My time with the England Squad

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England Conspiracy

Part Three - Tactics


The game against Sweden came and went with little enthusiasm from the team. The mood in the dressing room was strange after the match. Only the two strikers knew they were going to lose and no one seemed to understand how they hadn't managed to slaughter the Swedes. Glenn had played it badly, tactically, and the team was starting to think that he was going mad. They knew they could have had the three points in the bag but somehow it hadn't happened. The players showered quietly and left the dressing-room to head back to the hotel. Once there they were free to enjoy the evening as best as they could. Alan and Michael headed off to their meeting..


I was already there waiting when they arrived. They sat down to join me and the waiter came and collected orders for drinks while we studied the menu. We didn't discuss the match. There was little point since we all knew what was going on. It was a little awkward trying to keep the small-talk going and it wasn't long before the real subject came up.

"Andy, I understand you have some ideas but I'm not sure what this has to do with me."
"What has Michael told you?"
"Just that you know of a way to get evidence but you need my help. So what is it then?"
"Well, I found a hole in the wall of my office which looks into Glenn's. I managed to listen to most of what was said when you two were meeting him and I reckon with the right equipment we could record it. There are a couple of things we need you for."
"What's that?"
"Well firstly I'll need you to meet with Glenn and try to get him to talk about it. It's unlikely he will reveal much but it might make him panic and do something stupid like make a phone-call."
"Why can't Michael do that? He knows all about this as well."
"I know he does. And he could. But I've seen you with Glenn. You seem to have some sort of hold over him. Almost as if you can get him to do whatever you say. I think you'd be better at getting stuff out of him."
"OK. Supposing I agree to do this, when does it happen?"
"Well, I expect Glenn will to call you in before the Bulgaria game if he has scores to tell you. When he does I'll be there with a camera. I need you to plant a small transmitter in his office. It's about the size of a button and it shouldn't be too difficult. If you could stay behind again after he's finished talking and try to get him to reveal anything."
"It sounds a bit like something out of a James Bond film. Will it really work?"
"I've tested the equipment out in a similar situation and it worked quite well. I'm sure it will work. If it doesn't the consequences are too bad to think about."
"I know. So I'll do it. What happens when we have the evidence."
"It depends on what the evidence is. We don't know who is behind all of this. For all we know it could be Glenn himself or it could be anyone else in he world. After we know what we're dealing with we'll decide then."
"Right. So you'll let me know when you need me."
"Yeah if you can get into Glenn's office earlier then it will be better. I only need about four hours notice so if you can let Michael know he knows how to get hold of me."
"OK. I'll see what I can do."

The food arrived and we ate while we chatted. This was the first time I had really spoken to Glenn. Michael was pretty much silent, taking everything in. Losing the game had hit him hard but gradually we managed to get him perked up a bit. Once we had settled the bill over coffee and mints we left and the two players went back to the hotel. I had a late train to catch to the south to visit an old friend.

A Brief Interlude

After the match Graeme Le Saux went straight to the airport to catch a flight home. He had a few ideas about what was wrong and wanted to discuss them with someone. At the airport he picked up a payphone to make a quick call to London before his flight was called.

"Alan, it's Graeme."
"Hi, Graeme. Bad luck today. I thought you played well but there was something missing."
"I know. I need to discuss something with you. My flight leaves in half an hour and I'll be landing at about midnight. Can you meet me?"
"Sure. Where?"
"If you could pick me up that would be great. We can go to my place. No one's there. If I'm right about this it's quite a story."
"OK. I'll meet you at Heathrow. See you then."
"See you Alan."

Alan Hansen hung up the phone and sat for a few minutes. His wife looked over from the television to see him staring into space.

"Problem dear?"
"Oh I don't think so but I'll have to go out for a while. One of the England players needs to talk."
"Who is it?"
"I'd rather not say until I have spoken to him. I'll tell you later if I can."
"Is it about the game?"
"On the surface yes but I think it runs deeper than that. I think there's something going on in the camp and hopefully I'll find out what it is."

The time came to leave and Alan drove to Heathrow. The flight, one of the last to arrive that evening, was on time and Graeme strolled though the gate with his luggage. He saw Alan witing there and went up to see him. Luckily there were no photographers there. The team weren't expected back until the next day and so no one was waiting. They both got into Alan's car and left for Graeme's House.

