Elijah's Impact By PeterM

"There could be any number of uncharted
physical and non-physical dimensions out there.
It is the writers' job to pick up a hunting
rifle and assume the role of Explorer."
-- Anon.

[AUTHOR'S NOTE: The events in this story are fictitious. This involves consentient sex between eighteen-year-old Elijah Wood and the twenty-two-year-old narrator. If this turns you off, turn your PC off! Simple as that. If you don't want to be here, don't! NB - this story does not claim to say that Elijah Wood is gay - THIS IS A FANTASY! Get it right! :) Praise, comments or flames can be sent to me at jendor2@hotmail.com]


I buckled the seat-belt and closed my eyes from the sun gleaming in through the window on my right. The person beside me was getting restless and we had only been seated five minutes. He was mumbling about being late, mumbling about not having enough legroom on this damn plane, mumbling just about everything he could gripe at. I tried to switch my hearing off from his droning voice but it was no use. So I let his words just wash over me, not taking them in, not acknowledging them. He soon settled when he got no response from me.

I was excited; my first time in the States. It was a far cry from Ireland, where I was from, but that's what made it more exciting - a new playground. I was going to study a Honors One in Creative Writing at the OU college, Oklahoma. I couldn't wait. I received a scholarship for the course and now I was finally on my way there.

I'd be picked up by a friend at the airport in just over ten and a half-hours. Ten and a half-hours - it was a hell of a flight. So I pushed my seat back and relaxed, and soon my mind was drifting off to another dimension, called Sleep, as my body was drifting off over the Atlantic Ocean towards the USA. I slept for several hours, something I had never done on a plane before.

Touching down at the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport, Texas, I could see it was damn hot outside. I could get to like this weather system! It was mid-to-late-afternoon when I finally got on the road heading north. My friend picked me up on time with a smile, a kiss and a warm hug and, although she was a girl, it made me miss all the physical contact that accompanies a relationship - not just the sex stuff, but the kissing and hugging, the 'being close' to someone. I hadn't felt that in ages.

By the time we had reached Oklahoma City where I would be living, after two potty-stops and a food-stop at McDonalds somewhere on Interstate 35, it was already dark. That's something I noticed right away about America. In the UK at Summer the sun stays up till nearly 11pm and in the winter it'll go down around 5pm. It was the end of august and it was dark even before the night clubs would start opening back home!

The apartment was stark. I chose it, as opposed to living on campus, so that I could be relatively close to my friend. She was a great girl and we were quite close, had known each other for seven years since we started writing across the sea through a pen-pal system. She had visited England and Ireland with me, and now it was finally my turn to see her on her turf, as they say!

It was a one bedroom apartment that cost $325 a month, with free basic cable, and bills inclusive. Not a bad deal, I thought. It was furnished, but only just. A couch in the living room that seemed to have come through some time machine from the 40s, a kingbed in the bedroom with a chipped headboard, a tiny dining table with two creaky chairs, and a portable TV.

'Well,' said my friend, Charlotte, 'doesn't this look peachy! You know, if you auction that couch I bet you could make a fortune from it!' She laughed at her own joke as I switched the light on in the kitchen.

'At least there's a fridge and freezer, and a stove - even if it is 100 years old,' I said. 'I know what,' I continued, 'let's dump all my stuff here and go find a good old fashioned American diner.'

Charlotte smiled. 'I know just the place.'


I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my hungry mouth. He moaned in ecstasy and thrust his hips forward. I could hear his breathing, short and irregular, the gasping as I brought him ever closer to climax. I worked wonders on his rod, engulfing and sucking, licking and stroking, tugging and pulling, and I knew he was about to cum. I readied myself, taking him deeper and then almost pulling off of him altogether, only to draw back down his shaft as far as I could go. He moaned again. I knew it was happening. I loved him and I knew it was the best feeling I had ever had. He thrust forward again, his cock forcing into my mouth and exploding. His cum slivered down my throat, hot and salty, and I loved every drop of it, every taste of HIM.


I had that same dream, the one I had been having for several months now. It was weird, I never found out who it was I was with, never saw his face, never heard him speak, only moan, and no matter how much I said "I'm gonna see his face tonight" before going to bed, I would always miss it. There'd be so many times in the dream that I would almost see, but something got in the way and so I never found out. I hated not knowing. In the dream I loved that person and it felt so right. In life, I did not feel that way for anyone.

