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Dark Light


Chapter Eight- Kiss Me, Please


I woke up the next morning, the memories of last night rewinding in my head. I quickly glanced to my left to see the sleeping figure lying next to me. He looked peaceful, as he snored softly. I smiled despite my current circumstances, he was still my best friend...or did this make us something else? I can't believe we had sex.


We had sex.


The memories of last night suddenly flashed through my mind.



He leaned back slightly. "Shut up and kiss me."


I don't know if it was because of everything that I was feeling at the moment, vulnerable, wanting to be needed, or my family and dark faerie drama. It could have very well been the hardness of Shea's member throbbing against my covered bottom, but I couldn't find any reason to argue, or even care in that moment.


So I did the only thing I could.


I did as I was told, and kissed him.


That seemed to be all the encouragement he needed. Suddenly I was lifted off the ground and enveloped in his strong arms as if I weighed less than nothing. He carried me towards his bedroom, not breaking the kiss along with way.


I had no idea what had gotten into him. He was my best friend. Clearly something was wrong with him, he wasn't in his right mind. Had I been in my right mind, I would've ended this. Stopped it before it had gone too far, before it had ruined our friendship forever...but I couldn't. I just did the only thing I could do...I kissed him.


We collapsed on the bed, him on top of me. Kissing, grabbing at each other like possessed men. Maybe we were, possessed that it. Possessed by this desire to want each other in the most primitive of ways.


I could feel the heat in my body begin to rise. This warmth flooded throughout my entire being. It was like my whole body was on fire, but it wasn't painful. It was pleasure.


Pure. Unfiltered. Pleasure.


I could feel my light reacting to my pleasure. My powers were flowing through me again. I could feel my body radiating my light. It was almost like I was a single ray of light, in a room full of darkness.


I broke the kiss, and pushed back Shea a bit. He resisted, but my faerie strength overpowered him temporarily. I could see his eyes, through the light my body radiated. They were completely golden now and shifting, almost like they were dancing in reaction to his desire. He still looked like my best friend, but there was something clearly different about him.


He seemed to grow tired of my admiration of him, as he roughly pushed my arm aside and clawed at my shirt ripping it in two and exposing my chest. He let out that same whimper growl as before, before he zeroed in on one of my nipples with his mouth.


I arched my back as a painful pleasureful gasp escaped my lips. Shea bit, licked, and sucked on my nipples releasing in me a desire I've never felt before. My body seemed to react on instinct going into overdrive. I've never known sex before to feel so charged and intoxicating as it did now.


I wanted more, my body craved more.


"Shea...please..." I moaned out.


If he had heard me, he didn't show it, as he continued to torture my body with undeniable pleasure.


I tried to push him off my chest, but he was resisting strongly. I used my faerie strength, catching the upper hand. I quickly flipped us so that I was on top of him now. He had a surprised look in his eyes, before he whimpered again slightly.


I tore off his shirt, and admired his body. All the work he and Nikolas had put into the gym, had definitely paid off. His body was perfectly sculpted. His chest was defined, as well as his six pack that looked carved into his body. His muscles though hard, retained a softness to them that made his body all the more perfect.


I slipped away from his grip to stand off to the side of the bed. He rose up onto his elbows giving me an inquisitive look.


I watched him with a sultry gaze, as I undressed completely. He seemed to have gotten the hint, as he shed the last of his clothing as well.


We stood in front of each other, naked as the day we were born. It had been quite some time since we had both seen each other this way.


It should've been awkward, seeing my best friend naked, hard, and excited sexually for me, but the only thing I felt was desire.


He reached out to grab me, his grip was firm and strong. His arms encircled my waist as his hands kneed my butt playfully.


He quickly positioned me on the bed in a doggy style position with my chest resting on the bed, back arched, and butt in the air, vulnerable and eagerly awaiting.


I could feel his hands roaming all over my butt, tracing the motions until they converged in the center where my hole lay.


I moaned softly. My body was convulsing. I was harder than I've ever been in my entire life and leaking like a faulty faucet.


