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Fate Brought Billy Gilman to Me

Part #9

By Paul S. Stevens

Once Jesse ordered room service, we knew we had some time to kill before it would be delivered. Billy stood in the middle of the floor and started to sing one of the new songs he and Jesse had been working on called `Love on the Run'. A few seconds later, Jesse stood next to Billy and joined in. The two of them were performing exclusively for me and I felt honored for two reasons. First, I was hearing one of their new songs for the first time ever and second, Billy and Jesse were performing their spectacular rendition completely in the nude. I thought to myself that Heaven would have a hard time beating this!

Once Billy and Jesse finished their wildly sexy song, I got up and walked over to thank them and walked right into an unexpected group hug. We were all sexually satisfied and comfortable with ourselves and we were all ready to feed the appetite we had just worked up. We casually got dressed just moments before room service arrived with our order, hot and fresh from the hotel kitchen. We enjoyed our meal and then wound down for the night. Billy and Jesse had one more session in the morning to tie up some finishing touches before the recordings would get passed on to the post-production team. After tomorrow's session, Billy and I would be flying back home to Rhode Island together. The three of us slept peacefully through the night as the events of the day had exhausted us both physically and mentally.

Seemingly overnight, the studio had arranged to have escorts for Billy and Jesse and had also arranged for some off-the-cuff publicity. As we were checking out of the hotel, a mob of photographers, paparazzi and a whole lot of screaming girls were all part of the blitz the Studio had hired to generate hype for Billy and Jesse's spin-control that Deets had warned us to expect. We were all surrounded as we made our way to the limo. The two Hollywood model types the studio had gotten as escorts got ushered into the limo, arm and arm with Billy and Jesse. A barrage of flashes went off as the reporters and media took advantage of the staged photo op. They all climbed into the limo together and in the blink of an eye, the door got closed and the limo sped-off leaving me virtually stranded.

My mind was spinning out of control and I immediately got angry. I was surrounded by the chaotic confusion of the fans, the media and the press and the first thing I thought of was to get the hell out of there. Once again I found myself at the hotel's comforting lounge as I pulled up a stool to the bar and ordered a drink. Since I'm not a drinker, I had no concept of the consequences of drinking this early in the morning. As the noise settled down and the crowds dispersed, I got a call from Jesse who was calling me using Billy's cell phone.


"Hey Barrett, dude, it's Jesse. Are you all right man?" How are you doing?"

"How do you think I'm doing?" I answered. "This is the second time that Billy has gotten ripped away from my side."

"I'm so sorry man but the studio execs set up this kidnapping, we had nothing to do with it, honestly!" Jesse assured me.

"I love you like a brother Jesse so don't get me wrong but... why the hell isn't Billy telling me this himself?"

"We have very little time and they're briefing Billy right now as we speak," Jesse explained. "He asked me to call you right away because he couldn't. He knew you'd be hurt and upset if you didn't hear from him right away."

"Yeah, you got that right!" I said, thinking I'd better ease up on the poor guy. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't take this out on you. None of this is your fault."

"No worries, it's cool," Jesse said. "Hey, hold on a second, I think they're almost done."

I held on for a minute and waited for Billy to come on the line.

"Hey baby, I'm so sorry about all this," Billy said. "Do you forgive me?"

"There's nothing to forgive, you didn't do anything wrong!" I said trying to sound calm and rational.

"Don't get mad now but I'm not going to be able to go home with you today," Billy said with hesitation.

"What?" I gasped losing the little bit of composure I had retained.

"They've arranged for Jesse and me to do Letterman tonight!"


"Yeah, they usually don't promote a new album until it's been released but they're going to push this one through now and get the positive publicity out there before the negative publicity gains any more momentum. If we're successful at it, the negative story will die off because it will just look like Derek is trying to capitalize on our recent success. Anyhow, they managed to get the band together and we're going to perform `Love on the Run' live in the studio!"

"How is that going to work?"

"It will work fine as long as we don't do it in the nude!"


"Just kidding! They're going to take `Love on the Run' and make it into a single and have it available for purchase on `iTunes' by this weekend! We're headed for the Ed Sullivan Theater in Manhattan right now. We get to rehearse with our own studio band and Paul Shaffer's CBS Orchestra at 3:00 p.m. and we tape at 4:30p.m. How cool is that?"

"Pretty damn cool man!"

"Jesse has been pointing out all kinds of cool stuff to me, after all, this is Jesse's home town. Jesse is from Brooklyn and that's just 12 miles from Manhattan. I wish you could come with us but I know you have your own responsibilities you're committed to.

"If I knew ahead of time that this was going to happen, I would've taken a week off," I sighed.

