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Fate Brought Billy Gilman to Me

Part #3

By Paul S. Stevens

As we arrived at Billy's new home I noticed Billy's 2006 Shelby Mustang parked in the driveway of a very modest but sweet little blue two bedroom house. There was also an SUV parked out front with three people sitting in it.

"Oh God," Billy gasped. "The family is here!"

"Too late, they've already seen us," Derek said. "There's no turning back now!"

We pulled into the driveway next to Billy's Mustang and everyone from both vehicles got out. Everyone greeted each other and Billy introduced me to his Mother, Father and eighteen-year-old younger brother Colin as `the friend he made while in Los Angeles'. A strange look came across their faces as they had a bit of trouble understanding how he could have met me, let alone made friends when they thought they remembered being with Billy nearly every minute they were in Los Angeles. They had forgotten all about the rolling blackout that caused Billy and me to begin our journey that brought us to this very moment in time. That's when all the questions started.

"When did you meet?" his Mom asked.

"How did you become friends?" his Dad asked.

"Before we start our game of `50 questions', let's go inside," Billy said to everyone.

Billy had that undeniable look of dread on his face as we went in. A lump developed in my throat as I began to realize that Billy was about to `come-out' to his family. I did not envy Billy this difficult task he was about to undertake. I'm sure he would rather have postponed this chore seeing this was not the ideal time and place to do it, but circumstances dictated that it couldn't be put off any longer. I've had my own personal experience with `coming-out' to one's parents and it never turns out to be a very pretty sight, at least not for me. All this time, Billy had been keeping our relationship a secret from everyone. Now that I was here, I was going to be a bit hard to explain away. No matter how Billy and Derek decided to handle it, I was coming along for the ride if I liked it or not. Billy had all six of us sit in the living room and the interrogation began.

"Well, what's this all about?" his Mom asked.

"Mom... Dad... Barrett is my boyfriend!" Billy stated.

"Oh, that is so gay," his brother Colin sarcastically said.

"What do you mean when you say boyfriend?" his Dad queried.

"He's my lover, if he'll have me?" Billy said as he looked over in my direction.

I think all the blood drained out of my face as I looked at both his parent's facial expressions.

"Oh shit!" Colin gasped.

"You three need to excuse us," his Dad ordered. "We're gonna need some time to talk to Billy alone,"

"I'm gonna go ahead and make my way home now if you don't mind, it's been quite a day!" Derek said as he gathered his things and took this opportunity to flee before the shit really hit the fan.

Billy thanked Derek for his help and I quickly told him it was nice to meet him as he raced out the door like a rat jumping ship at the first sign of trouble.

"You two can go into my bedroom for now," Billy said to his brother and me. "It's the room on the left."

Colin and I heard some of the berating his parents began to unleash upon poor Billy as we made our way out of the living room.

"What about Camera?" his mother began. "Have you thought about her feelings?"

"Camera and I are just friends Mom, that's all, nothing more!" he confessed.

"Just friends, just friends," his Dad scowled, "after all the time you've invested in each other.

"Exactly," Billy said, "it's not fair to either of us knowing that nothing more will ever come of it."

"Does this mean you're giving up on girls' altogether?" his mother asked. "Does that mean no grandchildren?"

"Don't worry about that Dear, there's still Colin," his dad said. "By the way, how old is this kid, he looks younger than your brother. He looks like he's sixteen!"

"He's the same age as me dad!" Billy said.

"Are you sure," his dad said. "If he's not, you could be dealing with jail bait. Are you ready to go to jail over this?"

Colin and I were now in Billy's bedroom and once we closed the door, we couldn't hear anything further. I took the opportunity to answer some questions that Colin was dying to find out.

"Are you and my brother really lovers?" Colin enquired with an almost giddy expression.

I paused for a moment to take into account the events of the past few minutes and determined that the cat was already let out of the bag figuratively speaking, so I saw no reason to cloak the truth from him. Besides, if my information was correct, Colin was eighteen now and old enough to be treated like an adult.

"Yeah, I suppose we are," I acknowledged.

"Holy Crap!" he responded with an evil giggle. "What I wouldn't give to hear what they're talking about right now."

"Do you hate your brother that much?" I asked him.

