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Fate Brought Billy Gilman to Me

Part #4

By Paul S. Stevens

I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and invigorated. I had slept through the night like a baby with my true love in my arms. I sat up next to Billy and watched him sleep for a while. What a sight he was to behold. I had difficulty believing how lucky I was to be here with him like this. I was thinking about how much both our lives had been changed in the past few months since we met. I was also thinking about where fate would take us next. Then my thoughts turned to my relocation from California to Rhode Island and all the things I would need to do. Just then I saw his eyes flutter open and he looked up at me.

"Oh thank God," he said smiling.

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

"Because you're really here with me," he said, "I was afraid it might have just been a dream."

"A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes," I said quoting the song from Cinderella. "This is not just a dream, but A Dream Come True."

Mentioning the name of this song encouraged Billy to sing it to me. Since this song was a very well-known classic, I felt comfortable joining him and we even harmonized a bit.

A dream is a wish your heart makes

A dream is a wish your heart makes

When you're fast asleep

In dreams you lose your heartaches

Whatever you wish for, you keep

Have faith in your dreams and someday

Your rainbow will come smiling thru

No matter how your heart is grieving

If you keep on believing the

Dream that you wish will come true.

"Oh Billy, Oh Billy," I said in a high falsetto voice, "you make me swoon! Take me in your arms and carry me away to heaven!"

"What a voice, you must be Cinder-fella," he said going along with my farce. "I think I shall make you my Queen," he said triumphantly.

"I think we're both Queens," I retorted humorously, dropping my voice back to normal.

"What ever we are, I'm sure of one thing," he said, "Our Love Is Eternal!"

"Kind of like, Hope Springs Eternal," I said, "as in, I was hoping you'd say something like that."

"Listen to how sappy we're getting," he said, "syrupy sweet."

"Speaking of syrup," I said "how about some pancakes?"

"I don't think I have what we need," he said. I rolled myself on top of him and gave him my most evil grin.

"Oh, you've got what we need right here!" I said as I reached down and gave Billy's balls a gentle squeeze.

"We were talking about food, weren't we?" he said, "so focus, focus!"

"All right," I said, "it's just that I'm still stuck in sex mode from last night."

"Don't worry my man," he clarified, "we've still got two more days to fuck each others brains out, which reminds me, you technically still haven't made love to me yet."

"All good things come to those who wait!" I said.

"Yes, you're right" he agreed. "When I went through puberty and my voice began to change, I had to stop singing! I'd be in the recording studio in the middle of a song and open my mouth and suddenly nothing would come out. Not even a squeak. My voice coach Angela Bacari told me not to force it or I could damage my voice permanently. Everyone agreed that I should take some time off until I was over it. No one could have guessed that it would have taken two fucking years for me to get through puberty. Because I waited and didn't push it, my voice got stronger and now it's better than ever. The greatest gift from God came to me because I waited. I know it's good to wait. But if you think I'm gonna wait two years for you to fuck me, you got another thing coming!"

"Do you think you could wait till after breakfast?" I said with a straight face. A moment later we both broke out laughing.

"I've got an idea," I said, "You go get showered and I'll go into the kitchen and see what I can whip up."

"How about I go into the kitchen with you and you can whip me up," he said taking his turn to dish out a little innuendo of his own.

"Oh shit," I said.

"What's the matter?" he asked.

"I'm not sure I'm gonna make it till after breakfast anymore," I laughed as I reached down and re-arranged my growing erection so I wouldn't poke Billy in the belly button with it. "With all this talk about fucking, I'm getting all turned on again!"

"If we keep this up, we're gonna end up starving ourselves to death," he said.

"All right, I'll be a good boy," I said as I rolled back off him.

"Okay," he said, "but only till after breakfast, then we'll come right back here and pick up where we left off."

We both finally got out of bed. I watched Billy's beautiful bubble butt as he headed naked for the shower and I slipped on my briefs and went off to the kitchen to see if there was anything that I could turn into a meal. After looking into every cupboard and drawer, I came to the conclusion that Billy himself was far from moved in. There was virtually nothing to be had. I made my way back down the hall, removed my briefs again and joined Billy in the shower.

"Nothing going on in the kitchen?" he asked.

"Nope," I said, "it seems that all the action is happening in here."

"Then I guess it's just as well," he said. "It looks like we're gonna have to go out for breakfast."