"Well, that's the nature of the business I'm afraid. I'm sorry babe, but you'll just have to go home without me. As I'm talking to you right now, Jesse is making arrangements for a limo to take you to the airport."

"Tell Jesse thanks for me but I don't need a fancy limo to take me to the airport, I'm not a celebrity by any means."

I held the line as I heard Billy and Jesse speak to each other. "Hey Barrett, Jesse just told me to tell you, `it's the least he could do to make up for the way the studio treated you today'."

"Okay then, tell him I accept and thank him for me."

"I don't know what else the studio has planned for us yet so I'll let you know more when I find out myself. At this point I don't know when I'll be home. For now, we each have our own individual commitments to fulfill. Don't worry, you'll see, we'll be back in each others' arms again before you know it!"

I congratulated Billy and Jesse and ended the conversation so they could focus their efforts on their upcoming appearance on Letterman and whatever else the studio had planned for them. The `ether' of their good fortune wore off quickly as my thoughts turned back to the fact that I was going home without Billy. Bringing him home with me was the whole reason I came out here in the first place.

Shortly thereafter, the limo that was to take me to the airport arrived and in a few hours I was back home again. I spent my entire journey thinking about my predicament. I was beginning to see why so many celebrities have relationship issues that end in a tragic breakup or divorce. When my relationship started with Billy, he was on a downturn in his career. There were no concert tours, there were no recording sessions and there were no album signings. We had a lot of free time to spend together. The only commitment Billy currently had was his participation in the Jerry Lewis Telethon that was held every year during the Labor Day weekend. This would be Billy's last year as MDA's National Youth Chairman since he was now over twenty-one years old. He will still be involved as MDA's Celebrity Ambassador, but it will not be on the scale that it's been for the last six years. Now that Billy's career was getting a renewed and much needed infusion (thanks in part to Jesse and to some degree, me), I was going to have to give him his space and support him wherever and whenever possible.

Spencer arrived at the airport to pick me up and was surprised to find me alone.

"Hey Barrett, where's Billy?" Spencer asked.

"The studios' got him by the balls!" I answered angerily.

"Oh my, that sounds kinky," Spencer said trying to lighten my foul mood.

"Hey, I'm sorry, I just don't like coming home empty-handed that's all," I said.

"What's going on?" he asked.

On the drive from the airport to Billy's house, I filled him in on what had happened while I was away. I told him about the recording sessions, I told him about our experience with Deets and how Billy and Jesse got caught up in a mock media frenzy concocted by the studio. I explained how they got whisked away in a limo with two gorgeous models attached to their arms, leaving me behind in the dust. Then I told him about Billy and Jesse's surprise booking on The David Letterman Show tonight.

"Wow, that's a lot of action for only a couple of days," Spencer declared. "I'm glad now that I didn't call you guys."

"Why, what's going on?" I asked.

"Well, it looks like Billy hadn't paid the mortgage in several months now and it defaulted. I'm guessing that the bank held a short sale or something to recoup the loss. Billy's parents must have had a contact within the bank's loan department to keep them informed about the property. They in turn bought the property cash before the short sale went public, buying Billy's house right out from under him."

"Well, that's pretty underhanded," I said.

"I don't think you understand," Spencer explained. "They own the house now!"

"Yeah, so!" I said.

"Their parent's lawyers sent a certified letter to the house stating the property had been seized and sold and the new owners issued a vacate order, a sort of an eviction notice to take place once the escrow clears," Spencer said.

"What? I asked. "Can they do that?"

"They already did," Spencer stated. "That's why I said I was glad I didn't call Billy. I wouldn't want him to have to perform on Letterman with the knowledge that he had no place to come home to and find out his own parents were the ones who pulled the rug out from under him."

"Why would the Gilmans do something that incredibly dirty and underhanded," I growled.

"Face it, they want to get rid of us, Barrett. They want us both out of their sons' lives for good. With us out of the picture, Billy and Colin would be all alone with no place to call home. They're probably thinking that once they're successful at breaking us apart, Billy and Colin will come crawling back home to mommy and daddy."

"That's not the way it's going to happen!" I snapped. "What could we do right now?"

"Well, we've got about thirty-eight days to be moved out so we have until then to think of something."

"I wish Billy were here right now" I said out loud.

"Me too!" Spencer agreed.

"How's Colin taking it?" I asked.

"He's a wreck," Spencer said slightly tearing up. "He doesn't want to lose his independence and he really doesn't want to lose me either! Frankly, I'm just as scared to death as he is that we're going to lose each other to this situation. I honestly don't know what to do!"

