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Dark Light

Chapter 11-Eavesdrop


It had been three weeks. For some reason it felt like it had been longer. Maybe I just lost track of time. Being in a new land where the sun never sets could do that to you. I didn't know whether it was day or night. My body wasn't tried despite all the sleep I had missed out on. It was like the sunlight itself was enough to sustain me.

We ate, we studied, we trained every day since we arrived. Nikolas' strength grew in leaps and bounds, not to mention he grew physically, putting on at least twenty more pounds in muscle, and having a body fat percentage of less than 1%. He was the epitome of masculinity.

Nikola's healing powers had grown also. She was now about to heal multiple people at once, and heal damages and injuries that would otherwise be fatal in a matter of seconds. Her hair had grown from its pixie cut, to a small bob that rounded her face. She looked more like mom now than before.

Lastly Nikolette's powers had grown the most and manifested themselves in ways that none of us anticipated. She was now able to control people completely through their emotions. She was able to identify people based on objects they held and the emotions they felt at the time. Recently, she's begun to exhibit traits that would suggest she has some mild form of telekinesis

It was amazing seeing the progress of my siblings in such a short time. It was like they had become new people in a matter of weeks. All of my doubt about what we are, our role in this fight, had all but vanished.

"Nikolai you're up next!" Nikolas called to me as he gloated about his most recent victory. We had been training in hand to hand combat for a while. Nikolas had easily overpowered everyone in his weight class, and made a show of it every time. Nikola and Nikolette have steadily climbed up their ranks, but were still a few warriors away from the top in their class. Still, they had become very skilled in such a short time.

As for me, I passed everything with flying colors the first time. Kronus had suggested I skip all the preliminaries and go straight to the top, at first I wasn't sure about taking on the most skilled warrior in my class, and taking the advancement test, but as soon as I got in the battle arena, or sat in front of the test, I blacked out and would awaken victorious every time. My siblings would tell me later, it was as if I were in a zone and had tunnel vision, but I knew it was more than that. I still had yet to grasp the concept of my powers, and neither Niklaus nor Kronus had been forthcoming with information. So while everyone flourished, I pretty much stayed the same.

I shrugged him off, "Why, we both know I would beat you. I didn't even need to work my way up, before I beat the top person in my class."

He smirked, "You're class is weaker than mine. Come prove you're such a bad ass."

"'Brains over brawn.' You know as well as I do from the readings, that you can't win a battle solely based on strength alone." I quoted.

"Okay if you say so." He conceded. He turned away from me, a split second later a boulder was heading towards me at an unnatural speed. It was traveling so fast, that I would've normally been hit, but before he threw it, I sensed his emotions, and knew he wasn't going to give up. Using that thought against him, I waited until the last possible moment to flash out of the way. Something inside me triggered, and I blacked out. My body moved on autopilot, flashing back behind Nikolas and throwing a punch aimed at the back of his head. As I expected, he grabbed my hand over his shoulder without turning around, his grip was strong. I used his weight against him to catapult myself over his shoulder, landing on the ground in front of him causing him to lurch forward slightly. I then used that moment to free my hand from his grasp while simultaneously grabbing his hand that held me, and wrapped my ankles around his neck. I could see the look of shock on his face, as he registered what was about to happen. I smirked, as I pulled him over me until his back slammed on the ground, making it shake slightly and crackle under the weight of his body.

The entire arena was quiet. The few people who had stopped to watch the match, all stared on in total shock. Nikola and Nikolette faces were twisted in confusion, as they stood on the sidelines watching.

I pinned down Nikolas with my legs encircling his neck, and his arm stretched painfully across my torso as I pulled it while flexing my legs.

"Give up or I'll break your arm." I whispered.

He gritted his teeth in pain. I knew he would fight back, but I also knew Nikola could heal him if need be.

"Fuck off!" He shouted, as he struggled to get free.

I could feel him fighting, and though he was strong, I clearly had the advantage. I could feel him trying to gain momentum to stand from his current position. He was using a great amount of his strength to move. I could feel him gaining momentum, until he started to rock slowly.