"Hell no!" he answered. "I love my brother. In fact he's not just my brother he's my best friend. He doesn't know it yet, but he's out there paving the way for me right now! What I mean is I've found somebody I've fallen in love with since Billy moved out. He's two years older than me and he has his own place. He's asked me to move in with him. I haven't told anybody this yet. You're the first to know. I'm old enough to do what I want now but Mom and Dad's way of controlling Billy might make things hard for me now that Billy has left home. They might turn their controlling ways on me next. I don't know what to do now."

"This is gonna be very hard on Billy and your parents both," I told him, "and Billy is three years older than you are. As hard as it is for Billy right now, it's going to be twice as hard for you, maybe more!"

"Why do you say that?" he questioned.

"Because," I began, "most of the time when a son tells his parents he's gay, the parents feel like they've just lost their son or worse, they go into denial."

"Denial?" he said.

"Yeah, you know, when they say `you're not really gay, you just think you are', that's denial! That's when they send you to a shrink!"

"They've already been sending Billy to a shrink," he informed me.

"I know, they may have had their suspicions about him already and believed they were heading off a disaster!" I confirmed. "If they think they're loosing Billy, they might double their efforts on you to assure that you won't suffer the same fate as him, a kind of gay death. Besides, I just heard them refer to you when the subject of grandchildren came up knowing that if your brother peruses his relationship with me, grandchildren will become unlikely. Of course Billy and I could adopt a child, but I think you're parents will look to you for their last hope at a biological grandchild they can love as their own flesh and blood."

"Shit," he said. "I never thought about it that way before. What do I do?"

"Take it one day at a time," I said. "Don't rush into anything. You will know when the time is right but that time is not now. Your Mom and Dad's worst nightmare just became a reality and their world just came crashing down around then. Hearing almost the same news from you could be too much for them all at once. Be careful, thoughtful and most of all loving and understanding to both your parents and your brother. This is all a lot to deal with for everyone: you... your parents... your brother... his career... Derek... and yes, even me! We're all a part of this very tense and delicate situation"

"You're pretty cool, I like you," he said. "I'm glad Billy found you, I'm happy for him. Now I hope they're working it out in there for his sake and mine."

"I wish the best for you and your new partner," I said, "and I'm glad Billy has such a kind and loving brother. He's gonna need you to be supportive for him. I'm positive he'll be supportive of you when you decide to tell him. I'll make sure of it!"

"Your not gonna tell him about what we've just talked about?" he asked not being sure he understood me.

"You can trust me to keep what you say confidential," I promised. "When the time is right, they'll hear it from you as it should be."

"My brother really lucked out when he found you," he said. "I think you're gonna be perfect for Billy."

Once Billy and his parents had ended their heated dialogue, he came to get us and informed us that they would be promptly leaving.

"Is everything all right?" I asked Billy.

"Yeah, we're cool," he said trying to spare Colin and me the immense pain he had just suffered.

"I really would like to get to know your parents better," I said.

"You'll get your chance soon," he said, "but right now, they need some time to digest what's just happened."

Billy and Colin gave each other a good-bye hug and before he left the room, Colin turned to me and gave me a hug as well.

After the whirlwind flood of events that had transpired once I arrived in New York, I was beginning to think that Billy and I would never get any time alone. I stayed in Billy's room until I heard everyone leave. Shortly after that, Billy came into the room to speak with me next.

"Well, I finally got you in my bedroom," Billy grinned, "and I'm not going to let you get away! We're finally alone now and I promise it will stay that way for the next couple of days!"

Billy sat down on his bed next to me and he put both hands on my shoulders and held me there motionlessly. He studied my features intensely, possibly for the very first time. At first I thought that he was trying to see if he could tell my true age without coming right out and asking me but his gaze was too sweet to hold any deception. I soon realized he wasn't looking to discern my age. He was looking into my soul as it seemed to gravitate to him like a genie summoned from his lamp.

"Who are you, Barrett Jenson?" he affectionately said to me. "Who is this beautiful person I hold in front of me? How is it that you are able to give me the strength to do what I haven't been able to do all this time? Things I needed to do for myself for years but lacked the motivation and courage?"

I couldn't help but gaze back into his piercing hazel blue eyes as he spoke to me. Those eyes had a way of penetrating right through my body as they catapulted me into a deep trance. Just one look was all it took, he had me right where he wanted me and I was ready to do anything he asked. He pulled me to him and kissed me. His kiss packed so much power that I could feel all the passion in his heart empty into mine. His love and affection for me was so overwhelming that it gave me an instant erection. There was no one else on Earth that could do that to me with one simple kiss. After he released me from his captivating embrace I tried to answer his questions once I was able to speak again.