"Well, we are four intelligent guys who have it pretty well together. I have a job, you have a job and Billy is on the road to getting his career back on track. We can pool our resources together and come out of this, one way or another."

"Why didn't we do that to begin with?" Spencer wondered.

"Because I know Billy, he was just too proud and didn't want to tell any of us how much he was struggling with his finances. If he had, maybe none of this would have happened. I can't blame Billy because I don't know what it was he was thinking. Maybe he got too used to his parents doing everything for him. Billy is a great guy but he may not have been fully prepared to live on his own yet."

"What are you talking about? Spencer said. "Billy is a genius, plus you and Billy are the same age."

"Yeah, but I didn't have parents who did everything for me," I explained. "I always did everything myself. It helped me to learn independence and it taught me how to take care of myself. Billy probably never got that kind of life training with his parents handling all his affairs for him for all these years."

"Oh, I see what you're saying," Spencer said. "The first thing we've got to do is have a group meeting just as soon as Billy walks through the door, the sooner the better."

"The last thing Billy said to me before I left New York was that the studio had a bunch of stuff for him and Jesse to do and he said he didn't know when he'd be coming home!"

"Oh, that doesn't sound good," Spencer said.

"We're just going to have to do what we can right now until Billy can come home!"

When we arrived at Billy's house, Colin came running out the door with tears rolling down his cheeks. He looked around and noticed Billy wasn't with us.

"Where is Billy? Where's my brother?" Colin sobbed.

I explained what happened and Colin hugged me in his brother's stead. As I held him, I could feel his body shaking fiercely.

"Don't you worry," I told him. "We're going to do everything we can to keep our little family together."

"I'm not going back there," Colin said. "I don't care what anybody says, I'm not going back. I love mom and dad, but I love what we have here too and I'm not going to choose between them, I can't, I won't! This is my life now! This is where I belong and this is where I'm going to stay!"

His tears turned to anger and I understood completely. I felt the same way about Billy and I couldn't have said it better myself. The one thing we needed right now that was awkwardly missing was Billy's presence. None of us were willing to call Billy right now and burden him with the situation before he had a chance to jumpstart his career on Letterman tonight.

We all stayed up to watch Billy and Jesse's appearance on the David Letterman show and were impressed with their interview and performance. Paul Shaffer's contribution to the studio's band was sensational and Billy and Jesse's electrified presence was infectious. I had heard the song before when they did their impromptu performance in-the-altogether for me at the Hotel but it was Colin and Spencer's first time hearing it and they absolutely loved it. Billy had done some duets before with Charlotte Church, Pam Tillis and even Rosie O'Donnell but we all agreed that this unique collaboration between Billy and Jesse had a chemistry that was something all together special.

That night we all went to bed feeling hopeful that Billy was back on track again and our dire housing situation could be resolved quickly.

At about two o'clock in the morning I shifted my position and discovered that Billy had slipped into bed with me completely unnoticed. He had his back to me and he was as naked as the day he was born. I was startled for a moment but I was happy he was here with me. I immediately hugged him and kissed his neck and started to give him affectionate gestures of congratulatory intimations. I wanted to honor him by acknowledging his triumphant return to his rightful place as the prominent icon in the music industry that he had worked so hard to achieve. After a couple minutes of lavishing all my attentions on him, I realized it wasn't Billy at all. It was Colin.

These two brothers had so many things in common now that in the dark, one could pass for the other. Colin's body size, shape and weight were virtually identical to Billy's. He has the same amount of body hair and even smells like Billy as he frequently uses his brother's shower and shampoo gels and cologne. Once I realized it wasn't Billy, my blood pressure rocketed and I felt my ears get hot from the embarrassment. I slowly stopped my gesticulation and calmly addressed him.

"Colin, what are you doing here?" I asked.

"I can't sleep. Can I stay here with you tonight?" Colin asked.

"Did you ask Spencer if it's all right?" I asked.

"No, you know very well I didn't," Colin answered. "Come on, just this one time, please!"

"Colin, we've gone through this before," I reminded him. "What do you think Spencer will think if he finds out you're in here with me instead of in there with him?"

"I love Spencer, he's a great guy and the sex is... well, out of this world but when I'm scared, you and Billy are the only ones who can make me feel safe and Billy isn't here right now!"

"Well, I appreciate that but still, it's not right," I chided. "Don't get me wrong, I love you dearly and it's taking all my willpower to keep from ravishing you right here and now. We have to be strong as a family and not hurt the ones we love."

"Why not?" Colin asked. "Mom and dad love Billy and me but they're still hurting us aren't they? How many parents do you know would take away their son's home and rip their friends and lovers away from them? No matter what happens, I'll never go back to them. I'll be homeless and live in an alley if I have to."