"" I whimpered.


His warm breath was so close to my butt, I could feel every exhale. His tongue licked all over my butt, except the one place where I wanted it the most. He alternated between licking and biting, no doubt leaving marks along the way. I didn't care. I just wanted him to give me what I wanted.


He moved his nose to my hole, and breathed in deeply. I could hear him whimper and growl again. It was like my smell was intoxicating to him. He was overcome by it. He repeated this routine a few more times, before he couldn't wait any longer.


I nearly jumped off the bed when I felt his tongue make contact with my hole.


I moaned loudly.


He didn't waste any time. He worked his tongue inside me, licking and probing deeply inside of me.


The light my body exuded began to glow brighter. My body was burning up. I felt so much pleasure. There was nothing to compare it to. Nothing that I've ever felt has ever come close to what I was feeling right now. It was like everything was intensified by one hundred, no a million. Every nerve in my body was firing off all at once, overloading my senses.


I was reduced to a babbling idiot, as Shea continued to devour me metaphorically and literally.


Suddenly he stopped, and I whimpered shaking my butt in protest.


I looked back and saw his eyes glowing brighter than ever, it was almost mimicking the brightest reflecting off my own body. I could see his canines had extended slightly


I could feel his desire for me. I wasn't reading his thoughts, but his emotions were radiating off him in waves.


I could feel the head of his member poking at my entrance, it was slick with what I would assume was his spit and precum.


I backed up, teasing him slightly. I could feel his member kissing my entrance. Slowly poking in slightly, before i pulled away.


Shea gave a frustrated growl, before he grabbed my waist and pulled my back completely onto his member. In one swift movement, I was completely impaled by his thick member.


I screamed out in pleasure. He forcefully took me, and I was in heaven. It was like my body was made for this. My pleasure soared to new heights. I felt like I was going to explode at any moment.


He wasn't gentle, he was like a man possessed. Roughly he pushed into me, his body collapsed on top of me. Arms encircled my chest and neck as he pounded into me relentlessly. I could only smile and cry out for more.


He slammed into me hard, hitting my prostate every time. I could feel myself on the verge.


He pulled out completely, but before I could protest, he flipped me on my back and forced my legs to my shoulder as he slid back inside of me.


I moaned.


He growled, as he began to fuck me with a stronger resolve.


The light in my body began to grow brighter, I wasn't even sure that it was possible.


My body throbbed in tandem with the passion I was emitting. I knew we both were getting close.


I was mad with pleasure, I never wanted it to end.


I looked up at Shea, his mouth was open slightly panting as he thrust into me. I could see his canines lengthening.


I could feel myself about to cum, i was so close.




Suddenly he did something that both shocked and pushed me over the edge.


Right as I was about to cum, he leaned down. I thought he was going to kiss me again, but instead he bypassed my lips and attached himself to my neck. Using his sharpened teeth, he bit down drawing blood and suckling like a newborn baby.


I screamed out in pain and pleasure, as my body literally exploded. I shot cum everywhere, the light erupted in a blinding flash, as Shea shot his cum deep inside of me.




I reached up to touch the spot on my neck where he bit. I could feel flakes of dried blood, but other than that, no bite marks. Did he heal them sometime last night?


He bit me...was Shea a vampire or something? He did drink my blood. I looked over at him. The sunlight was peeking through the curtains in his room. A few of the rays danced over his body.


Okay he wasn't burning so that ruled out vampire.


Then what was he?


I heard my phone buzzing. Luckily it was on vibrate and Shea was still sleeping. Whatever he was, whatever happened last night, the last thing I wanted to do was talk to him about it right now. I quickly and quietly rose from the bed to retrieve my phone. Looking at the screen I saw that it was almost 7pm. Tom's number flashed across the screen as my phone continued to vibrate. I gathered my clothes and walked into the other room to answer the call.


"Nikolai where are you? Where getting slammed and you were supposed to be here almost an hour ago!" Tom yelled into the phone.