After we cleaned each other thoroughly we got dressed and headed out the door. We ended up at one of Billy's favorite Restaurants and we both ordered pancakes (sometimes the power of suggestion can be quite amazing). We were enjoying a leisurely meal when Billy's cell phone rang. As I sat across from him, I could only hear Billy's side of the conversation.



"Oh, hi Dad."


"No, Colin didn't come over last night."


"No he didn't spend the night with us either."


"His name is Barrett, Dad!"


"Yeah, he's here with me right now. We're at The Hungry Haven Restaurant in Charlestown having breakfast."


"That's not fair!"


"How is that my fault?"


"No, he didn't call me."


"No, I don't know where he is."


"Honest, I'd tell you if I knew."


"Okay, let me make some calls and see what I can find out."


"I promise I'll call you if I find out anything."


"Okay, bye!"

He closed his phone and looked at me with deep despair.

"That was my Dad on the phone," Billy began. "He said that he and Mom had an argument with Colin last night. They didn't know it at the time, but Colin had slipped out of his bedroom window and left home. When Mom went to Colin's room this morning to call him for breakfast, he was gone and she noticed that he hadn't slept in his bed. Neither Mom nor Dad knows where he is now. He's not answering his cell phone and he's turned off his voice mail. Dad thinks it's my fault that Colin ran away! You finish up your breakfast in here while I make some calls outside and see what I can find out. Shit, I don't even know where to start."

"I think you should start by calling Derek or Camera," I suggested.

"Why should I call them?" he smirked. "Those are my friends not his!"

"He might be in trouble and wants to talk to you but he's too scared to call you," I said, trying to explain why I felt this way. "If he feels that he can't reach out to you personally, then he might reach out for the next best thing, someone who's close to you. Does that make any sense?"

Billy just looked at me with a puzzled expression for a few moments and then left the table with his phone clutched in his hand.

I was the only one who seemed to have a clue as to what was going on. Of course, I had some inside information. What was I going to do? What could I do? I was able to see Billy through the Restaurant window pacing back and forth, holding the phone to his ear with one hand and making broad gestures with the other. This development put Billy in a frantic state and even I could feel a panic attack coming on. It seems like I keep getting Billy in trouble with his family and friends.

I was transfixed, watching Billy lose control outside when my cell phone rang pulling me back to my senses. I couldn't imagine who might be calling me right now. I looked at the caller I.D. and read `Gilman C' flash on the screen. I was almost afraid to answer it. I was right about Colin calling someone close to Billy but I never dreamed it would be me.

"Colin," I answered, "is that you?"

"Barrett, Thank God! It took me over an hour to track you down," he said. "Are you alone?"

"First things first," I said. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay right now," he said.

"Well it just so happens that I am alone right now," I said trying to answer his first question. "I'm sitting at a table at The Hungry Haven Restaurant. Billy is outside on his cell phone trying to track you down right now. Your dad just called a few minutes ago and let Billy know that you've been missing since last night. I think I can guess what happened but I think you better tell me anyway."

"Mom and Dad were fighting about what happened yesterday. They were talking trash about how disgusted and disappointed they were in Billy's recent behavior. They said that he was confused and didn't know what he was doing. Then they started talking about how they were going to have to get Billy away from you because you turned him gay. It made me really mad and I started to defend you and Billy using the same arguments I was saving for me. They weren't listening to a word I was saying. They just kept going on and on and on..."

At this point I could hear a trembling in Colin's voice as he tried to continue.

"I started screaming at them and things kind of got out of hand. Then they sent me to my room like I was a five year old getting in the way of their own childish tirade. I can see by their prejudice attitudes about you and Billy's relationship that I'm not going to have a prayer when it comes to my own, so I climbed out the window and I've just been wandering around. I went to Spencer's place to hang with him but I had forgotten he had said he might get called out of town. Barrett, I'm scared. I don't know where to go or what to do next."

With that being said, Colin started crying.

"I'm here for you Colin," I said. "Every thing will work out just fine, you'll see. Would it be okay if your brother and I came to pick you up so you can tell him what's going on? I know you haven't told your Mom and Dad yet, but I think it's time you talked to Billy about it. He'll understand and he's about the only one who can truly help you right now. You can talk to him alone or I can be there with you to offer my support. What do you think?"

"You haven't told Billy about Spencer yet?" he wondered.

"Hey," I said, "when I told you `no one would hear it from me', I meant it. When I give my word, you can count on it! Besides, I want you to be able to trust me."

"I do trust you," he said. "That's why I called YOU! Can you come and get me please, just you and Billy?"

