Disclaimer: This Story is completely fiction and doesn't mean that the actors are gay, if you're offended by gay sex go away, This Story has nothing to WB show Dawson's Creek. This story is completely Fiction :) This Story Contain m/m

Dawson's Creek Part 1 Out Of 4

"Guys Night Out" By "Wild W"

It was friday, lunch time when we started to eat together. This was the day that would change everyone's life forever and here's how it goes.

"Dawson! Dawson! Over here" Joey said. Dawson walked over to Joey, Pacey, Jen, Jack, And Andie.

"Geez, the Cafeteria is crowded today" Dawson said.

"I know, it's like eat at get out so we can sit down" Pacey Joked, Dawson sat down next to Jack.

"Hey Jack, how's it going with football?" Dawson asked.

"It's good" Jack said.

"Look if my dad is a real ass I can talk to him" Dawson said.

"Oh no, No he's Ok" Jack answered.

In an instant Chris Wolfe started to look for a seat. "Over Here Chris!" Jen said. Jen liked a bit Chris. Chris Walked over and had a seat.

"It's Crowded, Too crowded." Chris said.

Joey Trying to start a conversation asked Andie "So Andie do you watch the Roswell On the WB" I heard it's a good show"

"Joey, I haven't seen Roswell I]m too busy with work and stuff, I mean the early bird gets the worm" Andie said.

"Hey I watched Roswell, it's pretty good" Chris said.

Then Pacey said "You know what movie ruled" Cruel Intentions, I mean it was the best, with the teen slut lesbian thing with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair, They Rule!"

"Yeah I seen that" Dawson said, "You can never have too much sex" Dawson Joked.

"Sex good for the soul" Jen added and looked at Chris.

Chris had an idea. Since it was Friday he wanted to watch a few movies so he asked "Hey Guys, Want to have a guys night out" I mean we can watch stuff on my DVD player, I mean did you ever see the Uncut Version of Cruel Intentions?"

"Nope" Pacey, Dawson And Jack said.

"I'm not to sure about you Jack, You can come if you want to" Chris added.

"I'll be their no pun intented." Jack said.

"So it's good then all 4 of us will meet at my house at 7:00 PM, no one is home and my sister went to sleep over her friends house".

Joey Added "What About us Women?"

"What About you" Pacey said. And Joey punched Pacey.

"So Jen, and Andie do you want to go out?"

"No" Jen and Andie said "Busy" They both said.

"Ugh!" Joey said.

The Time flew by and it was already 7:00 PM Dawson, Pacey, and Jack showed up. "Jack, Pacey, Dawson, Welcome to my humble me again" Chris said. And they stepped into the house, and went into the living room.

"Well, Well, Dawson Leery" A familar voice was heard.

"Hey Cliff" Dawson said.

"Chris, you didn't say that Clifford was showing up" Jack said.

"Oh it was last minute and he didn't mind coming to guys night" Chris said.

"So Whatcha watching?" Dawson asked.

"Felicity, that Keri Russell Is something" Cliff said.

"Well enough of the melodrama, Drop in the porn and lets get wasted!" Pacey yelled. All the guys except Cliff and Jack was yelling "YEAH!!!"

"I'll go get us some beers and some food, er... Jack why don't you help me" Chris said.

"Ok" Jack said and they both stepped into the kitchen.

Ther Were gathering up food when Chris Wolf Asked "So Jack, Your gay, and that's it?"

"Yeah, I'm gay and what's your pointed?" Jack asked

"You don't have to get mad Jack, I mean only if you got laid then you'll feel alright" Chris said.

"Look The Population at Capeside is 1,000,000 straight people, 0 Bi people, and 1 Gay Population" Jack ranted.

"sheech Jack, I mean If I was Gay I would be all over you" Chris Joked.

"Yeah And if you were gay, we would be fucking right here, on the kitchen floor and then Dawson, Pacey, and Clifford would join in and we would have a big ass orgy" Jack joked.

"Any trouble in here?" Pacey walked in, "Where's the Beer?" he asked.

"Oh it's ready but me and Jack, we were chatting" Chris Said.

"Dammit Jack, Go Off, Get it Jack-Off?" Pacey tried to make Jack laugh but it didn't work.

"For a teenager Pacey, you sure don't act like one, I mean their is always a gay guy in a movie look in Cruel Intentions the characters would match everyone in this room" Jack ranted. "Look the air head is You, so your Cecile, I would Be Blaine, Clifford would be Greg, Sebastian Would be Chris, no offense" Jack Said

"None Taken" Chris said, "And Dawson would be..... would be"

"Kathryn?" Chris said.

"Oh I know, because we don't really know him right" he COULD be nice us and be a bitch inside and would be a slut?" Pacey Added.

"Exactly" Jack said.

"So wait Jack, let me get this straight, you are going to fuck Cliff tonight, and Chris is going to Blackmail, Cliff?" Pacey said

"That Could Happen, or it could go something like this Chris will blackmail you and he will asked you if he could give a kiss, down their" Jack added.

