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Dark Light


Chapter Nine- Darkness Falls


My body was shivering.


It was a kind of fear that was truly paralyzing. My whole body felt like everything just stopped. I could hear the thumping of heart in my ears, it was so loud that I could've sworn that I was hearing the continuous beating of a drum signifying my impending doom.


I knew they were here for me. If they wanted to, they could just kill me and get it over with. They were as strong as my father, maybe even stronger. I was no match for them.


This was it.


It's funny the things that go through your head when you're faced with the idea of death. I would like to say that my life flashed before my eyes, or I had this grand epiphany that made me want to be a better person or something, but I didn't.


The only thing I could think about, was Eric.


"Oh damn, you've gone and broken him." One of the twins snickered.


I snapped out of my reverie, and glared defiantly at them.


"Look at his eyes, he means business! Watch out for him brother." Nikirus taunted.


They were treating me like I was some kind of joke to them, or a toy to be played with.


Now would be a great time for that mysterious gift from my mom to come in handy, whatever it is.


Anytime now.


"Just take care of him so we get on with our plans." Nikirus grunted, "I'm bored now."


"Now brother, patience is a virtue. You know how tricky this can be, we have to break him in just right; otherwise it could fail, and we can't afford to fail."


Nikaurs grinned at me lewdly.


"What do you mean break me in? If you're going to kill me then just do it!" I shouted. "Just know that I won't make it easy for you, I'll at least take one of you down with me."


I didn't know if they believed that any more than I did, but I had to remain strong. I couldn't afford to show them any weakness to exploit, or it would all be over before it started.


They both laughed at me.


"What the hell is so funny?"


"Do you want to tell him--?" Nikarus started.


Nikirus shook his head, "No I want to see the look on his face when you tell him."


Nikarus closed the distance between us in a flash of dark light. I wasn't prepared for how fast he moved, and I stepped backwards slightly when he materialized in front of me.


He smiled in a sinister way that made me shiver in fear. It was the face of pure evil.


He leaned forward until his lips were grazing my ear. It was uncomfortably close. I braced myself for his attack. I was on edge and my instincts were kicking in. I could feel heat in my hands, as my light surged.


He must've sensed my reaction, because he grabbed both my hands in his own. I could feel his dark power surging through me. It was cold, and dark, and just evil. It made me feel empty, but there was a familiarity to it.


He licked my ear suggestively, only now instead of feeling repulsed by it, it was oddly erotic.


I could see Nikirus give an approving nod from across the room.


Just close your eyes. Give in


I could feel their voices in my mind.


Let us in.


Surrender to us.


I was desperately trying to cling onto any kind of resolve I had. I knew that I couldn't give in, I couldn't allow myself to succumb to the allure of the power, no matter how intoxicating it was.


"You see, my nephew..." Nikarus murmured into my ear. The way he did it was sensual and seductive. It made me shiver in anticipation and somewhat excitement.


What was wrong with me? What were they doing to me? The more Nikarus held onto my hands, the more I felt more and more powerless against them. It was like he was draining my resolve, my will to resist them.


He licked my ear, and I moaned softly. I tried to muffle the sound, but in such close proximity I'm sure he heard it loud and clear.


"He likes it brother." Nikirus purred from across the room. "Now seal the deal."


I could feel Nikarus pull me into him. To my astonishment, he was hard. I could feel his manhood pressing tightly into my crotch. I quickly responded appropriately, and in no time was just as hard as he was. Slowly he grinded our hard-ons together. I couldn't hide the moan that escaped my mouth this time. I knew that it was taboo, this was my uncle. But for some reason, I didn't care. All I cared about was the pleasure that he was causing my body to experience. I could feel our light reaching out to intertwine. His light was so much like mine. It felt familiar. Safe almost.


I closed my eyes, and once I opened them, my surroundings seemed darker. Not physically, more metaphorically. I felt lighter, like everything faded away. I felt powerful, like I could do anything. I glanced down at my hands. Purple light.


This dark feeling.


This void of emptiness.

This overwhelming sensation of power.