I smirked; he was stronger than I thought.

Suddenly he began to lift off the ground. I flashed out, and as he was rising onto his heels, I flashed above him, and thrust my palm into his chest. I could see him gasp for air, as the smirk he wore faded into a scowl of pain. I flashed back out a second later, as Nikolas slammed into the ground creating a `rock angel' a few inches deep upon impact. Dust began to rise from where Nikolas lay.

I could feel myself slipping back into reality, just as Nikola rushed pass me to heal Nikolas.

"What happened?"

"You nearly killed Nikolas that's what happened!" Nikola screamed. She was kneeled over Nikolas with her hands running up and down his body. A faint glow of light emanated from them, as she worked to heal him.

"Don't be dramatic Nikola; he has a few broken ribs at least. The only thing that won't heal is his bruised ego." Nikolette added.

We heard claps coming from behind us, and turned around to see Niklaus standing there with a proud look on his face. "I haven't seen a move like that since my sparing days with Arus as kids. He was very similar to Nikolas in size and strength."

"Wait, you're saying he used a technique that you used a long time ago?" Nikolette stepped forward. "How is that even possible?"

"It's part of his gift from his mother." Niklaus beamed proudly. It was like I was seeing another side of him. He was proud of me, smiling like a father would to a son whom he taught to throw a ball, or to play catch. It made me feel a tingling sensation inside.

"And what is that gift? Being a cheater?!" Nikolas shouted from behind us. He was standing next to Nikola. Other than his shirt having a hole where I hit him, he looked perfectly normal.

"Hardly a cheater, but sore loser looks good on you." I quipped. I could see his face turning red with anger.

My job was done.

"He's a convergent." Niklaus murmured.

"A convergent, what is that?" I asked. It sounded familiar, like I've heard of it before.

"Sounds familiar?" Niklaus said as if reading my mind.

"Did you--?"

He shook his head, "No, I didn't have to. It's because you are a convergent."

I sighed, "I'm getting really sick of you saying that, and not explaining what it is."

"It usually doesn't manifest itself this strongly. It's amazing. My son will fulfill the prophecy."

Nikolas and Nikola flashed next to us.

"Prophecy, convergent, what's going on?" Nikola asked.

I gritted my teeth. "First you pop back into our lives, and try to make up for lost time by being the perfect father. Then you bring us here under false pretenses and tell us we have to fight in YOUR war. And NOW you're telling me I may be a part of some god damned prophecy that you AGAIN neglected to tell us about! You lie to us, keep things from us and just expect us to go along with everything you say. You expect us to put our lives on the line for you?! Give me ONE good reason why I shouldn't kick your ass right now, because I am seriously considering that as an option!"

I half expected my siblings to be shocked or at least mad at me for talking to Niklaus like that, but it appeared they were more on my side.

"Give me one good reason why we all shouldn't be kicking your ass!" Nikolette mimicked.

"Hold on guys," Nikolas interrupted, "I'm just as pissed at Dad about all this, but we can't fight him."

I glared over at Nikolas, "You may not be able to, but I am!"

"Then you'll have to go through me." Nikolas flexed his chest.

"Is your devotion to our father so strong that it clouds all rationality?" I looked at him. I knew that there was a part of him that still had to be aware that all of this was wrong. That the idealistic image he had of our father was nothing more than a fantasy. It wasn't real.

Nikola stepped in between us, "Let's all just relax, okay?"

"No!" I yelled, the ground began to shake under my sheer will. "I'm past relaxing. I want to go home now, and I want him and this whole faerie war stuff out of our lives. For good!"

"You can't just leave." Nikolas spoke up.

I glared at him, "You have no idea what I'm capable of." My voice deepened, and I could see his eyes widen in shock.

"You see I'm starting to grasp this whole `convergent' thing. I'm beginning to understand what it means." I turned my back to them. My hands began to shine with light, as I raised them to eye level. Waving them in front of me in a semicircular movement, I was able to create a portal.

I turned back to my siblings, "That will take us home. You can come with me, or stay here. I will not ask again."

