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Shaun woke up the next morning with a feeling of digust falling over him. What the hell did possess him to kiss his best buddy Nick last night? But Carly was still in his mind when he did that, so it wasn't as if he was suddenly turning gay or any of that shit, he was just drunk. Not quite drunk though, but if you're not used to heavy drinking, and then suddenly get cocked on brandy, one can get confused with certain stuff but this was now beyond his control. Nick threw of the covers, and wiped his left handed palm over his firm stomach. He noticed that his normal case of morning wood was not absent as his 7 inch cock was standing proud and erect in his boxers. He slowly peeled off his boxers, letting that nice, stiff organ slap against his abs. He could still remember at cheer camp where he and Nick went through almost the entire load of girls who was just too happy to give their cocks a little pleasure. Shaun breathed in and out, his cock starting to drip a little pre cum, bit by bit. Shaun gathered the liquid and wiped it on his strong stiff cock and he moaned as he felt the good, tingling feeling as he stroke his hard 7 incher. Somewhere in the back of his mind he recalled the hot and busty Carly. The way her boobs were so perfectly placed inside her cheer outfit. How she kissed him on the day of the competition. How she felt his cock in his trousers that first night that they were together. But when they were back from cheer camp, she didn't want to do shit. And what happened the previous day, it was too much. Shaun's mind started to wander as he wanked his cock, giving shudders through his young body. His hands went faster and faster on his cock as he visualised Carly sitting on top if his cock, riding him, fucking his stiff cock, his shiny black hair wet with sweat and holding her at her breasts. Even though somewhere at the back of his mind he knew that it was his own hand giving him the pleasure that made his red, hard, wet cock even stiffer, he still saw Carly in his head, moving up and down on his fuckstick. Suddenly the picture of Carly sitting on his cock changed as Shaun, from where it came from he never knew, and suddenly remembered the hard, strong chest of Nick that he had leaned into. Nick's strong arms around him. It felt good to...you know...just being held like that. It was a long time since his own dad held him like that. For a jock like Shaun this was suicidal to think about, but this was the first girl that he really, really cared about and the fact that his first ever relationship lasted only three days made him so scared of having future relationships. Shaun sat up suddenly and quickly. What the fuck??? He was fucking getting off by thinking about his best friend Nick! He was wanted to throw up about this, but then his mund turned back to his still stiff, hard cock. The head was wet, begging to attention and standing at attention, ready for action. Without thinking, Shaun took hold of his cock and started to wank it, faster and faster. The mere image of his buddy Nick...his blond locks, his chiseled body and most of all...his strong chest against his...

"Ohhhh fuck, im cumming! Cumming! Fuuuuuuuccck!"

Shaun tossed his body backwards and though both arms at his sides to let his jerking cock hump the air. One last thought of Nick made Shaun's young cock spray his love juice into the air and onto his stomach. The wet, slimy, white jock cheerleader cum felt sooo good on his stomach and especially as it rolled off the side of his stomach, Shaun not even having the evergy to stop it rolling onto his bedsheets. This was a major problem for the young straight jock. This was not normal. And yet, it happened.

Shaun got dressed and started walking to the door to go to Nick's when he got second thoughts. What the hell was this? All his life he and Nick were best of friends and now this??? But before he could do or think about anything, he heard someone at the backdoor.

"Hey, Shauny! You're here man?"

Hearing Nick's voice, Shaun wanted to get the hell out of there, but something was holding him back. Something, some little voice in his head told him...you want to see him, you want to hear his voice...you want to feel his arms around you...


"Hey fag, whatsup? Lying around here all day?"

"Hey just got up like a half hour ago, man. Was thinking of just taking it easy today."

"So...why the fuck did you kiss me yesterday?"

That was the question that Shaun was dreading. He ran a hand through his hair and stared at Nick.

"Wh...wha...yeah what are you talking about? I didn't kiss you, dude!"

"Yeah, you're calling me crazy here, dude? Last night you were like soo pissed out of your fricking skull and you were like crying and shit about that bitch Carly and when I was so freaked out about your crying so I like tried to help you and you kissed me, man!"

Well, with that accurate description of the events that occurred Shaun knew it was impossible to deny what happened. He felt this almightly feeling of helplessness flowing over him. He was fucked. This was his best friend, who know thought that he was gay and into him.

"Dude, I don't fricken know, alright? It just happened! I was fucked about Carly and...Well what the hell do you want me to say?"

