Days Of Our Love Series

Part 1: Late Night Encounters

By Jonathon Moore

    This story, Late Night Encounters, is part of a series I am starting called Days Of Our Love,
based on the soap, Days Of Our Lives and will involve several characters from that show and
eventually, other shows. Do not read this if you are offended by male sexual situations. Also,
do not read if you are under legal age or such viewing are restricted in your area.

    I do not own this show, nor do I own the characters. Days of Our Lives is produced by
Corday Productions Inc., in association with Columbia Pictures Television, and broadcast
on NBC.

    Feedback is welcomed and appreciated. If you have criticisms, remarks, or ideas about
this story, email me at:

    The lights are dim, with the only visible light being that of the moon, shining brightly through the
curtains. Eric, sprawled in his bed, sleeping, is awakened by a sharp knock to his door. He reluctantly
gets out of bed, donned in a T-shirt that stretches across his muscled pecs, and white boxer briefs,
that fit tightly on his legs, to answer the door of his apartment.

 He puts his hand on the door knob, turning it slowly. There standing before him, was a man built like
a god. With his powerful, toned physique, mocha skin tone, full, red lips, and short, ebony hair he could
easily pass as one. He had a deep scowl on his face, and a drunken look in his eye. Eric stepped aside,
letting Brandon Walker through.

 Brandon drunkenly stumbles drunkenly through the small apartment, landing in one of the couches. He
looks to Eric, suddenly and unexpectedly, taking in every detail. From his sandy blonde hair, to his blue
eyes, to his trim, but athletic physique. He looked closely at Eric's body. So trim and fit, and so tanned.
He had pecs you could bounce quarters of, and hard abs, accompanied by a six-pack. His thighs were
firm and rounded, and his calves well defined. Even his sock covered feet were beautiful.

    He slouched farther in the chair, spreading his legs obscenely, as if offering a lude invitation. Which he
probably was.

   Eric notices this, and shifts uncomfortably in his seat. he looked at the drunken doctor. He *was* looking
at him. He could not believe it. He thought Brandon  Walker was the least gay guy on the planet. Just his
attitudeproved that. But Eric could not deny the *bare* facts, so to speak. At this thought, a lump formed in
his throat.

  Brandon stumbles toward Eric, and trips just as he nears him, his face at crotch level. As he notices this,
he moves his large hands up Eric's shirt, feeling the muscles aggressively. Eric sighs deeply, his breathing
labored, as he lifts his shirt above his head reluctantly, removing it from his body. He spreads his tan legs,
arching them up, letting only his toes touch the ground. Which gives Brandon better access to his

  Brandon explores the chest with his finger tips, sensually  massaging his body. He starts at the navel, first
rubbing it, then darting his tongue and and out. He goes over Eric's six-pack, slowly massaging it with his
fingertips. He reaches his pecs, and cups them in his hands. As he reaches the small, brown nipples, he
first runs his fingers over them, kneading them in his hands. He then brings his full lips to them, biting and
sucking on them fiercely, yet slowly, turning them a light red.

  Eric moans, his eyes rolling back, and his head leaning back past the chair, letting his blonde hair spill down
the back.This exposes his  adam's apple, which is slightly large. Brandon smiles at this, and brings his hot mouth
on to Eric's long neck. He starts slowly licking it, then sucks on that part of his neck, seductively and sensually.
Eric moans even louder, letting Brandon suck on his neck, then leans forward, and kisses him lightly on the lips.

  It starts that way, but soon intensifies. The kisses become stronger, more passionate, and Brandon slips his
tongue into Eric's mouth, as they soon duel in each other's mouths. As their lips part, Eric immediately moves
in for another passionate kiss, but he as stopped abruptly stopped by Brandon. He pouts, looking at the older
man, who starts to speak.

"Close your Eyes." he says in his powerful voice, with a hint of determination in his voice.

"Why?" he almost whines, obviously bewildered.

"Close your eyes," he repeats slowly. "And I will give you a nice surprise.

  Eric looks puzzled, but obeys quickly, not wanting to upset him.

  As his eyes close, he hears a ripping sound, and a breeze going through his now bare, lower body, he shivers
slightly. The air around his now uncovered dick becomes even colder, then he feels a pair of full lips slip around it.
His eyes flutter open in amazement and shock.

  There was Brandon, deep-throating Eric, all nine inches, down to his blonde pubic hair. And Eric completely
nude, except for his socks. He wrapped his muscular legs around Brandon's body, bringing him down closer on
Eric's quivering meat.Eric moaned and writhed wildly, in ecstasy at the feelings he was experiencing all at once.
Brandon swirled his tongue around, making Eric moan louder.

  He started massaging under Eric's balls, hitting his G-spot. Sending shivers throughout his beautiful body,
Eric shakes violently, and starts screaming in ecstasy. Sperm soon starts shooting into Brandon's mouth,
and he swallows every drop eagerly. He then looks to Eric, who is about to fall asleep from exhaustion.
He smiles and picks him up carefully, carrying him to the bedroom.

  Eric wraps his arms around Brandon's neck, as he is carried to his room. He presses his angelic face against
the man's muscular chest, his blonde hair matted from sweat. His thighs are rested in Brandon's arms, as if he
were carrying a small, and delicate child. He then falls limply on the bed, and almost immediately falls asleep.

  Brandon then strips revealing his tree trunk legs, his large bush of pubic hair, and his eleven inch, uncut tool,
whichbounces freely. He lays beside the sleeping Eric, cradling him in his powerful arms, spooning him, and
starts to enter sleep, content.