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Dark Light

Chapter Six- Stop

You've gotta get out of here. This is all a trap to kill Eric. Hurry!

Trap? Why were they trying to kill Eric? There was no way they could know about the plan! How was I supposed to warn Eric with a room full of vampires and their super hearing?

I have to know what are they planning, because as of right now you and I have the upper hand. They don't know that we can talk to each other.

I can't. Elijah knows what I am, he'll kill me before he let's me escape.

"Mr. Northman I understand that you've been very vocal in your opinions regarding the new Authority. Allow me to lay your, grievances to rest." Elijah reached for his glass of blood sitting in front of him. "My constituents and I have started the process of reviving the Authority. Now we all were around to witness the fall of the last one, at your hands might I add."

"Allegedly." Eric smirked.

"Yes, it was all blamed on Russell Edgington and that vampire who claimed to be a God...what was his name again?" Elijah taunted.

"Bill Compton."

"Yes Bill Compton!" Elijah exclaimed. "Funny how neither are around to tell their side of the story."

I could feel Eric tense slightly. None of the other vampires seemed to notice, and I only did because I still held onto his arm.

Grant you need to help me or you're as good as dead anyway.

Grant looked uncertain.

Damn it. How the hell could I warn Eric, and save us both? I could try to teleport using my light like before, granted I only did it once and I didn't have a passenger along for the ride.



Maybe I could somehow summon Niklaus. There's no way he'd let anything bad happen to me, but the same couldn't be said for Eric.

I was running out of ideas and time. Any minute now Elijah and the others will make their move and we'll be dead.

Grant I'm begging you. Help us. We're the same.

He shifted slightly creating a small distance between Elijah and himself.

"All there's left is you." The way he said it, made it sound like Eric was a loose end.

If you're going to make a move do it now.Grant sent me.

Does this mean you'll help?

Yes! Now hurry before Elijah makes his move.

It all happened quicker than I expected. Suddenly Elijah was lunging forward at Eric. Before I could react, Eric used his speed and strength to push me out of the way a couple feet from where we sat. I fell to the floor in confusion, but quickly refocused my eyes back to Eric. Before Elijah could reach Eric, his head was severed from his body as he exploded in blood all over the couch where Eric had sat before.

I felt someone touch my shoulder and was about to react, when I heard his voice soothing me. He was covered in blood, I assume from the other vampire that was with Elijah.

"Are you alright?" I nodded as Eric helped me to my feet.

Mason stood at the base of the bloody goo that was Elijah.

"I was really getting tired of his voice." Mason smirked as he licked his fingers of the bloody goo.

I grimaced and looked pass him to Grant.

Are you okay?

I'm free of him. Really free.He stared hard at the goo that was Elijah

"Eric shouldn't we hurry up and leave?" I whispered.

He nodded down at me. "Mason let's go, and bring the boy."

Its okay, you're coming with us. You'll be safe.I sent Grant, right before Eric rushed us away.

Once Eric felt we were far enough away, we stopped in the middle of the road. Soon Mason and Grant joined us. Eric flipped out his cellphone and made a call. I'm guessing it was to Pam about a pickup for us.

I regarded Mason for a second. "So you and Eric are cousins?"

Mason smirked at me, "My maker Alaric and Eric's maker Godric were made by the same vampire. They were the only two progenies created by him."

"So they were brothers, which is how you two are cousins." I processed. It was weird thinking of vampires being related by the blood of their makers, but I guess it was no different than humans being related by their blood.

"Well I just wanted to say thank you for saving Eric's life back there."

"No need to thank me. Eric had this all planned from the beginning. Why is it you think I was there in the first place?"

Mason walked towards me.

I swallowed, "To save Eric in case something happened. "

He shook his head, "To save you."

Eric took precautions to protect me. He could handle himself if something happened, he was more worried about me. He knew that I'd be in danger around all those vampires. He had a plan in action to save me if things went south.

I turned around to look at Eric pacing back and forth on the phone in the middle of the street. Even covered in blood, I couldn't have been more captivated by him in that very moment had he looked normal.

Eric protected me. I thought to myself as I smiled.

"Thanks for saving me and all, but I've had enough vampire drama to last me a lifetime so this is where I split." Grant said causing me to turn my attention back to him.

"You can't just leave now. It's still night, those vampires from the gala might come looking for us, not to mention why you would be danger." I glared at him.

"So what, I stay and be a slave to the blonde vampire over there since he's the one calling the shots? Sorry but I just got through being a personal blood bank, among other things for one vampire, not really excited to do it again with another one. " He turned and started to walk up the street opposite the way we came.

Mason ran around him, causing him to stop just short of bumping into him. I could see Mason visibly sniff the air in front of them. His fangs popped out.

"Why do you smell so good?" He leaned in, but was stopped by Eric who held his jaw in his hand.

