Drew Loves Asa



This story is fiction. Drew, however, is a real boy. He has requested that this story be published with a link to his pic. Drew has Kallmann Syndrome, a genetic disorder that means Drew will not begin puberty and will likely remain prepubescent. He is four feet three inches tall and weighs 68 pounds. Oh, and Drew is gay and out of the closet to all who know him. He hopes that you enjoy this story as much as he does.

It was almost time for bed, but Drew was still surfing the net. He wasn't just going to random sites. He was looking for pics of boys his own age - fourteen years old - or maybe a bit younger. It was no surprise when he pulled up a site showing many pics of Asa Butterfield from the movie Hugo. Drew had watched the movie six times. Asa was easily the sexiest boy Drew had seen.

When Drew finally turned off his computer and climbed into bed, he had a raging boner that wasn't going away any time soon. While Drew didn't masturbate (or rub his peepee, as he called it) very often - usually about once or twice a month - he knew this would be one of those times.

Drew didn't bother to get under the covers. He pulled his white undies down to his knees. He spit into his right hand and wrapped it tightly around his boner which jutted almost straight out from his body. He then began the process of rubbing his peepee.

As the feelings of sexual pleasure increased, Drew made no attempt to keep quiet. His mother was already knowledgeable of his occasional jerk-off sessions and was discreet enough to not interrupt. Drew felt fortunate that he had no siblings. He often regretted not having a father - he just didn't want the father he was born with.

The hand wrapped around Drew's boner was small, but only if you compared his hand to other fourteen year old boys. Compared to the size of Drew's body - which was more in line with a normal ten year old boy - Drew's hands were just the right size. Just the right size to completely engulf his three and a half inch circumcised boner, that is. The tip of his boner barely poked its head above the enclosing fist on each downstroke.

In less than ten minutes, Drew's orgasm caused his body to tremble. It was a gentle, pleasurable feeling, but it was not enough. He stopped stroking his boner only long enough to add more spit to his hand.

Drew knew from experience that if he wanted a more intense orgasm, he needed a fantasy to make it happen. A vision of Asa Butterfield formed in Drew's imagination. Immediately, the sexual feelings emanating from Drew's groin became stronger.

Drew imagined what Asa would look like bare-chested. The image of Asa's skinny frame sent a shiver through Drew's groin down his thighs. His moans grew louder as his sexual excitement increased. Wanting even more, Drew mentally removed Asa's pants. The sight of Asa's long slender legs gave a boost to Drew's stimulation and he increased the speed of his hand as it moved up and down the entire length of his boner.

With one more burst of imagination, Drew removed Asa's undies. He visualized Asa's soft pubescent peepee hanging gently in front of two grape-sized balls in a sac that swung softly between Asa's legs. "Oh, fuck," Drew said rather quietly as his second orgasm caused his entire body to tremble.

Slowing down the rate of his stroking, Drew knew he wanted at least one more orgasm before he stopped. In his mind, Asa's peepee turned into a boner that was just over four inches long. There wasn't a pause in Drew's moaning and groaning, his "Ohs" and his "Ahs", all of which could have clearly been heard through his bedroom door.

Drew stared greedily at Asa's naked body as Asa walked over to Drew's bed and sat down. Asa then leaned over and pressed his magnificent lips directly against Drew's lips. Drew's boner seemed to get even harder at the thought of being kissed by Asa. Drew moans turned into a long whine of pleasure when Asa's tongue entered Drew's mouth. Their tongues freely played together, exploring each other's mouths.

While continuing to kiss Drew, Asa reached down and started playing with Drew's nipples. Drew's very sensitive nipples. Drew's nipples that were so sensitive, Drew could give himself an orgasm just by playing with his nipples. Yes, those nipples. And now Asa was playing with those nipples and they were really sensitive.

Drew's hand pumped his boner with vigor while he played with his nipples. Or rather, as Asa played with his nipples. Asa would lightly pinch Drew's nipples every now and then while continuously brushing the sensitive center of the nipples and making them even more sensitive. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck" cried Drew - not that quietly. Drew's butt lifted off the bed, his muscles taut and tense, as another orgasm burst through his body.

Drew breathed loudly as his body relaxed. He switched to his left hand to allow his right arm to recover a bit. His arm was getting a bit sore from all the work it was doing. Asa, however, wasn't slowing down at all. He licked and kissed Drew's little-boy abdomen and straightaway continued down to Drew's groin.

First Asa just licked around the base of Drew's boner. That felt so good, Drew's body shuddered at the thought. Asa continued down to lick all around Drew's prepubescent nutsack. Drew could feel the heat from Asa's tongue as it licked across his nuts. Drew had stopped his moaning and groaning for a bit, but his verbal appreciation for the feelings Asa was generating made Drew much louder than before.

