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Fate Brought Billy Gilman to Me

Part #5

By Paul S. Stevens

The next morning we awoke very much the same way we had every morning since my visit began, rested, refreshed and ready to make love again. The two of us being virile young sexy guys in our prime being madly in love with each other was one thing, but being sensuously aroused each day by two relentless morning erections was quite another. This proved to be somewhat of a challenge to have to deal with this early in the morning. After the two of us returned to bed after visiting the bathroom, Billy looked over to me with a hopeful look on his face and directly made his proposal to me.

"Hey sexy, let's sixty-nine!" he said smiling broadly at me.

"I don't want to kill the mood here," I said, "but we need to get showered, I need to pack and get ready to leave. Then we still need to get breakfast, all before we have to be at the airport by two o'clock."

"Come on," he said. "We've got enough time. I'm not gonna see you for two weeks and I need something to hold me over until you come back." His smile broadened into a devilish grin.

"Okay," I conceded. "I don't believe in quickies, but I'll do it for you!"

We got into our sixty-nine position. Since we were already quite aroused and hard, we forewent any foreplay and got right down to business. We began by vigorously sucking each other hard and quick and almost immediately, we began expressing our pleasure vocally. Even this early in the morning, Billy's cock tasted sweet to me and he was already producing a good yield of succulent pre-cum. In a few short minutes of this activity we managed to bring each other off nearly at the same time. Billy and I had both become experts at cum-swallowing and soon there was no evidence that any sex had taken place at all.

"My God, I didn't realize how horny I was," I exclaimed. "I'm glad you talked me into it!"

"I'm glad you said that," he sighed. "I was starting to feel a little guilty that I was only thinking about my own wants and desires."

"I wanted and desired it just as much as you did, I just didn't know it!" I said. "But we really should get going now."

"Okay," he said, "let's shower together to save time."

"You go ahead and get started, I'll join you in a minute," I said.

Every since I introduced Billy to mutual showering, he doesn't seem to want to shower alone anymore. That's okay though, this is one activity I didn't mind him getting into the habit of wanting on a regular basis.

Once we were showered and dressed, I gathered my things together. Other than the clothes I would need for the next two weeks, I would be leaving all the rest of my stuff here. I didn't bring all that much with me to begin with and I didn't see any reason to take stuff home that I would only end up bringing back here anyway.

I tossed my carry-on in the back of Billy's Mustang and we headed off for breakfast. We had our traditional pancake breakfast again over some casual conversation and then it was off to the airport. I would be flying out of Richmond Airport, in West Kingston Rhode Island. From Billy's house, it was approximately 11 miles or about 21 minutes by car. I was a little sad to be leaving Billy and we both were pretty quiet on our way to the airport. On the other hand, I would be returning after I arranged for all my things to be either shipped or put into storage and I put in my two week notice at work.

While I was gone, Billy would be keeping himself busy here by handling many of the necessary duties he had been neglecting during my visit. He would be taking care of a couple of magazine and newspaper interviews... a publicity campaign for his upcoming concert... a photo shoot for his up coming tour... updating his Twitter and Facebook pages... going through all his current e-mail messages... spending some personal time with his fans in `The Billy Gilman Fan Zone'... going over some of the finer details on his duties and responsibilities while co-hosting `The Jerry Lewis MDA 2010 Telethon' in September and finally touching base with his song writing team David Malloy and Sandy Linzer in connection with his upcoming new album. He also wanted their input on the `Billy the Kid and Jesse James' project with Jesse McCartney. In comparison to Billy's schedule, my move to Charlestown sounded like a walk in the park.

We arrived at the airport on time and Billy and I said our good-byes there. It was an extremely difficult farewell as we both fought back tears and restrained ourselves by not showing any public affection for one another. I completely understood the necessity for public anonymity. Nonetheless, it tore me up inside as I desperately wanted to hug and kiss Billy good-bye. He stuck around the terminal with me until I was directed to the boarding platform. Billy watched me as I boarded my flight. As I walked down the narrow passage into the plane and Billy disappeared from sight, my mind shot back to that day in Los Angeles when Billy got ripped away from me in that infamous elevator. As I found my way to my assigned seat, I felt my body begin to tremble uncontrollably. My long journey into depression had just hit me like a ton of bricks. The flight home was long and tedious. Time seemed to pass slower and slower the further away from him I traveled. I was so hopelessly in love that the anxiety of being separated from him made the simple act of breathing almost intolerable. By the time I arrived at L.A.X. I became a basket case prone to tearing for no apparent reason and I disintegrated into a pile of emotional rubble.

