"Come Back to Glee"
                    Part 2

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If last month someone had told me I’d be experiencing the things I’ve experienced over the past few weeks, I’d tell them they were crazy and maybe that they’d been watching a little too much porn, but I’d be the one who’d end up with egg on his face because it all happened. Like, for real.

How did I go from virginal non-threatening schoolboy to a bona fide sex fiend in such a short time? Well, blame Mr. Schuester! It’s all him! Okay that’s not true. I wanted it as much as he did, if not more, and for as long as he did, if not longer. Let’s face it, the man is gorgeous… like something straight out of romance novel.

He’s awakened a side of me I never in a million years dreamed existed! I have so much to be thankful for but if I had to pinpoint my favorite bit of self-discovery, it would have to be the confidence I’ve found in using my sexual powers. I can make a grown man moan at the sound of my voice. I can make him cum with my breath on his neck. I can make him hard with a flutter of my eyes. I can make his body ache with desire for me with a tiny smirk and I can turn him into an unbridled sexual beast by simply wrapping my walls around him and milking his manhood inside me. The power I’ve gained from learning to use my body in new and exciting ways is like nothing I’ve ever felt before and I love it.

It has also changed my perspective on everything. Literally, everything! It’s like I was stuck in black and white and all of the sudden, I get to see the world with multi-colored glasses. Like the whole Karofsky situation, I think I can honestly say that if I wanted to…


Kurt quickly shut his journal, where he’d been writing, when he’d heard his name called by a familiar voice. Who in the world knew he was at the downtown public library?

Kurt turned around to see who’d called his name and smiled. “Noah!”

“You know I hate it when you call me that. Only you can get away with it,” Puck said as he walked up to the table and invited himself to take a seat across from Kurt. “Wow, you look so weird in that Dalton uniform, man. I miss the skirt!”

“I’ll take that as the compliment I’m sure it was intended to be,” Kurt smiled and watched Noah for a long moment. Since his former classmate wasn’t volunteering any information, he decided to ask. “What are you doing here? How'd you know I was here?”

“Mr. Schuester told me. He asked me to come pick you up and give you a ride home since he got tied up at school and would be late to come pick you up,” Puck explained.

Now Kurt was disappointed at the thought of not getting to see Will today, but he had more pressing concerns at hand. How did Noah know about Mr. Schuester coming to pick him up? And what did he think of it? Did he suspect anything was going on between them? Kurt asked himself all these questions but it wasn’t like he could ask Noah and have his answers. “Oh. That’s awful nice of him but I don’t want to impose, Noah. I can take a bus home.”

“Are you kidding me? You, taking public transportation? I don’t think so. Come on. I’ll take you home. Unless you’re not ready to go yet.”

“Oh I’m ready to go all right,” Kurt mumbled under his breath.

“Excuse me?” Puck asked

“Uh, I said I just need to pick up my stuff.”

“Here, I’ll help,” Puck offered as he stood up and started collecting Kurt’s belongings and putting them inside his backpack. The last item was Kurt’s journal, which he took from his hand with a smile and placed inside the backpack before zipping it up and slinging it over his shoulder. “I got it,” Puck said when he noticed Kurt about to protest about him carrying his backpack. “You need anything else?”

Kurt shook his head “no” and silently thanked Noah for being so kind to him. It hadn’t always been this way though and Kurt still remembered the days when it wasn’t like this. “I’m good to go if you are.”

“Always,” Puck smirked and it made Kurt blush.

Kurt would be lying if he said he didn’t find Noah Puckerman sexy. Noah was everyone’s type, Kurt thought, and even Noah seemed to know it. He was the sexy, masculine, jock type, with the talent, charm, and heart to back it up.

After opening the front door to the library for Kurt and letting him through, Puck walked out, taking a moment or two to admire Kurt’s plump read end. He’d always been an “ass man” so he silently thanked the heavens for his view right now.

“Noah!” Kurt called out and snapped Puck out of his reverie. “I sort of need you to lead the way. I don’t know where your car is. Unless you’d rather stay there and play door man all day.”

Puck suddenly realized he was still holding the door open, for no one in particular, and shook his head with a smile as he released the door and started walking again. “Sorry,” He apologized to Kurt. “Got lost in thought.”

“You? Lost in thought?” Kurt questioned, a chuckle and a mocking tone evident in his voice. “That must be new.”

Puck gave Kurt a stern look for a moment but then shook it off with a smile, “Come on. My car’s to the right.”


“What are we doing here?” Kurt asked when the car came to a stop in front of a two-story home in a neighborhood that was clearly not his own.

“This is my house.” Puck announced.”

“I know it’s your house, genius.” Kurt rolled his eyes. “I thought you were taking me home though.”

