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Fate Brought Billy Gilman to Me

Part #8

By Paul S. Stevens

The next four days went by agonizingly slowly. Work dragged on and every waking moment was consumed with the thoughts of what Jesse and Billy were doing, both on and off the project. I called Billy every night before bedtime and talked to him for over an hour, chatting mostly about his progress with the album and how it was evolving. The next day was Friday and Spencer was going to drop me off at the airport after work. I was scheduled to spend the remainder of Billy's recording contract dates with him and then drive home together on Monday night. This was the only thing that kept me going that week.

As Spencer drove me to the Airport, he had some disturbing news.

"Hey Barrett, we've got a problem," Spencer began. "Have you heard the news story about Billy today?"

"No, I haven't heard anything," I replied. "Is he okay? What's going on?"

"Well, you know Derek don't you?" He asked.

"Yeah, I've seen him twice now," I recollected. "The first time I met him was when he came to pick me up at the airport at Billy's request when I came to New York City for the very first time to meet Billy at the CMA awards banquet. Even then, I found him to be really creepy. He tried to impress me by impersonating Billy's private chauffeur. The second time was at Billy's birthday party, the one that you guys threw for the both of us. You probably remember, you were there as well. At the end of the night after everyone had left, he and Billy had quite an embarrassing blow-up that was impossible to ignore."

"Yeah, that's the guy," he confirmed. "Well, Billy's long time childhood friend Derek is suing you for `Alienation of Affections'."

"What?" I said confused. "He's suing me for `Alienation of Affections', what the hell does that even mean?"

"According to the news story, basically Derek alleges that he was promised a shit load of stuff including a house, a car and a bunch of other things including Billy's hand in marriage. He's suing you for willfully and intentionally seducing, enticing and alienating the affections of Billy, his husband to be, essentially stealing Billy away from him."

"That doesn't even make any fucking sense!" I cursed. "That's not a real thing is it? Don't you have to be married to sue for that anyway? I mean, I can't really be sued for that, can I?"

"I think it's totally bogus," Spencer attested, "but his attorney must have found some obscure precedents to be able to file the petition."

"Well that doesn't make any sense either," I spat out. "Gay marriage isn't even legal in Rhode Island is it?"

"No, but they expect it to become legal very soon," he informed me.

"I'm glad we have you on our side, Spencer. You're a pretty smart guy," I said, complementing him. "I value what you have to say. What do you think about this whole situation?"

"I think that when the court schedules its preliminary hearing and the judge decides whether the case should proceed to trial or not, it will get thrown out on so many levels so fast that Derek won't even know what happened."

"So, you don't think I have anything to worry about then?" I said with a bit of relief in my voice.

"Yeah, but the damage has been done Barrett," he said, brutally pointing out that it wasn't just about me. "Billy's name is all over the news in connection with his alleged forsaken and discarded gay lover! The media is having a field day with this. Tomorrow's headlines might read something like:

Billy Gilman's Jilted Gay Lover

Comes Forward, Sues New Boyfriend

Billy's publicist is going to have her hands full with spin control."

"Hey, don't I have to be officially served before the news can publicly announce it on the air?"

"That I don't know," Spencer confessed. "If you're assumptions are right, it would serve as another reason for the case to get thrown out, sort of like a cop failing to read someone their rights. They may have misjudged the amount of time it would take to find you. Since you've recently moved here from California, your records may still be in transition, and now you're going to New York City where it's going to take them even longer to officially serve you."

"I hope this can get contained quickly," I said out loud. "If this gets out of control, Billy's parents will want to step in. If they do, they'll force Billy and Colin to come back home. They don't like the lifestyle choices Billy and Colin have made and they certainly don't like me. They've been looking for a way to regain control over them and this untimely turn of events might be just the thing they've been looking for to turn the tables in their favor."

A few minutes later, we arrived at the airport, I thanked Spencer for all his help and I complemented him on his considerable knowledge and expertise.

When I arrived back in New York City, the record company's limo took me directly to the recording studio where Jesse and Billy were finishing up some last minute cleanup vocals on tracks #8 and #12.

As soon as they were finished, the three of us were escorted to the company limo and taken to the same hotel we were in before. Once we were on our way, I warmly greeted Jesse and then hugged and kiss my man passionately.

"God I've missed you so much," I said to Billy. "And don't feel left out Jesse, I'm very happy to see you too!"

"I'm glad you're here," Jesse said. "You couldn't have timed your arrival any better if you tried. We have a lot to do and you're a very important part of it. We're going to be meeting privately with my attorney in my suite in about an hour."

"Oh, so you guys know about the news story?" I asked.

"Oh yeah," Billy said rolling his eyes. "Mom and Dad called me the minute the story broke. Then they went on and on about how they knew this would happen and how my reputation may be irreversibly damaged."