My only defense against my crumbling psyche was to dive into my work and focus on the task of preparing to move. These things would point me in the direction of returning to Rhode Island and ultimately back into the arms of my lover. Once I began to see some progress in that direction, my outlook brightened and I felt a sense of accomplishment.

During this time I also worked on two other tasks. I was going to contact Colin and Derek to co-ordinate a surprise party for Billy's birthday. This would be separate from any other party his family or business associates might schedule. This was not going to be easy to accomplish across the miles between us, but it was something I wanted to do for him. I also wanted to learn and practice two songs on my guitar to perform for Billy. At present, he doesn't know about my musical abilities so I want it to be just right.

I called Billy everyday and we would each tell the other what we had gotten done that day. In two weeks time, we both accomplished nearly everything we set out to do.

By the time my last day of work arrived, I walked out the door a free man with virtually no fanfare. All my belongings were either packed away in an A-1 Self Storage or on their way across the country. Outside of my family who didn't understand me moving across the country with no job security, there was absolutely nothing holding me here anymore. I would be sleeping on the floor of my apartment for the very last time. In the morning I would be turning in my key to the landlord and I would start my four-day drive into the most uncertain future I've ever known.

After four days of driving, eating, making pit stops to the bathroom and finding motel rooms for the night, I miraculously found my way across the country from Sea to Shining Sea. Billy's house is the same distance to Atlantic Westerly Town Beach in Rhode Island as my apartment was to Huntington Beach in California, about six to eight miles. So I literally drove 2,560 miles (4,121 km) from Coast-to-Coast across nine states.

I chose not to call on my cell phone while driving. I didn't know what the laws were pertaining to them as I passed the borders from state to state. I also didn't want to stop driving even for a minute to expedite my journey as much as possible. As luck would have it, Billy was home when I arrived.

He pulled me into the house, hurriedly asked me a few pertinent questions like was I okay and did I need anything. Once these pressing questions were out of the way, we dove for each others lips and locked into a passionate kiss that lasted longer than any single kiss I had ever received in my life. It seems that I am incapable of controlling my hormones when Billy kisses me because once again, his lips triggered a bona fide boner in my pants. Without our lips parting for even a moment, the two of us maneuvered our way down the hallway and into the bedroom. Within seconds, we found ourselves naked from the waist down with our hands roaming freely about each other's body. We quickly lost ourselves in a passionate whirlwind of sensual activity. With our lips still locked in an emotional embrace, we fell onto the bed and totally made-out like a teenage couple about to have sex for the first time.

I was about to find out another wonderful thing about Billy. It turns out that he is quite versatile and enjoys being both a consummate Bottom as well as a spectacular Top. This revelation was something that wasn't necessarily a prerequisite to good sex but highly fortuitous. Since both of us were equally comfortable being a Top or a Bottom, we virtually eliminated any chance of us getting bored sexually with each other any time soon.

Billy had something in mind he was going to do with me and he began to prepare me for it by starting off with a tender tongue bath. After hitting all my erogenous zones, he started to concentrate on my ball sack, first drawing in each one of my balls into his mouth and then rolling them around inside his warm inner haven. Then he spread my legs and raised them up over his shoulders and gave me the rimming of my life. His tongue swiped, darted and pushed its way into my slightly over-sensitive hole with a technique that was more arousing than any porn star to date has ever devised. The waves of sensuous torture had me uttering words that I never thought would ever escape my lips.

"Fuck Me," I pleaded. "I want to feel you in me!"