I could see Nikola visibly debating, as she looked between me and our father. Nikolette causally walked over to stand next to me. I could tell she was just as pissed off as I was. She hadn't said anything this entire time.

"Nikola!" Nikolette shouted in a forceful tone.

Nikola's head snapped in our direction. She had tears in her eyes.

"If she wants to stay, let her." I murmured. "I gave them an out."

I glanced towards Nikolas who stood firmly next to our father. Our father looked conflicted as well, a pained expression on his face. Still...he said nothing.

I turned my back on them, "Let's go Nikolette. They're not coming." We both stepped into the portal, as it closed behind us immediately.


We flashed back, right outside the house. I was a bit exhausted, never having used so much power before. I leaned into Nikolette, who instinctively caught me.

"You okay?" Nikolette asked.

I nodded, "I'm fine. It just took a lot more out of me than I thought." I chuckled nervously.

Suddenly a figure appeared in front of us. He moved so quickly, that I could see an afterimage of his body as he appeared.

"Shea?" I whispered.

Nikolette looked toward him. She smiled softly.

"You're back." Shea whispered. I could see tears forming in his eyes.


He quickly covered the distance between us and hugged me tightly. I could feel my shirt being soaked with some kind of liquid. It wasn't until his body began to tremble slightly, that I realized he was crying.


He hugged me tighter as he buried his face deeper into my neck. His stubble tickled me slightly, and stirring a tingling sensation all over by body, but I willed it away.

"What...what you?" Shea murmured, his face was still buried in the crook of my neck.

"What happened to me?" I asked confused. I glanced over my shoulder to Nikolette, who shrugged her shoulders in confusion.


"You've been gone for so long...I thought something had happened..." I could feel his body trembling harder, as a few audible gasp were heard as he cried.

"Gone for so long? It's only been a few weeks at best Shea. I'm sorry I didn't--"

His head snapped back, as he looked at me for the first time with red swollen eyes that were filled with tears. "A few weeks?! Nik you've been gone for three and a half years!"

"What?" I gasped out. "That's impossible...I mean we just..."

"Are you sure?" Nikolette spoke up, "Maybe you're mistaken."

I kept staring at the ground. Three and a half years. How could we have been gone for so long? What happened to everything we left behind? My schooling, my job, my life...Eric!

I could feel this surging feeling in me, like all of my blood in my body began to rush throughout me. I felt kind of faint, and would've fainted had Shea not been holding me still. I could feel my eyes dropping, but just before I blacked out, I looked past Shea to see Eric landing there.

My heart skipped a beat.

I smiled at him, "Eric..."

He stood quietly back, as if waiting his turn to acknowledge me. He was dressed simply in a black t-shirt that hugged his muscles tightly, with black pants and shoes. His hair was pushed back neatly, with a few stray strands hanging over his left eye. His expression was unreadable as usual, but he seemed somewhat relieved.

I could feel Shea's body tense up slightly.

"Please, I have to see him." I whispered to him. Both having superhuman hearing, I'm sure they heard.

He nodded and reluctantly moved to the side to allow me to pass. That surging feeling in my body hadn't gone away, in fact, every step closer I took to Eric, it appeared to grow stronger. My knees wobbled, as I struggled to walk the short distance to him. I could feel the protective eyes of Shea and Nikolette on me, but I was fine.

I didn't know what was causing this weird feeling in me, but it didn't matter right now. All I wanted was to touch him, to feel his arms around me...three years. How could it have been three years?

He held out his hand silently.

I slowly walked closer to him; I reached out my hand and placed it gently in his own. He responded by gripping my hand tightly, as if to convey that he had missed me in his own way.

Almost instantly at the touch of his hand, the surging feeling I had, mellowed out. It was still there, but it was like my body had found the cause and was adjusting somehow.

What did it mean? Why did I react like that, and why did Eric's touch soothe me?

Eric pulled me slightly, as I closed the space between us as my cheek collided with his chest. I could've sworn I felt his heart beat in that moment. It was faint, almost unnoticeable...but it did beat for a second. Of that I was sure...

