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Fate Brought Billy Gilman to Me

Part #16

By Paul S. Stevens

"I'm not gonna yell at you or anything because I'm not mom or dad, but..." Billy began calmly and then raised his voice. "What the hell's wrong with you?"

"Yeah," Spencer jumped in. "You had us all so worried. I was scared that you might do something crazy!"

"Okay now, let's not all gang up on Colin," I said, trying to avert a shouting match. "I want everyone to calm down and relax. We're gonna go home, get something to eat, let our food settle, and then have a nice, calm, group discussion. A lot of things have happened to all of us over the last few days and it's time we got everything out in the open."

"Wow," Billy said. "Who made you chief?"

"This is my car, I'm driving, and I'm the one who found Colin first," I said.

"That's good enough for me," Spencer said. "Barrett's got the right idea. Especially about getting something to eat, I'm starved. My appetite is back, now that we've found Colin and we're all back together again, safe and sound."

Even though we all managed to resist the temptation to talk about the big issue on everybody's mind, it did little to alleviate the glaring tension between us as we headed home. Fortunately, Billy was kept busy spending most of the time texting to someone in New York City.

When we got home, Spencer and I joined together and leisurely cooked a very nice meal for everyone. We all sat together and dined like a real family for the first time in a very long while. It was one of the first steps toward helping everyone feel like they belonged again. When we finished eating, everyone slowly pitched in to clean up, wash dishes and put away leftovers. Then, we went into the living room to relax and unwind.

We began to chit-chat about this and that, and Billy entertained us with some amusing stories about his experiences while he was away in Hollywood, Nashville and New York City.

Then, Billy told us an amusing story of an incident that happened in Haiti during the making of `The Choice' video. It seems that Billy and the Souls4Souls volunteer team were busy handing out shoes to a local village. There was a little four-year-old boy standing in line, waiting for his turn. When handed a new pair of shoes, the little boy refused to take them and told his parents, who happened to be with him at the time, that he didn't want any of the choices they were offering him. After a bit of commotion, Billy got an interpreter to find out what was going on. The boy was in tears and was told that he could have any pair of shoes he saw there. That's when the interpreter told Billy that the young boy wanted the shoes that Billy was wearing. Once Billy was made aware of the child's request, he laughed and then removed his own shoes and presented them to the little boy, who promptly slipped his tiny feet into Billy's giant shoes and happily dragged his feet along the dirt road as he walked off, wearing the biggest grin ever.

By now, everyone felt that things were finally beginning to return to normal. Everyone had calmed down and relaxed, and Billy got another text from his contacts in New York that put him in a better mood.

Now that things had settled down, Spencer was primed and ready to get to the nitty-gritty. He felt that ample time had now passed and no one in the room could fault him for getting things started. So, Spencer got down to business and shot off the speech he had prepared to say to Colin. For Spencer, getting Colin on the road to being himself again was the most important thing for everyone concerned.

"Colin," Spencer began. "No matter what happens here tonight, no matter what you did, I will still love you, and nothing on this earth can change the way I feel about you. Do you understand that?"

Colin started tensing up, knowing that the time for him to start unloading the horrific burden that he'd been carrying around with him all this time had finally caught up with him.

"So, now that you know that," Spencer added. "Tell us everything. Don't leave anything out. The only way that this is going to work is if you're truthful and honest, no matter what."

"All right," Colin sighed.

"So then, Bro," Billy said as he sat across from Colin with his arms crossed. "What's going on?"

Even though Billy was in a better mood now and had calmed down, Colin went silent. There was so much bottled up inside him that he'd been keeping secret and hidden away from everyone. He truly didn't want to have to confess it to anyone, least of all the three of us, who he loved more than life itself. The longer he kept silent, the harder it got for him to begin.

"Let me help you get started," Spencer said as he tried to get the ball rolling. "Last night, before you disappeared, you told me that; One - you ruined Billy's life. Two you drove Derek to kill himself. Three that you didn't feel you were worthy of my love; and Four - that you hated yourself. Let's start at the beginning. Just exactly how did you ruin Billy's life?"

