Disclaimer -- this story is a work of fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives.

Daley and Bieber: Two Teen Idols Part 2

Justin scampered eagerly up the staircase to the large bedroom on the mezzanine level; Tom followed excitedly, his eyes fixated on Justin's pert, hairless bubble butt. Tom's huge dick was throbbing, his foreskin back slightly showing a small amount of clear precum, which had started to ooze. Tom was incredibly horny; he hadn't shot his load with a hot boy in a long time and couldn't wait to see what was going to happen with the superstar he'd managed to pull.

Justin jumped on the huge bed in the centre of the room, lying on his back with his arms behind his head, one leg laying out straight and the other bent at the knee, his surprisingly large dick rock hard and his big, full balls tight in the sack. Tom followed and lay on the bed on his side, facing Justin. He caressed his well-developed, muscular torso, paying particular attention to his big, hairy pecs, tweaking his nipples before reaching down to his meaty dick and huge balls, squeezing them and slapping his dick against his defined abs. Justin had a smile on his face and looked at the body of the boy opposite him from head to toe...

"Tom, you have no idea the thoughts that are going through my head right now."

"If they're anything like mine then they're pretty filthy."

"Your dick...it's unreal. I bet it's seen plenty of action."

"I've had it in plenty of holes, that's for sure."

"You're a total jock."

"And you're a fit as fuck twink."

"What's that?"

"A young, gay, smooth, bottom boy. But you're a bit more defined a bit more hung than they usually are, I like it."

"Let's take this slow, I wanna savour every second I get to spend with a stud like you."

"I'm gonna make it the best night of your life."

"Lie down on your back Tom..."

Tom laid back, his hands behind his head and both legs bent up. Justin moved to the end of the bed, at Tom's feet...

"As soon as I saw these bad boys I felt a twinge in my pants, what size did you say they were again?"

"I wear 11's."

"Mmm, nothing I like better than huge clean boy feet, especially when they're as sexy as yours.

"Well, I get regular pedicures, what with them being on show a lot."

"Do people ever comment on them?"
"Yeah, I get told they're nice looking and huge, I've had guys play with them before."

"Like that?"
"Loved it."

Justin held Tom's right foot in his hand and began massaging slowly...

"The tops are really sexy, I like that they're hairy too."


Justin's face moved closer and closer and starting at the heel, he licked his way up the sole of Tom's big, well-arched foot. When he reached Tom's long toes, he started sucking ; firstly on the baby toe, before moving along each one, sucking them slowly. Justin spent most time on the big toe, working it like he was sucking dick. As he did so, he let go of the foot with his hands, but Tom kept his it up to the boy's mouth, and Justin started caressing and massaging Tom's hairy muscular leg. Justin knelt up on the bed and pressed his hard cock against Tom's thigh as he worked his foot with his tongue. Justin bent Tom's leg back and positioned his foot in front of his dick then pressed it against his wet toes, his 7 inch dick; covered in precum and sliding in between Tom's big toe and second toe. Tom couldn't contain himself any longer and started moaning loudly, stroking softly the full length of his 8 inch dick. He'd had his feet played with before, but never like this and he'd never had a boy fuck his sexy feet before. Justin moved onto Tom's left foot and performed the same magic, Tom slowly wanking and moaning the whole time. After he'd finished with the second foot, Justin laid down on his front, his head in between Tom's bent legs. He slowly moved forward, so his face was just centimeters away from Tom's dick, now dripping with precum, his foreskin pulled all the way back...

"So Tom..."


"You enjoy that?"

"I've never had anyone worship my feet like that before."

"I've never played with feet that hot before, you're perfection. Every inch of you."

"Better let me at your feet later."

"Oh I will, but right now those huge balls of yours are hanging pretty low, they'd be perfect to suck on, quite a mouthful."

"You have no idea how wild that drives me."

"Let's see then..."

Justin lowered his head and began licking and kissing Tom's massive, hairy balls. He took the slightly lower one in his mouth first and began sucking slowly, his hand reached around and held onto Tom's big dick, wanking his long shaft slowly. Tom was moaning loudly, his hands on the back on Justin's head. Justin stretched his mouth and took both balls inside, starting to suck harder, pressing his tongue against them and wanking his cock harder and faster. Tom put his legs over Justin's shoulders, crossing his feet over his back...

"Fuck yes you little slut. Suck my huge balls, play with my massive dick, now boy."

Justin paused for a moment and looked up, smiling at Tom...

"You're a dark horse, are you my master now haha?

"Yep. It comes with being this buff and hung. You love it."

He was right. Justin went back down and resumed sucking on Tom's balls and wanking his hard cock. Tom continued to moan and groan loudly, his hands running through Justin's hair and pressing his head down into his crotch...

"My dick, suck my dick now."

"Mmm, my pleasure Tom."

"Ever sucked one this big?"


"Well do it, I think you'll like it."

"Oh I know I will."

Tom wrapped his legs around Justin's neck as he bowed down to his huge hard dick. His hand struggling to fit around the base of Tom's thick dick, he licked and teased the end of it, before taking the whole head in his mouth and sucking on it like a big gobstopper. Tom let out a loud moan as Justin did this and pushed the back of his head, encouraging him to take more of his dick inside his mouth. Slowly, Justin let more of Tom's cock enter his small mouth, four inches of his shaft inside he worked his way up and down it, sucking hard and using his tongue to drive Tom wild...

"You're only half way there."

Justin groaned in excitement and also fear at taking more of this massive cock. Tom started thrusting his hips, pushing more of his big cock down Justin's throat, six inches of it easily sliding in and out of Justin's lips. Both boys were moaning as this was happening. Tom getting hornier and hornier; gave one huge thrust and pushed Justin's head down on his dick. With 8 hard inches of thick dick forced down his throat, Justin gagged on it, Tom not letting him move his head up. Justin got used to it and could finally deep throat all of Tom's delicious cock, his head bobbing up and down the whole length of it, like a good little cock-sucker. Justin's now free hands explored Tom's body, moving up past his six pack to his big pecs, playing with his nipples as he deep throated his new lover's cock. Tom was fucking Justin's face and could feel himself start to cum, as he thrust harder, pushing down Justin's head his balls tightened and his moans increased volume...

"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum..."

Justin continued sucking the full length of Tom's dick as he shot his hot, thick, creamy load for at least fifteen seconds. Justin's mouth and throat were plastered with it; he had to swallow three times before he let Tom's huge, slowly-softening dick slip out of his mouth.

"Come here Justin."

Justin climbed on top of Tom's body, in between his legs, until their cocks were pressed together and their faces close.

"How rude of me, I didn't even kiss you. Unless you only save that for Selena?"

"Are you joking man? I don't give a fuck about her any more. I'm yours, totally."

"Good boy. Feels weird me being younger, but being the dominant one. I like it.

"I like you."

With that, Tom held Justin's face with one hand, his other hand in his hair and stared deeply into his brown eyes, his long eyelashes fluttering. After pausing, he moved forward and pressed his lips against Justin's, both their mouths opening and their tongues entwining. Tasting his own, fresh cum on Justin's tongue made Tom pull into the kiss even deeper and the boys passionately kissed for five minutes, before Justin rested his head on Tom's wide, muscular chest; thick hair brushing against Justin's soft cheek...

"I suppose now you've came you just wanna go to sleep."

"Can you not feel my hard cock pressing against yours?"

"Yeah, but..."

"But nothing, I'm ready for more. Like you said, I'm a stud."

"What's next then big boy?"

"Oh, the fun hasn't even begun yet..."

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