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Dark Light

Chapter 10-Welcome to Never Never Land


I tried my best to sleep that night, but despite my best efforts I couldn't fully relax and fall asleep. After everything that I had been through the past 72 hours, I was more surprised that I haven't suffered a complete mental breakdown and that lack of sleep was the only thing that had suffered.

What was I doing?

I had, had sex with my best friend, fought off my crazy dark faerie uncles who want to consummate my transition to darkness by ravishing my body completely sexually, and kissed Eric. Like really really kissed Eric.

I felt like a giddy teenager reminiscing about their first kiss while smiling into their pillow. It's hard to explain it, but thinking about Eric...being with him, it makes everything in my life feel like it's not all falling apart to hell and back. Just for a few seconds, I can pretend that everything is ok when I'm with him. I don't know why him of all people, he's not even human.

Then again, neither am I.

At least not completely, but I couldn't deny what I felt. And I don't think he could help himself any more than I could.

Even though Eric and I hadn't been intimate, I sometimes dreamt of what it would be like. Sometimes the dreams were so real, that I felt like they were more so visions from the past or maybe the future. They were so vivid, and everything was perfect down to the last detail. Every time I dreamt, it would be a different version of us, different clothes, different time, we ourselves even looked different.

In one dream, Eric was a prince, and I his most trusted coordinator and the commander of his army. We met in a secret hallway, where he pulled me into the darkness mid patrol. It was custom of us to catch each other off guard, so when his lips crashed into mine, I let out a gasp of ecstasy.

"My Prince, such a risk you take pulling me into the darkness as such." I jested with a smirk.

"Are you protesting?" Eric grinned down at me with a playful smirk.

"Not at all my Prince. I always welcome your touch." I grabbed his face, and pulled him in for another passionate kiss.


We sat in a garden. The sun was shining brightly, and the wind blew softly picking up flower pedals every now and then, and swirling them around us in a whirlwind of flowery bliss. I glanced over to my left to see Eric smiling back at me. He was radiant. It was a side of him I wasn't used to seeing. He was happy, carefree, and almost human like. The sun shone on his face, making his eyes twinkle with a brightness I've never seen before.

The sun.

He was sitting outside with me, and he hadn't caught on fire and burned.

Then he said the words I've longed to hear from him.

"I'm happier than I ever thought was possible in all my years of living. Our family saved me, you saved me. I love you." Eric kissed me softly.


I quickly sat up in my bed. The sun was just starting to rise, despite it still being dark outside. I felt like I hadn't slept all night. Dreaming about Eric does have its drawbacks apparently.

I decided to get up and make breakfast. It was just after 6AM, so I knew that my brother and sisters would be up a little after me. We've always been early risers.

Suddenly my phone started to vibrate next to my bed. I jumped at first caught off guard, before I reached over to answer. The number was unavailable, but still I answered.



"Hello?" I repeated, but still there was silence. No breathing, no background noise, nothing.


Still nothing, then the line went blank.

I looked at the phone. No call back number, nothing, but I was sure it was had to be. Why would he call and not say anything? Was it a sign? Was he in trouble? What was I supposed to do now?


I'm sure it was nothing. If it was trouble, then he would've said something, or shown up. I just made a note to go by Fangtasia some time tonight in between going to see my grandfather in faerie land.

I got dressed in some sweats and a long sleeve white shirt with buttons at the collar. I pulled my hair back into a loose ponytail and skipped down the stairs to the kitchen.

Nikolette sat on a stood at the counter hunched over a cup of coffee in deep thought. Figures she would be the first one up.

"How long have you been up?" I asked, as I fixed myself a cup of coffee.

She shrugged, "I didn't really sleep. You were broadcasting again."

I blushed, "Please tell me—"

"It was nothing all that bad, just bits and pieces." She waved me off. "Interesting bits and pieces, but bits and pieces nonetheless."

"So I'm guessing you want to talk about it?" I stated matter-of-factly.

She nodded. "I we haven't gotten to talk about a lot of stuff lately."

I sighed and sat down, "So where do we start?"

"How long have you been seeing the vampire?" Nikolette murmured over her coffee cup.