"The thing is, they believe they're doing the right thing. They don't think that either of you are thinking clearly. All your mom knows is that as long as the both of you are living a gay lifestyle, she'll never see any grandchildren and your dad just thinks it's a sin. Add the fact that Billy lost the house tells them neither one of you are fit to live on your own quite yet, even though you're both old enough to do what you please. Besides, when I said `not to hurt the one's we love', I wasn't talking about your parents, I was talking about Spencer. He's stood by you through the good times and the bad. He's kept the faith, he always has!"

"You're quoting one of Billy's songs again aren't you?" Colin asked with distain.

"Yeah but it's also true isn't it?" I said.

"There you go answering a question with a question," Colin said. "You do it so well!"

"Go back to your own bed now Colin before I lose all control and do something we'll both regret!"

"Like what?" Colin inquired.

"Like, fuck you within an inch of your life!" I said grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

"Oh promises, promises!" Colin said trying to goad me into a sexual encounter.

"Out now!" I said slapping him across his bare ass. "Get going!"

"I'm sorry daddy, don't spank me!" Colin joked.

"Out!" I said firmly.

Colin pulled off the covers to reveal his naked body and shook his ass at me all the way to my bedroom door. He turned to look at me one more time just in the event that I might change my mind.

"Please close the door behind you!" I said gesturing him out. "Oh and Colin, one more thing..."


"I love you!" I said as I flashed him an `I love you' in sign language.

"Love you too!" he said as he blew me a kiss and closed the door.

I was glad to know that I gave Colin a few things to think about and he felt comfortable enough to come to me in his times of need. I was a little pissed at him for leaving me with a raging hard-on to have to deal with here in the middle of the night. Even so, I much rather have him give me a case of blue-balls than have him run away from home again. What Colin's visit said to me was that we had a bigger crisis on our hands than I had originally perceived.

In the morning, I woke with an ultra hard, pulsing, throbbing hard-on that I swear had not subsided since my encounter with Colin in the middle of the night. I tip-toed naked to the bathroom to relieve my swollen bladder and struggled to pee through my relentless erection that would not soften for even a second. It was clear that I wasn't going to be able to go about my day until I took care of this one aching problem. I got excited thinking about having a good long session before I headed off to work. When I got back to the bedroom, Colin had slipped back into my bed again and this time it wasn't because he was scared. I must have had the same effect on him as he had on me last night and I could see the evidence tenting through the covers as he laid there on his back with the sheets covering him ever so slightly.

"What are you doing here?" I whispered in a panic.

"Don't worry," Colin said in a normal voice. "Spencer left for work early. We're all alone, just you and me!"

Colin pulled the covers off his body to display his intentions. Minus the sprouting of some light facial hair that Billy had just begun to grow, Colin was the mirror image of his brother. I suddenly lost myself in a moment of deep confusion. My level headed sensibilities saw Colin, the brother of my lover whereas my aroused state of sexual attraction saw Billy, my soul mate. As I stood naked in the doorway, there was no denying the sexual attraction for the hot sexy boy that was lying in my bed, on display in all his glory.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Colin grinned. "Come and get it!"

"Didn't anything we talked about last night mean anything to you?" I asked.

"Yes!" Colin said affirmatively. "We love each other more than ever and right now, I want to show you just how much more!"

Colin got up out of the bed and came over to me. He sweetly took me by the hand and led me to the bed and cradled me in his arms as he lowered the two of us down. He went straight for `The Billy Gilman Kiss' which he knew I had no immunity for and I lost every ounce of control I had in my body. Before I knew it, I was his. The battle I thought I was winning against my hormones flattened me like a steamroller. Unexpectedly, my libido overtook my willpower as Colin assumed an uncharacteristically forceful authoritarian position over me.

Up to now, I had always played the Alpha Male in all my sexual encounters. For me, it had always been that way. I never forcibly took on the role, it just happened. After a while, I just began to take it for granted. Today, Colin exerted his newfound Alpha Male dominance on me and for the first time in my life, I found myself taking on the role of the submissive partner, allowing him to control me and use me. My heart started racing and I began to feel physically weaker and at the mercy of my partner. I was suddenly unable to regain any semblance of control.

I never felt so helpless in bed before and it felt strangely compelling and wildly erotic. I never realized I had invoked such feelings in my sexual partners when I would unintentionally dominate them. I thought back to last night when Colin said I make him feel safe and right now, I was beginning to experience the same emotion from him.