"Oh boy, I was afraid of that," I said. "What do we do now?"

"Well, as I said," Billy said. "We'll be meeting with the attorney and then we'll see what he has to say."

"That's awfully good of you to help us out like this Jesse," I said as I turned to him.

"Well," Jesse said. "It's not out of kindness that we're doing this. My record company has a lot riding on this album so we need to snuff this story immediately and get this turned around to our advantage if at all possible."

Once again, I felt the bitter sting as the truth got pointed out to me that this wasn't just about me. I was starting to see that this was not only affecting me but Billy and Jesse and the recording company as well, not to mention the fact that it no doubt was having serious repercussions on Colin and Spencer back home.

I was starting to feel somewhat responsible now. Maybe I was guilty of willfully and intentionally seducing, enticing and alienating the affections of Billy, thereby essentially stealing him away from Derek. I was beginning to think that if I hadn't had that encounter with Billy in that elevator, he may not be in this situation today.

"Barrett," Billy said breaking the silence. "You look like you were a thousand miles away. What were you thinking about?"

"I don't know," I answered. "Maybe I really am guilty of `alienation of affections'.

"Don't be ridiculous," Billy scorned. "I blame myself really. I should've seen this coming. Derek has been growing more disturbed over the last couple of years. There was a time when he really gave Camera and me a hard time. Somehow, he wasn't as personally threatened by the fact that I was dating her because deep down, he knew me too well and had predicted that it wouldn't work out between us. As Camera and I grew further apart, Derek started to move in, getting closer to me. Over the years, he endured my cold-heartiness as I blew through countless one night stands as I fought to understand my sexual identity. He began feeling pretty comfortable with me as I became more unattached from everyone else. Then suddenly, you came into my life. Now that you've moved in with me, I think Derek may finally be coming to the realization that I've changed and it's finally over between him and me. I feel sorry for him."

"You feel sorry for him?" I gasped. "He's suing me. He's lashing out at you for leaving him. He's intentionally out to hurt you, to hurt us, and you're feeling sorry for him?"

"Yeah, I do! I feel sorry for him" Billy confessed.

"Do you still love him?" I asked.

"Yeah, in a way, I think I do," he answered.

"Oh Billy," I said. "That was so not the right answer."

"Oh Barrett, don't get your panties in a bunch," he warned. "Derek and I have been in each other's lives for over fifteen years now and we have a lot of history between us. He's saved my life more than once and he's been there for me when I really needed him. You don't get over a relationship like that overnight."

"So where do you and I fit into to all this," I wondered.

"Barrett... sweetheart... darling...!" he sweetly said looking deep into my eyes in a way only he knew how to do. "God has blessed me with a career full of the most extraordinary events a guy could ever hope for, but believe me, the day I walked into that elevator with you was by far the best thing that ever happened to me,"

"Oh, that's so romantic!" Jesse sighed.

"I've told you that elevator story before, haven't I?" I asked Jesse.

"Yeah, you have," Jesse answered. "But it was only the really short version. Still, I think it's so romantic!"

"You really think so," Billy asked looking surprised.

"Straight Up," Jesse exclaimed. "I've had many sexual encounters with all kinds of groupies and hard core fans that hung around day and night whenever I was on tour, traveling from City to City. I've had my pick of the most dazzling busty babes and gorgeous super-models in the world as well as some of the hottest horse-hung muscle hunks and juicy young twinks anyone could ever want. Even with all that, I've never had anything even half as romantic as that ever happen to me. I'd trade them all for a love story like yours."

I started to feel a little better after I heard what Jesse had to say. It also endeared me to him a lot more and his heart felt confession gave me a warm feeling inside and a semi-erection in my pants. I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself. I was in the company of people who loved me and cared for me and I came to this realization just in time or I might have found myself spiraling downward in a pit of despair.

The limo pulled up in front of the hotel and the three of us got out and made our way up to Jesse's suite in quiet contemplation. Once we were settled into his room, the phone rang and Jesse answered it.

"Hello ..." he said and then paused for a moment. "Yes, please send him up."

Jesse hung up the phone and told us that the attorney we were expecting was on his way up. Two minutes later there was a knock on the door and Jesse invited our guest in.

"You must be Jesse," he said as he held out his arm to shake hands. "I'm Deets Marslow of the law firm of Marslow, Beatty and Krantz.

"Greetings Mr. Marslow," Jesse said as he shook his hand. "Thanks for meeting us here on such short notice."

The four of us sat together on the couch and Jesse made his formal introductions all around. Then Mr. Marslow began the meeting.

