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Fate Brought Billy Gilman to Me

Part #15

By Paul S. Stevens

I don't know how we did it, but we all managed to get a few more hours of sleep. Later that morning at a little past eight o'clock, Spencer knocked at our bedroom door.

Billy looked over at me and made sure we were both covered up before he spoke.

"Come in," Billy called out.

Spencer opened the door and leaned into the doorway to bring us some news.

"I just caught the Channel Five news report," Spencer informed us. "It's official. The solitary passenger of last night's fatal crash was identified as Derek Lester Stone of Hope Valley. No mention of any of us was made."

"Thanks Spencer," Billy said. "And thanks for your help last night."

"No problem," Spencer said.

"How's Colin doing?" Billy asked.

"Not good!" Spencer indicated. "He's been despondent since he saw the newscast. I'm afraid he blames you for what happened."

"Yeah, I figured as much," Billy sighed. "After he's had time to grieve, I'll talk to him."

"Thanks, cause there's nothing more I can do for him right now," Spencer sadly said. "I'll let you know if I hear anything else."

"Thanks," Billy said. "Talk to you later."

Spencer then backed out of the doorway and closed the door behind him.

After Spencer left, Billy turned to me with apprehension and summoned a question he really didn't want to have to ask.

"Barrett... will you accompany me somewhere?" Billy furtively asked.

"I'll accompany you to the ends of the earth," I answered faithfully. "Where are we going?"

"I want to go visit Derek's mother," Billy said. "She was very kind to me, all through the years when Derek and I were growing up. She was like a second mother to me. Derek was only five years old when his father died. After that, Derek was all she had left to live for. She'll need some comforting right about now."

"She'll need comforting?" I gasped. "What about your own flesh and blood who is suffering in total agony right across the hall there?"

"I can't do anything for him right now," Billy said. "What he needs is time. Once he's had time to accept what's happened and is ready to talk it through, the healing can begin. The best thing I can do for him right now is leave him alone."

For a minute there, Billy was sounding like me, giving good, strong, common sense advice in a calm and rational manner.

"All right then," I said. "In that case, you better not tell Colin where we're going. He'll want to go with us, and in the state he's in, I'm afraid he's not stable enough to handle it and could make things worse."

"Then let's get going now," Billy said reluctantly. "I need to get this over with before I change my mind."

We quickly showered, dressed and headed out the door in record time. Billy and I got into my car and headed off to Hope Valley. As we headed out of town and came upon the crash site, the only evidence that anything happened at all was a liberal usage of yellow police barricade tape that was wrapped around the broken guardrail, placed there until the city could repair the broken barrier with a new one. Our drive out to Hope Valley was mostly in silence. Billy withdrew deep within himself as he, no doubt, was contemplating the history he'd shared with Derek and what he might say to Mrs. Stone that she might find comforting in her hour of need.

When we arrived, Billy asked me to go inside with him for moral support. I consented of course, even though it was conspicuously awkward for me. We stepped up to the door and Billy first cleared his throat, and then knocked. We were cheerfully greeted at the door by a kindly looking frail woman who smiled as she recognized Billy. After greeting us, she invited us in.

"Mrs. Stone," Billy began. "I'm so sorry about Derek."

"Ruthy," she said. "Call me Ruthy! You don't need to be so formal anymore Billy. You grew up to be such a fine young man, talented and handsome. I'm so proud of you."

"Thank you Mrs... I mean... Ruthy," Billy said. "This is my assistant Barrett Jenson. He knew Derek too. He was kind enough to drive here."

It was true. I knew Derek, but hearing Billy say it out loud made me feel even more uncomfortable.

"Thank you for being so thoughtful, Barrett," she said to me.

"My pleasure Ma'am," I humbly replied.

To break the ice, Ruthy invited us into the living room and insisted we make ourselves feel at home. Then Ruthy excused herself and went into the kitchen to fix us a spot of tea.

