Diving In
Chapter 3

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The scene in the room was a picture of sweetness. You had two teenage stars. Both beautiful boys, Tom Daley was spooned behind the blond Jack Laugher. His arms were wrapped around the blonde’s body. They were both still naked and still covered in cum after last nights extremely long sex session. Both boys had lost their virginities to each other and both had cum six times before retiring to adding up and falling asleep.

The phone started ringing. Tom unwillingly started to wake up and picked up the phone.
"This is your seven thirty alarm wake up call." The phone said. Tom groaned and looked down at Jack, the handsome blond was still sleeping, he looked so cute! Tom leaned down and kissed Jack on the forehead. Jack slowly started to wake up. Once he realised where he was he grinned up at Tom.
"Time to get up." Tom said.
"No, I'm comfortable!" Jack replied shaking his head.
"Come on, we only have training for two hours and then we have the rest of Saturday off!"
"I guess," Jack resigned himself. "As long as I'm allowed to wash you in the shower!"
"Deal!" Tom jumped out of bed and the walked into the bathroom. Jack just watched Tom's firm ass move as he walked into the bathroom and turn on the shower. Jack extracted himself from the warm comfortable bed and followed the naked Tom Daley into the bathroom. They got into the shower and started to wash each other with lots of shower gel and plenty of kisses and giggling. After about twenty minutes they got out of the shower, got dressed and went for breakfast.

All through breakfast we were stealing glances at each other and smiling. Tom felt different inside.
Sarah came up to him and started talking to him.
''Hey Tom." She said.
"Hey, how are you?"
"I'm good, what up with you?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, you are all smiley and happy this morning! Usually you are grumpy in the mornings!'
"Oh nothing, just a good night sleep."
At that moment Jack walked past, Tom and Jacks eyes met, they smiled at each other and Tom blushed slightly.
“Hey Tommy, hey Sarah,” Jack greeted them both and wandered off to get his breakfast.
"You two are glowing, Oh my god!" Sarah said.
"What?" Tom looked stricken with fear.
''You two, finally, something happened! That what all those noises were coming from your room! You and Jack! You are finally together!"
"What, no, I mean yes, I mean what? How do you know? What do you mean finally?" Tom stuttered out.
''Oh, this is so exciting. I'm so happy for both of you! Everybody has said you two would be a cute couple, even Chris Mears has said so!"
"What everyone has said we're gay and should be together?"
''Yeah, the way you look at each other and lock eyes, and look away sheepishly when you think the other is looking it's so cute!"
Tom just stood their dumb struck.
"How long have you known?"
"Well Tom, You I had worked out years ago. You have wandering eyes around the pool!"
"Oh," Tom blushed heavily!
"So I guess you too sealed the deal last night! And how come he gets to call you Tommy, thought you hated it."
"I do!" Tom said. "But when he says it, it's, well, cute!"
"I know, it’s soppy."

Both Tom and Jack had awful training sessions.

Tom wiped out a number of times and from 10m up, it hurts like hell when you hit the water! There respective coaches pulled them to one side Tom and Jack stood their in their Speedo's looking like children in front of the headmaster!
"Look," Jacks coach said." The two of you have trained terribly today. Your heads are not where they need to be, we are both disappointed in you."
Tom looked at his feet; he hated disappointing anyone, especially his coach.
"There is obviously something between you two." Tom's coach said. The boys just carried on looking at their feet. "And I'm happy that you have found each other. We are a year from the Olympics, plenty of time to train. So we have decided to give both of you 3 weeks off."

Tom and Jack looked dumbfounded at each other.

"Go and do whatever stupid teenage thing you want to do and get it out of your system, get each other off out of your systems. But you have to promise us some things."
"Any thing." Both boys said in unison.
"Firstly, you watch what you eat and drink, you stay limber and stretched. You do some workouts, and you don't get injured."
"Now, get out of here before I'm ill over how lovey dovey you two are!"
Tom and Jack smiled hugged the coaches and made their way to get changed. As soon as they were in the changing room, Tom grabbed Jack and planted his lips on Jacks. They made out for a couple of minutes.