"Tom! I'm sorry, I kind of got caught up with something--"


"Doesn't matter, just hurry up and get here now!"


Before I could respond, he hung up.


I quickly put on my pants and shoes, my shirt i left off having been ripped last night. I grabbed my keys from the table and let myself out of the apartment.




"Hey about time you showed up." Emma joked with a wink.


"Yeah, let's just say I'm having the weirdest 24 hours of my life right now." I replied pulling back my hair in a loose ponytail. Luckily for me I was able to sneak into the bathroom and clean myself up a little before anyone saw me. That and I keep spare clothes in my car.


"So how's Shea?" Emma asked as we moved to the window for the food.


I gave her a sideways glance. There's no way she could know about Shea and I. Not that there was a Shea and I...never mind.


I gave her a neutral answer which seemed to satisfy her, but she had this knowing smirk on her face.


Something about her was off to me. Not in a threatening way, just, call it intuition, but something was different about her.


Usually I don't try to read other people's thoughts, Grams always told us it was rude to do so without permission, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to let down my guard and see if I could pick up a stray thought of hers or something.








A weird symbol flashed through my head with whispering voices. The words didn't make sense, but it sounded like a chant almost like a spell.


I tried to concentrate, to zero in on her thoughts, but I kept hearing the same whispering chanting. Suddenly I saw an image of Emma with her hands outstretched and her veins throbbing to her heartbeat. I was forcefully thrown back out of her mind. The impact was so powerful that I actually stumbled backwards a little.


What the hell was that?


The sound of a bell interrupted my thoughts, "Order's up suga."


I smiled and mumbled a thanks.




All throughout the night I kept thinking about what I saw in Emma's thoughts. Something was different about her. The symbol, the chanting, that image of her. Just what was she?


It was bothering me. I knew that I was the last person who should be concerned with what she was, especially considering that I wasn't even human. At least not entirely. It was just interesting to me, the prospect of finding someone who was different too. And she didn't seem like a threat to me.


After things died down, I decided to approach her about it. I saw her walk outside to throw a trash bag into the dumpster, so I followed her.


"Hey Emma, do you have a moment?" I asked.


She smiled, "Yeah what's up?"


I shifted nervously, "Well I'm sure you've heard about me...about my ability?"

"The whole reading minds thing?" She joked, "Of course I heard, but I didn't want to bring it up. People like to talk, I just chalked it up to that."


"See....the thing is..." Why was I struggling with this? "It's true, I minds."


She regarded me for a second. "So then you've read my mind, you know what I am?"


Suddenly images of her and Shea flashed through my head. He was withering in pain inside of a circle. Her arms were outstretched, veins pulsating as she yelled out the same chant that I had been hearing. Her imagine blurred between her and another woman, as Shea's yelling intensified.


Instinctively I rose my hand up and light shot out and blasted her into the dumpster. "What the hell did you do to Shea?" I demanded.


She stood up and dusted herself off. "Wow! That's quite the power you got there, I wasn't expecting that."


"What the hell are you?" I mumbled.


"Isn't it obvious? I'm a witch."


"A witch? Seriously?"


She rose her hand, and I was thrown back a few feet. I rolled on the ground a little, before I stopped on my side.


"You're not the only one with power, you know." She smirked. "But I must say I do find you so very interesting. I sense magic in you, but I also something else, something different. What are you?"


I stumbled to my feet. "I'm really annoyed."


She giggled, "Nikolai I'm not your enemy. In fact, you could say that we are kind of related in a way."


I chuckled angrily, "Related? Thanks, but I have enough crazy family members to last me a lifetime, I don't need anymore."


"Well we aren't related like that, more like related through covens. My coven is a direct descendant of the ancient coven your mother belonged to."


"How do you know my mother?"


"How do I not know your mother? She was legendary in the witch community. Her spiritual powers had no rival. She was the strongest witch of her time."