I blushed. I couldn't help it. "We aren't really seeing each other."

"Okay fine, how long have you been doing the nasty?" She feigned annoyance.

I chuckled. "We haven't "done the nasty." Who says that anyway?"

We both laughed.

"So what's the deal with him then?" She asked getting more serious.

I shrugged, "Honestly, I don't know. There's this...thing between Eric and I, and I can't explain it. I know it's wrong because he's a vampire and I'm a faerie, and he's all dead and stuff. But I can't help how I feel about him. I can't control how my body feels when he touches me, or the feeling of wanting to melt into him when he kisses me. How my heart literally beats faster at the mention of his name. It's like I know all the odds are against us and nothing good could come from us being together, but I don't even care, because he's all that I want."

She sat up straight and grinned at me like a Cheshire cat.


She just continued to grin.

"Why are you smiling at me like that? You're being weird."

"You're in love."

I chuckled nervously. "I didn't say that."

"Well no, not directly, but I think I know my little brother." She winked.

"So you're not going to yell at me? Tell me I'm being stupid for falling for a vampire?"

She shook her head, "Why would I? I don't understand it and I worry about you, but I know that when your mind is set on something, there's no changing it. You're stubborn, just like mom."

We were silent for a minute. I knew she missed mom as much as I did, probably even more since she was the first born and has more memories of our mom.

"Oh that reminds me!" I yelled. "There's a witch that works with me at the restaurant who mentioned knowing mom."

"How did she know her?"

"She said it was from around, witch talk. Apparently Mom was this bad ass witch or something."

She looked shocked, "Our mom?"

"Yes. I didn't believe it either. If she was so powerful how did she keep it a secret from us for so long, and how powerful was she? Why didn't she use her power to save herself?"

She looked at me solemnly, "Things don't always work out like that. You know that as much as I do."

I pouted slightly, "Still..."

"So this witch, does she know about you?"

"Yes, but that's not even why I brought her up." I started. "She did something to Shea, she changed him. You saw in my visions how he stood up to our uncles."

"Yeah I meant to bring that up--"

"He's not the same anymore, he's not even human."

"Not...human?" She paused afterwards, probably thinking of what to say next. "Then what is he?"

I shrugged, "I have no idea."

I thought about telling her Shea and I had sex, but I felt like it would be information overload and besides it wasn't an issue. No need to let everyone know about it.

"There is this thing though we learned about." I started, "Apparently us being faerie, kind of attracts other supernatural creatures in a sexual way."

She looked confused for a second before her eyes widened in shock, "Did you--"

"Can we just take my word for it right now? No need to go into details." I looked away frantically.

"Fine, I'll let it go...for now." She smirked knowingly. "So what do we do about that? We don't want to have a repeat performance of what you two did...or did not do."

I glared at her, "Don't know. Told him to stay away from one on one private encounters, basically he can't be alone with one of us at any given time. At least until he's acclimated to his changes and to our effect on him."

"Sounds about right." She nodded.

"So I came down to make breakfast for you all. Wanna help?" I announced standing up and getting a refill of coffee. She held up her cup for me to top her off.

"Why not."

We turned on music and danced around the kitchen cleaning, and singing songs we hadn't heard since we were kids. It was relaxing, and for a moment I felt like a normal twenty-five year old living and ordinary life.


"Good morning Sunshine!" Nikolette yelled loudly as Nikolas and Nikola entered the kitchen.

"I never understood why you needed to be so loud in the morning." Nikolas grumbled.

Nikola pushed him on his shoulder slightly and chuckled, "Oh lighten up Grinch."

"Easy for you to say, you weren't the one in front to catch the full blast of it." He mumbled.

Nikolette and I fixed them plates, then fixed our own and sat down with them.

"Look at us having a normal breakfast like a normal family." Nikolas joked.

"We are a normal family dork." Nikola replied.

"Yeah, because normal families are faerie/witch hybrids with crazy homicidal uncles hell bent on destroying all things light." Nikolas said sarcastically.

I pointed my fork at him, "He's got a point." I picked up a piece of fruit and ate it.

