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Fate Brought Billy Gilman to Me

Part #12

By Paul S. Stevens

Logan seemed to know exactly where he was taking me. I felt strangely aroused and exhilarated from being led around by my balls by a person I've only known for five minutes. I didn't have any clue where he was taking me and considering where we were, the endless stream of possible scenarios propelled my imagination into overdrive. We reached the end of the corridor and Logan continued to grasp me firmly by my testicular leash as he led me down two flights of stairs, past the main floor and down to the lower level.

My mind was in a blur as Logan led me past all the lower level attractions that I hadn't yet had the chance to investigate. I briefly saw the Olympic size swimming pool from the ground floor perspective and it was now alive and bustling with activity both in and out of the water. As I continued to get hurriedly pulled along, I heard some loud acid rock music spewing from the next room ahead just as two guys were going in. As I passed by, I watched them enter. A leather clad guardian at the door greeted them and playfully slapped their asses with a whip as he declared:

"Welcome to the Dungeon!"

This was one of the many rooms that Jesse had talked about in detail and I really wanted to see what all the fascination was about. It became clear that Logan was too focused on his destination to let me slow down and explore right now.

As we came to the end of the corridor, there was a gymnasium-sized room. The sign in the outer corridor simply read: M.P.R. As I got close enough to see inside, I concluded the M.P.R. stood for `Multi-Purpose Room'. As Logan and I entered, I noticed it was completely devoid of any furnishings of any kind. It was composed of a common cinder block style masonry construction. The high ceiling was marbled with mirrors that faced the floor and were mounted in a patchwork design evenly spaced between the high pressure sodium lighting fixtures. Covering every inch of the floor was a series of durable vinyl Resilite wrestling mats. These custom made anti-microbial roll-up mats were snugly linked together like a seamless carpet and donned the Club Xes name and logo just like a professional sports arena.

This was the only room in the club I've seen so far that had no specific theme. It was the one room where virtually anything goes. It was packed with wall to wall naked men all roaming around and having sex everywhere and anywhere. The strangest thought crossed my mind. As I looked around, I thought to myself: "If we put all the hard cocks in this room end to end, there'd be a half a mile of man meat to suck on!"

Even though everyone in here was carefully screened and carded at the door, many of the twenty-one year old visitors had incredibly youthful teenage attributes. The youngest looking ones here were all inexplicably paired with much older guys, old enough to be their daddies. This in itself seemed to be a whole sexual subculture all its own.

One of the things that immediately caught my eye was a group of guys enjoying a fisting contest. One dude was literally `elbow deep' in his partner's ass and I nearly passed out from the sheer empathy I felt for the poor devil. I began to panic when I had the absurd notion that Logan was going to want to do a similar type of activity with me.

As Logan pulled me over the threshold of this enormous hall, there was a large sign that was hung just inside the doorway that was prominently mounted on the wall. It was the only thing that adorned the otherwise bare enclosure. It was mounted and matted in a gallery style lacquered frame. The caption read:

Whether You're into Getting

Loved, Whipped, Strangled,

Massaged or Tickled,

You Can Find What You're Looking For

Right Here at the One and Only

Club Xes!

It was a nice sentiment but it did little to put me at ease. Several people took notice as Logan paraded me into the room. He proudly strutted in, letting everyone know that the man he had ensnared by the balls was his personal conquest. For a moment, I felt like I was Logan's sex trophy as he arrogantly flaunted me about in front of everyone. For the first time since I got over the initial shock of all the nudity here at the club, I suddenly felt self conscious again like everyone was looking at my cock to see what all the hype was about. Once we got to the center of the room, Logan sat me down on the mat, walked behind me and sat back to back with me, Indian style on the floor, facing away from each other.

"What are we doing?" I asked Logan.

