Disclaimer -- this story is a work of fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives.

Daley and Bieber: Teen Idols Part 1

A comic relief party is in full swing, hosted by the BBC at Television Centre. Celebrities from around the world there to celebrate the record-breaking total achieved during this year's telethon in March. Two younger celebs that had taken part, in a video featuring `Smithy' from Gavin and Stacey were in attendance, feeling slightly awkward that they didn't have many people to speak to...

Tom Daley is a champion diver for Great Britain, and despite having only turned 17 this year had become one of the most famous faces of the 2012 Olympics and had a strong fan base. Justin Bieber, the worldwide superstar was also there, despite his youthful appearance, he is two months older than Tom and feeling just as awkward. Tom was due to bring a date, but she was in bed with flu and Justin's girlfriend; Selena Gomez was in Miami filming a new music video. Despite this, both lads decided to stray from their hotel rooms, take a break from their busy schedules and take a look at the party...

Tom saw Justin stood at the bar; unusually he wasn't swamped in fans or an entourage, so he headed over, in the hope of getting some company.

"Hi...I'm Tom, love your music"

"Hey...cheers dude, you're the diving guy aren't you?"

"Yeah, that's me! I'm surprised you know."

"Well, I've seen a few clips and stuff of you, you're pretty famous. Is it just me or are we like, the only kids here?"

"Seems that way, it's pretty dull isn't it"

"Too true man. At least we can hang, want a beer?"

"I can't drink, in training."

"Oh shit, man that sucks. I'm sorry. Never mind, we shouldn't be drinking at our age anyway, although I guess you're a couple years older than me?"

"Errm if I'm right, you're a couple months older than me?"
"No way!? I'm March 94?!"

"May 94 here..."

"Wow, well you sure put me to shame."

"I'm not the world-wide, multi-millionaire pop star?"
"Bud, I said I've seen you diving, so I know the bod underneath that suit and I think you'd have Selena at the drop of a hat over me dude!"

"Haha, you're too kind, it's not all about that"

"Too right, and I bet you don't fail to impress elsewhere!"

"Ah well, who knows. What you doing over in the UK?"

"Just promoting my new music, doing some shows over the summer. I'm over here on my own for once, I got my people of course, but like not fam, no girl, so gets pretty lonely. They've given me a penthouse suite in the Hilton!? That place is huge man!"

"Lucky you! I'm in the Hilton too, how come I haven't seen you? I've got a standard room though"

"I've not been there a lot to be honest, you heading there tonight?"

"Yeah, they've said they'll send for a car."

"Man, don't do that. My driver is outside all night, get a ride with me?"

"Oh, you sure? That'd be really kind"
"No probs man, look I need to go make a phone call, my Mom always want me to ring her at the same time! Shall I meet you in the foyer at 10pm?"

"Cool, yeah. Nice meeting you Justin"

"Same, see you in a bit bud."

Justin went off to ring him Mum and Tom circulated the party for a while longer, chatting on and off with the random faces around the room. When it got to 21:55, Tom headed to the foyer and sat, waiting for Justin. Justin appeared around the corner, now with a leather jacket and shades on.

"Come on bro, let's go. That's my ride."

Justin and Tom hopped into the back of the black Hummer parked outside, which left Television Centre and headed to the hotel where both the boys were staying. After they arrived, the boys walked over to the elevator and stepped in together.

"Well, I guess you're on the top floor! I'm on seven."

"Look man, it's barely half ten, like I said I got this massive pad up there, you wanna come watch a movie or something?"
"Sure, why not. I get a day off tomorrow"
"Lucky you, I don't! But I don't have to be out till lunch, so it's cool"

The boys stood next to each other silently in the lift as it rose. Neither of them were particularly tall, Justin was around 5'5", whilst Tom was about 5'8". Justin was often joked about for having not even started puberty, which was just not true, but his size and baby face didn't help his case. Tom on the other hand, has many internet admirers and his diving photos are often commented on in various forums and the development of his physique closely monitored. The lift finally arrived and Tom followed Justin to his room, they walked in and Tom couldn't believe it.

"Wow...this is incredible"

"It sure is something, right?"

"You're telling me"

"Hey, here's a thought you wanna go in the hot tub on the balcony?"
"You get your own hot tub!?"

"Certainly do!"