The dream plagued me somewhat. Always there, always on the verge of coming out and letting me see who it was, always tantalizingly close. I hated not knowing. It made me believe there was someone out there for me, someone I could love and be loved by. But I didn't know where to find him.

Coping on a shoestring budget wasn't easy. I had to put aside my dream and concentrate on work. I found a job at a Dunkin' Donuts. The pay wasn't great, but it covered my rent - just about. Five weeks into the academic year, word of a new major feature film being recorded in Oklahoma brought great prospect. Some people said it was going to be a sequel to Twister. Others said it was a wartime movie. No one knew for sure. But what I knew was that they were looking for some minor behind-the-scenes staff, and some extras too. Maybe I could pick up a job there for as long as they were filming. It had to be better than coming home and smelling of sugar every night.

Rumors spread that lots of famous actors and actresses were to star in it. Michelle Phiffer, Bill Murray, Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson. All were said to have a lead role. I believed none of it, not until I would see it for myself.

I went through the appropriate channels of applying for a job off camera. They were looking for runners and grips and God knows what else. I was surprised they were short-staffed in the first place! I mean, who would come so unprepared? But I guess there's a logic to the madness - college students make cheaper runners than professionals. They could pay us half the wage and get away with it.

I loved the movies. Even tried to write a screenplay once, but it never got passed page thirty. I hadn't planned it all out in advance which is the wisest thing to do. With my fiction that I write constantly, I have a fair idea of what's going to happen, but usually it writes itself. But I found is was so much different with screenplays. If you don't have a plot set in stone, you don't have a movie. I couldn't wait until this movie hit Oklahoma. No matter who was going to be in it - at that point it didn't matter, all I wanted was out of that damn Dunkin' Donuts place!

I received word by mail that I was accepted for the position of runner for the movie just one week before they were scheduled to arrive in OKC and commence filming. I met with some of the top guys - even the director (briefly) when they came to do a final recce of their site locations. Everything was given the go ahead and filming started on cue.

But it was not until the second week of filming that I saw someone I admired so much on set. Elijah Jordan Wood. He was standing with a woman (whom I took to be his mother) and drinking a Dr Pepper, while a few of the actors were going over the scene to be shot.

It was like a dream come true: I was standing mere feet from Elijah Wood. I was almost feeling faint.

It was unbelievable. When he said hi, my mind swirled. He was passing right by me and he smiled and said hi. I stammered out a hi in return, but it was too late, he was stepping onto the set and I had to get out of the shot.


'You're not from around here, are you?' the gentle voice asked.

I turned. A girl, maybe fifteen years old, was in front of me, holding onto Elijah's Dr Pepper. 'Uh, no,' I said, taken aback by the sudden question. The girl looked strikingly familiar. I knew that face. Was she an actress? I wasn't sure.

'Thought so,' she said, conversationally. 'I heard you talking earlier to one of the other runners. 'Irish or Scot?'

She seemed so natural, so unaffected by stardom. Those big blue eyes and wide smile... could it be?

'Irish,' I replied. Then I cautiously inquired, 'Are you related to Elijah Wood?' she looked just like him. But I never knew he had a sister.

She nodded. 'I'm his sister. Impressed?' I couldn't help but think she was trying to 'pick me up' - but then, I guess sometimes I can get a bit big-headed!

I suddenly felt calm in her presence. She wasn't frightening (for being the sister of a major star), nor was she threatening. 'Should I be impressed?' I asked unabashedly.

She smiled, paused, sipped from Elijah's soda, then said calmly, 'I saw how you looked at my brother.'

My head swirled again. My God! She knew! 'Uh, um, ah, what do you mean?'

She shook her head and smiled almost ruefully. 'Men! Never mind. Your secret's safe... for now.' And then she walked off to her mother and they watched Elijah perform.

Right at that moment I wanted to just curl up and die. I wanted someone to come along and kill me slowly and painfully, to rip out my tonsils with their bare hands, to slice into my heart with a rusty blade. But no one did. I caught Elijah's sister glancing at me once or twice and grinning, and that made things worse. I was about to go up to the director and say 'Stuff your job, I don't want it any more,' about to throw in the towel and jump off a bridge, when a hand fell heavily on my shoulder. My only thought was, Everyone knows. She's told and now they want my hide in jail or on a crucifix. I hated myself.

