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Fate Brought Billy Gilman to Me

Part #10

By Paul S. Stevens

The boss caught me daydreaming again as I stared off into space. My mind was working overtime as thoughts of Club Xes consumed me. Every time I would think of Billy, Jesse and me roaming around naked amongst countless strangers and celebrities alike engaging in every kind of kinky sex imaginable, my heart would start racing and I'd start having a panic attack. My recent impromptu foursome with Billy, Colin and Spencer was the most extreme sexual experience I'd had up till then. Even being naked in the showers back in high school was unnerving enough and being in a position of open sexuality the likes of what Club Xes has to offer was difficult, if not impossible, to imagine. My growing insecurities caused me to begin wondering if I could even go through with it. On the other hand, I wasn't about to let Billy roam free to do God knows what with God knows whom without me. Besides, I couldn't trust Jesse to refrain from corrupting my baby either since this was not going to be Jesse's first time. I struggled to finish off my work day and even as I drove home, my mind remained fixated on that one idea.

I don't even remember how I got home but once I arrived, I flew into overdrive getting packed and ready to go. This time, Spencer was working late so I was forced to get a taxi to the airport. Again, I hardly remember the taxi ride or the plane trip all the way to California as my fantasies of Club Xes kept my mind spinning and my cock oozing pre-cum. When the plane landed, the reality of what I was coming here for hit me like a ton of bricks. The apprehension of what I was about to participate in overwhelmed me and I had a legitimate anxiety attack. I started to get a hot flash, and I began to feel lightheaded. Fortunately, Billy saw me immediately as I disembarked and came over to greet me and give me his famous Billy Gilman welcome.

"Hey Barrett, how was your flight?" Billy asked me as he reached out to hug me. "Oh My God Barrett, you're white as a ghost and your sweating something fierce. What happened?"

Billy grabbed the carry-on bag I was holding on to and escorted me to some nearby empty chairs and sat me down. It was a good thing he did or I might have fainted right there at the boarding gate.

"All right, tell me what's going on baby," Billy tenderly asked.

"I'm okay, really I am," I answered. "I guess being here in Southern California again was just a little emotional for me. If I could just relax for a minute here and settle down, that would be nice. What about you? How have you been, rubbing elbows with all the stars here in the entertainment capital of the world?"

"What stars?" Billy said. "A few talk show hosts and a bunch of Hollywood executive types isn't what I would call rubbing elbows with the stars!"

"Oh, I see," I sighed.

"Don't get me wrong," Billy attested. "I've been having a blast so far and it's going to get even better now that you're here with me!"

"Thanks Billy, I'm starting to feel better already," I said.

I wanted to hug and kiss Billy so badly right now but we were still in public and I knew better than to act on those impulses as long as we were.

"I can't wait for us to be alone," I whispered to Billy. "I've missed you so much!"

"I know, I feel the same way," Billy agreed. "I've only been able to endure it because I've been kept so busy. Not to worry though, we've got a great weekend planned and we're going to make up for all the lost time we've been apart, okay?"

"Sounds great," I enthusiastically chirped. "So what are we waiting for?"

"Are you going to be okay now?" Billy asked.

"Now that we're together, I'm ready for anything!"

I had almost forgotten I had nearly passed out just a few minutes earlier. Being with Billy again made me forget all my troubles and I was ready to begin our weekend of love, passion and most importantly, unbridled and unrestricted underground sex at one of America's most notorious, exclusive, secret, one-of-a-kind sex clubs.

"Where's Jesse?" I asked as we headed out of the airport terminal and out to the limo waiting for us at the pickup and drop off area.

"Oh, he went to visit some friends in Malibu," Billy explained. "He should be back at the hotel by the time we get there."

"Malibu, I love the Bu!" I said.

"Yeah, he's got these three friends who were co-stars with him when he played the character Bradin Westerly in the television series `Summerland' in 2005. The three of them share a mansion overlooking the beach there and they all went surfing."

"Why didn't you go with them?" I asked.