Nikola glared at me.

"What? I'm just saying." I defended.

"So Nikolai has a boyfriend." Nikolette interrupted. The way she said it was so casual, as if she were discussing the weather.

I glared at her. If looks could kill she'd be definitely dead.

Nikola clasped her hands together in glee, "It's Eric isn't it! Oh he's so hot!"

I stared at her like she had two heads. What had gotten into my family?

"Finally he's getting some, maybe he won't be so uptight." Nikolas added.

I crossed my arms, "I am not uptight."

He laughed, "And you just proved my point. Relax. You're banging one of the hottest vampires."

"Yeah! Wait, did you just say Eric was hot?" Nikola looked over at Nikolas.

"I'm secure enough in my sexuality to admit when another guy is hot; doesn't mean I want to bang him like Tinkerbell over here." Nikolas shrugged.

I flipped him off, and he made kissy faces while moaning out "oh Eric" every now and then.

"I hate you all." I frowned, before we all started laughing.

"Anyone know what time we're meeting up with Dad today?" Nikolas asked.

I could careless, so I didn't answer right away.

"I don't know, I don't sense him in the house." Nikola spoke up.

"His bed looked like it hadn't been slept in this morning when I was passing the guest room." Nikolette added.

As if on que, a bright light flashed in the kitchen and my father appeared from it.

"Hey Dad, we were just talking about you." Nikolas bumped fist with him.

"I know, which is why I came back now." Niklaus smiled. "Good Morning my children."

Everyone replied good morning except for me.

Nikolas glared at me, but remained silent.

I sighed, "Good Morning Niklaus."

I saw Nikolette shrug mouth to Nikolas "It's a start."

"So when are we leaving? What do you wear to meet a king? Do we address him a certain way? What does he look like?" Nikola rambled.

"Whoa hold on there, speedy." Niklaus chuckled, "We are leaving now, I've got something in mind for clothes, address him as grandpa if you want, and you'll know him when you see him."

He waved his hand in a semicircular movement, and light engulfed us all before our clothes changed and we were simultaneously transported to some far away faerie land.

When we emerged, we were in the middle of some sort of town. It was a modern medieval type of feel. A large castle on a hill, surrounded by high walls and guards. Further down, townspeople, merchants, store owners, and visitors roamed the city. I looked at our clothes. We looked like royalty. Nikolas and I had long navy robes with collars embroidered in a gold design. The robe extended down to just above our ankles, with the sides having a slit that separated the front from the back. Along the slit and down across the bottom, the gold embroidery danced along highlighting the robe and giving it a more elegant look. Underneath we wore navy pants, with gold sandals and a silk navy long sleeve shirt. My hair had been pulled back and neatly braided down the center of my back, with a few stray stands framing the left side of my face. Nikolas hair was still cut low as normal, but maintained a wavy pattern.

The girls wore similar clothes. Long navy gowns with sleeves that had gold embroidery, and designs all over them. There were strange symbols that I wasn't familiar with mixed into their clothes, which I noticed were in Nikolas and mine as well. That had a golden sash tied around their waist that flowed behind them in the wind. Nikolette's hair was parted in the middle and curled around her face. Nikola's short pixie cut was styled in a soft toss.

I looked over at Niklaus, who was dressed similar to Nikolas and me, but he had gold shoulder pads, with a golden crown, and long golden cape that swayed behind in the wind. He also wore navy colored gloves with gold at the fingertips. He stood erect, and had and air of authority about him that demanded attention in his presence.

"Whoa Dad this is awesome! We look like such bad asses!" Nikolas exclaimed. He was bouncing on his feet. "These clothes feel so light, it's almost like we are wearing nothing."

"It's more than just the clothes." Niklaus spoke up, "The gravity here is lighter. It allows us to move faster. It'll come in handy when you begin training."

My ears perked up, "Training? You never said anything about us having to train."

My siblings all looked around to each other.

"You all knew!" I yelled. "Seriously?!"

"You need to learn to fully utilize your powers." Niklaus spoke up, "There are things that you haven't even begun to tap into, and with the power you received from your mother, your potential is limitless."

