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Fate Brought Billy Gilman to Me

Part #11

By Paul S. Stevens

We took a good look around as we stood at the front desk. Just as Jesse had explained it to us, we registered, read the rules from a laminated card and signed the waiver. We created a preference profile, put our credit cards on file and then received our plastic garment bags and wristbands. Next, we checked out the rental hut and retail store. All three of us purchased a ten-pack of condoms each and a small personal-size bottle of lube. Jesse chose a bottle of `Warming Astroglide', Billy chose `Pjur Original' and I chose a bottle of `Sensual I-D Glide'.

When Billy and I were finished, Jesse continued to shop and purchased a dual pole anal electrode and a dual pole urethral insert along with a handful of biostatic sterile gel packets.

"That stuff looks pretty hardcore," Billy said to Jesse.

"Are they safe?" I questioned.

"Safe... yes," Jesse answered. "Both items are sealed in a sterile package. Hardcore... maybe so! It's something new that I'm excited to try out."

We took the items we had selected to the checkout stand and the clerk charged each of our purchases to our personal accounts by scanning the bar codes on our wristbands. The clerk held back Jesse's stim products and told him they would be sent ahead to the E-Stim Room and would be waiting for him whenever he chose to arrive. That way, he wouldn't need to carry them with him all night. Then the clerk put each of our other small purchases into small little plastic bags with a drawstring so we could conveniently carry them around our necks since our naked bodies had no pockets. Now all the preliminary steps had been taken, and our next stop was the locker room.

For me, the words locker room conjured up a bunch of stale memories of my high school gym. The locker room here was not at all what I expected. It was one giant open room with no dividers or partitions.

At the entrance to the room was the valet window that Jesse had told us about earlier. Clear across the opposite side of the room was the exit that led to a corridor that splintered off into the next series of rooms. Against one wall was a long line of flat top benches for dressing and undressing and against that same wall, spanning the entire length of the room, was a wall-to-wall mirror. The rest of the room was dedicated to the showers. There were twelve square columns rising up from the floor that were evenly spaced apart from each other. Each tower housed four showerheads, giving the facility a potential forty-eight shower capacity.

Immediately, I realized that I could see the entire room full of wet naked bathers simply by gazing into the slightly steamed mirror. As I undressed, I was able to check everybody out without appearing like I was some kind of pervert. There was a lot of action going on throughout the room. Several groups were intimately huddled together. They were sensuously washing one another and enjoying the erotic sensations derived from their close personal contact with each other. Then I noticed several others who were scouting out potential partners as they openly displayed their most cherished bodily attributes.

Once the three of us were undressed, we stuffed our clothes and valuables into the plastic bags we had been issued earlier and checked them in at the valet window. The clerk scanned our wristbands and their computer kicked out a printed series of stickers. He then attached one part of the sticker to our clothing bag, one to the keycard that corresponded to the secured locker number where that bag would be stored and one to our little plastic neck bags that held our recent purchases. This way, if we chose to remove our bags, our names would be on them. Now that our valuables were safely stowed, we were free to roam the facility as we pleased.

Of course, our first stop was the open showers. The three of us gingerly sauntered over to a vacant set of nozzles in the middle of the room, each one of us sporting a raging hard on as we walked. I was expecting the three of us to attract a room full of stares but apparently everyone goes through this initial awkwardness until the novelty of open nudity wears off. We turned on our showerheads and adjusted our water temperature to our liking. Once we were occupied with our shower, our mutual boners subsided. To my surprise, I was already beginning to feel comfortable as my swollen cock slowly deflated. I was feeling right at home since it was not the first time Jesse, Billy and I showered together. Just when I thought I had myself well under control, I accidentally brushed my soapy hand across my cock and popped an instant erection. As I became self conscious again, I looked over at Billy and he started to bone up as well.

"Hey Billy, who are you getting all boned up for?" I asked.

"You, you jackass, who do you think!" Billy scoffed.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because you got boned up," he answered, "and why are you all boned up anyway?"

"It was just an accident," I confessed. Then we looked over at Jesse who had popped one of his own. "Hey Jesse, what made you get a hard-on?"