"Me?" Billy sighed. "Well, those guys are Jesse's friends and he hasn't seen them in years. I'm sure he would have appreciated some alone time with them. Besides, what do I know about surfing?"

"It could have been a great experience for you," I pointed out.

"Yeah but I wanted to be here in person for you." Billy smiled.

"How can I argue with that?" I said. "So, what's on the agenda?"

"Oh, well Jesse has been making all the arrangements for this weekend's activities, if you know what I mean!" Billy grinned. "He'll fill you in on all the details when we get to the hotel. Oh, and you'll never believe where Jesse booked us!"

"Where?" I asked.

"We're staying at `The Tower Beverly Hills Hotel', can you imagine?" Billy chuckled.

"No way, are you serious?" I asked. "Are we talking about the very same Tower Beverly Hills Hotel where fate brought Billy Gilman to me in that infamous elevator of love? Unbelievable! How romantic is that?"

"Funny, that's exactly what Jesse said," Billy revealed. "He thinks that the way we met and fell in love was a real life fantasy fairy-tale come true."

"It is isn't it?" I asked. "Especially the `Happily Ever After' part?"

"Hell yeah," Billy grinned again.

We arrived at the limo and Billy handed my carry-on bag to the driver who then put it in the trunk. Then he held the door open for Billy and me to climb in. Before the driver could get the door closed, Billy reached over to immerse me in his famous Billy Gilman kiss. My heart skipped a beat and I popped an instant boner. After all this time of being in a relationship with Billy, I still haven't acquired any kind of immunity against his hypnotic charms. All my worries and concerns melted away as Billy held me. There was no place on earth I would rather be than here in the back seat of this limousine wrapped in Billy's arms sucking face with the man of my dreams.

As we traveled from the airport terminal to the hotel, Billy and I utilized every minute of our semi-private travel time to let each other know how we felt about being in each other's arms once again. As we pulled up to the Tower Beverly Hills Hotel, all the hair follicles on my entire body stood on end. All the memories of that fateful day came flooding back to me. All of them, including meeting Billy for the first time and experiencing `love at first sight' as well as having him ripped away from me minutes later, leaving me in excruciating pain and agony. Again, I started to feel lightheaded as this emotional rollercoaster ride caught up with me.

After we checked in at the front desk, we headed to the elevators. As we stood in the lobby outside the small grouping of elevators, Billy pressed the `up' button. As luck and fate would have it, the very same legendary elevator that changed our lives forever beckoned us as its familiar carriage doors opened. Interestingly enough, it was empty as we stepped into it. Again, before the elevator door completely closed, Billy gave me my second boner popping kiss of the night.

Suddenly, the entire incident of meeting Billy here that summer played out in my mind in wickedly vivid detail. I started reliving each and every moment of that momentous day when the Los Angeles department of water and power staged its rolling black-outs, setting the stage for that fateful intervention of my dull and uneventful life.

First, I remembered recognizing Billy as he stepped into the elevator with me and how my body reacted to his very presence.

Then I remembered inhaling his intoxicating scent that caused my cock to inflate to an abnormally hard erection.

I remember falling deeper and deeper in love with him as we talked about our unfulfilled lives.

I remembered the lights going out as it ignited our passion and opened the door for our mutual attraction.

I remembered losing control as our physical attraction for each other turned to erotic lovemaking as we consummated our brief encounter with raw uninhibited sex.

I remembered the great joy and satisfaction of finally connecting with my childhood crush, fulfilling that long sought-after attraction I knew for years was meant to be.

Then I vividly remembered having Billy step out of my life just as quickly and easily as he had stepped into it.

I tragically remembered the gut-wrenching feeling of hopelessness and despair from not wanting to live a life without Billy in it. I was once again reminded that life is fickle and I should never let any opportunities to love Billy wholeheartedly ever get away. Unbeknownst to Billy, his searing hot kiss had inadvertently set fire to my fragile runaway emotions. As my journey down memory lane played itself out to its conclusion, I gripped Billy tighter, letting him know that my love for him was real, genuine and virtually unshakable.

