Diving In
Chapter 5

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“You were so embarrassing last night!” Tom said to a still sleepy Jack, who was bundled up in the duvet.
“Oh come on you thought it was funny, and they thought we were just eccentric Brits!” Jack replied. “We should meet up with Dale and get a tour of the area.”
“Already sorted out, he is going to take us tomorrow for a tour, he is busy today.”
“So why are you up?”
“I’m going for a run. Coming?”
“No.” Jack turned over and started to fake snore.
“You’ll get fat and won’t be able to do anything but a belly flop!”
“I don’t care!”

Tom gave him a kiss on the forehead and then went out for his run. I t was nice to see the area I the morning, especially as no one recognized him. He was able to just run and run and no one stopped him for a photo or an autograph. After an hour he got back to the hotel room. Jack was asleep again. Tom just wandered back in and grabbed a shower and left Jack in bed. Tom went downstairs and grabbed some breakfast from the restaurant and then sat out on the hotel patio near the pool and laid I the sun, working on his tan. About 3 hours later, Jack still hadn’t surfaced.
“Lazy fucker,” Tom thought as he lay on the sun lounger enjoying the rays on his body. They had decided that today was going to be a lazy day; Tom much preferred to be outside rather than in bed! Jack obviously had other ideas!

Jack finally surfaced at 2pm, Tom was in the restaurant eating lunch and Jack sat down rubbing his eyes like he was still tired!
“How the hell do you sleep so long?” Tom asked. Jack just shrugged his shoulders and went to get some lunch. When he got back they sat there eating and chatting about nothing.
“Lets go back to bed.” Jack said.
“Really? You want to go back to bed?”
“With you.”
Tom smiled, “surely we can do better than that? Just bed when we have the whole of this place to explore?”
It was Jack’s turn to smile. He jumped up and took Tom by the hand and they walked out the restaurant and took off towards the beach again. They wandered down the beach looking for a fun place to hide; they watched the other people there and stopped to watch some hot jocks playing volleyball. They moved very gracefully and diving for the ball, showing off to the girls that were watching. We never found out if they spotted us watching their hot toned tanned bodies.  We watched for a while, but moved onto an area of the beach that was somewhat concealed by the dunes and some reeds that were growing there, they found a spot ad lay down in the sand.
“Are we going to get sand everywhere again?” Jack asked.
“Maybe,” Tom stepped forward and kissed Jack. Jack instinctively kissed him back. They shucked their shorts very quickly and were now naked in the sand dunes. Jack kissed down Tom’s toned body, making sure that he licked every part of Tom’s chest, and across every ab muscle.
“Oh yeah Jack, that feels awesome.” Tom said as Jack wrapped his hand around Tom’s cock. Tom just lay back and enjoy what Jack was doing to him. Jack licked the head of Tom’s cock and just took the head into his mouth. As Jack took Tom's head into his mouth he pushed his tongue through the piss slit. This elicited a moan from Tom as he enjoyed the attention of Jacks mouth. Jack just leaned in and then swallowed the whole code in front of him. Tom just gasped as his cock disappeared into the younger blonde's mouth and throat. As the blonde was sucking he started playing with the smooth balls that were hanging bosky from Tom Daley's body. Jack had his nose buried in the short trimmed pubes, very dark pubes, just above the nice 7 inch cook that he was currently massaging with his throat. Jack was loving the feeling of the pressure in his throat. He had to get himself more! And bigger! Tom had been trying to hold back for a while now, and with a gutted moan he let loose down Jack's throat. Nine shots of pent op teen cum shoot there way directly into Jack stomach. Jack coughed a little as the cum shot into him. After he had licked Tom's cock free of any further cum. Jack looked up at Tom, those face was one of pure pleasure! After he came off his high he pushed Jack's smooth pale, defined, pec's and he fell back, Jack giggled slightly as he landed on his ass. Tom moved quickly and pulled Jack's blue shorts of him, now they were both naked, Jack fully hard and horny, Tom, half hard in a state of just cum. Tom engulfed Jack's cock in one movement, Jack yelled in surprise as his 6 inch, fifteen year old cock disappeared into the older teen's mouth. It didn't take long for Jack's cum to flow down Tom's throat.

