My time with the England Squad

The acts depicted in this story are purely fictional although the characters and settings are all real. I wish the events had happened but to my continuing disappointment they never did. Do not read if you are likely to be offended by acts of consensual gay sex or if it is likely to be illegal for you to do so.

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Part Two - Michael Owen


After the night with David I had changed. I was a completely new person. I can't even begin to explain how I had changed or how it had happened but there was a change. I noticed it in him as well. We never talked about that night. It was a mutually unspoken agreement. Our relationship didn't change at all. We still got on really well. Well, it may have changed a little. I had added a new dimension to it with my homosexuality. He was interested in that. But it was talked about in the same way we had discussed women before.

It was Michael Owen who now held my intrigue. We'd got on quite well from the start but he seemed to be so damned straight that I hadn't made too much effort at the risk of just becoming besotted. He did put across the straight act very well. I didn't really know what to do. My mind was working on ways to get him into bed. After all he was the best looking member of the squad. But if I just approached him then that would implicate David. I needed something more subtle. It was a tough problem. It wasn't so much ideas of circumstance that were required, rather ideas of what I could say without saying anything. Many ideas came to mind but they were dismissed as quickly as they were thought of. It was in the middle of a completely normal conversation with David that it struck me. He saw my eyes light up and he knew immediately that I'd had an idea. I had not kept it secret from him that my mind was on Michael. He'd also come up with an idea but it was doomed to failure. Midfield may have been his strong suit, subtlety wasn't.

I discussed the plan with him once we were alone. He couldn't help but smile. Even if I did say so myself, it was brilliant.


The next morning after breakfast, the day before the all important Argentina game I started a nothing conversation with Michael. It wasn't odd for me to do that. In my official capacity as Assistant to the England Camp I was expected to try and get on with the players and help keep their minds off the fact that all the eyes of the world were on them. Having a conversation about absolutely nothing was something I soon discovered I was very good at. I moved the conversation on.

"Did you have a good time with your Louise when she came over?"
"Yes it was great. We had a really good time together" he said without hesitation.
"She's a good looking girl. How ever did you find her?"
"She is great isn't she. We've known each other for most of our lives, like. We were great friends and we decided to go out together last year."
"When you became famous?"
"Yeah I guess so. I'd made it into the first team by then."
"What made you suddenly decide to go out together. I mean if you've been friends for years"
"Don't know really. We just realised it would be a great idea."
"Who's idea was it?"
"Mine. Definitely. I was looking around for a girlfriend and there she was, right under my nose."
"What made you decide to look for a girlfriend?"
"I just though the time was right."
"Hadn't you ever had a girlfriend before?"
"No I hadn't really."
"A good looking lad like you? Surely you've got women falling over you."
"I suppose. I wasn't all that interested before. Then I decided the time was right."
"To fit in with your professional footballer image? Or to keep all the screaming girls off your back?"
"Oh no that's sad is that. You should see the stuff they send in the post. Some of it's sick."
"Really like what?"
"Dirty letters and poems, underwear, you name it."
"Ever had letters off men? You're quite good looking. I'm sure the gay community can't have failed to notice you."
"One or two yeah. They're usually better letters though, less childish."
"In what way?"
"Well they usually go something like 'You don't know me and probably never will but I'd just like you to know that I think you're a gorgeous man. Blah blah blah."
"Doesn't that freak you out? Blokes fancying you?"
"Not really. They're quite nice about it. It's the girls who freak me out more."
"Surely that's every blokes dream. To have the entire female population fantasising about him. Isn't it?"
"I'm not every bloke though. I just want to be able to live a normal life. It gets impossible when girls start screaming after you in the streets."
"But it's alright for blokes?"
"They don't scream after you in the streets though. I give them respect for that."
"I guess not. I have to say you have a very enlightened attitude. It's almost as if you understand homosexuals."

With that comment I shot him a knowing glance.

"What's he told you then?"
"David. He's said something hasn't he. You're just fishing for rope to hang me with. And I trusted you. And him for that matter."
"I don't know what you're talking about. I was just chatting. No ulterior motives."
"Yeah yeah. I might play football but I'm not completely stupid you know."
"I know you're not. You're getting very defensive though. It was just a few innocent questions though. Unless you know something I don't."

