Days of Seduction

Part 1: "Shawn and Bo"

This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the characters mentioned. I am no way connected to "Days of Our Lives," which is property of NBC.

Hot. The water felt good against Shawn's naked body. He leaned against the shower wall and closed his eyes. It felt so good to feel so clean.

Before entering the shower, Shawn turned on the CD player in the bathroom and turned up the volume. He needed every possible distraction. All Shawn wanted to do was step in the steaming shower and forget everything that had happened that afternoon with John.

How could he have done something like that? Belle was never going to forgive him. "I just have to make sure she never finds out," Shawn said aloud as he relaxed under the showerhead. "What I did was wrong. I can never give in like that again."

Shawn knew he wasn't gay. He couldn't be. It was just that recently he was thinking more and more about that night with Philip, and now his afternoon with John.

Just thinking about the afternoon's events caused Shawn's cock to rise. Shawn felt ashamed, and he stood under the water hoping it would cleanse him of whatever he had been feeling lately.

Suddenly, Shawn's privacy was invaded when the shower curtain was pulled back. With his eyes still closed, Shawn didn't even know someone was watching him.

His cock now fully erect, Shawn finally gave in to his hormones, and reached down and took hold of his 8 inches. He started stroking his dick back and forth with a satisfied grin on his face.

Bo Brady stood watching his son jack his meat. The music's volume had prevented Shawn from hearing the knocks on the bathroom door, Bo's voice, and the shower curtain being pulled back.

Bo needed his son's attention, but he found himself mesmerized by the sight of his son masturbating. He stood silently for the longest time watching -- perhaps too long, he realized.

Finally, Bo lightly touched Shawn's arm. His son's eyes flew open, and he quickly tried to cover his exposed erection with his hands. Bo reached over and turned off the music.

"Dad!" Shawn was obviously in shock, not expecting his dad to come in on him in the shower. Realizing quickly that his two hands couldn't cover his massive erection, Shawn flipped around to stare at the wall.

"Sorry, Son," Bo apologized. "It's just that when I knocked and hollered your name, you didn't answer. I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

"Yeah, um, the music, I'm fine," Shawn's nervous voice tried to reassure his father. "Uh, what did you need?"

Bo smiled at Shawn's reaction. His son wouldn't even look in his direction. He had his back and his ass towards his father. This gave Bo the opportunity to see his son's firm, tight ass. This brought another smile to Bo's face. Realizing what he was thinking, Bo shook the thought away.

"Well," Bo answered, "I need the shower. You've been in here for over forty minutes."

"I'll be right out, Dad," Shawn told him. He obviously wanted his father to leave and end the extremely uncomfortable moment.

"That's fine," Bo smiled, "I'm sorry for disturbing you." With one more look at his son's naked backside, Bo gave Shawn one pat on the ass and left the bathroom. He wanted to reassure Shawn that everything was okay, and deep down, he really just wanted to feel his son's ass.

Upon leaving the bathroom, Bo looked down at his pants and noticed that his own cock had risen to attention. It couldn't be because of what he'd just seen, right?

Realizing there was only one way to take care of it, Bo went to his bedroom that he shared with his wife. Inside, Bo closed the door, walked over to his bed, and dropped his pants.

The front of Bo's tight, white briefs was bulging due to his intense erection. He thought about his son's nude body, and he couldn't help but notice how similar it was to his own body at that age. Even down to Shawn's massive cock and hefty balls, it appeared that Shawn inherited more from Bo than his rebel attitude.

Bo sat down on his bed and pulled down his white briefs, and his impressive 8- inch cock pounced up, slapping against his fit, washboard stomach. His low-hanging, heavy ball sac swung from side to side as he jerked his huge cock up and down.

He tried thinking about fucking his wife, Hope, but Bo's mind kept going back to the sight of his son jerking himself off in the shower and the sight of his son's tight, wet ass. Finally giving up, Bo continued to jerk off thinking about his son's naked body.

As he drew closer to his climax, "Shawn!" escaped his lips. Finally, his balls tightened. As the first strings of cum shot from his cock, Bo moaned his son's name again. "Shawn! Oh Son!"

Finally opening his eyes, Bo realized he was covered in his own semen. He jumped up to grab a shirt or a towel or something to clean up the mess.

Little did Bo know but after leaving the shower and getting dressed, Shawn had come to tell his father the shower was open. He barely opened his father's bedroom door when he heard his dad moan his name the first time. Keeping the door barely open, he watched through a thin crack as his father got off thinking about Shawn.

Shawn carefully and silently closed his father's bedroom door. "Oh my God," Shawn whispered to himself. "I can't believe what just happened."

To be continued...

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