Both teen's sat back, naked in the sand dunes, glowing from their orgasm's, both smiling as their asses dug into the sand. It took a while, after some sun bathing, for either diver to say anything.
"How was breakfast?" Jack asked. Both laughed.
"Tasty." Was all Tom said. Both laughed again.
They both sun bathed for a couple of hours, getting an all over tan as they lay naked in the dunes. As it was now early evening they put on their shorts and started walking back to the hotel.
"Sunbathing naked was great!" Tom announced.
"Hmmm," Jack replied. "More bits to get burnt!"
"Maybe for a blondey!"
"Hey!" Jack protested. "Just cos I don't tan!"
"I like it." Tom said. "I like being brown everywhere."
"I guess, as we're always in Speedo's!" Jack said. "But I don't tan!"
"Moan, moan, moan!" Tom said then sprinted off. Jack took off chasing him. They both laughed and pushed each other around into the hotel, Jack grabbed the key from reception and they wandered to their room. As they walked past the pool area, it was pretty much empty.

An evil thought entered Jack's mind as they passed the pool. They reached the deep end, Jack shoved Tom with all his might, knowing of Tom's superior strength he was relying on surprise. Tom lost his balance completely and fell head first into the pool. Jack laughed and ran to the room! Tom was somewhat pissed off until he surfaced from the water and realised he was in his second home! Tom loved the water. So he just started to swim lengths. Jack was somewhat annoyed that he hadn't annoyed Tom! So just went into their room and lay on the bed and fell asleep. Tom just continued to swim, loving the feel of the liquid as it flowed over his body the liquid flowed over every muscle in his body, caressing every part of his body every part of his skin. He loved the feeling. Eventually his muscles waned and stiffened, but he carried on throughout the first set of pain, into the second, through that pain barrier and then stopped. As he got out the pool, the other people there just stared at him! He smiled and then walked back, dripping, to his room. Jack had left the door on the latch. Tom was still slightly annoyed, and looking at Jack fast asleep should have evoked feelings of cuteness, looking at the blonde (red skinned) boy asleep on the bed. All Tom felt was annoyance in that his body was hurting, even though that had been his choice. He was angry at Jack, but couldn't work out the anger's placement. Why was he angry? But he was. Tom walked into the bathroom and got under the shower, a cold shower, it hurt, but the hurt was good. Tom reveled in the pain of his muscles, as he had on so many other occasions. Slowly he turned up the heat to warm and it bit at his slightly burnt skin. Again he let out a small sigh at the pain, but enjoyed it. It meant that he had mentally beaten the pain signals from his brain, and gained pleasure from it.

Stepping out the shower, Jack still slept. Getting some evening clothes on, which were cargo shorts and a tight white T-shirt with Hollister embroidered across it, in an arch across his chest. Jack still slept. Tom walked out silently, grabbing the keycard for the door as he went and went down to the restaurant. He ate alone, a high protein dinner, chicken with salad, plus some beef steak. Tom ate alone. Jack didn't show. Tom decided to text Dale.
- Hey, its Tom, anything happening tonight?
- No, not really, ur welcome around mine for a movie fest.
- Cool, where are you so I can get to you?
- I can come get u if you like?
- Cool, you know what hotel I'm at."
- Sure, 10 minutes.
- I'll wait outside.