I was turning dark again, but this time I feared that it would be for good.


"You see our intention was never to kill you." Nikarus emphasized by grinding our crotches together hard. I threw my head back and moaned in ecstasy. "We want to fuck you, then change you into one of us. You're way more valuable than you realize."


Surrender to us.


I can't fight them.


Surrender to us.


He thrust into me again. I moaned a little louder. me...


He thrust against me again, harder.


Surrender to us.


"Ye--...." I was so close...


"Say it!" Nikarus demanded, "Surrender to us, become one with us."


He thrust again. I'm so close to my climax. I could feel it building up.




Suddenly Nikarus is ripped from me, the dark light stops flowing, and I'm coming down from my high.


There's a fight in front of me, I'm still too out of it to focus clearly, but I could hear the sound of a massive struggle going on.


I slump over onto the ground, whatever they did took a lot more out of me than I thought. Slowly I could feel my strength returning to me, I was starting to feel normal again.


I adjusted my senses. In front of me I could see Nikirus and Nikarus engaged in a fight with Eric and Shea. Surprisingly Shea was holding his own against my uncles. Whatever he was now, he must've been pretty damn strong.


"Nikolai." Eric acknowledged over his shoulder without taking his eyes off my uncles.


"I'm fine." I reassured.


"A vampire and a chimera mutt?" Nikarus sneered.


"It appears he's not just any chimera though brother." Nikirus interjected, "whoever made him did their research. He's magnificent."


"Either way, he's in the way. Magnificent or not, he still has to die." Nikarus smirked.


"A Vampire, over a thousand years old." Nikirus gazed over at Eric. "He's not to be taken lightly either."


Nikarus gave out a frustrated growl, "Then lets fucking kill them and be done with it! We'll grab the boy and leave this hell hole."


They seemed to be having a disagreement. I tried to listen in on their thoughts, but they blocked me out without much effort. I was no match for them.


Suddenly there was a bright flash, and then my uncles were gone.


I relaxed. I seems they knew they were outnumbered and wouldn't be able to take on all of us at once. Still, I couldn't help but wonder how they escaped from their dimension. Was the barrier weakening? And if so, how long would it be before they were able to completely break through to our side?


Faster than I could follow, Shea was by my side gently caressing my cheek.


"Are you alright?"


Eric let out an audible growl that didn't go unnoticed by Shea. He glanced over his shoulder at Eric. They both stared at each other intently, like a silent challenge of will.


I brushed off Shea's hand and stood up, "You made your choice Eric."


Shea turned back to me with a triumphant smile. I immediately noticed his eyes were completely black except the iris glowed an auburn color.


"Shea your eyes."


"What about them?" He shrugged.


"They're pitch black, except the iris are a glowing auburn color." I tried to conjure up a light shield so that he could see his reflection. In theory light refracted could give him a mirror of some sort.


I waved my hand in front on him, and a light barrier appeared. He looked into the barrier and saw his reflection.


"Wow, your right. I do look....different."


Different was an understatement. Other than his eyes, his face was a little darker and he had hair growing slightly over his face. His fangs were a little elongated, not as long as Eric's, but still noticeable.


"What am I?"


"That's a good question." I murmured, "And I know just the person I need to see."


I saw Eric turn to leave.


"Eric wait!" I stood up and ran towards him. "Can we talk, alone?"


It was him, he was the one I thought about before when my uncles were trying to turn me. To be honest, it was always Eric. From the first day we met, I knew there was this connection between us. I don't know what it means, or if I should even follow my feelings. One thing I did know however, was that I wasn't ready to give up on him, or hand him over to some other faerie boy so easily.


He nodded subtly in the direction of the door, as he began to walk out.


I glanced back at Shea, he had an unreadable expression on his face. It made me hesitate for a second, before I continued to follow Eric out the door. He walked a good distance away from the store, probably to get out of hearing range for Shea. I wasn't sure what he was, but I assumed that super hearing had been one of the power-ups he received with his new power pack.


