Elijah's Impact
(3rd Installment)

By PeterM

As before, the events of this story are entirely fictitious and bare no accusation against Elijah Wood's sexuality. If this turns you off, take a hike! Email me at: jendor2@hotmail.com with comments or praise, and flames will be gratefully accepted - I need a good laugh sometimes!!


I woke with a start. In the thick darkness of night, my heavy panting resounded from the close bedroom walls. The room felt ten times smaller than it should have and my heartbeat resounded loudly in the stillness. The luminous digits of my alarm clock read 03:42.

Had that happened? No, surely not. It was a dream. It couldn't have happened. Never. Debbie liked me, I know she did. Yes, just a dream. She'd never hit Elijah, she wasn't the type. I could tell she loved him too much for that. Plus she didn't seem to be the kind that would judge a person on his sexuality. No, it was simply a dream. Thank God.

I hugged my shivering body and twisted onto my side. It wasn't cold, but I was slightly nervous. I had left Elijah's suite on great terms with his mother, but what if she didn't like me? And what if she did notice that I was gay? And there I yawned and fell back to sleep, a peaceful sleep, finally, no dreams of Elijah or his mother having an argument over me.

With dawn came the memory of the night before. It had been a good night. Debbie really liked me, I sensed - and both Elijah and Hannah had told me so. All through my class, I could not think of anything else but Elijah. I longed for the time to tick on so that I could get to the set. I wasn't running for them today, but I'd be there anyway. And when asked, I'd simply say that I was waiting for Elijah, as though it were a perfectly natural thing to do. Well, it was - for me.

Elijah knocked off work at six o'clock. His mother and Hannah were there and the four of us had a brief conversation that established the realization that Debbie actually did like me. `Well,' she said, `are you taking him off my hands again?'

`Mom!' Elijah said. `You make it sound like he's my babysitter.' He took me by the arm and said, `Come on, let's go,' and we started away toward my car.

`Have him home by midnight, Peter, or he'll turn into a pumpkin!'

`Yes, mother!' Elijah called back, in mock exasperation. When we had reached my car and got in, out of the sight of Debbie and Hannah and most, if not all, of the crew, he leaned over and pecked my cheek, buckled his seat belt, and said, `Let's blow this joint, baby!' So we drove, to no place in particular at first while we decided what to do. `Mom was taking about you after you left last night,' Elijah told me.

`Huh? What'd she say?'

`Oh, I don't know if I can tell you that. It's classified,' he smirked. I thumped him lightly on the arm. `Okay, okay! She said you were "a very nice young man and quite cute, too." Her exact words. I don't know what makes her think you're cute!' He leaned over again, rested his head on my shoulder and fluttered his eyelids up at me.

`You ass!' I said and shrugged him off. `Everyone knows I'm cute! Cuter than you'll ever be, buddy!' I joked - I thought Elijah looked like a god, those medallion eyes, that straight nose and thin lips, the perfect skin color, a good build. He was everything I wanted to be and more. I admit that I am kind of `cute' - at least many people have told me so, male and female, and so I can't ignore the voice of the people, can I?! But next to Elijah, anyone would look like the back-end of a rusty old bus long past due a service! Does that sound like such a fan-type thing to say? I don't mean it to sound as such. It's true though!

And then we got back to our central question: `What are we going to do?' We had run out of interesting things to do in Oklahoma City. It wasn't a boring city in the evenings, but because Elijah was only eighteen it made it difficult for us to go night-clubbing. Did I mention before that the legal drinking age in the UK and Ireland is eighteen? That would have meant that we could have gotten into any nightclub we choose. I couldn't get used to this idea of the fact that you must be twenty-one to enter these establishments, even if you don't want to drink!

`Stop the car,' Elijah suddenly said. I looked at him. We were about two miles from my apartment, on a houseless road with nothing on either side but empty fields. `Stop the car,' he repeated.