"Absolutely," I said. "Where are you?"

Colin tried to regain control and sucked it up.

"I'm at Tefft Park," he sniffled, "on Hope Valley Road and Mechanic Street. It's near the 95 Interstate."

"Okay, we're on our way right now," I informed him. "It may take us a half an hour or so to get there, are you gonna be okay until then?"

He sniffled again a few times and then answered, "Yeah, I'll be okay."

"You just sit tight," I assured him. "Your loved ones are coming!"

With that, I hung up with him, paid the bill and walked out of the restaurant to inform Billy.

"Come on, we're going," I said to him.

"Hold on a minute," he said to the person he was talking to on the phone. He put the receiver against his chest and looked at me. "What's going on?"

"Get in the car, I'll tell you on the way," I said as the two of us walked briskly over to his parked car.

Billy put the phone back to his ear and said, "Something's happening, I'll have to call you back," and hung up.

We got in the car, closed the door and I turned to him and said, "Do you know how to get to Tefft Park?"

"Yeah, but that's way the hell out in Hope Valley," he said. "Out by where my folks live."

"Then we better hurry," I told him. "Colin is waiting for us there."

"I'll call Mom and Dad," he said. They're closer and can get to him faster."

"NO!" I stressed. "Colin wants to talk to YOU. I promised him we would come alone. He has something to tell you that you need to hear."

"What does he need to tell me?" he demanded.

"I can't say," I said.

"This is my baby brother we're talking about here," he stated with growing hostility. "So if you know anything, so help me God Barrett, you better be coming out with it!"

"It's something Colin told me in confidence and he made me promise not to tell anyone," I said trying to make him understand. "I told him, when he was ready to tell it, the information would come from him and not from me. When I make a promise to someone, I keep it, no matter what!"

"Well, is he in trouble?" he asked exasperated. "Is he okay? Is he hurt?"

"He may be in trouble with your Mom and Dad," I said reassuringly, "and the only thing that got hurt was his feelings and maybe his ego. So please let him tell you himself. We'll be there in a few minutes so be kind to him, he loves you. I know, he told me so!"

I told him the cross streets where Colin would be waiting for us and we proceeded the rest of the way in silence.

We arrived at the designated cross streets and pulled into the parking lot where we took the first available stall. A few moments later when Colin was sure we had come alone he stepped out from behind some bushes and came over to the car. Billy got out of the car and without saying a word, hugged his brother tightly. They both started crying as they stood there wrapped in each other's embrace until they both felt a sense of relief. They both got into the car. I offered to get into the back seat so Colin could sit in front with his brother but they both declined my offer.

"Do you think I could stay at your house for a while?" Colin asked Billy.

"I think I should call Mom and Dad to let them know I've found you first!"

"No, not until I have a chance to talk to you first," he said. "Please...!"

We drove Colin back with us to Charlestown. He talked about how he had called Derek to find out my last name and anything else he knew about me. Then using his cell phone, he called information, trying every Barrett Jensen in Southern California until he chanced upon my number. Fortunately there weren't very many. He also told us that of all the people he thought about calling, he trusted me most even though he really didn't know me all that well. Colin also talked about a few other things carefully avoiding the true issue that brought us to this point. Once we arrived at Billy's house, we all sat in the living room, the very room where all this drama with their parents started about twenty-four hours ago. I asked Colin if he wanted to be alone with his brother now and he told me he wanted me there as he felt he had no secrets with me and my presence might make things go smoother.

"Okay," Billy started off, "what's this all about?"

"I found someone," Colin began. "I think I'm in love."

"Well, that's great," Billy said. "What's her name?"

"Spencer," Colin revealed as his face blushed with color. "I met him a month ago when you were moving all your stuff here."

Billy was in a state of shock. He sat there in silence with a blank stare unable to respond. Colin's face filled with panic the longer his brother stared. Once Colin's revelation sank in, Billy finally spoke.

"Now I know how Mom and Dad felt when I told them about Barrett," Billy said. He looked at Colin as his face grew pale and his eyes filled with tears. He quickly clarified his intended meaning. "What I meant to say is, now I understand the shock. I had no idea you might be gay. You never acted gay."

"Neither did you," Colin shot back.

"You always had a girlfriend," Billy added.

"So did you!" Colin shot back again.

"What did Mom and Dad say about it?" Billy asked.

"I didn't tell them yet," he answered.

"Then why did you run away?" Billy asked.

