Fic: The Cruelty of Kindness


Author: Aphrodite

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Rating: NC-17

Fandom: AmericanIdolslash

Summary: An act of kindness can be so cruel.

Author's Notes: Part of the Your Life is a Stage and the World is Your Audience series, unedited version can be found here.

The Cruelty of Kindness

Kris Allen hadn't expected on taking anyone home tonight after his small gig at one of the local bars, but he simply couldn't let Jason Castro fall victim to one of the many men who had wanted to take the inebriated boy home for the night. Kris had declined another date night with Adam Lambert, opting to perform a last minute gig at the bar instead. As much as I love being with Adam, nothing could compare to the euphoria he got whenever he was on stage like tonight. He had just played his heart out with his first song, captivating the cheering audience, when Jason Castro waltzed inside the bar and plopped down on the stool. He was quite a sight to behold and immediately the men swarmed to him like bees to honey. By the end of Kris's set, Jason had consumed more alcohol than his lithe body could handle and had collapsed onto the floor. The man who had just bought him his last drink jumped off the stool and scooped the boy up, hauling him over his shoulder. He swung around with the boy slumped over his shoulder and slapped the boy's ass, making him yelp out loud in pain. The entire bar broke out in laughter as he continued to slap the boy's ass. Jason whimpered aloud, writhing in the air, when the man snaked his free hand between the boy's legs to squeeze his balls painfully.

"Nice large balls full of cum to play with, this one." The man laughed out loud, eliciting another thunderous round of laughter from his peers. He stopped groping the boy and slapped him on the ass, again, causing the boy to yelp in pain, again. "If you don't see me tomorrow night, you'll know where I'll be."

"In his boy cunt pussy!" They all cheered at once, raising a congratulatory toast to the lucky man.

As the man was getting ready to leave the bar, Kris approached the man and tapped him on his back. "Excuse me," Kris said. The man turned around and smiled at the musician, licking his lips lasciviously.

"You wanna join the party, pretty boy?"

Kris didn't answer. Rather he swung his clenched fist at the man-his fist connecting with the man's jaw- and struck the man's crotch with his boot clad foot. The man lowered Jason to the floor to grab his crotch. Without a second thought, Kris gripped Jason's wrist and quickly whisked him out of the bar. They rushed to Kris's car and climbed in just in time to avoid the onslaught of sex crazed men. Once Jason was secured with the seat belt, Kris stepped on the gas pedal and sped away.

Without knowledge of Jason's address, Kris opted to take the boy home with him. They arrived at Kris's apartment moments later. Jason was still pretty much dead weight as Kris hauled him out of his car and helped him into his apartment. Kris half carried the dreadlocked boy into the bathroom where Jason collapsed in front of the toilet. Kris wrapped his fingers around Jason's dreaded locks of hair and held them away from the boy's face as the boy vomited for several minutes into the toilet. Once his bowel was empty of the offending toxin, Kris helped him to his feet and guided him to the spare bedroom. Kris lowered him on top of the bed. He removed Jason's boots and tucked him underneath the sheets. He squeezed the boy's arm comfortingly, turned off the lights, and left the boy to sleep through his massive hangover.

When Kris's erratic heart rate slowed down to a peaceful lull, Kris suddenly felt the pulsating pain in his knuckles when his knuckles crashed into the man's jaw from earlier in the night. He went into his kitchen to retrieve an icepack when the doorbell rang and seconds later the door creaked open. He felt warm lips pressed against his neck and Kris closed his eyes to savor the scent red cherry chapstick on Adam's lips. He felt strong arms around his waist and long fingers entwined with his, making Kris yelp from the pain.

"What's wrong, baby?" Adam asked, fingering his swollen knuckles.

"Nothing too serious. Just a little scuffle at the bar." Adam raised his eyebrows, questioningly, to which Kris responded, "I had to do something. They were being a bunch of assholes."

"Why, of course, Kris." Adam smiled and brought his knuckles to his lips. He kissed each knuckle softly and blew over them. "Much better?"

"Much..." Kris couldn't say anything else as Adam moved his lips from his knuckles to Kris's lips.

