldn’t help but chuckle at Kurt’s antics. “No, I’m not… and neither are you. That’s why I’m here. Kurt, look at me.”

“No!” Kurt whined from under the covers but Will pulled them away and smiled down at him.

“Come back. Please.” Will pleaded. “We miss you and we won’t be the same without you. You know that.”

Kurt sat up on the bed once again and breathed a loud sigh. “I can’t. I just… can’t. Mr. Schuester, I’m scared. For the first time ever, I’m really, truly scared.”

“I know that. And I’m sorry that Karofsky came back. You know if I had it my way, he wouldn’t be there. But it’s not my decision. You don’t think we can protect you? You don’t feel safe with us?”

Kurt shook his head. “I know you all want to and I love you all for it but you can’t be with me at all times. You can’t follow me around… and even if you could, is that how I should be living? In fear? Needing bodyguards around me constantly?”

Will sighed and took a pause because he knew Kurt was right but he didn’t think running away from the problem was the proper solution either. “Kurt…”

“Please, Mr. Schuester… don’t make this harder on me,” Kurt pleaded with watering eyes. “I know that’s not your intention but you’re breaking my heart. You don’t think it’s killing me to give up getting to see my friends every day?” Tears were flowing freely from Kurt’s eyes now and Will felt terrible.

“Come here,” He said and pulled Kurt into a tight embrace. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

“I know,” Kurt interrupted between soft sobs. “I know.” He held onto his former teacher tightly and let himself cry. He hadn’t done that and it felt good to let it out, finally.

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry. I wish I could do more. I wish I could make things easier for you,” Will whispered into Kurt’s ear, feeling genuinely heartbroken by the pain he saw and felt in Kurt. Will couldn’t even begin to imagine what it felt like for Kurt… growing up and being the only one of his kind around.

“We all love you exactly as you are. It’s killing us to see you being out through this… that someone has done this much damage to. It makes me want to…” Will stopped himself short before he said something he’d regret; like that he wanted to beat Karofsky’s face in… which he did.

“Why won’t you tell me what he’s done to you? I know there’s more to the story than you’re letting on.” Will insisted with Kurt to confide in him before but so far it hadn’t worked.

“There’s nothing else to tell,” Kurt lied through his tears. “He bullies me, he threatens me… that’s it.”

“I don’t believe that and you know it, but it’s all right. I’ll be here whenever you need me. Just remember you can trust me. I may not be your teacher anymore but I’m not going anywhere.” Will caressed Kurt’s hair softly and leaned down to place a soft kiss on the top of his head.
Kurt was slowly regaining his composure. Will’s embrace comforted him and truth be told, it felt good to be held by someone other than his father. He slowly caressed up and down Will’s arm, playing with the soft hairs, his head still buried in Will’s chest. “Mr. Schuester?”

“Yes, Kurt?” Will asked, taking a deep breath and closing his eyes for a moment.

Kurt pulled away slightly, just enough to look up at Will’s face. “Thank you,” he said softly, tears still streaming down his face.

Will opened his eyes and started down at Kurt’s swollen but gorgeously hypnotic eyes. He leaned down slowly, hesitating for a moment, and kissed away the tears on one side of Kurt’s face and then the other. “There… I helped.” He smiled brightly at the young man in his arms.

Kurt felt a sudden rush of something… some would call it courage, some lust… but all Kurt knew was that he was going to act on it. He closed his eyes, leaned forward and pressed his lips tentatively against Will’s. Having never really done this before, he didn’t know what to do but it’s true what Blaine had told him, instinct kicked in.

Will was shocked, that was a given, but he was also turned on. The combination of seeing Kurt so vulnerable and open and needing someone so badly, and Kurt’s caresses had aroused him. He was a man, after all, and he’d be lying if he’d never thought to himself that Kurt was just about the cutest he’d ever seen.

Kurt moaned into their kiss as Will intensified it and it made Will happy. He slowly pushed Kurt back onto the bed and supported himself above him. Kurt had already found the buttons of Will’s shirt and had quickly undone them, his hands now roaming free all over Will's exposed, hot, oh so hard, flesh.

