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Dark Light

Chapter Two-Dancing With the Devil




He regarded me for a second, almost like he was having an internal battle of whether or not to approach me.


Against my better judgment, I slowly and very carefully started to walk towards him. Eric was a well-known vampire and it was no secret that he was an old vampire; anyone who knew anything about vampires knew that the older a vampire is, the more dangerous and stronger that vampire is as well.


But I didn't care about that. Something told me that although old and no doubt dangerous, Eric wasn't a killing machine.


He eyed me cautiously as I approached him. I now stood directly in front of him. He was taller than me, so I had to look up at him. His eyes squinted as he leaned in closer, sniffing the space between us. I knew he smelled with the other vampire smelled before attacking me. A small shiver ran through me at the thought of Eric attacking me too, but I shook it off.


He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. His fangs popped out as he opened his eyes.


I jumped slightly out of reflex, but remained undeterred. I wasn't afraid of him.


"You smell..."


"I know good, at least that's what the other vampire said before attacking me." I finished for him. So I smelt good to vampires, big deal isn't that their thing, smelling and drinking blood?


"You smell like someone I knew a long time ago... He just continued to stare at me. It was like he was seeing something that no one else could see.


It kind of made me anxious.


He growled slightly, "Do you know someone by the name of Sookie Stackhouse?"


The name didn't ring a bell.


"No, she doesn't sound familiar. Should I know he-" before I could finish my sentence, he used his speed to run away.


I sighed. Why did he run away, and more importantly who is Sookie Stackhouse and what does she have to do with me?


I decided that I had tested my luck for the night, and should get home before I ran into another vampire or something else.


I quickly filled my gas tank, and drove home.



As soon as I got home, I called out for my siblings telepathically. I could sense them all in the house.


Nikolette, Nikolas, Nikola I need to talk to you all now. Meet in the conservatory.


The conservatory was our favorite place to be in the house. The large glass windows allowed for sunlight to brighten the room. Grams had an assortment of plants that she grew, the room always smelt like nature itself. For some reason it felt like home, and on more than one occasion my siblings and I would be caught enjoying the sunlight and just being around the plants.


I was closest to the conservatory, so I was the first one there, followed my Nikolette, Nikola, and lastly our little brother Nikolas.


Nikolette was 28, but didn't look a day over 21. Her long brown hair was tied behind her back. She was dressed in striped pink pajama bottoms with a long sleeve pink shirt that fit snugly on her body. Around her neck was the crystal orbed amulet. Her face, which usually held a warm welcoming expression, was replaced with an irritated scowl.


Nikola was 26, dresses similar to Nikolette except in yellow. Her hair was cut short in a boyish look. Usually its styled in a tossed, just woke up look that suited her and accentuated her high cheek bones and thin face. She looked on curiously. Around her neck was the same amulet Nikolette and I wore.


Our little brother Nikolas is 20. The baby of the family, but thanks to our faerie blood he didn't look it. He was the same height as me, but more muscular than me. He and Shea often work out together when I'm too busy with school. They share that interest and it shows in their bodies. It didn't help that they also shared in their womanizing ways, which I was subjected to constantly. Nikolas kept his hair buzzed short like Shea. He was wearing a pair of shorts and nothing else, showing off his muscular torso. He was leaning against the door frame naturally, but looking like a model with little effort. His amulet he turned into a bracelet that he wore on his right wrist. The orb gleaming slightly with the reflection of light in the room.


"This better be good." Nikolas said in an irritated tone.


I glared at him, but began my story. I told them everything that happened. The vampire that attacked, leaving out his identity until I talked to someone else first. I told them about Grams words, and the light, and Eric saving me and what he said about Sookie Stackhouse. By the time I was done telling my story, everyone was staring at me all with mixed emotions on their faces.


"So we have to fear vampires now?" Nikola spoke up. She looked frantically to Nikolette for an answer.


Nikolette looked like she was thinking it over, "Not exactly. You heard him; he was able to take care of himself. "


"Hey bro mind showing us your fancy light powers? Maybe if we found out how to do it, we can protect ourselves too." Nikolas offered.


I shrugged my shoulders, turning to him, "I don't know if I can do it on command. It just kind of happened. I heard Grams words in my head, and I just--" I mimicked my hand motion to a plant across from us but nothing happened.