"I've been completely briefed on the case and I've viewed all the news captures from the various networks that have been posted on the Internet," the attorney began. "We've already had the judge issue a gag order to stop the media from going any further with this."

"Mr. Marslow," Billy began.

"Please, call me Deets," he said. "My name is Detroit but everyone calls me Deets."

"Okay, Mr. Deets,"

"No, Just Deets," he chuckled.

"Deets," Billy said. "Does Derek have a case?"

"Celebrity inter-relationships in the media are my specialty," he informed us. "I'm sure we could get this thing kicked out of court without the two of you even being present at the hearing," he revealed as he pointed to Billy and me.

"What can we do to help?" I asked.

"Keep a low profile until the preliminary hearing," he began. "Stay out of the public eye and I suggest the two of you not be seen in public together." Then he paused for a second. "I'm not supposed to ask you fellows this next question. Are you straight, bisexual or gay?"

First he looked at Jesse.

"I've been pitching for both teams for quite a while now," Jesse said without hesitation.

Then he looked at Billy.

"The same here," Billy openly replied.

Lastly he looked at me. I didn't know what to say. I hadn't played the field all that much and I hadn't gotten a chance to explore the heterosexual side of my nature. I thought I'd better answer quickly or whatever I do say won't sound sincere.

"Same here," I said with as much conviction as I could muster.

"I take it then that all three of you wish to maintain a heterosexual persona?"

The three of us nodded yes in unison.

"And I'm guessing that this unfortunate incident is the first time your public image has been attacked, allowing your sexuality to become public knowledge?

The three of us continued to nod our heads in unison.

This might be a little difficult to handle but I suggest that all three of you allow yourselves to be seen with girlfriends," Deets instructed.

"Billy, do you have an old girlfriend you used to date?" he asked.

"Yes I do," he stated.

"She would be the best choice as far as the media is concerned," Deets pointed out. "You have a history with her and she would be more believable than someone new might be. Jesse, how about you, do you have someone?"

"Selena Gomez would do it for me if I asked her to," Jesse said. "She did it for Justin Bieber a while back when he needed to be seen with a girl who had some Hollywood credibility. Besides, she owes me a favor!"

"How about you Barrett?" he asked me.

"Well, it's different for me," I said trying to cover my ass. "I just moved here from California and I haven't had time to meet anybody new."

"Don't worry," Jesse said. "Billy and I will find someone for him."

"I really think this will help your public images and discredit Derek's allegations at the same time," he said. "Do any of you have any more questions?"

We all looked at each other and shook our heads no.

"Well then, that will do as a start," Deets said. I'm glad to have met you and I'll be in touch with you again soon."

He shook our hands again and Jesse showed him out. Then Jesse stepped out into the hallway with him and had a private chat with him for a minute or two, no doubt to discuss the legal ramifications of Jesse and Billy's recent collaborative efforts.

When Jesse came back in, we all sat in silence for a moment. A growing anger began to fill my senses and I finally had to say something.

"I really don't like being told that I have to stay away from my boyfriend," I said with a small degree of hostility in my voice. "And I certainly don't like the idea of any of us having to date girls, even if it is just for appearances."

"Well, I'm okay with it," Jesse said. "Besides, Selena is fun to hang with!"

"I'm okay with it to," Billy said. "I'd like to spend some time with Camera for a while."

"Oh Great," I said. "What about me?"

"I said we'd find someone for you and we will, right Billy!" Jesse said.

"That's what you said but I don't really know anybody that fits the bill," Billy said.

"Okay, then I'll do it," Jesse said. "Don't worry. I've got your back Barrett."

Somehow, Jesse's words that were meant to put my mind at ease, were giving me knots in my stomach instead. Listening to Billy talk about wanting to see Camera again was making me feel insecure. Billy and Jesse both had alternative choices where I had none. I had made a conscious choice to put all my heart and soul as well as all my faith and trust into one man, Billy Gilman! I found myself asking the question, who would I even want to have as an alternative? Then Colin's sweet face popped into my head and I found myself wishing he were here with me right now. He'd know what to say that would make me feel better because Billy just wasn't saying the things I needed to hear right now. I felt my future with Billy dip into uncertainty.

"Well, since we were asked not to be seen in public together, I guess I'll just stay in for the night," Jesse said to both Billy and I. "Would you guys like to stay here with me tonight and maybe order some room service later?"

This was not at all the way I was expecting this trip to unfold. Jesse was being kind enough to invite us to stay and I wasn't too happy with Billy right now so, I put in my vote to take him up on his offer. Besides, I didn't particularly want to be alone with Billy at the moment.

"As long as you don't have anything better to do, I'll stay," I said. Billy was just as quick to accept Jesse's offer as I was.

"Sure, I'd love to stay," Billy said. That statement made me feel like Billy didn't want to be alone with me either.