The way she spoke so highly of my mother, was almost like she knew her personally. I guess in a way she did. She definitely knew more about my mother than I did. Hearing that she was such a powerful witch, made me realize that I didn't know my mother at all. She had this whole other life, that none of us knew about. Other than my ability, which I have yet to determine, I felt like I had no real connection as to who my mother really was.


"Say I do believe you that still doesn't excuse you from whatever you did to Shea!" I yelled.


"I didn't do anything that he didn't ask for."


I gave her a confused look. "What do you mean? Did he know about you?"


She shook her head, "I could hear his sorrow. So much pain. He was crying out, and I heard him. After being embarrassed by those vampires in the bar, his soul was crying out, and I answered his call."


"Like some sort of genie to grant his magical wish? Excuse me if I don't buy you helping him out of the kindness of your heart."


She shrugged, "It's true, I had ulterior motives for helping him but he got what he wanted. The power to protect the ones he cares about, isn't that what really matters?"


"NO!" I yelled at her, "He was a human before all of this. He was innocent, and he was safe. Whatever you did changed him, and he doesn't have that option anymore! Who gave you the right to meddle in other people's lives?"


"Don't try to make this my fault!" She snapped, "I was there for him! I heard his pain! I felt his sadness, while you were content with your life and ignored his feelings. You were selfish and didn't care about how he felt, or what he was going through. So don't try to blame me for your guilt!"


In a way she was right. I had ignored Shea and how he was feeling ever since Niklaus came back. I was so wrapped up in my own world that I didn't stop to consider Shea. He was supposed to be my best friend, and I disregarded him every time.


"Still..." I mumbled, "That didn't give you the right to change him. What did you do? What is he?"


She walked towards me. I wasn't worried she'd try anything. She wasn't here to kill me, she would've tried by now. She wasn't an enemy, but she certainly wasn't an ally either.


She placed her hand on my shoulder as she passed me, "He's your friend."


I stood outside in the dark for a few minutes. I was trying to, I don't know what I was trying to do honestly. My life was simple before, and now it was so complicated that I was having trouble keeping up with everything that was happening. I remember being here before, wishing my life would be more exciting. I guess what they say is true, be careful what you wish for.


Just as I was about to walk back in, Eric appeared right in front of me.


I sighed, someone must really hate me.






Great way to start a conversation.


He sniffed the air slightly, it was subtle but I still caught it.


"You've been with someone." His voice was cool, and held no emotion so I couldn't read him.


I crossed my arms, "You've been with Grant."


It wasn't a question, I knew he had been. I didn't have to read his mind to know that, it's why I left Fangtasia that day. I knew it was a matter of time before Eric gave into that lust. After all Grant was a descendant of his beloved Sookie Stackhouse. How could I stand a chance? They were literally tied by fate!


He smiled, "Oh yes I've fucked the Stackhouse boy many times."


"And I am done with this conversation." I turned to leave, but Eric used his speed to cut me off.


"What?" I yelled.


He just stared at me. I stared back defiantly. If he was waiting for me to apologize about sleeping with Shea, then I guess he'd be waiting forever.


"You are mine Nikolai Bennett."


I almost laughed in his face, I was strongly fighting the urge.


"And Grant? He "yours" too?" I chuckled bitterly, "I don't owe anything else to you Eric. I helped you with your Vampire Authority business, and helped you find your one true love. So as far as I'm concerned we have nothing else to talk about...EVER."


He just continued to stare at me. His eyes twinkled in the reflected light. He looked like he wanted to say something, but he didn't.


I started to walk pass him, but he reached out and grabbed my arm. A part of me was hoping that he would kiss me, tell me he choose me over Grant. Even though Eric wasn't one to wear his heart on his sleeve; I guess I was still expecting what Mason said to be true, that Eric had a soft spot that he cared about me.


"Nikolai." Eric whispered.


I looked up into his eyes. I wanted so badly just to kiss him. Everything I felt for him, it was stronger than what I've felt for anyone. It was almost like I was drawn to him.


Please, just kiss me.




He leaned down.


I held my breath.