"Maybe you can use our telepathic link to show us what happened, and we can figure out how you did it." Nikolette suggested.


Sure we've shared our thoughts with each other before, but doing something like this with all of us present was a little out of our realm of expertise, still I was willing to try.


"Okay but we all need to hold hands and concentrate."


I closed my eyes and held out my hands for them. Slowly I felt both of my hands being grasped. I opened my eyes slightly to see us all in a circle, eyes closed.


I focused on the memory of earlier that night. I saw the memory clearly in my head and projected it outwards towards my siblings. I saw the fight playing out in my head, and knew they were seeing the same images. The light erupted from my hand throwing the vampire back. I opened my eyes to see all of our connected hands were glowing with the same light as in my memory.


Everyone else opened their eyes, and saw the same.


"This light..." Nikolas began


" feels so..." Nikola followed.


"...warm..." Nikolette finished.


I smiled. "This is the light Grams meant."


Suddenly all of our crystal amulets began to shine with the same light as our hands. I felt this "pull" from the amulet, like it was drawing me in. Not in a bad way, just like it was an extension of our light.


"Whoa do you feel that?" Nikolas asked.


We all agreed.  The light began to grow brighter and brighter. We should have had to turn our eyes away at the intensity of the light, but we were able to look through it as if it were nothing.


I could feel all their emotions in our link. We were all mixed with fear, anxiety, curiosity, and an incredible sense of joy. It was like we were finding out who, what we really were. The energy, the light we were feeling felt so natural. It was like a part of us that was dormant, awakened inside and for the first time I felt whole.


Suddenly the light began to concentrate in the middle and expanded until it threatened to push the boundaries of our circle. With a small pop, the light expanded completely knocking us back into the walls of the room, and spread outward throughout the entire house, bathing us in the warmth.


It dispersed until it faded.


I glanced around the room and saw my siblings all on the floor, recovering from being thrown back. They seemed a little shaken up, but other than that were ok.


"What just happened?" Nikola asked while sweeping a few stray strands of hair from her face.


"I-I don't know, but it felt...amazing. Nikolette chuckled a little while rubbing her hand over her face.


"I've never felt anything like that...ever! I feel so powerful and strong!" Nikolas flexed to emphasize his words.


They all came to me and circled around me, almost like they were prancing to a song.


"This is what you must've felt like after being attacked by that vampire." Nikola sang out.


"This power is amazing." their voices blended in a sing song melody. It was kind of silly, but it felt natural and urged me to dance with them.


"As much as I would love to, I think I've had enough excitement for one night." I smiled exiting their circle dance.


"Oh you must...


"Come dance with us...


They urged me, but my need to sleep was greater.


"Another night guys, I'm sleepy." I laughed.


"Let him go, tonight we will dance come." Nikola grabbed their hands and danced off through the house.


I yelled after them, "Yeah well just keep it down."


I chuckled as I retired to bed for the night.



The next day I woke up, everything from the previous night seemed like a dream. The attack by the vampire, the light, Eric...




I jumped out of bed and quickly showered and got dressed. I just settled for slacks with a pair of Steve Madden slip-ons, a button up, and slung my laptop case over my shoulder.


I could tell from their brain activity that my siblings were up too. We all were morning people, up at the break of dawn. I sent them a telepathic good morning and goodbye and ran out the door.



I made it to campus with an hour and a half to spare before my first class of the day. I decided to go to the study area and use my laptop to research Eric.


Even with the internet at my disposal, I wasn't able to find out much information on Eric. He used to be a Sheriff in Shreveport, Louisiana back when the Vampire Authority existed. After the Hep V pandemic and his creation of the vaccine, he expanded outward and created different establishments all over the world.


I typed in Fangtasia California. There were pictures of vampires and humans in costumes. The club itself looked like a theme from a Halloween party. I quickly scribbled down the address and stuffed it into my pocket.


Just as I was about to close out, I remembered Eric saying something about a Sookie Stackhouse.  I typed her name into the search engine and waited for the results to pop up. It felt like forever, but in reality was only a couple seconds before something came up.