"Just sit, listen and watch," Logan softly said. "Sit quietly and observe, allowing yourself some time to relax and take it all in. Listen to the sounds of love and lust that's happening all around you and let it fill your senses. Watch what's transpiring everywhere and see how other people express their sexuality. Notice the differences as some people give and some people take. Some of them dominate and some are submissive. For some, just putting their head on the shoulders of their lover is all they need while others thrive on letting their partner cram their arm up their ass. There is no right or wrong way as long as you communicate your desires and preferences. For some, just watching can make them cum while others require extreme measures in an ever-evolving series of fetishes. Watching others can be more than just arousing, it can be educational. Sometimes you can learn more by the simple act of observing. Go ahead and open your mind to new possibilities. It can be quite rewarding."

I listened to what Logan was saying even though I thought it was a huge waste of the precious little time I had left to spend here.

"Okay," I softly said with some degree of reservation.

As I watched and listened, I did see some of the very things that Logan was talking about.

One couple was kissing in a very tender and loving way while they ground their hips against each other in an erotic frottage dance that looked very dirty and erotic yet somehow romantic. I was getting turned on by watching their gentle interactions. At first, it looked to me like they were simply enjoying a little foreplay, but it wasn't, it was the actual sex act itself. Without any sucking or fucking, they managed to bring each other to orgasm using this lovingly docile technique. With great muscular control, their cocks rubbed ever so gently together. This was all that was necessary for them to bring each other to a fiery climax. To my surprise, they blasted their loads against each other at virtually the same time. It was one of the most amazing acts of lovemaking I'd ever seen. My cock was hard and throbbing by the time they finished and Logan, who had his back to me all this time turned to look at me.

"Oh yeah," he said as he looked down at my pulsating dick, "you're ready all right. Tell me, what did you see that got you hard as a rock?"

"Two guys made each other cum just by letting their cocks brush up against each other," I told him.

"Oh, you're talking about Chuck and Dave, the `Frottage Kings', Logan informed me. "They're regulars here. They get their rocks off by putting on a hot show for anyone who's willing to watch them. Do you want to try it for yourself?"

"Sure," I said, uttering the words without even thinking twice.

Then my thoughts turned to Billy as I wondered what he might be doing right now with Hunter in control of his libido. Then I thought, if Billy can go off and do his own thing without any regard to me and my feelings, then I can do the same to him.

Then I thought a little deeper. I had to remember where we were and how we all got split up. Maybe this is the way it's supposed to happen. With that thought, I dropped the wall I had built around myself. Besides, this was going to be one more example of learning something new that I can pass on to my lover later. It most assuredly would come in handy and help keep my relationship with Billy fresh and new.

Without any delay, Logan placed himself over the top of me and got into a sort of push-up position. He hovered about an inch or so above my body. He then adjusted himself to where our boners met in a soft gentle embrace. He effortlessly drifted over me in such a way that our bodies did not come into direct contact with each other except for the very tips of our dicks. Because we didn't use our hands to direct the delicate contact that occurred between our two bodies, our cocks stimulated one another in a completely random way that was unlike any other kind of sexual interaction two people can have.

I was amazed at how strenuously athletic this type of activity is for the person on top and I was quite happy being on the bottom. I didn't think that I would enjoy this activity as much as I was. In a short amount of time, the sensations I felt from this subtle dueling of our male members turned erotic and unexpectedly arousing.

As I looked up, my eye caught our reflection in the mirrors overhead. Seeing Logan's beautiful backside as he rhythmically floated sensuously over me caused my cock to stiffen. The sensitivity of my cock intensified as the gentle converging of our hot male protrusions made me hungry for more.

"Where are you Barrett?" Logan asked me.

Not understanding the question, I answered, "I'm right here, why?"

"Because you seem to be staring into space," he said.

"Oh I'm just watching your gorgeous hot ass in the mirrors up there," I said. "You are so sexy, I'm glad we ran into each other!"

"Thank you," Logan responded. "As I told you before, I think you got it going on big time. You're such a hunk yourself!"