They kissed passionately as they always had done and soon Kris found himself stumbling backward into his bedroom. Kris felt his body lowered onto the bed and relaxed as Adam strip-teased his way out of his leather clothes. Once Adam was fully naked, Adam hopped on the bed and kissed Kris's neck, again, while expertly removing Kris's clothes for him. In no time, Kris was nearly naked on his bed in only his boxers. Adam smiled delectably and moved down the length of his body, taking the band of the boxers between his teeth and sliding the boxers past his hips. He stuffed Kris's cock and balls into his mouth and worked wonders with his tongue to pleasure Kris. Kris's body rose slightly off the bed as he fisted the sheets underneath him. Adam continued to suck and massaged his genitals with his tongue until Kris couldn't take it any longer. Kris opened his mouth to scream when he remembered the sleeping boy in the next room. He slapped his hands over his mouth and his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he came crashing into Adam's mouth. Adam swallowed every last bit of cum before gliding back up Kris's body to kiss his lips. With their lips pressed together, Adam encouraged Kris's legs to open wide for him. Once Kris was in perfect position, Adam gently lifted Kris's hips and penetrated him. Kris moaned loudly into Adam's mouth as he allowed his body to loosen up in Adam's arms. As soon as Adam hit his prostate deep within his body, Kris tensed up, wrapping his arms around Adam's neck to draw their kiss closer and deeper. Kris wrapped his legs around Adam's waist, encouraging Adam to thrust further and further into his body. Adam smiled into the kiss, grabbed onto Kris's legs, and began thrusting frantically, slamming Kris into the headboard. Kris grabbed the back of his head, massaging the forming bump, and returned his arms around Adam's neck. Adam, being the gentleman that he was, shifted their position in the bed with Kris laid out across the width of the bed instead. Adam unhooked Kris's arms from around his neck and pinned his arms on the mattress as he continued to pound his erection into Kris's ass. With each deep thrust, Kris was going buck wild, throwing his head around on the bed until Adam grabbed his face and held him in place. Adam dove his tongue into Kris's mouth, withdrew his cock and plunged back in, striking the Kris's prostate. Kris screamed into Adam's mouth and tightened his legs around Adam's waist as he squirted his seeds across Adam's stomach. Adam followed next, shooting his cum up Kris's ass. Once he was relieved, Adam collapsed on top of Kris. After gathering his breath, Adam rolled off of Kris and lied down next to him. Kris turned to his side and threw his right leg across Adam's thighs.

"I miss you." Kris admitted.

"I miss you always," Adam added, leaning in to kiss Kris's lips. After a moment of just gazing into each other's eyes, Adam broke the silence. "Can we promise each other that no matter how busy we get, we still make time for each other?"

Kris was more delighted to give his response. "Of course."

"Good." Adam replied. "Cuz I have an early morning photo shoot tomorrow and as much I love to stay in bed with the most amazing stud ever, my manager will have my ass if I don't get enough beauty sleep to retain this pretty face."

"As if you need beauty sleep. You're perfect already." Kris teased.

"True, but we can't take things for granted. We have to work on things that matter most."

"I agree." Kris said, raising his head to meet Adam's moving lips. When they parted, Kris smiled and nodded his head. "Go on home, lover boy. I'll see you tomorrow after your photo shoot for a lunch date."

"Just a lunch date?" Adam pouted.

"If you behave, maybe more." Kris laughed, kissing him, again. "Good-night, Adam."

"Night, baby." Adam said, climbing out of bed.

Kris watched Adam hastily put his clothes back on and skipped away. When the bedroom door closed shut, Kris crawled back to the middle of the bed and just lied down. He stared at the ceiling, smiling like an idiot as he contemplated the impending tour where he and Adam would be able to spend everyday together and not have people questioned their close relationship because they were required to spend everyday together. Kris couldn't wait nor could his bladder. He had been holding his urine in for some time now. He quickly rushed into the bathroom to relieve his bladder. When he returned to his bedroom, he nearly tripped over something in the dark. He turned on the lamp and found the offending object to be Adam's cherished studded leather belt. Knowing that Adam was very partial to the belt, Kris slipped on his jeans and shirt and headed out to return the belt to his boyfriend.

