Fic: Curtain Call


Author: Aphrodite

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Fandom: AmericanIdolslash

Summary: Adam Lambert gives his final performance.

Author's Notes: Part of the Your Life is a Stage and the World is Your Audience series.

Curtain Call

Steady hand glided the blade across angular face. A cotton ball filled with alcohol rubbed away the black eyeliner and glittered mascara. A splash of water washed away the foundation residue, leaving freckles behind. Adam Lambert stood before the bathroom mirror in his hotel in Arkansas. It had been days since he'd shaven, days since he'd taken care of himself. Earlier in the week, Kris Allen had been involved in an accident. For the next several days, he had remained in a coma-in a vegetative state, only kept alive by the machine pumping his heart. Just yesterday, his family decided to pull the plug. They brought his body back to his hometown in Arkansas and Adam accompanied them, not as Kris's lover, but as his best friend. The Allen family was going through enough hell. They didn't need to deal with the extramarital affair their beloved son and husband had with another man.

Adam, now stripped of all the glamour, marched into the funeral home to the beat of his aching heart. He hovered over the casket with Kris Allen tucked inside and it took all the strength in the world for him not to break down and cry. He fingered the red roses on the casket, snipped off one rose, and slid it underneath Kris's manicured hands. Kris always loved red roses. In fact, it was the bouquet of red roses sent to Kris's room that started their passionate affair. They would meet secretly in desolate hotels and dark night clubs to quench their thirst for one another. At first, it was just any other relationship Adam had been in until he soon realized that he was quickly falling in love with the boy. Still, it didn't take long for Adam to stray- if only temporarily. While Kris was in New York, Adam made the precarious mistake of hitting the club. Coupled with an endless supply of alcohol and one tall, dark, and handsome crooner with a thick Australian accent, Adam was helpless against Michael Johns' advances. Unbeknownst to him, they were caught on tape and pictures were taken. Those same pictures were strewn across the table at the restaurant as David Cook offered Adam Lambert one way and only one way out of the mess he'd created.

"These pictures and the video will be yours under one condition," David Cook started and when Adam didn't respond, he continued with the deal, "you seduce and break Jason Castro."

"Break him?"

"Rape him." David clarified.

"I don't know about this, David."

David leaned closer to Adam with his hands covering the pictures on the table. "You can't deny you don't fantasize about fuckin' Jason Castro. Most men want to fuck him. I'm allowing you to fuckin' rape him in exchange for these photos."

Adam gulped. David shoved his chair backward and got up. He approached Adam and lowered his lips to Adam's ear while pressing his hand against Adam's straining erection. David squeezed his cock painfully hard. "I see your cock wants the deal, but your stubborn head of yours need a little more convincing. I tell you what. If you don't, lives will be ruined, starting with yours and Kris's."

"Okay. Okay." Adam finally surrendered and allowed himself to be a puppet to David Cook's puppeteer. Adam breathed in a sigh of relief as David released his iron grip on his cock. "But what about Jason?"

"Don't you worry about Jason. You just worry about yours and Kris's happiness. I'll take care of Jason." David assured him. He gathered the pictures and tucked them back into the envelope. Adam reached his hand for the envelope when David snatched it away. "Not yet. When your good deed is done, I'll give them to you. I'll keep in touch. Good-bye, Adam."

"Bye." Adam breathed, squeezing Kris's hand gently. "Good-bye, Kris." Adam heaved in a deep sigh. His eyes became moist with tears as he kept repeating the farewells. He finally let go after Kris's dad came up behind him to guide him away. He collapsed onto his seat and watched the world blended into pitch darkness.

The reception was a little more bearable as friends and families chatted about memories of Kris. His parents had set up a projection screen and were playing old videos of Kris when he was a child. They played his first music recital. They played his high school graduation. They played his American Idol audition. They played clips of the show, nearly all of which had Adam by his side. It was bittersweet for Adam to watch the clips from the show. The memories brought sweeter warmth to his heart yet the realization that memories were all he had left of Kris made Adam bitter. He tried to focus on the happier moments he shared with Kris, of his short time in Kris's loving arms, and the smile returned to his face.

The door swung opened and the sunlight peering in basked the next guest in a celestial glow. Katy shrieked and hurried to the entrance of the hall to greet the guest. A few more people ushered the guest forward. Adam couldn't ignore the commotion and turned his head. He shouldn't have as the smile instantaneously transformed into a frown. Jason Fuckin' Castro blessed the grieving party with his presence. He handed Katy a bouquet of white roses and mingled with some of the guests. Adam slammed his wine glass on the table and watched with great intensity as Jason's denim blue eyes locked with his sky blue eyes. He watched as Jason bid his farewells, and once, again, offering his condolences before he left the reception about half an hour later. Adam took one last gulp of his wine before stalking the boy outside.