"I'm just an unworthy fool whose fortune smiled down on him," I said.

"You're no fool and I'm the one who's not worthy," Billy said. "I've already done things that have hurt you deeply. I'm the fool for doing those things that caused you pain and because of that, I almost lost you. I will do whatever it takes to earn your trust again. Back in Los Angeles, we were together for about an hour in that elevator. During that time, I felt I knew you my whole life... during that time, you gave me words of wisdom that changed my life forever... during that time, you gave me hope for a future I felt I had lost... during that time, I learned what love was for the very first time in my life."

"The very first time...?" I questioned.

"Yes, the very first time!" he answered. "Sure I knew how to love my family and friends. I knew how to love singing and performing. I knew that I loved having sex. I told everyone I've ever had sex with that I loved them, the guys and the girls both. I always thought that saying `I Love You' was what you were supposed to say when you got intimate with someone. I simply didn't understand the meaning of those words. I can't say that I never loved anyone like I love you because I didn't know what love was at all until I met you!"

Billy reached over to me and pulled my shirt off. My rational sensibilities told me that I should take things nice and slow from here but Billy had other ideas. We both had waited so long for this moment that our passion for each other overtook us and my rational sensibilities flew out the window as we nearly raped one another in our race to get our clothes off. It didn't matter that if, in our haste we should bring each other along and climax to quickly. We had all night to make love as many times as our bodies would allow and I was personally prepared to go no less than three times just as a starting point. I knew that I had at least that much pent-up sexual energy saved that was itching to be spent like a wallet full of money burning a hole in one's pocket. I was ready to blow it all in one glorious night! Once we got everything off, we got comfortable on top of the bed.

"We really should take a shower before we go any further," I said.

"Good idea, you go first!"

"No," I said as I reached out for Billy's semi-erect cock, "let's shower together!"

"Have you seen the shower?" he asked. "It's pretty small."

"It'll be fun," I said as his cock started to grow in my hand. "Let's try!"

"Okay, you go in first and I'll get some towels."

I went into the bathroom and got the water temperature adjusted and hopped in. He was right, this was a small shower but we could still have fun making do with what we had. A few moments later, Billy came in with a couple of towels and some washcloths. He set the towels down on the toilet seat and handed me the washcloths. He flashed me a look as if to say `Here Goes Nothing' and entered the shower stall with me. I soaped up the two washcloths, kept one and handed him the other. We quickly got into the spirit of things and began to soap each other up enthusiastically. He turned his back toward me and I washed him head to foot and then he had me do the same. We faced each other and fervently went head to toe with special emphasis on our genital regions. We managed to do a double shampoo before we rinsed off, dried off and headed back to the bedroom.

"Wow, that was invigorating," Billy said.

"And a whole lot of fun too," I added.

Billy had me lie down in the middle of the bed face up as he prepared to explore the rest of my body as he started to do earlier. As I watched him, he took a bottle of lube called `Pig Lube H2O' and a hand full of condoms out of the nightstand drawer and tossed them onto the bed. He positioned himself over me and we went head to head. This was just the beginning steps toward our eventual sixty-nine position. We started off kissing first. I had never kissed anyone upside down like this before. The flat surface of our tongues faced each other making direct contact with our opposing papillary. This made for a very peculiar yet seductive sensation. Next, he made his way down my neck kissing and exploring along the way. When we got to the breast area, we both took some time to have some fun there by rolling our tongues around the nipples and playfully nibbling at the soft fleshy protrusions until they became aroused and stood at attention. Next, we concentrated on our belly buttons. This has always been a ticklish spot for me that I never outgrew and as his tongue darted in and out of this highly susceptible region, I began to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Billy asked.

"I'm sorry," I said, "I didn't mean to laugh at what you're doing, I'm just ticklish right there."

"Good to know," he said. "Feel free to laugh all you want. I love it, I think it's priceless!"

Billy and I resumed what we were doing, but before we moved on to our predetermined destination, he gave me a few more unexpected strokes with his tongue just to hear me giggle once more.