I did as he asked, and when the engine was off and the radio died, he unbuckled his belt and smiled at me, a wide cupid's grin. `I'm going to suck you, right here,' he said lustfully. `Right here, right now.' So saying, he leaned down and began to unzip my pants.

I was already getting hard. `Elijah,' I breathed. `What are you... I mean... What if...'

`Relax,' he said softly, digging into my shorts for my penis. `This is like a road that's never used.'

`Yeah, but what if someone does... ohhhh, yeahhhh. Unh! Elijah, what if-'

`If someone does come along,' he said, teasing my cum-slit with his tongue, `we can suck their cocks too!' And then he engulfed me, three inches in his mouth, then four, then five... I thought he was going to try and take the whole thing but he stopped at about five inches and worked with what he could. Up and down, sucking and licking, tugging and pulling with his lips wrapped tightly around me. His hand held the base of it to steady it while my hands tensed around the steering-wheel.

I could not mask the ecstasy on my face. `Oh Elijah. I love you, man! Uh, yeah, please... oh man, yeah... suck me...' He was a god exciting me, and what made it more exciting was that we could have been caught at any minute - `Uh, yes, officer, he was just, um, checking the floor for dust-mites, and, oops! Out popped my penis into his mouth! Quite an uncanny accident if you ask me!'

I clamped my teeth down on my bottom lip and my breathing became shallow and sharp, quick intakes, quicker exhales. I looked down and saw his head bobbing over my lap, the sucking sounds turning me on even more. He was pulling back off my throbbing hard cock almost fully, lapping my head with his swishing tongue, and then dropping down over it again, sucking harder each time, licking up my shaft and nibbling my foreskin with gently biting teeth.

I clenched my eyes. `Ohhhh... yeahhhh... Unph! Eli... Uh, man... yes... oh... uhhhh...' I couldn't believe it. He got me so horny. No one ever did that before, not to this degree. I felt like my cock would split up the middle if it got any harder. `Uhhhhhh, Elijah, that feels so good. Yes, don't stop. I'm about to cum, I need to cum... I... Ahhhhhhh-hhhh.' I thrust my hips forward, my penis into his mouth like a sword in a sheath, and he gagged, swallowing what he could. He drew back for breath and my cock slipped from his mouth, sperm hitting the bridge of his nose and his left cheek and his chin, and then dribbling down my shaft over his hand. `Uhhh,' I breathed.

He giggled. `You need to perfect that aim of yours, dude,' he said, and licked the cum from his hand, tongue jutting from his mouth sensuously, licking inbetween his fingers and sucking on his thumb to get it all off. He was about to wipe it from his face, but I leaned in and licked it from his cheek and sucked it from his chin and nose. Then we kissed deeply and passionately.

`Man I love you!' I said, his face still close to mine.

He smiled, kissed the tip of my nose, and said softly, `Love you too.' His tongue ran teasingly over my lips and then I was throwing him back against his seat and going down on him, struggling with his zipper.

`No, wait,' he said, pushing me back. `Let's go to your place. We can have some proper fun.' As much as I wanted to have him in my mouth right then, he persuaded me to wait until we got to my appartment. `But we have to go via the mall first.'

`That's out of our way,' I told him.

`I know,' he said. `But it'll be worth it. Trust me.' And so I started the car and headed for the mall, his hand on my crotch the entire way!


`Elijah, what are-?'

`Just wait and see,' he told me. `Stay here, I won't be long.' I sat. In silence. Waiting. He was fifteen minutes in the mall. I was about to go in search of him to find out what the hell was going on, when he came sprinting across the parking lot, a paper bag in hand, scrunched at the top so that I couldn't see in. `Okay,' he said, getting in the car and buckling his belt, grasping tightly to the bag all the time, `let's go.'

`What's in the bag?'

`You'll see.' And that was all he said. I was intregued, so much so that I almost sped home to find out what he had in mind.

