This story series is a pure work of fiction, which means that none of it is real. Places may be but the sexuality of the celebrities in this series are not.

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Control key

Chapter 1

I was in my late 20s when this happened, and it's still happening today. I've had just about the same successful run as the previous holder. They flock to me now, I have all their numbers. I basically get it whenever I want. There's one problem though. The further away I get from the whole place, the less the hold it has on it's “victim” so to speak.

I'll tell you what I mean.

It was coming up near to my 28th birthday. I had been single ever since I was 21. These typical “perfect” boyfriends. Or so they lead you to believe. I was literally at my wits end. Something else could have happened back then, but I suppose life didn't want to turn out that way for me.

I had been walking down a street in Glasgow, Scotland, when al of a sudden I stopper and looked towards a shop called Forbidden Planet that I became a regular in. Next to the shop stood an old distinguished man. Attractive and handsome for a man entering his 70s. When you look at someone like I looked at him, you could tell he had everything going for him even at that age. I looked at him, he was about 5ft 9, grey gelled back hair, a bit of a pointed nose and glasses on. He wore all black, which I was more than accustomed to wearing myself. He looked like William Hartnell who played the first Doctor Who. That was the only reference I could pinpoint. He also had a cane and a pocket-watch which both looked familiar. Although as I spotted them he tried to hide them and took out something from his suit jacket. He beckoned me closer.

He looked me over and nodded. What he saw was 5ft 6, bit of a stomach, long fingers, a similar nose, gelled back hair...wait. Nah. Impossible. He pushed the key into my hand and my long fingers clasped around it, he closed those fingers tighter and smiled.

It's your turn now...take good care of it. Put it where you think you should, and you'll never be lonely.”

I looked down at the key after hearing his raspy voice, which I’m certain I recognised. As soon as I looked back up he was gone. I should have recognised that I couldn't have felt his presence, but it was like he was never there. The ornate topped key, almost like a small cloud with a flowery, ivy like design had made a mark on my palm. It went into my pocket then and I continued walking. With purpose? I had no idea.

I walked as if I knew where I was going when a handsome looking guy stopped me and handed me a leaflet about the HMV on the corner to my left. It was closing down and needed refurbishment and renovations done to become something else. I shook my head but he insisted I take the leaflet. I did so and glazed over it as I waited patiently at the cash machine around the corner. As I was next in the queue, I saw that there was no one else behind me, so I stuffed the now folded up leaflet into my pocket and took out my bank card. I did the usual and checked my balance, and at that I almost screamed as it showed I had almost £10million in my account.

I froze and took my card back out and went to the ATM again just to double-check, and it was right.

Being slightly dazed I took out that leaflet and looked up at the HMV, a 3 floored building in need of an owner.

After about a couple of months and my 28th birthday everything was ready. I had successfully purchased that building and turned it into one of the most luxurious hotels ever seen. Almost like a Hilton to the public. And I was the manager, me, of all people.

I made one specific request though. That the entrance doors and the back door and any door out of the building were tailored to that key I had. They augmented the key and made it the Skeleton key and I had the only copy. For security reasons or something.

Business was slow to pick up and it wasn’t until the beginning of 2014 that business started booming and a lot of famous people had entered the hotel. I was making profit after profit. But not enough to start a chain yet, that would come later.

One night about the end of January 2014 I was in my office. Mahogany panelling with a nice green and gold pattern up above, really fancy décor like I've always wanted. The key sat out in front I had made it the centre piece of the hotel, in its designs throughout the hotel, napkins, logos, everything.

I looked at the key and spoke to it.

You haven't half landed me me in it” I chuckled to the inanimate object.

I sighed and put the key in the middle of a leather mad on the table, very 1960's American or something like that. My mid was reeling with the dealings of the day. That week there was a huge party planned to honour my success as an up and coming entrepreneur. There would be music, a meal, drink and possible celebs. I had no idea who was coming as my PA had arranged most of it, but had to sign off on a few things I knew about.

My buzzer made a sound,

Mr. Thomson, we have incoming celebrity guests that are staying tonight in preparation for the party tomorrow. Their managers have requested that you mean them downstairs in the main lobby, while those celebrities are confined to their rooms.” came the voice of Sam, my PA.

I pressed the mic button,

That's okay Sam. Listen you don’t have to keep it a secret just tell me who it is.”

No can do sir. “

Ugh fine...tell them I'll be right down.”