"Come on, let's all sit in a circle on the bed," Jesse said. "We'll be more comfortable that way. Slip off your shoes and make yourselves at home."

We did as Jesse suggested and made ourselves at home.

"Barrett, tell me more about how you and Billy found each other in that elevator," Jesse requested as he lay down to get cozy. He propped himself up with a pillow and prepared to hear our entire love story.

"Well, Los Angeles was in the middle of a record breaking heat wave," I began. "I had come to visit Roy, a friend of the family. He worked with the Academy of Country Music in Nashville. That weekend, the ACM was in town on a Country Music recording convention. I checked in at the front desk and they rang Roy's room. He confirmed I was invited and had them send me up. I got in the elevator with several other people on the ground floor. As the elevator stopped at each floor, more and more people got out until I was alone. Before I got to Roy's floor, the elevator stopped unexpectedly one more time on the way up and Billy, who was on his way up to the roof, got in with me. The second I saw him, my heart started racing. My mouth got dry and I could hardly breathe. As he stepped in with me, his sweet clean manly sent overtook my senses. I was ready to become his slave right then and there."

As I was telling the story, Jesse started slowly and somewhat inconspicuously rubbing his crotch through his jeans and the outline of his bulging manhood began to emerge. Watching him do this was very sensual and I found myself getting turned on as the story progressed. As seductive as Jesse was being, I somehow managed to continue.

"We began a superficial conversation as the elevator doors closed. We traveled up about a floor and a half when the elevator jerked to a stop, the lights went out and the red emergency lights came on. We had become victims of the infamous California rolling blackouts. Despite the fact that Billy and I both owned a cell phone, Billy had left his in his room with his family and I left mine sitting out in my car. We were stuck and it was going to be a long time before we were missed and even longer before a rescue could be made."

As I continued reminiscing, Billy and I watched Jesse get more drawn into my story as he began to unbutton his Jeans. He slipped a hand under his pants and started fondling himself under his boxers. He was getting deeply aroused by my story and Jesse's sensual display began to affect Billy and me quite profoundly. I tried to focus on my story as I struggled to continue.

"When I explained to Billy that, in a rolling blackout, we could be stuck for over an hour, we both sat down on the floor and tried to make the best of a bad situation. We introduced ourselves formally and Billy momentarily thought I was a stalker when I revealed how much I knew about him and his family. I named his mother, father and brother as well as the name of his girlfriend. Then I went even further by correctly revealing the city where he was born and where he and his family currently resided. Then I cited his birth date and age, which was easy for me since our birthdays were so close together. Then I told him what a big fan I was and that I had an innocent boyhood crush on him since we were both twelve."

At this point, Jesse unzipped his fly to allow more freedom of movement within the confines of his tight jeans. He then slipped his other hand under his shorts, now using both hands to satisfy his increasing desire. I hadn't even gotten to the sexy part of the story yet. Nevertheless, Jesse had been finding my recitation intoxicating and was increasingly working himself up to an ultra-aroused state. I'm not sure if he was fully aware of what he was doing but he felt comfortable enough in our presence to drop his guard and transcend his inhibitions. I looked over at Billy to see that he had not altered his posture but I could see that he was reacting to Jesse's erotic behavior. His erection betrayed him as it struggled to break free from the fabric prison that held it captive. I too had the same reaction and it became increasingly challenging for me to go on.

"If you'll excuse me," Jesse said. "I'm going to get more comfortable. Seeing that it's going to be just the three of us and I'm not expecting any visitors, you can feel free to join me!"

Jesse slipped off his jeans the rest of the way and then sat up and pulled his shirt off over his head. Then he removed his shoes and sox before returning to his previous position.

Jesse's body was stunningly beautiful. I had seen Jesse nude before but the circumstances under which I had seen him did not allow me to appreciate the sight. As he put his hands behind his head, it showed off his charming baby face in sharp contrast to his smoking hot body. He had just the right amount of blonde underarm hair that complemented his light colored succulent man nips. His arms displayed a perfect balance of flawless skin and muscles content. His chest was perfectly hairless and sported the beginnings of a developing six pack. As my eyes scrutinized every inch of him, I scanned down his legs which had a light dusting of golden brown hair ending with the most splendidly sexy feet. They were manly, yet undeniably youthful feet that showcased a pair of impeccably sculpted heels, arches and lick-able toes.

I couldn't wait for Jesse to lose his boxers. It was the one and only piece of clothing that stood between us and Jesse's gloriously naked body. Even the most sought after hunk could not have turned me on more than the sight I beheld in front of me right now.

Billy's hesitation demonstrated to me that he hadn't decided if he was going to accept Jesse's invitation or not. I wasn't about to let that stop me. I continued my story and slowly undressed as I went, all the while trying not to look too eager.