I swear, if I truly thought this notorious elevator could once again repeat history, I would have dropped Billy to the floor and made passionate love to him right there and then, on the vary spot where my charmed life with Billy all began.

All too soon, the elevator reached our intended floor and the door opened to Jesse observing us from the hallway right as we had finished what must have appeared to be a wildly passionate and ardent display of affection.

"Well done!" Jesse applauded. "You two are a real inspiration to lovers everywhere!"

"Thank you!" Billy said as he arrogantly walked passed Jesse, swaggering in a show of hubristic superiority as if he were the God of Eros himself.

Jesse bumped knuckles with me and gave me a wink of approval as the three of us headed to Jesse's suite. Again, a flood of memories overtook me as I realized that this was the very same room that Jesse had occupied the day I walked in on him and Billy fucking in the guest room. After having endured the emotionally draining episode of total recall in the elevator, I was unprepared to deal with this painful reminder. My face must have turned white as a ghost when Jesse turned to look at me.

"Barrett, buddy, you don't look so good dude," Jesse said. "Are you all right?"

"Oh yeah, sure," I answered. "I just need to freshen up."

I stepped into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.

"Barrett Jenson, get a hold of yourself," I silently chided myself. "You're here to have a good time. Don't ruin it for the others." I took a deep breath and splashed my face with cold water as I slowly recovered from the unexpected onslaught of memories.

"Is this all the baggage you have?" Jesse asked me through the bathroom door.

"Yeah, I'm here for just a couple of days," I said.

"Okay, get yourself freshened up because we're heading out!" Jesse announced.

"We are?" I heard Billy ask Jesse on the other side of the bathroom door.

"Yes we are," Jesse confirmed. "That's why I was standing in the hallway when you came up. I was going to come down and meet you in the lobby. You see, while you were at the airport, I arranged for our limo driver to give us a tour of the L.A. night life."

"Sweet!" Billy exclaimed. "Come on Barrett, let's go!" he said to me as he tapped lightly on the bathroom door.

With renewed spirit, I exited the bathroom and the three of us made our way back down to the lobby. Fortunately, we took a different elevator. A brief thought crossed my mind where the three of us got stuck in this elevator and had an awesome threesome. The fact that I'd been having so many unbelievable fantasies about Club Xes lately made this little fantasy seem somewhat unremarkable, so the idea left me almost as quickly as it came.

The same limo and driver that had transported us earlier came around to pick us up at the front entrance and in minutes, our tour of the night life began. I was happy and enjoying myself but I was getting tired from the incredibly long and emotionally strenuous day I'd had so far.

The first place our driver took us to was Griffith Observatory. Jesse and I were not strangers to Griffith Park but that night was Billy's first time. As we started up the base of the hill, we passed the famous Greek Theater. The world-renowned amphitheater was dark until March when the 2012 season would officially begin.

"Billy, if our album takes off as I suspect it will, we'll be playing here later this year," Jesse said.

"Oh man I'd love that!" Billy said.

"Two hot `Outlaws In Love' burning up the stage would be the event of the season!" I said as the three of us slapped a high five in response to my comment.

Once we passed the theater area, we began the climb that would take us to the Observatory at the top of Mount Lee. Even though the driver and the limo itself handled them well, the hairpin turns on the narrow winding road into Griffith Park was quite harrowing as we almost landed in each other's laps. The view was spectacular but we were too scared and preoccupied to look. Once we arrived at the top of the hill, we got out, walked off our traumatized bodies and then roamed around the free sections of the museum. We found a staircase that led to a vista point and climbed to the top. We were impressed at how clearly we could see the city lights of the vast metropolis below as we inhaled the cool brisk night air.

On the way back down the hill, the driver took us to a place called the Liberate Emporium that was home to a world renowned psychic and astrologer. I really would've loved to have gotten a reading from her for each of us but we had arrived at closing time and were out of luck since Madame Cristina had already retired for the day. We enjoyed looking around the cute little store there as they prepared to close down. Once we overstayed our welcome, we headed back to our hotel.