"Well, as you've all found out already, Derek and I were lovers. He was my first love," Colin confirmed to us as he peered at the floor in self-loathing and disgrace. "When Derek and Billy graduated from junior high school, their long-term relationship had been well established and going strong. They were best friends through grade school and most of junior high and Derek believed that he and Billy were actually exclusive. Then Billy started to get famous when he released "One Voice" and was concerned about looking `normal' for mom and dad as well as all his friends and fans. That's when Billy realized he needed to make a change. When Billy started high school, Camera came into his life and he took her as his girlfriend. When Billy started spending all his free time with Camera, Derek and Billy started drifting apart, and that's when Derek started getting interested in me."

Colin paused for a moment, sighed, and then continued.

"Derek was so good to me, at first" Colin resumed. "He was older and wiser than me and took me under his wing. I looked up to him. He taught me a lot of stuff about sex too, and we had some great times together. After that, we got real close and even became... like lovers. Everything was going great for a while until Billy's fame started to grow. He started getting more famous and his first album started to climb the charts. That's when Derek started obsessing about trying to win Billy back and he left me hanging to spend all of his time chasing Billy."

Colin looked up from the floor and started talking to Billy directly, who was sitting in shock, hearing all this for the first time.

"Then," Colin continued, "when you realized you weren't sexually attracted to Camera, it was pretty obvious to me, and it didn't take long for Derek to recognize it either. He jumped at the chance to start pushing harder to win you back. That's when you and Derek started messing around together again, leading Derek to think that it was working and you two were back to being exclusive again."

Billy was listening to every word of Colin's confession and started to get uneasy that he had been so clueless to all of it all this time.

"I started hating you for taking Derek away from me," Colin seethed, continuing his story as he looked into Billy's eyes with fire. "It was killing me inside, but I never said anything to you about it. During that time, Derek was teetering back and forth between you and me and later on, I found out that the bastard was actually having sex with both of us, even though it was separately. I would've been okay with sharing him with you, but the problem was, as long as Derek thought he had a shot at being exclusive with you again, he wouldn't commit to me."

Colin shifted his position on the couch, revealing just how uncomfortable he was, now that he was spilling out all his private and personal secrets to us, finally unburdening himself of all the shame and torment he'd been through.

To Colin's credit, he pushed on anyway and forced himself to continue his bizarre and sordid story, looking away from Billy now and speaking once again to the three of us.

"To try to get Derek's attention, I got a wickedly evil idea," Colin continued his confession. "As I became more enraged with Billy for stealing Derek away from me, I decided to teach Billy a lesson. I gave Derek a bogus idea on how he could make Billy his boyfriend again, knowing full well that it would backfire on him, pushing Derek back into my arms. Derek got all excited about trying out my advice and he literally took that advice to heart. My idea was for Derek to pretend to threaten Billy by going public with the accusation that Billy was gay. I counted on the fact that Derek didn't know how to make such a claim to the media. When he threatened Billy directly, it only managed to piss Billy off, pushing Derek further away, having the desired effect of making Derek come crawling back to me, just as I planned. As Derek continued to try to win Billy back, over and over again, he would repeatedly reject Derek and he would end up running back to me each and every time. It was working perfectly at first, but then Derek began to get wise to my plan and started punishing me for what I did. He would start off by getting me all aroused and boned up to have sex, and then, he would arbitrarily deny me. It made me crazy and I started doing things to get back at Derek and Billy both. I think Derek got a little crazy too, because he started doing other things to Billy that I never told him to do. Then he even tried to sue Barrett for `Alienation of Affections'. Before I knew it, things got way out of control. Soon after that, Derek and I stopped seeing each other completely and Derek started acting like I never existed. It hurt. It hurt a lot! I started doing things I'm not proud of. It was then that Spencer came into my life and saved me from Derek's insanity and I tried to forget about Derek and move on with Spencer."

"So you're the one who advised Derek to do all that shit to me all this time?" Billy asked in disbelief.

"Only at first," Colin said tearing up. "I never expected any of this to happen. I'm so sorry, Billy. If you want me to move out and get out of your life forever, I'll understand."