I was so preoccupied with thinking about Shea, that I didn't notice that Eric had stopped moving and ran right into his back. I stumbled backwards, but before I could fall, Eric caught me. He looked down at me with a slightly amused smirk. His hair fell over his eyes, as he squinted at me.


"I forgot how clumsy you are." He taunted.


I smiled up at him, "I forgot how much I missed you looking at me like that."


His hand that was around my waist tightened a little, as he used his other hand to brush away my hair that had fell onto my face.


I quickly got to my feet and regained my composure, but Eric's hand still rested comfortably on my waist holding us together.


"I'm just going to lay all my cards out on the line." I blurted out. "I don't want you with Grant. I'm sure he's a good person and a reminder of your past, but Eric...I love you. I know that you're a vampire and I'm a faerie, but I can't deny how I feel about you. It wasn't until I thought I was about to die, that I realized you were the only person I wanted to see. It's you, and it's always been you."


He stared at me. It felt like hours passed with each second of silence. I don't know what I expected. Eric was a vampire, a vampire that was over a thousand years old. He didn't feel emotions like I do. He had lost what it meant to be a human long before I came along. One thing I've noticed with vampires, is that the older they are, the more detached from their emotions they tend to be. Eric was no different.


I sighed softly.


"I don't know what I was thin-." I was interrupted by Eric's lips, as he pulled me onto my toes and kissed me hard. My eyes widened with shock at first, before I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back with the same passion.


My heart swelled in my chest, the sensation of his lips on mine was overwhelming. I couldn't think straight anymore. All that mattered, was that Eric was kissing me like I wanted him to.


Unlike Eric, I had to breathe at some point and his kiss had momentarily distracted me from even the basic of functions. I hesitantly pulled back from him. He was looking into my eyes with a tenderness that I've never seen from him before.






He softly caressed my cheek with his hand. I leaned into his touch, savoring the feeling.


"You are special to me."


Well I guess that was as close to "I love you" that I would get from Eric, so I'll take it.


I smiled up at him.


"There are things that I need to do, I just need you to trust me. Can you trust me Nikolai?" He was serious. It was like he needed me to say it, out loud.


It wasn't a hard decision for me. I loved of course I trusted him.


"Yes, I trust you."


He leaned in and kissed me again, just as passionately as before. I closed my eyes instinctively. When I opened them again a few seconds later, he was gone.


I guess that's going to become a habit. I chuckled to myself, before turning around and heading back inside.


Shea seemed to be slightly annoyed when I returned. He sighed loudly, "Are you ready yet?"


"What?" I asked confused.


"I'm obviously not going to let you go by yourself, and seeing as you didn't leave with lover boy, it's up to me to make sure you get home safely."




"Forget it. Are you ready to go?" He didn't even wait for my reaction, before walking out the door.


Why do I get myself in these situations?


I turned off the lights and closed the door behind me.




The ride home was probably the most awkward car ride in the history of car rides ever. It was like I was riding along with a complete stranger, and not my best friend of many years.


When we pulled up to the house, he turned off the engine and just sat there for a moment. The silence was so loud that I couldn't stand it anymore.




"What are you?"


I was really getting tired of people asking me that.


I sighed, "I'm a faerie."


He looked over at me for the first time that night, we stared at each other before bursting out into laughter.


"Seriously?" He asked. I nodded my head affirmatively. "This is fucking priceless!" He hollered, before laughing harder.


Yes I am gay and a faerie, the irony.


Once all the jokes and laughing had subsided, I explained more to him.


"It's like we derive our power from the sun in a way. It gives us strength and makes us feel empowered. We still have our powers when the sun isn't out, but let's just say they are like supercharged during the day time."


He shrugged, "Makes sense Kal-El."


I rolled my eyes at his Superman reference. "Anyway, apparently we are very beautiful in appearance and attract other supernatural beings to us like some kind of beacon."


"A beacon?"


"Well, it's like we give off this scent that's intoxicating to other supes. Like supernatural catnip."


He chuckled, "Supernatural catnip?"


"Hey I'm not making this up." I laughed.