"There's only one problem with that. I DON'T KNOW WHAT POWER I HAVE FROM MOM!" I yelled causing the ground to shake. I looked around. It wasn't just the ground that was shaking, everything around us was shaking. Glasses from shops fell with a crash, shattering to pieces. People took refuge under door frames to avoid falling debris.

"I think we just found out." Nikolas muttered.

I tried to calm down, but the energy surging through me felt so strong, almost overwhelming me. It wasn't like the dark energy from before though, it was different, almost familiar in feeling.

I inhaled deeply through my nose, willing myself to calm down. The mini earthquake soon subsided.

"So you have control over the weather now?" Nikolas exclaimed, "So not fair!"

I stuck my tongue out at him playfully.

"No...he wasn't controlling the weather." Niklaus whispered. He was staring at me in a weird way, like he was unsure about something.

Nikola glanced between Niklaus and me, "Then what was it?"

Niklaus turned towards the castle, "We must get moving, your grandfather isn't a patient man. We mustn't keep him waiting."

Without waiting for a reply, he took off sprinting towards the castle. He moved so fast, I was caught off guard. I hadn't known he could move so swiftly, it was almost like he had the same speed as Eric.

We all broke into a sprint to catch up to him. Surprisingly we all moved a lot faster than normal, but still nowhere near the speed of Niklaus.

I imagined how it must look to have five people running through a city, dressed in royal clothing at top speed. Did we look like blurs to them? I glanced around. Everything looked the same. I thought at the speed we were moving, everything would blur together, but I was seeing everyone and everything as clear as if I were standing still. People appeared to pay us little to no mind, as if it were an everyday occurrence.

We reached the castle entrance not long after Niklaus, despite his speed and head start.

"How?" That was the only question I had. We weren't exhausted, or even out of breath. No sweat. Nothing, despite us having run nearly twelve miles in a matter of a few minutes.

"Later." Niklaus muttered, before turning to the gate.

His nonchalant attitude was really starting to piss me off.

The huge gates were guarded by guards who wore battle armor. Both men, tall, easily 6'4. Their muscular arms bulged through the fabric cover them. The fabric was interesting. To me it looked like it didn't provide much in terms of defense against weapons. Upon further inspection, the material had a shimmery almost metallic look to it. Their chest was covered with some thick metal armor that wrapped around their chest and torso. The vest itself looked as if it weighed a ton, making me think these guys were stronger than they looked...even though they looked super strong to begin with. I continued my observation, letting my eye wonder down. They wore leather warrior kilts, kind of reminded me of the old Greek warriors. The kilts did little to hide their massive thighs the bugled from underneath the small material. I notice that their legs were covered in the same metallic material their arms were, that made me think it was somewhat of a bodysuit they wore for protection. Their feet were bare, which was shocking to me. The men both had square jaws with large noses, and thick eyebrows. Even their eyebrows looked muscular. Their lips were thick and pink, and eyes as dark as night. Their eyes kept a close watch on the distance, while periodically glancing around every now and then, scanning the surrounding area for danger. They were definitely intimidating.

As we neared them, Niklaus reach out his hand just as one of the guards did. They clasped hands so loudly, that I thought that I heard thunder rumbling.

"What the fuck." I whispered to myself, apparently not as quietly to myself as I thought, as I heard Nikola giggling next to me.

"Niklaus! It's been so long brother!"

Even his voice boomed with such boisterous masculinity, that I cringed slightly.

They squeezed hands tightly; it was almost as if they were testing each other's strength.

"That is has Rowan. How have you been?" Niklaus asked. He seemed as if he had known this guy for quite some time. The way they spoke. The jokes they made. Watching from the outside, it was like I was looking at a stranger. For all intent purposes he was a stranger, but to see him interacting with other people, people he grew up with, made him seem so...normal.

"These are my children. Nikolas, Nikola, Nikolette, and Nikolai." Niklaus said, while gesturing to each of us.

Despite his height and mass, he walked with such grace and ease.

He stretched out his arms, and clasps Nikolas on the sides of his shoulder. I cringed. I expected Nikolas to crumble under the weight of the man, but he stood unaffected smirking in a cocky way.