Will pulled away from Kurt’s lips but he continued to kiss his skin, his neck. “Never thought I’d be doing this,” He grumbled seductively against Kurt’s skin. “But I can’t say I’ve never thought of it either. You’re beautiful.” He was saying because he meant it but by the sounds Kurt was making, it was also driving Kurt nuts.

“Oh god…” Kurt whined in a moan-y whimper.

“I thought you didn’t believe in god.” Will smirked and completely discarded his shirt on the floor next to the bed and in that moment he pulled away, he saw Kurt’s eyes scanning him, admiring his body.

“I do now.” Kurt said, almost in a trance.

“Is that so?” Will smirked again and leaned down to resume work on Kurt’s neck as his hands worked on untying the already very loose pajama bottoms Kurt was wearing.

“Oh god yes!” Kurt called out and Will actually laughed this time.

“There goes god again,” Will mumbled against his young lover’s skin. One again he pulled back, this time to help Kurt out his pajamas and start undoing his own pants, which Kurt was only too happy to help with. So much so that he noticed Kurt’s hands fumbling and trembling a little bit.

“Eager?” Will asked even though he knew the answer. “Relax,” he said, taking Kurt’s hands in his own and bringing them up to his lips for a kiss. That seemed to ease Kurt’s nerves a bit and Will took the opportunity to toss his own pants aside, along with Kurt’s. He caught Kurt staring again… this time at a completely different part of his body.

“Like what you see?” He teased with a few gentle strokes of his sizeable manhood.

Kurt just nodded enthusiastically and lunged forward immediately, fervently sucking Will’s cock into his mouth and slurping on it like an inexperienced kid with his first lollipop.

“Whoa!” Will hissed. “Easy there tiger.” He put one hand on Kurt’s head, gently guiding his movements on his dick but not being forceful. “That’s it. You’re doing good… keep going,” he moaned.

Kurt had obviously never done this before but he knew he loved it. A man as handsome, as loving and as big as Will was a catch… Kurt had always thought so.

“Mmm…” Will groaned. “Watch the teeth there, baby. There you go… like that.” He looked down for a moment to watch Kurt take him into his mouth… but only for a moment, because watching his thick cock disappear into those supple lips was enough to make him want to cum right there.

The taste of Will, his scent, his strong hands in his hair, his voice, his body… it was all working to drive Kurt insane with lust. He’d never felt overcome by it like this but it was a feeling Kurt didn’t want to have come to an end.

Will gripped Kurt’s hair more firmly now and slowly pulled him away from his cock. “That’s enough,” He said. The look in Will’s eyes and the tone in his voice made Kurt melt and salivate even more.

Will pushed Kurt back down on the bed and settled above him, between Kurt’s instinctively spread legs. “You didn’t need to be taught that, did you?” Will teased and Kurt blushed.

“I didn’t mean to make you blush.” Will stopped kissing his Kurt’s neck, still teasing. “I just wanted to let you know what I was thinking.” Will quit talking and kissed Kurt’s neck, but this time he didn’t pull away he continued, intent on giving Kurt a hickey at the least.

“That’s… okay...” Kurt gasped out when Will’s lips attached to his neck creating a state of bliss that bordered on unconscious for Kurt. “That feels so good.”

Will would have chuckled, but his lips were currently busy, so he settled for maneuvering Kurt’s legs open even more with one of his own. He shifted so his cock was pressing against Kurt, his own leg keeping Kurt’s from closing. When he was satisfied that Kurt would have the mark for a few days he started kissing his lover’s neck, lightly rocking his hips forward. He kept one arm above Kurt’s head, keeping his lover’s hands pinned, wanting to see how far he could tease Kurt.  