"As if. I'd love to, but I'd need to go fetch some stuff, trunks etc"

"Don't bother man, just go in your boxers, there's a load of bathrobes in the bathroom, go put one on and I'll meet you out there, I'll get it running and get us a couple of cokes, there's even a flat screen TV out there!"

"This is like a Hollywood dream!"

"It pretty much is dude, see you in a min"

Tom walked into the large, palatial bathroom and sat down on the toilet seat, firstly removing his shoes and socks, then standing up and taking off his suit trousers, followed by his shirt and tie and finally his jacket. He looked at himself in the full-length mirror, Justin was right he did have an amazing body but this wasn't news to him, he often read what people said on the internet about photographs of him and he loved the attention. He didn't know of anyone his age, or even anyone a little older who has a much muscle on their body, and such definition was to be proud of. He'd even started to develop quite a bit of body hair; although he was encouraged to wax it for his diving, Tom kept it and he was quite proud of the furrow of thick hair leading down from his belly button and the light covering over his pecs. He didn't know many lads his age with a hairy chest. Tom was wearing a pair of white, Calvin Klein boxer trunks, he was concerned how this would work out in a hot tub but seeing as though there'd be plenty of bubbles and stuff, it didn't bother him too much, he slung on the white bathrobe, left his clothes in a pile on the floor and headed down to the balcony...

The hot tub was bubbling away in the corner, a patio heater was next to it and the TV on the brick wall was showing some cheesy American teen film. Tom took off the robe and climbed into the tub, it was lovely and warm. He stretched his muscular legs out and put his arms up on the side; `this is the life' he thought. Justin walked out through the glass doors, also in a white robe, a can of coke in each hand.

"Found everything okay then dude?
"Yeah no probs, I still can't get over this place Justin"
"I know, pretty cool, huh?"

Justin placed the cans down on the side of the hot tub and slipped off his robe. At this close proximity it was clear to see the rumours about him having not started puberty were untrue. Yes, he had no treasure trail or chest hair like his slightly younger companion but his legs did have hair and so did his pits. Also, he had developed some slight abs and nice `v' lines, he also had some pecs starting to show. These of course, dwarfed by Tom's. In black CK's, Justin's modesty was slightly less at risk, he hopped in the hot tub and sat opposite Tom, mirroring his position.

"What time is it Tom?"

"It's about 11 I think"

"Cool, cool, not too bad. So how come you were a billy at that party tonight like me?"

"Oh, well I was meant to take a date but she wasn't very well"
"Man, that sucks. Your girlfriend?"
"Nah, I don't have a girlfriend. Just a friend. What about you?"

"Oh, Selena is shooting some music video so she couldn't come"
"Oh, not great."

"Nope, pad like this to myself. We could have had a lot of fun together here."
"Oh, so you guys have..."

"No, no no. Are you kidding? She's like the biggest Christian around. I pretend to be into all that, but jeez...just put out girl!"

"No way, that's rubbish."
"Bet you're not short of action?"
"Errm, well...I don't really, kinda...very much. Like, being in training all the time etc. It's not easy"
"Oh right, well...that really does suck. Just sort yourself out then I guess?"

"Well, yeah..."

"Mess with friends, or...?"


Tom was gay, he always had been, but had never been very open about it. Yes, he'd told close friends and family and had not been short of experiences with other guys, but it wasn't something he wanted the public knowing. He couldn't help but get a vibe from Justin, but thought he was reading something into nothing. It didn't help that he was very sexually frustrated and would love nothing more than to get closer to Justin. After a short awkward silence, a sip of coke and a quiet thought, Tom started the conversation back up...

"I guess if Selena isn't putting out then you have to just have to please yourself too?"

"Man, a lot of the time that's true. But there's girls sometimes, at concerts and stuff. I invite them back to my bus and stuff happens. Don't get me wrong, I don't sleep with these girls, not since I've been with Selena but I get head or a hand job every now and again."

"Wow, well I guess you're lucky, you can have whoever you want."

"And you sit there in nothing but boxers, with a body like that saying that to me? Get real dude!"

Could he just be very comfortable with his sexuality that he doesn't feel it an issue making comments like that? Tom thought.

"What do you mean?"

"Look at the bod on you, you're ripped man. You could have any girl. I know we ain't all that different in height, but that's not stopped me so it sure as hell won't have stopped you"

"Well I..."

"Put your leg up."


"Put your foot up out of the water"

Tom lifted his left leg out of the water so his foot was just above the surface, Justin did the same with his right, and placed his foot against Tom's, heel to heel. Justin sighed.