"I want to go back to bed." Jack said.
"Lets go." Tom grabbed Jack's hand and pulled him towards their lockers.
After a quick shower to get rid of the chlorine on their skin they put on their tracksuits and rushed back to Tom's hotel room. Jack stripped and dove into the soft mattress, covered himself with the duvet and turned onto his side facing away from Tom. Tom followed suit and spooned up behind Jack. Jack just purred contentedly.
"Hold me like you did last night." Jack demanded.
Tom complied.
Tom's left arm was draped over the younger boy's stomach, poking at Tom's arm was Jack's hard and leaking cock. Tom wrapped his hand around the stiff cock and started working it.
"Mmm," came from Jack.
Tom was rock hard behind Jack. Tom rolled Jack onto his back and got between his legs, still wanting the hot cock.
"Tommy, please fuck me." Jack begged.
Grabbing the lube, Tom coated his cock and slid right up inside Jack. Jacks body reacted as Tom's cock went night inside him. Once settled inside Tom and Jack locked lips, Jack wrapped his strong, pale legs around Tom's bigger, darker skinned waist, trying to pull him deeper.
"Oh, Tommy, just like that." Jack moaned on Tom poked his prostate.

The amazingly athletic duo fucked and over the next hour and a half Tom came 3 times, and all 3 were up Jacks ass. The persistent slamming of Jacks ass had his insides red hot; his skin was sweaty and glowing, his head thrown back in pleasure and his chest and stomach covered in 4 loads of his own juices. They had fucked doggy style; Jack liked this position, except he couldn't see Tom. Jack rode Tom, Tom liked this position because Jack did the work and Tom could admire his body! Both of them liked missionary, where they could look at each other, kiss, grab, lick, and Tom could get so very deep inside Jack.

After their second major fuck session in 2 days the two sweaty, cum covered boys snuggled up to each other and fell asleep. Thoughts between the two boys were put on hold on their dreams took over. Jack dreamed of watching Tom winning the Gold medal at the Olympics and feeling so proud for him. Tom dreamed of winning the Gold too, by celebrating it by kissing Jack on TV with millions of people watching as they kissed passionately.

Both boys dreamed happy dreamer or they cuddled up in bed. Tom woke up about 2 hours later, Jack still slept. He was using Toms right arm as an additional pillow whilst touching Tom's fingers with his own. Tom looked at the disheveled blonde next to him.He was the most stunning person Tom had ever laid eyes on. He watched him sleep, noticing his beautiful features. Jack looked so content; a little grin was evident on his lips while he slept. Every so often his tongue would snake out and wet his lips. Tom smiled to himself and just lay next to him, loving the warmth between them.

Tom rolled onto his back, his arm still with Jack. Jack obviously missed the warmth and rolled back towards Tom. Resting his head on Tom's shoulder, his arm now across Tom's chest and one of his legs across Tom's. Slowly Jack opened his eyes. Tom kissed his forehead.
"I don't wanna get up." Jack said sleepily.
"You don’t have too." Tom replied.
"Mmumpf." He replied and went back to sleep. Tom just smiled and thought how cute he was. After about 15 minutes, Tom's bladder was complaining bitterly to be relieved. He slowly extracted himself from Jack, who rolled over and seemed to relax and sleep more. Tom relieved himself, his flaccid cock, still chubbed up more than normal let loose a long yellow stream of warm piss into the bowl of the toilet. Tom moaned at the pleasure of the release. He stood their hands on hips, naked on his bladder emptied. After that he got into the large shower and started enjoying the hot stream of water. After a couple of minutes Tom felt some arms wrap around him.

"Hi." Jack said.
"Hi." Tom replied.
"I was enjoying my sleep until my sexy warm pillow ran off."
"I needed to pee."
"I heard."
They shared a kiss and a hug under the cascading water. The boys just leaned up against the wall, holding each other, keeping each other’s naked bodies close as possible. Jack started to get hard again.
"How can you still be horny? "Tom stated.
"Have you looked at yourself in the mirror!" Jack replied." Just feeling your skin against mine in enough to turn me on!"
''Hmmm,” Tom said. "What are we going to with our free 3 weeks?"
"I don't know, what can we do?"
"We could go away somewhere hot and relax and go in the sea." Jack suggested.
"Great! More water!"
"How about a cottage in the country?"
"No, boring!"
"How about Disneyland?"
"Awesome! Lets do that!"

Jack smiled at Tom's excitement.