"I was going to tell them last night but they were ragging on you and Barrett so much that I couldn't stand it anymore. The more they condemned you guys, the more hopeless it seemed to get for me and Spencer. Before I knew it, we got into a big fight and I lost!"

Colin went on to tell us about all the things their parents had said last night being sure to include every detail. He told us how he tried to defend the both of us and how their parents blamed me for everything. They talked about the many ways they could get me away from Billy for good. He told us how he almost told his parents about finding a new person in his life and how he wanted to move in with him but he never got that far. That's when he started to sense the overwhelming futility of telling them anything at all. He felt like they would only end up blaming me for that too and confine him to his room for the rest of his life. Finally he told us how they treated him like a baby and sent him off to his room without supper. He felt belittled, humiliated, hurt and confused. That's when he snuck out, only to end up wandering around all last night and sleeping on a park bench until Billy and I came to get him.

"I know you're pretty shaken up about all this," Billy said, "but we have to let Mom and Dad know you're okay now. It's not right to let them keep worrying about you like this."

"I want to stay here with you and Barrett," Colin said. "If you tell them I'm here, they won't let me stay. They're just gonna say that you and Barrett will twist my mind and turn me gay next!"

"I think they'll let you stay one day," he said and flipped open his phone to make the call.

"Hey Dad, just wanted you to know we found Colin, he's okay!"


"No, he didn't call me, he called Barrett."


"It's a long story."


"Is it okay if Colin stays with us tonight?"


"You know who us is, me and Barrett."


"Who are you calling a criminal?"


"You don't know anything about him!"


"You don't really believe that do you?"


"You don't have to do that, we can bring him home."


"Are you sure, it won't be any trouble,"


"Okay! Bye!"

He closed his phone and looked at Colin.

"You were right," Billy said. "They've got it in for Barrett. They're on their way here right now! I guess we better prepare for round two!"

"What are we going to do?" Colin wondered. "Are you gonna tell them about me and Spencer?"

"No," Billy attested. "You are, and I'll be right here with you when you do!"

"I love you," Colin told his brother.

"And I love you too," Billy said as he reached out and hugged his little brother tightly.

"This time I think I should excuse myself and let the lot of you work this out between you." I said. "Is there somewhere I can go to let you have some privacy?"

"Yeah, right there in my bedroom just like before," Billy said. "That way, if we manage to work this all out, I can have you meet Mom and Dad the right way! I really wish they could get to know you. That would solve a lot of problems."

"That's a nice thought," I said, "but don't expect too much too soon! I think I'll be lucky if your parents don't have me arrested!"

"Don't worry," Billy said, "I won't let that happen!"

"Me either," Colin added.

The three of us prepared for what was coming. I excused myself to Billy's bedroom so the two of them could mentally brace themselves. As I headed off to seclusion, Billy questioned Colin about Spencer.

"So, my baby brother found someone," Billy began. So, what's he like? "When do I get to meet him?

"You'll love him Billy," Colin said. "He's a lot like Barrett, strong... truthful... sexy... and great in bed!"

"Okay, that's a little more than a big brother should know!" Billy said.

Once I closed the door, I couldn't hear anymore of their conversation. A few minutes later, I heard a vehicle pull up and park outside. I looked out the window and saw the Gilmans' SUV. I was partially relieved that they had not arrived with a police escort but the afternoon was young and anything could still happen.

More than an hour had passed. The talks were still proceeding nicely. So far, no one had raised their voice or stormed out. I felt this was a good sign and I crossed my fingers that things would turn out all right for Colin and Billy both. A short time later I heard the front door open. I looked out the window again and saw Colin leaving with his parents. I watched Billy wave good-bye to them as they drove away. A couple of minutes later Billy came to the bedroom to fill me in.

"I think we're all going to be okay!" Billy said as he let out a deep breath.

"I saw Colin leave with them," I said, "is he okay?"

"Yeah, the real reason Colin wanted to stay here was because he felt he wouldn't be welcome at home right now," he said. "Last night my parents were just letting off some steam. They really didn't mean most of what they said. When Colin jumped into the fire, he made matters worse. He just didn't have the common sense to let them cool down on their own. Once they discovered that Colin was missing they started to understand how serious and real this is to Colin and me both. Anyway, Colin wanted me to tell you thank you for being a friend and he loves you!"

"Wow, what a great kid," I said. "I love him too. I hope things are going to work out for him and Spencer."