"This boy is the spitting image of you when you were a youngin'." The man's voice boomed. "What's your name son?"


"Rowan. Your father and I used to be rivals back in the day, when we were part of the armed guard. He was a pipsqueak then too, I see not much has changed." Rowan joked, as he laughed loudly and obnoxiously.

Nikolas' smirk grew, "I'm far from a pipsqueak. I'm a lot stronger than my father was at my age."

"Oh?" Rowan's eyebrow quirked, sensing a challenge. "Care to wager a bet?"

"You're on old man." Nikolas laughed.

I rolled my eyes.

Are we seriously going to sit here for this? I sent to my sisters in annoyance.

What else are we going to do? Nikolette sent back.

Let's cheer him on. It's the first time he can use his full strength. Isn't that why we're here? To test our limits and get stronger to defend ourselves? Nikola sent.

I visibly rolled my eyes. That's what you all were here for. I never agreed to that.

You need training just as much as we do. Nikolette sent.

Probably even more than us to be honest. Nikola sent.

Even though I hated to admit it, they were right. I was out of control with my powers. Every time I used them, I felt like I was being overwhelmed and I had no control over my body. Sometimes it felt like I was on the outside looking in, seeing this person that looked like me, talked like me, acted like me, but wasn't.

Rowan spotted a larger boulder. "How about a good old fashioned arm wrestle son?"

Nikolas popped his knuckles and smirked cockily, "Bring it on."

The man began walking over to the large boulder, before I could register what he was doing; he picked up the boulder as if it were a feather, and placed it on his left shoulder comfortably.

I glanced over to Nikola and Nikolette, both their expressions mimicked mine. We all stood wide eyed, mouth agape in complete shock. If I hadn't seen it with my eyes, I wouldn't believe it. I'd hate to be on the receiving end of anything to do with that man when he is angry.

Show off. Nikolas broadcasted to us.

I tried to read his thoughts to see if he was nervous or anything, but all I was getting from him was excitement. Did he really think he could beat this man after seeing him lift a mini mountain like it were a pillow?

I got this. You guys don't know how strong I really am. Nikolas sent us confidently.

I visibly relaxed, but I was still on edge on the inside. He is a pain in my ass, but he is my little brother and I don't want to see him get hurt.

Good luck. I sent out to him.

He turned to us and gave a thumb up and a toothy smile. He looked like a little kid, he was enjoying this.

Rowan dropped the boulder a few feet in front of Nikolas with a loud crash that crumbled the ground underneath. The top of the boulder was rough and jagged looking. How they were going to maneuver around the top to arm wrestle, I had no idea.

"Mind if I?" Nikolas asked, gesturing to the rock.

Rowan shook his head. His arms were crossed over his massive chest, and he had a smirk and a twinkle in his eye. I could tell by his relaxed demeanor that he was enjoying this just as much as Nikolas.

Nikolas inhaled deeply. I could see his light around him brighten in intensity. I wasn't sure if anyone else could see it, if they did, they didn't comment on it.

He raised his arm slowly above his head, his hand forming a straight edge. Quickly and swiftly, he brought his hand down in a single semicircular motion colliding with the side of the boulder. The contact was loud and echoed all around us. I saw Nikola visibly jump and cover her mouth in shock.

The rock stood unaffected. Nothing happened.

Rowan was still smirking.

I glanced to Nikolas; there was no pain in his facial expressions. In fact, he looked just as calm as before.

"You idiot! What did you go and do that for huh?" I yelled at him. I was about to go and check on him when I heard a faint cracking sound.

It was so faint, that I thought for a second I imagined it, but looking closer at the boulder. I realized the sound was coming from it. Sure enough, there was a small crack on the side where Nikolas' hand struck. The crack began to spread, as the sound of crumbling rock grew louder. I watch in amazement, as the entire top of the boulder completely detached itself in a clean break from where Nikolas struck it. Nikolas lifted the top half with ease, and tossed it over his shoulder like a piece of balled up paper he was discarding.

"Holy fuck." I whispered.