"Two weeks in Florida. Sounds perfect." Jack agreed.
"What about today?"
"Let go for a picnic!" Tom suggested. "I'll get the hotel to make us a basket up."
They finished their shower and got changed into their street clothes. The phone rang, the person at the other end said their picnic basket was ready.
"We go see a film after picnic then?” Jack asked.
"Sure." Tom smiled. "Shall we go to Victoria Park?"
"Sounds good to me."
The boys set off to the short walk to Victoria Park in East London. As they walked in they surveyed where to go. They wandered around a little until they found a tree to sit under that was somewhat secluded, but had a good view into the park so they could see other people. There were a group of teenagers playing football, they were and quite cute. Tom and Jack just sat down and watched them.
"The blonde one's cute." Tom said.
"You like blondes?"
"It would seem so." Tom pecked Jack on the cheek.
They tucked into the basket, which had water, fruit, sandwiches; all were healthy and good for them. Jack lay down, using Tom’s thigh as a cushion. Tom was popping grapes into his mouth every time Jack opened his mouth. Tom was sat between roots of a tree and his back against the trunk. Tom's free hand just draped across Jacks chest, stroking the muscles gently. Both were very relaxed, just chilled out in a comfortable and peaceful quiet silence. Tom let his mind wander a bit, he thought about his diving, people who spoke to, the messages from guys on Facebook and Twitter, some of which were very explicit! He always enjoyed reading them, but didn't always like whom they were from. Sometimes he would get one from a cute guy, he so badly wanted to reply, but never had. Now he had Jack, who really fitted the bill. Tom looked down at Jack who was now quietly snoozing in the shade of the tree. He looked so peaceful and at ease. Tom liked that Jack was confident, at ease with himself, plus fit, handsome and into diving was a bonus.

Though, Tom did feel attraction to generally older men, although Jack was perfect. For now he was. Although not being with Jack left Tom with a funny feeling inside him.
30 minutes later Jack was still sleeping, he was snoring softly. Tom carried on watching the lads playing football; most had their shirts off by now and were sweating from their exertions. Tom just watched their bodies more. Most were smooth, some had abs and pec's, some didn't. The ball sailed over towards Tom, one of the guys, the blonde one, ran over to collect the ball. He gave Tom a little wave and looked at Jack sleeping.
The sexy blonde had very feint abs and pees, with very hot nipples.
''Hey," he said." I'd invite you to play, but can see that it might disturb him."
"Go play." Jacks voice appeared.
"Would you like to as well?" The blonde asked
''No thanks. I'm enjoying relaxing." Jack said. "You go though.” Jack lifted his head and Tom moved. He jumped up and jogged over to the other players. He was introduced to everyone and put on the same team on the blonde, who's name was Stuart. He ran around, tackling, passing, running into the other boys and them to him. Jack watched from a distance, Tom was smiling and laughing. Jack wondered how long it had been since Tom did anything "normal". Tom was getting hot and sweaty so he removed his t-Shirt. The guys just looked at his body. There were comments like "Holy shit" and "wow" once he relaxed his muscles. Stuart came up to him.
"Holy crap dude, you have an amazing body, the chicks must be all over you!" Stuart said.
Tom just smiled and the game restarted.
An hour later and waves and handshakes goodbye the boys parted, Tom returned to Jack and fell to the ground. He moved over to Jack and kissed him.
"Ewwwww, you're all sweaty!" Jack said.
"Have fun?"
"I did, I can't remember the last time I did something like that." Tom said. "Give me 10 minutes and we'll go see that film."
"No rush." Jack said as he took up his position again on Tom's thigh. This time though he was watching Tom’s stomach and chest move up and down. Flex and unflex. Tom's eyes were shut as he regained his breath. From behind them Jack a voice appeared.

"Hey." It said. Jack turned around and Tom opened his eyes.
"Hey Stuart." Tom said.
"I didn't want to say anything in front of the lads." Stuart said. "But can you two sign my
T- shirt?"
Both boys grinned.
''Sure." Both said.
"Take a seat." Jack invited.
"Thanks. "Stuart handed them his shirt and a Marker pen. Jack and Tom signed it and passed it back.
''Thanks guys." He smiled. "I’ll leave you to your afternoon."
"You don't have to run off," Jack said. "Besides I think Tom war about to nod off before you came over. Be nice to have company!"
"Oi.” Tom punched Jack in the arm.
The guys sat and chatted for a while. Stuart mainly asking them about their diving, their diet and training regime. He looked almost sick when they told him how much they work out.
"No wonder your bodies are like they are."
''It a side effect! "Jack said.
"A nice one!" Stuart smiled while looking at Jack.
"We were going to go see a movie in the West End, would you like to come?" Tom asked.
"Wow, um, Sure if you don't mind?"
Jack smiled," Sure, you don't bother me that much."

