My time with the England Squad

The acts depicted in this story are purely fictional although the characters and settings are all based on real life. I wish the events had happened but to my continuing disappointment they never did. Do not read if you are likely to be offended by acts of consensual gay sex or if it is likely to be illegal for you to do so.

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This is the fourth part of the England Squad series. I have no idea how many parts it will eventually run to but now I have started down this plot road I will see it through to the bitter end. For those of you who enjoy a good story I shall try my best to keep it up and for those who enjoy hot sex I shall make sure I include that in each part too. That said, it's time to see how we're doing...

England Conspiracy

Part Two - Hatching


I watched intently as the situation played itself out in front of me. Seeing the power that the Captain of England held over his manager was highly interesting. This could be useful.

Plots and Schemes

Halfway through the voyeuristic delight which I was enjoying I heard a knock on the door. It was Michael, my lover, he needed to talk to me. I opened the door, closed it and locked it again and pulled him to me. He relaxed into my arms and tried his hardest not to cry. "I know babe, I know" I repeated over and over as I stroked his hair, comforting him. When he had let everything out of his system I showed him the hole in the wall. His face changed into one of instant recognition and evil revenge. After Alan enjoyed his orgasm and rushed out of the room, Glenn tidied himself up and also left. Once the office was empty we replaced the panel and re-hung the picture.

"I heard everything. Also, before you came in I heard an interesting conversation between Alan and Glenn. Alan has some tapes which he is using over Glenn. Glenn will do anything Alan tells him to. I think we need to talk to him."
"After this Sweden game is over we'll talk to him. I got the impression that he wasn't too happy to go along with the manager about this betting thing. Obviously he can't expose anything without evidence. But this hole in the wall could get us some evidence."
"What about this Sweden game. It's going to be hell for you."
"I know but from the sounds of it, it's a done deal. You heard what he said about 'inappropriate actions'?"
"Yeah. These people sound like people not to be messed with. At least not with an armoury of evidence."

Michael sat down and thought for a while. I could see his principles being torn in every direction. He wanted to do the right thing but he was completely powerless. He would just have to go along with it for a while.

"I know how you feel but we can get this over with. Play the game they want and I'll do what I can to gather evidence in the meantime."
"Got any bright ideas about that?"
"It shouldn't be too hard. If we set up a light activated recording system in the hole we can leave it for long periods of time. I can come in to check on the tapes periodically and we can take it from there. I'll make a few discrete phone calls and see what I can come up with. My best friend is an electronic engineer. He's supplied me with custom stuff before and it shouldn't be too hard. He knows not to ask any questions."
"OK. I'll set up a meeting with Alan for after the game."
"Then it sounds like we have a plan. Now come here."

Michael came round to my side of the desk and sat down in my lap. He stared into my eyes for a few fleeting moments and then kissed me. It was an intense moment. We were in this thing together and we knew that our love could get us through it. I broke the kiss and it was my turn to stare. In the short time I had known Michael I had never ceased to be amazed by his pure youthful beauty. From time to time, when we shared our love for each other, I would have to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. It hurt not being able to be with him in public but knowing that I could be with him to share all of his private moments was enough to compensate. The day would come when we could show ourselves to the world but for now it was far safer to keep it to ourselves.

"I love you Andy. I'm glad I have you to support me in this."
"I love you too Michael. And I feel like the luckiest man alive."
"It's nearly six. Lets change at my hotel room and then go out for a meal."
"We'll be seen together. Isn't it a bit risky?"
"Well, we're both young and you're a players assistant. And if we flirt with the waitresses no one will really suspect anything."
"Then lets go."

Fun and Games

We left the building and Michael drove us to his hotel. The rush hour traffic round London was a nightmare but eventually we reached our destination. After arranging for reception to book us a table in a restaurant we took the lift up to his floor and walked down the corridor to his room. Once his door was opened I pushed him inside, slammed the door shut and pinned him up against the wall. I pulled the training top over his head to reveal his tight torso and ran my fingers over his chest. He started to unbutton my shirt and put his hands inside to mimic my caresses. I ran my arms round him, rubbing up and down his back as I drew him towards me. Our lips met and started the flow of electricity between us. I could feel my spine tingling as we kissed deeply, holding each other in the embrace of lovers. I ran my hands inside the waistband of his tracksuit bottoms to feel the flesh of his firm cheeks. After a few minutes we broke off and moved over to the bed.

I laid back on the bed and Michael laid down on top of me. Our naked chests, covered in a sheen of sexual sweat rubbing gently together. My hands took up their position inside his tracksuit and continued to kneed his fleshy orbs, all the time our lips locked together as our tongues exploring the familiar mouths. I rolled over so I had him underneath me and sat up on his chest, his hard cock evident against my own backside. I stared into his eyes as he worked my belt and waistband undone. He slipped one hand inside my jeans and in through the fly of my boxers.

"I think it's about time I felt this inside me. I've been having all the fun so far. It's your turn now."

I thought about what he said. I was so in love with him that I never even realised I hadn't fucked him. In the all too few times we had been able to get together since France I had always been on the receiving end. But I certainly wasn't complaining. With Michael's cock buried far inside my arse I always felt complete and it seemed to me during those moments that I was the luckiest man alive.