"Man, that was meant to be my trump card!"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I got pretty big feet for my size, I usually trump guys with my size, I'm like a US10, so that makes you what...a 12!? What's that in UK?

"Well, I wear a 11 over here"

"Jeez, I just get more and more envious!"

"Like I said earlier, you're a millionaire and every teenage girl wants you"

Justin laughed and the boys put their legs back under the water.

"So, Tom is the old saying true with you?"

"What saying?"
"Well, big feet, you know..."

"Oh right, well...I guess, yeah. You?
"Of course dude. Makes me sick when I see people writing on forums being like, oh he's not even started puberty, I bet he's got a 5 inch dick. I'm 17 for god's sake."
"Yeah, that must be annoying"
"Well you hardly get that do you, people see the size of your junk everyday in those speedos, you've got nothing to be ashamed of and we've just proved that with your clown feet"

"Well, I don't think I'm ready to quit my job in star in porn just yet"

"Probs not the best plan dude. You ever compared size with friends?"

Tom didn't really want to say he'd had multiple male sexual partners, so a less than truthful answer seemed a better option.

"Yeah, with a few of my mates"

"Like, hard and stuff?"


"Bigger than any, or?"
"Bigger than them all to be honest."
"Don't get cocky Daley!"

Tom felt an opportunity to push his luck...

"I'm not! You reckon you'd beat me like!?"

"Well, having seen that bulge and those feet...I doubt it. Give you a good run for your money though"
"Do you want to compare Justin?"

"Why not!? It's harmless fun."
"Well are you even hard?"
"I have been a while."

Justin stood up and revealed the tent in his boxers, he came over and sat next to Justin and slipped off his boxers, throwing them out of the hot tub. He looked at Tom;


Tom did the same, slipping off his boxers and throwing them out of the tub.

"Well, can you turn the jets off or something? I don't see how we're supposed to compare anything like this."

Justin switched the hot tub off and as the water became still, the boys looked down and could see each other's erect cocks looking back at them.

"You trim your pubes too then Tom?"

"Yeah, makes your junk look bigger doesn't it"

"I guess, you don't really need to though to be honest. I thought I was big! You measured before?"

"What teen boy hasn't? It's eight inches, dead on."

"That is pretty impressive, not gonna lie...you're a lucky guy. I'm a little over seven myself. You ever measured your girth?"

"Yep, it's just about six inches, I'm about 2 inches wide all the way along."

"Yeah, my girth is about inches, still pretty decent."

"Yeah, I bet you haven't had many complaints."

"You're kidding, I've had none!"

The boys laughed. Tom still wasn't sure if this was friendly straight lad banter, but felt comfortable and confident enough to come out to Justin.

"Look, Justin. I don't mean to make things awkward at all but, I'm gay, so..."

"Well I guess that answers my next question."

"Oh, what was that?"

"Have you ever jacked off with friends, but...I guess not just friends, eh?"

"Well, no. Not just friends haha. Have you?"

"Yeah, I have, but not just friends."
"What do you mean?"

"Let you into a little secret Tom, Justin Bieber is bi."

"No way!?"

"Yes way, so..."

Justin reached out and wrapped his hand around Tom's huge, thick dick...

"...this is nothing new to me."

At first, Tom didn't know what to say or do. He didn't know if he should be embarrassed or turn on the flirting.

"This big? I'd bet it's pretty new to you"

He went for the flirt option and it paid off, both boys laughed and Justin took his hand off Tom's cock and playfully slapped him on the cheek. Justin climbed out of the tub and stood next to it, completely naked, looking on at Tom, still sat there.

"So Tom, do you fancy a bit of fun?"

"Look, I know you're bi now but...that doesn't change the fact you have a girlfriend."

"It does however change the fact, I am horny as fuck and want your cock"

"I can't really argue with that can I?"

"Nope, you can't"

With that, the muscled teen adonis stood up in the hot tub and stood, momentarily flexing his biceps about his head, water dripping down his, defined, hairy torso and from his large, shaved balls, his huge uncut dick swaying from side to side. Justin stared, his mouth open slightly.

"It's rude to stare Justin."

"Errm...I'm getting you in my bed, I've got a right to be in shock. Come on, follow me..."

Tom climbed out of the hot tub, and followed Justin into the suite, their big wet footprints on the ground behind them, the two hung horny teens making their way to bed together...

Part 2 soon...

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