His lips puckered slightly.


So close.


I closed my eyes softly, as his lips connected with my own.


I opened my eyes and he was gone. The kiss lasted for a second, literally.


I sighed, adjusted my uniform, and walked back into the bar.




As my `punishment' for being late, Tom had me close down the bar alone. As far as I was concerned, it wasn't much of a punishment for me if it meant not going home to face my siblings and my father for just a while longer.


Before the last of the employees left, he poked his head in to ask if I needed anything.


I smiled politely back at him, "No Kayden, just make sure you lock the front door when you leave."


He nodded, before disappearing around the corner. I heard the familiar chime of the door, before it slammed shut. I resumed my closing duties, and began counting the bar's profit for the night. About ten minutes later, I heard the chime of the door.


I exhaled loudly, "Damn it Kayden, I told him to lock the door. Must've forgotten something."


After a minute of silence, I got up to investigate. I let down my mental blocks to see if I could hear his thoughts, get an idea of where he might be. Instead of the random thoughts, I heard nothing. It wasn't like when I was trying to listen to Eric thoughts, I could feel someone else's mind there, but I had no idea who, or what it was.


"Hello?" I shouted out.




I walked to the door, and noticed that it was still locked. Whoever was here, couldn't have come through the door. This was getting creepier by the second, even for me. I turned around to walk back to the office, but right as I got to the corner, I heard the chime of the door again. I swiftly turned around to face the door, but no one was there.


"Show yourself!" I shouted out loud, while looking around the bar. "I know you're here. I can feel you."


"I must say, I'm impressed."


I turned in the direction of the voice. There stood a man. He looked familiar. Greek olive tan skin, sharp facial features, with hazel almost golden brown eyes framed by long lashes. He was tall, maybe around 6'4. His shoulders were broad, and he stood completely erect, almost regal in his posture. His body was muscular, stretching the fabric of his nicely tailored suit to its limits. Something about him was very familiar, but even with the slight smile that curved his lips slightly upward, he seemed anything but nice.


"Wouldn't you say so brother?" The same guy said, while stepping to the side to reveal another man behind him.


Both men looked similar to each other, except his hair unlike the first guy who's was pulled into a ponytail, the second's was styled in a neat comb over fashion similar to those old movies. Other than that, they looked almost identical.


I began to tremble a little. Whoever these guys were, I was definitely out numbered and out of my league. Something told me that even if it had been just one of them, I still would've been no match for them.


"Well considering his surprised look, he only thought there was one of us brother." The second one replied with a smirk.


The first one nodded, "Ah, but to be fair our light are very similar to one another."


The second one stared directly at me. It was like he was concentrating...


He was trying to invade my thoughts! I quickly set up a mental block against him. I wasn't sure what good it would do against one of them, not to mention that there were two. Whoever these guys were, they were on a totally different level than I was.


"You're faeries...both of you?" I asked.


The second one looked at me in awe. "I didn't believe the stories, but there is indeed something different about him."


"What else would you expect Nikarus, he is Niklaus' offspring." The first one chuckled.


"Nikarus? Then that would mean," I pointed to the first one, "You're Nikirus?"


They both looked shocked, like they were surprised I knew who they were.


"Oh so our brother speaks highly of us? How is little Niklaus?" Nikirus taunted.


They both laughed as if it were the funniest joke they've ever heard.


They were crazy.


Nikarus and Nikirus. My two dark faerie uncles. How were they here? How did they escape from being sealed away?


More importantly, why were they here? What did they want with me?


Suddenly I went from trembling, to full on shaking with paralyzing fear.


Somehow I was able to find my voice in the midst of my fear. Even so, my voice quivered betraying my false confidence, "Why are you here? Why now?"


They stopped laughing and looked at each other like they were pondering on how to answer my question.


Nikarus glanced at me. His facial features took on a darker look. His eyes peered into me, as the shadows danced around him. He looked even more sinister than before, if that was possible.


What he said next made my blood run cold.


"We're here...for you."


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