At my appartment, he told me to go into the bedroom while he fixed us up some drinks from the kitchen. I waited in my room for over ten minutes with a stiffy, wondering what was going on, until finally I couldn't take it any more and I went out to the kitchen. Shock! He stood there, naked, with a jar of chocolate body paint in one hand and a half-empty glass of Dr Pepper in the other hand that he was drinking from.

`I was wondering how long it would take before you gave up and came out,' he laughed. Then he put his glass down and dunked two fingers into the jar of chocolate and, never taking his eyes off me, wiped those fingers on his chest, the chocolate covering his erect left nipple. I noticed his cock twitch to life. He smiled lasciviously and licked gently parted lips, his fingers going back into the jar and then drawing across his navel leaving another chocolate smear on his hot body.

I needed no encouragement, of course. I stepped forward to him and immediately licked the chocolate from his nipple. I could hear his sharp intake of air as my wet tongue caressed his pink flesh and he dipped back into the chocolate jar. I dropped to my knees and lapped my tongue over his navel, getting up all the chocolate from there, and then awaited further instruction. He dabbed some onto his right thigh. I slowly and carefully licked it off, taking time to smell his crotch and his growing member while I was there. He always smelt good and now he was making my hard-on even stiffer.

More chocolate then, on his left thigh. Then back on his chest and I had to stand again to get it. Then he wiped some onto the hollow where his breast-bone met his neck and I took great pleasure in licking it off. He spooned some onto the tip of his tongue with his fingers and prompted me to take it from him, his tongue extended toward me. I took his head in my hands, gently, and leaned in, sucking his tongue into my mouth and wrapping my own tongue around it like Christmas wrapping-paper. I held him tight and kissed him, cupping his naked butt-cheeks in my hands, but he pulled away, smiling. `Nuh-uh,' he said. `Take your time, big boy. You'll get there in the end.'

And then he resumed coating himself in the chocolate body paint. His shoulder, his nipple again, his wrist, his chin, and finally, his swollen cock. I grinned wickedly and dropped once more to my knees. He had me so hard that I needn't have even touched my own dick. I was staining through my pants, my hand rubbing over the fabric to ease myself toward a climax. And slowly, deliberately, I took him in my mouth, my tongue washing over his head and licking off all the chocolate, then swishing down his shaft. I could tell he was enjoying the pleasures of my expertise as he was sighing heavily and moaning slightly, whispering, `Oh, Peter, yeah. Take me...'

And I took him. Long strokes, my lips covering his hard cock, my nose in his pubic hair, my hands roaming over his buttocks, kneeding them, pulling them apart and teasing his puckered virgin anus. Then short strokes, covering his head and nothing more, lips pressing tightly, tongue thrust against his cum-slit and lapping at him, one hand caressing his balls, the other still molding over the front of my pants. Followed then by long strokes again, gulping at his rod, trying to take as much of it as I could into my mouth at the one time.

Elijah gripped my head, his hands pushing through my dark fair hair and holding me by the back, charging that fucking cock into me like a knight on a war-horse. He was panting, sweating and heaving. His butt-cheeks were moist with persperation and I could tell his legs were weakening beneath him as he was drawing closer and closer to the inevitable. `Uh fuck man! Uhhh... Oh, Peter... Uh-uuhh!' And he pushed a final thrust into my mouth as I sucked harder for him, his cum spewing against my throat and onto my tongue, the taste of it mixing with what little chocolate remained there and creating a sweet taste that was so divine.

He withdrew from my mouth and I reluctantly let go of him as he dropped to his knees in a heap before me. `Oh man, that was excellent. I haven't cum so hard since... since never!' he said in a breathy whisper.

I smiled. `I'll take that as a compliment, shall I?' I laughed, licking the remnants of his cum from my lips and relishing his flavor. Then I leaned in and we kissed, long and hard, my tongue penetrating his mouth, caressing his teeth and his own tongue. When the kiss was broken, I asked, `Where'd you get the idea for the chocolate?'

`Oh, I don't know,' he told me. `Some movie or something. I was just thinking about it last night over dinner.'

`Over dinner? With your mother?'