"Look, Colin," Billy asserted. "You're my brother and I will always love you. I'm sorry about all the shit that Derek put you through. Unfortunately... with Derek... it was never about you. It was always about me. He just wanted to be the boyfriend of a celebrity, and because we knew each other since before we were five years old, he latched onto me. He only used you to get to me. I wish you could have trusted me more and confided in me about you and Derek a long time ago. I could have helped you and we might have been able to prevent some of this from happening. I just hate the fact that you went through all that torture, all by yourself. We're family. Brothers watch out for each other. That's what brothers do. Just because I'm famous, doesn't mean you can't come to me with absolutely anything. What you did was pretty serious and I'm not exactly happy with you about it. It's going to take some time for me to get over it, but the thing is, Colin, I will get over it."

"But, I ruined your life," Colin said. "How can you stand to look at me? Don't you hate me?"

"Of course I don't hate you... and you didn't ruin my life either, Colin," Billy confirmed. "As long as there's a way to keep the lid on all this and keep it from exploding, it'll all work out. I've got my best people working on that problem right now. I've got lawyers, publicists, press agents, and Internet spin doctors, all working together, keeping my image clean. Now that Derek can no longer make things worse, the problem should slowly die away. I think we're going to be okay."

A brief moment of silence passed as we all digested everything that was said. Then, Spencer broke the silence and spoke again.

"Okay, so you didn't ruin Billy's life," Spencer clarified. "We can now wipe that one off the list. Let's move on to the next point. How did you drive Derek to kill himself?"

"That all came to a head last week," Colin thought back. "Derek came to me and wanted to get back together as boyfriends again. I couldn't believe it. He was acting all desperate and crazy, like he couldn't live without me or something. Anyway, I told him that I was happy with you, Spencer, and that I loved you deeply. Derek tried to convince me that I'd be better off with him. I told him that I had made my choice and was totally committed to Spencer now. Derek just couldn't seem to accept that and tried to convince me to leave you anyway. He said that he had made a mistake and realized now that we were made for each other. Then I told him that he had his chance to be with me, and he blew it. He made me do things that weren't cool and made me crazy. So now, it was too late. I had moved on. I told him that I still loved him deeply, but because he couldn't commit to me when he had the chance, and then on top of all that, played me against my own brother, he lost me forever. It must have hurt him more than I realized. The next thing I knew, he went all speed racer on us."

"You didn't drive Derek to kill himself," Billy stated.

"How do you know that?" Colin asked.

"Because, just like I didn't know about you and Derek, there's a lot of stuff about Derek that you don't know either," Billy revealed. "You knew that, just before Derek ran himself off the road, he came here to see me. You didn't hear what he had to say to me. What you don't know is, he tried to do the same thing to me that he did with you. Then he tried to give me an ultimatum... like that was gonna work. We now know that Derek was having sex with both of us at one time, enjoying the best of both worlds. Believe it or not, I see now that, even that wasn't enough for him. You just said that last week, you rejected him, and when I turned him down flat that morning, I think he finally realized for the first time that he couldn't have either one of us anymore and it was final. That's when it became too much for him to handle. Even so, neither one of us are responsible for Derek's death. Through no fault of either one of us, Derek was utterly insane."

"What makes you say that?" Colin asked.

"Because," Billy revealed. "After Derek died, Barrett and I visited Derek's mother to show our respects. While we were there, we got proof positive."

"What proof?" Colin skeptically asked.

"I'll tell you what proof," I interrupted, taking the burden off Billy so it wouldn't sound like he was boasting about what we found. "Derek was hiding a stalker's lair in his backyard that nobody knew about. Even his mother was unaware of its contents. It's a good thing we paid her a visit when we did. She had just gotten Derek's personal property from the morgue and hadn't had the time to check it out yet. Because we were there when we were, she let us have the key first and told Billy that if he found anything in there that he wanted to have as a keepsake from their childhood, he could have it. The walls were covered from ceiling to floor of every kind of published material that had Billy's picture on it. There were scrap books and videos of Billy and Derek doing it together and there was even a refrigerator full of unmentionables that I'll tell you about someday. If you really want to see proof of Derek's insanity, Billy and I stripped the place clean and collected five trash bags worth of proof that's sitting in the trunk of my car as we speak. Billy was right when he said, it was never about you, Colin. It was always about Billy. I'm sorry to say, but we didn't find one single thing that was related to you, it was all Billy, one hundred percent."