When Ruthy returned with the tea, I attentively listened as Billy's conversation with Ruthy began. The two of them reminisced about Derek and Billy's childhood days, and I learned a lot of things that Billy had never shared with me before. Some of them were cute, some of them were interesting and some of them were downright awkward.

Once they were caught up with the past, she offered something to Billy that seemed out of character for someone who kept their home in such a meticulous fashion.

"I want you to go into Derek's place for me," Ruthy instructed. "I want you to look around. If you see anything at all that you'd like to have, I want you to take it!"

"Are you sure?" Billy questioned.

"Positive," she insisted.

"Okay, thanks," Billy said.

Billy and I stood up together, and I followed Billy as he started walking toward Derek's bedroom.

"Oh, sweetie," she said, stopping Billy in his tracks. "I didn't mean his bedroom! I clean that everyday. There's nothing in there of any interest to anybody. I was talking about his hide-a-way. It's behind the garage. He never let me see what was in there. He was so secretive about it and very insistent that I never ever go in there for any reason. He always kept it locked and he never gave me a key."

"He never gave you a key?" I said, finding that odd.

"I have it now," Ruthy said, jiggling Derek's key ring in the air. "I was called out to the morgue this morning to identify..."

Ruthy had been holding up amazingly well up to this point, but mentioning her horrific ordeal at the morgue caused her to tear up, and then totally break down. Billy stepped over to her and hugged her sweetly. I personally knew how comforting a Billy Gilman hug can be and the two of them gave each other some much needed comforting. After a minute or so, Ruthy calmed down, pulled herself together and then willed herself to continue what she was trying to say.

"Derek was always a troubled child," Ruthy digressed. "Things got even worse after his father died. I tried my best to raise him as a single parent, but it wasn't enough. He never outgrew his difficulties and my troubled child grew up to be a troubled adult. Everything was always, `Billy did this', and `Billy said that'. He never talked about anything else. I knew you two loved each other. It's a hard thing for a mother to have to accept, but as long as it was you he loved, I never said anything about it because... well, of all the people Derek knew, `you' had the most positive influence on him of anyone, and Derek needed that desperately." Ruthy took a deep breath, let out a long sigh and continued. "Anyway, after I identified my son's body... the police gave me his belongings that he was carrying on him. So here... take his key ring and see if there's anything out there you might want. I know Derek would have wanted it that way."

"Thanks Ruthy," Billy said and tenderly took the key ring from her.

The two of us jetted out the back door to find the `hide-a-way' that Ruthy was talking about. We walked around the garage and found a shed-like structure placed at the very back of the property, hidden from the rest of the world. Billy determined which key would fit the oversized, heavy-duty lock that seemed a bit excessive for its purpose and popped the lock open. He pushed the door inward and the two of us entered.

"Oh My God!" Billy exclaimed.

"Holy Shit!" I added to Billy's alarm.

The interior of the structure was literally covered from ceiling to floor with Billy Gilman. Not one inch of space was overlooked. There were: publicity pictures, head shots, candid shots, newspaper clippings, album cover art, flyers, concert posters, ticket stubs and program guides all assembled in a hodge-podge mosaic collage. You name it, if it had anything to do with Billy, it was on the walls. If that wasn't bad enough, all over the tables and furniture were the bulky memorabilia, bearing Billy's likeness such as: matchbook covers, pot holders, commemorative plates, coffee cups and guitar picks. On one table, sat a small dorm style refrigerator and on another, sat a forty inch, high definition television screen and a high end DVD player.

"Derek actually built a shrine in my honor," Billy said amusedly as he continued to look around, drinking in the sight.

"Are you out of your mind?" I snapped. "This is no `shrine'. It's a fucking stalker's lair. Derek had a sick, twisted, unhealthy obsession for you, possibly psychotic in nature!"

"It's not that bad," Billy said. "I've never even seen most of this stuff before. I wonder how he got ahold of some of these things."