Asa moved to assault Drew's boner. He didn't just swallow it whole, something Drew would have been very happy with. Instead, Asa licked the length of Drew's boner, from the base to the tip, over and over, on every side. Then Asa switched and licked Drew's boner over and over from the tip to the base. The thought of it sent spears of pleasure shooting through Drew's groin.

After swirling his tongue around the head of Drew's boner, Asa put his lips against the tip of Drew's boner. Opening his mouth slightly, Asa very slowly sucked the entire length of Drew's boner into his mouth. Drew's body shivered in excitement. Drew switched back to his right hand and sped up the pace of stroking his boner as the imaginary Asa sucked Drew's boner into his mouth over and over again.

While Drew pumped with his right hand, his left hand traced around the center of his very sensitive nipples. Around and around his finger traced each nipple in turn. The sexual feelings spread from his chest straight down to his groin. "Suck my boner, Asa. Oh, fuck yeah!" With several upward thrusts of his groin, Drew orgasmed again. "Fffffuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!"

The hand wrapped around Drew's boner slowed down, but didn't stop. He switched to his left hand to allow his right arm to recover again. He kicked off his undies, pulled his feet up almost to his butt and spread his knees apart. "Come on, Asa. Fuck my butt."

Asa readily complied. He lifted Drew's legs up unto his shoulders, and pressed his boner against Drew's hole. It slid in easily. "Fuck me, Asa. Fuck me!"

Drew switched back to his right hand. It grasped his boner tightly and kept up a steady rhythm. Drew stuck the middle finger of his left hand into his mouth and got the finger really wet with his saliva. He then reached down the pressed his finger against his butthole.

In Drew's fantasy, Asa's boner had penetrated Drew's butthole easily. Drew's finger, however, required a bit of work to get inserted if he didn't want it to hurt. By working his finger around though, he soon had pushed the entire length of his finger into his butthole and started sliding it in and out.

"Oh yeah!!!! Fuck me, Asa!!! Fuck me harder!!!!!" With the double stimulations of his finger pushing in and out of his butthole and his fist pounding furiously on his boner, it did not take longer before Drew could feel another orgasm on the way.

Drew's heels dug into the bed as he pushed his butt into the air. His groin thrust upward with each downstroke of his fist. His body trembled and his vision turned red. Drew screamed as an orgasm ripped through his body.

Almost exhausted, Drew collapsed onto the bed and removed the finger from his butt, but still his hand continued to stroke his boner. At this point, Drew was driven. He couldn't have stopped rubbing his peepee even if he had wanted to stop, and he most definitely did not want to stop.

While Drew considered himself to be a bottom, he could visualize himself being a top if his partner was cute enough. Asa was cute enough. In his fantasy, Asa got down on his hands and knees, and Drew positioned himself behind the eagerly awaiting Asa. Without hesitation, he shoved his quivering boner into Asa's butthole and immediately began thrusting in and out.

The fantasy of banging Asa was more than enough to stimulate Drew's sexual excitement. The fist wrapped around his boner slowed down after the previous orgasm, but not by much. Drew knew from experience that his next orgasm wouldn't take very long to attain at all.

Drew licked his index finger to make it wet with saliva. The wetness heightened the sensitivity of his nipples. The fist pounding up and down on Drew's boner increased its pace and a wet finger traced circles around his nipples, occasionally taking a path directly across the sensitive center of each nipple.

Drew's exclamations of "Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!" and "Oh yes, Asa, let me fuck you so hard!" and "Uuuuuggggghhhhh!!!!!!!" were very loud. Drew again dug his heels into the bed and pushed his butt high off the bed. His whole body shook and trembled. His vision went red.

His arm was sore from the effort of moving his fist up and down on his boner. Every brush of his wet finger over his nipples sent spasms straight to his groin, to his boner.

As an orgasm ripped through his body, Drew screamed. His vision went black. His scream quickly faded to nothing. His body collapsed. Drew lay inert, unmoving. His boner quickly drooped. Drew's breathing continued, but Drew himself was no longer aware of anything. He had blacked out.


For Drew, this jackoff session was not unusual. He rarely stops with less than three orgasms, and he has achieved more than ten (he loses count, so he doesn't exactly know his maximum).

It is also very common for him to black out. His doctor has explained it: Your body is confused. It is sending out signals to produce various hormones, but your body isn't able to produce them. This, in turn, causes a reduction in your blood pressure, which is the direct cause of the blackouts.

Drew's blackouts only last for a minute or two, unless he is tired, in which case he will fall asleep without recovering from the blackout. He can tell when he is getting close to blacking out, and his orgasms come more quickly.