Diving In
Chapter 4

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Diving In Chapter 4

Both boys roused themselves in the morning having to get to the airport quickly, after having a couple of hours of sex they remembered that they were going to Florida at midday! After getting up and showered, separately as neither trusted themselves to make it short if they were together! They checked out of their current hotel and got a ride to Heathrow where they checked in a boarded the 747 to America. The advantage of currently being in a hotel was that they were pretty much packed and ready to go straight away! They got comfy, if such a word exists in a plane, in the Premium Economy seats and started to enjoy the flight to the US.

About 4 hours in Jack started to get a little restless, he wandered up and down the plane trying to distract himself during the flight. A sneaky smile crossed his lips, he borrowed a pen and some paper from a pretty hostess, who asked him for his autograph which he willingly gave and wrote something down. He returned to his seat, Tom was watching a movie, Jack couldn’t work out what one it was by the bit he was watching. He dropped the note in Tom’s lap and walked off again. Tom frowned at him, and opened the notes that Jack had scrawled to him.
Toilets and the front of the plane, now. That’s all the message read. Tom smiled as he realised what Jack was up too!
Tom made his way down to the front of the plane, he tried the toilet door, it was locked, the door unlocked and opened slightly. Tom peaked in and saw a very nice sight indeed! Jack was crammed into the little toilet, he was already naked and hard, he turned around put his strong legs either side of the toilet bowl and leaned against the wall, his ass sticking out slightly. Tom instantly boned up and locked the door behind him, so tight was the room, that Tom’s crotch was pushing against Jack’s ass with the door shut! Tom pushed his tracksuit trousers and boxers down, Tom’s cock springing up and resting between Jack’s tights ass cheeks. Jack whimpered a little as Tom rubbed his cock up and down the crack, settling the head on Jack’s hole. Jack pushed back and it entered they both sighed as the pleasure took over them. They rocked back and forth; Tom couldn’t get much leverage because the room was so small, so most of his cock stayed right up inside Jack, which was fine by both the boys!

Slowly their orgasms built, the small movements they were making made all the difference, instead of big pull out and slam in, which usually happened. The smallest movements were causing gasps and moans, Jack was hard as a rock, slowly wanking himself off at Toms movements inside him. After a few more minutes Tom grunted and shot his load inside of Jack. Jack just purred and wanked himself a little more until his cock shot his load into the waiting toilet bowl. Both boys breathed deeply and felt the release of their orgasms; Jack looked around over his shoulder and grinned at Tom. Tom grinned back.

Tom pulled himself out of Jack, his cock covered in cum; he tucked it back in his boxers and pulled up his tracksuit bottoms. Tom unlocked the door and left Jack to get dressed. Breathlessly he sat down and closed his eyes. Jack sat down next to Tom about 2 minutes later. Tom kept his eyes shut, with a little grin on his lips. He slept until the plane started its decent into the airport.

Quickly the boys made their way to the hotel and checked it. Excited they instantly went exploring on their first day. Really with no idea of what they were going to do they sat down in a coffee shop with a drink each and planned what each of them wanted to see. They both wanted to go on the rollercoasters, and wander around Epcot. So that was easy. Jack wanted to go to the beach and Tom wanted to stay active, so they both had to compromise a couple of days to do both things. They were both excited, as this was the first holiday either of them had had without any adults about. They decided that the next day was the beach and relaxing day. Jack was relaxing and enjoying the sun while Tom joined in with the beach volleyball with a load of other teenagers. It was fun to watch, you had all the high school jocks trying to show off to their girlfriends, and there was Tom, a diver and gymnast, absolutely putting them to shame in terms of endurance, how flexible he was, of course he was showing off with handstands and other gymnastic moves, somersaults and flips. The girls loved it, the boys were angry and jealous at the same time. Not that they said either. Jack just lay there and watch, laughing and grinning. After the game had finished tom came bounding over and jumped on Jack.
“Ahhh, you’re all sweaty and sandy! Get off!” Jack squealed as Tom landed on him. They both laughed as Tom finally got off him and rolled onto his towel.