Once again, the room fell silent as Colin tried to assimilate the idea that he meant so little to Derek in his obsession with Billy, that he would overlook retaining even a single memento of their love. Spencer realized that, what I had just said must have unintentionally hurt Colin deeply. By keeping our discussion moving forward, Spencer jumped in again to keep Colin from dwelling on the subject and spoke up.

"Okay, Colin," Spencer said, summing it up so far. "We now know that Derek was one sick puppy and you didn't drive Derek to kill himself. So we can wipe that one off the list too. Let's move on to the next point. You said that you didn't feel you were worthy of my love. Explain that to me. You said that, when Derek came to you and told you to leave me for him, you stood up for me and told him that you loved me and were committed to me. In my book, that makes you pretty damn worthy right there. Was there something else I don't know about?"

"I love you, Spencer," Colin said. "I love you with all my heart, but I loved Derek too. I didn't feel worthy of your love while I lived with you, all the while, still having feelings for Derek at the same time."

"My dear sweet Colin," Spencer affectionately said. "That only makes you human. Most people will fall in love many times over during the course of a lifetime. It's completely natural. We fall in love with different people at different times in our lives for different reasons. When we fall in love, it gets imprinted in our brains, we can't help it. Because of that, when we fall in love, we continue to love that person, sometimes forever. It takes a lot to fall out of love with someone. In fact, you're going to find out that, just because Derek is gone, doesn't mean that all of a sudden, you'll stop loving him now. You'll probably find that you'll still think about him and continue to have feelings for him for a long time to come. That doesn't make you `not worthy' of someone else's love. It doesn't bother me that you love other people. You love Billy; he's your brother. You love me; I'm your partner, mate, and lover. You love Barrett; he cares for you and watches out for you like family and will protect you with his life. In fact, if you didn't love each and every one of us in one way or another, we couldn't be having this conversation right now. It's a good thing to love. You have demonstrated you're worthiness to me, abundantly."

Colin got up off the couch and gave Spencer a hug and kiss and then sat by his side, overwhelmed with emotion, possibly realizing for the first time in his life that a person could love another person so unconditionally.

"I love you, Spencer Trudor," Colin sweetly professed.

"I love you too, Colin Gilman," Spencer said with deep affection.

The two of them kissed again and I started to feel a stirring in my pants from the outpouring of love that lit up the room.

Colin whispered something into Spencer's ear, causing him to smile as he looked around the room.

"Hold on now, Colin," Spencer declared as he looked into Colin's eyes next. "We're not done yet. There's one more point to cover. Now that you know that you can feel worthy of my love, that's another item you can wipe off the list. Let's move on to the last point. You said that you hated yourself. I think that you said that because you were feeling bad about all that other stuff we talked about. Now that you got all of it out in the open, and found out that it wasn't as horrible as you thought, do you still feel that you hate yourself?"

"Well... no. Not anymore," Colin said.

"Okay, good," Spencer said. "So, there will be no more running away from home from now on, all right?"


"Good. Because, now you know that if you ever have a problem again, there's three people right here that love you, that you can talk to and tell anything to, and they will always love you back, no matter what, right?

"Right," Colin said with renewed enthusiasm.

"All right," Billy happily interjected, slapping his thighs. "Now that we've resolved all of Colin's issues, I have something for all of you."

Billy took the opportunity to present Colin, Spencer, and me with the gift he'd been waiting to give to us since he came back from his trip. Now that the four of us were all together and in one place, it was the perfect time. We were all feeling a bit better that we could help Colin through his crisis. Billy slipped into his bedroom and came out carrying three small gift boxes. Billy had told me about them earlier, so I knew what they were, but so much turmoil had gone on lately that it had completely forgotten about it. We each eagerly tore into our gift boxes and were blown away by our own pair of Calvin Klein briefs, sporting Billy's `The Choice' logo on them. I remembered Billy's pair was red. Mine was black. Colin's were blue and Spencer's were heather gray.

"Thanks Billy," Spencer said. "These are so cool. I love the color too."

"Yeah, Thanks," I said. "Where underwear is concerned, black is the sexiest."

"I'm gonna try mine on right now," Colin said.