There was no reply, Tom went back to the room, put his phone down, and left again, Jack didn't stir from his sleep. "Fuck him" Tom thought, without thinking. He walked out and went to reception. Dale appeared in his Jeep shortly after.
"No Jack?" He asked.
''He's asleep." Tom said, somewhat bitterly.
"Ouch" Dale said as Tom got in. "But never mind. Lets go have fun."
Tom smiled at Dale and they took off. There was no alcohol that night, just straight guys, straight girls and horror movies. It was funny as Tom sat there watching the girls get scared and hold onto the boys! Tom knew the boys plan, and it seemed to be working, except for the fact that the boys were as scared as the girls! Tom laughed as everyone jumped at a scene, until he was creeped out and they all scared the crap out of him! Then it wasn't so funny!
By the end of the evening, most of the guys had at least had a kiss from their respective girls, including Dale. But at about 10:30pm they all went home and it was just Dale and Tom left.
"So are you and Jack having a spat? "Dale asked.
"I don't know, maybe. "Tom replied.
"What wrong?"
''He's asleep."
"Is that all?" Dale laughed.
"Well, no, but, yes, I don't know!" Tom Said.
"Oh well, if its meant to be it will!"
"That very philosophical!"
"I know, that want a proper drink? My parent are away for a couple of weeks."
"Oh, cool. Yeah sure."
Dale got up a made a couple of drinks, not sure what was in it, but it tasted good.
"You can have the spare room, or the sofa."
"No room with you?" Tom asked, instantly clasping his hand across his mouth. Dale smiled.
"Sure, as long as you keep your hands to yourself!"
Tom laughed, but he wasn't sure if it was because of his words and their implications, or Dales acceptance as long as he didn't touch! Dale reached for Tom's hand, which Tom gladly took.
"Sleep in my bed, but no funny business!" Dale said.
"Cross my heart." Tom made the sign across his chest.
"Whatever!" Dale said. "Although."
"I'd love to know your training regime! To get your body!"
"Can I tell you in the morning?"
Dale stripped to his boxers, tight American Eagle boxers, that held his pronounced bulge in a nice way, creating a very attractive lump to Tom. Tom stripped off too. His skin somewhat sensitive from the days sunbathing.
"You look a little sore, want some cream on you?" Before Tom had chance to say anything, Dale had him laid down on his king sized bed, rubbing in the moisturizer to Tom's skin.
"My god, I can't believe how much muscle you have!" Dale said. "I’d love to look like you, chicks would be over me!"
"Aren't they anyway?"
"Well Yeah, but I’d get the top top chicks!"
"You're fucking deluded!" Tom said chuckling.
"Fucking, fuck you!"
Dale got off of Tom and pulled his sheet up over him, Tom turned on his side and closed his eyes. Sleep followed swiftly.

Tom woke up the next morning, there was a set of arms around him, and a body pressed close to him. Tom let out a satisfied hum and closed his eyes again and fell back asleep. It wasn't until a few hours later he realised that it wasn't Jack spooned up behind him. He turned his head and realized it was Dale behind him. He smiled and snuggled back into Dale's embrace. He was much bigger than Jack, meaning Tom could just disappear into the embrace. A pang of guilt then hit Tom. Jack, he thought, Tom sat up quickly, waking Dale up.
"Urgh, Morning." Dale said.
''Hi." Tom replied.
"Shall I take you back to your hotel?"
''How did you know?"
"Intuition!" Dale grinned. "I'm supposed to show you guys around today."
"Yeah, hopefully we can still do that."
"Great, I'll drop you back, then I'll come home, get ready, then you can text me if we're still on."
"Cool, Sounds perfect."
Tom jumped up, his morning wood filling out his boxers.
''Damn, looks like you got all the good genes!" Dale said.
"You're not to shabby yourself!"
Dale got up a stretched. Showing off all his muscles to Tom, Tom just sighed at Dale, who just smiled cheekily at him.