“Oh I am. I just had to make a quick stop to change. I’m going to the gym after I drop you off so I might as well change right now.” Puck pulled his car into the garage and watched as the garage door closed behind them. “You don’t even have to get out of the car if you don’t want. I’ll just run in, change and come back.”

“Good. I’ll wait for you here then.”

With a quick smile and a nod, Puck got out of the car and entered the house. Not even two seconds after being out of Kurt’s view, he grabbed his cell phone and dialed Mr. Schuester’s phone number. “Puck?” Will answered on the other end.

“Yeah, it’s me. He’s here… waiting for me in the car.”

“Good,” Will Schuester nodded on the other end of the call even though Puck couldn’t see him. “Stick to the plan. It’ll work, you’ll see.”

“I hope so,” Puck opened the door to his bedroom and sat on his bed, next to where he’d laid out a pair of shorts and a wifebeater to wear to the gym. “We need him back, Mr. Schue.”

Will agreed. “I know but I think we almost have him. We just have to make him realize that having us around is better than whatever he has at Dalton and that we can protect him from Karofsky.”

“Karofsky’s not getting anywhere near him!” Puck practically growled into the phone. He propped it up against his shoulder as he discarded his pants and shoes for the shorts and sneakers he had laid out.

“You know he won’t.” Will reassured him. “He only managed to get remotely close to Kurt because we hadn’t noticed. Now we’re aware.”

“And we’re not going to let it happen again.” Puck finished tying his shoes and stood up from where he sat on the bed. “I’m putting you down for a sec, Mr. Schue. Taking off my shirt.”

Puck quickly discarded his polo shirt in favor of the thin, white, wifebeater and picked up the phone again. He walked over to his full-length mirror and glanced himself over. “I bring him to your place when I’m done, Mr. Schue?” He asked as he reached inside his shorts and started stroking his massive member, slowly bringing it to life.

“Yeah, once you’re through, drive him over here. I’ll take it from there.” The smirk in Will’s voice was evident.

“Got it,” Puck was smirking too. Satisfied at his clearly evident, half aroused state, Puck started heading back towards the garage. He looked down at his shorts, making sure Kurt would be able to make out the outline clearly. “All right. I’m heading back to the car. I’ll see you later, Mr. Schue.”

“No wait!” Will spoke up quickly. “Leave the phone on. I want to hear.”

“Sounds good to me.” Puck grabbed the doorknob and turned it, put the phone in his pocket and started walking back toward the car.

“Took you long enough!” Kurt complained, filing his nails as Noah opened the door and climbed into the car. “I thought you were just going to change, not clean the whole hou…..” He stopped mid-sentence because he got a perfect view of Noah’s semi-erect cock through his shorts. Goddamn! Even the outline was beautiful, he thought.

“I’m sorry, sweet cheeks. You were saying?” Puck finally sat down and looked at Kurt, who was very obviously staring down at his crotch.

“I… uh…” Kurt subconsciously licked his lips but didn’t bother to turn away or stop staring. That made Noah happy.

“You what?” Noah spread his legs a little bit more, hiking up his shorts legs ever so slightly but enough to let the large head of his gorgeous cock become visible.

“I… um… got bored… and…” Kurt didn’t even really know what he was saying anymore. He just continued to stare as his mouth filled with saliva.

“You did, did you?” Puck was smiling like a fool now, not that Kurt could tell because he wasn’t looking at Puck’s face. His eyes hadn’t left Puck’s cock for a second since he got in the car. Puck grabbed his shorts, and this time intentionally lifted them up more, revealing more of his almost completely erect thickness.

“Noah… I… need to…”

“What is it? What do you need, baby?” Puck asked in that husky tone that did nothing for Kurt’s self control.

Kurt couldn’t take it anymore. It was too much and he was only human after all. He undid his seatbelt faster than humanly possible, it seemed, and lunged towards Puck lap, his lips dangerously close to Puck cockhead now and that’s how he wanted it. He looked up briefly to catch Noah smiling down at him and then engulfed his beautiful dick into his mouth.

He’d only done this with one man before, Mr. Schuester, but he was a quick learner and Puck found that out the good way.

“Fuck!” He hissed and threw his head back when Kurt swallowed his hard cock into that wet heat in his mouth. “Damn baby!”

Kurt was more than encouraged by Puck’s lack of coherent thought process at the moment and that just made him worked harder on the gorgeous cock of his

Puck groaned, little unintelligible words…because it was Kurt and he’d never thought he was going to get the younger man. His brain was so far gone he couldn’t tell anyone what year he had been born, but he could probably force out a few words. Namely, Kurt, good, more, and fuck yeah. He kept his hands on Kurt’s head, but didn’t know what to do with them. When anyone else gave him blow jobs he always ended up fucking their face because they was too damned impatient to finish the job right. But Kurt…

Kurt worked him… his cock… fiercely, sucking every inch… wetting him and sheathing him in the warmth of his welcoming mouth only to pull back all the way and dive back down, not bothering to stop until every last centimeter was inside, a good portion of Puck’s cock resting in the tight chambers of his throat.