Being completely under the power of Colin's spell, I had only one desire, to totally fulfill the needs of my partner. Nothing else mattered. It was like I was hypnotized and unable to deny him. The more he dominated me, the more I needed him to make me his slave. Each thing he commanded me to do, I did with unquestionable passion that had me drifting in a sea of climactic tides, causing uncontrollable swells of seminal juices deep in my loins.

"Hey Barrett, would you lick my balls?"

"No Colin, don't ask me, command me!"

"Suck on my balls bitch!" Colin said almost laughing.

"No dude, say it like you mean it man!" I insisted. "Say it like if I don't do it, you're gonna hurt me!"

"Fuckin' suck my nuts or I'll put yours in a vice!" Colin said with genuine authority.

It was working, his last command caused my distant orgasm to suddenly surge forward.

"Now give me some front and back door action," Colin ordered. "Suck my cock like your life depends on it. Milk my `G' spot and suck my pre-cum. I want you to taste a sample of what I'll be serving up for breakfast!"

I stopped sucking on his balls and wet my finger. I inserted it into his hole and made his squirm with delight. I sucked on his cock and began to summon Colin's pre-cum with the same milking technique I had used on Billy. I was really getting into it and I started to have flashbacks to the time when I milked Billy into unconsciousness. I didn't want to drive Colin into a state of unconsciousness but I did want him to experience the awesome sensations of an expertly executed prostate Bull milking and I was just the man to do it.

I began my expertise in the art of Bull milking on Colin's unsuspecting prostate and in seconds, Colin erupted with his preliminary trickle of sweet Bull milk. It was so awesome that I couldn't stop myself from going straight for the payoff. I applied the perfect amount of pressure to make him bust his nut in a series of uncontrollable blasts of le crème fresh. He threw his head back, his eyes rolled inward and his entire body jolted and jerked with each surge of sperm rich boy cream until he emptied his first full load of cum into my mouth. I continued my milking process with the intention of going for round two when Colin stopped me.

"Barrett, I think that's all I've got," Colin said.

"I can make you cum again if you like!" I informed him.

"You can do that?" Colin asked.

"Hell yeah, I was able to make Billy cum six times this way," I boasted. "Of course I almost put him in a coma, but he endured it like a real Bull. He's really incredible!"

"My brother did this six times?" Colin said with disbelief, "in one night?"

"In a row," I confirmed, "one after the other with no breaks! Billy can be quite a Superman in the sack you know! He's the most amazing guy I've ever known."

"Fuck me!" Colin blurted out of the blue. "Please Barrett, fuck me doggy style, please!"

Colin's pleading ended my brief departure into the realm of being dominated and the Alpha Male within me resurfaced.

"Okay Colin, I'm gonna fuck you senseless," I warned. "But I'm not doing it doggy style, I'll do you in the missionary position."

"Why?" Colin asked.

"Because I'm gonna stroke your cock while I fuck you," I explained. "I'm gonna try to make us cum together."

"That would be awesome!" Colin conceded.

Just then, my cell phone rang.

"Oh crap, don't answer it!" Colin groaned.

"I have to, it might be Billy," I reminded him.

I picked up my phone from the end table and saw it was from Billy.

"Hello... hello... Billy is that you?"

The call had been dropped. A few moments later, it rang again.


"Listen Barrett, this call can get dropped at any moment so just listen. I'm sorry I didn't call you last night. We didn't get to the hotel until after two o'clock in the morning. We're on our way to our next destination. The signal is cutting in and out so if I lose you, don't worry, I'll call you tonight. The cell coverage here is crap. It has something to do with the high definition television signals in the studio here. Anyway, Jesse and I are going to be here for a couple more days. They've lined up some more late night talk shows and publicity appearances. I'll call you from our hotel tonight when I get a clearer picture of our schedule. At least there, I can get some decent cell phone coverage and we could t..."

We got cut off again. I tried to call him back but it went straight to his voicemail. At least I knew that Billy wasn't going to be home for at least two more days. The more time that slipped away without telling Billy about our situation, the harder it was getting to tell him at all. I didn't want to be the one who had to break the news to Billy but I seamed to be stuck in the middle, the liaison between Billy in New York and Colin, Spencer and me here in Rhode Island.

"I'm sorry Colin, I'm gonna have to give you a rain check on our fuck-fest," I apologized. "I gotta get ready for work now before I start running late."

"Can I at least shower with you?" Colin pleaded. "I promise I won't hold you back!"

I conceded to let Colin join me in the shower because I would have lost more time arguing over it than just doing it.

"Oh, all right, let's get going!" I commanded.