Kris hadn't even opened the door to Adam's apartment yet when he heard yelling behind the wooden entry door. He quickly shoved the key inside the hole and twisted the doorknob to open the door. He hadn't even taken more than two steps into the apartment when a lamp flew across the living room. He dodged the lamp and watched it shattered against the wall. More yelling ensued and Kris turned on his heels, rushing into the bedroom where all the commotion was coming from. In the hallway, there were more items strewn across the floor, almost tripping him. Still, he continued toward the bedroom. A couple of cds spiraled across the hallway and Kris ducked. He kept his head down, afraid of more flying objects, and charged inside the bedroom.

Kris's mouth gaped open upon laying his eyes on the scene before him. Writhing in the middle of the bed was Jason Castro. Adam was on top of him, pinning his arms over his head while his knee was pressing into the boy's crotch. Jason was in tears, crying, "You raped me! You raped me!"

Still pinning his wrists above his head, Adam backhanded the boy across the face and grabbed his face hard. "Well, you weren't complaining when I sucked your cock. Admit it, Jason, you fuckin' love it. I could tell by the way you moan like a fuckin' whore. You can't cry rape if you fuckin' enjoy it, baby boy."

"Fuck you!" Jason yelled back, kicking his leg up to strike Adam's crotch.

"Fuck, Jason! Two can play at his game." Adam yelled, raising his clenched fist to hit the boy in the crotch when Kris finally had enough of the scene before his eyes.

"What's going on, Adam?" Kris asked, inching closer to the bed. Jason burst into tears and Adam looked like he'd seen a ghost in Kris. "What's going on, Adam?" He asked of his boyfriend. When Adam didn't respond, Kris asked, again, trying his hardest not to cry. "What the fuck is going on, Adam?"
"Kris." Adam finally acknowledged him. He let Jason's wrists go and climbed out of bed to meet with Kris.

Kris continued his interrogation. "Is it true what he just said?"

"No." Adam shook his head vehemently. "Of course, I didn't, baby."

Kris nodded his head, letting his tears fall for the first time. Encouraged by Kris's body language, Adam moved closer until Kris held his hand up. "I don't know what is more upsetting to me. That he said you raped him or that you said you slept with each other."

"Kris, I-"

Kris shook his head, folding his arms across his chest. One glance past his lover at the boy weeping in bed and Kris continued, "I can't believe I was going to leave Katy for you."

Kris didn't wait for a response from Adam. He turned on his heels and ran. He ran as fast as he could. He climbed into his car and locked doors shut before Adam could open the door. He slammed his foot on the gas pedal and sped away, not knowing where he was going other than going the hell away from Adam. No matter how hard he tried to contain the tears, the tears kept cascading down his cheeks. They flooded his eyes and made his vision blur, blinding him to the point he didn't see the red lights flashed before his eyes. He slammed his foot on the brakes, but it was too late as a speeding truck collided with his sedan, sending him flying into the intersection. With his last breath, he whispered, "why", and closed his eyes.

"Why?" Jason wailed into the night, collapsing onto the street as the EMT team lifted Kris's covered body into an ambulance.

Jason's intentions were pure from the heart. He hadn't cared much for Kris Allen, but Kris's unexpected kindness toward him made Jason realize he didn't want Kris to suffer the same fate as he did when he let Adam Lambert played with his heart. He witnessed as Adam seduced Kris and feared Adam would eventually hurt Kris. He followed Adam to his place. Even before the glam rocker could lock his apartment door, Jason stormed inside. He charged at Adam and assaulted him with clenched fists. Anger fueled his emotions as he pummeled his fists into Adam's stomach. Adam took blow after blow until he couldn't take the abuse anymore. Adam dragged him into the bedroom where the heated argument ensued. Jason's intentions were pure from the heart. Never in a million years did he think Kris Allen's kindness could lead to God being so cruel as he took away the only kind soul in this cold world of deception and malice.

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