Jumping out of my skin almost, I turned to see the girl laughing at me. 'Scared you,' she said. Then she stopped laughing and smiled warmly. 'We weren't properly introduced earlier. I'm Hannah.' She put out a hand for me to shake it.

I didn't know what to do. Kill her? The thought crossed my mind briefly in a sudden panic. 'Um, Peter,' I told her, nervously taking her hand and shaking it.

'Don't be so coy, Peter,' she said. 'Take a breath. I haven't told anyone.'

'Told anyone what?' I thought I'd try the innocent approach. It didn't work.

'You've got a lot to learn about girls, Peter.' Then she mused, 'But maybe you don't want to learn about girls.' I looked archly at her and she shook her head again as though she were disappointed in me. 'When's your next break?'

'I'm due one in five minutes,' I said, checking my watch.

'Good,' she replied. 'We can talk then.' I was about to turn away from her and finish what I was working on when she said, 'By the way, I like your accent. Not as strong as we see in the movies, but nice.' Then she walked away.

The next five minutes seemed to last a week! I secretly tried to watch Elijah as he acted out his lines, and at the same time I was looking out for Hannah, his sister. But she seemed to have vanished somewhere. Maybe she decided not to speak to me in five minutes after all. I could only hope.

Unfortunately, though, she was only out of sight, not out of the way. In exactly five minutes, she came back and said, 'Come on.' I told her I had to clear it with my boss first and when I arranged a fifteen-minute break, we walked silently to a table under a canopy left of the filming with sodas and candy.

As we settled, she asked, 'How long have you been gay?' I was startled by her directness.

I looked around to see if anyone was listening, but there was no one within range. 'Um, are you gonna tell this to anyone?' She only shrugged. I thought there was no point in hiding it from her now so I said, 'Well, I guess I've always been. It wasn't something I chose one day.' She seemed satisfied with that.

She took a drink from her soda and smiled. 'I could tell you were gay even before you checked out my brother.'


'Intuition, maybe. I don't know.'

'I don't think I look gay... do I?'

She looked at me squarely. 'No, you don't. I just knew, is all. I guess not everyone could tell, but I can. I can tell a lot of things by looking at someone. I can tell if they're a nice person or not just by looking.'

'Well,' I boldly ventured, 'you've looked at me. What do you think?'

She smiled. 'The jury's still out on that one. But I think the vote will be to your favor.' I felt suddenly so relaxed that I even managed a smile. She nodded. 'Yes, I think you're an okay guy - for a homosexual Irishman.'

'Hey!' I objected and we both laughed. She was a nice girl after all. I was beginning to like her.

'So what age are you, Mr Irishman?'


'Elijah is eighteen.' I don't know why she offered that information. I smiled, I didn't know what else to do. 'Maybe I'll-' she didn't get to finish what she was going to say because someone had approached. I managed to keep my cool as best I could when I realized it was Elijah himself.

'Hey, sis!' he said.

She smiled up at him. 'Hey,' she answered. Then she said, 'Meet Peter. He's a runner for the film. He's Irish.'

He looked at me. 'Irish? Cool.' Then he offered his hand.

For a second I did not take it - could not take it - but I managed, and his skin felt so soft. He looked into my eyes and I swear he could read my every thought. He smiled. And then we broke contact when his sister laughed.

Elijah turned to her. 'What's so funny?'

'Nothing,' she said. 'I just remembered a joke mom told me.' I saw her shoot a glance at me and she smiled. My eyes shot downcast and there was a split second of silence that enveloped the three of us, before Elijah spoke up.

'Um, I've got a few more scenes to shoot. Nice meeting you, Peter.' And then he was gone again.

Peter. He called me by my name. I had always said I would never get like those screaming teenagers when they see someone famous, but right now I wanted to scream! I felt like a damn twelve-year-old girl!


I passed the next few days carefully. I could talk to Hannah and I knew she wouldn't tell anyone about my secret, but I had to beware everyone else. If she could tell I was gay, maybe someone else could too. I was on my best behavior.

Hannah wanted to know a lot about me, about Ireland and about being gay. She said she guessed she could understand the feelings, but just didn't know where they came from.