Tom had already caught the sun and was turning a deep brown colour. Jack was slightly jealous because of his fair skin he didn’t tan well, just went red and burned! Although he had taken loads of precaution with cream he was still going red! Suddenly their sun was gone and towering over them, whilst they were laid down, was one of the jocks from the volleyball.
“Hey,” he said in his macho American accent. “ Thanks for playing, and although you showed us all up, we like you!”
“Erm thanks.” Tom replied.
“Is he your friend?”
“Yeah, boyfriend.” Tom said bravely.
“Cool, well, we’d love to have you, you both at a party on the beach tonight. Would you like to join us, there will be a barbeque and drink, just like you brits have seen on the TV!”
“Sure, we’d love to come,” Jack replied. Tom looked at him a little shocked but happy he had accepted.
“Least I won’t have to worry about you stealing the girls!” The guy grinned and ran off to his friends. As he got there he said something to them and they ran off towards their trucks in the road.

“Why did you accept?” Tom asked Jack.
“When in America, do as the Americans do!” Jack replied.
“I’m not sure that’s the saying, but anyway thanks.”
“For what?”
“Being amazing.” Tom leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Both smiled and laid back on their towels.

An hour or so later they got up. Tom nicely browed, Jack nicely and tenderly red. Although Tom and Jack really enjoyed the smearing of moisturizer on Jack’s skin. His skin was so smooth and beautiful, Tom just ran his fingers and palms across every part of the sexy 16 year old that was in front of him naked. He even moisturized his cock and balls.
“You can never be too careful.” Tom said grinning. Jack was rock hard by the time Tom had finished. Jack then had the pleasure of do the same to Tom, running his fingers all over the sexy body. Feeling the muscles beneath the skin, tracing the outline of his abs and pecs and most of all his ass. They got changed and ready for the evening out, Jack put on cargo shorts and a striped polo shirt. Tom was wearing some board shorts and a vest. Both looked hot, they did their hair and started back towards the beach. They stood close to each other and touched hands as they walked, although not holding hands, they touched as often as they could.

They got to the beach and joined the party. It was exactly as they had seen on TV! There was a fire in the middle, the fire was an inverted cone with thick beams of wood leaning towards each other and tied together at the top, although the evening wasn’t cold, the warmth from the fire was welcome. The guy that had invited them came over.
“Hey, glad you could make it, I’m Dale by the way.” He said.
“I’m Tom, this is Jack.” Tom replied. They shook hands.
“Help yourself to beer and that, food is being cooked over there, I’ll introduce you to everyone.”
They went off and Dale introduced them to everyone there. Soon they were talking and getting along with people. Tom automatically gravitated to the girls and started talking to them. Jack got to know some of the guys, and started accepting beer as they handed it around, Tom stayed on the water, not really wanting beer. They just thought he was a strange brit. The waves crashing in the background and the music from the party was very relaxing. Tom just sat on the sand chatting to the girls, they were talking about boys, Tom joined in, they quickly worked out he was gay. But the evening went well. Jack was with the boys, very touchy feely with them, they didn’t seem to mind, luckily or Jack could have been in trouble as these guys were very well built high school jocks! The beer affected Jack very quickly, because of his slight frame and his obviously never having drunk it before. His words started slurring and he was becoming unsteady on his feet.
“Looks like your boyfriend is gonna fall over!” One of the girls with Tom said.
“Hmm, yeah it does, shall I let him or should I go rescue him?” Tom replied.
“Don’t be mean, go get him I want to talk to him.” The girl replied.
Tom got up and wandered over to Jack. He tapped Jack on the shoulder and he turned around. A drunken grin appeared on Jacks face as he saw it was Tom.
“Oh god your very drunk.” Tom stated. Jack just nodded.
“I’m pished, I don’t think I can schtand much longer.” Jack replied. Tom dragged him over to the girls. He sat down and Jack sat between his legs and leaned his head against Tom’s shoulder. Tom just wrapped his arms around Jacks waist.

“You two look so cute together.” One of the girls said. Jack just nuzzled into Tom, getting comfortable.
“Looks like he is an emotional drunk!” One of the other girls said. Watching Jack getting comfortable and trying to kiss Tom at the same time, which wasn’t going to well for him even though he could contort his body all over the place, it would seem at the moment that his body didn’t want to do anything it was told.
About 5 minutes later he had fallen asleep, snoring lightly and dribbling on Tom’s vest. Tom kept chatting while a drunken Jack just laid passed out on him, luckily the girls were interesting to talk too and loved hearing about the places all over the world he had been like Beijing and throughout Europe. He was also lucky that they were nice and got him a drink every so often so Jack didn’t need to be disturbed.