When Colin said that, I thought he was going to duck into his bedroom to change, but that's not what he did. Instead, he stood up, stripped naked in front of all of us, tossed his clothes aside and slipped into Billy's gift, filling it perfectly in all the right places. It was like looking at a younger version of Billy, the way he can get me so effortlessly aroused. Billy pulled out his cell phone and snapped a picture of his brother, modeling his gift. I don't know why that surprised me. After all, we'd just finished having an open discussion about sex and we'd all seen each other naked before and we've even had an impromptu orgy once. Nevertheless, it caused me to spring a boner in my pants, witnessing Colin being so uninhibited around us.

The next thing I knew, Spencer got caught up in Colin's openness and stood up next to his boyfriend, stripped, tossed his clothes along with Colin's and put on his gray pair of Calvin Klein's. Billy took a picture of Spencer as well as Spencer pointed to the logo on the rear of his Calvin's.

At this point, Billy got caught up in the moment. He stood up and tossed his clothes aside, revealing his red Calvin's that he was already wearing from last night. Then, Billy turned his phone on himself and snapped a sexy selfie. Then, the three of them all looked at me. I normally would not have gone along with the trend and simply jumped in, but I didn't want to be the party pooper either.

In the past, I've always been the person who spoils all the fun with my rigid sensibilities. I figured, it couldn't hurt to join in on the seemingly innocent fun this time. Even though I was still boned to the hilt, I nervously stripped, letting my boner spring forth, trying to casually don my black Calvin's hoping no one would notice. I tried to stand tall and proud with everyone else, but it just didn't work. Billy quickly took a candid shot of me while I wasn't looking, feeling proud of himself that he got away with it.

"Somebody thinks that one of us is sexy," Billy teased, looking at my tenting bulge. "I wonder who?"

"It's me!" Spencer declared. "My sexy body does that to guys."

"No way dude," Colin corrected. "It's me. He wants the one thing that only I can give him."

"Dream on lover boy," Billy laughed. "The one thing Barrett wants, you don't have."

As the three of them playfully argued as to which one of them had given me my hard-on, they started showing off as if they were modeling off their goods and proving they each had superior sex appeal over the others. Soon, all four of us were sporting boners inside our Calvin's, and it was almost as if the three of them were posing nude for a body building photo shoot. It sparked a fantasy in my mind that each one of them was trying to outdo the others and win my approval. I hadn't noticed that my little fantasy had gotten me so hard that the tip of my dick started peeking out over the waistband of my Calvin's, drawing even more attention to me than before.

The next thing I knew, my three horny roommates surrounded me and relieved me of my Calvin's so fast, I didn't know what hit me. They had simply slipped their fingers under my waistband and simultaneously pushed my briefs to the floor. A moment later, I looked down at the floor again and saw that all four pairs of Calvin's had mysteriously fallen together at the same time, creating a rainbow collage of Calvin Klein colors on the carpet, indicating that we were now four naked roommates, horny as hell and in extremely close proximity to each other. The last time this happened, it resulted in the most intense erotic roommate rhapsody ever.

Colin put his arms around all of our necks and drew us together into a four way kiss. I was totally unprepared for such a thing. Billy was on my right, Colin was on my left and Spencer was directly across from me. First, I was blown away by the fact that all four of us kept our eyes open as we joined together in the center. Once our lips touched, all four of our mouths opened simultaneously. The next thing I knew, an epic battle of the tongues took place. All three of my friends have very powerful kisses to their credit, but being on the receiving end of all three at once, almost knocked me senseless. Billy and Colin's kisses are nearly identical and quite devastating to the recipient. Spencer's kisses were just as great, but carried with them, their own brand of distinctive superpowers. The three together decimated my inhibitions and left me unable to fend off any and all sexual advances. With the walls of my sensibilities torn down, I was powerless to defend against any perversion, and I was about to be consumed by it, body, mind and soul.

While we were engaged in our four way oral sparring match, someone reached down and grabbed both of my balls, making my cock twitch and my heart race. At first, I didn't know who it was, but a moment later, it became apparent when he began pulling me away from the others, leading me off by my captive testicles.