I don't know if Eric noticed, if he had, he didn't acknowledge it in that moment.

His arm wrapped around me possessively, resting on my shoulder. He lowered his head into the crook of my neck and breathed in deeply. I could feel my whole body relax into his embrace.

Three years...How could it have been three years?

I just wanted to just disappear with Eric.

I could sense Nikolette responding to my thoughts. I hadn't realized I was broadcasting my feelings, but I wasn't really concerned with it either. All that mattered was that I was with him again.

You really love him.Nikolette sent.


I wasn't asking, I was telling. I'm an empath remember?

I could see the smirk she had on her face.

Thank you.I sent back to my sister.

"Hold on tight." Eric murmured.

I did as I was told, no sooner that he mumbled those words, were we sent propelling through the sky. I gripped Eric tighter, and squeezed my eyes shut even tighter.

I could hear him chuckle slightly, as he smirked.

"You could've given me some kind of warning." I whispered, still afraid to open my eyes.

"Where's the fun in that?" He seemed amused. "Open your eyes...I've got you."

"I can't..." I mumbled, as I buried my face deeper into his shirt.

"Trust me..."

We were flying, thousands of feet in the air.

Trust me.

I've never felt so vulnerable in my life.

Trust me.

I was so afraid, but I was with him.

Trust me.

Slowly I opened my eyes.

It was...beautiful.

The lights shone all around the city, connecting in an intricate design. I could see the ocean, as it met the beach, and the moon. It was right above us, illuminating Eric's face and casting a shadow over part of his face. It was more exhilarating that I imagined it would be.

I was flying.

The wind wafted around us, rustling our clothes and sending tingles all over my skin, or it could have just been Eric's hand resting softly on the small of my back. It was warmer than I remember it being before.

"Where are we going?" I asked finally after we had been flying for a few minutes. I looked up at his face. I was completely and immensely captivated by him.

He smirked casually, "You'll see."

I pouted playfully, before resuming my tight grip and hugging him tightly.

A few minutes later, we landed on the beach. He landed so softly, it was almost as if we landed on feathers. He held me in his arms bridal style, as he gazed down at me.

I could feel my face glow red under the pressure of his intense gaze.

I diverted my gaze to our surroundings. The beach was secluded, with just the two of us.

The sand was white and sparkled in the moonlight underneath his feet. The immediate area around us was littered with violet colored rose pedals that contrasted with the pure white sandy beach. There was a very large bed on top of a large platform. The bed was covered with the same violet colored roses that were scattered along the beach. There was a sheer white curtain that hung around the bed, with one side parted invitingly. The top was completely open, showing the starlit sky.

"When did you?" I began to ask, as he softly placed me back on my feet.

"I told Mason as soon as I felt you come back." Eric responded looking down at me, "You're mine Nikolai Bennett."

"Would it be too much for you to just say that you want to date me?" I replied deadpan.


"I'm over a thousand years old, I don't know what it is" Eric said with all sincerity.

It took a lot to not laugh at his lack of knowledge on all things human. You would think that having lived amongst humans for over a thousand years that he would know a few of their customs.

"It requires us getting to know each other, like a courtship." I responded.

"So..." He placed his hands on my waist, "You want me to court you?" He was smirking as if he were genuinely amused.

I lowered my head, too embarrassed to look at him. Suddenly the sand beneath our feet became the most interesting thing in the world. It was weird how Eric had that effect on me. Every time I was around him, he had this habit of making me feel like some raging hormonal teenager experiencing their first crush and all of the flooding of emotions that come along with that. I was reduced to some rambling idiot, who couldn't form coherent sentences to save my life. It was the most frustrating, yet oddly human I've ever felt. I couldn't read his mind, I couldn't know what he was thinking, or feeling. It was a relief in a way. I could be free to just be me, without having to shield my mind from stray thoughts.

I don't want to talk right now
I just want your arms wrapped around
Me and this moment before it runs out

He gently placed his finger underneath the groove of my chin, and raised my head up until I was staring into his eyes.

"Consider this a start then." He whispered before he kissed me gently.

I instinctively wrapped my arm around his neck, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss.

