Diving In
Chapter 6

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Dale stood there mouth open, dick still deep inside Jack, who was wriggling his body against Dale's waist, trying to continue stimulating his insides whilst grinning wickedly at Tom. Tom was trying to look stern and upset, but inside was very turned on, and the rock hard cock in his boxers was certainly showing his horniness outwardly.
"Tom, I’m, I.... Look... Um." Dale stuttered.
"You thought you'd just fuck Jack and go?"
"No, I mean yes, I mean, I don't know."
Jack giggled, "Don't you start laughing, I'll deal with you later.” Tom winked at Jack. Jack's eyes rolled back into his head as he thought of being 'dealt with' by Tom. "Come on, fuck him."Tom slapped Dales ass. Dale slowly started moving in and out of Jack, causing the younger blond boy to moan and gasp. Tom kept kneading the smooth globes of muscle in front of him, watching Dale fuck Jack.
Tom removed his boxers and pressed himself against Dales, toned body. He leaned to Dale's ear and whispered, "Fuck him hard, I want to hear hair moan louder than ever!" He then chewed on Dale's ear, making the American moan. Tom started dry-fucking Dales skin, running his cock between his cheeks hitting the bullseye on every pass. Dale was bucking back against Tom as he fucked Jack. Jack was just writhing around on the bed as his ass was plundered by the hot jock.
"Jack," Tom called out. "Throw me the lube."
Jack tossed him the blue tube of lube.
"What are you doing?" Dale asked.
"Never you mind." Tom replied.
Dale gasped as the cold liquid touched his sensitive ring.
''Tom please," Dale pleaded.
"Shut up," Tom said with such authority that Dale fell silent.

Tom ran his hand up and down his cock, coating it with lube, he then went back to Dale, pushing a finger inside him. Dale gasped as he was penetrated. Tom started finger fucking the American as he continued to fuck Jack slowly. Realising every time he pulled out of Jack he impaled himself on Tom's fingers. Tom added another finger and continued to loosen Dale up. Tom found Dale's prostate at last, Dale bucked back as Tom's fingers played w-with his insides.
"Jesus," Dale moaned. "That feels good."
"Wait until my cock is up inside you."
Dale visibly gulped, but nodded. Tom lined his cock up and pushed through his first set of muscles.
"Oh, fuck, stop, fuck, fuck!" Dale screamed. Tom didn't stop until he was fully planted deep inside Dales ass. "Tom, oh fuck, please fucking stop."
"I can't go any deeper, I'm all in," Tom grinned. "Now you're my bitch. And you're going to take it like one!"
Tom pulled out and slammed back in. Dale howled, his eyes watering, but cock rock hard inside Jack who was now being fucked by Tom, through Dale. Jack watched Dale's face as Tom fucked him. The look of concentration on Dale's face was almost orgasm inducing. Jack started moving his body up and down the cock still implanted in him. Slowly Dale started pushing back, Tom smiled and groaned as the hot, straight, jock slid his ass up and down Tom's cock. The pace quickened, there were grunts and groans as Jack got fucked by Dale and Dale got fucked by Tom. Jacks hand was sliding up and down his cock, leaking pre-com over his tight, cut abs. He was the first to orgasm, spraying his front with his thick, creamy juices. Tom was next, the tightness of Dales ass too much, he unloaded, fully imbedded inside Dale, splashing his juices over Dales prostate. The continual poking of that walnut sized gland, sending waves of pleasure up Dales spine and into his cook. Shortly after Tom's orgasm. Dale unloaded his second load up inside Jack.
Tom leaned against Dale's back, cock still imbedded in him. After a minute or so Tom pulled out, Dale grunted at the empty ness he felt in his ass. Tom slapped his ass, "Go get cleaned up bitch." He said smiling. Dale went to say something, Tom raised an eyebrow with which seemed to interrupt Dale, who then very submissively walked of to the bathroom.
"I think you broke him, "Jack said smirking.
"Really?" Tom replied.
"You turned the hot straight jock into your bitch, I'd imagine he has a lot of conflicting thoughts in his head."
Jack was still on his back, legs spread, naked, cum dribbling out his hole.
"You're a fucking mess! You should go shower with Dale! Seems he's your new boy."'
"Ooh! Hurt my feelings much!" Jack retorted.
Jack moved, got up, kissed Tom on the cheek and squeezed his cock, which made Tom smirk. "I'm going to join Dale, you should too!"
"I need a few moments, go ahead."
Jack did, Tom put on shorts and wandered out the room. As he walked out he heard the familiar noise. Jack made as his ass was penetrated. Tom smiled inwardly that Dale was asserting himself again!