"He's strong." Nikola whispered back.

"That's an understatement." Nikolette murmured. She stood with her arms crossed, staring analytically at the scene before us. She was the calmest of us three. She obviously knew more of our brother's intention that Nikola and me. Either that or she was somehow using her empathy power to keep tabs on Nikolas. Probably the latter.

I don't think any of us knew just how strong our baby brother was.

Nikolas crouched over the boulder and placed his elbow on the now level surface. He smirked at Rowan again, "Ready to lose old man?"

Rowan grunted, "You're a cocky little bastard eh?" He joked, as he placed his elbow on the boulder and clasped hands with Nikolas.

My father moved to the middle to hold their hands together. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Oh let the boy be a man, it's nothing you didn't do at your age." Rowan grunted to my father playfully.

Niklaus chuckled, "I wasn't talking to him."

Rowan just laughed in response.

"Oh the count of three." My father nodded to both men. "One."

The wind around us picked up slightly. It was like a scene from those old cowboys movies where the guys had a shootout. I was anxiously waiting.


I held my breath.

"Three." He let go of their hands, and for a moment nothing happened. I didn't know if they had heard the `go ahead.'

Then suddenly Rowan's hand was slammed into the boulder, making the bigger man lose is balance and flip over head first. Pieces of rock fell on top of him as he landed on his back.

"Holy fuck!" I yelled in disbelief. "Holy fuck!"

"That guy was at least three times his size." Nikola muttered, as she stepped forward slightly.

Niklaus grinned proudly at Nikolas, who grinned back just as wide. I couldn't deny that they both looked a lot alike, and in that moment how they were looking at each other like a real father and son...I couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy, but as quickly as it came up, I brushed that thought away.

I could hear Rowan's deep laughter, as it grew in intensity. He brushed the rocks away, and stood up.

"You're a strong little bastard, and I tried my hardest too!" He laughed, as he threw an arm over Nikolas' shoulder hugging him slightly. "You are your father's son that's for sure! If you ever need a sparring partner, I'm your man."

Niklaus chuckled, "Now Rowan surely you don't think you'd be able to stand up to my boy in a sparring match after you just witnessed his strength."

"What he has in strength, I make up for in experience! You should know Niklaus." He finished with a wink.

My father held up his hands in defeat, "You've got me there Rowan."

They all laughed.

"Hey Dad!" Nikolette yelled, "As much as we've enjoyed the show, I believe we came here for a specific reason other than childhood reunions and games."

Rowan glanced at us, I was sure he had forgotten we were there much less existed. I saw his eyes dance around, looking at us up and down. His eyes seemed to linger on Nikolette the longest however.

It appears you have an admirer big sister I sent with a chuckle. After all the grief she gave me about Eric, I was so going to enjoy making her squirm a little.

As if I'd be interested in such a brute Neanderthal. She sent back.

You have to admit, he is a fine specimen of physical excellence. I joked. Truth be told Rowan wasn't unattractive, I just wasn't attracted to the tall muscular warrior type.

Be that as it may, I'm not interested.

I smirked before replying back. You never know, he could surprise you. After all, if the bulge I saw from when he flipped over is any indication, I think he could offer you quiet a lot.

I saw her visibly blush.

Nikolette 2, Nikolai 1.

"My, your daughters are quiet beautiful Niklaus." Rowan murmured as he continued to stare at Nikolette.

"That they are my friend, they take after their mother." Niklaus said, while staring fondly at my sisters. I couldn't deny the love he had for his children. Even if he hadn't grown up with us, hadn't seen us in years, it was clear the love he had for us hadn't waivered in the slightest.

"We must go; we cannot keep the King waiting." Niklaus spoke up. He shook hands with Rowan, as Nikolas promised to spar with him in the future. Rowan opened the gate, and we all passed through in the inner walls of the castle.

"So what was the wager?" I heard Nikola whisper to Nikolas.

"You'll see." He said with a smirk in his voice.