Oh, don't say that it's over
Oh, no, say it ain't so

I used my newfound speed to move us to the bed. I landed on my back, with Eric laying on top of me. He looked down at me, his face contorted in confusion.

"Let's just say that I've been doing more than just reading while I was away for 3 years." I smirked.

"You're as fast as a vampire." Eric stated.

I shrugged, "No, I'm faster." To emphasize, I quickly flipped him over so that I was on top. I leaned down and kissed him hard. I could feel his hands running along my back, and sliding along the small of my back, just above my butt.

Eric pull back to smirk at me, "This could be fun."

Let's let the stars watch, let them stare
Let the wind eavesdrop, I don't care
For all that we've got, don't let it go
Just hold me

He flipped me over so that I was once again beneath him. He wasted no time, as he began to kiss down my stomach, nipping at the flesh softly with his fangs.

I gasped out loud at the foreign sensation. If this was just in the beginning, I didn't know how I was going to manage being a willing participant without passing out from sheer sexual sensation overload.

I quickly rose up, and pulled his shirt off in one swift movement. I flipped him so that he was now lying on his back. I kissed his chest, while simultaneously licking his nipples along the way. He let out a kind of growl, which I took as his approval. I moved down to the bulge in his pants, and rubbed my cheek against it affectionately. I could feel it pulse and harden even more underneath my ministrations.

Suddenly, he rose up and slipped off my shirt, while pushing me back against one of the post on the bed. I could've sworn I heard a crackling noise as I collided with the wooden frame, but I didn't care. Eric kissed me passionately.

Every touch of his hand on my skin, sent tingles throughout my body causing me to feel like I was on fire. It was such a euphoric feeling, that I couldn't imagine it getting any better. But this was just the beginning.

I moved Eric back to the bed, and straddled his waist. I unbuckled his belt, and in one quick motion, slipped it off and threw it somewhere along the beach. I grinded my butt onto his hardening bulge. It was so big, probably the biggest I've ever felt. I looked into his eyes with desire and hunger; I could see that same look in his eyes. It was primal, like he was the hunter and I was his prey. He wanted to devour me, to consume me completely.

I can't pull you closer than this
It's just you and the moon on my skin
Oh, who says it ever has to end

Before I could register, we both were naked and Eric was lying on top of me. Our hard dicks poking each other and throbbing with need. I was leaking precum like crazy in anticipation, as he humped against me softly. His face was nuzzled into my curve of my neck, sniffing, nipping, and licking at the tender flesh.

I gasped loudly, "Please...Eric..."

" smell so...amazing..." He murmured, as he continued his ministrations.

I moaned and gasped with every lick and bite Eric administered to my neck and body. He moved with such precision, that it was as if he were trying to taste every part of my flesh piece by piece. He licked his way down to my waist where he playfully nipped at the skin again. I let out a loud cry of pleasure, as he smirked in satisfaction. My dick pulsed, as another drop of precum fell onto my skin, pooling into my bellybutton.

"Please Eric..." I whined.

Without warning, he devoured my dick whole.

I screamed out in pleasure, as I grabbed desperately at the sheets on the bed. My chest flailed up and down quickly, as I struggled to catch my breath and not lose my load at that exact moment. My eyes clenched shut tightly as I focused on the sensations that Eric was causing. I grabbed his head, sliding my fingers in his hair, as I struggled to maintain some kind of sanity.

Despite my attempt at controlling my impending orgasm, I could feel it building up. This time was different though; I could feel this pulling sensation in my body. It wasn't just in my dick, it was like my whole body was about to go into some kind of orgasmic shock.

"Eric...I'm" I gasped out.

He immediately stopped, and looked up at me.

The moonlight shone behind him, and despite the fact that he was in between my legs with my hard dick shimmering before him; it was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. The way the light reflected off his hair, his pale was almost like he was glowing. His eyes twinkled with a kind of mischief and lust that I hadn't seen from him before. But there was something else in his eyes, something that I couldn't quite place. It made me shiver with anxiety.