Sam could be so mysterious when he wanted to be. It wasn’t his fault though, he cared enough to keep it a secret and to keep me from guessing. I mean, who knows celebs just from their managers alone. Even if I could it probably wouldn't be anybody that I whacked off to at night, looking and many a saved picture. A guy like me couldn't have it all right?

Oh Sammy was good by was he good. He managed to thwart me at every turn. The day of the big celebration came and I still was none the wiser. Sammy was also quite hot, although I never made a move. I just got really hard at the thought of him.

I was in my office and it was an hour or two before the party and I was horny. I stuck in my external drive and looked for some good boner material. I was already hard as I unbuttoned my trousers and fished out my 7 inches. I loved the feeling of being hard and being able to deal with it. I scrolled through my usual celeb folder, which I had gotten, and made bigger through a celeb site I was registered on. I stopped on Shemar Moore. Sunset Beach, Criminal Minds, and one of the best bodies in the world. It was a picture of hi flexing while in the water. I loved biceps and could imagine the vivid feeling of my hands tracing over those hard mounds, making myself harder as I gripped the base of my shaft ad put my fingers over my balls and tugged at the head with the other hand.

I pressed the next arrow key and up came Taylor Lautner, standing, wet, with a pair of shorts on. I wanted to kneel down and taste those abs and possibly nibble on that chest of his. He was one tasty specimen as my cockhead started to get wet.

My head is quite big, and it feels better stimulating it that not. The next picture was Chris Evans. I don't like hairy guys and he is just a little and it makes me want to jump on him even more. His chest got me going too and those huge arms are something else. I'd beg for the sexy fucker to pin me down and plow me nice and hard. I wanted my hands on them all. I dreamed about it for so long.

The next image almost sent me over the edge quickly, but I slowed my strokes down so that I throbbed but I could still fantasize. Chris Hemsworth in a towel. It held onto his waist perfectly. The guy had literally gone “godly”. I took some wetness with my thumb and tasted it and buckled back up. Clearing my mind as I started to get ready for this “party” or whatever it was. I had too many pictures and too much tie to enjoy myself with them. All I wanted was a real man to show me the best tie any guy could have with another man. Perhaps fall in love too. I picked up the key and put it in my left pocket and made my way to the en-suite bathroom behind me and got the shower going. One hour til the festivities.

I was ready before then, quickest I've ever got ready in my life. I heard my name getting called and a lot of flashing lights and flashed from cameras. I was far too warm, and I felt as though the key was burning in my pocket. Those moments were all fluid and blurry. Never used to be like that with lights.

I made the typical speech, thanking people, like Sam, the staff and other people like my parents etc. I thought I recognised people in the crowd, but maybe I was just too warm. As soon as I made my speech and collected the award I made a beeline for the bathroom and want into a cubicle and locked the door sitting down on the toilet led with my face in my hands.

There was some commotion and some voices entered the bathroom,

Chocolate Thunder is the only guy that could do it, I bet you” said one of the guys.

But little Tee here, he's close to his skin colour, he could bag him for certain” said another in an Australian accent.

The next guy was older than the other two “But jeez man, you're huge, and more bulky. Its be you for sure.”

Maybe we're all animal enough to bag him together” the youngest guy interjected as they all pissed into urinals, “I mean with the size of you guys plus me just now,” he zipped up and turned on a tap.

The older guy moved to the door and chuckles as the others finished, washed and followed him, “We'll talk to Sammy and see what he can arrange with the boss.”

Holy fuck, were they talking about me? Chocolate Thunder? Where had I heard that before. Also, four, obviously hot guys wanting me at the same time. Perhaps it was money, or just guy talk. I wondered who the hell they were, when the bathroom door opened again.

Fuck man, I think I drank too much!” came a guys voice again, I could here from his timbre that he was black.

Yeah me too, perhaps we should lay down somewhere and rest. Or get some action in tonight” came the other voice, lower than the other one and a little gravelly.

What together?” asked the first guy.

Yeah why not, and maybe if we're lucky we;ll get Sammy to hook us up with you know who.”

Oh yeah, I heard he likes to be fucked nice and hard, damn man, now I got a boner” he said as they both tailed off.


Six guys came into a bathroom in my hotel as I was waiting for myself to calm down and they all talk about wanting to get with me? Was this what Sam was planning? I had to go find him...and see who these guys were.