Disclaimer: This Story is completely fiction and doesn't mean that the actors are gay, if you're offended by gay sex go away, This Story has nothing to WB show Dawson's Creek. This story is completely Fiction :) This Story Contain m/m

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Dawson's Creek Part 3 Out Of 4
"The Final Touch Down" By "W W"

It got quiet very silent, everyone looked at each other. Pacey and Dawson looked at each other, they couldn't control themselves. They noticed that they both got hard. Pacey and Dawson moved towards each other and started to french. Chris, Jack, And Cliff just looked at them. Cliff moved towards Dawson and Pacey, He looked at them and started to stick his tongue out and started frenching them, Pacey just kept his eyes closed, and Dawson and Cliff looked at each other. Finally Jack so horny moved but he stopped again. He looked at Chris. Chris was shocked because what was happening in his home. Jack grabbed Chris hand.

"It's ok, I'll be here. We will all be here" Jack said.

Jack and Chris moved towards them and they started to french too. They were all having a erotic time. Dawson stopped frenching and looked at Cliff. He moved towards Cliff and Played with his soft cock. After a while Cliff got hard revealing a 7" cock. Dawson started to suck it, Cliff going in the 69 position started to play with Dawson's soft cock, when it got hard it showed a full 7". Dawson sucked Cliff harder than what he did to Pacey. Dawson would look and suck at Cliff's red cock.

"Oh God, I'm gonna Cum..I'm gonna Cum, I'M GONNA CUM" Cliff Moaned.

Cliff came on in Dawson's mouth. Dawson took out the cock from his mouth and let the cum fly in his mouth and on his head. Dawson ate some cum.

Pacey, Jack, and Chris was having their own fun, they suck each other out. Slowly At first. Then Cliff and Dawson got up and started to join them too.

Jack was the first to cum, he wasn't very good holding his cum in, not like Pacey Jack wondered. Pacey was the 2nd to cum. Pacey couldn't hold it in anymore came like their was no tomorrow. Pacey's cum flew on everyone.

"Damn Pacey, that's a lot, more than me" Chris said.

"Maybe you should let yours out too" Pacey said with a evil grin and started to Jack off Chris. Pacey jacked Chris very hard and Chris came like Pacey. Chris gave them lots of cum and everyone gather around his cock just to get hit on the face.

Cliff wanted to leave but Jack stopped him.

"Stay a bit, stay with us, stay with me" Jack said. Cliff smiled and stayed with Jack.

"I want you in me" Cliff said to Jack. Jack grabbed a condom and put it on, and lubed himself and put some lube on Cliff's ass, Cliff slowly sat on Jack's 8" cock.

"Oww" Cliff said, everytime he went down an inch. Cliff moved up and down. Jack would go in and out and Cliff would moan each and everytime Jack would move, Cliff came on Jack's face. Then Jack moaned really loud and came, the condom overflowed with Jack's cum. Jack go loose and Ttey fell on each other and wantd to sleep so they fell asleep by each others side.

Meanwhile Dawson, Pacey, and Chris was having a threesome. Pacey, analed Dawson wihout a condom, and Chris analed Pacey without a condom. "Damn Pacey your so tight". Chris exploded in Pacey's ass and he could feel the hot cum in his ass. Chris just fell on his bed. In that second, Pacey feeling so horny could stand it anymore, he came into Dawson's ass. About 6 Spurts came out until he stopped. Pacey and Dawson fell on Chris bed and began to sleep.

Jack slowly woke up and seen Cliff by his side, he rubbed Cliff's hair. Then Cliff woke up.

"Hi" Jack Said.

"Morning" Cliff said.

"I'm going to take a shower" Cliff said sadly. and Cliff got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Cliff turned the water and just began to sit on the shower floor. His hands was holding his legs and he just sat their crying. he felt weird, very weird, he felt dirty he never felt like this before, he thought what he did. Cliff got up and took a shower. Then he dried himself and went to the mirror to see himself. He cried more just looking what happened last night, he could never be the same. Cliff got dressed and got out of the bathroom. By this time everone woke up and Jack was waiting for him.

"H..." Jack tried to say. But Cliff interrupted him.

"Look Jack, I can't do this" Cliff said.

"Why not?" Jack asked.

"You know what you mean to me?" Cliff asked.

"What do you mean to me?" Jack Asked.

"You Mean nothing to me, you don't even know me, you don't know who I love, who I like" Cliff said.

Jack started to cry. "Why are you doing this to me?" Jack said.

"Bye, I Need to go" Cliff said. And Cliff ran down stairs and out the front door, Cliff was crying to, he never felt like this before.