As Billy moved down towards my pulse pounding shaft, he captured it with his lips and began to draw it into his warm wet passageway engulfing it until it disappeared from sight. I looked up at Billy's beautiful package and realized it wasn't the same boy toy I had remembered admiring in the red glow of that dimly lit elevator. Time had been generous to Billy in the last few months since our last encounter. What I saw above me hanging inches away, up close and personal was manlier and more stud-like. His balls were larger too, appearing to be swollen and engorged, more like a bull than a man. Billy was my Bull, a prime specimen worthy of milking. That triggered a thought about something I remembered reading in an internet article called `How to Milk a Bull'. I had my very first Bull in front of me and his balls were calling out to me, just begging to be milked. I had wanted to try this out on someone every since I had read about it. I began to go over the step by step instructions trying to remember the details to the best of my ability. I began to get excited as an adrenaline rush overtook my body from just the thought of what I was about to try out on my unsuspecting lover. I reached over and grabbed one of the foil-wrapped condoms and the Pig Lube H2O that Billy tossed on the bed earlier, and I set out to implement the little knowledge I had gleaned from that article. Here is what I managed to remember from that infamous web site:

(*) Why would a milker want to milk his Bull? For one thing, the milker obtains a good quantity of his Bull's semen. More importantly, this process is very pleasurable for the Bull. When the milker detects the Bull's internal glands start to contract, the Bull will experience the feeling of an impending ejaculation (arguably the best part of an orgasm). The sensation of massaging the Bull's glands coupled with the feeling of his semen being forced out is also highly pleasurable. This method of milking avoids his refractory period (which does not depend on the quantity of fluids he ejaculates, but rather by the final contractions of his orgasm). By avoiding the contractions of an orgasm, your Bull can be milked endlessly in rapid succession giving him the feeling of coming close to the edge of orgasm as many times as his body can endure until he is totally exhausted, completely drained and sexually satisfied.

(*) How does a milker milk his Bull? An expert milker will bring his Bull close to an orgasm. When the milker feels his Bull's glands begin to contract, he squeezes those glands forcing the semen to come out without triggering an ejaculation. As I understand it, there are two important stages of the male orgasm process: the emission phase and the ejaculation phase. The milking must be performed between these two very close phases.

(*) The emission phase starts just prior to the ejaculation phase. During the emission phase, rhythmic muscular contractions in the male milk forming organs which are: (the Epididymi, Vas Deferentia, Seminal Vesicles and Prostate Gland) all spasm harmoniously together to empty the mature sperm, prostate fluids and seminal fluids into the ejaculatory ducts thus mixing the different ingredients together to form the finished product, semen.

(*) When the emission phase ends, the ejaculation phase starts about three seconds later. It's very quick, but if the milker is in touch with the prostate gland, he can be ready for when the emission phase starts. At this time, the Bull's prostate starts to swell and harden, signaling to the milker that he has about three seconds to stop any genital stimulation before the ejaculation phase begins. The emission of juices consequently subsides, but the Prostate Gland is already fully engorged and demands release. That's when the milker performs the prostate massage extracting large quantities of the Bull's semen, already complete of all its components. The orgasm, and the consequent refractory period is thus avoided, and the Bull's male glands are ready to be newly re-energized and drained again and again.

I believe I knew in theory what to do next, so now was the time to put my knowledge to the test and give Billy the ride of his life.

First, I un-rolled the condom onto my middle finger and lubed it up generously. I playfully spread the slippery fluid around the outside of Billy's backdoor, zeroing in on his puckered anal orifice, gently pushing my digit until it popped past the centurion guarding his anal stronghold. All this time, Billy had been pleasuring my rigid pole playing `now you see it, now you don't' as he bobbed up and down on me. Up to this point, besides our showering together, we haven't really done anything more than we had in that dark elevator three thousand miles away. That was now about to change.

I reached in as far as my finger could go and felt around to see if I could locate what I believed to be Billy's Ampullary Gland. The Ampullary Gland is a triangular organ with the point facing downward. It lies just above the prostate located near the internal walls of the anal canal. This is one of four organs that, in combination, create the sperm rich semen that is ultimately secreted upon orgasm. My goal was to massage and stimulate these four organ pressure points in an ever-increasing succession, pleasurably milking my partner of his prize, over and over again until I was ready to allow him to orgasm.

I drew Billy's cock into my mouth to begin the wild ride I'd planned for him. The head of his cock was already throbbing in my mouth and I knew my very first virgin milking was about to become a reality. It was like he knew what it was I was about to do to him as he seemed to prepare himself for what was to come. He stopped the wonderful blowjob he was giving me as my ministrations began to draw his focus away from me. He started moaning in a very rhythmical fashion and his breathing became increasingly shallow. I increased the speed and strength of the pressure points I was manipulating. The head of his cock almost doubled in size as I wrapped my tongue around it. All the signs of Billy's emission stage I'd been watching out for, all came together at once. I could feel his prostate swell with semen, I pulled his pulsating cock out of my mouth to cease all penile stimulation and I moved down to get into a better position to manipulate his walnut-shaped miracle organ. With ever-increasing pressure, I curled my finger down from top to bottom as if to coax a child to `come here'.