Kurt whined because he wanted to touch Will, feel him, caress him “Please…” He whined and pleaded in desperation again. “You have me… take me… I want to feel yours…”

Will grinned and stopped kissing his lover’s neck. “I don’t want to take you baby, you’re mine.” He emphasized his statement with a harder push of his hips. “I want to see you, hear you… like this, baby, nothing’s hotter than knowing how I make you feel. Like you need it…can’t wait for my cock.” Will let go of Kurt and took himself in hand, teasing Kurt with his cock. “You can wait until tomorrow baby, can’t you?” Will pushed half way into Kurt, wanting to see if his lover could speak.

Kurt whimpered, gasped and even squeaked a little bit, having lost control of his body almost as soon as Will had thrust into him… but it didn’t hurt! Kurt was surprised. He’d read it would hurt and with a man as big as Will, he was sure he’d be in pain. He wasn’t. He just needed more of it. If it hadn’t been for the fact that he was overcome with pleasure, he would have pushed back and forced Will’s entire manhood into him. “Mr. Schuester…” He said, barely above a whisper. “Please,” he begged. “Please… let me feel all of you…”

“I’m going to love when you call me that from now on.”  Will whispered in Kurt’s ear, and then kissed his lover’s neck once again. He pushed his cock in his lover all the way, groaning before moving his hand to Kurt, holding his lover tight again. He wanted to tease Kurt more, but it was obvious his lover wasn’t listening. Will would have continued to tease Kurt with slow thrusts, but the teasing had made him excited too, so Will was fast with his strokes.

“Yes!” Kurt exclaimed with excitement, pushing back to met Will’s huge erection as it slid into him repeatedly. He’d never even felt anything even remotely close to this but he knew now, this is what he wanted for the rest of his life. As soon as Will’s arms held him close to him again, Kurt touched his lover again; caressing him lovingly.

Will stopped kissing Kurt and brought his arm to his lover’s side, hating to lose the contact. He helped Kurt gently roll over onto his stomach, moving with Kurt so he didn’t have to pull out… and he didn’t. His large cock stayed buried inside Kurt as he flipped over. “Tell me if I get too hard…never want to hurt you.” He waited until Kurt was comfortable, and then he started making love with Kurt again. For a minute or so, he was gentle and kissing his lover’s skin, but once he’d thought there had been enough teasing he fucked his lover powerfully. He groaned as he thrust, having only been this turned on once before in his life and that was when he was a teenager.
Kurt arched his back a little, just enough to raise his hips to Will, granting him all the access he could hope for and more, nothing that Kurt wasn’t willing to do anyway. He loved that Will could be this unbridled with him… especially since he thought everyone handled him with kid gloves. “Mr. Schuester….agh!”

Will would have smirked at Kurt’s words, but he was more caught up in their lovemaking. His lover’s words reassured him, and he let himself not pay so much attention to everything, just letting himself feel. “Good…so good.” He didn’t try to say anything else; he knew Kurt would understand if his lover was listening. Will wanted to lean over and kiss Kurt, but they were so good, Kurt felt so amazing, that he continued driving his hips forward, knowing that only one thing would be better than making love with Kurt... and that would cumming inside him.

The only thing keeping Kurt from blatantly singing Will’s praises out loudly was the fact that he didn’t want to wake his neighbors to hear but other than that, he could barely hold himself together and he had no one to blame but Will. He wasn’t sure what had come over Mr. Schuester but whatever it was, it sure felt good… and a little naughty too.

“You’re hot and beautiful and-oh god, yeah.” Will tried to hold back his own noises, loving Kurt’s moaning and groaning. A slight smile was on his lips as he made love with Kurt. He wanted to hear more from Kurt, and if it took him the rest of the day he was going to get what he wanted. “Baby…come on baby…” Will couldn’t hold back a groan of his own, thinking about how Kurt was going to be the next day…from previous experience with others he’d been with he knew his lover would have issues walking. He tightened his grip on Kurt’s hips thrusting faster into his lover. “Baby…”

Even without the added steam and passion he seemed to be exuding, Will would have been a lot to handle… for anyone… especially for a virgin boy, so it didn’t surprise Kurt that he was already starting to feel a little sore. He didn’t mind nor did he fight it though. He was just happy to be experiencing this with this beautiful man.

