This is my first attempt at making a story that's sci-fi. I've been writing for a while, but nothing like this so bear with me please. This story will be loosely based on True Blood, with references and some appearances of characters from the show and books. I do not own these characters and as disclaimer, all rights of true blood and references to the books belong to their respective owners. My interpretation of these characters does not portray how the actors who played them are in real life. Any other suggestions/ideas apart from that belong to me. Hope you guys enjoy.


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Dark Light

Chapter One- Nothing Ever Really Changes With Time


It's weird to think of a world different from how it is now. Over a hundred years ago vampires went public with their identities, proving that those days of Dracula and Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV shows were more than just ideas dreamt up in a studio around a large table of writers. Vampires actually existed. Not long after that did other once thought mythical creatures start to go public or mainstream as they called it. Weres like wolves, panthers, even weretigers went public. Elves, Nymphs, just about every mythical creature you read about as a kid, existed today as part of our world. Of course, not all are public, some stay hidden. To protect themselves, but more importantly, to protect us.


My name is Nikolai. I'm 25 and a waiter/ full time med school student at USC. I live in my family home outside of LA in a small town called Suxion Falls. It's not much and everyone knows everyone, but its home. I prefer the quiet solidity living out here brings, I guess that's why I never left even after the death of our grandmother about a year ago. Aside from my brother and sisters, she was the only living family we had left. Our father disappeared when I was 6 and about three years later our mother died in a car accident. I remember growing up thinking our family was cursed. I was different from other kids, for as long as I can remember I had always been able to hear people's thoughts as clearly as if they were speaking them to me.


I remember in third grade I had a crush on another boy, Kory McCarthy. I heard his thoughts one day on how he thought Jenny Kendricks was pretty and he wanted her to be his girlfriend. Needless to say I learned two things that day, one, I wasn't like other people because I could hear thoughts, and two, I wasn't like other boys my age because I liked other boys.


Luckily for me, I didn't have to go through all these changes alone, my brother and sisters were both like me, they could hear people's thoughts. Apparently our father knew that about us, I suspect that's why he left. Maybe he didn't want freaks for kids. My mother tried her best to understand and raise us while keeping our secret. She did all the way up until she died.


After that life got more complicated. As hard as we tried, my siblings and I couldn't hide our "gift" as our grandmother used to call it. Pretty soon word spread around the town about us. People who believed the town gossip thought we were one of the mainstreamers, others just thought we were crazy or freaks or some combination of the two. Either way, people treated us like outcast. Whispering, talking, but most importantly...thinking.


I did have one friend however. William Shea, though he just went by Shea. He always said William sounded too formal like he was some famous boring writer. He helped me one day in third grade when I was being bullied by Teddy Lawrence. He thought I was listening in on his thoughts and called me a freak. Shea saw him shove me to the ground and came to my rescue. Ever since then, we've been best friends; Grams would sometimes joke about him being her fifth grandchild.



After Grams died, we received her will. In it she left the house to my oldest sister Nikolette. My younger brother Nikolas was left our parents' house closer to the city, Nikola, the second oldest received all of grandpa's shares in his businesses he invested over the years, and I received a key. I imagined the key belonged to some Swiss bank account that no one knew about, but sadly that wasn't the case.


It wasn't until almost 4 months after Grams died that I found a box underneath a squeaky board in her room. None of us could bear going into the room after she died, but I somehow found the strength to be the first.


The box was odd looking like nothing I've seen before. It was a brass color and should've been very heavy, but I lifted it with ease. The outside was decorated with strange symbols that I couldn't recognize, but felt oddly familiar. On the top of the box was a small key hole. I reached into my shirt and pulled out the necklace that I kept the key on. I inserted the key and opened the box. On top was a letter written in Grams handwriting and underneath that, were four orb shaped amulets. I set aside the box and read the letter. The letter was addressed to me.




If you're reading this, it means I'm no longer around to protect you.


Protect me? What did she mean she can't protect me?


You're a bright boy my Nikolai, I'm sure you've always known you and your brother and sisters were different from everyone else. Your looks, attraction to people, your gift. You're not like them, you ARE different, and your father was different. It's because of him, that you are what you are...faeries.