But they had been seen. The airport's resident journalist had been watching from afar. He was intrigued that one of the players was returning home early. He'd received a tip-off from a counterpart in Stockholm. There was obviously something going on. Players did sometimes return home early if they had club commitments the next day. But Graeme had none and he was met by Alan Hansen. A shiver ran through his body as his mind told him he had quite a scoop here. He didn't know what it was yet but he sure was going to find out. It could wait for now. He'd stayed up several hours late after he'd heard the news and was exhausted after a long and busy day. But he'd be on the case tomorrow. Of that there was no doubt.

The two defenders arrived at Graeme's luxurious Chelsea mansion. Although the two men had been friends for a few months this was the first time Alan had laid eyes on Graeme's home. Graeme felt a bit uncomfortable about Alan being there. Alan was one of the old school footballers. Men who didn't earn in a year what Graeme earnt in a month and although Alan was now virtually a millionaire having started out as a working class Glasgow boy, he could never hope to have as much money as Graeme was earning just for being lucky enough to have been born twenty years later.

"Nice place you have here. You should have seen the house I was living in when I was playing for Liverpool. That was quite a bit smaller than this. You boys have it a lot easier these days you know."
"Yeah I know. But I can't help earning what I do. It's what they pay me. I'm not going to turn it down, am I?"
"Maybe you should. At some point someone has to say 'enough is enough'. If the wages keep going up then the game will ultimately suffer."
"But while they're willing to pay me all this money to do what I do I shall keep accepting it. Anyway, the BBC pays you enough don't they. Your house now isn't exactly small."
"Yes but I had to work hard for that. I used to do what you do and I got about ten percent of your wages. You pretty boys will never have to worry about money unless you start pissing it up the wall."
"Pretty boy eh? I happen to be damn good at what I do, like you were, and I get paid the going rate. It's not my fault that the money came when I was playing."
"But if you weren't playing in the Premiership you could be just as good and on a fraction of the wages."
"Look, don't lay this all on me. I didn't create the premiership. I play football 'cos I love it not because of what I'm paid. Anyway, I didn't come here to talk about the evils of money in football. I wanted to see what you thought of my England theory."
"I was just saying, that's all. What's your theory?"
"Well, I think there's something going on with Alan and Michael. I've seen Alan staring at Michael in training and this trip they decided to room together. I'm fairly sure Michael's gay."
"What makes you think that? Has he done anything like this before?"
"Well I had the room next to him in France and I'm sure I heard him with one of the waiters. It sounded pretty hot. And of course, I'd know."
"Are you telling me you're gay yourself?"
"Well not exactly. But I don't see gender as a reason for choosing someone to sleep with. I'm attracted to certain people from both sexes."
"And are you sure this isn't just jealousy. Maybe you want to attach something deeper to this situation than is actually there."
"I thought you knew me better than that, Alan. I'm fairly sure something is going on. Michael is missing shots that he would usually bury and Alan is becoming increasingly invisible. I reckon there's something going on and it's distracting their minds on the pitch. We should be winning games like this comfortably."
"I'm not sure. Sex shouldn't affect your mind on matchdays. And I'm fairly sure Alan just admires young Michael. He's young, talented and attractive. I used to feel the same about Ally when he first broke onto the scene."
"You had a crush on Ally McCoist? Blimey."
"It wasn't a crush. I just admired his talent and his grace on the pitch."
"I used to have a crush on you, you know."
"On me? The ugly Scottish centre-half? You have very wierd tastes kid!"
"You're a very attractive man. You had the ability and the power as a defender and the mind to be a great captain. Plus you were on telly so often that I found myself watching you all the time."
"And look at me now eh? A dry-witted Match of the Day pundit who's famous for saying 'Unbelievable'. Oh how the mighty have fallen."
"You haven't fallen. You're still a good-looking guy. I'm sure half the female population of the country would like to sleep with you."
"Ah, now you're just trying to talk me into bed. Fulfil that childhood fantasy."
"Maybe. But I wouldn't sleep with anyone who wasn't interested."
"So you would like to sleep with me? If I was interested?"
"I reckon so yes. You sound like you might be interested. Do you often go around seducing young men?"
"Not for a while now but I've been round the block a few times. You kids don't have the monopoly on playing the field you know."
"So how about it then?"
"You want me to come over there and show you what we used to get upto on the streets of Glasgow? You won't like it."
"How do you know what I like. I'm not a naive kid you know."
"Tell me that after I've fucked your brains out. When I used to sleep with men it was a very animalistic thing."
"Yeah yeah. You're all talk, Alan."
"Well you can take it or leave it. But once you take it, I'm in control OK."
"OK. Lets go upstairs."