The two of us squeezed into the narrow shower stall and Colin tried to be as helpful as possible by lathering up my back. He started at my shoulders and worked his way down to my ankles. He came back up and applied some extra lather in my crack. He slipped a couple of fingers into my hole and my cock suddenly reminded me that I still hadn't cum yet as it sprang to attention. I turned around to rinse off the lather from my backside as Colin began to lather up the front. Again, he started at my shoulders and worked his way down to my ankles. This time I was facing Colin as he poured his mind, body and soul into what he was doing. I could see in his face the love that was in his heart. Colin's love for me was real and it was deep. It moved me emotionally and it aroused me sexually. As he came back up, he lathered up my cock and balls and I got caught up in an explosive rush of lust. I really didn't have time for this right now but I failed to stop Colin once he began.

I immediately started to feel an orgasm coming since I'd been holding off for so many hours. I had remained sexually unsatisfied from the time Colin appeared in my bed at two o'clock in the morning until now. The slightest touch of Colin's slippery soapy hands sent chills down my spine as he gently played with my rock hard sex toy. Colin elicited a magnitude of sensations in me so strong that it became difficult to stand. As my legs quivered beneath me, I leaned against the shower wall to keep from collapsing to the floor. Colin sensed that I was close to the edge of a certified eruption and he tightened his grip and increased his speed. I had no way to slow my climax that was racing out of control, barreling headlong toward the finish line.

My orgasm was completely at the mercy of Colin's whim and he got turned on by the sense of power he derived from it. His cock got hard again and I took my opportunity to give him a taste of his own medicine. I soaped up my hands and began to pound Colin's cock the same way he was pounding me. We were reaching across and stroking each other with both hands, occasionally kneading each others' balls for good measure. Colin's legs started to buckle the same way mine had done and we now were both leaning against opposite walls of the shower stall as we flew into a cock pounding frenzy.

I felt my seminal fluids build up a considerable amount of pressure behind my balls as they got pulled into my scrotal cavity just before blowing my load. I could see in Colin's face that I had dragged him into the unloading zone right along with me. We both started heaving heavily as our chests rose and fell in unison. All at once, my orgasm gripped me as I prepared to bust my nut with the force of a pressure hose.

I lost the strength in my legs and my ass dropped to the shower floor. Colin had no choice but to come along for the ride. We managed to maintain the grip we had on each other's cocks as our knees locked together. There was nowhere to go now but bust... and bust we did! We were just inches away from each other as I creamed all over my own hands as I stroked Colin's cock and Colin pumped his hot boy juice onto his hands as he pounded me. We were vocalizing our pleasure quite loudly as we devastated each other with our combined elixir of love. We both had the same idea at the same time. We collected the warm silky cum off our hands and added it to the soapy lube we were jerking each other with. We enjoyed the wildly erotic sensations we felt as we finished each other off with our own velvety cum.

Once we recovered from our mutual cum-fest we stood back up and rinsed ourselves off. Colin hugged me and gave me a kiss of satisfaction and gratitude and I accepted it for what it was.

Since it was all about me and I was starting to run late, I left Colin in the shower for him to take care of cleaning himself. I quickly dried off, dressed and made it to work with no time to spare. Later that night, I waited for Billy's call, both in anticipation (to talk to my lover again) and trepidation (to inform him of the burdensome news from home).

Just before midnight I finally got the call I had been expecting from Billy.

"Hello," I said.

"Hey baby, how's it hanging?" Billy asked.

"Kind of low," I sighed. "We're all missing you here! I'm afraid I've got some worrisome news to tell you."

"Let me guess," Billy said with mystical air of clairvoyance. "My parents hate you and Spencer, I've lost my house and everybody's panicking," Billy said. "Does that kind of sum things up?"

"My God Billy, how did you find out?" I wondered.

"Simple," he began. "Mom and dad called me this morning to find out why Colin won't accept their calls so I called Colin and he filled me in. That's when I discovered someone at the house had opened the certified letter that let the cat out of the bag. Mom and dad had no idea I was in New York and about to release a new album with Jesse McCartney and if you can believe it, no one told them I was on Letterman last night either, of course I can't blame any of you."

"Well, I'm sorry to say, they're just too blinded by their bigotry," I told him. "If they would just spend a little effort supporting you instead of finding ways to undermine you, everyone's lives would be enriched. They could share and be a part of your life instead of missing out. The only reason they found out what's been going on in your life is because they've alienated Colin and they wanted you to be the one to do something about it. Colin knows the house was taken away from you under a short sale! That's really why he won't talk to them!"

"I'm sorry Barrett, but you've got it all wrong," Billy stated. "Mom and dad didn't take our home, they secured it. We've been together on this from the start. It was foolish of me to buy this house because I did it out of anger and frustration. I allowed the bank to foreclose on the property to disallow for the `lis pendens' that had been filed against it."