"Well, anyway," I said, resuming my story. "Billy confided in me that he was on his way up to the roof to do some personal contemplation and he told me he did this quite often. Then he also revealed that his record label had dropped him and he was having difficulty with his career due to the fact that his fans only wanted to hear him sing `One Voice'. We talked about how that spurred him to write `Billy the Kid'. I must have impressed him with my heartfelt insight from another person's perspective and we bonded to each other. Well, at least he bonded to me. I on the other hand had lived with the crush I held for Billy for the past nine years and I already experienced `love at first sight' the second he entered that elevator."

By now I had removed everything but my briefs and Billy finally chose to join us in getting more comfortable. Jesse was feeling even more unrestrained now that we all joined in disrobing together and he slid his hand under his boxers once again to resume his previous activity. The time had come for me to jump to the explicit sexual content of my story now.

"I was dying to kiss Billy but because he was a celebrity and I truly didn't know what Billy's sexual orientation was, I restrained myself out of respect for him. So, when he unexpectedly hugged me, I flew into the stratosphere. When he released his hug, he put his hands on both of my shoulders, held me there for a few seconds and looked deep into my eyes. He must have found something there in the window of my soul because seemingly, out of nowhere, he gave me the most passionate, loving, heart pounding, boner popping kiss I'd ever known! I'm sure you can understand my surprise and shock when he parted my lips with his tongue and hurled me out of the stratosphere and into deep space. Once I realized I had no reason to hold myself back any longer, all the years of fantasizing about having sex with Billy Gilman was on! Even then, it was Billy who took the next step. He untied the waistband of my shorts, slipped his hand under my briefs and collected a bead of pre-cum that had started to ooze from my hot, throbbing cock head. Through the dim light of the red emergency lights, I watched him take the sample and bring it to his lips to savor the flavor."

Jesse had gone way past casual and was now heavily into jacking himself. I looked over at Billy to see that he also had his hand down his underwear fooling around with himself. I thought to myself that there was no longer any doubt where this was all heading. If I really focus on the hottest part of the story now and get everyone supercharged, it should lead to an epic three-way to remember. I had a number of things I wanted to do to Jesse and we were so close to doing it together that I could taste it! I took out all the stops and prepared to verbally push Jesse over the edge and physically out of his boxers.

"Then, Billy smiled and said `Yum yum'. I told him that I had a lot more where that came from. Then for a brief moment, time stopped. There I was, alone with Billy Gilman. I'm stuck in an elevator somewhere between floors in a prestigious Hollywood Hotel during a record breaking heat wave in the middle of a black-out. There was very little light to see by and I was lying on the floor of that elevator with my shorts and trunks down around my ankles. My raging hard-on was exposed in all its glory and my long time idol and childhood crush was kneeling above me, checking me out from head to toe and telling me I had a delicious looking cock! I was ready to blow my load right then and there. Before I had time to think, I got my next surprise. Ever so gently, Billy drew my rigid rock-hard cock into his mouth and deep throated me so completely that I felt the head of my dick touch his uvula as he played a game of tonsil tennis with my cock."

I could hear a slight change in Jesse's breathing patterns and I knew that I had him right where I wanted him. Billy had been uncharacteristically quiet and was allowing me to tell the story without any intervention, even though he was there in that elevator with me. He had never heard me tell the story from my point of view before. I hadn't realized that Billy was getting totally immersed in my erotic retelling of the event. It turns out that I had them both right where I wanted them! I resumed my story and prepared for the finale to literally set things on fire.

"I couldn't believe my good fortune," I continued. "Just a few inches above my face hung the object of many great masturbating fantasies and orgasms. I slowly reached up and pulled Billy's shorts down to the floor. Underneath his shorts, he was wearing a pair of wholesome white cotton Fruit-Of-The-Loom brand briefs that his mother no doubt made him wear. Now I could clearly see the outline of his considerably stiff package. I reached up again and felt his cock through the thin barrier between us. The only thing left to do now was eliminate the last obstacle standing between me and my dream come true. In a few moments, I was about to see the real thing in living color. I pulled down his briefs to the floor and released a decade of unfulfilled sexual tension confined within that blameless garment."

As I described removing Billy's underwear in that dark elevator, I casually reach over to Jesse and ever so slowly removed his. I was deliberate and careful enough as I slid that thin barrier down his legs that I would have sensed any resistance on Jesse's part had he not been willing to go all the way. In a matter of seconds, Jesse's entire naked body was finally revealed to us in all its magnificence and splendor. All three of us couldn't be any more boned up than we were at that moment.