Puck instinctively ran his hands through Kurt’s hair, the action more loving than any he had done with anyone while they were doing this particular act. He moaned Kurt’s name, more than content with how Kurt was sucking his cock. He didn’t keep silent, no matter how much the tough side of him wanted him to, he wanted Kurt to know how much he was enjoying it, to make it worth it to the younger man. Puck’s mind was free of any thoughts, his eyes closed as he tried his damndest to remember everything he could about Kurt blowing him.

Kurt sucked Puck hard for a few more minutes then reluctantly pulled away and licked his way up Puck’s abdomen to his chest to his neck and finally his ear. “I want this… you want this… my one condition… this can’t be the last time… I have to be more to you than a one time thing… promise me Puck… please.” Kurt just needed to hear it even though he was fairly sure Puck didn’t see him as a fling kind of thing.

“I promise you.” Puck licked his lips. “This isn’t a one time thing… I want it to go on. I want as much as you’ll give me…I’m not going to run after it’s over.” He said, wanting Kurt to know he meant it, but not able to say ‘I love you’ to Kurt because he knew it wasn’t about love to the younger man…not the kind of love Puck meant anyway. “Kurt…can you please go back to sucking me?” He asked, though he was sorely tempted to roll them over and fuck Kurt…he wanted that more then anything. “Whatever you want, please.” He couldn’t believe he was saying please, but Kurt and this happening meant that much to him…he was actually begging a little bit.

“Well since you did ask so nicely… I might be inclined to oblige…” Kurt said while smirking at the realization of power he held over Puck at the moment. He made his way back to Puck’s cock and picked up right where he left off, sucking Puck hard… wanting to make sure he’d never experienced anything like this.

Puck groaned as Kurt started sucking his cock again, pleased that he didn’t have to ask anymore…because he disliked it a lot. He laid against his seat, reclining it back some, his hands above his head so he didn’t give in to the demands going through his head, the ones that wanted him to grab Kurt and flip them over and he screwed the boy to unconsciousness. Puck groaned every time his cock left Kurt’s warm and wet mouth, even though he knew Kurt was going to take him back in.

Kurt worked up and down on Puck’s cock with determination. Not letting up on Puck’s cock, Kurt continued to suck and swallow him furiously, working Puck closer to his orgasm.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the phone call, Will could hear every moan, every groan, every slurp, and it was turning him on more than ever. He spread his legs a bit where he lay on his bed and reached into his boxers to stroke his juicy, pre-cum moistened cock.

Puck couldn’t help it anymore, he couldn’t let Kurt just suck him off; it was killing him to keep his hands to himself. He didn’t care what his head was saying, he wanted to feel Kurt. He moved his hands from above his head and to Kurt’s hair, running his hands in it. He moaned Kurt’s name, trying not to think about how this wasn’t very loving, and that it was almost like he was using Kurt to get off. The thoughts kept nagging at him and finally Puck spoke up. “Kurt, stop…I don’t want this…I want to be with you.”

Kurt pulled away from Puck’s erect cock confused and looked up at Puck questionably, not having heard the last part of Puck’s statement. “Um… did you just ask me to stop? I think my ears may be playing tricks on me or something.”

“I said I wanted to be with you.” Puck repeated himself, looking into Kurt’s eyes as he spoke, a little ticked at himself for having not been clear enough to Kurt. “I don’t want it like this.” Puck ran a hand through Kurt’s hair, trying to hide the smile that was dying to break out because of how cute the younger man looked. He leaned down and kissed Kurt, pushing his seat back further and bringing Kurt on top of him, straddling his hips. “You’re going to need to get rid of those.” He said with a smile and watched as Kurt desperately battled to get rid of his belt and pants. “Need some help?”

“No. I want to do this for you. Want to give myself to you.” Kurt shook his head and started maneuvering out of his pants, rather uncomfortably in this tight space they found themselves in. He managed it though and he sat back down on Puck’s lap, rubbing his ass back and forth on Puck’s hardness.

“Tease.” Puck protested but only half-heartedly. He leaned in and passionately kissed Kurt, tired of holding back on his own feelings. Puck wasn’t idle though as he kissed Kurt with all the longing and love he’d been keeping to himself, he ran his hands over Kurt’s body, quickly feeling his lover, no longer having to deny his urges to touch the younger man.