"The boy is off limits." Eric commanded.

"The boy isn't a boy, and he has a name." Grant interjected.

"What is he? He smells like the sun." Mason looked at Grant in awe.

Eric rolled his eyes. "Really? You're nearly a thousand years old, get some self control." He turned Mason's head so that they were looking at each other. "He's off limits, and so is Nikokai. Got it?"

Mason tried to look away, but Eric held firmly to his jaw. "Fine I won't touch them."

"Swear on your maker."

Mason sniffed the air. Eric tightened his grip on his jaw so hard, that I could've sworn I heard bone breaking. With Mason being a vampire, his wound would heal instantaneously.

"I swear...on Alaric." Mason grunted.

"Thank you." Eric smirked as he released him.

"So are you going to tell me the big secret with these two?" Mason said motioning to me and Grant.

"The less you know, the better." Eric replied.

"Oh come on cousin, you can tell me. We're family." Mason added with a wink at Grant who rolled his eyes in response.

"Let it go already Count Dracula, the blonde guy over there isn't going to tell you what we are and neither am I." Grant exhaled.

Mason have Grant an amused look.

"Quite feisty isn't he?" Mason rose an eyebrow, "I like him."

Well that makes one of us, I thought to myself.

Hey just for now, can we keep your last name between us?I sent Grant. Call me selfish, but I had my reasons for wanting to keep his lineage a secret from Eric. A part of me felt like I'd lose him to another faerie, one he had a interesting history with.

Grant stared at me intently before responding. Whatever. I'm more interested in you and how you're like me

I'm not like youI didn't intend for it to sound as harsh as it came out. I'm sorry, I only meant that my father was a faerie which means I have more of that blood in me than you do.

And how the hell would you know that? You seemed to recognize me by my name. Why else would you want to keep my last name from the blonde vampire? Maybe I should just tell him

"NO!" I blurted out.

Eric and Mason looked at Grant and I.

"Well that was interesting. Please tell me what warranted such an outburst." Mason smiled.

"It's...its nothing." I laughed off.

"Actually it is." Grant stepped forward. "This guy here doesn't want me telling you something, for what reason I don't know." He said nodding to Eric.

Eric hung up the phone without a thought, and turned his attention to Grant.

"Oh? And what is that?" Eric smirked.

I could feel my heart beating so fast in my chest, that I was sure it would burst forth at any given minute. It didn't help that I was sure Eric could hear it with his heightened senses.

"My name is Grant..."

Don't do this! I tired to plea with him one last time. My hands clenched and unclenched at my sides. I could feel this pressure building up inside of my head. It was like this constant throbbing. I could feel the blood rushing to my head causing my hearing to become muffled, and the sound of my heartbeat thumping echoing in my ears.

"Grant Sta-"

STOP!I sent out in a commanding tone.

Immediately Grant seized up, and his body became stiff as if someone were pulling him from strings in every direction. Blood began to trickle from his nose, as he grimaced. This purple light surrounded him. It was nothing like I'd ever seen before. His body contorted in muscle spasms, the only sounds were of bone breaking in a horrible crackling sound as his gasp and bloody gurgles filled the air.

The purple energy circling around him was causing him this torment. It felt dark and powerful at the same time. The wind around me began to spiral. Leaves and dirt circled around me, as I cast my gaze upon the withering man before me. I could feel my hair whisking around me, almost dancing to the wind and power that flowed through me. My lips curved in a subtle smile, as if I were enjoying the pain that was being inflicted on Grant. My vision darkened, almost as if the night around me became pitch black, but I was still able to make out Grant as clear as day. He was bright as the sun, but was quickly fading and being overcome by the dark light surround him.



His light grew less and less bright, and I grew more and more content as his light almost ceased to exist.

I felt Eric grabbed my shoulders, "Nikolai stop before you kill him!"

I blinked and simultaneously Grant dropped to the floor in a heap. Mason caught him just before his head collided with the ground.

"Wha-what happened?" I blinked a few times to clear my head.

"You almost killed him my powerful young ally." Mason smiled at me. It was like he was proud of me in a way. He bit his wrist and held his blood up to Grant's mouth to heal him.

"What does he mean I almost killed him? I didn't do this. I wouldn't do this." I looked to Eric frantically, but I could tell by the look in his eyes that I did do this.

"That same purple light that surrounded Grant, surrounded you too, but you weren't being hurt." Eric said.

How did this happen? I just wanted him to stop, and I almost killed him. What was wrong with me? Why did I lose control like that? What was that power I tapped into? It was evil...I never wanted to feel anything like that again. It was like this void in me that was dark. I shuddered. And what's worst, a part of me liked the pain I caused him, I was proud of it.

That thought alone made me sick.

