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Dawson's Creek Part 2 Out Of 4

"Secrets" By "W W" [formely known as Wild W]

"Errr HI Dawson going for a swim" Jack said nervously.

"Oh no going for the jaccuzi" Dawson Said. "Anyone wants to join me?" Dawson asked.

Out of nowhere Pacey said "hey partner I'll join ya". And they both walked to the jaccuzi. Chris And Jack Looked at each other and started to talk close.

"Did he see us?" Jack asked.

"I don't know, I don't think he seen us" Chris said. They started to get nervous so Chris said "Dawson, Pacey take your time me and Jack are done, and we are going inside"

"Okay" Dawson yelled.

Chris and Jack Got out of the pool and went into the house.

Meanwhile Dawson was enjoying himself, with Pacey across him, He always liked Pacey. "Oh no, I'm falling for my bestfriend" thought Dawson. Dawson thought of something "I'm going to seduce Pacey and he is going to fall for it". Dawson got up and sat by Pacey.

"Hey Pacey how's it going?" Dawson asked.

"I'm fine and yo....." Pacey said.

Dawson accidently fell on Pacey. "oops sorry Pacey" Dawson said.

"it's alright" Pacey said. Dawson was so fucking horny so he made the first move. Dawson put his hand around Pacey.

"Hey Dawson what are....." Before Pacey could finish Dawson Kissed him. Pacey heisted at first and said "Dawson Get off of me" but Dawson didn't care he made another move again he frenched kissed Pacey this the. Pacey eyes were watery and he was showing no action. "Is this really happening?" Pacey thought, "Is my best friend gay"....Gay Like me?". Pacey's head raced without and the next word he heard was "Go for it". So Pacey went it with he held Dawson's head more and began to french kiss Dawson more. They stopped and broke out of the kiss.

"Dawson what are we doing?" Pacey asked.

"We're going fuck" Dawson said. Pacey was suprised.

"Look Dawson, I'm not gay" Pacey tried to hide it.

"Look Pacey your gay, I'm gay, End of story" Dawson said. Pacey was still trying to hide it.

"I am not gay".

"Oh yes you are, don't try to hide it, I seen you, Jack, and Chris" Dawson said. Pacey eyes widen. "It turned me on, because it seemed that you was the Master and they were your slaves." Dawson said.

"Look Dawson I'll come clean" Pacey said. "What do you want me to do?" Pacey asked.

"I'll tell you what to do, if I'm horny, I'm going to call you up and we WILL have sex" Dawson Said. "If you don't I'll expose your ass in Capeside, making the Gay Population 2" Dawson said. Pacey was scard of his word so he was forced to do what he do.

"What" youll expose my ass, what about yours, I could do it to you" Pacey said.

"I'm just kidding Pacey, I mean i would never do it to you, I love you ever since we first met" Dawson said.

"This is like a dream come true" Pacey said. "I loved you too, everytime I see you, I loved you, Every hour and every second" Pacey said.

"Well I know that we're fucking horny, do you want to have sex here or go to Chris Wolfe's room and do it". Pacey asked.

"I perfer the dryness" Pacey said.

"Yeah, Lets have a 4 some" So they got out and headed to dry off.

Meanwhile Jack and Chris was heading for his secret room. Chris said "Hold on" Chris removed a mirror (from some of his mirror ceiling) above and their was this little string. Chris pulled it and their was these stairs.

"Ah, An attic" Jack said. Chris grabbed Jack's Hand slowly and they walked up the stairs. They walked into Chris's Secrect room, it had filled with porno, a handy Tv, a Vcr to watch some and one bed.

"The mighty porno layer" Jack said.

Chris pulled up the stairs to close the room door.

"Ahh yes and now were done" Chris said. Chris Popped into a porn the Vcr and turned on the Tv. "Ahhh Ahhh Ahh" The Tv went. Chris grabbed Jack's hand and sat on the bed.

"You ready?" Chris said nervously.

"Yeah I think" Jack said. Chris undressed until he had his boxers on and Jack did the same. Jack's Raging hormones was taking control, he made the first move he put his hand on Chris crouch.

Chris was very hard, Jack took off his boxer shorts and did the same with Chris. Chris started to get into the 69 position, and started to Suck Jack slowly.

"Ahhh Ahhh" Jack moaned.

Chris stopped Sucking Jack and said "Suck me Jack, suck me until I cum". Jack started suck Chris like their was no tomorrow. Jack sucked so hard that Chris's cock was so hard and red.

"Ahh Jack I'm Cumming (almost to orgasm) I'm Cumming.....I'm Cumming!" And Chris came.

Jack never felt so horny, in his life, he ate every drop of Chris's cum. Chris dropped on Jack, and he was breathing heavily. Chris got up and started to suck Jack.

"Now it's my turn to return a favor" Chris said. Chris started to suck Jack.

"Ahhh" Moaned Jack. Jack was very quick. "Ahhh I'm going to cum.....I'm cumming....I'm cumming!" And Jack Came and Chris let go of Jack's Cock and Jack's cum hit him in the head, shoulder, and chest.

"Now that's cum" Chris said.