I looked into Logan's eyes and came face to face with myself. Logan had a genuine look of affection for me in the same way that I imagine that I do when I look at Billy. A warm and loving feeling washed over me as I realized Logan and I were falling for each other. Then, something unexpected happened. The feeling of falling in love, paired with the feeling of lust as my far away orgasm crept near. The two crossed boundaries and merged together into one indefinable sensation, one that I'd never experienced before.

My surging orgasm gripped me just as I became aware of how cute and sexy Logan was as I gazed upon him. Then he let out this erotic moan that sent ripples of electricity coursing down my spine. Then I realized that the two of us were shooting our loads together in the same way Chuck and Dave had done when they spewed their hot loads, covering themselves with their unique form of liquid love. I felt a strange and elusive sensation that this particular load I was shooting contained an intangible element of love as well, an ethereal ingredient that my balls never produced before. It was undeniably a different kind of orgasm, one that bonded me to my partner who was floating like an angel over me.
Once our bodies stopped twitching from the raw orgasmic spasms we just experienced together,
Logan smiled at me, relaxed his body down on top of me and kissed me ever so delicately. As our bodies connected, I felt the warm velvety semen we had just mutually shot together spread across our chests as its slick, slippery essence consummated our bond turning orgasmic lust into spiritual love. I instinctively kissed Logan back as I recovered from my first frottage encounter.

Then it hit me. What the hell was I doing? I can't go falling in love with Logan. He was essentially a total stranger that I'd just met here less than an hour ago. This was much more than just some post orgasmic guilt I was feeling. It was more like I had just awakened from a deep dark forbidden binge of unbridled sexual immorality. This wickedly evil sex club had managed to covertly seduce me into a false sense of acceptable behavior.

I needed to go and find Billy and Jesse and get the three of us the hell out of here before any of us got sucked any deeper into this malevolent abyss. I blamed myself for allowing Jesse to talk Billy and me into freely entering into this den of perversion as if it were all just a bunch of innocent harmless fun.

I was now well aware of the moral implications as well as the emotional dangers that this place was concealing. I saw through the disguise as it attempted to pass itself off as innocuous adult entertainment.

"I gotta go," I said to Logan as I rolled his seductively beautiful body off me and bolted to my feet.

"Where ya going? He asked.

"I... I... I'm sorry, I just gotta go!" I stuttered as I disappeared out of the MPR like Cinderella at the stroke of midnight.

I already started feeling the emotional attachments I had formed for Logan as they began to pull at my heart strings. Each step I took as I walked further away from Logan began to take its toll. What the hell was wrong with me? I knew better than to fall into an emotional trap like this, and if I fell for it knowing better, how could I expect Billy not to fall for Hunter. After all, Hunter was even more charismatic than Logan (who, by the way, could have charmed the pants off me had I been wearing any).

I had no idea where Billy and Jesse were. Billy and I had last seen Jesse getting fitted in the e-stim room but that didn't mean that he would still be there. As for Billy and Hunter, they could've gone anywhere, so I began a room to room search for my friends. I began with the nearest room from the MPR I had just come out of and worked my way backward toward the elevator and stairway.

The first room I came upon was The Vehicle Room. This room had many mock vehicles spread evenly around. There was a mock paddy wagon, a full size police car with flashing lights, a 1957 Chevy with ample room for a back seat romance, two authentic Harley Davidson choppers parked side by side and a totally pristine Roadster with a rumble seat that had been restored to a showroom shine. As I looked around in here, there were many patrons taking advantage of this uniquely themed room, but my friends were nowhere to be seen. This really was a spectacular facility. I really couldn't fault the club for the perils and pitfalls we humans are susceptible to. Our own frailties and vulnerabilities were actually the ones to blame. Jesse, Billy and I were probably too young and inexperienced to handle the dangers a place like this perpetuates. I thought my relationship with Billy was pretty stable and on solid ground, built on love and trust. I just learned a hard lesson that all human relationships are fragile and it was going to take a minor miracle to recover from the untold damage we had each sustained.