"You two guys talking about boners and erections," Jesse said. "I swear I can't take you guys anywhere!"

We finished our shower, turned the water off, and headed for the towel boy who was stationed by the shower exit. We toweled dry, tossed our used towels into the towel bin and proceeded out of the shower room.

As we turned the corner, we entered into a long corridor. Every ten feet or so, on each side of this long corridor was more than a dozen doorways that led to a multitude of themed rooms and attractions. Hanging from the ceiling above each doorway was a sign that indicated the suggested theme and activity of the corresponding room with an arrow pointing to the appropriate doorway. As we meandered down the pipeline, we noticed there were no doors on any of the doorways so we were able to see into each room as we passed by them. I unintentionally started reading the signs out loud as we approached each doorway.

"Here we have The Massage Room, (By Appointment Only)," I said out loud as we looked into the first room we encountered on the left side.

There were several massage therapists working on their clients who were all at various stages of their massage. I now had a very clear understanding of the happy ending concept as some of the clients in the room were enjoying the climactic stages of their orgasmic encounter with explosive results.

Since this room was by appointment only, we continued our journey down the corridor. A few feet further down the hall on the right side was the next room.

"Here we have The Weight Room," I announced as we took a look around.

This was a real working weight room filled with professional training equipment for the fitness-minded. The room was lit with bright neon lights hanging from the white sound-suppressing acoustic ceiling. The floor was carpeted with a deep blue plush pile and the walls were covered with wall-to-wall mirrors on all four sides making the room look bigger than it actually was. For the first time in my life, I understood how weightlifting can be a major turn-on. My cock twitched as I watched a young man lying on his back on a utility bench lifting a weighted barbell while he sucked off his spotter. Two other couples were athletically using the equipment to achieve some physically difficult positions that allowed them to stimulate some otherwise elusive body parts. I started to make mental notes to myself to remember certain rooms of interest as we continued to explore this sensuous wonderland.

"This one's called The K-9 Kennel Club (For Pup Play)," I said as we approached the next room.

This room was outfitted with several confined, animal-sized cages where some `Owner and Pet' role playing scenarios were taking place. The room was outfitted with black lights and the walls were painted with an abundance of sexually suggestive graffiti painted in fluorescent colors on a pitch-black background. In these games, the owners wore glowing fluorescent colored cock rings and ball stretchers and the pets wore a day-glow leash attached to a leather collar and a multicolored dildo resembling a wagging tale. What I was able to tell from observing this setting was that the pup had to please his master any way he could in order to earn his master's affections and praise with the promise of a much-anticipated reward.

I could tell that none of us were particularly interested in what this room had to offer, so we sauntered down to the next room.

"What do we have here?" Jesse curiously asked.

"It says: The Holding Cell (Prison Guard Currently `On Duty')," I said as we gazed in.

This room contained a remarkable re-creation of a dark, damp jail cell with two bunk beds, a sink and a communal stainless steel toilet. The floor, walls and ceiling were a dreary gray concrete color and the bars were authentic standard reinforced steel. In this room, you can get tossed in jail, lie on one of the beds and watch the inmates fuck each other, join in on a gang bang, initiate new arrivals or get abused by the prison guard. You could even rent a costume and be the prison guard yourself if that's your preference. I could see by the way Jesse's cock began to rise to a semi-erection that this room held some fascination for him. Even though we hadn't actually talked about it, I think that we all wanted to check out the entire facility and see what might interest us before we made any decisions to join in on any ongoing events. All three of us kept this room in mind as we journeyed forth to the next doorway.

"This should be interesting," I said as I read the next sign:

"The Club Xes Porn Theater, Now Playing: Twinklight: Breaking Don (Part 1). Next Showing: Midnight."

We were curious what this room might be like. Even though the movie was already in progress, we decided to take a quick look around. If we liked what we saw, we might return at midnight and catch the film from the beginning. This doorway did not lead directly into the room. To prevent the ambient light from becoming a distraction, there was a short dimly lit passageway that led into the darkened theater. The three of us entered and observed one of the most amazing theater going experiences we've ever seen.