Another knowing glance.

"OK. What do you want?"
"What do you mean?"
"Without saying anything, I get this feeling you know something and are trying to blackmail me. Whatever it is you want just tell me and get this over with."
"I'm not after anything. I don't know anything. Really."
"Yes really. Like I said I'm just making conversation. Jeez you must have some skeleton in your closet."

Even I almost cringed at that pun. But I couldn't help it. He seemed to let it go unnoticed so I carried on.

"If you want to discuss it we can. I'm a good listener. Now I know you have something to hide then it might be an idea to let me know what it is."
"How do you figure that one?"
"Well if it's what my mind thinks it is, and I think it is, then you need support. If it IS what I think it is then you have the potential to get yourself hated in this game. And I'd hate to see you taken off my television set because of something which happens off the field. It wouldn't be fair."
"Are you insinuating what I think you are?"
"Almost certainly."
"You could have just told me. You seemed to know about me anyway. Then we could have cut the crap and discussed it like grown boys. Rather than digging."
"But it's more fun this way. We both know what the other one means but at the same time we don't know anything. You could end this conversation here if you wanted to without having said anything concrete. Unless you're interested in carrying it on?"
"Oh I'm definitely interested in carrying it on. I assume you're talking about the 'intellectually stimulating' conversation."
"Of course. Would you like to continue this discussion in my room?"
"I think that's the best thing you've said all morning."

We got to my room.

"Doesn't Glenn have rules about this sort of thing?"
"Yeah he does. No sex outside of marriage unless it's with a bona fide mistress and you plan to leave your wife."
"Oooh bitchy. I take it you're not a Hoddle fan then."
"He's a complete hypocrite. He preaches with one hand and sins with the other. He's a one man walking contradiction."
"What about sex before matches, is that 'officially' banned."
"Well, it is. It's not usually an issue in a situation like this where we're away from our 'partners'. But I have to say that I have had sex the day before all the matches I scored in."
"Really. Who was it before Romania?"
"One of the waiters. Can't remember his name. It's the one with short dark hair, about the same age as me."
"Claude? He's gorgeous. You lucky bastard."
"He is isn't he. Great in bed too."
"So, do you fancy scoring tomorrow?"
"I thought you'd never ask."

It was the moment I'd been dreaming about for over a year.

"So" I said applying my lips to his cute smile "is there anything I can do that will guarantee a goal?"
"Well, just make sure I'm fully satisfied and happy. I need to be able to run onto the training pitch in a couple of hours though so bear that in mind."
"So I'm a bottom today then?"
"Depends how big you are."
"Big enough thank you. Want to take a look yourself?"
"I might just do that."

He pulled my trousers down to reveal the huge tent in my briefs.

"Well it's not as long as Macca's but it's a lot thicker."
"You and Macca?"
"Yeah. He's still trying to pretend that he's straight so it's not all that often. He usually has a few drinks after away games and since we share a room together I'm only happy to oblige when he says he's feeling horny. In the mornings he pulls the old 'god I was so drunk last night' routine and I play along."
"It's beginning to sound like a real hotbed of gay sex this football lark."
"It can be sometimes. But we all have to be careful. If anyone found out we'd be hung by the press. Remember Justin?"
"How could I forget."
"It's kind of focused our minds a little. But enough about that, you were about to satisfy my every whim and desire."
"Was I? Oh yeah. I remember. We'd better do something about these clothes."

First Round

I kissed my biggest fantasy long and hard while I slowly toyed with the buttons of his shirt. As I reached the last button I pulled the tails out of his trousers and spread it open. I slowly and softly ran my hand over his perfectly smooth chest. My shirt was open and I rolled on top of him. Our two chests rubbing together increased the passion of our lip-locked embrace.

"You're a good kisser" I said after ten or so minutes.
"That's not the only thing I can do with my mouth."