I should've known it was Colin. Now that he had gotten me away from the others, he had me right where we wanted me. To get back at me for what I had done to him in the Tefft Park restroom stall earlier, he now grabbed me with both hands and squeezed my imprisoned balls, grinning as he watched my overall body stiffen in response. A rush of adrenaline raced through my veins as the elusive mixture of pleasure and pain took my breath away. I instinctively reached across and grabbed Colin's balls with both hands in self-defense. He drew in a deep breath as we both clenched our teeth. Then, I saw Billy and Spencer, watching us with curiosity, looking at Colin and me as we seemed to be engaged in some sort of mutual Mexican Standoff. We were torturing each other's balls, wincing in pain, not really enjoying what we were doing, yet not willing to let go either. As Colin squeezed my balls harder to coax me into letting go first, I squeezed him back even harder, letting him know that my balls were tougher than his and if he was looking for a ball squeezing contest, he'd better get prepared to feel a world of hurt. After testing each other's limits, to see how hard we could squeeze and how long we could endure the physical pain, we both started having trouble breathing from the excruciating reaction of having our most sensitive body parts gripped in a virtual vice. I felt my tear ducts contract as if they too were being squeezed and wrung out, causing unintended tears to start rolling down my cheeks. As Colin observed my tears, he thought I was ready to give in.

"Had enough?" Colin confidently smirked.

At this point, I realized I was being too gentle with Colin. He was actually tougher than I had given him credit for. Still, I was tougher. By way of an answer, I ramped up the pressure and put the squeeze on Colin, taking him to the next level, beyond his teenage pain threshold and beyond anything he'd ever experienced before. I now had him at the same level of pain that he had me as I watched Colin's tear ducts burst into a solid stream of tears. It was at this point that he reluctantly let go of me, and a second later, I let go of him.

Once we both let go of each other, the pain shot through the roof and my head right along with it. It caused me to flashback to an incident in high school when I had gotten accidentally kicked in the balls during football practice. The pain I was in right now was similar to that incident, almost causing me to double over. Thinking back on that day, the Coach cast pity on me and sent me off to the locker room to recover. I waddled off to the locker room, stripped out of my gym clothes, and hit the shower. Since the rest of the class was still out on the field until the end of the period, I was left completely alone. I was still in great pain, but I couldn't resist the temptation to act on an old fantasy of mine to someday jack-off in the school showers. I was so glad I did. That's when I learned the value of enjoying sex while balancing the extreme boundaries between pleasure and pain. Jacking off dulled the pain right away and turned the pleasure/pain threshold into an erotically hot session. It also made me cum long and hard, producing one of the most amazing orgasms of my life.

I immediately reached back over to Colin to jack him off, in an effort to see if our mutual pain from our ball torture contest could now turn into a stellar orgasm like that similar high school experience. As I held on to Colin's cock, he lunged backwards in fear of retribution and fell onto the couch. I followed him over and sat next to him, not having let go of the grasp I had of his hearty manhood. I began a swift stroke, making Colin's semi hard cock swell up into a column of steel in three seconds flat.

Since our last orgy, Colin had done some growing. His cock, which was always a little longer than Billy's for as long as I've known the two of them, filled out and had now outgrown Billy's beautiful man tool by at least an inch, both in length and girth. Colin began to moan as he felt an instantaneous relief from the pain as it turned into an intensely erotic sensation. Colin, then reached over to me and began to dry stroke me in earnest, easing my pain as he worked me into a rock solid state of erection. Colin was eager to return the favor since he felt a little guilty for letting his petty revenge get out of hand with someone he loved so dearly. Little did he know the benefit he was about to gain from his ball crushing stunt. By watching his facial expressions, Colin was learning first hand how to balance his pleasure/pain threshold and soon, his eyes rolled back into his skull and he let out a long, profound moan that came from deep inside his bowels and resonated in his chest and throat. Then, Colin's cock turned to stone as it pushed the boundaries of his swollen erection. His crushed balls were ready to release their aching contents, letting his load fly high. His cock started pulsing, and a second later, he yelped an erotic whimper and let his hot teenage ball milk surge past my hand.

Billy and Spencer cheered Colin on as he spewed his watery cum load all over me and himself. I was so focused on trying to relieve Colin's pain, as well as my own, that I had forgotten they were there and watching us. Unfortunately, their outburst broke my concentration and my balancing act shifted heavily toward the side of pain, which made me gulp a breath and shudder. Thankfully, Colin's empathy didn't let him miss a single stroke and had me back on the edge of cumming in seconds.