The theater had a fairly large screen with state-of-the-art digital projection and surround sound. There was seating for approximately a hundred movie-goers and there were about sixty guys in attendance. They were all making out, jacking themselves (and their neighbors) and even a couple of small groups of guys were engaging in some wild sex in the back row of the theater, making good use of the darkened setting. This was one of the most popular rooms we'd come across so far and one of the most captivating. Besides, who wouldn't feel comfortable jacking while watching a hot sexy pornographic movie? Many of us have done it from time to time in the privacy of our own homes. I'll bet that every one of these guys here tonight has fantasized about doing it in a theater just like this, watching a hot pornographic movie with a theater full of hot sexy guys who all have only one thing on their minds. All three of us were boned up once again just from witnessing how much influence a good porno movie can have on a group of horny guys.

We exited out the same passageway we had come in from and finally arrived at the end of this seemingly endless corridor. Straight ahead was an elevator and to the right was the stairwell that led to both an upper and lower level. Again there was a sign on the wall I felt compelled to read out loud.

"Lower Level: The Olympic Size Pool, The Dungeon Room, and The Vehicle Room. Upper Level: The E-Stim Room, The Sounding room, The Steam Room, The Live Wire and Glory Hole Heaven!"

"Wow, this place is huge," Billy exclaimed. "Where should we go next?"

"I've been to the lower level," Jesse said. "The new stuff that I really want to see is on the upper level."

"Okay, the upper level it is!" Billy said as he reached out and pushed the elevator button for the upper level.

The door opened and we stepped in. An unexpected rush of adrenaline coursed through my veins causing me to experience a momentary high that sent my body into overdrive. All the displays of open sex I'd been witnessing since we entered the club all caught up with me and I found the three of us entering an elevator once more. The difference was, this time we were stark naked and boned to the max. Judging from the way I'd been obsessing about elevators recently, I was beginning to think that I had developed an insatiable elevator fetish. My dismay turned to delight when both Billy and Jesse gave me a look that set my balls on fire. As Billy's breathing escalated, I could see that our situation affected him in the same way it had affected me. As for Jesse, he's made it clear that he envied the way Billy and I fell in love and even fantasized about someday having an elevator experience similar to ours.

The doors closed and in seconds we found ourselves embraced in a three way kiss that made our bodies come so close together that out erect cocks started rubbing against each other in an erotically escalating dance of passion. Since the elevator only had one floor to traverse, our journey ended all too soon. The door opened and we stepped out into the upper level. As we looked around, we were faced with yet another long corridor with a series of rooms on either side. Jesse had gotten used to me reading the signs so far and spoke up.

"Hey Barrett, aren't you gonna read the sign for us?" Jesse sarcastically asked.

"Oh yeah, sorry," I acknowledged. "The E-Stim Room."

This room was smaller than the ones we had seen so far on the main level. It was populated with a half dozen medical grade padded exam tables with stirrups that looked strikingly like a hospital maternity ward or an alien abduction facility. Next to each exam table was a wheeled cart with a bundle of wires attached to an e-stim device called the ET-312. Four guys were wired up to electrodes attached to their body in several strategic places. Two technicians were on duty to assist each e-stim recipient to attach, monitor and operate the equipment. Whatever these machines were doing to these guys, it seemed to be working quite well because all the participants in the room were writhing and moaning in ecstasy even though no one was physically touching their bodies.

"Here's my first stop," Jesse said. "This is what I bought those electrodes for. Do either one of you guys want to stay and watch? I'll buy the equipment for you if you want to give it a try."

"That's a generous offer," I said, "but I want to check out the rest of this place first before I decide, if that's okay. I don't know about Billy, but if you're still here when I come back this way, I'll join you."

"Sounds like a plan," Jesse said. "See you guys later then."

The e-stim electrodes that Jesse purchased at the rental hut and retail store earlier had been couriered ahead and were prepped and awaiting his arrival. He checked in using his wristband and then was escorted by the staff to one of the available exam tables. He hopped up on it, laid back and put his feet into the stirrups. The table looked comfortable enough with its plush padding but the position it put him in was definitely unflattering. He gave us a thumb's up and we waved goodbye and wished him well.