Just as Billy was saying that and letting his eyes wander, I noticed a closed scrapbook lying on one of the tables and opened it up. Inside was ten years of naked pictures of Billy and Derek, labeled from 2000 2010. My first instinct was to close the book before Billy could see it, but he really needed to be aware of everything and know the entire truth, as painful as that might be.

"You think it's not that bad, huh?" I sarcastically said to Billy. "Brace yourself and take a look at this."

Billy looked at the first few pages of naked pictures of Derek and himself, and his eyes widened and his face filled with rage.

"You wonder how he got a hold of these," I stated. "I'll tell you how. Since you two were like eleven or twelve years old, Derek had a hidden camera in the room whenever you two messed around naked together. I'm no expert, but I can tell you that all these pictures have been captured from a video source. I'd be willing to bet that there are also full motion videos with sound of you and Derek having sex somewhere around here.

"How could he do this to me?" Billy said, tearing up. "I trusted him. I trusted him with my life!"

I stopped what I was doing and pulled Billy into a firm heartfelt hug as I felt the conflict in his heart begin to tear him up from within.

"I know this is horrific for you right now," I told Billy. "But we really need to push forward and check everything out. We need to know what else Derek was hiding out here. We may not have much time to do it either. If we take too long, we run the risk of Ruthy coming out here to check on our progress. We wouldn't want her to see any of this until we figure out what to do first!"

I went over to the table with the television on it and looked around. I pulled open the top drawer and found a CD/DVD wallet inside. I opened the wallet and found several DVD's, each labeled with nothing more than a year. I pulled out the top DVD from the first sleeve labeled `2000-2001' and put it into the player. I found the remote control near by and turned the television on and started the DVD.

A moment later, a video of Billy, fucking Derek into oblivion with both of them passionately moaning in ecstasy caused me to pop a totally inappropriate boner. Billy and Derek couldn't have been any older than twelve years old as the scene unfolded. Watching a twelve year old Billy, fuck the hell out of a twelve year old Derek, was like watching kiddie-porn on steroids. My Billy was expertly demonstrating his sexual superiority as a master dominator, even at that tender age.

Even though Billy was still struggling to come to terms with everything we were uncovering in Derek's lair, we both found ourselves compelled to watch the spectacle as we became increasingly aroused and titillated, albeit, for two totally different reasons. The video had been edited and condensed, culling the hottest parts together with the idea of getting to the juicy cumshot quickly. Then it cut to Billy shooting his cum on Derek's back as he pulled out of Derek's ass in a nick of time. For being just twelve years old, Billy's cum load was almost as prolific as it is today. After we watched the scene progress through its climax, Billy ordered me to stop the playback.

I pressed the stop button on the remote, pressed open and returned the disk to the CD/DVD wallet, and then turned off the television and DVD player. A moment of silence passed before either one of us spoke.

"That was hot!" I declared.

"You know what," Billy confessed. "You're right, it was. I wouldn't admit that to anybody else but you. Even so, I feel so betrayed and violated. How could I not have known all this stuff was going on all this time?"

"You shouldn't blame yourself," I told Billy. "You trusted him. That's a good quality to have. Believe me. It's the people who betray that trust who are despicable."

"I have to hand it to Derek, though" Billy said. "All these years, he never let any of this stuff get out of his possession. Of that, I am thankful."

As overwhelmed as we were feeling, we continued looking through the rest of the stuff, leaving nothing unturned.

The only thing left we hadn't looked at yet was the refrigerator. I didn't think we'd find much in there besides a few beers and some random snacks. I reluctantly opened the refrigerator door and got another surprise. There were several personal things of Billy's that were really creepy. There were locks of Billy's hair, Billy's soiled underwear and several used, cum filled condoms that were cataloged with stickers and meticulously labeled and divided up into individual plastic baggies.

"Gross!" Billy cried out in horror. "And what the hell is that?"