They went upstairs. Alan's mind was turned back to the first time he had been fucked. It had left him limping for days. One of the older kids had grabbed him and virtually raped him. That was the way it was on the streets. You didn't argue, you just put up with it. And he was looking forward to showing this kid what it was all about. The kid had asked him for it and he was going to give it. Graeme lay back on the bed and Alan stood over him.

"Get on your knees then kid. Lets see if you can take a real fucking."

Graeme got onto his knees and Alan got behind him. He undid the boy's jeans and ripped them and his underpants down to his knees. He unzipped his fly and pulled out his huge hard cock. The anticipation of breaking the boy in was enough to get his all fired up and with one swift movement he thrust forwards and buried himself deep into the kid. He screamed with pain. It was no use. He had asked for it. Alan left it there for a moment before he pulled out and rammed it back in again. The pretty boy on the bed whimpered softly as the intruder ripped him apart. Alan's mind was racing. This was the ultimate act for him. He was bridging all of the class divides. He had a cute little rich boy begging for him to stop but also begging for him to carry on. He started pumping away. He was fully in control of the situation and he could pound away all night.

He picked up the pace, slowly pulling out and then ramming home again and he built up a rhythm. It was ten minutes later that Graeme got used to the feeling. He had never felt anything like it before. The pain had been immense and it felt like someone was trying to drive a truck into him but slowly it cleared to be replaced by the greated ecstasy he had ever felt. Waves of emotion crashed over him. He had always enjoyed being on the bottom but he had never been thoroughly used like this. It felt right. It felt like the best feeling ever could. He never wanted it to stop. He started moving his pelvis slowly to maximise the contact with his well used prostate. He squeezed his arse muscles tightly, anxious to get the most from the cock which was buried inside him. Alan noticed this and started hammering in and out as fast as he could. He would be the first to tell anyonethat he was never the quickest on the field but in bed he could reach speeds far in excess of what seemed possible. It was the reason his wife didn't mind his womanising. Graeme was floating somewhere between the clouds and the stars. His whole body was on another level. Just when he thought it couldn't get better, Alan would speed up even more and fire the synapses of nerves Graeme didn't know he had. But it had to end sometime. After two solid hours of fucking, Alan had reached his peak. He had given the boy the ride of his life and with one final thrust he stopped, screamed like a banshee and exploded. His juice shot deep inside the boy, endless gallons of thick white cream. If he had had any mind left to think about it he would have known it was the best orgasm he had ever had. It kept on shooting and the muscles gripping his rod continued to milk him for all he was worth as Graeme's own body gave way and shot out hsi own load all over the bed beneath him.

They collapsed exhausted, Alan on top of Graeme with his softening shaft still inside him.

Meanwhile, Back in Sweden

Alan and Michael returned to their room. It had been Glenn's idea for them to share a room. He couldn't trust the kid not to say anything. Alan was slightly uneasy with the situation. Since the last time he had fucked Glenn he hadn't been able to get Michael out of his mind. He pictured the kid and him in positions he had never wanted to even contemplate. Michael used the bathroom first. He came out wrapped in just a towel and walked past Alan who was lying on his bed. Alan just stared. He couldn't help it. He was transfixed by the sheer beauty parading about in front of him. All he wanted to do was run his fingers over that smooth chest, toy with his nipples and feel his...

"I said the bathroom's free now. Is something wrong?"
"No I was just thinking. I'd better take a shower."

Alan stepped in the shower and turned the cold tap on full. He almost screamed as the cold water slowly replaced the hot and quenched his desires. He couldn't keep thinking that way. He knew it had affected his game today and although that didn't matter he didn't like it. He hadn't ever felt an attraction this strong towards anyone before. Not even his wife made him feel like this. It was like being a kid again. He was letting his mind get screwed up by thoughts of sex. He thought he had left all that behind as he grew up but now it was back and this time it was ten times stronger.