Just on the other side, we were greeted by a tall man. He had long gray hair, though I could tell it was more so about distinction, than his age. It was shiny and silky and brushed back as it fell to the middle of his back. He stood erect, and was about as tall as Niklaus. He carried a cane that was positioned in front of him with both hands resting on top. His face was so much like Niklaus' that I could've easily mistaken them for twins if not for the few physical differences. He wore robes similar to ours in color and design, only his robe extended to the floor and pooled around him in a cluster of fabric. He looked like some kind of elder wizard with a younger modern look. It was almost amusing.

What's with the Harry Potter look? I sent to Nikolette. I saw her chuckle a little, but she didn't respond.

"I assure you Nikolai that Harry Potter was probably inspired by me, since I have been around for a far greater time before that idea ever existed." The old man spoke. His voice was soft, yet authoritative.

"How did you--."

"It's true; your bond as siblings gives you a special link to communicate telepathically. However we are of the same blood, and I've picked up a few trips along the way."

"It's rude to read other people's thought's without permission." I responded in an annoyed tone. I was already starting to not like this guy.

"And that is why you are here my child. You have all lived in the human world for too long. You haven't begun to access the limits of your powers. You have been weakened by humanity, and here you will learn what it means to be a faerie of noble blood." He beamed proudly.

I scoffed, "If being a `noble faerie' means disregarding simple things such as respect for others, then count me out. I didn't want to come here in the first place, and I most certainly didn't want to meet you!"

I turned to walk away, but a wave of vertigo wash over me. I collapsed to my needs, clutching the ground, while struggling to maintain upright. I felt like the entire room was spinning, as I became more and more sick.

"What are you doing to me?!" I yelled. The sound of my voice intensified. It sounded like I had a amplifier to my voice making it louder than normal.

The old man stared at me, as if studying me. It seemed that he was just as baffled about what was happening as much as I was.

Suddenly my eyes glow white, as I was lifted off the ground and enveloped in a white light. I felt my body changing. It wasn't a physical change, but I felt different. It was hard to explain, but I would say it was kind of like an awakening. Absolute power coursed through my body, exciting every nerve in a euphoric sensation all over my body. It was like I was being super charged.

My mind was bombarded with images of things that I haven't seen before, and things that I have yet to see. Memories, thoughts, sounds, sensations, tastes; all of it was surging through me faster than I could process. Even so, it wasn't frantic. I understood everything as it happened in the fraction of a second. I was analyzing and processing things that would have been impossible, even by my faerie standards. I was connecting with everything as it unfolded.

I was one.

I felt my body slowly return to the ground, as the light fade. The vertigo was gone and I returned to normal.

Only I wasn't `normal' any more.

I was something different.

I was something else .

"What the hell just happened?" Nikolas exclaimed.

I had a weird sense of dιjΰ vu. Like I knew he was going to say that before he did.

I turned towards my father; it was like I was seeing them all through new eyes. I could see their aura, same as before, but were as before they were all separate, now they all seemed to swirl together connecting to mine. Even our grandfather's aura responded the same.

"...y..." My father murmured. It was rare I've notice to see him at a loss for words, rendered speechless.

Our grandfather walked up to me and grabbed my hand. Suddenly his light flared visibly around him as my own light reacted simultaneously. Our light collided and swirled around us, before disappearing inside of me.

"What was that?" Nikola whispered. "Did Nikolai steal his powers or something?"

"So that's what your power is my boy." Grandfather stately proudly. "It's been centuries since I've met someone with your unique capabilities."

He stepped back abruptly. "Where are my manners? I am Kronus king of this realm of faerie."

I bowed. I didn't know if it was customary or not, but I felt that even if I didn't know him, I at least owed him my respect.

A quick glance behind me confirmed that by siblings were bowing as well as a sign of respect.

I was shocked more so, when Kronus bowed to me.

He smirked at me, "You are more important than you realize Nikolai."

Before I could inquire about what he meant, my father stepped forward.

"Father... a word?" Niklaus glanced at us before adding, "Alone."

Kronus nodded then walked to my father and grabbed his hand. In a flash they were gone.

"What the HELL!?" Nikolas shouted a second after they vanished. "What was that you just did?" He pointed at me.