Faeries. I'm a faerie? Our Father was a faerie? I've always known we were different, but a faerie? What the hell does that even mean?


Now you just calm yourself Nikolai Bennett.


I smiled, while imagining her say that. Even in death she never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge on my reaction.


I'm not exactly sure what that means,


That makes two of us Grams.


But what I do know is that it makes all of you special. Your father and I spoke briefly before he disappeared. He left behind this box with one of those crystal amulets for each one of you. He didn't say what it was for, only that your light will find a way. It's up to you all to look after each other now. Protect yourselves and trust the light.



"Nikolai! Nikolai!" I was subconsciously twisting the amulet in my hand, while staring off into space. I tucked the amulet back into my shirt and snapped out of my reverie to see my boss standing in front of me.


"I'm sorry Tom I kind of zoned out again." I said sheepishly. I think my cheeks might have flushed lightly.


He gave me a concerned look, "Everything okay Nik, you seem a little more preoccupied than usual."


I shook my head and smiled, "I'm fine really, just thinking about Grams it's almost been a year since..."


I walked around the counter to pick up the order for my table.


Tom walked up close to me. "You know I can give you some time off if you need it."


I smiled up at him, "thanks but I'd rather be busy. Besides you and I both know you can't afford to give me time off until you get another waiter. "

I winked at him and walked around the corner to my table.


Tom was my boss and kind of a loner. He had dirty blonde hair. A full beard that was unkempt, but gave him a rugged handsome look. His blue eyes were so piercing, that sometimes it was like he had the power to look through me and into my soul. He was 6 foot, and muscular but proportionate to his height. I didn't know much about Tom other than his name, and that he owned the restaurant. It wasn't that he was secretive; he just didn't openly talk about his past.


We all have things that we'd rather keep hidden right?


I dropped off my order to the table, and, made my way to the bar.


"What do you want now?" Shea greeted from behind the bar with a wink. To everyone else he was harsh, abrasive, short tempered, and a bit of a jerk, but to me he was my best friend. Shea was 5'8 like me, but he was slightly pale, and muscular. I used to joke that he looked like a miniature Hulk. He had dark hair that he kept in a buzz cut, with dark eyes. Overall he looked intimidating and dangerous, but he was mostly all talk. Shea had a messed up past, his dad was a drunk and used to beat his mother. His mother was a drug addict, whose addiction only increased after his father disappeared. He once came home to her almost burning down the house. That's why he spent most of his time at Grams with us growing up.


"I was going to ask for the wine for table three and compliment you on your behavior tonight, but now I'll just settle for that wine now." I said with a condescending attitude.


He grabbed the bottle of wine, and popped the cork. "Here hooker and the night's still young. Anything can happen. "He added with a wink.


I rolled my eyes, "Just try to stay out of trouble will you?"


He poured himself a shot of tequila and rose the glass to me in a toasting gesture. "I'm not making any promises."


I smiled, as he downed the shot in one gulp.



The rest of the night was pretty uneventful. You'd think living in the world now were vampires and other creatures walked among us, that life wouldn't be so...mundane.


I was taking off my apron in Tom's office, and getting my things to go home when he walked in.


Gosh you're so beautiful. I wish I could just tell you. Kiss. Your eyes.


For the most part I try not to actively read people's thought that aren't my siblings, Grams always told us it was disrespectful. But sometimes people broadcast thoughts subconsciously, it's normal, and unless you're like me, you wouldn't be able to pick up on them. That's what Tom had a habit of doing.


I blushed lightly. I've known Tom had a thing for me ever since I started working for him years ago. I never said anything about it, because he never did either. From my experience, people don't like being told how they feel.


I looked up at my reflection in the mirror. I saw my tanned skin, dark brown hair slick and shiny as it cascaded down my shoulders to the top of my back. Hazel brown eyes that almost looked golden in the light framed with long lashes. High cheek bones, with full pink lips, and a soft creamy skin that accentuated my features. I've been told a few times that I could be a model. My siblings all looked like me with a few differences here and there.


I could see Tom leaning against the desk with his arms crossed, just watching me with an adoring look on his face.


"You're staring." I teased.


"Can you blame me?" he teased back. Tom has never been this forward with his feelings. I was caught off guard, and could only stare at the mirror as he made his way to me.