Eric moved us so that he was lying beneath me and me on top. However this time I was face to face with his hard dick. It was the most magnificent thing I've ever seen. I'm not one to describe a dick as `magnificent,' but Eric's was a thing of true beauty. I gripped it softly with my hand and slowly began to stroke him. It was a lot harder than I expected, and surprisingly somewhat warm. He was easily nine inches with a nice girth to it. There were veins that traced along the sides spiraling up to the head that flared at me angrily. It throbbed in anticipation, as I watched entranced by its beauty. The moonlight reflected off the top, as a drop of precum collected at the slit shimmering like a pearl in the moonlight. I was literally salivating in anticipation.

This was it.

The sensation of something smooth and thick moving around the base of my hole, snapped me back to reality, as I moaned and pushed back slightly. Eric was tentatively licking my hole. Every contact of his tongue swiping over my hole sent shivers down my body as more moans escaped my lips. Eric thrust his hips up slightly, as if to emphasize that I too had a job that needed to be tended to. I resumed my grip on his dick, slowly stoking him again until more of his precum collected at the tip. Just as it was about to fall, I used my tongue to trace the length of this dick, before wrapping my lips around the head and sliding him into my mouth.

I moaned again loudly.

Oh, don't say that it's over
Oh, no, say it ain't so

The taste of Eric was euphoric. It was difficult to explain, but I wanted more. It was like I was placed in a trace the moment I tasted his essence, and the only thing that could satiate my hunger, was more!

I sucked Eric like a man possessed. Even the sensations of Eric eating my hole more enthusiastically, was not enough to deter me from enjoying the taste of his precum and wanting more. I completely lost myself in pleasuring him, so much so that I began to think that it was my sole purpose in life. I was made to pleasure Eric in any way he wanted me to. I was his to use.

I belonged to him irrevocably and unequivocally.

Eric used his speed to place me on my back, as he parted my legs with his knees. I stared into his eyes, eyes that were burning with need and desire. Eyes that were silently asking for permission, but unwilling to wait for an answer.

We had come too far to stop now, we both knew that. And I couldn't imagine wanting anything more in the world, as much as I wanted Eric in this moment.

He placed his hard dick at my hole. He pressed softly against my hole, slowly parting my opening with the head of his dick. I could feel my hole twitching in anticipation, as he continued to poke, popping just a bit of the head inside, before retreating and repeating the process all over.

Every time he would press into me, I would gasp and clutch at his shoulders. My body was on fire, burning with desire as I waited to consummate my feelings for Eric.

"Fuck me already! I can't stand it!" I plead. It was like I was possessed. My voice didn't sound like me. I was delirious with need like an addict. I no longer wanted Eric to fuck me, I needed it! I craved it!

He gave me a toothy grin, his fangs exposed, poised and ready.

I nodded, silently giving him my permission to do anything he wanted to me.

With one swift thrust, Eric filled me completely with all nine inches of his dick.

I screamed out loud in a mixture of pain and pleasure, as my eyes clouded over.

To say that I saw stars would be too clichι, especially considering that they were literally stretched out above us. It was more than that. It was like my soul was connecting with Eric. All the emptiness I felt was filled in that one moment as we connected physically and metaphorically.

Memory flashes of Eric's life, my life, and our lives together flashed before me, as my body transcended.

Let's let the stars watch, let them stare
Let the wind eavesdrop, I don't care
For all that we've got don't let go

My ass muscles quivered around his invading dick, clenching and unclenching in attempt to accommodate the large intruder. I could feel my body start to calm down from the initial high of his penetration.

Not wanting this feeling to end, I snapped open my eyes and looked at Eric directly in his eyes. "Fuck me..." I growled.

He used his speed to pin me to one of the bed post. His hard dick never leaving my ass in the process. In fact, now that he was standing up holding me against the post, his dick lodged even deeper, as gravity forced me further down on his dick.

I threw my head back, as a guttural moan escaped my lips. Eric took this opportunity to once again burry his face into my neck as he began to thrust his dick in and out of me. With nothing else to hold onto, I wrapped my arms around Eric's neck as he continued to pound me while standing.