"Billy's soapy fresh scent was quite pleasing but I was still able to detect a faint hint of Billy's natural pheromones that aromatically described his masculinity and sexuality that I found to be overwhelmingly intoxicating. I reached up to stroke Billy's cock. It was visibly pulsating from the lack of attention it had been enduring and soon we were reveling in a hot sixty-nine suck-off. As we enjoyed each others accumulated talents we probed each other's backsides. Billy blew his load first and I swallowed all nine blasts of his savory aromatic reproductive juices and before he was finished, he in turn was swallowing mine!"

"That was fuckin' hot man," Jesse said.

"Wait, that's not all," I told him. "When we were finished and there was no lasting evidence that anything had ever transpired between us, we got dressed and then Billy sang to me!"

"Ah, see, that's fuckin' romantic," Jesse said. "Come on you guys, join me. Let's celebrate romance together."

Billy and I lost our briefs in a split second and the three of us became one. I leaned over and kissed Billy and we both demonstrated to each other that, fate had indeed blessed us. The small rift that had been growing between us over the past couple of hours vanished as soon as our lips met. The current dilemma that inundated our lives wasn't enough to diminish our love for each other and I felt instantly recharged from Billy's simple touch. Then I immediately went over to kiss Jesse.

Jesse's kiss was unlike any other I had ever encountered. Unlike Billy and Colin's kiss, Jesse's kiss was more mechanical in nature and lacked any real passion. Unlike Spencer's distinctive kiss, Jesse's kiss was full of apprehension and mistrust. I withdrew from Jesse's lips and looked into his vacant eyes. I tried to see something in those eyes that might reveal his soul. I adopted Billy's killer kissing technique and tried to summon the real Jesse out into the open. At first I could only see Jesse's confused stare as I tried to look past the walls of protection that were layered between us.

Then I understood what the years of meaningless one night stands had done to Jesse and why he yearned for romance. To protect himself from the pain of those empty heartbreaking relationships, he had to erect an almost impenetrable barrier, preventing him from falling too deeply for anyone.

My conscience wouldn't allow me to make love to Jesse just for the sex. I had to find a way to reach him. Then, for a split second, I recognized the romantic elements I had portrayed in my story. It was the very same romance that Jesse hungered for but deprived himself of for all these years. Now I had a lead to follow and that's exactly where I proceeded next. I slowly moved back in to kiss Jesse again but this time, I let our lips touch just enough to make the smallest contact. First our bottom lips touched and then a second or two later, our top lips touched. I drew my fingers softly along the outer edges of his ears and lobes, tenderly stimulating one of the body's most sensuous erogenous zones. The connection was so subtle and gentle that Jesse began to open up to me. He was unaware that I had effortlessly dissolved all the obstacles that stood between him and his desire for someone to love him.

I used my tongue to discreetly touch the space between his lips. It was just enough to wet them and suggest it was an old friend knocking at the door. Then it happened, the real Jesse cautiously answered the call and let me in. Once I was in, I implemented everything I knew about tongue swapping and extended an invitation for him to partake in his first sensual oral ballet. I tenderly guided his novice attempts to lead. As he began to reach out to me and open himself up, I befriended his exposed vulnerability.

Jesse was once again allowing himself to feel some real, honest and genuinely heartfelt emotions. I felt confident that I had successfully reached him. I could now proceed, knowing that what was about to transpire would not be empty and meaningless. As I continued, I sensed that Jesse had long forgotten that there was a big difference between having sex and making love.

He was coming alive and enjoying our closeness in a way he had not expected. I continued to kiss him as I worked my hands down his neck and across his shoulders. His muscles quivered and twitched beneath my touch as if he were being touched there for the very first time. It wasn't long before every inch of Jesse's body became touch sensitive. I was so wrapped up in trying to reach Jesse that I lost track of Billy. He had been watching me and knew exactly what I was doing. He had come around to the other side of Jesse to take his turn once I moved on. I withdrew my kiss from Jesse and allowed Billy to take his turn knowing that he would expertly continue to reinforce what I had initiated. I moved down his body, being sure to give all his erogenous zones along the way their fair share of attention.

Once I reached Jesse's cock and balls, I knew I had better be careful. I needed to approach this part of Jesse's anatomy in a way that no one else ever had. Many sexual partners no doubt choked and gagged on Jesse's unexpected size, thereby killing the mood for both of them. Jesse's cock was cut and quite thick with a well defined head. He had a good handful of sandy blonde pubes that had been stylishly trimmed. His balls were perfectly shaved and hung very loosely as if he practiced the art of ball stretching. I hand stroked his semi-stiff cock to help bring it to a rock hard state. His balls seemed to be calling to me and I just had to touch them. A surge of electricity shot through my body as I touched those oval shaped golden nuggets of his. I had to feel for myself the density and mass of his fertile sperm-producing orbs of masculinity. It felt amazing to be fondling Jesse McCartney's cock and balls. I felt all tingly knowing I held in my hands the object of many wet panties and dry orgasms alike.