By this time, all three of us were exhausted. Jesse slept in the bed in the suite's adjoining guest room and Billy and I slept in the king size bed in the main room. I didn't bother putting anything on, I just stripped naked and Billy did the same as we both fell into bed together. Billy's warm body and tender caress acted like a tranquilizer to my tired bones as we both took pleasure in a good night's sleep - the likes of which neither one of us had enjoyed while we'd been apart.

Morning came quickly as Billy and I were awakened by a knock at the door. Billy and I both flew into a panic as we had kicked off all of our coverings throughout the night and had become wickedly aware of our matching morning erections. Before we could come to our senses, Jesse bounded in from the guestroom wearing one of the hotel bathrobes. He took one look at us, rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"You guys stay where you are, I'll take care of this," Jesse instructed. "I took the liberty of ordering us breakfast. I hope you don't mind."

Billy and I scrambled to cover ourselves before Jesse could open the door. The hotel employee wheeled in Jesse's room service order. Once the door was closed and we were alone again, Jesse wheeled the cart over to our bed.

"Look at the two of you covering yourselves like a couple of girls," Jesse said clicking his tongue. "All three of us are going to be naked in front of a whole bunch of strangers tonight. You're both going to have to loosen up some!"

Jesse grabbed the sheet Billy and I had been clutching, yanked it away and tossed it to the floor. Then he removed his own robe, revealing his own nakedness and hopped into bed between Billy and me.

"Okay fellows, this is what I call having breakfast in bed!" Jesse grinned.

The cart was on my side of the bed so I passed the meals between us. Each individual breakfast was prepared on separate plates. I put Billy and Jesse's plate on their bare laps and then my own. The three of us lifted the aluminum domes off our plates simultaneously and then laughed out loud. Jesse had asked the chef to assemble our meals using a sexual theme. The chef had made our pancakes into the shape of an erect penis measuring eight inches in length from left to right, complete with a pair of circular pancake testicles. The chef had then shredded the breakfast sausage and bacon to look like pubic hair at the base of the penis and used whipped cream to simulate cum shooting from the tip of the penis into a puddle of scrambled eggs below. Billy and I both looked at Jesse and then laughed again.

"Okay, so I thought this might be appropriate considering where we're going tonight," Jesse said shrugging his shoulders.

We dug into our breakfast and oddly enough, we all devoured the head of the penis first.

"Remember not to use your teeth on the head," I said.

Jesse and Billy almost choked from laughing. They couldn't believe that I could've uttered such a crude joke.

"And you were worried about this guy being a party pooper at the club," Jesse said to Billy. "He's gonna be just fine!"

I was momentarily upset with Billy that he would give Jesse such an impression of me but I quickly let it pass. After all, I had been struggling with that very issue myself for the past twenty-four hours and I wasn't really sure I had completely succeeded in dealing with it.

We finished our breakfasts in short order and lounged around for a while. We were enjoying each other's company as we sprawled our naked bodies across the bed, unencumbered by clothing or modesty. We eventually found ourselves showering together in the large two headed shower stall of the main bathroom. Jesse started talking about some of the things he wanted to try once we got to the club and his conversation caused all three of us to bone up together. Under normal circumstances, this would have led to the perfect three-way but we all agreed to save ourselves for the actual event that was now just a few hours away.

We now turned our attention to our mini excursion that was arranged and provided for by Jesse's record label. According to Jesse's itinerary, we needed to be at the Long Beach Heliport across from the Queen Mary at 11:15 a.m. to check in. We then had reservations for an 11:45 a.m. flight to Catalina. The Catalina Island Express would then depart immediately upon our arrival from the Long Beach Heliport and touch down at the Catalina Island Heliport in down town Avalon. There was to be a scenic fifteen minute helicopter ride that floats effortlessly over the choppy Pacific Ocean between the Mainland and the Island. We then had reservations for 12:00 noon at the Hotel Metropole's in-house restaurant located at 205 Crescent Ave. The ocean front dining room was simply referred to as `The M Restaurant' and Jesse's label had arranged for their internationally renowned 5 star Chef, Michael Stewart to create an innovative dish inspired by Billy and Jesse's new collaboration.