He kissed me again and rolled us over so he was on top. He sat up on my groin, my trousers had already worked their way down to my ankles since he had undone them. He took off our shirts and ran his fingers over my chest. In one swift movement he thrust his body down to meet mine and started smothering my neck in passionate kisses. The level of heat was rising with the intensity of the moment and a light sweat broke out over my body. He started making his way down my chest, pleasuring both of my nipples in turn, teasing and lapping at them with his tongue and gently nibbling them with his teeth. They hardened to his attentions and he left them to continue on his journey down my body. He kissed every inch of my abdomen slowly working his way across and then back again. I could feel the hardness inside my briefs throbbing with every kiss and I knew I was in heaven. As he was pleasuring my navel with his expert mouth he grabbed my cock through my briefs and slowly started to caress it. I let out a quiet moan of ecstasy as he toyed with my most intimate possession.

He pulled down my briefs to give my hard cock the release it had been needing for so long. Immediately he started lapping away at the head, running his tongue round and round the head giving me sensations beyond my wildest dreams.He licked up and down the shaft, coating it with his saliva and then removing it again before diving down to my balls. He sucked one of my balls into his mouth and rolled it around before spitting it out and taking the other one in. He moved back and forth between my balls a few times before moving his attentions back to my cock. He took the whole thing into his throat in one movement and just held it there for a few seconds. I was glad because I was very close to the edge from all of his previous efforts and I didn't want this moment to be over too soon. Eventually when he sensed I had calmed down he started bobbing up and down. His throat was fully relaxed and rather than pulling all the way off he made small movements to rub my cock in and out of the entrance to his throat. It was the most amazing thing anyone had ever done to me, my head was just being rubbed softly by his throat and the pleasure was immense.

He could tell once again that I was getting worked up so he pulled off and started long and gentle strokes up and down. The intense pleasures started to subside to be replaced by a slow build up that I could feel deep within me. I knew my orgasm wasn't far off and when it came I was worried it might just blow his head off. Gradually he increased the pace up and down and sucked steadily harder until I cried out that I was going to come. He rammed my cock back into his throat and somehow massaged it with his muscles, yet another trick he had up his sleeve. It was just about all I could take. He had been giving me intense pleasures for the best part of an hour. My whole body shook as the climax of the mornings entertainments came upon me. My balls contracted tight into my body and suddenly my cock exploded. I came like never before. Strong spurts of my juice spraying straight down his throat into his stomach. I shot and shot until I was fully drained, mentally and physically. He started pulling off me as my cock was still convulsing , drawing the cum into his mouth. Finally after about six hours (or maybe only a few seconds) my cock stopped spraying , my body relaxed fully and I lay lifeless on the bed. He pulled my cock from his mouth and licked around the head to clean off the last of my juice. He lay down beside me on the bed and kissed me deeply, sharing my cum with me, trying to give me back the energy he had just drained.

We kissed for about ten minutes before I could open my eyes.

"Fucking hell. What the fuck happened there. That was the most intense sexual experience of my life. I thought David was good but that...."
"You and David?"
"Yeah, didn't I tell you" I replied, knowing full well I hadn't.
"You lucky bastard. What's he like?"
"He was fantastic but nothing like as good as you just were. Of course I don't know what he's like at giving blowjobs but I can't imagine he'd be better than that. Nice tight arse though."
"He let you fuck him? How did that happen?"
"I gave him the blowjob of his life and then he just sank down on my cock without even asking. It was great."
"What about Victoria?"
"No I've never shagged her!"
"Yeah but he's supposed to be marrying her."
"He still is. He's not gay it's just that he's not as closed minded to new experiences as most straight boys. And the poor boy hadn't seen her for three weeks and so was horny as fuck. I propositioned him as a joke and he accepted. Girls is where he's at normally but he doesn't mind a guy if that's all that's available."
"Wow. You lucky bastard."
"Yeah I guess. Having sex with the two most gorgeous footballers in the world in the same week. Life's a bitch sometimes. Which reminds me, you still have a hole to fulfil around here somewhere."
"You want me to fully fill your hole? You got it."
"Just lie back there and I'll do it like David did it to me."

The Final

I undid his trousers and pulled them down. His cock was pulsing away behind the one thin piece of material still keeping me from my prize. I grasped the waistband of his white briefs and in one swift movement pulled them down towards his ankles. His cock was the most beautiful I had ever seen. Seven smooth inches of perfect flesh stuck straight up before me, bobbing in response to the feelings running through the tight body of the gorgeous eighteen year old boy lying naked, spread out on the bed before me. A small bit of the head was poking out of the loose foreskin which crowned the top, precum making the hole at the top glisten in the daylight coming in through the windows. I drank in the scene for a few seconds, revelling in the perfection which was before my eyes. This boy, after whom I had lusted since the first moment I saw him take the field for Liverpool, was ready for me.