"Yeah, about that... Mom and Dad aren't gonna let Colin move in with him right now but they're not gonna try to stop them from seeing each other," he said, "and we don't exactly have their blessing but their not gonna try to stop us either."

"I would like to have thanked them," I said.

"Some day they will accept us completely," he said, "but that day is not today! I wish they could understand how much I love you."

"How much we love each other!" I clarified.

"The more time I spend with you, the more you keep amazing me," he said. "None of this would have turned out as positive as it did without you. Your acceptance of Colin led him to trust you enough to call you, which allowed us to go get him without incident. You also gave Colin the courage to open up to Mom and Dad and now they are on the long road to total acceptance."

"It's all because I love you," I said. "A wise man once said, `when you play the game of love, you have to bring to the relationship enough love for the both of you'. I think we both brought with us enough love for two. Hey, that means that between us we have enough love for four people."

"That's making me really hot!" Billy said. "We should be alone again for a while now."

Billy reached over to me and with both hands he held my face still in front of him and studied me up close. This was Billy's way of making us focus our attention strictly on each other. He had done this many times before and each time, what followed was nothing short of spectacular. I was already getting excited thinking about what was sure to take place next. His striking eyes had a way of cutting their way directly to my soul when he would look at me in this way. I had already lost control. If he asked me to jump off a cliff with him, I'd do it without question. What he said next proved to me that he felt the same way about me.

"I have no defense against your charms," Billy said as he leaned over to whisper something more in my ear. "I want you. I want you to make love to me now. I want you to fuck me right this minute."

Billy started to lick and nibble at my ear as he said this and he pulled my shirt off over my head stopping only long enough to allow my shirt to slip past his lips. I did the same to him pulling his shirt off. He started to work his way down my bare neck and chest paying attention to all those wonderfully sensitive spots along the way. After we went through all the motions of getting ourselves undressed, Billy got on all fours on the bed and announced he was ready!

"Fuck me now!" he said, "I've waited so long for this."

"No!" I firmly announced, "I'm not gonna fuck you like that! I'm not gonna slam it to you like Jesse McCartney did. I could if I wanted to. I am quite physically capable of blowing your mind apart and pounding your balls into oblivion. That's not love, that's lust! That's not how I'm gonna make love to you for the first time! Now lie on your back and pull your legs up to your chest. I'll show you what lovemaking really is!"

Billy looked at me with a bit of trepidation. I may have opened an old wound mentioning the fiasco with Jesse McCartney but I wanted my meaning to be clear.

"You see," I continued, "I want to be able to see your loving face as I make love to you and I want you to be able to see mine. I want to be able to kiss your delicious lips as I make love to you and I want you to be able to taste mine. I want to be able to touch your beautifully sexy body and let my hands roam freely as I spread my love over every inch of you. I want to be able to stroke your magnificent cock as I make love to you so we can both enjoy the swelling of our mutual passion and climax together. I want to watch your life altering orgasm crest, sending your cherished hot boy cream rocketing in splendor across your body. I want to be able to pump my own love nectar that my body specifically created just for you so you can experience what it's like to feel loved from both the outside and within."

Billy was overwhelmed by my heartfelt words and started to tear.

"I'm sorry," I quickly apologized thinking I blew it mentioning Jesse. "Please forgive me."

"No," he said. Nobody has ever made me feel so loved before."

"After that incident at the Sofitel, I've thought about it a lot," I confessed. "You don't deserve to be treated like that. You deserve to be treated with the same love and kindness that reflects the incredibly sweet and loving person that you are!

"I'm still learning what love is," he admitted. "Every time I think I've got it down, you teach me something new. No one has ever made love to me like that."

"Hold on now!" I said. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves. I haven't done it yet."

I had succeeded in getting Billy into a totally different frame of mind. He was now ready for a slow, deliberate, passion-filled lovemaking session, one that would benefit both of us greatly.

I reached into the nightstand next to the bed and retrieved his amazing bottle of `Pig Lube H2O'. Billy was ready in the position I had indicated. I lubed up one of my fingers and slipped it into his waiting hole. I explored the inner walls of his most private domain until there was no more resistance.

"Why are you taking so long," he wondered.

"I'm opening you up a little bit at a time," I answered. "I'm making certain that you don't feel even a twinge of pain when I enter you. Besides, this part should feel pretty good too. Just be patient, we don't want to rush things. We have all night."

