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First published in January 2014.
m/m, 3plus, anal, oral, rim
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Flesh and Metal: Adam Jensen and Sarif guards

Sexual adventures in the universe of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

It felt great to be back at Sarif Industries. Adam Jensen's successful rescue operation at the Milwaukee Junction plant was a resounding success. He rescued all the hostages, recovered the Typhoon, and secured the facility without much bloodshed. Now back at Sarif HQ he was greeted like a hero. Cindy, the young receptionist, breathlessly recounted the events of the evening. "... and when we finally heard that Josie was OK too, and that everyone was free, we were all so relieved." she said. "I have always thought you to be a very athletic man, Mr. Jensen, and I always felt safe with you working here with us. Still, I was so amazed that you were able to rescue all those people all by yourself! Do you think your new augmentations helped?" "They came in handy." said Adam. "Your arms... look so strong!" she said with a bit of hesitation. "You've made quite a recovery." "Thanks Cindy. I should get going." he replied. "Of course, Mr. Jensen. I am sure Mr. Sarif has lots for you to do." said Cindy and blushed. This was Adam's first time back since the first attack that nearly killed him. He had been heavily augmented to survive and recover from his injuries; in some respects he was now more machine than man — and he was still getting used to it. But considering his success at the plant, and seeing how much Cindy still wanted him, his post-op future did not seem nearly as bad as he had feared. It was good to know he was still in the game. He headed up the stairs to his office. On the way he was stopped by John and Vince, two guards on his team. "Hi boss, good work at the plant tonight." said Vince, who had been in security at Sarif for several years. He was a man's man, built like a bulldog, confrontational, and the subject of many of Adam's meetings with HR. But Adam liked him. He was a straight talker and good at putting rowdy activists in their place. "Thanks." said Adam "Those Purity First assholes got what they deserved. I still think you should have taken Sanders out of the picture for good." Vince added. "Yeah, that would teach them a lesson" said John. He was a relatively fresh member of Sarif security, younger than Vince, with blond hair and a soul patch. He was boisterous, but he had a lot of respect for Adam and Vince. With unemployment in Detroit so high, he was very grateful for the opportunity to work at Sarif, and sought to prove himself and connect with the others on the security team. He even asked Vince to be best man at his wedding, which Adam attended not long before the first attack on Sarif six months earlier. "Perhaps." answered Adam. "I am still not quite sure of the circumstances of the attack." "Well one thing for sure boss, your shiny new gear must have been great help" said Vince with a grin. "Good old SI spared no expense." "How do the augmentations feel, boss?" asked John, looking at Adam's bionic arms, an intricate surface of metal composite and black polymer. "It took time and physical therapy after the surgery" said Adam. "But now they feel great — and work even better than the old flesh and blood!" "You know boss, I've been thinking about getting augs myself. Been on the fence about it for some time" said Vince. "If you have time one of these days, you should show me how they perform". "Me too, I am real curious" said John. "I can show you right now, if we go somewhere more open. Like near the helipad." said Adam. And so Vince and John followed Adam over to the helipad, to check out his new gear and what it can do. As Adam jumped, crouched, and lifted heavy objects, he thought of how quickly things changed. Perhaps too easily he could remember his former, human body. How his flesh would strain under his soft, living skin when did pull-ups. How good it felt to stretch his limbs and loosen his joints. Now most of that body was gone, probably incinerated as biohazardous waste. But as Vince and John watched him move and threw him soda cans to shoot, Adam realized that they were not being sympathetic or supportive of his forced transformation. They looked at him with awe and admiration, and perhaps even a little bit of jealousy. "Most of this stuff is probably not even on the market yet, huh?" asked Vince coming up to Adam and running his hand along his upper arm. "Can you feel exactly where I am touching your hand, boss?" asked John, taking Adam's hand and touching Adam's fingers, palm, and forearm. As John and Vince examined him closely, Adam explained some of the advanced features of his augmentations. "Well, it's time for me to hit the showers and head out" said Adam after a while. "I was going to head to the showers too" said John after a slight pause. "I guess I should shower too" said Vince. "It's been a long day". Adam thought it was a little strange for the two guards to need showers at this point. Unlike him, they've been in the building all day and