"Don't Leave me..." Jack said.

Meanwhile Dawson seen Cliff run out the door he wondered "Oh my god, Jack". Dawson hurried up stairs to see Jack crying.

"Jack are you alright?" Dawson asked.

Jack didn't answer but Dawson came to comfort Jack. Dawson sat besides Jack.

"Listen Jack, I'm here for you if you need any talking" Dawson said. Jack looked at Dawson and began to cry even more. Jack grabbed Dawson and cried on Dawson's shoulder. Dawson hugged Jack and started to rub his back.

"There there, let it all out" Dawson said. A Crying Jack looked at Dawson, Dawson wiped some of Jack tears.

Dawson went forward and kissed Jack. Jack first heisted then pushed Dawson forward.

"Don't do this Dawson.." Jack said. Dawson went in for another kiss, Jack heisted again, and pushed Dawson a little but Dawson's Lips was stuck onto Jack's life.

Dawson grabbed Jack's shoulders and began to get into it, Dawson and Jack didn't care anymore. Suddenly Cliff walked into Chris home and went to find Jack to say sorry.

Cliff Walked into Dawson and Jack kissing. "Oh my god" Cliff said. Dawson and Jack opened their eyes to see a crying Cliff watching them.

Cliff ran down stairs and out the door again.

"Cliff don't go..." Jack said.

Cliff's head raced with thoughts, "Dawson that bitch, why him not me, why did I do that? twice...heart broken..." Cliff walked over to a dock near Joey's home. Joey seen Cliff outside and wanted to say hi, but to her suprise that what Cliff was going to do.

Cliff slowly looked at the water below. Joey ran out of her house and walked near the to suprise Cliff, But in Cliff's head he wanted to die, Cliff walked near the end and slipped by accident and fell into the water.

"Cliff! CLIFF!" Joey screamed and ran, and jumped into the water and brought Cliff out.

"Cliff? Cliff?" Joey said in shock. "CLIFF! CLIFF! WAKE UP" Joey screamed then cried.

Cliff's eyes slowly awoke. He looked at Joey.

"Joey?" Cliff said.

"Shhhhh, Shhhhh don't talk your bleeding on your head." Joey said.

"Bessie! Bessie!" Joey Yelled.

Bessie came out of her home. Bessie seen Joey and Cliff on the dock.

"Oh my god, Is Cliff alright?" Bessie yelled.

"Call the Ambulance!" Joey screamed.

Bessie ran into the house.

Cliff was barely talking so Joey asked Cliff if he was alive.

"Joey,.... it's..... alrigh..tt..... please.... I'm dying... tellll Jack that, that I love him... and that... I hate Dawson...." Cliff said weakly.

"Ok Cliff, but your going to be alright, just hold on" Joey cried.

"But A last wish, please take my journal in my home, and read it...With Jack" Cliff said.

Joey looked into Cliff's eyes and began to kiss him. With the last breath, Cliff was gone.

"Cliff? CLIFF? CLIFF?!?" Joey screamed. Joey held Cliff and started to cry harder. Joey held and hugged Cliff, rubbing his hair and kept saying "Your going to be alright...."

12:00 PM,It was news that Cliff was dead, everyone was sad, but the saddest one of all was Jack and Joey. Joey went to find Jack.

Jack was sitting on the dock by crying, Joey went to comfort him.

"Listen Jack, I know how you feel" Joey said.

"You don't know how I feel, you don't know anything" Jack said.

"Yes I do, you see Jack, Cliff said he loved you" Joey said.

Jack and Joey started to cry. Jack leaned on Joey's shoulder and cried hard.

"Did he really say that?" Jack asked. And Joey nodded.

Jack got loose from Joey and he just looked forward and cried.

"Look Joey, thanks but I need to be alone right now"

Joey nodded and walked away. The next thing Joey heard was this loud spashing sound.

"Oh shit Jack" Joey said. Joey ran to where Jack was sitting. Joey jumpped into the water and looked to Jack but didn't find anything, the next thing she knew was that she saw a floating body by her. She got it out of the water and went for help.

"Jack, not you too don't leave me" Joey did CPR on Jack and it worked. Jack woke up to see a grieving Joey by his side.

"Don't ever do that again" Joey said.

Jack coughed and Joey ran to her home and called the Ambulance.

1:30 PM Hospital - Jack McPhee's Room.

"No serious damage, but I think you should watch him, he's suicidal" The Doctor said to Jack's Dad. Jack was just looking out the window. Then the group walked in.

"Joey can we talk, everyone out" Jack said. Joey pushed them out and locked the door.