He laughed. `She can't read my thoughts, you know. I don't know what Irish mother's are like, but these American one's aren't that good!' Then he reached up to the counter and drew down the bag he had got from the mall. `There's something else, too,' he said slyly, softly, and I was instantly intrigued. I cocked my head like a dog and waited for the revelation. He dipped into the bag and was slow in bringing out what was in there. `I... want... you... to...' He took it out and passed it to me. A tube of vaseline - `...fuck me.' Before I could say anything his mouth was covering mine and his hands were ripping at my clothes.


Elijah's groin pressed against mine and I wanted nothing more than to take him. But I broke our kiss and looked into his eyes. `Are you sure?' I asked him. He did not need to answer. But did.

Slowly and levelly, Elijah said, `I've never been as sure about anything in my live. Peter I love you so much, and what better way for us to share that love than through the intimacies of sex?' It sounded like something from a Hollywood movie or a romance novel and I was about to laugh and make a snide remark when he stopped me and continued to speak. `I love you. Like I've never loved anyone before. You're my soulmate and I want to feel you inside me. Make love to me, Peter. Make us whole for I need to know you love me as much as I do you.'

`Of course I love you every bit as much, Elijah,' I said, gripping tightly to him in an embrace, kissing his soft neck and caressing his back. `I love you. I do. With all my heart.' I was so filled with emotion that a tear leaked from my eye. I had never felt like this about anyone before. And I knew I'd never feel the same about anyone to come either.

He smiled and stepped back from me, taking my hand. Wordlessly, he led my to the bedroom and when I was naked, he kissed me and we lowered ourselves to the bed to make love. To be honest, it was scary. I'd never done this before. We'd never done this before. It was such an immense step and I hoped we were really ready for it, and not just caught up in the heat of the moment.

Elijah lay back and kissed my lips tenderly, soft kisses, silken, smoothe. His head was propped against the pillows and his arms and legs entangled themselves around my body, fingers trailing down my back, raking all my nerve-endings and spurring them to life, his thighs tight about my own. I responded to his probing tongue, my lips parting gratefully for him, my own tongue extending into his mouth and tracing over his teeth. Tongue upon tongue, he grappled for the vaseline and placed it into my hand. Our kiss was broke again and I took the opportunity to search his eyes for regret, pleased that I found none, and then I unscrewed the cap from the tube and squeezed some of the vaseline onto my hand. I began by massaging it into his hot hungry ass, returning my lips to his neck and face, smothering him with kisses and repeating over and over that I loved him. My fingers teased his tight puckering hole. His body stiffened and he audibly inhaled some air. I was about to stop but he nodded to me and said in a voice tremulous with excitement, `Go on. Do it. Do it.'

I covered his mouth with my own and slowly pushed my finger forward, into him. His arms clasped tightly around my neck and I was forced into an awkward position momentarily as he grimaced and tried to get used to the feel of this `foreign body' inside him. As I felt his muscles begin to relax I delved a little deeper, paused, went deeper still, until I could go no further, until there was nothing left to go any further. And I slowly drew back again, then in, out, in. Elijah gasped and sighed and the feel of his tight ass-walls clamping down on my index finger aroused me so much that I was hurting, I was so hard.

`Uhh, Peter. Yeah... So good. Mmmm,' he breathed. It felt so hot, my finger inside him, and I knew without a doubt that it would feel even better having my raging hard-on up there, those walls tight and pulsing around me. I slipped another vaseline-drenched finger into him, getting him used to the size, like I had read on some internet story somewhere, and then managed a third. It felt cramped, real tight, and that made me even harder. Then I withdrew from him and kissed him solidly on the lips, simultaneously lathering up my stiff cock with the cool vaseline.

He raised his legs up around my waist and I lowered my midriff to him, the head of my dick searching hungrily for the glove it would slip into. It was weird in a sense. I did not feel the searing pain I had anticipated. I knew it should have been there, but when I pressed forward, all I could feel was the vibes coming off of Elijah that this was the right thing, the best thing. I believe I felt no pain because I was caught up so much in Elijah's eyes as I became engulfed by him that I knew nothing but that plain of blue radiating out toward me.