Pacey Pointed at Jack made gun sounds and said "that turned you on huh?" laugh and walked away. Jack was a bit confused, Chris and Jack looked at each.

"We should be getting these stuff to them" Chris said.

"Yeah we should" Jack asked

"After You" Jack said, and Chris walked first to the living room. Chris noticed that Jack was checking him out or was he"

Chris and Jack set things on the table and sat on down on the couch.

"So What are you guys watching now" More Porn?" Jack Asked.

"No Just The Faculty" Cliff said "It was either Scream, Scream 2, The Faculty, Teaching Mrs Tingle, Or Halloween: H20" Dawson said. At this point everyone became quiet it was a big chase scene where Deliah and Casey is being attacked.

"Ahh!" Jack Screamed at grabbed on the the closest thing he could, it was Chris. The Room was laughing at Jack, and Jack became shame because he screamed. He still didn't notice that he was still holding Chris.

"Err Sorry" Jack said

"no it's alright" Chris said. Jack Noticed that Chris was aroused by Jack Grabbing him.

"err, Chris Can I go for a late night swim?" Jack asked.

"Yeah sure I think I'll join you since it's hot it here" Chris said. Jack wasn't hot at all he just wanted to swim because he didn't swim for a long time Jack wondered what did Chris Mean when he said "it's getting hot in here".

Jack Jumped into the pool with shorts on. And began to swim. Jack was under water when Chris Jumped into the pool and landed on Jack's leg. They got to surface with Jack's leg between Chris crouch. Jack noticed with his leg that Chris was hard, I mean Hard, Hard.

Jack laughed and asked "It must be cold huh?"

"Actually I'm not cold" Chris answered.

"Your aroused" huh?" Jack asked.

"Aroused" ha I'm just co...." Chris said.

"See you are aroused" Jack said evily and with his leg he moved it back and forth to make Chris even more hard.

"Look Jack, You want to have sex" it's my place, I know where this secret room which I made" Chris said.

"Did you ever have sex....with a guy?" Jack asked.

"No just girls" Chris said.

"So what are you Gay or Bi?" Jack asked

"I'm bi" Chris said. Jack removed his leg and moved towards Chris. Chris Moved Toward Jack until they were face to face. Chris leaned over and Gave Jack a Kiss. And in that second Pacey walked out wanting to swin but saw them two kissing. Pacey Dropped his things. THUD!!!!! It went and Jack and Chris slowy turned around and looked at Pacey.

"Err Pacey, It's Not what you think" Jack paniced.

"Oh don't give me that crap of "I was giving him air" or "We were acting a scene" It's because I made it here, in Capeside" Pacey Ranted.

"Please Pacey, this rep could ruin me in Capeside" Chris cried.

"Your rep" that you are gay" that your a fudge packer?" Pacey said.

"Will do anything to keep you quiet" Jack said

"...ANYTHING..." Chris cried.

"Anything?" Pacey wondered. "You see, you will be my slaves, I'll tell you what to do unless I say be your normal self." Pacey said. "Well you see Chris and Jack, this kind of turned me on, and I need to you guys to relief me" Pacey said.

Pacey Jumped into the pool and stand next to Jack and Chris. "Chris I want you in back of me and Jack you in front" Pacey said. And Chris and Jack did what Pacey Told them.

"Now what" Chris asked.

"Well Wolfe, I want you to start kissing my neck and back, and you Jack I want you to be hugging us together" Pacey demanded. And they did Chris was all over Pacey, he never felt so horny before. Chris started to get into action and started to touch Pacey's firm ass. Meanwhile Jack frenched Pacey and Jack was touching Pacey's Crouch. Pacey started to get hard. Pacey Turned to his front and demanded that they will face front and they will have a three some french kiss. And so they did they felt so passionate so horny but they knew that they couldn't do anything until later, And they broke out of their kiss.

"Look Pacey, We can't do this here Dawson or Cliff might catch us" Chris said.

Dawson was bored of Watching Tv, so he got up. He didn't bother to wake up Cliff, so he decided to take a spa bath to relief himself. Dawson Tipped toed thinking that he could scare them and he peeked out a window looking to see what they were doing. By Dawson's Suprise, he seen Chris, Pacey And Jack Having a Talk.

"I know where to do this, a secret room in my room, this is a big house you know. Pacey you and Jack Meet me in my room 11:00 PM and we will go into this secret room" Chris said.

"Ok but I'm fucking horny" Pacey Said. "Lets end this in another group french kiss". They moved to a french kiss.

In Dawson's Suprise he seen that Pacey, Jack And Chris were Gay. He peered out more and they broke up their kiss and began to swim, But they couldn't stop staring at each other.

Dawson noticed that he would make a move so he did. Dawson Leery Walked out to the Spa and said "Hey Guys, How's It going".....


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