'Does anyone know where they come from?' I retorted. 'I sure as hell don't, anyway. Being gay isn't a state of mind, it's pretty-much a state of being. I am what I am, I don't question it anymore.'


'Well, for years I thought being gay was wrong. I'm from a very Christian background. Catholicism and Sunday mass. I was brought up thinking the only right thing to do is to get married and have kids and live happily ever after. But I couldn't live happily ever after as a married man. Sure I want kids - I love kids, they're so energetic - but I'm not sure I could cope being married and denying my true feelings.'

'Do your parents know you're gay?' Hannah asked.

I shook my head. 'No. If they found out I don't know how they would react. A few people know, but I reckon it isn't really any of their business, you know? I mean, do you tell everyone how many guys you've been with?'

'I'm fifteen. Fifteen-year-olds are supposed to share everything. But don't worry. I haven't told anyone about you. I see your point, I guess: it's no one's business until you make it their business. And I'm sorry for prying.'

'That's okay,' I said as we walked together toward the canopy again. 'It's nice to have someone to talk to about it. It's strange, though. Never thought I'd be talking to a girl about it.'

'Sexest!' she said and smiled. Then she asked, 'Do you have a boyfriend? In the States or back home? Just interested.'

I smiled. 'Nosy! But no, I don't. I'm looking for that "someone special", you know?'

'Isn't everyone?' she laughed. 'Not many people find it. My mom found her "someone special". Dad is wonderful. He doesn't travel with us, though. He works. Back in LA.'

Our chat ranged from my personal life to life in general and she was such a great girl. She cared a lot about her family and from her I discovered lots of neat things about Elijah and what he likes. I found out he owns two Bearded Collies, Rascal and Levi, and that he sometimes bites his fingernails, just like I do! His favorite color was blue, she said, and his best friend is his mom. I was reluctant to bring Elijah into our conversation, maybe she would think I was trying to get to him through her, but she spoke about him freely. I could tell she loved him as every sister should love their brother.

On several occasions, Elijah joined us for our brief chats. I was less talkative while he was around, just wanted to listen to him, to hear what he had to say, and once, Hannah dashed off as he came over saying, 'Stay there, I'll be right back.' She left us alone for ten minutes before Elijah was called back to duty. We made small talk and I think he may have been every bit as uncomfortable with me as I was with him. Every time he got near I could feel my pulse race. And you know, I got the feeling that time that Hannah disappeared, that she was giving us this time together. Strange, I know, but I felt it.

'So,' I said once, when Elijah and I were alone. 'I guess I shouldn't tell you how wonderful you are. You probably hear that all the time from teenage girls! You don't need to hear it from me!'

'Well I don't know,' he said. 'It might be nice to hear it from a guy.' He was looking me straight in the eyes, his big wide blues, into mine. I loved his eyes, felt like I could drown in them and be the happiest person alive.

'In that case,' I offered. 'You are a wonderful actor, Elijah.' If felt so nice to say his name out loud to him.

He smiled, long and lingering, and said, 'Thanks. I appreciate it. It means a lot.' I guess he thought he was getting to deep, because he added, 'It means a lot coming from anyone.' I smiled back and then Hannah returned. As though on cue, like she had mapped the entire conversation, storyboarded it and knew when it was her line_

'What's happening?'

Elijah and I looked at her. 'Nothing,' he said. He checked his watch and said, 'More shooting. Talk to you guys later.' And then he left. I noticed Hannah grinning broadly as she watched him go.


I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. It felt so right, so natural. I loved him and I knew he returned that love. He came in my mouth and I loved him for that.


Again that same dream. And I wondered now, could it possibly be that Elijah - Elijah of all people - was my "someone special"? It was a long shot, and I didn't even know if he was gay. But I sure as hell decided to find out_ somehow or another.

I was startled when the phone rang. It was nine am and no one could possibly be calling at this time, especially on a Saturday when everyone would be sleeping late - there was no filming this morning, not until after noon. I picked the phone up and said, 'Hello?'

'Hey,' she said. 'Did I wake you?'

It took me a moment to realize who it was. 'Um, Hannah. How'd you get my number?' I flopped down onto the couch and yawned.

'I have my ways, young man. Never mind about those,' she answered in a teacher-voice. 'What are you doing this morning?'

'Well, I was planning on sleeping. Why?'