We turned and left Jesse in the e-stim room to begin his new experience. Billy said nothing about the possibility that he might try this new-fangled e-stim stuff with Jesse and me so I just let it drop. This stuff did look a little intimidating. Nevertheless, it did hold some degree of fascination for me. As we approached the next room, I read the next sign out loud without thinking twice about it.

"The Sounding Room," I said as we looked in.

Billy and I had no idea what to expect from this room. The word `sounding' conjured up images of sex using vibrations of sound or music. It was either that or far less likely a pool of water like when my father used to go fishing or swimming in the sound.

To my surprise, it was neither of these things. It was a room full of guys sliding long thin stainless steel rods down their cocks with immense delight and fervor. Several of them were masturbating themselves as their partners would slowly immerse these long rods in and out of their cocks. In essence, the recipient would stimulate himself with his own hand (stimulating the outside of his cock) while his partner carefully manipulated his sounding rod (stimulating him from the inside).

Then, something utterly wicked got our attention. There were these two guys who shared a single sounding rod. The first guy worked it down his cock as far as it could go. Then the other guy slid the opposite end into his cock and the two of them moved closer and closer together until their two cocks met in the middle. Billy and I watched in awe as their sounding rod completely disappeared from sight as their two cock heads tenderly touched in an unbelievable double cock kiss. Then as if that wasn't enough, they tenderly started pulling apart and coming back together, building up to a steady rhythm. They were literally fucking each other's cocks in a mind-bogglingly exhibition of man to man intercourse.

This was far too extreme for either Billy or me to get involved with even though it was fascinating to watch. We continued our trek down the upper level corridor to the next doorway.

"The Steam Room," I read aloud. Billy and I knew what a steam room was like so I had little curiosity for looking in here. I turned and started to walk away, heading for the next doorway.

"Hold on, where ya going?" Billy questioned.

"I didn't think there'd be much to see in there," I said. "A steam room is a steam room right?"

"Everything we've seen here so far has been extraordinary, right?" Billy pointed out. "Why should the steam room be any different?"

"All right," I agreed. "Let's take a look!"

We stepped into a small vestibule with shelves lined with clean fresh towels. To the left was the door to the steam room with a large glass window to be able to see in. To the right was a ramp that led out of the room. Billy and I followed the ramp to see where it led and to our amazement, it led to the high dive platform. The diving board was an astounding 10 meters (33 feet) high, connecting the upper level steam room to the Olympic-size pool located two stories below on the lower level. Just then, four guys who were in the steam room walked past us and climbed down the six steps to the high dive platform and took their turns plunging from the heat of the steam room to the cool of the pool. Now this was something I really wanted to try while I was here.

"That is so cool!" I said. "Let's do that!"

"You can do that if you want to but not me!" Billy insisted as he turned back towards the vestibule.

I learned something new about Billy today. By the look of dread on his face, it was clear that he was either afraid of heights or couldn't swim. My first instinct was to mock him and call him chicken, but I know that having a phobia about something like this is a serious matter. Besides, this was not the time or place to confront him about it and Billy was my lover not some school boy acquaintance I could mock. I followed Billy back out and we resumed our voyage through the upper level. As we came upon the next attraction, I once again read the signs out loud, out of habit.

"The Live Wire (Featuring Live Exhibitions, Floor Shows and more)," I said reading the sign. Then I read the brightly lit marquee above the door, "Now Playing: `Hotter Than Hell', A Live Exhibition Featuring Raging Stallion Studios Exclusive Stars `Logan McCree' and Dak Ramsey."

Like `The Club Xes Porn Theater', the doorway did not lead directly into the house. We traversed the short dimly lit passageway that led into the lively theater and took a look around. This room had a flair all its own. Billy and I were both instantly mesmerized and aroused by what we saw. It was alive with colored lights, blinking strobes, flashing lasers and ambient fog that all emanated from the intimate stage at the front of the room. Performing live in person were two well known porn stars reenacting a series of scorching hot sex scenes from their most recent video release.