We arrived on time and everything proceeded like clockwork. The helicopter ride was spectacular and it turned out to be an exciting new experience for me. Catalina Island was beautiful and our view from the restaurant was breathtaking. Chef Michael Stewart's creation was nothing short of stellar. All in all, it was a great way to spend an afternoon and it was all over before we knew it. We strolled around town, taking in the sights as we enjoyed the warm sea air until we had walked off the majority of our luscious meal. We made our way back to the Heliport and boarded the Catalina Island Express at 2:45 p.m. and got safely transported back to the Long Beach Heliport at 3:00 p.m. sharp. The limo driver dropped us back at the hotel and we ended up resting and watching some television since there was nothing left to do now but wait until 10:00 p.m. when Club Xes would officially begin its underground operating hours, kicking off their special exclusive celebrity grand re-opening weekend.

When it got closer to the time we were scheduled to leave, I started to get anxious.

"I'm going to take a shower so I can be clean and fresh for the club," I announced.

"Don't bother!" Jesse informed me. "They have a great shower room at the club that's big enough to have an orgy in and everybody starts their night off with a shower. So much can happen right there in the warm steamy atmosphere of the showers that some people spend their entire evening there."

"Without spoiling the mystery, what else should we know about this place before we get there?" Billy asked.

"The guys who work there are the only ones who wear clothes with Club Xes T-Shirts," Jesse informed us. "Anything you need, you just ask one of them and they'll get it for you."

"What might we ask for?" I naively inquired.

"Towels, condoms, lubricants, poppers, drinks, directions to the bathrooms, you name it, they'll get it for you." Jesse explained. "The only thing they don't serve is alcohol. Everything is done in an open atmosphere. There are several sections and play rooms to check out but there is nothing private. Anyone can come and go as they please. There's a large orgy room, there's several fetish rooms and themed rooms, basically there's something for everybody."

"How does all that work?" I asked.

"When you first enter, you'll need to register, just like in a hotel," Jesse began. "You'll sign in and set up an account for yourself by leaving your credit card on file. While you're waiting to get approved, you'll get a short page with all the rules printed on it that you'll have to sign, indicating you read and understood all the rules. If you don't follow the rules, they have the right to kick you out. Anyway, they'll issue you a large plastic bag for your clothes and a wristband to wear with a bar code on it that is linked to your account. You'll need to wear your wristband at all times while you're in the facility which is one of the rules. From that point on, you use your wristband for everything from requesting a towel or a condom to ordering bottled water."

I must have had a look of panic on my face as Jesse continued to speak like an authority on the subject.

"While you're still at the front desk, you have the option of ordering a massage with a happy ending of course for those who don't mind paying a little extra for it. You could also rent any number of specialty items," Jesse continued.

"What do you mean, `a happy ending'?" I asked.

"Think about it a minute Barrett," Billy said looking sideways at me. "Even I know what that means!" Then Billy turned to Jesse. "What kind of specialty items are we talking about here?"

"Well," Jesse smiled. "You can rent leather stuff like hoods and gas masks as well as paddles and whips for the hardcore bondage crowd. You can rent handcuffs and restraints like chastity cock cages and ass lock devices. You can also rent novelty props and costumes. You can also buy all kinds of personal items from the `Pleasure Chest Outlet' store like dildos, vibrators, prostate massagers, cock rings and masturbation devices like Fleshjacks and Tenga sleeves."

"You've got to be kidding," Billy said.

"No, actually I'm not," Jesse confirmed. "That stuff is pretty popular. Anyway, once you've ordered everything you want, you're ready to go on to the next step. You'll go into the dressing room, get naked and put your clothes and valuables in the bag provided. Then you'll check your bag in at the valet window where it'll be stowed securely in a private locker for you until you're ready to depart. Your first stop will be the showers. Most people shower on the way in as well as on the way out since everyone tends to work up quite a sweat in there."