Just as Jason climbed into his car, Adam got into his and followed the boy. He kept a safe distance from the boy while on the road but as soon as Jason stopped in front of the historic hotel, Adam leaped out of his car and pursued the boy. He opted for the stairs instead of the elevator, intending to intercept the boy's path. When he pushed open the door, Jason was already at his hotel room, unlocking the door to enter. He twisted the doorknob, entered the room, and proceeded to close the door when Adam blocked the doorway. He pushed the door open and invited himself in. Jason gulped, shuffling his legs backward as Adam stared him down with the raging daggers in his eyes.

"It's all because of you Kris is now gone." Adam seethed, slowly moving forward until he backed Jason into the corner.

"Me?" The boy countered. "Who the fuck cheated on Kris anyways? You're the fuckin' asshole who didn't treat him well while he was alive. You're the one who came after me while you were still with him. You're the one who fuckin' killed him."

"Shut up! Shut up!" Adam shrieked, slapping Jason across. "Shut up, you fuckin' whore!" Adam grabbed the boy and threw him across the room.

"You're the fuckin' whore, Adam!" Jason yelled back. "And you're fuckin' weak. And a fuckin' loser and killer. You killed the only person who fuckin' truly loved you. Good luck finding another stupid fag to fall for you."

Adam tightened his fists and charged at Jason, pinning him to the floor. He rained blows upon blows on the boy's body, hitting anything his fists came in contact with all the while cursing at the boy and calling him a whore, who deserved to die instead of Kris. He kept hitting the boy until a heavy weight knocked him to the floor. Jason scrambled to his feet and kicked him in the crotch several times until he was pulled away. Adam grabbed his genitals and rolled over on his back in pain. He pushed himself off the floor and leaned against the wall as the two lovers before him quarreled.

"Are you going to fuckin' let him treat me like that?" The boy lashed out at his lover.

David shook his head and attempted to calm the boy down.

"He fuckin' called me a whore, David!" The boy yelled. "And hit me. I fuckin' hate Adam Lambert and I want him to pay for everything he's done to me. What kind of man are you if you let another man beat the shit out of your boyfriend?!"

Adam struggled to his feet, limping towards the two lovers. He wrapped his arm around Jason's shoulder and laughed out loud. He licked the boy's earlobe and whispered loudly while staring at David's brooding gray eyes.

"The kind of man who fuckin' arranges for his boyfriend to-"

Adam didn't finish his banter as the wind was knocked out of him. David soccer punched him in the stomach, sending him crashing to the ground. David grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and hauled him to his feet. He slammed his fist into Adam's stomach, again, and, again. Adam doubled over to collect his breath. However much pain he was in, Adam mustered all of his strength and charged at David with his shoulder. David crashed against the wall and just as quickly got up and charged at Adam. The two struggled for several minutes, exchanging blows and crashing into furniture and walls. This was the epic battle Adam had envisioned the minute Kris passed away. He swore to Kris the day the Allens pulled the plug that he was going to avenge his death and made David Cook pay for his actions. He just didn't expect the revenge to take place so soon after the funeral. Then, again, he hadn't intended for Jason Castro to be in the picture, yet here he was kneeling on the floor and grabbing onto David's pants to keep him away from Adam. David shoved Jason to the floor and charged at Adam, catapulting him out of the window and barely hanging onto the balcony railings. Adam heard the commotion down on the ground as a small crowd had gathered underneath him. He thought to himself how fucked up his life was-how his life was a stage and the world was his audience. He looked away from the burgeoning crowd and gazed up at the sky. A familiar voiced echoed with the wind. It was Kris beckoning him to join him where there was no more pain and suffering. Adam smiled and nodded his head. He turned his eyes back to the hotel room. David Cook was running full speed towards him. Adam whispered silently, "Fuck you!", and let his fingers slip as Jason Castro rammed an armchair at his lover, pinning him against the wall. David groaned in a pain as blood seeped from the corners of his lips. He reached his hands out for Jason, revealing his blood drenched hands. Jason approached his lover cautiously and when he saw the open wound from a broken piece of wood off the chair, Jason quickly pushed the chair away, freeing David. David slumped to the floor, trying futilely to cover his wound. When no amount of pressure could close the wound, David relaxed and let the bleeding continued. Jason collapsed in front of him, sobbing. He wrapped his arms around David's waist and cried. David leaned down to kiss Jason's forehead when the boy broke the contact and reached for the phone.

"We have to get you to the hospital." He told his lover.

David snatched the phone away. He threw the phone across the room and grabbed the boy's wrist. He pulled Jason closer to him until the boy was practically straddling his thighs. He yanked viciously on Jason's dreads and whispered into his ear.

"Tell me the truth. You fuckin' love Adam Lambert more than me, don't you?" Jason remained speechless. He didn't want to lie, but he didn't want to reveal the truth either, fearing that a confession would finally nail David's coffin shut for good. He shook his head as the teardrops continued to cascade down his delicate features. "I see." David acknowledged, nodding his head until his head flopped over. David Cook was dead. Jason Castro rushed into the bathroom. He turned on the water and plugged the sink, letting the water filled the sink. He submerged his hands in the water before splashing the cold water over his face and waited for the sirens outside the hotel to stop and the cops to arrive to take him away.

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