I didn't know exactly what I did, but I had an idea. I still held all the flashes of memories and experiences in my mind. I knew they weren't my own. It was like I was inside someone else's body experiencing everything that they did. I saw my uncles Nikirus and Nikarus, or Irus and Arus as Kronus referred to them affectionately. I saw how they all fought the dark faerie. How they were both consumed by the darkness and turned into what they were today. I saw my mother's smile, heard her voice, felt the touch of her hand on Nikolette's cheek. I saw the look in her eyes of pure love and devotion as she uttered the words `I love you' to our father. I saw the joy on her face as she held me for the first time, `My precious boy Nikolai.'

"I asked you a question!" Nikolas shouted again, snapping me out of my reverie.

"I don't owe you any explanation, especially when you're being an ass!" I shouted back.

Nikolas tightened his hands in a fist. "You're such a little bitch!"

I glared at him.

"You've been a pain in the ass since Dad came back. Always being rude to him, when he's shown you nothing but love and respect. You've held him accountable for something that was out of his control. He didn't walk away from us because he wanted to, but because he HAD to, in order to protect us. We all understand that, we all forgave him, or at least we are trying. But YOU! You're not even trying! You'd rather hate him, then even give him a chance."

"I didn't—" I started, but he cut me off.

"YOU. It's always about you! You walk around here like you're all high and mighty. You feel what you want, say what you want, all you think about is yourself. In this obsession with this vampire, you've put us all in danger. Father told us what happens to faeries when vampires know they exist. Don't you get it? Or don't you care?"

We had, had fights before, but nothing this extreme. I know I could be a bit selfish sometimes, but Nikolas was making me out to be some kind of monster.

I could feel my temper flaring. "Eric doesn't know anything about you, none of you! I've made sure to keep that part of my life separate from him. Everything that I have done up to this point has been to help protect this family. He may have a legitimate reason for leaving, but NOT for staying away for as long as he did as far as I am concerned. Our ignorance about what we are, our powers, everything is all because of him! If maybe he was around, we wouldn't be playing catch up to prepare for a war that none of us asked for!"

"A war?" Nikola asked.

They were all looking at me.

"You all didn't know?" I looked at them skeptically. "He didn't tell you?"

"Tell us what Nikolai?" Nikolette took a few steps closer.

"That's why he brought us here." I glanced around at my siblings, "There's going to be a war between light and dark faeries, and Niklaus think that we are the only ones that can save them all. He brought us here to train for that sole purpose. To fight in a war that has nothing to do with us."

"Even so, we are strong enough to fight." Nikolas boasted.

"Yes, but not everyone will survive the war...someone will die." I whispered.

"How do you know that, don't tell me can you see the future?" Nikolas snorted.

I shook my head, "I think I'm starting to understand what my powers from Mom are. Earlier when I came into proximity with you all, something in me changed. I...converged with all of you. Your light, your strengths, memories, feelings, everything sort of, melted...into me."

"So you're like a super faerie?" Nikolas murmured.

Nikola gave him a look that told him to `shut up.'

"I don't know what that makes me, or the extents of what my limitations are...but...when I saw all of those images flash through my head, I saw what the last war was like. I saw the destruction, the killings, the chaos..." I looked down at my feet. It was so much destruction. I snapped my head up and looked directly at Nikolas, "that is why I said that someone will die. I may not have seen the exact future, but I have this feeling. We all won't survive this war."

"This isn't our fight." Nikola spoke up. She was visibly trembling. "We can just go home right now and act like none of this ever happened. Leave them to fight their own war."

I shook my head, "When Irus and Arus got into my head. They saw and knew everything that I did. They know about you, they know that father is still alive. Regardless of if we ever wanted to be a part of this or not, this is now just as much our destiny as it is theirs."

"But—" Nikolette began to speak, but she couldn't finish her sentence. It appeared that she couldn't find the words.

Nikolas walked forward and sighed noisily. "So what are we going to do then?"

"We learn, we get stronger...and then...we fight like hell to stay alive." I murmured.

I had to remain positive, even though I knew better.

A war was coming, and after it was over, one way or another...

Nothing would ever be the same.

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