'Go shower. Expect me in thirty minutes.'

'But Hannah, I-' She hung up. Now why on earth would she want to come to my place. She knew I was gay - surely she wasn't trying to hit on me... was she?

So I immediately hit the shower and I was only just getting dressed when a knock came to the door. I sighed. What did she want? Why would she come here? Then I opened the door and my mouth hung open.

'You catching flies or trains?' Hannah asked. 'Well, are you gonna invite us in?' I couldn't believe it; she had brought Elijah with her. He was wearing a brown shirt with a paler broad stripe down the middle and his eyes were dazzling this morning.

Quickly, I shut my mouth. 'Yeah, sure. Come on in. Excuse the mess.'

I guess they could see by my still-damp hair that I had only finished showering, and Elijah smiled at me and said, 'Sorry about the short notice. Hannah wants to go shopping in town and said you agreed to show us around.'

'Yeah, didn't you, Peter?' Hannah said, grinning wickedly. 'You got any soda?'

I was lost for words. What was she trying to do? 'Um, yeah. Fridge. Kitchen. I said we'd go shopping?'

She nodded as she walked to the kitchen. 'You said it yesterday. Don't you remember?'

Elijah said, 'We can do this some other time if you can't do it now. Hannah I told you Peter would probably have other things planned.'

'No,' I quickly interjected. 'Now is fine. I had nothing to do this morning anyway.' I looked from Elijah to Hannah as she was returning from the kitchen with three cans of Dr Pepper. She threw one at me and one at Elijah.

'Well?' she questioned. 'What are we waiting for? Where's your car?'

In the car, I gradually managed to relax around Elijah. It was as though we were just three ordinary friends on an ordinary shopping trip. Elijah found a cassette of The Cranberries in the tape deck and hit play. He confessed to liking them, liking them even more-so since he starred in the video for Ridiculous Thoughts a few years ago.

Hannah insisted on taking the back seat and she leaned over between the two front seats constantly, keeping the conversation going. 'What's Ireland like? What part are you from? Have you ever kissed the Blarney Stone?'

I told them of how beautiful Ireland was, and I also mentioned the 'Troubles'. It was big on everyone's lips back home. Will there be a cease-fire, won't there? Will peace prevail? All that crap. Elijah seemed really interested and I was glad now that they had come round.

In town, we went directly to the mall. I was surprised that Elijah was not recognized. I asked him about it and he said when he's with other people, he's hardly ever spotted. He just keeps his head down a lot and says little. I noticed Hannah was doing most of the talking. She dragged us from store to store, searching for some new clothes and in the space of one hour she had bought a pair of shoes, a tank top and a sweater. Then she complained of being hungry so we headed for the food court. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing.

McDonalds at eleven am wasn't what I'd call the best way to start the day, but I too was hungry and appreciated the food. We sat at a booth table, Hannah on one side, Elijah and I instructed to sit beside each other. You know, for a small girl, she sure eats a lot.

Elijah said, 'She eats like this all the time. God knows where she puts it all!' We laughed.

When we had finished eating and were sitting there slurping on sodas, Hannah looked across at the two of us and smiled. 'So. How are you two boys feeling?'

'Huh?' we both said in unison.

She shook her head and rolled her eyes. 'Boys!' she exclaimed. 'What am I going to do with you?' She leaned close and said in a low voice. 'Elijah, Peter's gay.' I gasped so loudly that the people at the table next to us heard and looked up. Hannah placed her hand on mine and smiled. 'Peter, Elijah's gay too. Have fun. I'm gonna do more shopping. Meet you two back here in 30 minutes. Is that time enough?' We both could do nothing but stare at her as she stood and pranced across the food court in the direction of the stores.

Then our eyes met and I could feel myself blush outrageously, just as I could see that Elijah was doing the same. He stammered for a second and said, 'You - you're not going to ...'

'Tell someone?' I finished. I shook my head. 'Not if you don't.' There was a brief silence then, and I said, 'Looks like we've been set up.' He was about to say something when I interrupted. 'Listen, I don't know if what Hannah said is true, and don't worry, I'll never repeat it as long as I live. But it's true: I am gay. Not a lot of people know that and Hannah said she just knew when she saw me.' I shrugged. 'Maybe we should just go home. Shooting starts in a few hours and I've gotta be there early.' I was about to stand and go looking for Hannah, when Elijah placed a hand on my arm.