On the other side of the wall Michael pulled on his boxers and lay on top of the covers. He didn't know what to do. Alan had been staring at him and it had made him a little uneasy. Maybe he knew about him and Andy and maybe he hated him. He got into bed and turned on his side just as Alan came walking back into the room. He wanted to sleep but Alan started talking.

"Michael can I ask you something?" he said a little nervously. He had to confront this or it would finish his career.
"What's up?"
"Are you gay? Sorry I couldn't think of any better way to say it."
"What makes you think that?"
"It's just that...well...erm...I've been err...I've been thinking about you. In THAT way. And my mind won't let it rest. It's a bit embarrasing really but I think I need to sleep with you. It's tearing my mind apart and I can't think straight. Sorry. Forget I said anything."

Michael thought for a minute. He wasn't sure where he wanted to go. He could see his captain and mentor was screwed up and he wanted to help him. But he was in a relationship. He didn't want to screw that up. His loyalties were split down the middle. He couldn't ignore his captain when he needed him.

"Well I don't know what to say. I am gay but I'm in a relationship which I don't want to mess up. Me and Andy are together."
"I thought you might be. I'm not asking for anything but I just want to see what happens. I wouldn't tell anyone."
"OK but it won't mean anything you know."
"I know. I'm hoping it will be enough to sort my head out."

Alan crossed the room and stood by Michael's bed wrapped in just a towel. He let it drop to the floor and Michael pulled back the covers. Despite his loyalties, the lump in his boxers showed that he wasn't too upset at having to sleep with the man who had become his mentor. He slipped them off and dropped them to the floor. He stared into Alan's eyes with a look which would have made any straight man want to joing him on the bed. Alan lay down on his side facing Michael who was on his back. Nervously he reached out his hand and placed it on the boy's chest. Half of his mind was asking him exactly what he was playing at and the other half was telling him to play more. And it was that half that won the day. He started to rub his hand around, feeling the smoothness of Michael's muscular chest. His hand worked its way down towards Michael's young groin. He nervously wrapped his hand round the hard pole that he found there. It felt slightly bizarre to him to have a cock in his hand and not be feeling the sensation in his own groin. He started to move his hand up and down the shaft, slowly milking the boy.

Michael reached his hand into Alan's crotch and reciprocated his captain's actions. Despite the guilt he was feeling, it felt good to have his hand's on Alan's cock. He wanted more and he knew how to get it. He pulled away from Alan and got into a kneeling position on the bed. He told Alan to lie on his back and put his hands behind his head. Then, without another word, he swallowed the huge hard member straight into his throat. Alan wasn't prepared for such a sensation. It was very rare that his wife would give him head and this kid was obviously far more well practised. Michael massaged the rod with his throat muscles and swirled his tongue round the base of the shaft. He pulled all the way off and started to lick around the head, Alan just lay there with his eyes closed and let out a slight moan at the extreme pleasure he was feeling. A billion feelings were going through his head. And then suddenly the image of his wife lying sprawled out on the bed naked leapt into his mind. He opened his eyes to see a sight which now looked odd. He couldn't quite work out why another man had his lips wrapped around his cock. He felt disgusted by the thought that he had been willing to have sex with another man. And despite the actions of Michael's expert mouth, his cock started to go limp. Michael concentrated his efforts but it was to no avail. He lifted his head up and looked at the puzzled expression on his captain's face.

"What's wrong?"
"I don't want this anymore. I tried it and it didn't work. I guess I'm cured now so thanks. I'm sorry but it's my wife I'm thinking of."
"Oh right. Well I guess you'd better get into your own bed then."
"Yeah, I think I should. Sorry, this should never have happened.

Meanwhile, Back in Sweden

Alan got up and crossed the room to return to his own bed. He got under the covers and fell straight to sleep with pleasant thoughts of his wife going through his mind. Michael lay on top of the covers in a state of shock. He wasn't too happy with the way the situation had progressed. He felt slightly used by Alan. But eventually the thoughts cleared and he managed to get some sleep.

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