“You okay, baby?” It was a rhetorical question though, Will knew Kurt was okay. “My cock isn’t too…much… too big…” He grunted and slowed his pace a little, not pushing into Kurt as deeply. He knew what he was doing, and he wanted to get Kurt to say ‘it’. “I could always stop…can’t have you… all sore…because of my cock… right…” The last was meant as a question, but Will’s teasing was getting to him also. He decided to continue to tease Kurt, pounding into his lover for a few thrusts, followed by a few much softer plunges, planning on alternating between the two until Kurt was nuts.

“Mr. Schuester!” Kurt protested in small whine as he pushed himself back onto Will’s cock desperately. “Please Will.” He flat out begged. “I’m already sore… you’re huge… just… fuck me… keep fucking me.” He asked of Will.

Will did manage a grin this time, hearing his lover beg for him. “If that’s what…you want.” He teased Kurt with a few more soft thrusts and then he went back to forcefully entering his lover. “S’what you wanted…hard enough baby?” He knew Kurt would have trouble answering him, if his lover tried at all, and that turned Will on more.

If he could have, Kurt would have answered but he couldn’t and wouldn’t so didn’t. Instead he held onto Will’s arms again, pulling his lover close… on him as much as in him… if the two were any more connected, any closer, they'd be one person. Almost incoherently and in a complete daze, Kurt mumbled Will’s name again and again non-stop. His eyes could barely remain open as they rolled back into his head and his body was dangerously close to completely limp… but he loved it.

Will groaned and kissed Kurt’s skin once, not wanting to stop now. He moaned Kurt’s name a few times, though he was pretty sure his lover wasn’t listening to him. Nope. Kurt was too busy moaning his name, and sounding like he was having the best sex of his life…and Will loved that. After a minute of listening to Kurt say his name, Will couldn’t hold back anymore and with a few last unforgiving thrusts Will came.

And Kurt received him, not that the young man was very much aware of his surroundings or what was going on anymore since he found himself in a state of borderline blissful unconsciousness. He did, however, manage to groan Will’s name a couple more times and even smile like person who was high as a kite on the purest of drugs… which in a way he was. He never wanted to lose this experience… never wanted it to go away… from the way his body felt to the way they were intertwined, to the way he felt emotionally. “Feels so… good.”

“Yeah.” Will agreed, not up to saying much else yet. He started kissing Kurt’s skin, trying to make up for his lack of verbal skills for the moment. The idea to make a joke about their current positions crossed his mind, but he ignored it, liking how they were and he didn’t want to risk losing that…and he didn’t want to jeopardize getting to make love with Kurt again. “Baby?” He asked sweetly, closing his eyes as he relaxed more, loving that he was still inside Kurt.

“Still here.” Kurt responded quietly, his voice needing a little more time before being able to reach a tone higher than that. “Amazing.” He sighed contentedly, relaxed against the mattress. “You… felt… I… won’t… walk…” He didn’t know how to explain it to Will so he hoped his lover understood just how much he wanted to say but didn’t. “Best teacher… ever.”

Will chuckled and brought his hand up to Kurt’s hair, playing with it for a second before holding Kurt again. “Yeah? You’re pretty amazing too… wanting me the way you do…taking me the way you do, how I want and need.” Will kissed Kurt’s neck softly, speaking in between kisses. “So tight for me. It’s never felt this good.” Will chuckled against Kurt’s skin. “Want to go again?” He laughed quietly.

A smile appeared on Kurt’s face again. More than anything else, what caused it was what Will had said to him… it pleased him to know that Will was content with him. He thought he might not be enough for someone like Will. After all, he was just an inexperienced little boy, he thought. “Having you inside me… wow. You like it too?” He asked rhetorically and tightened his walls around Will’s cock. “Did you get it all in there, Mr. Schuester?” He teased.

“I think I did. Maybe we should try again just to make sure.” Will teased right back. “So… ready to come back to McKinley now?”

“Mr. Schuester… I… uh…”

“Don’t worry. I’ll convince you… one way or another,” Will said and Kurt could feel his new lover’s cock harden inside him once more.


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