'No, wait. Sit down. We don't have to go.' He sighed and I could see he wanted to say something else. I sat and looked at him, not knowing what way to feel now. 'I... um, if you promise not to tell the world, I'd like to talk. You see, Hannah... well, she wasn't lying.'

His eyes went suddenly downcast and I smiled warmly. 'Don't worry. You're secret is safe with me.' It's strange. Right then I wasn't thinking, Great! He's gay! I can fuck him! What I was thinking was how difficult it must be for him to say this.

'Only Hannah knows, and I wasn't the one that told her. She figured it out herself.'

'The same as she did with me,' I said. 'You know, you don't have to talk about it. We can just forget the whole thing. I'll not tell a soul.' He looked so vulnerable right then that I wanted to put my arms around him and cradle him like a child.

He smiled. 'Thanks, but I want to do this. I've always longed to talk to someone and I don't think Hannah understands enough. Sure, she's sensitive and caring and I love her, I really do, but she's not gay and she's not a guy.' He looked straight into my eyes. 'But we can stop if it makes you uncomfortable.' I told him I was fine with it and he continued to talk. 'It's been like a great big hole in my life, you know? Like a cavity that needs filling in.' He sighed again and chewed on his lip. 'I... Well, I think I've always known I was gay, but never wanted to admit it. What about you? Are you "out"?'

'A little bit,' I said. 'Some people know, some friends back home. But that's all. I'm not openly gay. I went through a patch where I thought I should tell everyone, but I don't think that's such a wise idea anymore, having everyone know, you know?'

Elijah smiled and then forced a laugh. 'I'll kill Hannah when I get my hands on her.'

'Don't do that. Your mom won't be too happy! Besides, I guess she thought she was doing you a favor.'

'Either that or just trying to fix us up together!' He was toying with a paper napkin as he continued. 'I've never had a "boyfriend". I could never bring myself to approaching someone. I was always scared of getting knocked back.'

'Elijah,' I said, 'maybe you don't wanna hear this, but I don't think you could be knocked back by anyone.'

'Because I'm famous,' he stated.

'No. Because of who you are, not what you are. You are someone so talented and kind. You're so nice.' He looked at me and smiled tenderly. 'I'm surprised you haven't snapped up a hundred guys by now!' It was probably a dumb thing to say, but he didn't seem to mind.

'Do - do you have a boyfriend?' When I said no, he said, 'Even with that Irish accent?' We both managed a laugh and we were suddenly both as relaxed as though we had been friends for years. The conversation changed and soon Hannah came skipping back.


As we watched her approach I could see that Elijah was getting tense. You couldn't really know how awkward the situation was unless you lived it. She smiled and sat down and Elijah was blushing again.


'Well nothing, Hannah. What did you think you were doing?' Elijah said softly, not harsh, but more matter-of-fact. I don't think he was really angry.

Hannah just smiled back at the two of us and said, 'Are we ready to go? You don't want to be late for filming.'

Elijah seemed to be able to switch roles like they were items of clothing. I guess that's why he's an actor. In the car, he had regained his composure and was able to joke when Hannah asked what we had been talking about while she was gone. 'Oh we didn't talk much. I mean how can you with a tongue in your throat?' Hannah laughed and Elijah looked at me, probably to judge my reaction. He said, 'Sorry,' in case I had been offended.

I shrugged and laughed. 'No sweat,' I said. 'Except the sweat on my forehead when we were-'

'Stop!' Hannah laughed. 'I don't want to know anymore!' And then we turned the music up louder and headed home.

All during filming, I found I had a wide grin painted across my face like a clown. If I had checked in a mirror I wouldn't have been surprised to see that my hair had turned lime green and my nose was red! I couldn't help but stare at Elijah and once or twice, as I had been passing Hannah on the set, she had to say, 'Keep your mind on your work, boy, or you'll be fired.'

I shook my head clear and replied, 'Yes ma'am, right away ma'am, thank you ma'am.'

Then I closed my eyes and thought twice as hard about Elijah!