"Lis pendens, what is that?"

"It's a pending legal action concerning title to a property," Billy informed me.

"Legal action, what legal action?" I asked.

"Come on Barrett... think about it," Billy said.

I thought about it a moment and then it struck me, "Derek?"

"Precisely," Billy said.

"Oh, I see now," I said. "I feel so stupid. Why have you been keeping it a secret from us all this time?"

"We couldn't risk any of you knowing about it until it all got worked out. The house is still mine but we are going to have to move out to keep up appearances. Don't worry though, I've got it covered. I'll tell you all about that later. Anyway, we did everything by the book. Even the certified letter from the lawyer to vacate the property was inspired. Since it was addressed to me though, we didn't think any of you guys would open the letter and find out what it said until all the details were worked out and we could let you in on our plan. I told mom and dad that I suspected Derek would try something like this a long time ago and that's when we worked out this plan and started making it look like I had lost all my assets. Now Derek can't get his hands on anything. That's why mom and dad had been moving everything out of my name and making it look like I was in the poor house. Buying this house just happened to work to our advantage. Right now, all of my holdings are safe under secure holdings and the Gilman family trust."

"So your parents don't hate me and poor Spencer and you're not poor?" I wondered.

"Oh Heavens No!" said Billy adamantly. "I still don't have any major access to my money at this time but I'm far from poor. We knew that if Derek was going to make his move, it was going to have to be now that all my trust fund assets would be maturing all at once. As for you and Spencer, you're all right. Don't get me wrong, mom and dad still have a long way to go to reach full acceptance of us but they would never hate you. After all, you and Spencer are our family now and with this whole `Derek' thing coming out in the open, my parents can see that my relationships with guys goes back long before I ever met you."

"Well what about that whole thing that happened at our birthday party," I asked.

"Oh, they just want Grandchildren that's all," Billy laughed. "They don't know how to express it any other way. Besides, they may get their wish someday soon."

"Wow Billy," I said. "I owe you an apology. I'm seeing a whole new side of you I've never seen before and it's turning me on! You've turned out to be a shrewd businessman."

"Heck yeah," Billy offered. "We make a great team, me the shrewd businessman and you the wise man."

"What's the difference?" I said snidely.

"The wise man knows everything, the shrewd man knows everyone!" Billy said, speaking in proverbs. "Besides, it's really me that owes you an apology."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I sorry I couldn't let you in on my secret but it couldn't have work out any better," he said.

"Okay, I'm listening," I said.

"Once I called Colin this morning and convinced him that mom and dad weren't trying to break us up, he finally called them," Billy revealed. "It's already gotten back to mom and dad that you and Spencer were going to pool your money together and try to bail me out of my financial troubles and try to save the house."

"Yeah, that's true," I said. "I preferred that you didn't find out in quite that way."

"Well, In light of the `Derek' thing, they had to know that you and Spencer weren't just after our money like Derek was. Nothing I could have ever said to them could have come close to the unsolicited gesture the two of you made on my behalf. Now my parents are satisfied that your intensions are honorable. You have no idea how proud I am of both of you and I love you so much."

Billy segued into one of his songs called `I will' and sang it to me right over the phone.

I Will

It amazes me how I can see

There's still so much more

After all this time

It's not hard to find

Why I adore you

Your smile, your heart, my friend

You make me all that I am


If you can tell me how

I could love you more than I do now, I will

And I know without a doubt

I will give you all I have to give

For as long as I live I will


As the years go by I know that I

Will never leave your side

You're the world to me

And I'll always be

Right here for you

Until the last breath I take

I'm yours, for the rest of my days


I can't imagine how I would be now

Without you here with me


I will give you all I have to give

For as long as I live I will

"Oh My God Billy, I love you too," I said with tears in my eyes. "I wish you were here right now, I'd demonstrate just how much I love you. When are you coming home?"

"I should be home by the weekend," he said sounding hopeful. "I should have a few days of uninterrupted time off to spend with my home boys. Oh by the way, we've all been invited for family dinner on Thanksgiving at the folks' house in Hope Valley. Are you up to it?"

"Hell Yes!" I said without hesitation. "It's about time we really got to know each other don't you think?"

"In the light of recent events, I couldn't agree more!" Billy said. "Well I'd better go, it's getting kind of late and I have a busy schedule tomorrow with Jesse. Sleep well my Angel!"

"Sweet dreams my Prince," I said. "I look forward for the day we can be back in each other's arms again."

"Goodnight," Billy said.

"Goodnight," I answered as we concluded our call.