haven't had to exert themselves much. But he figured there must be a reason. Maybe they indeed had had a long day. Or perhaps they wanted to see some parts of him that were covered up. If so, he did not mind. If they were thinking of getting augmented, he wanted them to be as informed as possible. Adam found his locker and began undressing. He took off his jacket and t-shirt, revealing his black armored torso. He heard Vince and John in the aisle next to him, opening their lockers and getting undressed. He pulled down his pants and hung them on the door of his locker. His underwear came down too. He had always worn boxers pre-op, but now he had to wear fairly tight boxer briefs to prevent his genitals from getting caught in between his unyielding mechanical legs. It felt great to be naked. He scratched the small patch of hair above his sizeable member resting on top of his large smooth balls. Just then Vince and John were passing by. They stopped and stared at Adam. Adam noticed and grinned: "This is the one thing that reminds me I am still human." he said "Yeah it would be pretty bad if they took that away" said Vince as he approached Adam, with John close behind. "I have to keep it tucked away from the moving parts." said Adam with a smirk. He felt oddly comfortable talking to the guards about his body, who were clearly fascinated with it. "ALL moving parts?" asked Vince, also smirking. He looked at Adam. "Well..." said Adam, running his mechanical hand down his abdomen and lightly squeezing the base of his dick in between his middle and index fingers. "Bet the metal doesn't feel as good as this" said Vince, grabbing Adam's soft member and giving it a few tugs. Adam stood absolutely still. Vince's warm and rough hand was the first living thing that touched him down there since the surgeries. His dick and heavy balls tingled. Vince squatted to examine Adam's crotch closer. He ran his fingers along the edge where Adam's skin disappeared under the mechanical parts. "This is really somethin', boss". Adam was not sure what Vince was referring to, and did not really have time to think about it. All his senses were focused on the stirring of the sleeping beast in between his mechanical legs. He wanted to let Vince examine his body, and he was desperately trying to prevent his body from reacting in very inappropriate ways. "A-ha, so this thing does work after all" said Vince when he noticed that Adam's dick began to swell. He grabbed the heavy member again and began tugging at it while kneading Adam's large balls in his other hand. "Bet it's been many months since your dick has touched human flesh, boss" said Vince, looking up at Adam. Adam strained to control the sensory fireworks that Vince's hand was setting off. "Vince, what are you doing?" he managed. "Boss, I know you've got needs just like the rest of us." said Vince, looking down again at Adam's formidable equipment and trying unsuccessfully to grab the whole package in one hand. Adam was silent, his eyes glazed over as his long-neglected libido wrestled its way into the driver's seat of his mind and took control the steering wheel. "What do you say, John?" asked Vince. "Should we help him out?" The blond got closer and squatted next to Vince, admiring Adam's now swollen cock. Vince was clearly stroking it now. Mesmerized, John ran his hands along Adam's legs, and then rubbed his fingers in the patch of hair where the shaft of Adam's dick met the stomach. The member was so large, especially so close up. "Here, spit on it" said Vince, suddenly bringing the swollen head of Adam's dick closer to John's face. The smell was intoxicating. John caught a glimpse of the large piss slit opening up slightly as Vince pulled back on the shaft. John has never been in such close proximity with another man's genitals before, and it felt surreal. He gathered up a glob of saliva and slowly deposited it onto the mushroom head. Vince spread it around with his hand. "Good" said Vince as he continued to stroke the cock. Then he stopped and said to John: "Here, you take over while I massage his balls. You'll need both hands." So John wrapped his hands around his boss' cock for the first time. It was massive. So heavy and hard, yet so velvety and soft. John noticed that the dick was leaking quite a bit of pre-cum, which mixed with John's spit and provided good lubrication for him to work the massive shaft with both hands. He looked up into Adam's face. Adam's mouth was slightly open; he shifted and leaned onto the row of lockers for support as two guards from his security team worked his swollen meat stick. The sensation was incredible, and all his concerns about inappropriate behavior at work were now a distant memory. He surrendered to the waves of pleasure emanating from his manhood. Vince kneaded Adam's balls and watched John work the shaft. John was completely engrossed in this activity and his mouth was slightly open. Vince leaned in closer to John and said: "It needs some more lube. Why don't you give it a lick." John gave Vince an uncertain look. The older man grabbed the shaft and directed the swollen head at John's face. John hesitated but got