"Turn over Jack". Jack Turned over and Chris grabbed a condom. Chris put on the condom and lubed Jack's ass and his cock up and began to go in slowly in Jack's ass. His Head was in Jack and Jack was already struggling. "Ahhh, Slowly" Jack moaned in pain. Chris continued to go in Jack, Inch by Inch Jack and Chris moaned in Pain because they never felt so horny, and they never did this before.

"Ahhhh, Ahhh" Chris moaned.

"Owwww" Jack Moaned. Jack was in a lot of Pain and Chris wanted to stop.

Chris stopped a bit and asked Jack "Do you want me to stop?"

"Oww, No, It's both Pleasure and pain for me as well as you" Jack moaned. Chris continued to go in Jack Deeper and Deeper, Until Chris was fully in Jack. "That's good" Jack moaned. Chris slowly went up and down in Jack. Jack moaned in each thrusts. Chris started of slow to tease Jack. "Hurry Up, go faster" Jack demanded, And Chris went faster.

"Ahhh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming......I'm Cumming" Moaned Chris. And Chris came. Chris got out of position and he and Jack just layed their breathing heavily on the bed.

"Jack we need to do this more often, I like it"

Suddenly they heard a noise from bellow.

"Oh no" Chris said. Chris looked in his 2 way mirror ceiling.

"Oh my god" Chris said. "Jack, Come here look, guess who is going to fuck Pacey?" Chris said.

"Fuck Pacey?" Jack wondered. Jack moved by Chris and looked down. "Oh my god..... DAWSON?" Jack said. "Cool" Jack said.

"Look Pacey, I don't feel right, why do it in Chris bed?" Dawson asked.

"It's because his parents bedroom sucks." Pacey said.

"It sucked" It was pretty nice to me" Dawson said.

"Ok, Dawson you really want to know the truth, I liked Chris, I think he is cute and so their is so little chances to have sex on his bed when he is not around, the feint smell of him just turns me on" Pacey said.

Pacey jumped on the bed and said "Well come on, Dawson I'll be the slave." Pacey said. Dawson took off his clothes until he was to his boxers.

"Well Slave, get up and take off your clothes, and leave yoru boxers on" Dawson said. Pacey did what he was told to do.

"Bend over" Dawson commanded.

"Okay, Dawson I get the point, where's the sex" I want to suck you off" Pacey said.

"Alright" Dawson said, they both took of their boxers slowly and started to go in the 69 position. Dawson and Pacey started to suck each other hard, Dawson was really red and Pacey loved each minute sucking his best friend. Dawson would go into Pacey's mouth until he got every inch in Pacey's mouth, Pacey would suck Dawson really hard and Dawson would moan loudly.

A Few minutes later Dawson stopped sucking and yelled "I'm Cumming" and Dawson came into Pacey's mouth.

Pacey ate some and said "Not so loud Dawson, we don't want to wake up Cliff", Dawson continued to suck Pacey, Pacey would moan a hear and then. Dawson would suck Pacey so hard that Pacey would Moan louder than Dawson, "Oh Dawson I'm cumming, I'm cumming" Pacey moaned. Pacey came in Dawson's mouth and Dawson ate some of Pacey's cum.

Pacey took out his cock outta Dawson's mouth and Dawson said "Now that's a first".

"Turn over Dawson, I'm going to give you something that you never had before"

Meanwhile down stairs Cliff woke up from that yelling "what's that sound" and Cliff was fully awake and wanted to pee so he went looking for the bathroom. Cliff headed upstairs and looked for the bathroom in the big house. Cliff finally found the bathroom and peed. After he was done he heard noises in 1 room. So he decided to Check it out. Cliff walked to the room with the noises. He noticed that the door was open a bit and he took a little peek. "Oh my god" He thought.

"It's Dawson having sex" He couldn't see the other person who was giving Dawson anal sex. Until he seen the person go down and was licking Dawson's back. "Oh my god" he thought again. "It's Pacey...." "Are they gay?" He thought to himself. Cliff never felt so horny in his life, he started unbuckle and he looked at his harden cock and started to jack off himself, first slowly then faster and faster until he came, and Cliff moaned loud.

Pacey stopped and he fell on Dawson. Dawson noticed that their was someone at the door so he was going to have a little fun. Dawson got up from the bed and walked to the door.

"What are you doing Dawson?" Asked Pacey.

"Watch" Dawson said evily. Cliff didn't know that Dawson was coming his way since he just came. The door flew Open.

"Oh my god" Cliff said. Dawson and Pacey's mouth dropped. "Cliff?" Dawson said.

"If you wanted to have some fun, you should of just walk in" Pacey said.

Dawson pulled Cliff into the room, Dawson shut the door and locked it.

"undress... if you want to have fun" Pacey said evily.

"No, I can't, this is wrong" Cliff said.

"Look your gay, I'm gay, Dawson is gay and Jack is Gay, It's like face it your gay." Pacey said.

Suddenly something happened Jack became very horny and wanted to jack off but Jack moved a step behind and Chris said "Jack watch out!"

Chris grabbed Jack and they both fell down on the secret door. Jack And Chris came falling down on Chris room.

"JACK" CHRIS??" Dawson, Cliff, and Pacey Said.

"OH MY GOD, WHAT AN EYE FULL" Dawson said.

"Looks like we're caught" Chris said.


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