I think I was actually going to sleep well after that enlightening and encouraging phone call with Billy. I had a completely different perception of Billy's parents now and was looking forward to getting to know them better. I found it a bit troubling that Spencer and I had to earn our Brownie points in their eyes before they would consider us worthy partners for their boys. In a way, I understood their apprehension considering what Derek was trying to do. Everything Billy revealed in our conversation pointed to a brighter and healthier future ahead for all of us. Billy's parent's weren't the enemy, Derek was. When I met him for the first time, he seemed a little preoccupied with Billy but otherwise normal. I can see now how Derek's obsession with Billy caused him to crack when things didn't go the way he had planned for the two of them.

Instead of falling asleep right away, the high energy phone call with Billy ended up supercharging me as my mind went into overdrive. The more I thought about my conversation with Billy, the more it fueled an endless string of meaningless arguments that kept me awake for most of the night tossing and turning. One argument I had with myself was about my part in bringing Billy and Jesse together. On one hand, I was glad to know that Billy wasn't broke and I wish he had trusted me enough to tell me sooner. On the other hand, if I knew Billy wasn't broke I might not have pushed so hard for Billy and Jesse to collaborate. I did it mainly to help Billy generate a fresh new income that would help him get back on his feet. Then again, I also did it to help give Billy's career a jump start and get him back into the limelight again. I fruitlessly played both scenarios through in my head wondering if knowing would have changed the outcome one way or the other.

Once I exhausted myself with that pointless pursuit, my thoughts slowly turned to Colin and Spencer. Not knowing the truth about the household finances took its toll on those two as well in ways I could only imagine. One thing was certain, I often found myself having to console Colin as he sought me out numerous times to find safety in my arms. It was now three o'clock in the morning and hours of restless consternation had overtaken me. Tonight was one of those nights that I could've used someone in my bed to talk to. I quietly went into Colin and Spencer's room to persuade Colin to come to bed with me and saw him peacefully sleeping without a care in the world facing his lover who looked equally peaceful, a feeling that the two of them had no doubt gone without since they moved in together. I tip-toed back out of their room and went back to my own bed knowing that everything that's happened so far has all been for the best and I should take Colin and Spencer's example and sleep in the blissful belief that I was living in the best of all possible worlds.

When Friday rolled around, I got a call on my cell phone at seven o'clock in the morning. I groggily picked it up, blinked my eyes a few times and squinted to see Billy's name on the caller I.D. In the best chipper voice I could muster, I answered.

"Good morning sunshine," I said.

"Not for us yet," Billy replied.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"We're in Los Angeles," Billy revealed. "There's a three hour time difference. It's four o'clock in the morning here and Jesse and I haven't slept yet."

"You're in L.A. now? I asked. "Wow! What are you doing there?"

"We're going to be on `Good Day LA' in a couple of hours," he said. "We're in the KTTV Fox 11 news studio. We're about to go into the make-up trailer, then to the backroom where we'll do a streaming online interview and then onto the Celebrity News Stories segment of today's show."

"That's so cool," I said. "What is the proper response? Oh yeah, break a leg!"

"Thanks!" Billy said a little frustrated with my lack of sophistication. "The reason I called is to tell you that I won't be coming home today after all."

"Oh... I see," I sighed.

"The good news is, you're coming here!" Billy chirped.

"What?" I asked.

"We're making arrangements to fly you out tonight after you get home from work and join us for the weekend," he said. "We're going to be done with the last of our appearances tomorrow. Then the three of us will have the rest of the weekend together. First, we're going to fly to Catalina Island for lunch Saturday afternoon on the studio's dime and then Jesse is taking us to Club Xes. A bunch of big stars and celebrities are going to be there all weekend long. They're celebrating their Grand Opening of their new `CBT (Cock & Ball Torture) Chamber' and the newly refurbished `EES (Erotic Electro Stimulation) Dominatrix Dungeon' attractions. I hear they have new slings and cages and something Jesse called `Sounding' that sounds quite intimidating. Maybe we'll try some of that stuff out... you know... you and me... together?"

I was overwhelmed and momentarily speechless.

"Barrett... Are you still there?"

"Yeah, that sounds fuckin' awesome man," I blurted out.

"Okay, I'll e-mail you all the info after lunch," he said. "I'll see you soon baby! Love you!"

"I love you too, I can hardly wait!" I said.

"Okay babe, gotta run," he indicated. "I'll see you when you arrive.

We said our goodbyes and I was barely able to keep my focus on getting ready for work. My heart was racing thinking about the three of us participating in the underground world of forbidden sex at `Club Xes' as my morning wood turned to solid steel. Once again, I reminded myself that indeed, I was living in the best of all possible worlds!

To Be Continued ...

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