"Jack....I..." Joey said.

"Look, it's my fault I wanted to die of Cliff's death, we were getting close yesterday..." Jack said and cried, "And he said he loved me...He was our age, I could never forgive myself for that, so I wanted to die"

"Jack..." Joey hugged him and cried.

"What else did he say?" Jack asked.

Joey grabbed a book out of her bag.

"He left me his journal, I brought it so we could read it together." Joey said. Joey and Jack read the journal. They came to this page:

"Dear Journal,

I Can't help it, I am questioning me... myself. Recently Jack came out, I wish I could do the same, you see, I really love Jack... I wish that someday I could tell him that...I...Love...Him...."

Jack read the last word, he started to cry, Joey hugged Jack and cried.

A knock on the door was heard.

"Can I get a turn with Jack?" Pacey asked. "I may not be smart but I know when things hurt" Pacey said.

"Ok" Joey said and walked out and the door and closed it.

"Jack, I'm so sorry, sorry that you had to go through this like what happened to me, I know" Pacey said, Pacey noticed that Jack was reading something.

"What are you reading?" Pacey asked.

"Cliff's Journal" Jack said.

"Wait I want to read it with you" Pacey said.

Pacey wondered over and they looked thru the journal. They were at the last entry and they read it together.

"Dear Journal,

Hey, Just is my last thing i'm going to say, If I ever die and I'm not with Jack... Please let Pacey have Jack, Deep down I think Pacey's gay. So let them be together if I die..."

"Oh my god" Pacey said. Pacey looked at Jack and Jack looked at Pacey.

"So Jack want to try out this thing? I mean it was Clifford's last wish we should try it for him" Pacey said.

"Yeah but you need to do one thing first, You gotta kiss me first" Jack said.

Pacey leaned over and kissed Jack, they had something, something special when they kissed it was like sparks flew over the place.

At that moment Dawson just had to walk in.

"Jack I.." Dawson said and stared at them. Dawson Closed the door.

"Jack....Pacey? what are you doing?" Dawson said.

"I'm with my new guy" Said Jack.

"But I thought I was with you" Dawson asked Pacey.

"Look Dawson I'm with Jack, everything can't always be about you, you, you, you, your movie, your house, your life, Why don't you just go to Joey." Pacey said.

"But we felt are true feelings last night" and Dawson began to cry.

"Sorry but I'm with Jack, and Jack's with Me" Pacey said.

Dawson cried and left.

Chris, Jen, Joey, and Andie looked Dawson as he left.

"What happened?" Jen asked.

"I think we should go inside" Andie said.

"I Can handle this girls, I'm a guy it might be a guy thing"

"A Guy Thing?" Jen said and Chris Walked in.

Chris saw Jack and Pacey just talking.

"What's up Chris, my pal here Jack is getting better by the minute" Pacey said.

"Cut the crap, what did you do to Dawson" Chris asked.

"Do what to Dawson" Pacey asked.

"I hate Dawson" Jack said.

"Why?" Chris said.

"I Mean I HATE Dawson" Jack said.

"Why" Chris asked again.

"Because he's an asshole" Pacey said.

"Oh, Not you too" Chris said.

"Look I lik....I Love Dawson Please don't hurt him, hurt me instead, I can't bare to see him in pain" Chris said.

"Hurt You? Pain?" Pacey said and looked at Jack.

"If it's pain you want pain, you get" Jack Said, and looked at Pacey.

"Look Chris, Dawson doesn't love you" Pacey said.

"He could love me" Chris said and sighed.

"He doesn't love you" Pacey Said again.

"Yes He could" Chris said cried.

"He doesn't love you, he loves me, but me I love Jack" Pacey said.

"Dawson love you? He Loves you?" Chris said and cried more. Chris ran out of the room crying.

"You think we were hard on him?" Pacey asked Jack.

"No, were not hard at all" Jack said.

"I'll make you hard" Pacey said and jumped on Jack. Pacey rubbed his hand on Jack's crouch and Jack moaned. Pacey stopped and said "If you get better you'll get more"

"Ahh I'm better" Jack said.

Hours past and Dawson was sad in his room lying on the bed looking at the ceiling. Dawson heard the ladder noise, he expected to be Joey but to his Suprise it was...


Story By Wilg@webtv.net sorry to kill of Cliff but was an interesting thing I would say how everyone will act and who's with who in the final chapter. I might do a 2nd series of Dawson's Creek. Also can anyone please do a 90210 story? I would do it but I haven't have enough time to get characters, and where they live, etc.... Until next time!