"Wow, there's so much to know," Billy said.

"You don't have to know it all to have an awesome time," Jesse said. "Just keep an open mind and don't be afraid to try new things. If it feels good, go with it."

"What else can you tell us?" I asked.

"Well, the last time I was there, they just opened a new room called `The Vehicle Room'. In that room they had a couple of Harleys for those who crave the feeling of getting fucked on a hog. Also, for the nostalgia seekers whose fantasy was to lose their virginity at the drive-in theater on a Saturday night, they had a replica of the back seat of a 57 Chevy. You could also get arrested and thrown in the back of an authentic cop car or even be the arresting officer if you so choose. Tonight they're opening some new rooms that promise to be just as appealing and just as innovative."

"I can hardly imagine any of that stuff," Billy said shaking his head. "Sounds like you can spend a week in there and not see it all.

"It is kind of like an X-rated amusement park," Jesse said. "That's what makes it so popular."

"I hate to sound like a worry wart but what are these rules you were talking about that you have to follow so closely?" I asked.

"It's just common sense stuff," Jesse attested. "It's mostly about safe sex practices like `No sharing of personal devices' and `Condoms must be used for all anal intercourse' and `No ejaculating in the pool', that kind of stuff. Also `all sex acts must be consensual and agreeable with all parties'. Trust me, we're gonna be just fine. Relax and enjoy yourself. If you see something interesting, just join in. Roam around and experience all you can. Believe me, when the night is over, you'll want to go back again and again. It's very addicting."

"Okay, I guess I'm as ready as I'm ever going to be!" I announced.

"Yeah, me too," Billy added.

"All right then... let's go!" Jesse concluded.

The three of us left the room and headed to the lobby where we would await our ride. Even after all the information that Jesse had spewed out to us about what was awaiting us at Club Xes, it was still hard for me to imagine what it was that we were about to enter into. I was as excited as a kid who was about to visit Disneyland for the first time. I wanted to see and try everything. I remembered from past experience that once I was naked along with everyone else, the hardest part would be over.

The concierge informed us that our limo had arrived and we boarded our coach with high expectations. As we arrived at our destination, our driver turned down a long industrial street that was dark and poorly lit. At the very end of this long street was a huge warehouse complex. We drove up to an automated security gate equipped with security cameras and a digital keypad that provided a good degree of privacy from the outside world. Our driver pulled up to the keypad and then called back to us on the intercom.

"What is tonight's key code Sir?" the driver's voice came over the speaker.

"38244!" Jesse answered.

"3... 8... 2... 4... 4..., very good Sir," the driver echoed and the gate slowly rolled open.

Our driver then took us around to a secluded back entrance where we began to see some activity. At first, I thought the driver was lost but Jesse bolted out the limo door before the driver had a chance to come around and open it for us. Because Jesse had been here before, I had to assume that his exuberance meant that we had in fact, arrived.

"Okay boys, this is it," Jesse said abounding with energy. "Get Your Shine On!"

Billy looked at me with a quizzical expression, "Get Your Shine On?"

"Yeah, it's one of Jesse's hit songs," I explained. "Literally, it means to exceed the expectations of one's peers in a public setting. Jesse's interpretation leans more toward a subtle, yet a little less obvious sexual connotation, somewhat like George Michael's rock anthem, `I Want Your Sex'. It would be like saying `to exceed the sexual expectations of one's peers in a public setting'.

"Oh!" Billy said as he nodded his feeble understanding. "How do you know all this shit man?"

"It only seems like I know a lot," I answered. "My knowledge may seem vast but my experiences are few! Like Beatlemania, `Not The Real Thing But An Incredible Simulation'!"

"Well, we're both about to receive a brand new experience and its definitely not going to be some lame simulation! So, if you're ready for the real thing, let's go do it!"

Billy and I exited the limo and our life-altering adventure was about to begin.