There was only one article. I clicked the link. A picture downloaded first, it showed a pretty blonde girl with brown eyes and a wide smile on her face. She was dressed in a flower dress with a white cardigan. The article was about her home town Bon temps, Louisiana. It was one of the places hit hard by the Hep V vampires. The article referred to her as a waitress who helped save the town from the Hep V vamps. Nothing too exciting was mentioned about her. I felt like I hit a dead end, and the only person who could help me, was asleep in a coffin no doubt.


My phone rang, breaking me from my train of thought. I looked at the screen and saw a picture of Shea and me when we were 12. He had his arm thrown over my shoulder with a grin. I held up the peace sign with my hand with a matching grin. It was one of my favorite pictures of us.


I pressed the talk button, "Hey what's up?"


"Don't play coy with me." he all but shouted into the phone, "I want to know when you and Tom became a couple."


Tom. I had completely forgotten about the kiss. Good thing I didnt have to work tonight, I wasn't ready to face the consequences from that just yet.


I was about to respond, but he cut me off, "Where are you?"


I sighed, "Same place I am everyday around this time Shea."


"Good, stay there. I'm on my way." with that he hung up.


It was about 20 minutes before he showed up. He sat across from me with a determined look on his face. He looked pretty hot. He had shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt that showed off his muscles. His face was scruffy and unshaven, and his cap he wore shaded his eyes making him look mysterious.




I took a breath before telling him what happened that night.


"So have you talked to him since it happened?"


I shook my head no. "I wouldn't even know what to say. Honestly I haven't thought much about it after all the stuff from last night--"


"What else happened last night?"


I repeated the story to him, even what happened back at home. He had an unreadable look on his face by the end of it all.


"So you have lightening powers now?"


I laughed, "Not exactly, well I don't know...I guess. I only did it once so."


He clinched his hands into fist.


"Shea what's wrong?"


His jaw was clinching and tense.




"I...I can't protect you...


My face softened, "Shea..."


"I've always been the one to protect you, always been there for you....and now..." I could see a tear escape the corner of his eye, but he quickly blinked back any others from escaping.


"Now I'm weak and you're the strong one. You took on a vampire! And you survived! You have this new power now, and don't need me anymore."


"I do need you!" I argued.




"Because you're my friend, my best friend! You've been with me since we were kids. You've protected me and looked out for me. I need you..."


"How am I supposed to protect you now?" Shea looked up. His eyes were glimmering with tears. I hate seeing him like this.


"By being my friend."


There was silence for a while, as we just stared at each other. I was conflicted about telling him, but I knew he needed to know.


"Shea I need to tell you something."


He nodded his head.


I swallowed hard, and reached out to grab his hands across the desk.


"The vampire that attacked me...I knew him."


He looked at me confused. "What do you mean you knew him?"


I felt me lip quiver, "I recognized him, because he still looked the same as he did when he walked out and disappeared from our lives 14 years ago."


I could see the realization set in for him.


He snatched his hands away from mine, and stood up abruptly.


"You're lying....he can't be..."


"Shea." I tried to walk to him but he just backed up further.


"No Nik got damn it. You can't just tell me some shit like that and expect for everything to be okay. Nothing about this shit is ok!"


He was pacing back and forth now.


This is some fucked up shit. He's back and a vampire. What the fuck am I gonna do. Shit. Shit. Shit.


He was broadcasting which is understandable. It's not every day you get this kind of news.


"Shea come sit down please."


"Naw Nik I think I need some fresh air to sort this shit out. I'll talk to you later." he ran out the door.


I yelled after him, but he kept running. I didn't have time to chase him. My first class started in five minutes.



I couldn't concentrate the rest of the day. It was pretty much a blur. I kept thinking about Shea, Eric, our light powers, and what this Sookie Stackhouse had to do with any of it.


I had stayed back to study models and work in the lab, mainly as a distraction, but hoping Shea would call before it got too late. I glanced at my phone, and there were no missed calls.


I decided to pack up my things and head out. Once I got outside I noticed it was dark. I hadn't realized I stayed that late.


It was dark...that meant that Eric.


I quickly fished in my pocket for the address and typed it into the GPS on my phone. The club was only 20mins away. I got into my car and started it up. I sat behind the wheel for a minute, thinking over my options.


I knew it wasn't a good idea going to a vampire bar the night after being attacked by one, especially considering how I smell to them. But if I were going to get answer for my questions, then I needed to talk to Eric directly and the only way I was ever going to see him again was to go to his club.