I moved on to the next door and saw it was The Dungeon Room. This was the room I had watched those two guys get playfully whipped on the ass as they entered. For some reason, I was hoping Billy wasn't in here.

The loud music emanating from this particular room generated an aura of confusion as I tried to peek in without entering. The room was fairly large and there was a lot of activity going on inside. In addition to that, the room was dense with artificial fog that was compounded by a plethora of black lights that made everybody look morbid and cloaked in darkness, especially the hardcore participants who were decked out in erotic black leather. If Billy and Hunter were in here, I wasn't going to find them by just standing here at the doorway. The leather clad guardian stationed at the door saw my obvious trepidation and decided to spare me the customary greeting that caused me to react with such reservations.

Once I was inside, I was drawn to a crowd of lewd onlookers who were gathered around the back wall and shouting vulgar obscenities. My first instinct was to turn around and leave, but something told me I'd better check it out. As I made my way to the center of the group, I discovered what it was that everyone was all worked up about. My mind initially could not process what my eyes beheld. I had found who I was looking for all right. Billy and Hunter were the center of attention in this ugly, bizarre ritual. My mind was failing to understand exactly what was going on here.

Billy was strapped into some kind of tortuous-looking harness. His entire body was elevated off the floor and bound by leather straps and steel shackles that had him dangling spread-eagled from the ceiling, precariously exposed in midair. There were dozens of clamps that resembled clothespins that were attached to his nipples, penis and testicles that looked painfully barbaric and sadistic. His arms, legs and chest were covered with hundreds of hot wax drippings that had formed and cooled into dozens of tiny little strips of cloudy white clumps. What didn't make sense to me was that Billy was yelling encouragements and begging for more as Hunter whipped Billy's suspended body into submission. The crowd that had formed around Billy and Hunter were fueling the fire by shouting out demands for discipline and retribution.

"I love you Billy, but you've been wasting your life and career away!" Hunter chided as he disciplined Billy with several cracks of his whip.

"I'll do better, I promise," Billy pleaded. "I love you! I'll do whatever you say!"

If all this wasn't enough, several anonymous, faceless worshipers from the crowd crossed the unspoken fetish boundaries and spontaneously began to urinate on Billy in a golden shower ceremony that caught me completely off guard. I realize that there are some aspects of sexual expression that are extreme and largely misunderstood but to me, this was a flagrant violation of decency and respect and I suddenly cracked and went ballistic on the entire assemblage of blatant offenders!

"Stop that you fucking assholes," I yelled out in anger. "Don't you know who that is your pissing on? That's Billy Gilman and nobody is going to disrespect him. The next person to try to disrespect my Billy will have to deal with me. I swear to God, I'll kick all your sorry asses into next week if I have too. If you don't believe me, just try it! Come on, I dare you!"

The reaction of the crowd was a bit unexpected as they responded in a timid and remorseful manner considering the group was largely comprised of military muscle men and tattooed biker types. Most of the guys began to meekly apologize and the rest of them just moved on to focus their attention somewhere else. As the crowd dispersed, Billy and Hunter looked at me as if I had gone mad.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Hunter growled.

"What's wrong with me?" I sneered. "What's wrong with you? How can you let all these guys treat Billy like this? How dare you!"

Then I turned to Billy. "Come on babe, we're getting out of here!"

I reached up to begin to release Billy from his awkward prison and as I looked into his face, he glared at me with great anger in his eyes.

"How can you humiliate me like that in front of all those people Barrett?" Billy snarled.

"Me, humiliate you? I gasped. "This guy over here was whipping you, God knows who waxed you from head to toe and a bunch of strangers started pissing on you and you think I was the one who humiliated you? I'm getting you down from here and we're getting the hell out of here!"