closer. "Come on, we need to help Jensen out. Give it a kiss." said Vince, brushing the dick head against John's soul patch and eliciting a satisfied sigh from Adam. John opened his mouth just a bit, and Vince lifted the heavy shaft and placed the head right in between John's lips. "Yeah, that's it" said Vince and began stroking the shaft. "Lube it up real good. Come on, lean in closer." John could feel the piss slit with the tip of his tongue; the titillating smell of Adam's precum aroused him. He leaned in closer, taking more of the swollen head into his mouth, working it over with his tongue. Adam Jensen was in heaven. He let out another sigh and placed his mechanical hand on the back of John's head, gently guiding him forward. John had to open really wide to accommodate Adam's massive meat, and when he could not fit any more into his mouth he moved his head back until just the tip of the head rested between his lips. Vince continued to stroke the shaft, and Adam's tasty precum continued its steady trickle into John's mouth. "Good, now bob your head up and down, Johnny. Give our boss a nice blow job." said Vince with a grin. "Yeah, Johnny. Keep going" said Adam, applying light pressure to the back of John's head and guiding his huge swollen member back into his mouth. As the giant cockhead hit the back of his throat, John let out a muffled moan and began bobbing his head on Adam's dick. "Thanks... Johnny... I really... appreciate it", managed Adam as the pace picked up and the locker room filled with slurping noises. "I am glad ... I can help, boss", said John pulling off his boss' monster cock and catching his breath, foamy saliva running from the corners of his mouth and onto his chin. "It's the least I can do ... after all that you've done for Sarif". Adam nodded, grabbed the shaft of his breeding organ with his augmented hand, and guided it back into John's mouth, shaking it a little to rub the swollen head against his lips and tongue. As slurping sounds again filled the locker room, Vince stripped off his uniform and approached the younger guard from the back. "Let's take this off and get comfortable, Johnny" he said, and proceeded to take off the younger man's shirt, hat, and pants. Adam noticed that John had a muscular, toned body and perfect youthful, smooth skin. Especially attractive was his nice muscular bubble butt; the light-grey trunks John was wearing accentuated it perfectly. "You've god a nice ass on you, Johnny" said Vince and slapped it. John let out a muffled moan, his mouth still busy servicing Adam's meat. With a wild grin, Vince pulled down John's trunks and began kneading his muscular asscheeks. As he separated the cheeks to reveal the hairless, vulnerable pucker, he groaned and dove in with his tongue. The new sensation startled John, but he could not turn around with Adam's mechanical hand holding his head firmly in place. So Vince continued to work John's ass, probing his virgin hole with his tongue. John began to moan more, and pushed his ass out to meet the intruder. Then when Vince's fat, rough finger replaced his tongue, John really started moaning and milking the finger with his ass ring. "Boy you're a natural!" exclaimed Vince. "Boss, looks like we found another hole for you to use". John pulled his mouth off Adam's cock and said: "Yes boss, whatever you need, I want to help." Adam was amazed at how eager the two guards were to satisfy his sexual needs. His augmentations changed the way people looked at him. The guards seemed to worship his shiny new body. The feeling of being worshiped was intoxicating. "Johnny, I need you to take more of my dick in your mouth" said Adam and applied more pressure to the back of John's head. As John continued to bob his head, the swollen glans would hit the back of his throat and cause him to gag. His eyes were tearing up from the strain, and frothy saliva gathered around his mouth. "I am sorry boss, ..... I am sorry, I just can't fit it all in my mouth" said John catching his breath and looking up at Adam. "Alright; try lying down on your back." said Adam, pointing to the bench. John did so, and Adam straddled his head and planted his huge balls on Johnny's face. "Suck on these for a bit, Johnny", said Adam and rubbed the smooth scrotum across John's mouth. John opened wide and lapped at the large globes with his tongue. "Oh yeah" exclaimed Adam looking down at John. He had John work his lowhangers for a while, and then he moved back a little and stuck his swollen cock into John's mouth. When the glans hit the back of John's throat, he pressed forward. John began gagging, but Adam pressed on, knowing that the new angle should help John cope with the assault. He put two of his mechanical fingers onto John's throat and felt the girth of his babymaker sliding inside. Despite John's gags and struggles, he did not stop until his dick was all the way in and his humongous balls rested on John's face. Then he began to withdraw, causing streams of frothy saliva to escape John's mouth and run down his face, getting into his eyes, nose and hair. When the dick was almost all the way out Adam placed the large head on John's