My mind was made up. I had to see Eric again.


I sat in the parking lot of Fangtasia. The place looked packed. I could hear the music blaring as vampires, humans, and God knows what else entered the club. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves before I exited the car.


Almost as if I were autopilot, my body moved to the entrance. Inside my body was waging a war. I was going back and forth of whether this was a good idea or not.


"Welcome to Fangtasia." A woman said in a bored monotone causing me to look up.


The woman before me I knew was a vampire. She was dressed in a black tight fitting dress showing her cleavage. Her hair was styled up and she wore black eye liner makeup and pink lipstick. Her black heels looked highly uncomfortable, but I was sure she could move quickly if need be. She was always with Eric in his New Blood advertisements. She was his progeny, his child. Pam


I swallowed the lump in my throat. "I' to see Eric."


She rolled her eyes, "Are you a part of the fan club? Did you come for an autograph and offer your neck to him," she looked me up and down, "or something else?" she rose one of her eyebrows suggestively.


"Excuse me?"


"You certainly have an exotic look to you, I'm sure Eric will have fun-" she stopped and sniffed the air between us.


"You've got to be fucking kidding me. Another fucking faerie." She turned and walked into the club.


I took that as hint to follow. She was walking ahead of me talking in some language I couldn't understand, but it sounded like she was pissed.


We came to an office; she didn't bother knocking and just barged in.


"En annan faerie verkligen Eric?" (Another faerie really Eric)


I glanced over at Eric, but quickly averted my eyes. At his desk he had a woman sitting on top and he was between her legs. I didn't even want to find out what he was doing.


"Hur många gånger har jag sagt till dig att slå när jag matar Pam!?" (How many times have I told you to knock when I'm feeding Pam?) He went back to feeding on the girl in front of him. She was moaning like the cheap whore she looked like.


She shrugged, "Oops, I guess I forgot." She placed her hands on her hips. "There is the small little detail of the little faerie boy behind me that you neglected to mention."


That got his attention and he looked pass Pam to me. His mouth was bloody, as he smiled a toothy smile.


"Well that is a lovely surprise now isn't it?" his voice was even and gave no indication on what he was feeling.


Pam used her speed to close the distance between her and Eric. "Need I remind you how things ended the last time you got involved with a faerie?"


"Take the girl and leave." Eric said his voice even and sharp.




"I said leave Pam." He never broke eye contact with me the whole time he was arguing with Pam.


She looked between us both before grabbing the girl by her hair and dragging her out the room, while shouting "Fucking faeries!"


 "I'm sorry about all of this. I knew it was a bad idea but-"


"Sit down." He ordered, and I obeyed silently.


He used his vampire speed to stand in front of me; he was kind of leaning, almost touching my forehead with his. We were looking at each other in the eyes. I heard that vampires could glamor people, kind of like hypnotizing them, to do and say things against their will.


"Take off your clothes." He whispered.


"What?" I leaned away from him and stood up. "I don't know what you thought I came here for, but I certainly did not come here for that!"


He smirked. "No, I didn't think that would work." Using his speed again he pinned my back to the door with his arms on both sides preventing my escape.




"What did you come here for?" He peered down at me. I felt an urge to kiss him. It was so strong that I could feel my body actually leaning towards him.


I alternated from his lips to his eyes. I don't know what got into me, but my desire for Eric was stronger than anything I've ever felt before, that it was literally making me light headed.


His fangs popped out. I looked at them in wonder. I slowly raised my hand up to his mouth, he eyed me as I did, and traced over his fangs with my fingertips. They felt so sharp, but oddly smooth. He grabbed my hand and looked me in the eye again.


"May I?" He whispered.


I silently nodded my approval, as he slightly bit my finger to draw my blood. I winced at the slight pain, but it quickly turned to pleasure beyond anything I've ever felt, as he placed my finger to his lips and gently sucked. I had to bite my lip to stifle my moan.


As quickly as it started, it was over. He created some distance between us, and retreated back to his desk. I shook my head to clear all the lustful thoughts. I was here for a reason.


"I need you to tell me everything you know about Sookie Stackhouse, and what she's got to do with me."


I was determined now.


He smiled, "Where should I begin?"