By now I was so angry myself that I started shaking, which made it difficult to loosen Billy's bindings. Hunter reached up to help me and I pushed him away.

"Don't you think you've done enough?" I challenged Hunter.

"You don't understand, we were having a great time until you showed up," Hunter hissed.

"Yeah, I bet you were you sorry ass faggot!" I charged.

"Look who's calling who a faggot you..."

"Please stop!" Billy interrupted. "You both can help get me down!"

The commotion we had created caught the attention of the leather clad Gatekeeper at the door and he came over with the remote control that slowly lowered the harness that was suspended from the ceiling by a hydraulic system. He continued to lower Billy until he was safely standing on his own two feet at ground level.

"You boys play nice now!" the Gatekeeper commanded and then went back to his post, guarding the doorway.

It was now apparent that all three of us were in a severely agitated state and we all fell silent as we worked together to free Billy from his bindings. Once Billy was free, we were on our way.

"Come on, let's find Jesse so we all can get the fuck out of here," I told Billy. As we headed out of The Dungeon Room, Billy turned to yell something to Hunter over the loud music.

"I'll call you babe!" Billy shouted out and the words `Over my dead body' passed silently through my mind.

We began a room by room search for Jesse and failed to find him here on the lower level. We proceeded up the stairs to the main floor and continued our search there.

I was the first to find Jesse in The Holding Cell where he was vigorously fucking none other than Zac Efron. Zac was bent over and holding onto the prison bars for support as Jesse slammed it to him doggy style. Zac was totally into it and was vocally asking to be fucked harder and Jesse was complying as he alternately slapped Zac on the ass from left to right as if he were Bronco Busting in a Championship Rodeo.

Seeing Jesse fuck Zac like this reminded me of the time I caught him fucking Billy in the guest room of the hotel and this wasn't the first time I'd been reminded of that vision today.

I called out to Billy from across the hallway to let him know I had found Jesse. He came over to the doorway where I was standing and we both entered The Holding Cell room together. Billy had a grin on his face as he and Jesse made eye contact with us. I was not amused since I was still quite disillusioned with this place and where we currently found our sorry asses.

Jesse knew that if both of us were standing here like this, it could only mean one thing. Fortunately, he and Zac were pretty far along and Jesse increased his pace which catapulted both boys into their respected orgasmic zones. Both of them were heaving and moaning wildly when suddenly Zac stood upright and announced he was about to pop. Without touching his own cock, he blasted a considerably hefty stream of pearly white cum that landed right between where Billy and I were standing, several feet away.

"Oh, sorry about that," Zac apologized.

"No, that was fantastic!" Billy complemented. Then he looked at Jesse and added "bravo Jesse!"

"Thanks, but what for?" Jesse asked.

"You just gave your partner a hands free orgasm man!" Billy said.

"Oh, cool," Jesse said.

"You were fucking hot baby," Zac praised. "This time I gotta get your phone number. We can hook up anytime you want, just say the word."

Zac was coaxing out the last of his hot load when Jesse pushed Zac back down into the position he was in before so he could bust his nut across Zac's back. We were both shocked to see that Jesse had been riding Zac bareback. He pulled his unprotected cock out from Zac's twitching hot ass and grasped it firmly at the base. Jesse froze in place. He didn't move a muscle because he wanted to feel what Zac felt when he gave him his HFO. It wasn't quite the same thing but Jesse enjoyed holding it back until he exploded, sending his first volley of hot teen throb cream flying over Zac's head and landing almost in the same place where Zac had flung his first shot, right between where Billy and I stood. Then Jesse coaxed the remainder of his load squarely between Zac's shoulder blades, continuing until he had pumped out every last drop.

"Fuck man," Jesse gasped. "No one has made me cum like that since the last time we hooked up. That was fucking hot man! You're right! We gotta swap phone numbers this time so we could do this a hell of a lot more often!"