The theater was very nearly filled to capacity and the sexual tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. This was obviously the main attraction of the night and all the influential clientele and VIPs were here. The audience was alive with the sounds of over a hundred horny guys getting very turned on in a most primal and animalistic way. It looked like the biggest, hottest, sexiest orgy we've ever seen. Just standing here at the mouth of the entrance was enough to get us so enraptured that we lost all track of time. I discovered I'd been unconsciously stroking my own rock solid cock as if I were under a spell. The iniquitous influence that Logan McCree and Dak Ramsey were having on the audience with their live exhibition had very nearly incited a sexual riot as the audience began to express their sexual appetites, succumbing to a myriad of intense interactions amongst themselves. What the audience was doing was just as arousing as what was transpiring on stage.

"Holy Shit, this place is off the hook man," Billy exclaimed. "We should've come here first. Let's find out if there's another show and when it starts. I wanna be here for it."

"Yeah, me too," I whole heartedly agreed.

We exited quite reluctantly and made our way back to the corridor. On a nearby free standing sign, the show times were posted. We discovered that a new showing began every half hour until closing time at 2:00 a.m.

We continued to the last doorway on this level and I read the sign once we got close enough.

"Glory Hole Heaven," I said. "That sounds intriguing. Shall we take a look?"

"By all means," Billy said.

There were two club employees at the door who were monitoring the action inside. A glory hole cum race was in progress and we were told that we could enter and participate in about fifteen minutes when the next contest was to begin. As we looked inside, we could see that the room was divided into two sections by this long series of six foot high dividers. They were connected together in one single row of unbroken panels with steel bars similar to the kind you find in public restrooms. There was a glory hole every four feet all the way to the back of the room. Mounted on the partitions located about two feet above each glory hole was a buzzer just like the kind they use on television game shows. Each buzzer was connected to a blinking light associated with that particular hole. Lined up on both sides of the room were a row of twelve chairs against the walls for a total of twenty-four chairs. I counted twelve glory holes in all and every hole was taken on both sides. The action was fierce as the contest progressed. A resounding roar of male pelvises pounding and slapping against the partitions rattled the steel bars and braces to the very foundation. One of the contest mediators explained the object of the game to Billy and me as we observed the competition in progress.

"The object of the game is simple," the first host told us. "The contest is open to both singles and couples. The first two participants to achieve a single orgasm from either member is the winner and both will receive a free pass to Club Xes on their next visit. All the holes are anonymous which keeps things interesting. When a couple reaches an orgasm, both partners must hit the buzzers on their side of the hole. When both buzzers are pressed, an alarm goes off locking out the others and everyone has to move away from their hole and take a seat in one of the chairs provided. Then we authenticate the winners by examining the evidence. Both partners must have at least some fresh semen on them somewhere to validate the win."

The second host continued where his associate left off.

"The rules are pretty straight forward, pardon the pun. People on either side of the wall cannot see each other directly and the only communication allowed during the contest is the familiar sounds of ecstasy to encourage the unseen partner on the other side. Any spoken words uttered during the contest will result in instant disqualification. Every five minutes, a bell will ring stopping the game for thirty seconds at which time everybody steps away from their holes and moves one hole to their left. This helps shuffle the deck so to speak. When the official thirty seconds has passed and everybody has shifted, the bell rings again and the game resumes."

Just then, the buzzer went off and the lights over the fifth hole started blinking and everyone moved away from their hole and took a seat. The game came to an official end when the two hosts certified the winning couple. The winners claimed their prize and left along with one other frustrated gamer. That left a few openings for Billy and me to join the competition.

"See that one guy?" the first host pointed out to us once he was out of earshot. "That guy brings new meaning to the term `sore loser',"

"Yeah," the second host said. "It's no wonder that he was sore, he'd been in there trying for over an hour!"

"Okay," the first host said getting back to business. "We now have three holes available. Are you two interested?"

Billy immediately answered yes for the both of us.

"We usually try to encourage couples to choose opposing sides but right now, there are three holes available. You can be on opposite sides if you like or you could both be on the same side. What's your preference?" the second host asked.

Billy thought about it for a minute and made his decision known.

"Let's get on the same side!" Billy openly declared.

"Are you sure you want to be on the same side?" I asked.

"I'm sure!" Billy exclaimed.

"Why do you say that?" I asked with a degree of trepidation.

"Because that way we won't get each other," Billy explained.