Billy needed no more persuading than that since he was quite eager and ready to comply. He reached over into his nightstand and pulled out a lubricated condom and his infamous bottle of Pig Lube H2O. I assisted him by first sucking on his stiffening cock, transforming it into a stone column. Then I rolled the latex prophylactic sleeve expertly onto his waiting member. I then lubed up his sheathed cock and then myself. He positioned himself above me and aligned his cock up to my waiting hole and pushed the head of his dick into me easily popping past the initial safeguard of my highly protected rear entrance.

Even though I've played around with a finger or two and have enjoyed several types of dildos and prostate stimulator over the years, this was the very first time I've had a real flesh and blood cock enter me. I've always believed I'd enjoy it when the time came and now, it seems that time had come. I have to say that it's very different from any of those other activities that I've experimented around with so far and Billy's love making efforts had only just begun. As he pushed forward into me, I unintentionally started making those same familiar sounds that I usually elicit from my partner when I engage in this particular activity. Those sounds of passion that I always believed were produced intentionally turned out to be completely out of my control. Sure you could intentionally suppress them, but only to a varying degree. The gentle brushing of his cock against my prostate was subtle but consistent. That very consistency was the trigger for my growing orgasm that I felt traveling ever nearer to the boiling point. Billy paused and then withdrew from me for a moment and I almost got angry that he had stopped.

"What's wrong?" I asked in a rather perturbed voice. "Why are you stopping, what happened?"

"I'm going to change condoms," he replied.

He ripped off the old condom and tossed it aside. He reached into his nightstand once again and pulled out a fancy ribbed and spiked premium condom and slipped it on. He re-lubed himself and then reentered me.

"Oh My God," was all I could say.

I had never paid any attention to the styles and varieties of these products. I was about to discover that the diversity in sensations were as different as night and day. This simple change evoked an immense surge of pounding waves shooting through my inner prostate that literally took my breath away. I felt every little bump and spike as Billy's cock tickled and stimulated me from within. An intimate summoning of erotic images flashed in my mind that Billy was the most sought after virile and sexy man on the planet as he buried his manhood deep into me. Everyone wanted him but they couldn't have him because he was all mine and I wasn't about to share him with anyone. I lost perspective of who I was and where I was as he led me across the sea of ecstasy.

Each wave of pleasure was followed by an exclamation of delight as he began to increase his speed and fortitude. Billy grabbed a hold of my cock and started stroking me in concert with his deepening submersions tripling the sensations that coursed through my body. The heightened electricity that bolted through the core of my very being awakened a dormant emotion within me that I didn't know I was capable of experiencing. I can only describe it as an unnatural carnal lasciviousness of wanton lust and immoral desire fueled by the rising pressure of my oncoming explosion.

"Holy crap," I yelled out. "Your cock feels so good in me. You're going to make me cum so hard!"

"Come on then honey," he encouraged, "cum for me."

He tightened his grip around my cock and started pounding me faster and harder. I felt the blood rush to my head and I started breathing in small short breathes as if I was about to deliver a baby. I shot my first surge of cum over my head as it did an aerial flyby. My brain started to perceive an almost religious experience as my head started spinning. I continued to shoot a second and a third volley of semen onto my face. The rest of my load tapered off as my blood pressure plummeted from being critically elevated. I was discovering what it's like to get fucked into unconsciousness. I could see Billy fucking my ass and pounding my cock as I watched our drama unfold from above us, detached from my earthly body. All I could think of was that Billy was giving me sweet payback for the time I blew him into unconsciousness for several minutes. From my own unconscious perspective, hovering above, I watched Billy withdraw from me, rip off his condom, announce he was cumming and proceed to spray the contents of his beautiful balls all over my chest creating a Soup du Jour (Soup of the Day) with the combination of La Crème de Notre Sperme Chaud (The Cream of Our Hot Semen). A moment later I regained consciousness, jolted by the sound of Billy's voice calling out my name.

"Barrett," he called out. Then with a little bit more fortitude, he called out again. "Barrett!"

My eyes fluttered open and I observed Billy's elated smile as he straddled me still pumping out the last few drops of cum from his swollen member.

"You fucking blew my mind Billy," I said looking him straight in the eyes.

"I know," he answered boastfully.

"Wow, Mr. Modest," I retorted.