Tom sat down on a lounger and closed his eyes against then evening sun that was still lingering. He had a few conflicting thoughts of his own, never mind Dale! Tom liked Jack; he'd always liked Jack! They had been diving together for years, their friendship was very strong, but was there more? Maybe not? Initially he'd thought so, but it was becoming more and more obvious to Tom that perhaps "boyfriends" was not going to happen, though he hoped "friends with benefits "would!

- Dad, if only you were here to talk to., Tom thought. A tear for his recently deceased father fell down his cheek. The feeling of loss was still so raw, he lay there but quickly few asleep.
What felt like seconds later Tom felt company around him. He opened his eyes realising it wasn't seconds as the son had finally disappeared behind the building and the night sky had taken over.
''Hey," Tom said.
"Hey, sorry didn't mean to wake you," Jack replied.
"It's ok."
Jack put his fingers to the corner of Tom's eye. "Have you been crying?"
Tom nodded.
"Why? What's up?" Dale asked.
''I was thinking about my dad."
"Oh," Jack realised.
"I wish he was here to talk too."
"Oh Tom," Jack wrapped his arms around his hero. "You can talk to me!"
Tom was crying softly. "Not really when it’s about you I can't?'
"Oh," Jack said again.
Dale sat on his lounger, not really knowing what to do or what really was going on, watching Tom cry into the shoulder of Jack. There was pain in the eyes of Jack, whose eyes were a little red too.
"I have all these feelings, I don't know what they mean, and got snot all over your shoulder!"
That broke the tension a little, Jack laughed as he looked at his naked shoulder. "I'll have another shower. Why don't you go back to sleep, we'll stay here."
Tom lay back grad down on the lounger and drifted back to sleep.
Jack and Dale sat quietly as Tom snored softly in the lounger between them.
"What happened to his dad?" Dale asked.
Jack sighed," he died a few months ago, of cancer."
"Oh god, months?"
"Yeah, he was an amazing guy, he was Tom's trainer for a long time, they were very close."
"Shit, no wonder he's cut up about it."
"We all are I mean were, I mean are, but it’s much worse for Tom as you can imagine.”
Dale just nodded and leaned back.

A few hours passed and the temperature dropped slightly, enough to make it uncomfortable with no shirt on.  They got showered, separately, and headed back out to Dale's room so they could get changed. They then got into Dale’s bed together. The three of them squeezed together, Tom sandwiched in the middle, Jack in front, Dale behind. Although Dale's evening had been very odd he felt something for the emotional English boy in front of him, a friend, nothing more! Jack didn't sleep for a while, lots of thoughts going through his head. Why did Tom want to speak to his dad about him? Tom was hugging him tightly, which felt nice, the words "I 'm having lots of feelings and I don't know what they mean" stood out for Jack. He guessed they would have to have a talk soon!
Tom, funnily enough, even though he'd slept a lot of the evening already, slept the best out of the three of them!
Slowly they woke up in the morning. Tom was first, he was very comfortable with his position between the two boxer clad hot boys. He moved slightly and Dale woke up, smiling, Jack continued to snore.
"Is he always like that? "Dale asked.
Tom yawned, stretched and nodded and then shoved Jack hard. "Go away mum," Jack said in his sleep. The other boys burst out laughing.
"Come on, we're going to Disneyland!" Tom shouted and shook Jack until he woke up.