Days of Seduction

Part 3

This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the characters mentioned. I am no way connected to "Days of Our Lives," which is property of NBC.

John Black positioned the two roses in the center of the bed. He then went over to the nightstand and popped open the bottle of wine before sitting it back down in the pale of ice to continue chilling.

He went over to the dresser mirror and made sure he looked just right. In his dark, black robe, John looked extremely sexy. He knew he would make Marlena's mouth water, especially with her knowing he had nothing on underneath the cotton robe.

John was very excited about getting to finally spend some time with his wife. Recently, it seemed as if she had forgotten her life with John, Belle, and Brady. These days, it was always about Tony, Rex, and Cassie.

John looked up at the clock and realized it was almost time for Marlena to get home. He heard a knock on the door.

"She must have forgotten her key," John smiled as he went over to the camcorder mounted on the tripod and pressed record. He then hurried downstairs to let his wife in.

John opened the door expecting to see his wife on the other side. He was not expecting to see his daughter's boyfriend.

"Shawn," John said his name while thinking about his most recent encounter with the young man, "Belle's not here right now."

Shawn was wearing a tight blue t-shirt and dark blue jeans. John couldn't help but feel an immediate attraction to him. Shawn's gorgeous dark hair and chocolate brown eyes were almost irresistible.

John could definitely see why his daughter was so attracted to the boy.

"I'm not here to see Belle," Shawn flashed his eyes at the older man. "I'm here to see you. I think we need to talk."

John looked down at his watch. Marlena was supposed to arrive any minute. "This really isn't a good time."

Shawn started to say something, but he was interrupted by the sound of John's phone ringing.

"Hold that thought," John told Shawn as he walked over to the living room table and picked up the cordless phone.

"Hello?" John answered the phone. "Doc, where are you at?"

Shawn recognized John's nickname for Marlena and realized Belle's mother was on the other side of the phone call.

"Again?" John's angry voice asked. "Damn it, Marlena, don't you realize he's using those kids to get to you?"

Shawn continued to eavesdrop on John's conversation with his wife.

"Hello?" John asked after what must have been Marlena hanging up. "Hello? Damn it!" John slammed the phone against the table.

"Should I come back later?" Shawn asked, peering his head through the doorway. "I mean if this is a bad time..."

"No," John told him. "Come in and close the door."

Shawn did as he was instructed.

John asked the young man, "What is it that you wanted to see me about, Shawn?"

"It's just that I can't keep my mind from thinking about what happened between us a few days ago," Shawn admitted to John, "and how terribly wrong it was."

John hated his wife for making him feel like a fool, and he knew what he wanted at that moment. He smiled at the young, innocent man standing before him. "How wrong it was, or how you didn't get all that you really wanted."

Shawn was nervous. He thought he knew why he was at John's apartment, but now he was unsure of everything.

He had originally wanted to put his experience with John in the past, but now he felt that all too familiar tingling in his tight blue jeans. "A little of both, I guess."

"That's what I thought," John grinned as he undid the cords on his robe and let the flaps fall apart, exposing his breathtaking body. His cut, soft cock hung between his legs six inches long on top of his baseball size testicles.

With a few steps forward, John was only inches away from Shawn. He tugged at the young boy's tight t-shirt, raising it above his head and off his body. John rubbed Shawn's firm, young chest with his hands.

Finally, John bent down putting his right arm behind Shawn's legs and picking the young boy up off the ground.

Shawn wrapped his arms around John's neck as the John slowly walked up the long staircase, towards the bedroom he shared with Marlena.

Upstairs, John placed Shawn down on his bed, letting his own body fall on top of Shawn's. He carefully slipped his tongue into the young man's mouth, savoring Shawn's taste.

Caught up in the moment, neither of them noticed the bright red light shining from the camcorder across the room. John has intended to tape his passionate night with his wife, not his explicit affair with his daughter's boyfriend.

To be continued...


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