I continued with a second finger and then a third opening and stretching him in preparation for the main event. I was careful this time not to touch or intentionally massage his prostate. This way, I would let our lovemaking do all the stimulating naturally. When I was certain he was sufficiently loosened up, I got into the ideal position and lined up my instrument of love with his prepared receptacle. I gained admittance with the smallest effort and continued moving forward with an intentionally measured pace. My lover released a series of moans letting me know that what I was doing had the desired effect.

Once I had reached maximum insertion, I waited there a while to allow my lover the time to get accustomed to my intrusion. My cock felt so comfortable surrounded by the warm silky smooth lining of my partner's inner sanctum. I took this opportunity to give Billy a heartfelt passionate kiss. The taste and texture of Billy's lips had become increasingly addictive to me, causing me to fall more deeply in love with him each time I kissed them. My rock hard erection grew even bigger as his probing tongue caused my body to release a rush of nitric oxide, serotonin and a dash of prolactin, the natural biological ingredients that gives a man a harder erection, the feeling of superior sexual proclivity, and an overall feeling of warmth and love.

My lover was now primed and ready. I began to move in and out of him slowly and I let my free hand wander and explore his supple smooth skin and rippling muscles that lie just below the surface.

"Oh, you feel so good inside me," he said.

"Concentrate on my rhythm now and regulate your breathing to match it," I told him.

Once he did what I asked and took control of his own body, he ascended to a whole different level of awareness. I paused for a moment and applied some lubricant to my free hand. As I resumed pumping his warm love tunnel, I tenderly wrapped my hand around his stiff cock and stroked him in concert with my lovemaking. Ever so slowly, I ramped up my speed. As I increased my thrusting action I also quickened my cock-pounding grip. We were both vocalizing our enjoyment so much, it sounded like we were recording a sound track for a pornographic movie. As my speed approached a fever pitch I could feel the bubbling of my love juices begin to climb. Even though I was going at a fairly quick pace, I was not allowing myself to loose control. I wanted Billy to experience the power of a sensual loving orgasm as opposed to an empty runaway train wreck. My restraint was hard to keep under control because right now I really wanted to pound Billy's ass with everything I've got. Billy's anal muscles started to grip my cock sending me flying into the next level. I knew we had both arrived at the summit in perfect unison.

"Oh, I'm cumming," Billy announced. "I'm cumming... I'm cumming so hard...!"

His breathing became so shallow that I thought he might hyperventilate. Then he held his breath, arched his back and let out a long erotically charged scream. I felt his semen course past my hand as I stroked his cock and watched the first blast of his thick white creamy cum catapult into the air defining a perfect arc across his body.

"Oh, I'm cumming too," I heaved. "You feel so good... Oh My God...!"

Billy's sexually charged display of manliness caused me to loose control and I jettisoned my first volley into his manhole splattering my own manliness deep into his innards. I relentlessly pounded his ass and stroked his cock until both of us had emptied every drop of ball juice we had to offer. I shamelessly collapsed on top of my lover, completely exhausted from the intentional restraint I had imposed upon myself. His freshly-deposited warm male milk he had just coated himself with felt incredibly good on my skin as I fell upon his chest. A few moments later I rolled off my lover and the two of us rested side-by-side, reveling in the massive climax we had just shared.

We were unable to speak for a while, partly because we were enjoying ourselves as we drifted ever so slowly back down into our bodies, and partly because there were no words to adequately express the profound experience of pure joy we had just given one another. Once we arrived firmly back to planet earth, I turned to Billy and looked into his eyes.

"Now you know what I mean when I say `I love you'!" I elucidated.

"I never dreamed it could be like this," he responded. "Once again you've taught me more about love than I thought was possible. Every time I think I've figured it out, you go and blow me away again."

I used the towel I had dried myself off with after this morning's shower and cleaned up the lingering effects of our lovemaking. Billy and I hugged each other and got relaxed and comfortable. Soon, he drifted off to sleep as content as a baby. It took me a little longer to fall asleep remembering that I would be going back home tomorrow. I'll have many details to work out once I get back to Los Angeles if I'm going to uproot my life and move here with Billy. The effects of the past few days had convinced me that I was already home. Now it was just a matter of transporting my belongings here and finding a job. By the time I return, Billy and I will both be turning twenty-two years old. This gave me a wonderful idea about giving Billy a surprise party. I now had the next two weeks to work out all the details.

My mind started winding down as my tired and weary body gave way to a long peaceful slumber. I had indeed found what most people search for their entire lives and never find, True Love!

To Be Continued ...

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