Billy was referring to a quart sized mayonnaise jar that was labeled: `For Billy' that was prominently placed in the center of the top shelf. It was three-quarters of the way filled with a semi-clear, slightly yellowish, viscous-like fluid. I picked it up and examined it for a moment, not knowing myself yet what it was that I was holding in my hands. Then I twisted off the lid and the foul pungent odor almost knocked me senseless.

"Oh My God!" I cried as I immediately replaced the lid back on the jar.

"What?" Billy reluctantly asked.

"It's cum!" I answered. "It's a fucking `cum jar' filled with Derek's cum! There must be hundreds of cum loads in here."

"I don't get it?" Billy said.

"Let me spell it out for you," I said as I began to enlighten Billy. "Imagine it. Each time you'd reject Derek, he would come here and dream about the day that you two would become lovers. He'd probably sit in this very chair right here and watch these videos of you two fucking. As he re-lived his youth through these videos, he'd jack off, convincing himself that someday, you were going to see the light and finally take him as your lover. Then, when Derek would climax to those sex filled fantasies of you, he'd shoot his load into this jar and save up all the cum he's ever shot over you, believing that someday, he'd be able to give you his `jar of love juice' as a gift!"

"What a sick fuck!" Billy spat. "I can see why he never let anyone see this place, not his mother, especially not me! It's a good thing too, because I would have had the fucker committed!"

"Well, I think he put all this together for his own amusement," I said, thinking out loud. "I don't think he ever intended for any of this to become public. If he had, it would have surfaced a long time ago. He could have used all this stuff to blackmail you, but he didn't. He wanted you to love him, for him, not because he blackmailed you into it."

"That doesn't excuse any of this!" Billy seethed. "What are we going to do?"

"Here's how I see it," I began. "Ruthy said she's never been in here before, so she has no clue what her son has been up to. There's a pretty good chance that no one else has ever seen it either. We need to strip this place of everything connected to you and destroy it. That way, if the police should get a search warrant to investigate Derek's suicide, they won't find anything that connects you to it."

"Will you help me then?" Billy pleaded.

"Of course!" I answered.

"Let's go pay Ruthy another visit," Billy said. "I'll tell her that the place is a mess and offer to clean it up for her. We'll ask for some garbage bags and come back here and strip the place clean. We'll totally De-Gilman-ize it, in a manner of speaking."

"We'll have to take the filled garbage bags with us when we leave," I pointed out. "We can't leave anything here, even as trash. We'll take all of it home with us and destroy it properly there, leaving no trace of anything objectionable here."

The next thing I knew, Billy kissed me unexpectedly.

"You are so smart!" Billy said. Thanks for looking after my best interests. I love you so much."

With that, I kissed Billy back and felt a little better about what we were about to do.

We went back to the main house and Billy told Ruthy that, to help her out, we were going to clean up the disaster in Derek's hide-a-way and make it more presentable before she got to see it for the first time. She thanked us and rounded up a box of trash bags, some cleaning supplies, a broom and dustpan and most importantly, her blessing.

I was pleased with Billy. None of what he said to her was a lie and it made her feel good about the favor we were doing for her, albeit, the kind of favor that, thankfully, she was never going to have to find out about.

Billy and I went back out to Derek's lair and began stripping it clean in earnest. I cleared all of the table surfaces and desktops of items while Billy stripped the walls, pulling off tape, staples and thumbtacks along the way, filling several trash bags with the offending items. Then, I emptied all the drawers and even pulled them completely out, turning them up-side-down in the event that Derek might have taped something to the bottom of the drawers like I've seen happen in detective movies. Billy emptied the refrigerator, double bagging the `cum jar' and I gathered all the photo albums and videos. When we were finished removing all the offensive Billy Gilman paraphernalia, we cleaned the floor and polished all the furniture, leaving an actual clean and presentable room that Ruthy could now view and use as she saw fit, unaware of it's previous perversion. Billy returned all the cleaning items back to Ruthy, keeping her occupied while I toted all the trash bags we had collected out to the trunk of my car.