"And what's wrong with that?" I asked with a slightly bruised ego.

"That way, we both will get a wider assortment of different partners, which of course means more variety," Billy said. "You know what they say, `variety is the spice of life' right?"

He clicked his tongue and gave me a wink. This was the old Billy resurfacing. I wasn't sure I liked it but considering where we were, I thought I'd forgive him his lapse into the past.

"What are your names?" the first host asked.

"I'm Billy and this is Barrett," Billy answered and then the official turned to the crowd and made his announcements.

"Congratulations to our winning couple Drake and Anthony!" he announced as the room applauded. "Please welcome our next contestants, Billy and Barrett!" The room applauded again, welcoming us in. Billy and I entered onto the same side and stood in front of the two open glory holes. As it turned out, we were separated by one hole between us. The bell rang and in seconds we were drawn into the action.

I was unsure as to who was supposed to do what. As I looked towards the hole in front of me, I saw my partner's mouth open and his tongue extended, so I instinctually responded by offering him my cock. Immediately, it was taken in and I felt a rush of excitement as my hyper-sensitive cock got sucked in by a total stranger.

For a moment, I wondered if Billy was giving or receiving over at his hole. All I needed to do was glance over and see for myself but my partner summoned all my attention away from my curiosity and drew all my focus onto what was right in front of me. He was so proficient at sucking me that I found myself totally immersed in my own pleasure. I'd never experienced a glory hole before and I quickly lost myself in the decadent delight of having an unknown partner elicit such an intimate response from me. He drove me so wild that I discovered I was humping the partition along with the scores of other contestants in the room. It felt great. It felt better than great. As I started to feel my orgasm approach, the bell rang and we all had to move away from our hole and move one hole to our left. I couldn't believe it had been five minutes already. I was so close that if I had continued another few more seconds, I would've been the next winner.

I would like to have stayed longer with whoever my initial partner was. He knew how to drive me wild as he charmed me to within an inch of an explosive orgasm. I would have liked for him to give Billy a lesson or two on how to give the consummate blowjob. The second bell rang and as I approached my hole, my new partner inserted his cock into the hole and I realized it was now my turn to give. The other guy was so good at sucking me that he made me question my own ability to give what I thought was the ideal blowjob. I always thought I was pretty good at it, but now I wasn't so sure. At least I learned something from him that I could pass on in my future encounters.

I gingerly lifted my partner's cock up off his balls that it had been resting upon and drew it into my mouth. His semi erect cock quickly sprang to full attention and I had worried about the proficiency of my sucking technique for nothing because he started fucking my mouth with very quick shallow thrusts. I could do little more than stand still while his massive cock poked and jabbed at my mouth quite dispassionately. This time the five minutes seemed to go on forever. When the bell finally rang, I was more than ready to move on to my next partner. The entire room full of men all advanced to the left at the same time as it reminded me of my childhood when we used to play musical chairs in school. The second bell rang and the contest continued as if it had never stopped.

As I looked at the hole in front of me, I waited for some kind of response that would determine how I would proceed with my new cohort. After a brief pause, nothing happened so I initiated the first move and plunged my cock into the void. The warm wet caressing of my new partner's velvety tongue instantly transported me right back to where my first partner had left off and I was moments away from winning the contest again.

I hugged the partition in vain for the lack of a living breathing human being to embrace as my new partner shattered my inhibitions and lured me into an orgasmic state that caused my tear ducts to swell and my toes to curl. I had my hand poised over the buzzer as I felt my hot semen fill my tubes and prepare to drench my seducer. The moment of orgasm was upon me as I felt my muscles enter into the emission phase of my orgasm, a split second away from blasting my balls to the walls. Just as I began to shoot my load, my knees almost gave way as I went to press my buzzer. A split second before my hand touched the button, the alarm went off and someone else down the line had beaten me to it. My creamy load spewed everywhere as I was made to move away from the hole, breaking my intimate bond with my present partner. It was a poorly timed ending to what started out to be a promising beginning.

The game was over for me and I had little interest in finding out who won when the first host announced the names of the winning couple and the second host announced the names of their replacement.

"Congratulations to our winning couple Billy and Hunter!" the first host announced as the room applauded.