They all laughed, put on their T-Shirts. Stuart put his on and suddenly realised that his was signed by Tom and Jack. He shrugged his shoulders and they walked towards the tube station. They made it to the West End and saw their movie. Jack was sat in the middle of Tom and Stuart. As they left the two divers signed a few autographs. Girls even asked Stuart for autographs, he willingly gave it, not telling them he wasn't part of the Olympic team.
They laughed their way back to the East End of London, after they got off the tube they started to say their goodbyes. Jack grabbed the marker pen and wrote his mobile number on Stuarts T-shirt. They parted ways. Stuart went home with a smile. Jack and Tom walked back to the hotel and grabbed a laptop to book their trip to Disneyland.

''Where you want to stay?" Tom asked as he Sat in just his boxers, crossed legged on his bed. Jack had a white towel wrapped around his waist whilst drying his hair with another towel.
"I don't know, "Jack said. "Somewhere nice, and central."
"One room or two?" Tom asked with a smile.
"One,” Jack threw the towel he was drying his hair with at Tom.
"Well, I wasn't Sure the way you were eying Up Stuart!"
"Shut up," Jack protested." Though he was hot!"
Jack scooted up towards Tom on the bed and put his head on Tom's shoulder, looking at the laptop screen.
"That one looks nice." Jack said on a hotel came up on the screen.
"That one it is." Tom clicked a few times. "We're all book up.'
"Sweet, when do we leave?"
"Tomorrow. Midday flight, for 10 nights." Tom replied
"Mmmmmm, 10 nights alone with you." Jack licked Tom's neck.
"Hmmm, don't do that unless you're willing to finish it!"
Jacks response was Simply to close the laptop and sit on Tom's lap facing him. He pecked Tom on the lips.
"I'm very willing to finish it."
Tom melted into Jacks eyes as they stared at each other, Somehow Jacks towel went missing and he had his naked body sat on Tom's muscular thighs. They were attacking each other’s faces with kisses, tongues and teeth. Tom pushed Jack back onto the bed, his boxers disappeared, and he lubed his cock and slid all the way inside Jack.
"Oh, my, god yes! "Jack screamed on Tom's thick cock pushed through Jacks muscles. Tom just grunted on the warm tightness surrounded his cock. Tom started hammering away at Jack, short Sharp jabs into his ass. Mercilessly prodded Jacks prostate. The younger diver lay on his back, legs on Tom's shoulders, panting and moaning for more.

"Tom, oh, fuck, yes, harder, deeper!" A scream from Jacks mouth as the seven and a half inch cock slammed into him over and over.
"Tom, pump me full of cum! Please! Fuck me harder!"
Tom's amazing athletic body continued to pummel the younger ass. As Tom came it was like opening the floodgates. He roared as his seed shot deep into Jade. The roar of satisfaction from Tom set Jack off and he came all over himself. A few seconds later Tom collapsed on top of Jack. Both breathing heavily, and holding on to each other.

There was a knock on the door. Tom got up slowly and pulled his still half hard cock out of Jack. Jack purred as he pulled it and then protested on it popped out.
''Hey! Where you going?" Jack said.
"Door." Tom grabbed his boxers, stuffed his half hard cock into them, his legs betrayed him slightly as he made him way to the door. On opening the door there were 2 faces, clad in just their boxers.
"Can you keep it down in their Tom?" Max Whitlock said.
"Oh, um," was Tom's reply.
"Who the hell do you have in there?" Sam Oldham pushed past him and looked in and saw Jack laying on the bed covered in cum. "Oh, hey Jack." Sam made a hasty retreat!
"Sorry guys. I didn't know we were that loud!" Tom said.
"You are! "Max said. "But it sounded like you were enjoying yourself."
Tom just grinned at them.
"Get him a pillow to bite down on or something." Max smiled. "So you two, are like, together?"
"No idea, something like that though." Tom replied.
"Cool, Ok, see ya around Tom."
The two gymnasts, clad only in boxers, displaying their smooth, very heavily built frames and legs wandered back to the room next to Tom’s. Max looked back over his shoulder and down at Tom's crotch, which was still bulging out considerably, and smiled as he went back into his room. Tom walked back into his room, removing his boxers as he got to Jack.

"You need to be more quiet!" Tom scalded Jack.
''Make me!' Was Jacks reply as he rolled over and stuck his ass in the air. The smooth, pale globes of Jacks ass were too inviting, Tom's cock hardened, he mounted Jack and slid inside.
Jack sighed and purred on Tom bottomed out, resting his balls between Jacks legs. Tom leaned over nibbling Jacks ears.
''Lets fuck all night!" Tom whispered.

Tom started moving inside Jack who just purred.