Zac reached down to the floor where he had placed his goody bag and pulled out a pen. They each recited their phone numbers to each other as they wrote it directly on the plastic surface of their goody bags.

"Well, I guess it's time to go!" Jesse said.

Jesse and Zac slapped a high five to each other and then gave each other a brief kiss.

As we walked away, Jesse asked, "Well, did you guys have fun without me?"

His question was followed by a long and uncomfortable silence as we made our way to the main floor and then to the showers. In our silence, I was doing a lot of thinking. I had noticed along the way that a good deal of regular stuff happens here that has nothing to do with sex at all. Before getting my first experience here, I imagined that every person would be kissing, sucking or fucking every minute of every hour in every room, darkened hall, shower stall and bathroom urinal. I see now that this just wasn't the case. A lot of normal stuff like walking and talking and all out socializing took place here as well. Little by little I started to calm down and I began to realize that I may have overreacted a bit. I figured I'd better loosen up some before I get slapped with the party pooper silent treatment for the rest of the night.

We made it to the shower room and we each took a spot, keeping conspicuously to ourselves. We hung our goody bags on the shower heads and proceeded to wash away all that was unclean that we had gotten thoroughly immersed in. As much as I scrubbed and scoured, I just couldn't shower away the guilt I was feeling for myself. I didn't want to feel this way. I didn't want to be known as the prude. I tried to go along with things the way they were but it just wasn't working for me. I was about as confused as I've ever been in my whole life. I needed to play it cool or I was going to lose Billy as a lover and Jesse as a friend. I was a bit worried about how things were going to go once we stepped out of here. The problem with me is, I only know one way in life and that is the way of truth, no matter how hard the truth can be.

We stepped out of the shower, dried ourselves off and retrieved our clothes and belongings from the valet window. We dressed and took one more look at ourselves in the mirror as we prepared ourselves to re-enter into the outside world. We still hadn't spoken to each other and the longer we continued our silence, the harder it became to speak at all. As we checked out, we each settled our bill and closed our account. Jesse used his cell phone to call ahead to our driver to pick us up. As part of their weekend promotion, the club was giving away a free gift to each guest. We each received an elegant silk cum rag with the Club Xes logo embroidered on them. We each said our thanks and headed out the door. The welcoming director came over to us and asked if we enjoyed our visit. Then he briefly pulled me aside to whisper something to me personally.

"It looks like you weren't able to shake these two after all," He teased. "Maybe next time honey, just say the word and we can make beautiful music together, ya know what I mean?"

Once again, he playfully slapped me on the ass and once again he rendered me speechless as I turned red from embarrassment. For whatever reason, he genuinely seemed to take a shine to me over Billy or Jesse and I was at a loss to figure out exactly why.

As we exited the building, we saw our limo turn the corner on its way to pick us up. The driver parked, came around and opened the door for us. Jesse held back a moment and whispered to the driver to take the long way back to the hotel. Jesse sat across from us and leaned back as he shook his head in disbelief.

"Okay guys, spill it," Jesse demanded. "What's the problem?"

The limo started up and we began our journey back to the hotel. Billy and I looked at each other a minute hoping the other would begin a dialog that would give birth to the pregnant silence that soured our mood. The pressure was welling up inside me until I burst out into tears.

"I'm so sorry I fucked up everybody's night," I offered. "I really wasn't trying to be an asshole."

Jesse looked into my eyes trying to figure out what the hell I was talking about. Then he turned to Billy to hear his response.

"I know that," Billy said. "It was actually kind of sexy the way you were protecting me, standing up for my honor, ready to kick butt."

Then Jesse turned back to me to listen to what I had to say to that.

"When I got there, all I saw was a room full of strangers who were disrespecting you, Billy Gilman... the celebrity... the entertainer... the humanitarian... my soul mate and most importantly, the human being. You mean more to me than anything else in the world, so when I saw you there like some sacrificial offering with your hands and legs shackled and your body covered with clamps and wax, it made me feel ashamed. Not ashamed of you, Billy, but ashamed of all those guys who stood there actively participating while that bastard Hunter publicly dehumanized you. Then when they started to shower you in piss, it crossed a line I that I could not allow. It made me lose all control!"