I believe he was experiencing for the very first time the extreme sensations of what it's like to feel definitively male, to produce that which only a male can produce. I can only imagine him tapping into that hidden knowledge that's buried deep in the human genome. The long forgotten imprints still carried in our DNA that man once experienced in primordial times. His vocal arias told me he had been catapulted into one of those elusive moments. I could feel the semen drain from his prostate as it slowly returned to its normal size. I became aware of my success as his hot semen splashed onto my chest from his dripping cock and I realized I had just turned his penis into a male milking faucet. Billy's oral overtures went from the deep sounds of sexual arousal to the sweet sounds of utter satisfaction.

Before he was even aware of what had just happened to him, I slipped his balls into my mouth to resume my stimulation again and begin my second milking. His semen producing organs started working overtime and quickly refilled with more hot Bull juice. I could feel his testicles pump more sperm into the mix as I rolled them around my tongue tricking them into giving up more of their precious life-giving essence. Once again I felt his emission phase begin and I ceased stimulating his balls to overt the orgasm phase. I was getting better at recognizing and timing my efforts as I summoned his next wave of hot fresh milk. He squirmed and raised his buttocks to facilitate my efforts. I pushed his second round of semen out and even more of his hot white seeds poured onto my chest adding to the sheer volume already accumulating there.

"Oh my God," he moaned, "I've never felt anything like this before. What are you doing to me? It feels so fuckin' fantastic!"

"I'm milking you, you virile masculine stud! Take a look at all that awesome fertile reproductive Bull milk you've deposited on me. I'm gonna keep milking you until you beg me to let you cum!"

"Okay," he feebly agreed and I proceeded to repeat the process an additional three times.

By the time I had milked Billy the fifth time, he had given up an enormous amount of semen that covered a large portion of my chest and stomach.

"This is so fantastic," he said. "I know it's not possible, but it feels like I've been teetering on the edge of cumming for hours now. I can't take this teasing anymore. You've got to let me cum now!"

"All right," I acknowledged. "This time I'll take you all the way home."

I was very aroused at the resounding success of my very first attempt at male milking. The abundance of fluids that Billy had spawned was massive and it really turned both of us on. I was ready to oblige Billy his ejaculation phase now and allow him to orgasm normally. At least as normally as anyone could who just endured five rounds of heavy duty Bull milking. Frankly I was feeling exhausted, and if I was exhausted, he must be totally wiped out. One of the things I read about this procedure is, even though it's heavenly, it's also physically and emotionally draining.

"Oh my g... oh my go... Oh My God!" he heaved.

Billy's entire body went rigid and he took a deep breath and held it. I was in the perfect position to witness the finale to my multiple milking sessions as Billy's face turned red and his cock unleashed a torrent of sperm that had him jerking and spasmodically quivering. Suddenly his muscles gave way and he collapsed on top on me. As his body accelerated onto mine, it splashed his semen everywhere like a belly-flop in the pool.

"Wow," I said, "did you ever make a mess."

I waited for a response and after a few moments of not receiving one, I spoke again.

"Well," I said jokingly, "there's no crying over spilt milk!"

Again I got nothing. I rolled Billy off of me and flipped him on his back. His body flopped like a lifeless corpse.

"Oh My God, I killed Billy Gilman," I unintentionally screamed into the room. "Oh My God Billy, you can't be dead. Oh fuck, what have I done? I just killed my lover. I've just killed a fuckin celebrity superstar. I'm gonna go to jail for the rest of my sorry ass life!"

I had to stop myself from getting hysterical. "Think a minute Barrett," I said to myself. "Calm down and get a hold of yourself. What should I do first?"

My body and mind went from shock to uncertainty. I checked to see if he was breathing. I was so shook up that I couldn't tell one way or the other. I checked for a pulse but this was futile since I couldn't find a pulse on myself let alone someone else. I froze for what seemed like an eternity while I contemplated my next move.