lips and said: "Kiss the tip" John complied by smooching the big head and sucking on Adam's piss slit, tasting the intoxicating precum. Adam forced himself back into John's throat, and withdrew once again. He began to build a slow but methodical rhythm, stopping occasionally to give John a chance to catch his breath. John gagged incessantly and struggled to accommodate the intruding member, tears and froth completely covering his face now, but eventually he got used to the size of the member and felt Adam's heavy balls slapping his face as Adam fucked his throat. Adam pinched John's nipples and squeezed his perfect pecs, eliciting a muffled moan. "Good work, Johnny.... thanks" managed Adam. John's perfect body, youthful and strong, suddenly seemed incredibly sexy to him. He caressed John's rock hard abs with his mechanical hand, and fondled his belly button with his metal finger. He looked at Vince, who was still working on John's asshole. "You've got to feel this, boss" said Vince. "His hole feels incredible". Adam withdrew his dick from John's mouth, leaving John panting. John was laying on the bench on his back, legs in the air, giving Vince access to his hole. Adam walked over to Vince and squatted next to him. He carefully grabbed John's dick in his hand, jerking it slowly; and he patted John's asshole with his robotic finger. Vince was right, John's hole was incredible. Puckered and mostly hairless, it quivered when Adam touched it, the sphincter contracting and relaxing, asking to be explored. Adam tilted John's sizable dick and looked at his face. John was looking right at him. His gaze was unfocused, reflecting pleasure, desire, uncertainty. "Boss, you are welcome to ..." began John but could not finish, waves of pleasure overtaking him as Adam continued to gently tap at his puckered entrance. John got up and got on his hands and knees, raising his firm, muscular ass in the air. As Vince watched from the side, Adam grabbed the meaty cheeks with his mechanical hands and parted them to get access to John's vulnerable hole. He got closer. The hole was a bit wet thanks to Vince's earlier efforts. But it could be wetter. Besides it deserved some more pampering before the intrusion that Adam now knew was coming. So he leaned in and licked it. Adam never thought he would find himself eating another man's ass, but he was so horny that he practically devoured it. He went wild licking John's back door, probing it with his tongue, and teasing it with his finger. John was moaning loudly now, steadily losing control to waves of pleasure. He spread his legs further apart and stroked his cock. Adam would occasionally lap at John's balls, and then would return his attention to John's asshole. All the while Vince stood on the side and stroked his big dick. When John was overcome with desire and his moans became whimpers, Adam got up and slapped his huge cockhead right at John's entrance. John whimpered. He knew that Adam Jensen, the man with the biggest dick at Sarif — and perhaps in all of Detroit — would be taking him from behind. And John was surprised to find that he wanted it, bad. He completely forgot about his pregnant wife at home; he was wild with desire and wanted to submit to Adam completely, wanted to be taken and bred by this cyborg man. "You'll need some of this if you want this to end well" said Vince with a smirk, producing a bottle of lube out of nowhere. He squirted some into his hands, got on his knees in front of Adam, and began spreading the lube over Adam's magnificent dick. Adam watched him do it. "You'll need some of this too, buddy." said Vince, slapping a big dollop of lube on John's puckered entrance. John sucked in his breath as Vince slipped in a couple of fingers to lube up his insides. He lingered a little, feeling the warm flesh quiver around his fingers; then he slapped John's bubble butt and moved aside. Adam slapped his swollen cockhead on John's asshole a few more times, his precum mixing with lube. And then he began pushing in, slowly. Very slowly. He knew this was not going to be easy, so he took his time, letting John adjust to his girth. When the massive head stretched John's hole beyond belief and disappeared inside, John let out a groan. "Johnny, I can't believe you can take so much dick!" exclaimed Vince, staring in disbelief. John did not respond. He was fully focused on his rectum, trying to accommodate Adam's monster cock. And Adam was slowly sinking himself into the wet paradise of John's ass. He could not believe a guy, a guard on his team, could give so much pleasure. He drove his schlong home, alternating between pushing forward and pulling back. Finally Adam Jensen's cock completely disappeared inside John. Adam stood motionless, while John panted and tried to get used to having Adam's massive breeding organ inside him. "Unbelievable" said Vince under his breath. Nothing else happened for what seemed like minutes. John felt like his internal organs had been moved around. His vision was blurry and he felt like he might throw up. But then he felt Adam's mechanical hands dug into his ass cheeks, and the swollen member began to withdraw, squeezing