A few minutes later Tom was walking through the hotel lobby. He was dreading seeing Jack, and getting his reaction. He put the key card in the lock and turned the handle and pushed the door. Tom looked inside, Jack was sat on the end of the bed, his head was in his hands.
"Hi," Tom said.
Jack looked up, his eyes were red. He looked like he'd been crying.
"Tom." He croaked. He jumped up and flung himself around Tom. The force of Jack wrapping himself around Tom nearly flattened him. Jack wrapped his legs around Tom's waist and put his head into the crook of Tom's neck.
"I thought you'd left me!" Jack was nearly sobbing.
"Huh?" Tom said.
"You weren't here when I woke up, I phoned you and your phone was in the room, you didn't come back all night, I couldn't sleep, I was so worried, I didn't know what to do, so I just waited, and cried." Jack said without taking a breath.
Tom started giggling, "you're an idiot!"
Jack jumped off Tom and punched him semi-lightly.
"Ow," Tom complained.
"Don't laugh at me, I was worried!"
"I'm sorry, you were asleep again, Dale asked me to join him and his friends watching films. I left you asleep."
"Why did you leave your phone?"
Tom faltered at this question. "I don't know, I just threw it to one side and got changed and forgot to pick it up when I left."
"You stayed at Dale's?"
"Yeah, we had a drink or two and fell asleep."
"Oh, Ok," Jack paused. "Are we still going with Dale sightseeing?"
"If you want to, we just have to let him know." Tom said. "I'll text him and then we can grab a shower."
Jack perked up a little at the words we and shower. Tom grabbed his phone, text Dale to pick them up in 30 minutes. He put his phone down, and looked at Jack, who was nervously playing with his fingers. Tom walked over and took Jacks hand and led him into the bathroom. They stripped and jumped under the warm water.
"I'm sorry." Jack said.
"For what?" Tom asked as he wrapped his arms around Jack's waist and put his chin on his shoulder.
"I don't know, but I must have said or done something?"
"No, you didn't. I think it was me, not you, I'm sorry for not telling you what I was doing, I didn't think."
"Ok," Jack accepted. "Do you need to tell me anything?"
Tom turned Jack around and kissed him on the nose. Jack scrunched up his face.
"Yeah, your cute when you do that."
Jack smiled and turned back around and leaned into Tom's body. "I did think you'd left me. I panicked and started worrying how I was going to get home, or even just to the airport!"
"I'm sorry, I didn't think."
"Did you do anything with Dale?"
"What do you mean?"
"Like sex?"
"Oh, Ok, shame, he's cute!" Jack smiled.
''Hmm, he's ok, he's a nice guy, but I don't fancy him or anything."
"Oh, I thought you might, you know."
"No." Tom shoved playfully. "Though it sounds like you would!"
"I'd consider it!'
The boys giggled and washed each other before drying and getting ready for a day out. Tom enjoyed rubbing sun cream into Jack's skin, running his hands over the smooth muscles, across his pronounced abs, and finally over his ass and cook.
"Why are you putting it over my ass?"
"Wouldn't want that getting burnt!" Tom jested. "Besides, I really have no idea what we are doing today!"
"True, when do we go for a visit to Disneyland and the other stuff?"
"We have tickets to go to Disneyland for 2 days for tomorrow and the day after. Universal Studio's next week and the theme park 2 days before we fly back."
"Cool, I like you being Mr. organized! I'd mix everything up!"
Tom smiled and led the way down to reception. Dale was there waiting for them.
"Should I get used to you Brits saying 30 minutes, but mean 45 minutes?” Dale said sarcastically.
"Sorry!" Tom and Jack said at the same time.
"Get in, and lets go exploring!"
They both jumped in the Jeep and they sped off to who knows where. First stop war the local store, where they grabbed lunch and a few bottles of water to keep themselves hydrated. After this Dale took them too the mall that was close.
"Time for you too see what shopping in the US is really like."
They jumped out the jeep and went shopping for a couple of hours. By the end of the day all three teens were shattered! They'd been shopping, then to a water park, then a drive around the city where Dale showed them the parks and the night life, in the day. Obviously not being 21 they couldn't go in even if it had been open! They spent a lot of time in the jeep just cruising about, seeing the local sights. Eventually they got back to Dales house, where they ordered pizza and collapsed in front of the TV. More horror films were the order of the evening and more alcohol.