I was reduced to a bumbling mess of words, as the sensations of his dick driving through my ass consumed me. It was like Eric's dick was made perfectly for my ass. The way he spread me open, and I could feel every vein, every curve, the warmth of his dick as he moved through me with such speed and power that only a vampire could manage.

My body jerked up and down with each thrust as Eric pounded me with increasing vigor. My insides were melting, as my body submitted to him fully. Eric quickly moved me into a doggy style position. I looked over my shoulders, ready to protest about the interruption, when he thrust into me completely burying his dick to the base. I arched my back and let out a howl of pleasure. In this new position, Eric was able to hit my prostate with every stroke as he fucked me like an animal.

He grabbed me by the neck, as his other hand pressed down on the small of my back, causing me to arch while successfully allowing him a deeper penetration. I could feel his breath on my neck, shallow and unsteady. His fangs grazed my neck repeatedly. He would add as bit more pressure each time, not enough to break the skin, but enough to emphasize his desire to.

"" I grunted with each thrust.

"Nikolai..." Eric groaned.

He flipped me over so that I was on my back, with my knees pressed to my sides. He lay completely on top as of as he continued to fuck me.

I could feel myself approaching my orgasm, and like last time it started from deep within my body. I turned my head away from Eric in a submissive gesture.

"" I moaned out

Let's let the stars watch, let them stare
Let the wind eavesdrop, I don't care
For all that we've got don't let go

I grabbed his face and kissed him passionately. Our tongues dueled in a tangled mess as we approached our climax.

"Bite me..." I whispered as our lips broke contact.

Eric nodded, as he slowly sunk his face into my neck. I could feel him kissing the skin softly. I braced myself just as he bit into my neck. I half expected for it to hurt, but I was suddenly filled with this intense euphoric sensation of raw sexual bliss. I could feel my eyes glaze over, as they began to glow with an intense white light. Eric drank me with gusto, as I shivered underneath him in delight. I could feel a transition happening between us as he drank from me. He released my neck, only to turn his head, offering me the same. I didn't think twice, before I sunk my teeth into his neck. While I didn't have the same finesse as him, I was still able to achieve the desired effect as the roles reversed, and I drank from Eric. That transition feeling intensified, as I began to glow with light. The light was so bright, that I was sure that it could be seen from ships miles away as some sort of beacon.

Reluctantly, I released him, as he turned to kiss me hungrily on the lips. The taste of our blood intertwining as a symbolism of our new found union. I could feel our energies colliding and blending together as Eric and I became one in every possible way. Our souls connected and merged together in blissful harmony.

I was overcome with a feeling of...


I could feel my orgasm approaching, and Eric wasn't too far behind. He continued to grind his dick into me with increasing intensity. Every stroke hitting that bundle of nerves that threatened to explode at any moment. I glanced down at my dick, just in time to see it explode between us without touching myself.

"Fuuuucccckkk. Oh God." I moaned unceremoniously.

My body convulsed underneath Eric, as I fired off shot after shot of cum. Coating my face, our bodies, and the sheets below.

That must have been all Eric needed, as he thrust deep inside of me before kissing me. I could feel his dick swell followed by the warming sensation of him filling me with his potent seed. It flowed into me like hot lava, coating my insides in his essence. I could feel some of his cum leaking out, as he continued to thrust into me a few more times releasing the last of his cum.

The glow from my body began to subside, as Eric rested on top of me. I held him in my arms.

Just hold, just hold me
Just hold me

I could have died in that moment, and been completely content.

I knew that Eric might not have been feeling the exhaustion of our lovemaking as much as I was, as I was on the verge of succumbing to my fatigued state. My eyes were fighting to stay open, as I smiled with satisfaction.

Words didn't seem to be able to convey everything that had transpired, even so I didn't want to ruin the moment. I just wanted to be like this with him, to hold him like this...forever...

My eyes closed.

There was a ping, it was brief, but I still sensed it. I snapped open my eyes and looked around frantically. It was there, I knew I felt it.

Someone was watching us, and not just someone.

Another faerie...


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