"Only if you're sure. I mean I know having this inside me is a bit of a chore" I joked as I reached behind and grabbed his pole, "but I just love it."
"It's something I want to do for you. I love you Andy and I want us to be together forever. So get down and dirty and fuck me hard."

Hearing those words sparked off something in my head. It released a wave of pure animal lust inside me. I knew what I had to do and there was nothing on Earth that could possibly stop me. I got up, knelt between his legs and practically ripped his tracksuit off him. The material of his white briefs was almost transparent with his fluid where the head had obviously been leaking for quite some time. I grabbed the waistband and pulled them slowly down towards his ankles, enjoying the feel of his smooth thighs, gradually getting hairier as my hands travelled the length of his legs. And there he was, sprawled out beneath me once more, completely naked. His steel hard meat was throbbing as his heart beat out a rhythm of pure anticipated passion. I stood and let my jeans drop from my waist and threw them across the room. I knelt back down with my legs straddling his head and my still clothed cock directly above his mouth. He sucked on the fabric of my tight boxers, sending signals to my brain which were interpreted as pure pleasure. I moaned gently as his expert mouth worked on my rod. I quickly took his head into my mouth, cleaning all the precum from under his foreskin, before licking my way down to his balls.

I just loved his balls. They were large, full of cum and contained in a sack of loose skin which was smooth and virtually hairless. I could spend hours down there just licking htme softly and taking them one at a time into my mouth. But for now my intentions were elsewhere so I settled for a few minutes before spreading his legs further to give me access to the hole which was, until now, virgin territory in our relationship. Like most of the rest of him, his crack was completely devoid of hairs and the small puckered hole winked at me as I spread his cheeks apart. It turned me on so much to see it after all this time when the only part of me that had witnessed it before was my finger. As Michael carried on gently bathing my cock in his spit, still through my boxers, I applied my lips to his rosebud and kissed it gently. The feel of the skin on my lips, rough and wrinkled yet smooth at the same time, was amazing. In all my sexual encounters up to this point I can say that that was one of the most beautiful. I stuck out my tongue to lap away at the hole, tasting the sweat and musk of a young man's most intimate of places. Michael moaned and his hole contracted and the relaxed, allowing me to work my tongue in a little. He writhed on th bed and screamed out in pure pleasure as I pushed forward to get my tongue all the way in. His ass pulsed around the invader as his body shivered with joy. He regained his composure and his hole relaxed once more. I moved my tongue around inside him, giving him more to enjoy until I removed it to be replaced with my finger.

As I worked with one and then two fingers I could move my oral attentions back to his balls. I lapped at them with my tongue and coated them in my spit while my fingers worked overtime, stretching his ass ready for me to enter. He pulled my spit-soaked briefs down and took my cock straight into his throat. He greedily sucked up and down on it until it was totally coated and ready for action. I moved my body round and as I pulled my fingers from his well stretched hole I quickly replaced them with my wet cock, pushing forward to enter him fully in one movement. He took it all with only a small moan as my prick rammed inside him. His hole was relaxed enough but it was still the tightest hole that I'd ever known. As my pubic hair made contact with his crack I could see that my lover was in heaven. I pulled almost completely out of him and he screamed for me to fill him up again. My whole body was covered in a fine mist of sweat from the physical exertions so far.

I could feel the familiar build-up of passion. It was never as intense as that first time in France but it was still there, the passion of two lovers enjoying each other fully. Slowly I started to get into a rhythm as I would slowly pull out almost all the way and then thrust back into him, knocking his prostate and sending his head into the stars. His huge hard cock jerked reflexively in time with my motions and as I started to pick up the speed I could sense that he was on the verge of an explosive orgasm. By now I was pounding in and out of his hot hole like a jackhammer as we built up to our climaxes. He looked up and me and I looked deeply into his eyes and that was enough to send me over the edge. My cock jerked deep inside him and started pumping out it's heavy load. After two shots I felt as if my cum was being pulled out of me and I looked down to see his meat thrashing wildly in the air spraying both of us with its huge load of hot teenage juice. I continued coating his insides for ages until slowly it subsided. He was covered in come, inside and out, and I lay down on top of him, still buried inside his arse.

"I love you so much" was all I could say before the urge to try and suck his tonsils out overcame me. I was basking in the afterglow of an early-evening fuck with the most beautiful man in the world. And I couldn't have been happier as our tongues dueled for supremacy in the playing fields of our sealed mouths.


The phone rang as we lay there in each others arms. It was reception informing us that a taxi would collect us in ten minutes. We decided to shower separately and made it into the lobby just as the taxi pulled up. We went out and had a most splendid meal and the best time. Being in London, no one bothered us at all. Back at the hotel we made love again before falling asleep together. The following day we had to fly out to Sweden for a game of which we already knew the result. But we had our plan, we had an ally in Alan Shearer and we were getting closer to springing the conspiracy.

Thanks to everyone who has sent me email about this series. It seems you really like it which is nice. I shall continue on with this until the conspiracy is exposed and then...who knows. Cheers, The Alchemist ;-)