Jesse turned to Billy once more as he completely got drawn into the soap opera that was unfolding in front of him.

"I appreciate all of that," Billy modestly said. "It's a shame that we got separated like we did. If you had been there from the beginning, you would have seen that I chose to be there. I was enjoying myself where I was and I was hoping you were enjoying yourself where you were. I was taking the opportunity to do something rare that I couldn't do anywhere else. After all, isn't that the reason we came here in the first place? The problem is, the way you did it humiliated me in front of everyone whether you meant to or not. The kind of humiliation that wasn't part of the sexual experience I was going for."

"I'm so sorry Billy," I said. "This place really fucked me up!"

"Well, what the hell happened to you and that Lester guy that got you all frazzled?" Billy asked.

"His name is Logan, Logan Lerman," I corrected. Jesse's eyes widened as he recognized that name as someone he'd been seeking to hook up with. "We kind of did what he called a frottage dance."

At this point, Jesse's mouth dropped open.

"Didn't you enjoy it?" Billy asked.

"Yeah, maybe a little too much," I indicated.

"You dog!" Billy grinned. "So what's the problem then?"

I paused a moment, wishing Billy hadn't asked me that particular question.

"Well, I felt like I was cheating on you," I confessed as I looked away from Billy in shame.

"Oh bullshit," Billy scoffed. "So you had some fun with another guy. So what! That's what we came here for. The two of us now have a whole new set of experiences that's going to enhance our lovemaking for months to come. What more could you want?"

Jesse, who had been silent all this time, finally spoke up.

"Holly Shit," He began. "Billy, you were doing that whole S&M thing, getting clamped and waxed with the whole golden shower thing going on? Shit, you're much more of a man than I am dude. And Barrett, you went off with a celebrity and for the first time in your life, slithered your noodle together with someone other than Billy. I'm impressed! You guys really got your shine on!

"Yeah, but I ruined the whole night for everybody," I said.

"I don't agree," Jesse said. "It sounds to me like you both had quite a successful night."

"I'm the one who made us all leave," I reminded him.

"So?" Jesse said. "It's two o'clock in the morning. We were in there for four hours. What more do you want?"

"You mean I didn't cut things short for everyone?" I asked.

"Hey, I came twice tonight," Jesse said. "I had an out of this world orgasm in the e-stim room and I just had an electrifying popping session with Zac. I don't think I could have gone another round if I wanted to!"

"If you think we were hot, you should have seen yourself!" Billy said. "Watching you pop Zac Efron like he was your bitch was the hottest thing ever!"

"That's because he was my bitch!" Jesse proudly attested.

"Damn, nothing like a little modesty," I said.

"How about you guys? Did you have a chance to bust a nut?" Jesse asked.

"Well I know that Billy popped a good one as he got sucked off by Hunter Hayes in the Gloryhole Room," I answered for Billy and myself. "And Logan popped me a good one in the MPR Recreation Hall."

"Hunter Hayes! Logan Lerman! Both you guys nailed notorious celebrities, man," Jesse said. "Unbelievable!"

"So did you, with Zac Efron of all people," Billy pointed out. "He's just as notorious as you are! Oops, did I say that out loud?"

"Hooray for Hollywood," I joked.

"Okay," Jesse poised his final question. "Would you guys want to go back again?"

Billy said "Yes" and I said "No" at exactly the same time and the three of us erupted with laughter.

The limo driver had timed our arrival at the hotel perfectly. The driver opened the door for us and we headed for Jesse's suite. Tonight, we would sleep like babies as the incredible events that transpired at Club Xes would give us each plenty of fuel to ignite our wild imaginations as we drifted off to dreamland.

To Be Continued ...

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