I leaned forward and slowly drew Jesse's cock into my mouth until it had completely vanished from sight. I made a seal around it and sucked out all the air. I wiggled my tongue and drew a vacuum around his cock as if I were attempting to suck Jesse's considerably large balls through a straw. Then I slowly began the motions of a classic blowjob, up and down, reaching maximum depth each time. Jesse started noticeably moaning even though he and Billy were lip lock at the time.

Billy knew exactly what he wanted. He was looking forward to finishing what he and Jesse had started the day I caught them together in this very same hotel room so many months ago. Billy reached over to the nightstand and conveniently found the stash of condoms Jesse had placed there. He handed one to Jesse and smiled. Jesse instantly knew what that meant and smiled back. A second later he realized the implications and looked over to me for permission. I gave them both the look of approval they were seeking. Without losing any time, they both prepared to proceed.

Jesse opened the foil wrapped condom and handed it back to Billy. Then he asked if Billy would do him the honor of rolling it on for him. Jesse loved to have his condom rolled on by his partner and Billy cheerfully complied. Once Billy expertly rolled Jesse's condom on for him, he assumed a position, leaning over the top of the bed. Billy prepared to accept Jesse's considerable manhood and Jesse prepared to plow Billy's backside. He used a bit of spit and the old one-two-three finger method of preparing his partner. Once Jesse considered his partner to be adequately prepared, he guided his latex covered man-probe against my sweetheart's puckered gateway and plunged his weapon into him. Billy let out a shriek and my defenses popped into high alert.

I thought I had gotten through to Jesse by demonstrating my tenderness to him but he seemed to revert back to his old ways as he slammed it to my lover in a vulgar dispassionate display. Jesse apparently missed the point as he confused exuberance for belligerence. He was fucking Billy so hard that it was producing a slapping sound as their two bodies would slam together. Billy had no choice but to start stroking himself rather vigorously in an attempt to redirect his attention away from the pain that Jesse was taking great delight in.

I took it upon myself to teach Jesse a lesson while symbolically rescuing my lover at the same time. I reached for one of the condoms that Billy had taken out of the nightstand earlier and I rolled it onto myself. I stepped around to Jesse's rear. I spit on my finger and slipped it into his backside. A look of momentary surprise flashed across Jesse's face. I gave him the old one, two, three finger stretch the same way he had done to Billy. Then before Jesse could realize what I was about to do, I entered Jesse's rear door like a police raid. Jesse let out a squeal as he learned what it's like to receive what he'd been dishing out for years. Up to this moment, Jesse had only allowed himself to be a top. For the first time, Jesse was experiencing what it meant to be both a top and a bottom simultaneously.

Now it was up to Jesse to proceed with a little more restraint. I remained perfectly still and allowed Jesse to set the speed and strength of his own movements. If he pounded Billy too strongly on the in-stroke, he would feel the same intensity from me on his way out. In this piston-like position, with Jesse being in between Billy and me, he might find a surprisingly erotic compromise between pleasuring his own cock in Billy's ass and stimulating his prostate by me on the opposite end. It came as no surprise when Jesse softened and slowed his stroking as he searched for the perfect middle ground. It took him a couple of minutes but he did indeed find the perfect balance between pain and pleasure. Soon all three of us were moaning with pleasure as Jesse did all the work of pleasuring the three of us at once. Now that I had accomplished my goal with my subtle tutelage, I focused my attention on how tight Jesse's ass was and how it clung to my cock as Jesse escorted Billy and I to a climactic orgasm.

"Oh, I'm getting close," Billy said.

"Yeah, me too," Jesse said.

"I want both of you to cum on my face," I told them.

Jesse and I pulled off our condoms and I went over to lie on the bed. Billy and Jesse kneeled beside me and got ready to shoot their loads across my face and into my mouth. I reached up and took control of their stroking away from them and prepared to douse myself with their hot cream.

"What are you doing?" Jesse asked.

"I'm in control now and you're going to cum when I let you cum," I informed him.

I think Jesse has always been in control of his own orgasms and I'm sure he's never let anyone jack him off to conclusion before. Jesse was learning a lot of new lessons today and I knew he was going to enjoy this one.