"Well, if you've got it, use it I always say," he replied quoting himself. "And I've definitely got it!"

"There remains absolutely no doubt about that whatsoever," I attested.

Billy and I rested next to each other and enjoyed a few minutes of closeness. Now that the pressing need of re-uniting with each other was out of the way, we settled into a more casual line of conversation. He asked me how my trip went and I filled him in on the many good and bad parts of my journey. When I finished he told me a few things about what had been developing in his life.

For one thing, Spencer was pressuring Colin to persuade his parents into letting Colin move in with him. This was making Colin very unhappy being stuck between trying to comply with Mom and Dad's wishes and trying to keeping Spencer appeased.

"Let's have them move in here with us," I suggested. "Colin is old enough to move out on his own now and you would be doing him a big favor by solving his problem with your parents. Spencer could pay you rent as a single room tenant. This would be less expensive than renting an entire apartment for him and it would save him some money. This would give you a small monthly income to help you pay for things around here until we can get you financially back on your feet. By doing this, all four of us would be close to each other and help each other out. You and I can share this room, Spencer and Colin could each have their own room which should meet with your parents' approval. When your parents come to visit, they will see that both boys have their own separate rooms!"

"You're a genius," he said. "I'm so glad you're in my life. You're a perfect match for me. I've been convinced of that from the day we met."

"I've known I've loved you long before we met," I said. "I thank God every chance I get that he brought the two of us together. My life was quite empty before that and I don't want to ever go back to that life again."

After we cuddled together a while longer, we pulled our pants back on and got busy. I went out to my car and brought in the few things I was able to bring with me. While I was doing that, Billy got on the phone and started to make arrangements to implement my idea about Colin and Spencer. After a bit of convincing and persuading, Billy was able to work out most of the details. Next, he had Colin contact Spencer and had him call Billy's house to propose the idea to him and negotiate a deal that would benefit everyone involved.

By the time the weekend rolled around, Colin and Billy had talked their parents into letting Colin live with his brother on a trial basis. He agreed to abide by a few simple ground rules and was given two weeks to find a job. Meanwhile, Spencer eagerly accepted Billy's proposal. He paid Billy his first and last month's rent and promptly began moving himself in. As for me, the moving company I used to ship my belongings out here finally delivered my cargo, thankfully in good condition. Colin and Spencer joined together to help each other move their things in. In just three short days, all three of us were completely moved in. Our next task was to give everything a permanent place. Even Billy still had a few things to bring over that he hadn't had time to bring over before. Our first weekend together was consumed by each of us arranging our own belongings into a livable comfort zone. Now that all four of us were settled in, Billy's house miraculously got transformed from a cold empty house into a well furnished warm and inviting home filled with peace and love.

We all started to settle into what we might call a daily routine. We embarked on the long road of discovery as we began learning about one another. For the most part, we were very comfortable with each other and we got along quite well. We all did a good job of watching out for one another. I scoured the local newspaper daily in search of employment. I kept an eye out for anything that might be suitable for Colin and he did the same for me. I also did what I could to help Billy with his struggle to put his career back on track and moving ahead. Sometimes I had to play mediator between Colin and Spencer as both of them frequently fell into the trappings of inexperienced love. Even though it had been a struggle, I often thanked God for giving me such a good life.

In three short days, it will be May 24th, Billy's birthday and two days after that, it will be my own birthday. Billy and I will be turning twenty two this year. Colin, Derek and I have been working closely together on this party and now Spencer was going to be helping us as well. We've gotten all the details worked out and on May 23rd, the day before Billy's birthday, we were going to spring the surprise! We rented the banquet room at one of Billy's favorite eateries `The Hungry Haven Restaurant'. Their banquet room was perfect for our needs because it had a small stage which we were going to utilize to present some local live entertainment. Colin was going to be singing a song and as it turns out, he's an excellent singer in his own right. Spencer prepared to do a short magic show and I was going to play my guitar and sing one of the two songs I had been preparing for weeks. Camera volunteered to bake Billy's birthday cake using her advanced decorating skills. Colin, Derek, Spencer and Camera had all collaborated on the guest list and now, the only thing left to do was wait.