and rubbing up against John's prostate, causing pleasure and pain of dizzying intensity. As the huge cockhead approached his exit, John found himself desperately hoping it would plunge back in. But instead his cyborg boss pulled dick all the way out, and looked over at Vince with a smirk. Vince looked at Adam and then at John's now gaping hole. "Fuck..." exhaled Vince. He got on his knees and worked Adam's meat, massaging the massive meatpole the smooth, heavy balls. He looked Adam in the eyes and kissed his piss slit. It was so large that Vince even tried to stick his tongue in there, though to no avail. And then Vince turned and rubbed it against John's entrance. John moaned. Adam pushed in. "Fuck..." repeated Vince as he watched Adam's organ disappear inside John, this time much faster than the first. John's body was more welcoming to the intruder now, ready to be bred. John whimpered as the cyborg began to build a rhythm. Vince got up and walked over closer to John's head. He slapped his large dick on John's face a couple of times, and poked at John's mouth with his cockhead. But John squeezed his mouth shut and turned away slightly. He still felt that it was one thing to help out his blue-balled augmented boss, and it was quite another to blow his unaugmented fellow guard who did not have trouble getting laid. But Vince wasn't having it. "Come on buddy, you've gone this far already. Why don't you help me out here bud." he said, pinching John's sensitive nipple. He turned John's head and forced his dick into John's mouth. John relented. Perhaps it was silly to resist at this point. Besides it was hard for him to focus, considering his ass was being pummeled by the biggest cock in Detroit. So he wrapped his young lips around Vince's dick and starting blowing him. "Oh yeah, that's it buddy" exclaimed Vince and laughed, taking his dick out and slapping it on John's tongue. Then he plunged his cock back into John's mouth, this time forcing himself into John's throat. Once again John found himself gagging and spewing frothy saliva as his mouth was being used as a fuckhole. John felt Adam's breath and facial hair near his shoulder blade, as Adam continued to methodically assault John's hole with his massive breeding organ. John felt a strange sense of satisfaction in knowing that this cyborg alpha male was mounting him, so he pushed his butt up higher to meet Adam's thrusts, inviting the huge intruder to go deeper. Soon Adam's breathing got faster, and his massive testicles began slapping at John's rear entrance with an increasing urgency. Then Adam groaned loudly and slammed his dick as far into John's ass as it would go, and froze as his babymaker began spurting seed into the depths of John's ass. The urethra of the massive cock swelled up as each deposit made its way through Adam's schlong into John's welcoming orifice. The aug held the young man still as he completed the breeding process with a long and violent ejaculation. John felt stretched beyond the biologically possible, but nevertheless was exhilarated by the feeling of large amounts of seed being deposited in his rectum by his boss's famous organ. Meanwhile Vince pulled his large member from John's mouth, and gave it a few strokes as he pulled John's face up by his hair. Before John could react, Vince let out a loud groan and sprayed John's face with a torrent of thick hot jizz, with shot after shot going in the young man's eyes, up his nose, and covering pretty much the rest of his face — with John's soul patch narrowly escaping the protein bath. Riding the high of his ecstatic orgasm, Vince placed his swollen cockhead back into John's startled mouth, deposited the last two large cumshots on his tongue, and left his breeding organ there to ooze cum while his balls were being tickled by John's soul patch. Adam's ejaculation continued, with cum now leaking past the tight seal that John's grotesquely stretched asshole made around Adam's monster dick. Eventually the breeding completed and Adam pulled his babymaker out, causing streams of thick cum to escape from John's gaping hole. He switched places with Vince, who took a bottle of shampoo out of the locker, and stuck the bottom of the bottle into John's abused hole to stem the flow of cum. Vince began jerking John's sizable cock while fucking him with the shampoo bottle. John moaned loudly, still barely able to open his eyes because of all of Vince's cum on his face. "Clean this" said Adam, sticking his huge dick into John's mouth, mixing his cum with Vince's earlier deposit. In a daze, John used his tongue to clean the babymaker that had just bred him, paying special attention to the ridges of the massive cockhead. Vince continued stroking John's cock and pumping the shampoo bottle between the smooth globes of John's ass. Soon Vince's rough attention brought John over the edge. His no-longer-virgin asshole squeezed the shampoo bottle, and he began spurting volleys of cum on the floor. His ecstatic moans were muffled by the swollen head of Adam's massive breeding organ. John's entire body shook with the most intense orgasm of his life as the aug towered over him.