Now I moved from uncertainty to panic. Should I administer CPR? Should I perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? Should I call 911? Should I flee the scene and run? Even the most ridiculous thoughts took their turn in my mind. I was shaking uncontrollably. The longer Billy lay there motionless, the faster I began to lose control. I wondered why I started having trouble seeing what I was doing and discovered that a flood of tears was silently gushing out of my eyes.

I felt myself transition from panic to anger and then guilt. I made my decision and started giving Billy mouth to mouth. As I did this I discovered he was breathing on his own, but it was shallow and weak. Another morbid thought raced through my mind of the world's beloved performer emerging with tragic brain damage that would turn him into a shadow of his former self. This thought caused me to go from crying to outright weeping. I feared he might worsen from oxygen deprivation if I didn't continue, so I fought to control my chest from heaving so my resuscitating efforts could be more effective. I controlled myself long enough to continue until I felt his breathing begin to return to normal.

At least I knew now that Billy wasn't dead but unquestionably unconscious. Even though I was relieved at this realization, I knew that being unconscious for this long was not a good sign. Just as this thought past through my mind, I saw Billy's eyes flutter open. I felt myself swell with joy and relief as he rejoined the world of the here and now. I suddenly had this urge to sing the nursery rhyme Oh Where Have You Been Billy Boy, Billy Boy. Fortunately a moment later I came to my senses.

"Are you all right?" I asked quietly as if this was a completely normal question. "How do you feel?"

"I feel really weak but good," he answered and then a huge devilish grin shot across his face.

"What are you smiling about?" I chided.

"That was the most spectacular, fucking awesome out of this world, life altering experience I've ever had," he informed me. "Never did I think sex could ever be that mind blowing. I love you so much! You've stolen my heart. It belongs to you now."

"You passed out man!" I reminded him. "You scared the mother fucking shit out of me! I thought I killed you. I would never have been able to live with that. You almost stopped breathing. I had to give you mouth to mouth."

"Oh, it's too bad I missed it," he teased. "Come over here and give me some more mouth to mouth."

"This isn't funny," I snapped. "Now I'm afraid to try anything with you."

It's my own fault," he confessed. "I received many warning signs that I was pushing the limit and crossing the line but it felt so good I didn't want it to stop. It's been a very long and hard day for me... driving to New York and back... dealing with the record company executives... avoiding crazed fans... dealing with Derek and all his crap... worrying about covering your arrival from the airport... getting caught with Jesse McCartney... having to come clean to mom and dad, today of all days... I've been going non-stop for twenty hours now... and then this incredible thing you just did to me, I didn't want it to end. Unfortunately by that time I was already close to passing out anyway. Now that I know the warning signs, I'm sure it'll never happen again. There's one thing I'm certain of, I don't ever want to loose you. I want you in my life every day from this day forward. I want you to move in with me, to live with me here in this house, what do you say?"

Billy had this mixed look on his face. One part was excitement that I might say yes. The other was of fear that I might say no. He held his breath in anticipation of my answer.

"You know we've been together for a whopping eighteen hours now," I began. "About four hours of it here in Charlestown, eight hours in New York City, one hour in Los Angeles and several hours talking on the phone. Even though that all adds up to less than a twenty-four hour day, I feel I've lived a life long adventure with you. When I thought I lost you earlier, I realized my life would be painfully empty without you. However, moving here would mean leaving my entire world behind... my job... my apartment... my friends and family... my community and the only city I've ever called home since I was born."

"I understand all that," he said, "but you didn't answer my question."

"Hey `Clueless, I'm the Rock You Can't Toss Out'," I said with a devilish grin of my own.

Billy's eyes started tearing as he realized I answered his question with a `yes' using a cryptic lyric from one of his own songs. He reached up and hugged me tightly letting me know he understood my message and once again declared his love for me. Once he released his embrace we had to peel ourselves apart from one another. The stickiness of his drying love juice that had gotten spread across both our naked bodies was beginning to solidify into a powerful paste.

"Did I do that?" he embarrassingly questioned.

"Yep," I declared, "it's all you!"

Just then, he realized he hadn't gotten me off yet from the wild ride he was still recovering from. Feeling he was remiss in his duties, he offered to finish the job. I told him it wasn't necessary and we had plenty of time now to make each other happy and indulge each others' fantasies. We quickly showered each other again and slipped into bed together. We got comfortable in one another's arms and we instantly knew we were now heading in the right direction together as one. In no time at all, we both fell asleep that way and had a wonderfully peaceful night sleep.

To Be Continued ...

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