When I was fully inside him, my swollen cock buried to the hilt, my back arched and lips pressed to his neck, Elijah whispered, `I love you, Peter.'

`I know,' was all I could muster as I was groaning and moaning with sheer delight and pleasure. My lips sought his and we kissed ravenously, my back stretching and bending in time with my humps, my ass-cheeks tightening as I thrust forward into his oh-so-tight-hole and relaxing as I drew back, only to tighten again as I went forward another time. Sweat soaked my brow and chest and back. Elijah's fingers ran down my spine, a chill taking me and making me feel so vulnerable, and trailed around my chest to my nipples, pinching them lightly as I toyed with his hair and brushed my fingers over his lips to have them licked and sucked by him. The feel of his balls and cock against my stomach with each thrust reinforced my stamina tenfold. I needed this to happen. It was so right to be with him like this.

His ass tightened around my raging penis, as though trying to gobble it up like a mantis would its young. He was eating me, his ass was eating my cock and I loved it. I moved one of my hands to position it over the top of his. He relaxed his fingers from gripping the blanket, his knuckles white with force, and locked his fingers with mine. `I love you,' he muttered between gasps. `I love you so much.'

It was dark all around. I could see nothing but Elijah's face looming infront of me, his tender smiles, those lips reaching to taste me, those eyes, so deep and filled with such emotion. We were a wreathing sea of passion on the bed, limbs intertwining, going this way and that, my cock forcing up his ass, balls brushing against his cheeks as his legs curled tightly around me. I kissed his chin, his chest, his neck, his lips, his forehead, and thrust myself into him, pounding his ass with a force I did not know I could manage. I made me so hungry for love and lust that I could have achieved anything.

I could feel the tension building inside me, deep within my gut. My sperm collecting and marching adamantly forward, demanding a clear way through. I tingled all over. `Uhhh, ohhh. Ahh-hhhh-uhh. Unph. Ohhh, Elijah. Oh man. Yessss. Uhhh...' I let out a muffled scream as my cum would wait no longer and shot out of me with effluence and vehemence. `Fuck!' I yelled. `Oh, man! Uhhhhhhhh!' My orgasm seemed to last for an eternity, but when it was over, when I was bled dry of all semen, it did not seem nearly long enough. Elijah pulled my face to his and kissed me passionately, his tongue exploding into my mouth.

Our loss of virginity then, the final act of taking and being taken, was efficacious. It had been better than I expected. But then, what else could I receive from my lover but the best. All my previous expectations were washed away as new heights were achieved and I saw sex in a new light. I had thought I could live without it. How wrong I was. It felt great, better than great! It was the last intimacy we needed to clinch our love. Through lust, we saw how much in love we really were. I looked into Elijah's eyes. No words were spoken in those few minutes that we were still, holding each other tenderly, my penis slipping from him, my hand on his chest, feeling the pulse of his heart, a heart that beat for me. We had become one. Elijah and I had joined. We were more than lovers now, we were almost like the same person. The same passion.


I awoke to the sound of a knock on the door and the realisation of what had happened the night before. I smiled, wiped my tired face with my hands, and clambered out of bed to answer the door. It was Hannah. Great, I thought. Someone to share the news with. No details, of course, I'd leave that to her own imagination, but I could tell her the basics - that our relationship was full, that I loved her brother more than anything in the world, even double choc-chip ice-cream. I smiled at her and leaned in to hug her.

`You've had a good night,' she said cheerily. `Where is he? Bedroom? Tell him to put his clothes on and get out here. I'd rather not have to go in and see him naked.' She grinned at me, letting me know that she knew exactly what had taken place last night. But something was puzzling.

`What do you mean "where is he"? He left an hour after... well,' I changed tact. I didn't want to actually have to say it to her, what we had done, even though she knew. `He left last night.'