We had another chance to talk that day. Only for a minute or two, but I was glad of it. He came right over to me and asked what I was up to. I was about to go fetch a new boom lead for the operator. He said he'd tag along, and as we passed Hannah she smiled and said, 'Don't be too long, boys. The film can't go on without you Elijah!' Elijah pulled a wry face and stuck his tongue out at her. It was so comical that I had to laugh.

'Hey!' he said and lightly punched my arm.

I overexaggerated and rubbed the 'sore' spot. 'You want me to sue you for GBH?' I smiled.

'You can try, but with my money, you think you could win?' I liked how he was about his wealth. He admitted to buying some expensive things and some things that he never really needed anyway, but mostly he was careful. 'Saving for college,' he had told me. 'Or maybe I'll blow it all some day at a casino. All or nothing.'

Having retrieved the boom lead, we walked back towards the main set. 'How long are you breaking for?' I asked him.

He shrugged. 'Don't know. They don't need me for any of these shots so I guess I'll be doing nothing for a while.'

'Well,' I said, 'I've got a break coming up in half an hour. Maybe we can talk some more.' But when my break time arrived, Elijah was pulled back in front of the camera. He waved to me just before the director called 'action!' and I was pleased. I smiled like a Cheshire cat.

'Calm down, big boy!' Hannah exclaimed with a chuckle. I tried to stop grinning. 'Well?' she said then. 'What's going on with you two?'

I shrugged. 'Nothing. We're just friends. Why?'

'But you'd like to be more than friends?'

'Does Elijah?' I warily said, glancing at him acting out his role.

Hannah simply laughed, then turned and walked off. She stopped not far from that canopy we always hung at and turned back saying, 'Oh, Peter. Remember the jury? They've delivered the verdict. It's favorable.' She smiled and then her mother was at her side.

'What jury?' she inquired. I thought, Oops! but Hannah was quick.

'Just something we heard on the radio, Peter and I. Have you met him yet? You really should.' But by then I was back on call and they were alone.

'I've seen you talking to him,' Hannah's mother said. 'Isn't he a bit old for you? He must be Elijah's age at least.'

'Mother!' Hannah exclaimed and Mrs Wood laughed.


Knockknockknock. I did not even think to wonder who it would be this time. I was watching TNT, an old movie about some drugs run or something. It wasn't all that interesting but there was nothing else on. Getting to the door and opening it, I found Hannah and Elijah standing there, smiling.

'Brought a six pack,' Hannah said, handing me a paper bag and stepping into my appartment.

'Just soda - we're both under age and don't drink anyway. And we got pizza. But if you don't want company we can leave again.'

'No,' I said, beaming at him. 'I'm starving. You came right on cue.' He smiled and came in.

Hannah was already sitting down and channel-surfing when I closed the door. 'There's nothing interesting on,' she said.

'Yeah, well I could have told you that! Plates?'

'Nah,' Elijah replied. 'We can eat from the box.'

Good,' I said. 'I'm not in the mood to wash dishes.'


'No,' I said, leaning in and kissing his soft lips again. They were so inviting, so enrapturing. I wanted to be attached to them forever. Note to self: Buy superglue! I smiled warmly at him. 'Elijah, please...' I laughed a little nervously. 'This is going a little fast.' when he looked confused, I explained, 'I've wanted this moment for so long. Even before I met you in the flesh! But I don't want this to be a "megastar-and-his-number-one-fan" sort of thing, you know?'

His lips twitched into a brief smile and he sighed. 'I know,' he said. 'Neither do I. You're right, I guess. So,' he added, 'people do get wiser with age!'

'Hey!' I objected. 'I'm not that much older than you!'

He laughed. 'Listen, you were pissing standing up while my mom was still changing my diapers!' I smiled at that. He was really nice, could always break a joke in order to lighten a situation. We embraced. And kissed again, tongues flitting over tongues, saliva mixing together, making a concoction that was more of an aphrodiziac than good old oysters! The feel of his lips smashed against mine sent me into tremors of ecstasy. Kissing was the greatest, I always thought. I could do it for hours on end. I could remember as a kid practicing on my arm - dumb, I guess, but don't all kids do that? Huh! Don't lie!