His face got serious, "So do you think that's why know."


And we're back to the elephant in the room.


"Honestly, I think so. I mean think about it." I started. "Whatever Emma did to you changed you, you're not a human anymore. Whatever you are, you're one of us now, and it's possible your instincts were overpowering you causing you to act purely on them."


He scratched the back of his head nervously, "That would make sense. I mean don't get me wrong I love you, but what we did wasn't us. It was a mistake."


I narrowed my eyes slightly.


He saw my look and quickly recovered, "I don't mean it was a mistake in a bad way, it was actually really good from what I remember." He blushed slightly as did I. "It's just, you know I'm straight, and you're not."


We both laughed.


"I know what you mean Shea. I was afraid our friendship would suffer because of what we did." I admitted. "I think that now you are aware of what I am and the effect I have on you, we can be better prepared to resist that urge."


He laughed, "Is this going to be the same reaction I have towards your whole family?" He motioned towards the hard-on in his pants. "If so, then being around Nikolas at the gym could get real awkward real quick."


"I-I'll make note of that and talk to them. If I explain it, maybe we can all come up with some kind of way to repel you. I don't know." I threw my hands up in confusion.


He laughed again, "Please do. Anything would help."


I looked over at him, "So does this make us good?"


"Duh." He rolled his eyes.


I leaned over and gave him a hug. He stiffened up slightly, before hugging me back.


I released the hug, and caught of glimpse of his hard-on in his pants. It seemed more prominent than before.


I smirked evilly and flicked his hard-on with fingers, before jumping out of the car.


He let of a playful growl and some explicit words, before flicking me off and starting his car up again.


"I love you too!" I shouted as he pulled out of the driveway.


I felt a little better about my life knowing that Shea and I made up, and that there were no hard feelings.


I could sense all my siblings and my father in the house from outside. Maybe if I teleported to my room, I could just avoid them. I'm sure by now they felt my mind, and avoiding them was no longer an option.


I sighed, and began walking up the door. I guess it was important for them to know what happened earlier, and that our uncles have escaped their dimension.


Family meeting in the conservatory, now.


No sooner than I sent out the message, one by one all of them teleported to the conservatory in a flash.


My father smiled softly at me, but I dismissed it.


"Something happened to me tonight. I was attacked by two faeries claiming to be Nikirus and Nikarus."


Instantly I could see the mood of the room change. Nikolette looked at our father in disbelief. Nikola was close to tears. Nikolas stared hard at me. My father's face was blank of all emotion and his brow furrowed in deep thought.


"This can't be, you told us they were imprisoned and can't escape." Nikolette directed to our father.


"I'll show you." I cleared my mind and focused on the events from earlier. It was easy to share thoughts and memories with my siblings, because we had that connection, but with my father it was a little more work. Not difficult, just more work.


As soon as the connection was made, I began to release the memories to them. They heard and saw everything that I heard and saw. They felt my fear, my anger...everything.


Once the memory was over, the scene faded and we were back in the conservatory.


"Wow." Nikolas murmured.


Nikola was too frightened to speak. She was always the most intuitive one of us all, and I knew she felt things more strongly than we did.


Nikolette was glaring hard at our father still.


Niklaus cleared his throat, "I don't know how, but the barrier is weakening. It seems they don't have the power to sustain long periods of time in this world...yet."


"So what do we do? How do we stop them?" Nikolette asked. She was frantic, we all were. They came after one of us, they could come after any of us. We weren't strong enough to stop them.


"I don't know. They have to be working with someone on this side somehow to escape. Someone extremely powerful."


Great so not only where my crazy homicidal uncles about to escape their prison dimension, but someone equally powerful on this side was helping them do it.


Can we ever get some good news for once?


I looked around, we all looked defeated before we even started. It was like we had already given up.


Niklaus stood up, "Tomorrow we are leaving."


"Leaving?!" I asked incredulously, "Where are we going?"


He turned to walk away, "To the only person who can help us, the King of our realm. Your grandfather."


He walked out leaving us all stunned.


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