She stepped into the living room and said, `No he didn't. At least he didn't come home at any rate.'

`Huh? Of course he did. I walked him to the corner. He said he'd be fine to go on alone and I left him there. He said he needed some air so we didn't drive. He must have gone home.'

`I bet he needed some air!' she said, and then an air of gravity desended over her and her face dropped. `So he's not here?' I shook me head. `Then where is he? He never came home. I had to cover for him to Mom. I said he got in late and left early this morning for a jog. She didn't buy it but she didn't say anything. So I've come to get him, to get the story straight. He's not here?' she asked again.

`No,' I said in a whisper. What had happened? Where had he gone? I suddenly felt a pang of fear well up inside me, my heart racing, my palms sweating.

`Oh God, Peter. What if something's happened to him?' Hannah fretted, a hand pressed to her mouth as though to stiffle a sob.

`Hang on,' I told her. `I'll go change. We can take the car.' She told me to hurry and I did, throwing on the clothes I had worn the day before. As I lifted the car keys and was about to dash out the door, the phone rang. `Elijah?' I blasted down the phone in the hope that it was him. Hannah hung on my arm expectantly.

`No honey, it's me. Just thought I'd phone and see how you're doing.' It was my mother. Phoning from Ireland. I had no time for her. I loved her to death, but this was an emergency.

`Sorry Mom, I can't talk now. Something's up. I'll call you later, okay? Promise.' And I hung up. I felt horrible, but I'm sure she'd understand if she knew the circumstances. She knew I was working on this movie and knew I had made a friend in this superstar called Elijah Wood. She liked the name Elijah, remarked on it several times. I'll tell her that he had gone missing or something once we finally find him and make sure he's okay (no, I told myself, of course he's okay). She'd understand. She'd have to.

We took the car and followed the roads that we suspected he would have taken home. I chided myself for not having insisted that I drive him last night. I'm a damn fucking eejit, as they'd say back home. I hated myself. Fuck! Why had I let him walk? So stupid. I should have the word `dunce' tatooed across my forehead as a mark to show everyone how fucked up I was.

I pulled the car into the side of the road near a public telephone after searching thoroughly in all the spots we thought he might be. I went to get out of the car but Hannah questioned, `What are you doing?'

I told her, `I'm going to phone the hotel. See if he's returned.'

`No! You can't. Mom doesn't know he's missing. She'll kill us.'

`But she think's he's out jogging, right?' I said level-headedly. `I'll just phone up and ask if he's back from his jog. Either he's there or he isn't. It's easy.'

`No,' she pleaded, a hand on my arm. `Please. I don't want her finding out. Let's... let's just go and check the park near your place. Maybe... maybe he...' She left the thought unfinished and it was more scarier because of it. I consented to her and agreed not to phone just yet. But if he wasn't at the park, we'd have to tell their mom.

So I drove the car back to the park and hit the central-locking button as we stepped out and dashed toward the entrance. `Elijah!' we chorused. `Elijah! Are you there?'


`Elijah! Elijah!' I turned to Hannah. `This is hopeless. We'll never find him.' My mind was reeling with visions of Elijah crumpled on the side of a road with broken limbs and amnesia. My heart raced. Had I lost my only love? Was my entire life doomed?

`We can't give up. What if he's hurt?'

Just then we heard a small voice calling from the other end of the park, near the pond. It sounded like Elijah calling my name. My eyes widened in anticipation and my heart skipped a beat at the prospect of having found him alive. My Elijah was alive. I silently rejoiced and thanked God, whom my mother had taught me years beforehand to turn to when things weren't going right, and we sprinted across the grass to where his voice was coming from.

As I turned a corner and dashed passed a wide tree that blocked the view of passers-by from the pond, I stopped dead in my tracks. It was horrible. My jaw dropped and my heart sank. I found my whole life with Elijah pass by my eyes, all the kisses, all the hugs, each and every one, and the sex. It all pranced teasingly in front of my face as I stared in shock at what was before me.

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