Jack got tipsy quite quickly again; Tom and Dale took it easy. No one was quite sure how, but all three of them were watching the films in just their underwear. Jack was using Dales thigh as a pillow, and his feet were on Tom's lap. Jacks hand was slowly stroking Dales leg and he was wriggling slightly as Jack became more daring with his fingers. Tom had fallen asleep; a combination of the tiring day and the alcohol had sent him into dreamland. The alcohol had a different affect on Jack thought. His fingers kept stroking the fine hairs on Dales leg. There was noticeable movement in Dales blue American Eagle boxers. Jack smiled as he manipulated the American teens hormones to his advantage. Jack withdrew his feet from Tom’s lap and sat across Dales lap.
"Look like someone enjoyed having his leg played with!" Jack said.
"Your a fucker you know that?"
"Actually, Tom in the fucker, l 'm the fuckee."
"Really, that’s interesting." Jack was slowly wriggling on Dales crotch. "It's almost like you are trying to turn me on."
"I am"
"Nice and forward. What about your boyfriend?"
''He's not my boyfriend," Jack said defensively. “I don't think, I'm not sure we could be that."
"Oh, Ok, You are forgetting one important thing."
"What that?"
"I'm straight."
"What your point?"
"I fuck girls. Well, when they let me!"

Jack squeezed Dales cock through his boxers. Dale groaned. "So, you don't want to bury this thick, long, hard cock, deep into my tight ass, fucking me as hard as you liked. I wouldn't complain that it hurt," Jack whispered seductively. "I'Il want you to go harder."
Jack squeezed Dale's cook again to add more pressure on Dates. Dale got up, grabbed Jack's hand, pulled him up and dragged him to his room. Dale shut the door behind him, turned, and shoved Jack backwards so he fell on the bed. Jack smiled slightly as he hit the bed, pushing himself up onto his elbows, showing off his solid abs. Dale stepped forward and out of his boxers.
"Wow, you are bigger than Tom." Jack said licking his lips as he looked at the rock hard eight inch cock sticking out from Dale’s groin. Jack shucked his underwear and turned around onto all fours so Dale could have a look at his pale skinned, muscely ass and pink hole. Dale groaned as Jack wiggled his ass at him.
"Come get me big boy." Jack looked over his shoulder. Both boys were so hot and horny that neither laughed at Jack's stupid line. Dale got some lube out of a nearby drawer. He coated his cock, then tentively fingered some inside Jack. Jack purred as Dale played with his ass. Dale rested the thick head of his cook on Jacks hole, Jack rubbed his ass against the cock, it looked so big, but the GB diver wanted it inside him. Dale took his cook and pushed the head in.
"Oh, fuck, that big." Jack groaned.
Dale paused, but the slowly and smoothly pushed the whole thing inside Jacks ass. Jack just took it, feeling himself being impaled on the huge cock, well not that huge but and inch longer and much thicker than he was used too. Dale on the other hand loved the feeling of the tight hole his cook was buried inside. He groaned, then they both groaned as he pulled out and pushed back in. Dale had fucked girls, but they didn't feel like this!

In and out, in and out. Slapping of the teen bodies as they fucked. Jack was his noisy self, he'd forgotten about trying to be quiet to stop waking Tom.
''Oh yeah straight boy, pound my ass hard." Jack screamed. "Treat me like a pussy boy, fill me with your thick cock."
Dale pulled out, spun Jack over onto his back and pushed all the way back into him again.
"Oh yeah, fuck me." Jack demanded.
Dale obliged, his hands holding Jacks legs back to his shoulders as he pistoned in and out of the hot hole. Carefully Dale wrapped his hand around Jacks hard cock and started wanking him.
"Oh fuck Dale yeah, fuck my ass and wank my cook." Jack moaned. "Make both of us cum hard."
Dale did just that he footed and wanted Jack hard. Dale war really loving fucking the tight ass, why hadn't he tried this before?
"I'm cumming" Dale managed to get out just before coating the insides of Jacks ass with his cum. Jack exploded shortly after, shooting his spunk over his chest, abs and the hand that was wrapped around it. Both boys were panting after the 10 minutes of hot sex they had just had. Dale was still hard and inside Jack when he felt someone behind him.

"Fuck him again, I want to watch closer this twice." Dale snapped his head around to see Tom, in his underwear, watching them.