I felt my aching balls contract as they prepared to jettison my hot, pre-squeezed load. I felt my sperms jump as they climbed into position, building up a massive amount of pressure with each accelerating stoke of Colin's hand. Then it happened, the pleasure/pain threshold pushed me over the edge so fast, I had to gulp another breath of air just to keep from losing all control. My climax gripped my balls and radiated an electric shockwave outward toward my arms and legs and then the rest of the way out to my fingers and toes. Colin's grip on my cock had me jumping and twitching as I tossed my watery load, saturating Colin and myself with another helping of liquid ball juice.

Billy and Spencer cheered again as Colin and I ended our entertaining little ball-busting presentation. They had no idea what it was all about and I'm sure, once they asked about it, I would have to give them a deceptively evasive explanation since I promised Colin I wouldn't tell the other's about the circumstances under which I had discovered him in the park restroom.

However, before either of them could make their inquiry, a knock came at the front door. We were momentarily stunned and froze in a panic, wondering who might be paying us a visit right at this most inopportune moment. Billy calmly got up and walked over to the door to answer it.

"Billy!" I called to him in a loud whisper. "Are you forgetting something? You're naked, man. We all are!"

"Yeah, I know," Billy unemotionally answered as he continued toward the door. "Maybe it's a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses. I'll invite them in."

Panic struck again, even though I was laughing inside. Even so, we were still petrified and unable to move.

Billy opened the door without asking who it was or checking the peephole.

"Hi guys," Billy said as he held out his arms. "Please, come in."

This was highly irregular, and for Billy to be this open was almost insane. Then, to my surprise, who should walk in but Hunter Hayes and Logan Lerman, both carrying a leather briefcase.

"Looks like we got here just in time," Hunter said to Logan as he looked around the room. "It's nice to know that you were expecting us."

Billy hugged both his guests and invited them in.

It's always awkward when a clothed person walks in on a naked person. I was feeling a little embarrassed, even though I've been naked in their presence before. Even so, I imagine it was worse for Colin and Spencer who had never met our guests before.

"This is great," Logan said. "We won't have to worry about working up the nerve and making up some lame excuse to get everybody naked."

"Speaking of naked, feel free to join us," Billy offered.

"Sure," Hunter answered for Logan and himself.

They both put their briefcases down and began to strip as if neither one of them had a single shy bone in their bodies. Once they were out of their clothes, Billy walked them to the center of the living room and introduced them all around.

"I think you both remember my boyfriend, Barrett," Billy began.

"Sure," Hunter said. "How can I forget the way he came running to your rescue with both guns blazing? Barrett, you're naked knight in shining armor."

"Hi sexy," Logan smiled. "You're looking good!"

"I've got cum all over me," I embarrassingly said.

"I know," Logan retorted, licking his lips.

"And this must be, Colin," Hunter pointed out. "He looks just like you, Billy."

"I'm covered in cum too," Colin stated.

What I said with embarrassment, Colin stated with pride, demonstrating the dynamic differences between the two of us.

"Yes you are," Hunter agreed. "It's so nice of you to get all dressed up like that for us."

Everyone nervously laughed as our benign little erotic dialog started getting us aroused and boned up.

"And this is Colin's boyfriend, Spencer," Billy said as he turned opposite Colin to introduce Spencer.

"Looks like Colin made a nice choice," Logan complemented as he winked at Spencer.

"It's so nice to meet you," Spencer gulped as he turned red from the awkward sensation of being naked while getting introduced to two huge naked stars in our very own living room.

"What do you want to do first?" Hunter asked Billy as he reached for his hand.

"I don't know," Billy answered. "Spencer and I just finished watching Barrett and my brother do some sort of ball squeezing contest."

"Oh! No wonder they're both covered in each other's cum," Hunter commented. "Ball squeezing can get pretty dicey. I love cock and ball torture. Do you want to do some of that?"

"I don't know," Billy said as he contemplated Hunter's question.

While Billy was deciding what he wanted, Hunter reached for Billy's balls and started fondling them as a sample of what a little CBT would feel like. As I watched Hunter interact with Billy, I was reminded of the jealous outrage I felt that made me go crazy at Club Xes when Hunter took control of Billy and dominated him.