The day before Billy's party arrived and believe it or not, we all managed to keep it a secret. Spencer was at work and Billy was off taking care of some business. Later this evening we would all be playing our roles in misdirection, leading our unsuspecting guest of honor to his well-kept surprise. Colin and I were home alone and I was in the bedroom doing some last minute practicing before tonight's performance. The door was slightly open and Colin came over, knocked at the door and poked his head in.

"Come on in," I said. What's up?"

"Can I ask you a question?" he wondered.

"Sure," I said, "what's on your mind?"

"I'm having trouble keeping Spencer satisfied," he said, "sexually I mean. Billy has told me about how much you've taught him about love. That makes you the closest person I know who is an authority on sex. Would you help me out?"

"Well, I'm not exactly an authority," I hesitated. How could I help?"

"To begin with," he said, "you can teach me some things about kissing."

"Kissing, well set's see," I paused to gather my thoughts. "Billy has quite a unique way of kissing me that is devastatingly effective. When Billy kisses me, he lovingly reaches out and caresses my face with both hands and looks deep into my eyes. You know, there's a famous saying that states: The Eyes Are the Window to the Soul. Well I can tell you for a fact that it's true because with one look, he can cut his way straight to the core of my soul and from that moment on, we have a bond that can't be broken. I become his and he becomes mine!"

"Wicked," he uttered. "Then what...?"

"Then you do what comes naturally," I stated.

"That's just the thing," he pointed out. "For me, nothing comes naturally. What it feels like is a bunch of stumbling around, like trying to walk across a crowded room in the dark. None of it seems to go the way it should. Could you show me how to do it right?"

"Show You?" I said with disbelief. "You've got to be kidding?"

"No, really," he insisted, "I trust you. We're practically related. You're part of my family now and I don't know who else I can turn to for this kind of help."

Colin had a defeated look of hopelessness on his face. I understood his plight. Getting advice about such things is not something that is commonly accessible or easy to talk about with others. I have been trying to help Colin with his relationship issues all along. I really hoped the two of them could work out their problems. Against my better judgment, I thought about it for a minute and conceded to try a benign illustration.

"All right," I said, "just a small sample. Let's sit over here."

We sat down together at the foot of the bed and we turned to face each other. I reached out and caressed Colin's face in the same manner that Billy does to me. I studied his face for a moment. As I looked into his eyes, I noticed for the first time that it was like looking into a younger more innocent version of Billy, his eyes piercing, his lips beckoning. I closed my eyes and momentarily forgot who it was I was holding. I drew him closer to me and our lips met. The initial taste of Colin's lips registered as Billy's in my mind which caused me to proceed without hesitation.

With my tongue, I licked his lips and separated them to gain access to his inner pied-à-terre (home of intimacy). Again, the flavor of his oral emissions registered in my brain as Billy's. Slowly he began to respond to my actions and granted me access to his virgin territory. He started to respond by mirroring my movements in a seductive interchange of affections. I began to throw caution to the wind as I lost myself in the moment. I started to feel my heart race and my pulse quicken. Our breathing became synchronized as we became spiritually connected. My body was starting to react to the erotic sensations and my cock swelled into a full blown erection. I sucked on his tongue as if it were a lifesaver candy and explored the variety of erogenous zones within his warm and tender yet ravenously accepting maw. Next I discovered my hands were roaming about Colin's warm young body and chest, gently caressing his emerging young abs. I started reaching up to remove his shirt, slowly lifting as I sensuously explored his sexy frame. As the material passed over his head separating us momentarily, I opened my eyes and in an instant of horror, realized what it was I was doing.

"Oh My God," I said, "I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me."

"I do," Colin attested. "Isn't it obvious?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," I said.

"You love me and you know it. Here's the proof!" He reached down and squeezed my rock hard erection through my shorts. "I love you Barrett, how could I not? I've loved you from the very first day we met and now I know why, it's because you love me too!"

"No," I firmly said. "I'm committed to Billy! I love you as Billy's brother, like my own brother. I can't love you any other way!"

The little shit succeeded in seducing me and I didn't even see it coming!

"You could love me and Billy both!" he suggested. "Billy doesn't have to know."