I went back to the hide-a-way in the backyard and waited for Billy to escort Ruthy out so he could present her with what we hoped would be a pleasant and wholesome surprise.

"Well, this is very nice," Ruthy said as she entered and looked around. "Now, why wouldn't Derek want me to ever come out here?"

"He just probably wanted a place where he could go to get away from it all," Billy politely answered.

`Yeah, to get far, far away from it all,' I thought to myself.

"It's all yours now," Billy said as he handed Derek's key ring back to Ruthy with a smile.

"Thank you Billy, and you too Barrett," Ruthy smiled back. "You made this little old lady happy and made this day a little bit more bearable. I do so appreciate what you've done for me. And all the things you've done for Derek too, all through the years."

"No problem Ruthy," Billy said. "If you need me for anything, don't hesitate to call, all right?"

"Okay," she agreed. "Oh, did you end up finding anything for yourself... like a photo album... or a scrapbook, perhaps?"

My heart skipped a beat and I almost swallowed my tongue, thinking about the scrapbook Billy and I encountered.

"Oh yes, I did," Billy smiled again.

"Oh good, I'm so glad you found it," Ruthy said as she clapped her hands in excitement. "About a year ago, I was sorting out my photos and came across a bunch of pictures I took of you and Derek when you two were around five or six years old playing in the park. I was putting those pictures together in a `Derek and Billy' scrapbook for him, and before I finished it, it disappeared. For a long time, I wondered what happened to it. The only thing I could think of was that Derek took it in here with him. That's one mystery solved. With Derek, there were so many of them. Anyway, I'm glad you came across it. Perhaps it will help you to remember my Derek in a fond and caring way."

"Yes, I'm sure it will," Billy said tenderly. "We have to go now. Thank you for everything Ruthy. Remember, if you need anything..."

Ruthy smiled knowingly. Billy and I got in the car and drove off, waving as we went. Once we got far enough away that Ruthy couldn't see us anymore, Billy dropped the sweet persona he had been projecting for Ruthy's benefit and totally cut loose.

"Get me the hell out of here!" Billy growled.

I shamelessly laughed at Billy's aggravation as I hit the accelerator. After giving me a dirty look that could kill a herd of elephants, he unintentionally joined me in a fit of unsettling laughter. We laughed `on' and `off', all the way home as we congratulated ourselves for being able to sidestep a potentially damaging situation. Once we got home, we were both exhausted from the physical and emotional rollercoaster ride we had just been on.

"Boy, I am dog tired," Billy said. "I'm going to check on Colin now. This might take a little time. I'll meet you in bed when I'm finished."

Billy gave me a sexy wink and then walked over to Colin's room as I turned and went into mine. Billy knocked on Colin's door and waited. When he heard nothing, he knocked again and called out. When nobody answered the second time, he went in and found the room empty. Billy checked the time on his cell phone and saw it was six o'clock. Billy figured he should have been there, but he just dismissed it for now and decided to wait and try again later. Before I could even get undressed and into bed, Billy returned, looking a bit perplexed.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Colin's not home," Billy said. "It's six o'clock. He should be home. That's a little strange. With everything that's been going on, I'm starting to get a little worried. Sometimes, having a little brother his age can wear you out, you know what I mean?"

"No, not really," I truthfully said being raised as an only child. "What are you going to do?"

"I'll try again later," Billy said as he started undressing.

I followed Billy's lead and undressed as well and joined him in bed. I don't know what Billy had in mind to do, but I had been thinking about ravaging his body from the time I saw those few ultra hot video scenes of him fucking Derek into oblivion earlier today. As exciting a prospect as it was, we were both more tired than we realized. We both got comfortable and our sensuous thoughts turned into erotic dreams as we both fell into a deep sleep.

Seemingly, out of nowhere, a loud and bombastic knock woke Billy and me from a sound sleep.

"What's going on?" Billy shouted.

Spencer came bursting into our room in his underwear, his face and body filled with panic.

"Colin's gone!" Spencer cried.