I felt incredibly threatened by Hunter. He was a short little pistol, but he had a superbly built body, toned and muscular. He had a dynamite smile that can charm the pants off of the devil himself and he had so much energy and charisma, you could lose yourself in it and not know what hit you. Before I could dwell on the subject for too long, Logan came over to me and drew my attention away from Billy and on to the two of us. At the moment, Colin and Spencer were quite satisfied, watching the four of us interact with each other as they snuggled happily together on the love seat.

"How did the two of you end up here together?" I asked Logan.

"We had it all planned out," Logan said. "Didn't Billy tell you? We left New York City a little over three hours ago with Hunter driving like a demon. I've been texting Billy all the way here. We just shot across the I-95, traveling 155 horny miles to get here.

"No, Billy didn't tell us," I revealed.

"Well, that explains a lot," Logan nodded as he looked around.

"What I really was asking was, how did you and Hunter end up coming here together?" I clarified.

"Well, I just finished principal shooting on `Men of Fury!' and Hunter is doing some talk shows before he begins his `Tattoo (Your Name) Tour' at the end of this month, so we both had the time."

"What I'm trying to find out is, what do we owe the pleasure of having both of you here at the same time?" I asked as directly as possible.

"We go everywhere together," Logan said. "Oh, wait, I get it. You didn't know. Sorry, I thought you knew when we met at Club Xes. Hunter and I are in a relationship."

As soon as he said that, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I kissed Logan long and hard. All this time, I've been harboring hostile feelings toward Hunter for nothing. Hunter wasn't trying to take Billy away from me at all. This new piece of information shed a whole new light on our two friends from Club Xes. If Logan hadn't just told me himself that they were boyfriends, I wouldn't have believed it. Before they leave, I'm going to have to remember to ask Hunter and Logan how they've kept their relationship so secure from the media. I'm sure Billy and I can learn a thing or two from these guys.

Suddenly, I found that the whole idea of Hunter and Logan being a couple and coming all the way from New York City to play with Billy and me, made me incredibly hot and unexpectedly horny.

I looked over at Billy and Hunter with renewed affection as Billy finally made his decision known to Hunter in a very indirect way.

"I've been a bad boy and I need to be punished," Billy said.

"What did you do, you bad boy?" Hunter asked.

"It's so bad, I can't talk about it," Billy shamefully confessed.

"It looks like you're never going to learn your lesson," Hunter jokingly said.

He then walked over and picked up the two briefcases that he and Logan had brought with them and placed them on the coffee table and opened them up to reveal an arsenal of bondage gear and other assorted paraphernalia.

"Billy, would you please sit here on this sofa," Hunter instructed. "The rest of you, please come over here."

Hunter motioned for Colin, Spencer, Logan and myself to assist him at the coffee table.

As we all congregated around Hunter, he started handing out pairs of leather restraints to each of us and instructed us to place one on each of Billy's arms and legs. He had Logan and I strap each of Billy's wrists with one end and tie the other end over the top of the couch and down the back side, all the way to the floor and attach them to the solid wood legs of the couch. He had Colin and Spencer secure Billy's ankles to the front legs of the couch in the same manner.

Billy was now splayed open on the couch and rendered completely vulnerable in front of all of us. It was hard for me to see Billy in this way and I began to feel the protective side of me begin to flare up again. What was I supposed to do? Billy wasn't objecting and everyone else was just kind of going along with it. My blood pressure began to rise as I looked at Billy, totally exposed and helpless. I had to try and convince myself to allow it as I remembered back when Billy got annoyed at me for interfering when I intervened on his behalf, not understanding the dynamics of this type of role playing.

Now that we had gotten both of Billy's wrists and ankles secured, Hunter got out his black obedience baton which was a leather bound riding crop with a leather stripped tip as a whip. Hunter was successful in transforming our living room into what might have been a wartime interrogation and torture room.

Hunter began subtly slapping Billy's cock and balls with his whip as he began to grill his prisoner. My blood ran cold as it started to look like Hunter had done this one too many times before and got into his role of interrogator a little too well. We all stood around Billy as Hunter began his cold, heavy-handed humiliation.

To Be Continued ...

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