Suddenly two cars sped down the street towards us. I panicked briefly, but Eric's arms felt comforting. He held me steady.

The cars stopped in front of us, the lights were blinding me. Out of the car stepped a figure. I didn't need to see clearly to know who it was. She was dressed in a pink dress that exposed her arm on one side. Her hair was pulled into a tight low bun. Her heels clicked as she strode over to us. Her gaze traveled from a bloody Mason cradling an unconscious Grant to a bloody Eric holding me in his arms to his chest.

"Damn I always miss all the fun." Pam said in her usual monotone voice.

"Still the same old Pamela." Mason chuckled.

She rolled her eyes at him, "What's he doing here?"

"Pam take Nikolai and Mason to the car and meet me at Fangtasia. I'll take the other car and the boy." Eric released me from his embrace.

Wait what. He wanted to be alone with Grant without me? If he regained consciousness in the car, then he'd tell Eric everything!

"Eric wait." I grabbed the sleeve of his jacket. I silently pleaded with my eyes. I couldn't bring myself to say anything. No matter how much I wanted to scream for him to not get into that car with Grant, I couldn't.

So I let go, and watched as he picked up Grant's body and place him in the car.

I turned by back and walked to the other car. I slid in next to Mason with Pam sitting across from me.

"Why the long face? You look like someone just killed your cat." Pam smirked.

It was pointless to hide it now. Soon as Grant regained consciousness, he'd tell Eric everything.

I glared out the window. "That guy. The one that's like me...his name is Grant. Grant Stackhouse."

"Oh fuck me." Pam groaned.

"My thoughts exactly." I replied half-heartedly.

"Does Eric-"

"No, but he will when he wakes up."

"Just who is this Grant Stackhouse, and why does he have you so worried Pamela?" Mason asked.

"A pain in my ass." Pam answered.

"I did something to him earlier. Something dark. Its why he ended up unconscious. I knew who he was since the gala. I didn't want him to tell Eric, and something happened. Something dark took me over and I almost killed him." My hands started to tremble at the memory.

"I'm impressed Tinkerbell. I like you." Pam smiled in pride.

"Don't be, I don't ever want to use that kind of power ever again." I mumbled.

"If this Grant guy is who you say he is, then you're going to have to do something or lose Eric to him. I for one don't want to live through another Eric Sookie faerie snatch love drama."

I glanced at Pam. "Well if Grant has is way and tells Eric who he is, then there's nothing I can do."

"Eric is smart, he wouldn't get caught up in the same Stackhouse drama like before." Pam shrugged.

"Whatever, Eric isn't going to just walk away once he finds out who Grant is. There's nothing I can do about that."

"Well it looks like you're fucked."

I nodded. "Yeah, I'm fucked."

The rest of the drive to Fangtasia was quiet. There wasn't more to say, besides I was too busy thinking about Eric and Grant, my powers and what I almost did to him, and how if I had killed him, I would have never recovered.

We pulled up to the bar that I was becoming all to familiar with. Eric and Grant arrived a few minutes before us, and were already inside. Grant was probably awake and telling Eric everything I tried to so hard to hide.

I stood outside Fangtasia, just staring up at the flashing sign. I didn't want to go in. A part of me knew that I would have to face what happened and the fallout of Grant disclosing his identity to Eric. But the bigger part of me figured that if I stayed outside, I could delay the inevitable. That not going in would be not facing it, which means that it didn't happen, it wasn't reality. At least until I walked through those doors.

Pam walked pass me and into the building, but not before stopping and turning to glance in my direction. I felt like she wanted to say something, but we both knew whatever she would say would be pointless. She knew as well as I did, it was over. It was so over.

"So are you just going to stand outside until the sun comes up?" Mason said. He was standing next to me. His suit was still covered in blood, but he still held this regal yet relaxed posture with his hands tucked into his pockets.

"Yes. Maybe. I don't know." I sighed.

A few minutes passed before I spoke up again.

"What I do know, is that I cannot go in there. At all."

"Eric is an interesting man." Mason quipped. "He's never been one to show his emotions quite openly. Pamela is the only one that I have seen him so fond of."

"Tell me something I don't know will you." I replied sarcastically. Pam was Eric's progeny, of course he'd be "fond" of her. I didn't see where Mason was going with this.

"I don't know Eric's history with this Grant fellow, or why you seem so...threatened by him." He paused as if to ponder his own thoughts, "But for Eric to ask that I assist him in keeping you safe, well it appears to me that he is quite fond of you as well."

I turned to look at him, but he continued to stare straight ahead unaffected. "So what are you saying Mason?"

"I'm saying that Eric is fond of you. Do not take that lightly." He walked forward, leaving me behind to think about his words and what they meant to me.