"What do you mean he's gone?" Billy snapped.

I looked at the alarm clock as it turned six o'clock in the morning.

"Last night, before I left for work, he started spouting off about how he's ruined your life and how he drove Derek to kill himself and how he's not worthy of my love and that he hated himself," Spencer incoherently babbled. "When I got home from work, he was gone. I wanted to give Colin a chance to have some time alone to work things out in his mind. I fell asleep waiting for him to come home. When I woke up just a few minutes ago to pee, I discovered that he hadn't been home all night. Oh my god, do you think he'll try to kill himself like Derek did? What do we do? How do we find him? We have to find him! Oh my god, oh my god!"

Spencer, calm down!" I warned as I sat up in bed. "We can't get anything accomplished if we all start getting hysterical."

Upon hearing what Spencer had to say, Billy collapsed back on the bed with a vacant expression on his face. It looked like Billy had just gotten one too many pieces of bad news and became unresponsive. He blamed himself for falling asleep and not following up with Colin last night as he intended to do.

Colin was missing, Spencer was hysterical, and Billy was distraught with grief. Why was it always me that had to be the rock? I actually may be out of my league on this one, because I didn't know what to do and felt I could've done so much more to prevent these wild occurrences from happening in the first place. I stopped for a moment to gather my wits about me and told myself that I would know what to do if I just cleared my mind and concentrated. It wasn't easy, but I took a deep breath and emptied my thoughts until I felt the worries of the world begin to slip away. Just like the night of Derek's demise, I suddenly experienced another moment of clarity.

"Billy, snap out of it," I told him. "We need to focus here if we're going to save Colin."

"Yeah, yeah, all right. What?" Billy groaned.

"Call Colin's cell phone," I said. "If he doesn't answer, at least he'll know you're thinking of him. Spencer, you and I can do the same thing with our phones. When he sees that all three of our names appear on the `caller I.D.', he'll know we care and are looking for him. Most people who become suicidal, can be talked out of it if they're made aware that their loved ones care."

All three of us put in our calls, and each one of us left a heartfelt message, pleading for Colin to come home.

"Okay, that was step one," I continued. "Now, let's get showered and dressed so we can be ready to go at a moment's notice if Colin should call any of us back."

The three of us individually showered and got dressed and ready to go. Once we were all ready, a large part of the morning was gone and none of us heard back from Colin. After lingering around the house, waiting for something to happen, I had another moment of clarity. I got another idea that required all of us to pull together. I called everyone together and had everyone pile into my car.

"Okay, smarty pants," Billy sneered. "We're in the car. Now what? Where are we going?"

"I just got an idea, and if it works, we might have a good chance of finding Colin," I explained. "Spencer, does Colin's new cell phone have a GPS function?"

"Yes!" Spencer answered. "Oh, I think I know where you're going with this."

Spencer punched in a few commands on his cell phone and a few moments later, came up with a general location.

"The 95 Interstate," Spencer said, reading the map that was being displayed on his cell phone screen.

I couldn't believe it worked, but I was thankful for technology. We were now one step closer to finding Colin than we were before and we now had a fighting chance of rescuing him from himself.

"Hope Valley, here we come again!" I stated, as I now had a destination to follow.

Everyone's nerves were on edge from worry, and we had a twenty minute drive out to Hope Valley to have to endure. The GPS on Colin's phone was only designed to give a general location. We all wondered how we were going to pinpoint Colin's whereabouts as an eerie silence permeated the car. To alleviate the tension, Billy began to sing as he often does when things get too tense.