'You kiss real good,' I told him, my tongue withdrawing slowly from his mouth, dancing lightly over his parted lips, my own lips then closing and planting a soft finishing touch on him. My dick was still bursting through my pants, aching to get out, and I thought, Why did I say no? I could have had Elijah-Fucking-Wood in my bedroom! I could have had him! God I'm such a dunce! But I was serious. I didn't want this to be a fling, to be a one-night-stand, a flash in the pan. Elijah was just the best. I loved him as a person, for what he had achieved in life - yet I thought I could not tell him that, that I loved him, for we really had only met. 'Elijah, I-' I began, taking his hands in mine. 'I like you a lot. I mean a lot. You... you're just so wonderful. I mean it.'

He looked down, abashed, and said, 'And I like you a lot too. More than I've liked any other guy I know. Peter, I hope this thing, whatever we've got going, never ends.' He smiled. 'There's something, I don't know what, something about you that sort of makes me whole.'

'Yes,' I said. 'I feel it too. together we... we're like one.'

'Like two halves of an orange,' he said. 'Except the skin color is all wrong. Got any paint?' He smiled, placed his hand on my lap, and reiterated, 'Two halves.'

I could feel his hand slipping up over the bulge in my pants. My eyes half closed and my breathing stopped for a milisecond. I bit on my lower lip just before Elijah's mouth sought out mine again and we were locked in passion. His hand was working wonders on me and I felt that at any moment I could explode right there in my boxers.

With his cunning hint, I did the same. I reached out and grasped his leg, my hand shifting up toward his crotch, closer, closer... And then his throbbing penis was under my hand, seperated only by his pants. I popped the button at his waist and pulled slowly on his zipper and then felt inside, taking his boxer-covered cock tightly in hand, at the same time as Elijah was undoing my pants.

Fuck it! I thought. We can wait for sex, but foreplay is definitely a go-ahead! And speaking of heads, I wanted Elijah's in my mouth, now. I fiddled with his boxer's fly and dug inside, pulling out his pulsating penis and gripping it properly. I managed to get a nice look at it between kisses and I was impressed. It was pretty-much just like mine, 6 or 7" long, uncut and damn sweet! Elijah's breathing deepened; I could tell he wanted - needed - this as much as I did. Slowly, I eased back the skin over his cock and then drew back again, to the moaned pleasure of Elijah. I couldn't wait any longer. Elijah Wood's cock was in my hand and I was doing little about it.

I pecked Elijah one last time and smiled at the expression on his face as I went down on him. He seemed sort of shocked, mixed with sheer delight. I guess he never had it sucked before, having never had a boyfriend (though I wasn't sure if any girl had gone down on him), and I hoped he would like it as much as I liked doing it to him, pleasuring him in such a way that no one else could. I began by teasing the tip of his swollen dick with my tongue, quick-lapping his cum-slit, using my teeth to gently play at his foreskin. And then I licked up his shaft before engulfing his head with hot, moist lips. He groaned in ecstasy and his hands moved to my head, holding me there at his crotch while I sucked, his legs spreading and giving me some extra room to work with.

Sinking to my knees from my awkward seated position, I motioned my head up and down over his most prized posession in a bid to draw him to a wonderful climax. And I could tell it was working what with his um's and ah's! I took him inch by slow inch and then pulled back, his cock almost withdrawing from my mouth, and then going back in again, my nose buried in his soft pubic hairs, my chin pressed again his balls through his pants. I suctioned on him and at the same time I tugged at his pants and he raised himself slightly so I could get them down.

As he held my head and pushed his hips forward so that his cock was entering me, he lolled his head back and quivered. 'Ohhhh, yeah. Uh, Peter! Mmmmmm Uhhhhh-hhhhh... Shit, man... uhhh.' even around his cock I managed a smile. I was getting him off and soon I was going to taste his sweet nectar. Life is the greatest! Wouldn't you agree?

I worked harder. I needed him to cum in my mouth. Working up a vacum, I sucked and pulled, sucked and pulled, until I knew he was close, and then I'd drop off and slow down, letting him recover somewhat, and then force him back to the edge, almost to the brink, only to allow him some respite before starting all over again. Then I granted him his wish. I tightened my lips and sucked with as much force as I could muster, drawing him to that brink he had visited so many times in the last fifteen minutes and then pushing him violently over.

'Peter I'm gonna - I'm - uhhhhhh... Pe-ter, I'm-' And then he thrust himself into my mouth and held tightly to my head, his cock swelling, his balls drawing close to his body, sperm exploding into me.

There's more to follow. Email me for progression