Long ago, I had learned how to read body language and know when a guy was about to cum. Billy was first and I slowed down my pace on him and at the same time I kept up the speed on Jesse. Being a musician, I've developed the coordination in my hands to allow me to easily go one speed with one hand and a different speed with the other. Now Jesse was making his approach to his ultimate climax. I estimated the timing it would take to make both Jesse and Billy cum on me at the same time and the prospect of seeing that thrilled me. I had gotten to the point where both of them were very close. In order to bring on a simultaneous orgasm between Jesse and Billy, I needed to change my tactics. I had to switch from reading body language to sensing the variations in touch. The penis swells just before it ejaculates its load. I squeezed both cocks as I stroked them. The first cock to begin to enlarge was Jesse's. I continued to stroke him but I eased my grip and increased my tempo on Billy. It was quite a balancing act but it was working and if I were to be successful, the result would be something to remember. Billy started showing signs of getting real close and I worked my magic on both of them. I lined up their cocks like two gunslingers in a shoot out at high noon and it happened right on cue. Billy and Jesse started breathing heavily and they both made their announcements.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming," Jesse said as he tried to regain control of his cock again. It didn't allow him to take it and I wasn't going to let him spoil my virtuoso performance.

"I'm going to shoot it now," Billy announced.

Both cocks swelled up in my hands at the same time and a surge of tingles shot though my body. This was it. They weren't going to get any closer than this.

Then it happened. Just inches above my face, I watched both cocks as they released the first blast of cum. They exploded at exactly the same time and I observed their flying spunk collide in mid air and then disperse in different directions. It was so hot that I yelled out a superlative remark. They both shot a second volley and again it crashed together and then dropped squarely into my mouth. I got to taste a small sample that was a mix of Billy and Jesse's ultra fertile juices. The flavor evoked an image of strength and virility. Both their bodies were now jerking and convulsing and I almost lost my grip on them both but managed to keep going. I held on tight and continued to jack them as they both devastated my face with their combined sexual secretions.

"My God that was hot," I exclaimed. "You guys annihilated me good."

"Yeah we did," Billy said with pride.

"Let's continue to ravish the boy," Billy said as he pointed to my twitching dick.

"I'm right with you my friend," Jesse acknowledged.

The two of them moved down to my waist and I got a double dose of my own medicine. Billy took charge of my cock and Jesse took charge of my balls and backside. They both started to work me over and I could do little more than lay still and enjoy the ride.

Billy was a master at knowing just how to stroke me for maximum stimulation and he was hitting all the right spots. Jesse on the other hand was far less practiced in pleasuring others. He rolled my balls around haphazardly with one hand and fingered my ass with the other. He wiggled his finger around on the inside and then would pull it in and out and then around again. This action would probably work well as a vaginal technique but not so well as an anal one. Even though it may have been by accident, he would occasionally brush up against my prostate which was enough to send bolts of electricity shooting throughout my entire body. It didn't take long for the two of them to catapult me into a dizzying state of orgasmic euphoria. With the two of them working me over hard and heavy, my climax was making its approach with lightning speed. I tried to slow its approach and reached for my cock but like I had done to them, they denied me permission and continued with their intention to carry out their payback plan. In seconds I felt myself fly out of control. My orgasm hit me so hard that it slammed me into overload. My body jerked and twitched uncontrollably and I watched myself blast my cum so hard that it splintered into two directions. I closed my eyes and saw lights and images spin around the back of my eyelids in a psychedelic whirl of distorted shapes and colors. My heart pounded out my chest and I briefly left my body, experiencing the universe in a millisecond of infinite mass.

"That's right Barrett, shoot that fuckin' load," Jesse blurted out.

"That's my boy," Billy said. "He's always been a hot-shot!"

Jesse and Billy continued their merciless milking until it was plain that I wasn't going to produce any more cream. I slowly drifted down from space where I had shared my orgasm with the cosmos. A pleasant sense of euphoria lingered as my two tormentors finally stopped their onslaught.

"Well, shall we order up some room service?" Jesse asked.

My pleasantly lingering euphoria was short-lived as Jesse's question shattered the mood and knocked me back to reality.

"Sure, I'm starved," Billy said.

"Yeah," I coldly answered. "Might as well."

Billy had the right idea. He knew that our encounter with Jesse was going to be just another chance to have some gratuitous sex amongst friends. With that in mind, he proceeded with the idea that there would be no strings attached. He totally enjoyed the whole experience for what it was. I really thought I was having a breakthrough with Jesse but he was just being himself and I had no business trying to change him.

Once Jesse ordered room service, we knew we had some time to kill before it would be delivered. Billy stood in the middle of the floor and started to sing one of the new songs he and Jesse had been working on. A few seconds later, Jesse stood next to Billy and joined in. The two of them were performing exclusively for me and I felt honored for two reasons. First, I was hearing one of their new songs for the first time ever and second, Billy and Jesse were performing their spectacular rendition completely in the nude. I thought to myself that Heaven would have a hard time beating this!

To Be Continued ...

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