"Pray For Him"

Knocked on his door last night

He should have been there

I waited till 6pm

Lord I'm worrying again

Said he messed up, something real bad

Whatever it is, I'll be there

I'll pray for him

Hope he's all right

Feels like he's all alone

Against the world tonight

But he's gone away, Lord

Help me pray for him

Told him he's got to believe

There's a lot to believe in

Doesn't think he's good enough

Says it doesn't matter much

Well if I were walking in his shoes

He'd be there for me

He'd know what to do

I'll pray for him

Hope he's all right

Feels like he's all alone, against the world tonight

But he's gone away, Lord

Help me pray for him

Well I've done everything I can do

I leave it in your hands

Lord it's up to you

I'll pray for him

Hope he's all right

Feels like he's all alone, against the world tonight

But he's gone away, Lord

Help me pray for him

Oh pray for him

Hope he's all right

Feels like he's all alone, against the world tonight

But he's gone away, Lord

Help me pray, Lord

For he's gone away, Lord

Help me pray for him

It was almost like Billy was making up the song on the fly, like he wrote it specifically about Colin. Its scary how close to home some of Billy's songs relate to his real life. After hearing Billy sing, we all started praying for Colin, asking the Lord to bring us a sign that would lead us to his whereabouts.

Once we arrived at the 95 Interstate, I had Spencer refresh the GPS reading from Colin's phone.

"What does it say now?" I asked.

"Mechanic Street?" Spencer questioned.

"Wait a minute," I said. "There's something about this place that's familiar. There was something about Mechanic Street and the 95 Interstate. Oh yeah, we found Colin at a park near here once before. Clef Park, or something like that."

"Tefft Park," Billy corrected. "It's on Hope Valley Road and Mechanic Street. You're right, Barrett. We did find Colin here once. It was on the day he ran away from home. It makes sense that he'd come back here again. It's a familiar place for him where we all grew up. He probably feels safe coming here. He's here, I can feel it. Turn left here."

I followed Billy's directions and two turns later, we arrived at the entrance of Tefft Park. I parked the car and we all tumbled out together to begin our search.

"Okay, everybody," Billy instructed. "Split up. We can cover more ground that way."

I wanted to lay out a logical search pattern for Colin, but everybody just went running off in different directions and disappeared before any thought could be put into the effort. Since everyone vanished so quickly, I headed over to the restrooms. In all the whirlwind activity I'd been involved in all day, I needed to relieve myself in a major way.

As I entered the facility, I noticed the place was clean and spacious and well maintained. There were four urinals lined up against the wall on the right, and three stalls on the left past the wash basins. When it comes to public restrooms, my preference is to always use a stall whenever possible. Someone was in the center stall, so choosing which one to go into was academic. Either way, someone would be in the neighboring stall next to mine.

I entered, dropped my pants and briefs and took my seat upon the throne. I was just here to pee, but sitting down afforded me the opportunity to gather my thoughts on how I was going to proceed in our quest to find Colin. As I sat in deep contemplation, a most unusual thing happened. The man in the center stall poked his cock through a makeshift gloryhole in the stall wall and held it there in an attempt to entice me into a solicitation.

I was momentarily stunned as I thought that this was the very thing that we all wanted to keep Colin safe from. I took another moment to consider what I personally was going to do with the offer I had just been confronted with. Then, as I looked more closely, the hard pulsing cock that beckoned me to it, seemed somehow familiar.

Now, I've heard many people say, `You've seen one cock, you've seen them all'. I disagree with that philosophy, and this was one cock that I knew intimately. The length, the thickness, the shape, the color, and most of all, a small beauty mark on the left side of the shaft, just under the cockhead, positively identified this impressive cock as belonging to none other than Colin Gilman. Here I was, all worried about Colin being preyed upon by a pervert, and here he was, offering himself up to strangers.

Now that I knew it was Colin on the other side of that stall wall, I needed to teach him a lesson on the dangers and risks of soliciting sex in a public place. I had to do something harsh and bold, and I had to do it fast. Whatever it was, it had to be something that he'd remember for a long time to come and prevent him from doing this kind of behavior in the future.

Just as I was about to take action, Colin withdrew his offer, leaving an awkward empty hole. I sat for a moment and waited for him to offer a second attempt. As I waited, I wondered what Colin was doing, or more importantly, what was he thinking.