"Nothing man, its cool. The reason I came here was Carly told me there is practise today at four. She wants us to finish higher than nineteenth next year. She didn't want to call you...well yeah you know why."

"Sweet dude, I'll see you later."

"Yeah, you're trying to get rid of me or something, homey?"

"Yeah...I mean no! I was just thinking that I wanted to go to Carly myself and sort this all out."

"Okay, guess that's fair. Right, I'll see you later."

The moment that Nick left, Shaun raced up to his room and closed the door. He threw his shirt off and his trousers and his boxers until he was standing naked infront of his mirror. His cock started to inflate because of the thoughts running through his young mind. If Nick only knew...Shaun glided his hands all over his sexy six pack and, incredibly, while doing it, he fantisized that it was Nick's yummy abs that he was touching. Fuck stopping all of this. IT had happened and he can't stop it, now matter how hard he tried. When seeing Nick standing infront of him just now...all he wanted to do was to kiss him. If that made him gay, then so be it. He wanted Nick, he couldn't explain why, but he wanted his best buddy.

It was late in the afternoon that the cheer practise was over. It was really awkward all afternoon with Carly not talking to Shaun and everyone could feel the tension between the two. Shaun didn't do much concentrating anyway so Nick felt that it was his duty to talk to Shaun in private. For fuck's sake, how long was this going to go on??

"Hey Shauny! Stick around a while."

"Nick, really I have to..."

"Whatever man, you didn't concentrate shit all this afternoon so im going to show you the ropes. Come on, don't be such a wiener."

Shaun knew that Nick only meant well and this afternoon he was determined to do something to satisfy this unexpected and weird attraction towards his best buddy, but talk is cheap. Taking action was much more difficult than it was thinking of it...constantly...look at Nick's arm muscles, his blind locks, his...FUCKING STOP THIS SHIT!!!

Shaun turned away from Nick in determined fashion and walked towards the door. Nick was sweating greatly numbers of water and after he took off his shirt to show off his fantastic sculpted pecks and abs, those same abs that made the coach's wife go gaga over the sheer sight of his shirtless wonder body, and by so doing he saw Shauny head out of the door. What the fuck? He told him to stick around! That fucker is going to pay!

Shaun felt Nick's strong arms touch his shoulders as he spun him around.


"Shaun come on man what the hell is wrong with you? I offer my precious time to help you catch up and this is the thanks that I get?"

"Dude I'm greatfull and everything but really I have to be somewhere else."

Just as Shawn turned to walk away as fast as his young legs could carry him, he slipped and started to fall down the stairs.

"Oh shit!" he screamed as he thought that he was going to die right there and then when he once more felt the strong hands grab him from the back. Shaun breathed out loud, short of breath from fright and shock, and turned to face Nick.

"You fucking saved my life, dude," he said, staring into those beautiful eyes of Nick.

"Hey dude, we come a long way, you're my pal man," said Nick, staring right back at Shauny.

That was it for Shaun. He had fought this for as long as he could. Nothing was worth this. Nothing, it was now or ever.

Slowly but surely Shaun's face came nearer towards Nick's as he leaned into him. Shaun grabbed Nick's face roughly and he started to kiss him passionately. Nick, open eyed and shocked to the core, pushed Nick away once more. But this time, Shauny was ready for him. He pushed Nick back against the lockers and started to kiss him again. Nick was disgusted, but as mush as he tried to push Shauny away, the more Shaun held on to him. Shauny deepened the kiss Nick felt it. Oh yeah he felt that! What? No girl had ever kissed him with his kind of passion. When he felt Shaun's hands glid up his strong, muscular arms, he didn't push him off. Nick felt a certain fucking warmth in his heart that he didn't know. How could he? He had been fucking girls for fun ever since he lost his virginity. This...this was his best buddy. Shaun's hands went up into Nick's blond locks and held them between his fingers as he broke away.

"Why didn't we do this a long time ago, man?" It was surprisingly Nick who had asked this.

"Dude, this is like so insane! I just want you so bad, dude! I can't stop myself!"

"Well, I always said you must kiss like a girl," Nick laughed.

"Fuck that dude. I just wanna kiss you, fuck I need you, man," Shaun said as he threw himself up to the taller Nick and if anyone was looking from the outside, they would have seen two life long friends, finally getting and receiving what they truly wanted all along.

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