“Are you going to need help getting him back to your hotel?” Dale asked.
Tom poked Jack; he seemed to semi-awake trying to swat the hand away.
“No I think we’ll be ok, I’ll just throw him in the water to wake him up.”
“Oh, can I please watch that! I want to see his reaction!”
Gently the 2 boys carried Jack to the sea. He didn’t wake up at all until they launched him into the freezing cold. He screamed, splashed around a bit until he came to his senses.
“You fuckers!” He shouted as he tried to chase Tom and Dale. Even though drunk he caught Dale rather quickly, and gave him a massive lick over his face.
“Ewwwwwwwwww!” Dale shouted and tried to get the wriggling wet Jack off of him! The girls were in hysterics watching this unfold in front of them.
“YOU!” Jack pointed at Tom. Tom just had this smile on his face, a cheeky grin that could melt even the most evil-tempered person. Jack just started laughing before setting off chasing Tom all over the beach. Both dived into and out of each other’s way, they did back flips and front somersaults all to the oohs and ahhs of the girls, and some of the boys. Jack finally collapsed on the sand exhausted in the dark away from the fire. Tom sat just outside of touching distance of Jacks hands. Jack whimpered trying to touch him, Tom got up and tried to pull him up by his arm but Jack just went limo and refused, so Tom just dragged him across the sand back to the fire. Where he let go of him and dumped him unceremoniously in a heap. Jack grunted and just left himself in the position Tom dropped him in.
“You two are hilarious!” The brown hair girl shouted! Tom just smiled and sat back down with a drink.
“I’m all sandy!” Jack complained, still not bothering to move much though, bar move to face Tom.
“That’s your own fault!” Tom replied.
“I was fine until you threw me in the sea!”
“You were asleep, and being boring!”
“Humpf.” Tom won the conversation.
“Least you have sobered up now!”
“Humpf.” Jack said again. “I think it’s even up my ass! I’ll be a rough fuck till you clean it out!”
“Jack!” Tom shouted horrified.
“Be like fucking sandpaper….”

Everyone was in hysterics that was around the fire. Luckily there were only the three girls and bout 5 boys. Tom pretty much just died in his hands. Dale walked over to Tom,
“Beer?” He asked handing him a bottle.
“Please.” Tom simply replied, taking the bottle and starting to drink.
“Yay, Tommy is drinking.” Jack jumped up and started dancing ….. badly.
“You are so embarrassing!” Tom chastised.
“And I don’t care.”
Tom made a funny disconcerted noise and went back to drinking his beer.

“How long you guys in Florida for?” Dale asked.
“Another 2 weeks.” Jack replied suddenly getting his memory back. “Oh and beer please.”
Dale threw a can at him, Jack opened it and it exploded over him. Tom spat out his mouthful as he laughed at Jack. Jack just sighed and took his top off.
“How are you guys so ripped?” Dale asked.
“We’re Olympic divers,” Jack replied with a big grin.
“Really?” Dale stared at them.
Tom nodded, “hopefully we’ll qualify for the games next year, we both should do.”
“Wow, that’s amazing, you guys are famous then?” The dark haired girl asked.
“He is,” Jack pointed to Tom. “I’m just little ole me. No one knows me. I only have about 800 people on twitter. Tom has like twenty thousand or something stupid.”
“Wow, that’s a lot of followers, you must tweet a lot!” She said.
“Not really, but I do get lots of people sending me tweets!”

They carried on talking, and drinking the night away. Eventually Dale said they needed to be going. So everything was packed up and the fire extinguished.
“If you guys want a tour guide while you are here, let me know, I’ll show you all the good spots and take you to all the touristy places too.” Dale said.
“That would be great, thanks.” Tom replied. They parted company and Tom and Jack went back to the hotel where they got into the shower together and washed all the sand off, especially off Jack where it had gotten everywhere! After the shower they snuggled up in bed, even though it was warm they both wanted to feel their skin touching.

Both drifted off into sleep holding onto each other.