Kurt moaned in response, content with seeing Puck react to his words. He hadn’t meant to come off harsh, just direct and clear about his point. He didn’t want Puck to lose his Puck-ness because of him.

Puck broke their kiss and moved so he aimed his cock right at Kurt’s puckered hole. ~Should I-~ He stopped thinking, tired of trying to guess what was the right way. He grabbed a hold of himself and pushed into Kurt a bit and pushing Kurt down the rest of the way on his fat cock, not stopping until he was in all the way. Puck paused and moved so he was closer to Kurt, then started making love to Kurt fast and furiously, needing Kurt.

The young man was surprised but he’d learned to be surprised all the time around Puck. It was one of his friend’s many qualities… being very unpredictable. Through moans and groans and grunts, Kurt reached out to Puck, placing his hands on Puck’s shoulders and holding on tightly as Puck continued to make love to him like he was.

Puck looked at Kurt when he felt the younger man’s hands on hot skin. He leaned up, making sure to keep his dick inside Kurt, and then kissed his lover. He didn’t want Kurt to get the wrong idea because of his eager thrusts that this was just pure sex… although it was… but it was pure sex with someone he cared about.

Kurt’s hands loosened their grips on Puck’s strong shoulders and they traveled upward and finally his arms wrapped around Puck’s neck. “Oh God you feel so good, Noah! So big!”

Puck didn’t say anything, he just kissed Kurt again for a moment. He pushed into Kurt harder though, the words striking a chord in him .He pulled away from their kiss. “I want you… you’re what I want…” Puck brought a hand up to Kurt’s hair and quickly touched it, wanting to do it once while he was with Kurt.

Will couldn’t believe the things he was hearing. Not just the sounds but the actual words. It was driving him nuts and his cock hard never been harder. He couldn’t wait to fuck Kurt again as he worked a tight fist around his dick.

Puck leaned in and kissed Kurt hard, not wanting the younger man to start thinking about the serious things… wanting him to feel good… wanting him to want to come back to McKinkley… come back to Glee.

Kurt looked away for a moment, the sight of this animalistic Puck being almost too much for him. He didn’t look away for long though. With his hands he turned Puck’s head to face him again and they kissed as passionately as they had before. The young man wrapped himself around Puck, as much as he could, embracing his friend’s body and deepening their kiss before finally breaking it with a smile. “You fuck me so good, baby.” He whispered teasingly.

Puck didn’t know what to say to Kurt, so he kissed him again. Puck brought a hand up to Kurt’s cheek, touching the younger man as he continued to make love to Kurt. Puck smiled into their kiss and broke away after a few seconds. “I told you…but you were all… no...” He grinned and kissed Kurt again.

“You told me?! When did this imaginary sex proposal happen in your head?” Kurt replied with a smile, his voice not at its normal strength thanks to Puck’s delicious intrusion into his body. “Anyway, I’m all hell yes now… fuck yes!” He exclaimed. “We have to do this again baby…” He added in a breathy tone… not on purpose, it was just all he could muster up at the moment. “… you have to make love to me again… more… a lot…”

Puck chuckled at Kurt’s change, unable to hide how cute he thought it was. “This is love to you…I thought it was about…wanting me…getting what you wanted…” He kissed Kurt’s face, little kisses, trying to hold back his own moans and thrust into Kurt harder, getting closer to his climax. “You saying you love me?” He joked, already knowing the answer was no.

Although he knew it would probably shock Puck, Kurt answered honestly. “Yes. I am.” It was true. He loved Puck dearly as a friend and like he’d admitted before, there other feelings there too… a crush perhaps. “I thought you knew that.” He added and clenched tightly around Puck’s cock inside him.

Puck bit his tongue and pushed himself harder, telling himself that Kurt didn’t mean it like he meant it. That he meant it as a friend, it didn’t stop his feelings though, turning it into something else and his body responding to it. “Going to make you mine now, baby.” Puck said in between thrusts with an animalistic growl. It was clear his self control was gone. He groaned, thrusting deeply into Kurt and cumming.

Kurt had to literally bite his lip to keep from screaming out in delirium. He could feel every single drop of seed Puck was depositing inside of him and just like he had with Will, he milked Puck’s cock of everything it had. He held on to his friend as Puck came down from his high, kissing him all over… face, lips, neck…

Will Schuester, on the other hand, couldn’t seem to stop cumming. His cock had erupted the moment he’d heard Puck tell Kurt he was going to make him his, and he was still spurting seed… all over his bed and all over himself.

Puck held onto Kurt as his bearings came back to him. He closed his eyes, trying to regain composure although his cock was still hard inside Kurt.. He held onto the boy longer until he had himself under control and then kissed Kurt once before pulling away. “So, how about it? You coming back to Glee?” Puck smirked.


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