Just like any popular night spot, the three of us had to stand outside in a short line as a series of small groups were being escorted in at a time by what appeared to be a six and a half foot tall, large menacing and mercilessly intimidating bouncer. He was stationed outside the rear entrance, dressed in a formal black tuxedo complete with white gloves. He was there to man the gold velvet rope that was to be our first of several hurdles that stood between us and what we had long anticipated. He wore a concealed ear piece that kept him in constant communication with the well organized procedures that made this unique establishment the success it was. He was pre-screening the line to be sure they were on the list of registered guests before he would allow them in. He stood quite stoic and quiet as he would confirm each and every guest before granting them passage. His unapproachable demeanor kept what might have otherwise been an unruly crowd subdued and in control.

The line moved up and we were next.

"Name...," The bouncer unemotionally inquired.

"Jesse McCartney, party of three." Jesse proudly answered.

"Sorry, you're not on the list Sir!" the bouncer stated and raised his eyebrows at him in an ominous manner.

"What... are... are you sure," Jesse stuttered. "P... pl... please check again!"

"Yeah, you're here," the bouncer joked as he suddenly came alive with an uncharacteristically jovial laugh. "I was just fuckin with ya man! I love you dude. You're one of my favorites." He shook Jesse's hand in friendship and then removed the rope across the door, allowing us to enter. "You guys have a great time!"

"Thanks man," Jesse said as he began to loosen up from having been pranked.

As we stepped through the doorway into the facility, he turned to us to add one more comment, "you guys be sure and `Get Your Shine On'!"

"See, the bouncer gets it!" I whispered to Billy as we made our way past our first hurdle.

The bouncer reattached the rope across the door holding the rest of the line back until we were finished checking in before the next party would be allowed to pass the outer barrier of what awaits inside.

Just inside the door was the welcoming director who immediately started flirting with us. He was the antithesis of the bouncer. He was scantily dressed in an ultra revealing mauve and teal Speedo and his tattooed body glistened off his overly muscular chest and biceps.

"Let's see here, we've got Jesse McCartney... Billy Gilman... and you must be Barrett Jensen!" he said reading our names off the guest list in a flamboyantly gay persona.

We all nodded our heads in affirmation as he checked each of us off his list. He tore off a ticket from his clip board and handed it to Jesse.

"This is your confirmation ticket," he said as he walked us over to the registration desk, swinging his hips from side to side. "Go ahead and get yourselves checked in."

"Thanks," Jesse said.

"You've come on a very special night indeed and you three are looking pretty hot," he said bobbing his head up and down as he slowly looked us over from head to toe. "You've come to the right place boys!"

Then he turned to me and said, "Honey, you look like you're ready for anything!"

I must have turned red because it felt like he was able to see my boner right though my pants.

Then he whispered to me, "If you should lose these two later, you can always come home with me, ya know what I mean?" and then he slapped me on the ass and gave me a wink.

"Get ready to `Get Your Shine On' boys!" he exclaimed as he tuned us over to the desk clerk and then turned around to go back to the entrance so he could greet the next group of guests.

"Does everybody in the world know `Get Your Shine On' but me?" Billy asked with exasperation.

I looked at Billy's irritated face and bluntly said "Yes!"

I swear, if we weren't out in public, Billy would've flipped me off royal but he managed to hold back.

"Oh, and let's get one thing straight right now," Billy said. "You're coming home with me!"

Billy grinned and slapped me on the ass in the same way the welcoming director had just done. I leaned in and gave Billy a big kiss. His initial reaction was that of surprise but considering where we were, I didn't feel the need to hold back.

"Well, at least the eye candy starts here," I said, referring to our welcoming committee.

"Shhh...," Billy whispered. "He'll hear you. Dial it down a little. I don't want to get banned from the club before we even get past the front desk.

Billy's last statement made me realize that he had been putting up a brave front all this time for my benefit. I could see now that he was suffering from the same onslaught of fears and reservations that I had been dealing with over the past twenty-four hours. It's a good thing he hid it from me or I would have buckled under the pressure of knowing that both of us were having similar misgivings. I completely understood what Billy was going through and I actually took solace at this point, knowing I wasn't the only one.

To Be Continued ...

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