I don't know how long I stood outside. It felt like two minutes, maybe two hours. Either way, I knew I was wasting time. The sun would be up soon, and whatever issues I needed to work out with Eric would have to wait until nightfall. Maybe that's what I wanted, after all Grant had yet to emerge from the building. No one had. It was just me, alone, standing outside and looking up at the Fangtasia sign as if it held all my answers.

I hate that sign.

I hate Grant.

I hate being a faerie.

I hate my feelings for Eric.

I just...hate.

Okay no I don't, at least not entirely, but fake hating everything made me feel less about every crazy thing that has happened in my life up until this point.

It was a distraction from the bigger issue of my life being completely screwed up right now.

I fell for a vampire, met his faerie ex's great great grandchild or something like that, almost killed said grandchild in a jealous rage, and now I'm sitting outside his bar like a pathetic stalkerish fool.

"Ugh I'm so stupid!" I yelled out loud to no one.

A few more moments passed before the door to Fangtasia opened. I wasn't expecting to see Eric peaking out from the door, before he made his way over to me. He stood silently next to me and stared at the sign.

I wanted to ask him if he talked to Grant, but that seemed silly. Of course he talked to Grant, and now he knew everything.

And it was over.

"You talked to him." It was more of a statement than anything else. A verbal confirmation of my impending doom.

"I did."

I just continued to stare at the sign. "So you know."


I nodded subtlety. "The sun should be coming up soon. I should go."

He didn't say anything. As we stood silently next to other closely, but not touching.

"Goodbye Eric."

I turned to walk away from him, fully prepared that this would be the last time I would see him. There would be no drawn out goodbye, no apologies, no regrets.

This was goodbye.

I wish I could say he stopped me, told me he loved me, told me he chose me over Grant, for it to be some big movie ending where the guy realizes his mistake and rushes through a packed airport to get the girl.

But it wasn't.

This want a fairy tale, and Eric wasn't my knight in shining armor.

This was reality.

And this was goodbye.


The next morning I woke up in my bed. I didn't remember coming home, changing, or falling asleep.

I must've been really out of it. I guess it was all for the best. I was in no condition to talk to my brother or sisters, I barely had the energy to shield my thoughts the morning after. It was a literal struggle for me to keep it all together.

I yawned and stretched a little, before I got out of bed and brushed my teeth and washed my face. Thankfully it was Saturday, and I didn't have to go into work until a little later so I had time to rest and recover from yesterday.

I did a mental scan of the house. It seemed that Niklaus was the only one in the house.

That was strange. Everyone was usually in the house this early in the morning. I brushed the hair from my face, and walked down to hall to the stairs.

The house was silent.

There was no smell of coffee, no TV running, Nikola wasn't playing her nature melody, Nikolas wasn't blasting his video games obnoxiously, and Nikolettte wasn't yelling at him.

Where was everyone?

I cautiously descended the stairs, and looked around the house. There was no sign of a struggle or anything, in fact, the house looked immaculate almost like brand new.

"They're not here."

I jumped and spun around to come face to face with my father.

"Why are you sneaking up on me?" I replied defensively.

"I didn't mean to startle you, I could sense your curiosity and figured I'd help you out." He was smiling.

"Where are they?"

"Meditating on their powers in the mystical garden." I gave me a confused look. He walked closer to me. "You know, the place I found you all before."

The corner of my mouth twitched, "And why are you here and not with them?"

"Because I sent them away so we could talk without interruptions." He reached out and grasped my wrist. It was quick, and I wasn't expecting the quick action. I could see his eyes flashing with images from last night.

The gala, rescuing Grant...I was reliving it all, except this time he was seeing it all too.

Suddenly the scene from Grant's attack played. It was almost like it was playing in slow motion. I could see by body's reaction to the dark light. My eyes were black, completely black. My skin was darker almost gray in contrast to my even darker than normal jet black hair. The light swirled around me, and I was smirking. It was like I was enjoying watching him in pain.

I felt like I was looking at a different person that wasn't me.

That familiar panic I was feeling yesterday before Grant's attack began to resurface now.

I didn't want to see this again, to be reminded of what I did.

"" I said through gritted through teeth at Niklaus.

Instead his grip tightened, and I cringed in pain.

The scene kept replaying like a broken record.

Over and over again.

It was like I was stuck in my own personal hell.

"Niklaus stop..."

Grant's face twisted in pain.

My evil smirk.

The overwhelming dark power flowing through me.

"I said STOP!" No sooner as the words left my mouth, Niklaus was blasted back through the house by a purple light. I don't know how far he flew, but I could see sunlight streaming in from the hole in the wall that he flew through.

"What have I done?" I whispered looking down at my shaking hands which still glowed softly with purple light.

"What is happening to me?" I sunk to my knees. The trembling in my hands wouldn't go away.

I almost killed Grant yesterday, and now I may have just killed my father.

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