I went down, taking his cock as far into my mouth as I could. Slowly I worked it into the back of my throat until I felt his soft brown hairs tickling my nose. I inhaled deeply, the scent of pure young manhood intoxicating my senses. I pulled off slowly and set to work lubing his meat up fully. I pulled his foreskin down to reveal the throbbing purple head and licked round it coating it liberally with my spit. I needed it in me. As I worked his cock I felt him dragging my body round. I positioned my arse near his head and he started working a finger inside me. He moved it in and out gently, gradually loosening my hole in preparation for the main event. One finger was replaced by two and then swiftly by three. My arse was ready. His cock was ready. WE were ready.

I repositioned myself so my hole was over his cock and in one athletic movement sank down so he filled me completely. The feeling of pleasure was almost too much to bear and I could feel my head spin for a few seconds. I steadied myself and slowly lifted myself upwards until he was almost out and then sat back down quickly illiciting a loud moan from Michael. My cock was sticking out rock hard in front of me and pulsed as his huge rod rubbed against my prostate. I started a steady rhythm up and down enjoying the feeling of emptiness and then fullness that my efforts were providing. Michael was moaning with every stroke into me and I could tell he was getting close to an enormous orgasm. I leant my body forwads so my cock was trapped between us and started moving forwards and back, simultaneously rubbing my cock whilst fucking myself on his. The feelings intensified as we sped rapidly towards our orgasms. My mind was totally lost in the moment, focused purely on providing pleasure for me and Michael. I knew I wouldn't last long and I could see from the look of pure sexual ecstasy on Michael's face, eyes closed and mouth open, and from the constant moans that he was nearly there too. And then it happened. I was overtaken with the same pure feeling of magic that had come over me when I was fucking David only this time it was more powerful. It was a feeling of such intensity, fueled by the love and lust for the man I had beneath me. For a few brief moments we were one united sexual being, fully focused with the only objective being the attainment of the most primal of pleasures. It built up into a huge crescendo which resulted in our two hard cocks exploding simultaneously. I could feel the huge cock inside me throbbing strongly and the release of hot young fluids straight from Michaels cock deep inside me at exactly the same moment as I felt the load shoot out from my cock onto our chests and stomachs.

It was the most amazing orgasm I had ever felt, shivers went up and down my spine and every hair on my body was erect, enjoying the moment. I kissed Michael long and hard on the lips as our orgasms gradually began to subside. Once they were over I just collapsed on top of him, our bodies awash with my cum and his cock still up my arse. We lay like that for a few minutes before Michael broke the blissful silence of the sexual afterglow.

"Oh that was intense."
"That was the most amazing sexual experience I have ever had without a doubt. You are amazing."
"So are you. I've never felt like that before. It was like we were one. We have to do that again."
"Definitely. But I hate to tell you that we have to be in the lobby in fifteen minutes to go for training. We'll have to shower together."
"Fuck. I forgot about that. Do you have anything to give me some strength back?"

I got some dextrose tablets and a couple of cans of Red Bull out of a drawer and Michael shoved them down his neck. We showered quickly and dried each other off and made it into the lobby with about a minute to spare. I saw David and he gave me a sly wink. He knew what we had just done. To him it was written all over our faces.


The next day, as I said in part one, was a bit of a downer. Argentina knocked us out of the cup but the good thing was that Michael scored. Neither of us felt like sex but when we arrived back in England we promised to keep in touch and I knew we would. I saw the pictures of him and Louise on holiday in the newspapers. The ultimate bluff and they were falling for it hook, line and sinker. I had a wry smile on my face. I knew something they didn't.

The two stories are the best from my time with the England squad. At some point in the future I might write some more but for now it's a closed chapter. I have about six other stories on the go at the moment which I have to finish then I can start writing about my new job as players 'assistant' for Liverpool FC.
Stay safe, stay sane and be happy - The Alchemist ;-)