I was so engrossed with my own orgasm that I failed to realize it was my own lover who had won the round.

"Please welcome our next contestants, Nelson and Brian!" the second host announced and the room applauded again, welcoming them in.

I watched the second host award Billy and his partner, Hunter, their free passes. As I looked closer, I realized it was Hunter Hayes. Being one of our contemporaries at the age of twenty, he was one of Billy's closest peers. He is one of the newest stars to grace the Country Music scene. He's touted as being one of the youngest in the business, beating Billy out of that honor by two years. He had become popular recently with his hit song `Storm Warning'. Like Billy, he made his music debut at the very young age of two (two years younger than Billy) and worked with superstars the likes of Victoria Justice, Taylor Swift, Hank Williams Jr. and Rascal Flatts.

Four individuals now exited the glory hole room and stepped out into the corridor, Hunter and his partner, Billy and me.

"Oh Barrett, there you are," Billy said as he watched me approach. "I want you to meet Hunter Hayes."

"Yes, Hunter Easton Hayes, son of Leo and Lynette Hayes," I began, "born in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana on September 9, 1991.

"How in the hell do you do that?" Billy questioned.

"I just know that Hunter is one talented guy who excels at singing, song writing, producing and collaborating," I spouted off and continued, "and he can play almost any musical instrument you can think of adding new ones to the list all the time. Apparently, he's just added your cock to that list!"

Billy quickly shot me a look of disapproval.

"Yeah, that was an easy one to play," Hunter laughed with pride.

Hunter wasn't making a very good impression on me but I could tell that he was winning Billy over. Maybe Billy was taken by him because he had just made Billy orgasm in that glory hole contest causing him to instantly bond with him.

"Hey Billy, I want to show you something," Hunter said.

"All right," Billy agreed.

"Hey... Bennett was it? Hunter asked.

"Barrett!" I corrected.

"Yeah, Barrett, he continued. "You don't mind if I borrow your boyfriend for a while do you?"

"Well," I started to say.

"Great," He interrupted. "I promise I won't break him!" Then I heard him faintly mutter under his breath, "But I'm not making any other promises."

And with that, Hunter grabbed my Billy by his junk and the two of them scampered down the corridor. Hunter was pulling Billy along by his nuts as if they were long lost lovers. They quickly disappeared down the stairwell leaving me and Hunter's partner looking at each other like two brides who had been left standing at the altar.

"He does this every time we come here," Hunter's partner said. "Hi, I'm Logan."

"Barrett," I said.

"I understand why Hunter took Billy," Logan said. "He's fuckin' hot. By the way, you're pretty smoking hot yourself."

"Oh, thanks," I said. "Do you really think so?"

"Fuck yeah!" he said. "By the way, I'm the one you blasted your sweet cum on in that last round."

"No way, that was you?" I asked. "You're a fucking sorcerer man. You finished me off like a wizard. That first guy who sucked me off, he was great too. He brought me so close I almost busted right there. Then when I got to you, I couldn't hold back. Between you and that first guy, you had me spinning out of control."

"Thanks," Logan said graciously accepting my complement. "By the way, that first guy that you said had almost cracked your nut? That was Hunter! We both ended up on the same side just like you and Billy."

"Well, both of you were unbelievable," I boasted. "Really... you two guys are one of a kind. It's no wonder Hunter made Billy cum."

Logan gave me a broad smile and suddenly a small spark of recognition flashed in my mind.

"You know what, I feel like I know you from somewhere," I said thinking out loud.

"Maybe you saw me in my movie `The Lightning Thief'." He said.

"Yeah, that's it. You're Logan Wade Lerman right?" I said blushing from embarrassment from not recognizing him earlier.

"Yeah, that's me!" he confessed.

"It's true when they say `it's harder to recognize someone with their clothes off'," I said. "I recognized Hunter right away though. Maybe it's because I often visualized him naked when I would see him in his music videos."

"Do you want to do something together?" Logan proposed.

"Sure," I said. "What do you have in mind?"

"Oh, I've got the perfect thing!" Logan said as he grabbed me by my balls and led me down the corridor the same way Hunter had just done with Billy.

To Be Continued ...

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