He reached out grasping my shoulders gently and turned me around.


"Tom..." I whispered softly.


"Stop me anytime Nik," He whispered as he slowly leaned down, "I'm hoping you won't..."


And I didn't. I allowed him to kiss me. It was soft; like he was afraid I'd stop him. Instead, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He deepened the kiss and wrapped his arm around my waist, while his other hand caressed my cheek and tangled in my hair.


He pushed me back, slamming me into the wall, as his grip on my waist tightened with need.


The sound of a clearing throat separated us. I gently pushed him off me, creating some distance between us.


"Oh never mind me, I just came to get my keys." Shea said, while walking between us to retrieve his keys and walking back out, but not before giving me the "we'll talk about this later" look.


Tom looked at me giving a nervous chuckle, "I guess the mood is ruined."


"I should be getting home."


I started to leave, but he grabbed me.


"At least let me walk you out."


Wanna kiss you again. Smell good. Gosh I love--


I disentangled my hand from his, "its okay I'll be fine. Thanks though. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye Tom."


I left before he could persuade me to stay.



Usually I try not to stop in the city on my way home, but I was running out of gas and didn't want to stop on the side of the road halfway there. I pulled into gas station that looked like it should've been abandoned. Regardless, I got out my car and made my way to the store. Walking in, I was more convinced than before, that this place should've been abandoned. The ceiling was caved in, dripping water in some places. The floor was dirty and growing mold in the dark areas. The man behind the counter was no better. My guess late 30s overweight alcoholic with difficulty breathing.


"What!" he snapped as I reached the counter.


"30 on pump 4." I replied without looking at him.


His chunky fingers reached out and snatched the money out my hand.


I just glared at him, and hurried out the door. The way I see it, he did me a favor, the less amount of time I had to spend in there the better.


Walking outside, I noticed the lights above my car had gone out. "Great." I murmured to myself. "Another reason this place needs to be torn down and replaced."


I fumbled for my keys in the dark and unlocked the car door. "Maybe if I turn on my head lights that'll help."


I turned on the lights, and suddenly someone was standing in front.


Ignoring my better judgment, I got out of the car. "Can I help you?"


The man didn't reply.




Still no answer.


I turned to close my gas tank, and leave before the man moved, but no sooner that I turned, the man was standing right in front of me.


"Vampire..." I whispered.


"Well well. I was following my nose, didn't know I'd come across you."


I looked up into the vampire's eyes, and mine widened in shock. "You're--"


He smirked, "Good to see you still recognize me after all these years. He stepped closer and sniffed the air between us. "Why do you smell so....good?" His fangs popped out.


I swallowed hard, "I'm not afraid of you."


I don't know if that was a lie or not, but even if I did feel fear...there was something inside of me, something that told me I didn't need to be afraid.


Trust the light.


Grams words echoed in my head.


I closed my eyes and breathed deeply.


The vampire chuckled, "We'll see if you feel the same way after I taste you."


Just as he was leaning in, I pushed my hand between us, and to my surprise a flash of light shot out from my hand and blasted the vampire into the store sending him through it. I looked down at my still glowing hand.


Is this the light?


Before I got a chance to examine any further, the vampire arose from the rubble. He was bleeding and looked hurt.


He gave an enraged yell, "You little bitch! I'll drain you dry and fuck that dead little body of yours!"


I was prepared this time. I wasn't sure how to use that light power, but somehow I knew if I needed to, I would be able to do it again.


The vampire ran towards me with his speed, but before he reached me he was punched and sent flying into the store again.


I looked at the, man who saved me. He was a vampire too, except he seemed different than the other one. The enemy vampire recovered, but instead of attacking again, he fled.


Unfortunately for me, I knew that I'd see him again.


I looked at the vampire who saved me. His back was still to me, but I could see that he was tall, muscular with short blonde hair.


Slowly he turned to me. He was staring intently, almost as if he knew me.


I was sure he didn't know me, but I knew him. He was one of the most famous vampires. His face was all over the world. His name behind every New Blood endorsement. His clubs all over the world, including the one in LA, were infamous.


So it was shocking to me to see him before me, and saving my life.


I had to say something, I had to know why, I had to...