This is what I knew: Colin left the house thinking that he hated Billy for competing with his first love. He left the house thinking that he pushed Derek into killing himself. He left the house thinking that Spencer was going to stop loving him. He left the house thinking that he was worthless to his loved ones, his friends, and himself. The tremendous contradictions that were battling in his brain must have been staggering.

This is what I didn't know: Why did Colin come here, of all the places he could have gone? Why was he sticking his dick in a gloryhole when he had three people who loved him at home, worried sick about him? And why did he withdraw his dick from the hole? Was he having second thoughts? Was he feeling remorse for letting Spencer down or was he just acting out in the only way he knew how, with sex?

I felt so sorry for his poor misguided soul. He must be so numb that he feels dead inside. I knew someone once who was so distraught that the only way he could feel anything was to engage in anonymous sex, where the momentary climax of an orgasm made him feel alive.

Then Colin made his second attempt, but this time, his cock wasn't as hard as it was the first time. That confirmed my theory that Colin was reaching out and I'm glad it was me who found him first. I don't think the others would have understood the seriousness of Colin's condition and might have made things worse.

I stood up and pulled my underwear and pants back on and positioned myself in front of Colin's junk. I took his slightly soft cock into my hands and examined it carefully to make certain that it was in fact, Colin's cock before I made a mistake that I'd be sorry for. Once I had proof positive, I began to charm Colin's cock into a full erection, lulling him into a sense of false security. When Colin began to moan in pleasure, I knew I had him. I fondled his manhood in a way that made him want to push his torso into the hole as far as possible. I pulled his balls gently through the hole as he pushed harder until they were completely on my side of the wall. Then I squeezed them tightly with both hands, holding his balls in my grasp, trapping him into a vulnerable position that he couldn't wiggle out of. Then I disguised my voice and spoke to him.

"You're under arrest for sexual solicitation," I growled in an unrecognizable tone.

Colin started violently bucking against the wall to no avail. His attempt to flee was futile as I literally had him by the balls in more ways than one.

"Do you want to lose these balls, kid?" I gruffly asked as I gave them a firm tug.

"No Sir!" he whimpered.

"Are you sure?" I snarled.

"No Sir! I mean, Yes Sir!" he said, shaking in fear.

"Then come over here and kiss me!" I commanded.

"Wha... What?" he cried.

I let go of his balls and he forcibly pulled away, falling backward into the opposite stall wall. I opened my stall door, exited and waited outside Colin's door for him to come out of his. Slowly, the bolt slid open and a very meek and frightened Colin came out. He took one look at me and freaked out.

"Barrett," he said in shock. "What the hell are you doing here? I mean, was that you pulling my balls?"

"Yep," I smiled.

"That fuckin' hurt, man!" Colin snapped. "You scared the shit out of me. How did you find me anyway?"

"You got it backwards," I said. "It was your cock that found me!"

"Oh, yeah," Colin nervously chuckled. "Are Billy and Spencer here too?"

"Yep," I grinned.

"Please don't tell them what I was doing," Colin begged.

"What were you doing?" I sarcastically asked. "Were you trying to get your ass arrested? Were you looking to pick up a new disease so you could pass it along to your loved ones, Billy, Spencer, or me? Were you hoping to get your balls cut off by a homophobic maniac? Just what was it you were trying to do?"

"I don't know," Colin said as he began to cry. "It's all my fault!"

"What is?"

"All of it!"

"What are you talking about?" I began to question and then changed my mind. "No, wait. Let's get you home first so we can all talk this out together. Are you willing to do that?"

Colin shook his head `yes' and together, we walked out of the restroom and out to my car which was a short walk to the parking lot. I called Billy on his cell phone and told him to call off the search. I let him know that I had found Colin, safe and sound. I let him know that we were waiting in the car and his brother was in a fragile state, but was ready to go home. I had Colin do the same with Spencer and a couple of minutes later, Billy and Spencer returned to the car, both worried and angry at the same time.

To Be Continued ...

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