"Oh My God, you're Billy's brother all right," I said remembering Billy's promiscuous tendencies. "What about Spencer?"

"He doesn't have to know either," he said.

"Good Lord," I gasped. "These are living breathing human beings were talking about here. They have feelings and emotions that are not yours to play with. You can't just go around treating people like they're bottles of wine. A little red wine with beef, a little white wine with fish! You need to commit yourself to one person and do your best to honestly work things out together."

"Why," he questioned. "Why can't I have two lovers, or three, or more? Four of us live in this house together now, why can't we all share our love with each other?"

"You can't love me," I maintained.

"Why not," he insisted. "I thought you were so smart about love."

This is when Colin started to sing to me one of Billy's songs:

Three Words, Two Hearts, One Kiss.

For a straight `A' student who knows so much

You don't know nothin' bout love

Well you and me make history

There's no two hearts like us

Well go on, pretend, you can't figure it out

Well if there's any doubt


Let me spell it out for you honey

You don't want to miss

The perfect combination of

Three words, two hearts, one kiss

Three words, two hearts, one kiss


I know where I'm supposed to be

A heart beats right on time

I don't know why you're holding back

But you're the first in line

We better catch this train waiting on the tracks

Cause it might not come back


Let me spell it out for you honey

You don't want to miss

The perfect combination of

Three words, two hearts, one kiss


Three words that say, I love you

Two hearts that beat as one


Oh let me spell it out for you honey

You don't want to miss

The perfect combination of

Three words, two hearts, one kiss


The perfect combination of

Three words,

Two hearts,

One kiss!

My God, does everybody around here do this when they're falling in love, sing a damn song?

"That was fantastic Colin," I said trying to compliment him first before I shoot his advances down in flames.

"I just got the kiss of my life," he pointed out. "Look what you did to me!" He pulled his shorts down half way to reveal his rock hard erection that our kiss had provoked in him. "That was so hot that we both got boners from it. How can you kiss me like that and say you don't love me?"

"It doesn't work like that!" I explained. "It's not just about the kiss. People want security. For one thing, they want faithfulness loyalty and devotion, the security in knowing that someone else isn't going to take their lover away from them just because they might be better in bed or just a great kisser. Secondly, promiscuous behavior is not only immoral it's often responsible for sexually transmitted diseases. Lastly, jealousy is a dangerously powerful emotion. Jealousy creates a feeling of being suspicious about a rival or competitor's influence over a loved one that can in some extreme cases ultimately result in suicide, or even murder!"

"God, I never thought about it like that," he said. "I just want to be able to spread my love around, you know what I mean?"

"You should definitely spread your love around," I expounded, "because there's all kinds of love. There's the love for God and Jesus... the love for a parent... the love for a brother... the love for a pet and the love for a friend. These are just a few examples of the many ways we spread our love around. Now the love for a partner needs to be reserved for that special one in your life. When we first met, you told me that you thought Spencer was that special one for you. Focus on that, if he is that special one, it will require all your effort to hold on to him. And one more thing, you shouldn't look to others to teach you how to have better sex. Trust yourself and your lover to discover your own ways to improve your sex life all by yourselves. You'll find it exciting and much more rewarding.

I had hoped that this last part would discourage him from ever trying this on me again. I was starting to fall for Colin as it was and I couldn't let this happen again or I might not be able to stop myself next time. My relationship with Billy was far too important to me to let this indiscretion jeopardize what we have built together. Colin and I were treading on very thin ice. I needed to put Colin in his place without hurting his feelings.

Colin left the room without saying another word. He might be mad at me right now because things didn't go his way this time. I'm hoping he'll get over it in good time. For now, I'm certain I've given him enough to think about.

In a couple of hours, Billy and Spencer will be home and we'll be putting our scenario into action. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan. Since I was twelve years old, it's been one of my fantasies to celebrate Billy's birthday with him. I'm feeling a little bit nervous in a good way now that it's about to become a reality. To calm myself down, I removed my shoes, got on top of the bed and relaxed for a little while. It's been a strange day so far and I'm counting on it getting better from here!

To Be Continued ...

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